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I'm like buses. None come along for ages then two pull up at the same time, lol!

Chapter 13
Dinner Date
Christina Aguilera

I looked at my watch as I hustled down the hall to Christina's apartment. I was fifteen minutes late, not of my doing, but late none the less. Frankie had circled the Chinese take-a-way he wanted me to try four times before a parking space came up. New York had been under a quilt of dark drizzle since late in the afternoon so I had no trouble sitting back whilst Frankie made the dash for the two plastic bags full of take out.

I strained my neck to check my watch again as I reached Christina's front door. Nearly twenty minutes late. The door opened almost as my finger left buzzer.
"You're late", Christina huffed leaving me to push through the small gap she had opened. I was yet again in the bad books. I gingerly led the bulging food bags through the door, I didn't need to add 'smashed up dinner' to my list of crimes for the evening.

"You shouldn't live in such a big fuckin' block, this place is massive", I replied shutting the door with my Timberland boot. I made my way down the short hall and into the large airy lounge, "Where do you want these?" I asked looking up for Christina.

She was stood leaning on the back of the U shaped sofa suite that dominated the centre of the room, an oversized white fluffy bath robe was tied shut, she had the top of the neck bunched up in her hand as if she was shielding herself from the cold. I saw the little Polo player riding the just as small black horse and smiled.

"Now that looks familiar", I posed.

Christina let go of the top part of the robe, it fell open to reveal her ripe tit's sitting up proudly in a white bra, "The food can go in the kitchen", she said pointing back towards the hallway.

She ran her left foot up along her right leg, her knee appearing as the robe parted up the middle. It was then I realized she was wearing white stockings and fifties styled, heeled slippers. Her leg continued to rise until the stocking top came into full view and her thigh met with the tied belt that was resting around 'the bump'.

I swallowed hard.

"Is it suppose to feel wrong that I am totally turned on right now?" I asked plainly.

Christina undid the belt and let the robe fall open. The bump hung over the Brazilian cut white lace panties and her tits strained against the matching bra. She was skewing my previous definition of hot as she stood there in the rooms lamp light. Her foot slowly rubbed back down her leg and back into the slipper.

"C'mon", she said turning towards another hall that ran off the room to my left, "Let's go and see if you really mean that".

I moved from my spot and carefully put the food bags on a table at the side of the sofa, the take-a-way could wait till later. I passed a bathroom on my left and another bedroom on my right as I sauntered along behind Christina. The master bedroom was through a set of double doors at the end of the corridor. Christina went through first and to the end of a massive four posted bed.

I waited in the doorway for a few seconds as she let the robe fall off her shoulders to reveal more of her milky white skin. I willed myself to stay by the door longer, to stand and enjoy the view of Christina striping off the robe, but logic wasn't running things upstairs in my head at the moment. By the time the robe was down at waist height and Christina had flashed a wicked red framed smile at me over her shoulder, I was behind her.

I kissed the back of neck and lightly behind the ears as I eased the robe the rest of the way off. She leant back into me and moaned in content as I threw the robe to the floor and then clasped my arms around her. I buried my head in her sweet smelling hair as I took a breast in each hand and got to grips with their new expanded size.

"There's something to be said in favour of having kids", I whispered as I ran my fingers around her nipples through the fabric.

Christina laughed in reply and rubbed an arse cheek on my expanding cock. I started to lower my left hand down her body as I continued to kiss across her shoulders. I froze as I felt her skin rising over the bump. I wasn't sure how to approach her stomach. Christina must have been reading my mind because she ran her hand over my own and interlocked our fingers. She guided my hand softly over junior's resting place and down towards her pussy, breaking away when she was certain I'd got the message and was on route to the right destination.

She was fiddling with the front catch on her bra when my hand arrived at it's destination. The bra found its way onto the floor as I slipped my fingers under the waistband of the panties. Her leg moved out to open up her pussy more to me, I played around in a little tuft of pubic hair she had let grow as her hands felt behind her for my cock. My fingers breezed down over her lips, lightly pulling them apart, exposing her clit. It was as warm and damp as I remembered it to be, her pussy was already starting to work itself up.

"Ooooooooh", she mewed as I slowly slid my middle finger into her, "Ooooh god", I rotated my finger from side to side before sliding it out and plunging it back in, "Fuck yeah!" she groaned as she grinded her arse back into me. Her hands were clawing at my crotch, trying to get at my cock. I pulled my finger out of her and rubbed her wetness over clit. Her hands dropped from my crotch and leant forward for the half height bed post.

"Oh fuck Mike, that's it, play with my button baby!" she huffed as I fingered her clit, "Oh Christ, thaaats it!"

"I'm going to take your panties off", I said taking my hand away, "I need to take 'em off because I need to fuck you" I said slowly.

Christina dropped one of her own hands into her panties and continued to play with her clit, "Yeah, fuck me with that cock Mikey! It's been too long, I need to feel it inside me again!" she moaned as she fingered herself.

I pulled her panties down, kneeling as I went. I kissed and licked her arse cheeks as she stepped out of the soggy lace. Christina leant harder into the post, her knees bending slightly as she felt my hand running back up between her legs. I could see her pussy was smeared with juice already, her eyes closed in concentration as her fingers rubbed on her clit. Not disturbing her fingers at work I slid my middle finger back up into her pussy and began to corkscrew it in and out slowly. A low moan escaped from her mouth.

"You're really wet, how long have you been thinking about this?" I asked as I continued to finger fuck her on my knees.

"All daaaaay", she moaned, "I thought about your cock all day Mikey, oh god, I wanted to ride your cock all day"

"You ready to ride it now baby? You want to sit on this dick right now? Make me remember how good you feel?" I asked

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes" she said quick fire. Her eyes snapped open, "Get undressed", she ordered.

I got up and stripped out of my own clothes in champion quick time, Chrissy straightened herself up and climbed onto the bed, leaving the slippers on the floor. I watched as she threw extra pillows and cushions from the top of the covers. She spotted me watching her and began to perform again. She stayed on her knees, tracing her hands down over her body and down to her pussy. I felt my mouth go dry as she peeled both her pussy lips back and flashed the glistening insides of her clam. She stared into my eyes as an index finger slid inside her waiting tunnel.

"Ooooh", she cooed as she pulled the finger back out and gave a little rub to her clit. There was no danger of me going soft any time soon.

The finger then disappeared between her fire engine red lips and into her mouth. She groaned happily as she sucked on it.

"C'mon", she beckoned with the finger as it left her mouth.

She met me at the edge of the mattress on all fours with a kiss. I slipped a hand under her and grabbed a handful of ripe tit as our mouths ran wild over each other. I joined Christina on the bed only to be pushed back towards the pillows, making me lie back. I got comfy as Christina's head dipped down to my cock and greeted it with a lick.

"Oh fuck, here we go again!" I said as she slid my shaft into her mouth, clamping her lips tighter around the stalk the further it entered. I watched as Christina's mane of blonde hair bobbed up and down on my dick, her tongue twisting and turning around the head as she went. My toes began to curl as I felt the cum rising in my balls.

"Not yet", she said wickedly as she snapped her mouth away from my cock, she kept one hand firmly gripped around the base of my dick, "I'm going to ride you and make you remember what you've missed out on"

"Come up her and remind me how you taste", I said hungrily, "I bet you're not as sweet as you used to be", I teased.

Christina let go my dick and began to crawl over me and up the bed. Soon she was sitting astride my chest, her knees up in my armpits, her pussy mere inches from my waiting mouth.

"I'm as sweet as I ever was", she said as I moved down to lie directly below her pussy, "You always said the naughtiest girls tasted the sweetest".

The heat got stronger and the familiar musky smell of her pussy filled my nostrils as she slowly lowered her pussy down onto my waiting mouth. I reached out with my lips and tongue and was met by the slick folds of Christina's pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh! That's it!" she groaned as my tongue entered her hole, "That's it Mikey, right in my hole!"

I ran my tongue around her lips and up into her tunnel. She did indeed smell and taste as good as she ever had. Christina's pussy began to twitch as she began to grind her clit back towards my tongue. I grabbed her arse to try and steady her. I brushed my thumb over her arsehole as her cheeks parted.

"Ooooooh fuck yeah!" she groaned as I exerted a little pressure on her little starfish, "Mmmm yeeeeah!"

I kept the pressure on her little puckered arsehole, but began to move it from side to side. Above me Christina started to go nuts.

"I'm so close, soooo close", she panted, "But I need to cum on your cock Mikey". She gasped loudly in proof of how close to the end she was. "Please Mikey, stop", she continued to moan.

I carried on, trying to make her beg.

"Mikey! Pleeeease!" she protested as she bounced up onto her knees, taking her pussy away from my mouth and my hand away from her arse.

"I was enjoying that", I half complained.

Christina was already backing herself up, her pussy locked on to my waiting rod. As she got far enough down she leant in to kiss me but instead licked her wetness from my face and lips.

"What was with the thumb?" she asked as she rose back to her knees to line her pussy up with my dick.

"Caught in the moment?" I offered with a playful grin.

"You're a fucker", she said as she got hold of my dick and lowered herself down.

I felt her warm tunnel descending onto my dick, Christina's eyes closed and her head lolled to one side as I entered her completely. A look of sheer contentment crossed her face as her pussy settled around my cock, her smooth tunnel gripped like a familiar handshake.

"Ooooh, you are a fucker", she moaned. I felt her grinding her pussy around my cock before she started to rise in my lap, "A reaaaaal fucker!" she said slamming back down on my waiting cock.

"Fuckin' hell!" I said pushing my head back into the pillows and closing my own eyes, Christina was picking up pace and starting to ride me like a jockey rides a horse in the Grand National, "Ride that cock baby!"

"You fucker! You fucker! You fucker!" she began to say on every down stroke, "Oh god! Fuck me you fucker, fuck me with that cock!"

Christina fell forward and now had her hands on the bed either side of my chest. Her pussy was humping up and down my pole. I was tensing every muscle in my body trying to keep from shooting my load into her.

"That's it baby, fuck my cock with your little snatch, make me cum in your little snatch!" I said looking up at a Christina lost in her own little world of pleasure. The profanity continued.

"Fuck my snatch you fucker! Fuck me!" Christina was becoming incoherent, I could feel her pussy muscle twinge and beginning to grab at my cock, "Fill me up. Fill your naughty little girl up!"

"Cum with me Chrissy, cum with me!" I grunted. I was seconds from letting go. I felt Christina's hips start pumping even harder, her pussy was sliding up and down my shaft, juices were covering everything and collecting on the bed.

"OK daddy, I'll cum! I'll cum you fuck....!"

Christina didn't get to finish her sentence. The air was filled with a loud moan as her pussy tightened around my dick. I let go and shot my bolt deep within her pussy with an equally loud grunt.

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh god!", Christina whimpered as she slammed her pussy down on my dick for the last time.

"You fucker" she said softly with a kiss to my cheek as she climbed off my spent dick and curled up next to me, the bump pressed into my side as she put her head on my chest.

I lay looking up at the ceiling, my lungs burned with excursion. I felt pulped, bruised even.

"You OK? What's with the quite?" I heard her ask. I could tell her eye's were closed.

"I think you damaged me", I replied, "What was with the 'fucker' thing?"

"Frustration? Hormones? Chemical levels? Who knows?"

I didn't come up with a reply. I suddenly felt very cozy and the need to snooze.

"That food will be cold", I said as I stroked her hair. It was my turn to not get a reply. Christina started to snore lightly. I frowned to myself, I always thought it was the man's job to fall asleep directly after sex.

The aroma of food woke me from my slumber, I had no clue as to how long I'd been out but I could see New York was still under a blanket of darkness through the net curtains that covered the bedrooms giant glass window off to my left. I looked over for Christina as I scratched my head. She was sat crossed legged towards the end of the bed, watching an almost silent plasma screen that hung from the wall opposite. She appeared to be polishing off a large pasta bowl of the take-a-away.

"I hoped you saved me some", I said sleepily. I scootched down behind her and wrapped my arms around her, "I don't know which smells better", I said with a little squeeze as I peered over her shoulder.

"Miiiike! I'm eating", Christina squeaked as she pushed me back with an elbow. I fell back into the pillows and watched Christina's back as she finished eating.

"I'd like to go on the record and say that I came here prepared just to eat", I posed after a couple of quite minutes.

"Mike, please" Christina replied with a glance over her shoulder, "You knew exactly how we'd end up after what happened at lunch"

"So we just got the food and the fucking the wrong way 'round", I laughed, "How did the doctors go?"

"Embarrassingly? I was thinking about it all the way there, I was so paranoid. And the more I thought about it, the worse it got", she said as she leant towards the end of the bed to put her now empty dish on a chest of draws that sat below the TV. I watched as her arse wriggled around inside the tightly pulled robe, "Even after I cleaned myself up I swore I could still smell you".

Christina now turned on all fours and crawled up the bed to me, "And that didn't help"

"Do you think the doctor knew?" I asked as she crawled over me on all fours. I looked up at her radiating face, a half smile played on her lips. God I'd missed her.

"I think he knew", she started, "I think he knew I'd turned up to his office still covered in the thick sticky cum of my boy toy"

My hands were running up the back of her thighs, my fingers playing the with lacy stocking tops, "Boy toy? I'm four months older than you", I said swatting her arse with my left hand, my right caressing her other cheek.

"Oooh", Christina jumped at the slap, "You want to exude some of the older man power on me then do you?" she said kissing me hard on the mouth, "Now I know why you like me to call you daddy", she growled biting on my neck.

"I think it was you that started that", I chuckled. The robe fell open, flesh hit flesh as tits and the bump began banging into my body. I grabbed hold of a buttock in each hand and began my bakers impersonation.

"You like?" Christina sniggered as we kissed.

"New and improved", I replied with another slap.

"Limited edition", she giggled as I tried move my hands under the bathrobe to get at her skin, "Available for a short time only", she said like an advert.

"Once they're gone, they're gone?" I asked

"Oh definitely, they are going" Christina said firmly, I got the impression she wasn't a fan of her new sized rear.

I gripped tighter on her backside as Christina raised her leg and rubbed her shin around and over my balls. The stocking fabric pulling over my short crotch hair caused a strange sensation, she applied pressure against my now stiffening cock.

"Ahh", I jumped slightly as she applied a little too much pressure.

Christina happily carried on mauling my neck and chest with her hungry mouth. I took a handful of towelling robe and began to tug it from her body as I returned her kisses. Gasps and shallow moans began to fill the room as the robe came free. Christina slowly sat up, she brushed her hair away from her face with one hand whilst cupping one of her tits with the other.

She sat down on my thighs, her pussy resting just below my balls. She began to play with her bulging tits, her fingers busily pulled and flicked her nipples as she slowly ground her pussy back and forth against my balls. My now stiff cock began to sit up between us. Christina reached down and stroked it with her fingers.

"You ready to fuck me again?" she asked sternly, "You ready to stick this meaty cock in my twat again?"

"You want me to?" I replied.

Christina ground her hips down harder onto me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on the base of my balls.

"I want you to. It's yours Mikey, this wet little cunt is all yours", she pouted, bucking her hips forward and throwing her head back.

She arched her back as best she could and pressed her full weight down and forward onto my balls. I closed my eyes with a smile as her fingers played around the head of my dick.

"I like the sound of that", I said snapping my eyes open. Christina was sat staring right at me, she suddenly gripped my cock firmly in her hand, two fingers from her other hand were wedged in her mouth. She was riding harder and faster in my lap with every stroke, eyes wide open, looking straight into mine.

"Then take it! Take me daddy, take my little cunt, it's all yours!" she panted

"Get up" I said springing into action, "Get on all fours and daddy will take what's his"

"Oooh fuck yeah" Christina groaned. She did as she was told and got back onto all fours and quickly faced towards the lamp on the bedside table. She laid her head down on a pillow and spread her legs as far as she could without making her arse drop from the air. Glistening pussy lips and her arsehole came into my view.

I ran my fingers from the top of her crack all the way down to her nubby little clit, "You ready?" I asked sternly, "You ready for me to take what's mine"

"I'm ready Daddy", Christina whimpered into the pillow, "Take me, fuck your little girl"

I could feel the blood pulsing in my cock as I gripped it and moved forward on my knees. Christina had learnt how to turn me on during our little "friendly" relationship but I couldn't remember a time when I was as hungry for her as I was now.

"Go on, fuck my cunt, I've been naughty, so so naughty", she whined as she gripped the pillow.

I held the head of my dick steady at her steamy opening, I wasn't even in her yet but Christina was off away in her own world.

"Oh god! Fuck me, fuck my cunt daddy", she growled. I obliged by holding her now quivering arse steady in my right hand and guiding my rod slowly into her with my left.

"Oooooooh fuck that's it!" Christina said as her pussy muscles stiffened and relaxed around my shaft, "Now fuck me daddy! Fuck my little box"

I gripped her arse roughly as I began long, slow strokes in and out of her pussy. The satisfying squelch of her wetness punctuated Christina's gasps and moans.

"You like that Chrissy?", I asked as I started to pump into her a little faster, "Tell me how much you like that?"

Christina had raised herself up onto her hands to steady herself against the growing force of my forward strokes, "I fucking love it daddy, your so good to your naughty girl. Please, don't stop"

I continued to fuck Christina from behind, the bed creaking and squeaking under our shifting weight, Christina moaning and swearing louder and louder.

"Fuck daddy's little girl, fuck her cunt good, make the naughty bitch cum!" she panted.

I gripped her hips and pumped harder, "Daddy's gonna do it baby, your gonna take this cock like daddy's good little whore" I said as I wiped damp sweat from her arse cheeks. I made sure my right thumb was nice and moist before I pressed it down hard on her little starfish arsehole.

"Shit daddy!" Christina almost yelped, she bucked forward for a few seconds as she got used to the small circle I was tracing with her arsehole. "Mmmm, is that what you want? You want to finger my ass?"

I applied more pressure to my thumb. Christina's butt hole started to give way, allowing my thumb to enter, "Tell me if you don't like it"

Christina bumped backwards, fucking herself on my dick, "It's good Mikey, keep it in there", she huffed.

I looked up to see her reaching for the bedside table. She opened the top draw, reached inside and came back out with a long silver vibrator. My eyes froze on the vibrator as a tube of lubricant appeared next to it on the mattress.

"I want to be really naughty daddy", Christina growled as she smothered the silver shaft in lube, "I want you to slide this into my...tight....little....ass"

"Really?" I asked, a little startled.

"Ohh fuck yeah, really" she said with a filthy sounding giggle, "Fill my two holes daddy".

The vibrator started to buzz as she waved it back at me. I lightly took it out of her hand and traced it's point down the fold line in her arse.

"Please, put it in, put it in" Christina gasped as she fucked herself on my cock.

I rubbed the vibrator around her little starfish, Christina began to moan loudly, an octave below a shout. I finished playing around her butt hole and pushed the silver bullet in, the humming noise becoming muffled the more that entered her passage.

"Oh god, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, that feels sooooo good!" she moaned through gritted teeth. Her whole body began to quiver, goosebumps broke out across her flesh. I could feel the vibrator through the wall of her pussy, her internal muscles twitched. He body became electric.

"That's it daddy, fuck my nasty ass, fill my holes!"

I tried to concentrate as Christina's pussy twitched and buzzed from the vibrator now wedged into her arsehole.

"Mikey, I want you to do something for me"

"What's that baby?"

"I want you to cum in my ass Mikey, take the buzzer out and cum in my ass Mikey, pleeeease"

"Oh god, anything for my naughty little slut", I said slowly pulling out the vibrating bullet. Sweat, lube and sex juice was now smeared all over Christina's arse making it shine in room's low light.

"Now stick your cock in my ass, do it!" Christina growled.

I gingerly placed the tip of my rod at Christina's starfish and pushed forward. The lube and juice mix allowed me to slide in, slow inch by slow inch. I was greeted by a tightness I hadn't felt in a long time.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" I shouted as I came to rest, fully in Chrissy's arse.

"Ooooooh yeeeeeah daddy! Now put the buzzer in my box. Stick that fuckin' thing right in!" she panted. I reached down and slid the sliver rocket into her pussy, "Shit!" she gasped, throwing her head back, "Now fuck me daddy! Fuck me till your done!"

"It won't be long" I said as I began to fuck her arsehole

"I don't care, just fill me up!"

The tightness of Christina's ass was just too much and within a couple of strokes I came to a roaring chorus of moans and shouts from Christina.

The bed looked like a battlefield as we lay there trying to catch our breath. The damp of the sweat, lube and our combined juices made the sheets stick to my back.

"Holy fuck" I muttered in wonderment

"What's wrong" Christina asked from where she lay off to my right.

"That was fuckin' insane, we've never been like that before"

"I know, the worst bit is that I've done nothing but think about something like this for weeks", she laughed.


"Yeah, I've been having some really freaky thoughts and feelings in the last couple of months. It must be my hormones"

"A round of applause for your hormones then, please!" I said like a game show host, "That was awesome!"

"Now I've had another idea", Christina said rolling onto her side to face me.

My mind twitched as to what she had planned now.

"What's that?" I asked slowly

"It involves, you.....the Kitchen.....and?"

I raised my eyebrows, did she want me to fuck her over the sink or something?

"And?" I asked

"And the rest of that food" she laughed

"Very funny", I replied

"I'm not joking, you can use that dish over there, I'll take a can of Doctor Pepper too, chop chop" she said with a little clap.

"You're unreal sometimes" I smiled looking over the side of the bed, it was time to re-liberate my robe from Christina.

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God damn! I need a shower after that episode. Amazing!!