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Sikk Puppy
01-18-2007, 08:49 AM
Chapter Two…
A Night At The Cairo
Starring Keeley Hazell

After what seemed like months, I finally had some clear space in my work schedule. I was so tired that for the first week I didn't even leave my house, choosing to just stay in my country pile and spend some time with my six year old son. I had everything there, my own studio, and pool, even a cinema room, so it wasn't like I needed to leave the grounds anyway.

It wasn't long though before I started to get itchy feet and felt the need to get out and enjoy myself. So I rounded up my best drinking buddy's and set out on a weeklong binge of beer, nightclubs, lap dancers and hotel trashing. Joining me on this excursion were my friends Joey and Sparky, Sparky's brother Andy and a man mountain called Big Duncan. All four worked for me at various levels in my businesses but I was always happy to give them time off to accompany me on these ‘trips'.

After nine days and four cities we found ourselves in London as guests of a friend of my uncles, Eddie Powell. He owned a large nightclub, amongst other things, and was known as "the key to the city". No door was locked to this guy in London after dark; he had the backstage pass to the whole city.

The Cairo Club was anonymous looking enough from the outside; it just looked like an old bank. Inside was a whole different story. You walked through a sumptuous foyer, compete with deep red carpet, gold fixtures, doorman and baying paparazzi, and through to the main room. The ceiling for the main room was a domed two-storied-high affair with a balcony running all the way around the centre where the first floor looked out into the club, all guilt gold trimmed and cherubs carved from stone. These were the booths; if you were lucky enough to get one of these you had a panoramic view of the entire club. Behind that you went down a short but wide staircase to the old safety deposit box vault, this had been refitted to be the main dance floor.

Once our identities had been confirmed and we received a warning about the use of camera phones, Eddie Powell came down personally from on high to show us through the club and up to our booth, this got people looking, four normal looking lads wandering through a club with one of the most known entrepreneurs in the land caused a few double takes. As we were led through the crowd in the main room I saw TV presenters, footballers, a politicians son and the reason we were here, women, lots of women. Glamour models, page three models, kiss and tell girls, even a couple of pop singers downing garish coloured cocktails by the bar.

This was definitely life behind the velvet rope. We were shown to our booth and issued with wristbands in case we wanted to move around the club. Our booth was between guys who sounded like they were from Eaton or Oxford or some other toff school and on other side a group from a well-known English soap opera. The booth was open ended, one end led out onto the floor and the bar, whilst the other end was the balcony that over looked the rest of the club. The balcony area wasn't as crowded as downstairs and we could mingle around the floor with other patrons worthy enough to receive a Cairo Club red wristband.

After four or five rounds of drinks we decided to go on walkabout around the club and start to dip our lines in the water, see if anything bit early. Soon enough we found our way to the dance floor and the lads went off to strut their stuff. I'm not much of a dancer so I just hung around the bar and watched the swarm swaying out on the floor. There was no shortage of fine ladies wandering around but all I kept getting was confused glances. Who's the lump with the iced out watch, they all seemed to be thinking.

I leant with my back on the bar sipping a bottle of Budweiser watching Big Duncan trying to clear a space on the dance floor so he could do his John Travolta routine. The floor was too jammed and he just kept bouncing into a group of lads wearing blazers and some sort of club tie. Two of the blazers seemed to have an opinion about Dunc and his routine, a few words had already been exchanged before Andy, an ex boxer, and his older brother Sparky stepped in to smooth things over. Sparky runs my clubs and bars for me on a day-to-day basis and was more than used to talking down drunken hot heads looking for a brawl. But instead of fighting one of the lads threw his blazer off and tied his tie around his forehead like Rambo, he started doing some strange sort of disco come break dance routine, he was actually challenging Big Duncan to a dance contest!

"Sad isn't it", a female voice said to my left, "You'd think they would grow up at some point. Bloody footballers"

"It's not that bad, can't say I have ever seen an argument defused with the aid of disco dancing", I said turning my face to see who was speaking to me, "But it seems to have worked", my eyes nearly shot out on stalks as I focused on who I was speaking to.

"I suppose you have a point", she said. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Keeley Hazell, the latest face in the UK's world of page three and glamour modelling. She stood about five foot seven in her heels, her dark brown hair cascading around her shoulders, just like I had seen in her magazine pictures, she looked like one of those classic movie stars with her dark locks hanging down. She held a tall thin flute glass of what could have been champagne in one hand and warm smile on her face. Now there was no doubt about this one, I was a fan and I was currently star-struck.

I was so smitten I felt glued to the spot; all I could do was grin like a goofy kid back at her. As she looked out over the dance floor I took my chance to give her the once over, I was surprised to see she was dressed in just tight, designer jeans and a black corset that squeezed her waist in to an almost point just above the waistband of her jeans. I was expecting someone like her to be wearing maybe something a little more glamorous for a night out. The corset didn't look that comfy to be wearing but it was squeezing her 32E charms together to make one heavenly valley. Sequins glinted along the top of the strapless garment, bringing your eyes down to cleavage level no matter how hard you tried not to, "I thought for a minute that your mates were going to get in some bother with Rambo and his lot"

"Nah, they will be alright, Big Duncan can take care of himself and Andy, the one with the shaved head, he used to be a boxer", I said leaning in to point them out, she smelt good, fresh but kind of sweet at the same time, "They can't dance but they can look after themselves, honest" I said with a chuckle, "Your not going to tell me your over here because you can't dance, are you?"

"Cheeky!" she said pushing my arm, "I'm a great dancer, I just get sick of blokes trying to touch me up when I'm just trying to enjoy myself"

"You know, that's what ended Mariah Carey's dancing career don't you", I said

"What?" Keeley asked unsure of where I was going

"Mariah Carey, amateur disco dancing queen, 1988 to 1993, had to quit when she hit the big time", I listed as if listing performance figures for a sports car.

"What are you talking about?" Keeley asked again with a smirk.

"I tell you, every time she broke in to her routine someone would recognise her and start hassling her on the dance floor"

"How do you know that?"

I took a dramatic pause, "She told me", I said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Keeley turned her back to the dance floor and looked at me quizzically, "What do you do for a living?"

"This and that", I teased

"Bullshit artist come under that banner", she asked with a raised eyebrow

"No, no. If you must know, I'm a record producer, I worked with Mariah last year", I said sounding almost apologetic, I saw a twinkle in her eye when I said that.

"So would you be ‘Corleone' then?" she exclaimed, "I've heard of you. The elusive English guy doing all these big r'n'b songs at the minute", she said drawing on my 'recording' name.

"That would be me, yes" I said emptying my bottle of beer, I saw that she had emptied her glass also, now was my chance, "Fancy another?" I said waving my empty bottle at her.

We had another drink at the bar by the dance floor but Keeley started to get looks and before long a procession of men were circling us like hungry vultures. There was no way I was loosing her to one of these guys.

"Come on", I said touching her lightly in the small of her back, "There's too many sharks in this water, lets get another drink upstairs"

Keeley looked back at me with those beautiful dark eyes, as if she was really trying to weigh me up, was I worth the time? "Go on then, it's a bit loud down here anyway", came the reply. The reply I was praying for.

After some generalised hand waving towards the dance floor from both Keeley and myself, we moved back upstairs to the relative calm of the VIP booths. I got another round in and we chatted for another hour or so. The alcohol helped to loosen our moods and Keeley's tongue as she plagued me with every piece of showbiz gossip going. None of it really interested me but I was happy enough to just sit and listen, the scandalous stories only serving as a soundtrack to the beautiful company I was with.

Another round of drinks and Keeley had moved from across the table, to sitting beside me on the plush velvet bench of the booth. Every so often, when I didn't think she would notice, I couldn't help gazing down at the golden valley that was her cleavage. I started to have thoughts about just sticking my face into it and going for it, licking and sucking away to my harts content.

"Err, I'm up here Michael", I heard a firm voice say, this snapped me back, bloody drunken wandering eyes.

"Sorry, I've been trying not to all night but the beer, it does stuff you know", I stammered. The un-amused look on her face melted away into a giggle

"Don't be stupid, I get used to it. Besides, I could see you were struggling earlier on", she said before leaning in to my side, ample mounds squashing into my arm, "I thought
I would let you have this one just for being a gentleman", she whispered into my ear. Her breath on the side of my face sent a shiver down my spine.

"Very cosy. I wondered who I'd find you cuddling up to", an annoyed voice said

I turned my head to see Rambo the footballer, still with club tie headband, swaying in at the end of my booth.

"Oh great!" Keeley said under breath, "He's only my ex", she said hoisting herself from my side, "This won't take a minute".

I watched as her sculptured behind frog marched Rambo back out into the main VIP area. Fingers were waved and I could tell that Rambo was on the receiving end of a verbal bashing. He was too drunk to put up a defence and instead opted for the ‘let her get it out of her system' approach.

Sparky and Andy had reappeared and were now sat in the booth starting yet more drinks. It seems Big Duncan and Joey, had pulled and were off else where in the club with their catches.

"God! Is he at it again?" Sparky asked, "He's been looking for a fight all night"

"That's her ‘ex' apparently", I replied dryly

"Him!" Andy exclaimed, "But you know who that is, that's", he slurred

"Yes, yes, I know who he is", I cut in, looking over at the arguing couple.

By now Rambo was trying to argue back, trouble was, he was drunk. And drunks argue with their hands better than their mouths. He started grabbing at Keeley, getting hold of her wrist and trying to pull her in the direction of the stairs. She quite clearly didn't want to go, pulling in the opposite direction. I looked behind Rambo to see eight of his mates baying by the bar. Morons.

"Andy, get my back will you", I said standing and walking out towards the arguing pair.

"What do you want fucko?" Rambo growled, as I got closer

"I want you to let go of Keeley's arm and fuck off before things get out of hand", I reasoned. Where were the bloody bouncers?

"Fuck off. She wants to come with me", he replied

"Yeah, really looks like it", Andy chipped in sarcastically.

That got another "Fuck off" from Rambo.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, I told you we were done. Deal with it!" Keeley said in a firm tone, again trying to wriggle from his grasp.

Just as his mates started to move away from the bar Eddie Powell turned up flanked by four doormen, now that's what I call a cavalry arrival.

"Is there a problem here gents?" Eddie asked, to me and Rambo.

"Just having a difference of opinion that's all", I started to explain, no point things going further now. Well that's what I thought.

"Fuck you! I'm just trying to get out of here to talk to my girlfriend", Rambo said

"I am not your girlfriend, you twat!" Keeley hissed, finally pulling her wrist away from Rambo and moving back towards my side. He instinctively lunged towards both of us, trying to grab whatever he could. He was met by a thirty-stone wall of bouncer as two of Eddies boys got between him and us. In one fell swoop Rambo was hoisted up in the air by his collar and carried off in the direction of the stairs. The other two bouncers began to herd Rambo's mob out towards the stairs also. People had started to look at the fracas; I saw a few mobile phones coming out of pockets. So much for the ban on camera phones.

"You want to get out of here", I asked instinctively, Keeley looked scared as hell

"Yeah, I don't want to be here anymore", she whimpered rubbing her wrist; she was really shook up about this.

"Ok, I'll get Eddie to sort a car out", I said.

Twenty minutes later I was in the back of a Mercedes flying through the London night going god knows where. Keeley was snuggled up beside me with my jacket over her biting on her thumbnail. I had told the lads that I had to get Keeley out of there before any reporters started massing outside the club, we had yet to find a destination but I said I would meet them back at our suite at the Regency as soon as I had Keeley sorted.

"I'm shattered", I heard Keeley say

"Heavy night", I commented

"Yeah, always someone messing things up"


That was when she hit me with it, "Can I just stay at yours tonight? I don't feel like going back to my flat. My flat mate is away and there's a good chance that twat will appear on my doorstep. I could get one of the girls to pick me up in the morning when this has all blown over"

"If you think that's best, I got a suite so you can have my room and I can sleep on the sofa"

"Ok", came the weak reply, "Thanks for tonight Mikey", she said as she snuggled in closer to me.

I was so glad to see my suite when we got back to the hotel; tonight had been a roller coaster. I emptied my pockets onto the coffee table and showed Keeley into my bedroom that led off from the lounge. There was an exact copy of my room on the opposite side of the lounge; Joey and big Duncan were in there. Sparky and Andy were in another suite just down the hall. I showed Keeley into the room, she checked the view from the window before flopping down on the bed.

"Well, this is it. There's a pile of t-shirts on the chair there, just pick one to sleep in if you want", I said walking towards the door, I heard her grunt as if something was too difficult, as if it was too much trouble.

"Mikey", she pouted, "I can't get these boots off, can you help me"

I turned back to see her feebly trying to reach down for her shoes that were still on. I went over to the side of the giant bed where she was sat, "Are you really so lazy that you can't even take your own boots off?" I asked

"Noooo", she said, "My feet are killing me, they're a bit too tight", she said.

I knelt down in front of her and took the first boot in my hands. They ran up to mid calf under her jeans, with a zip that ran from the top just to the top of her ankle. They did seem a tad tight around her leg so I took my time unzipping them. I was even gentler when I pulled the first boot off, "You women and your stupid choices in footwear, I'll never understand", I commented

"Mmmmm", I heard her say, "That feels so much better".

I moved to the second boot and repeated the routine. Soon she was sat on the bed, slightly swinging her legs and wiggling her toes, "God, it's such a great feeling to take your shoes off after a night out", she said.

I looked up, she was looking down at me with those big brown eyes, her hair had fallen partly across her face hiding part of a sly smile. That gravity defying cleavage was swaying down towards my face as she leant forward. I got up on my knees; Keeley and me came face to face. I felt the front of my trousers stir. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on, well, that's what my brain was telling me at the time.

Sweet and venerable but with the undercurrent that she could rip me limb form limb is she wanted to. She leant even further forward and brushed her nose lightly over mine before kissing my just as lightly on the lips, it almost wasn't a kiss it was so light but my skin pricked with electricity.

"I wanted to thank you for tonight", she said

"I think you already did that", I said before plunging back in for another kiss. This time it was hard, passion driven. I could taste the champagne she had been drinking as my tongue mingled with hers. I broke away and began to nibble and suck lightly and her neck.

"Oh shit!" she said breathlessly, she had to know where I was heading with my kisses. I moved, as slowly as my mind and body would allow, down from her neck and across both her collarbones. Her skin was soft and warm under my touch. Every so often I would hit a nerve and thousands of goose bumps would break out across her upper torso. I finally made my move and began to descend into that heavenly valley, the valley that had been teasing and taunting me all night

"Mmmm", she purred, "Well I suppose you've waited long enough" she said as I began showering the tops of her breasts with kisses. I moved my hands around to her back and felt around for the fastening to the corset. I found something that felt like shoestring in my fingertips, with one tiny pull a bow came undone and the garment instantly became looser.

"I think we should do away with this", I advised, trying to remove it as smoothly as I could.

"I'll get this, you get the door", she said motioning with a nod towards the open double doors that led back into the lounge. I smiled in reply and got up off my knees to go and shut the doors.

"I think you should do away with them as well", she noted pointing towards the growing tent in the front of my trousers. I reached for my belt buckle and quickly removed them. I undid the top four or five buttons on my shirt before pulling it up over my head. By now Keeley had removed the corset and was laid back on the bed where she had once sat, totally topless. I walked back over to the bed in just my straining boxers and stood before her. I just studied her for a moment. Her full breasts lying on her ribcage, they seemed to tremble as she breathed, they were an amazing sight.

Her light pink nipples were poking out at me, begging to be touched. I looked at her face; she was biting her bottom lip seductively, waiting for me to make my next move. I reached down and began to undo her jeans; she wiggled around under my touch. With one strong tug the jeans, and lacy thong she wore underneath, came off in one motion, leaving her naked and exposed beneath me. She semi crossed her legs to hide her pussy from me, running one foot up my stomach (why had I stopped going to the gym!).

The chemicals of lust were mixing in my body with the beer and I was in no playing mood tonight. I lightly grabbed her knees and forced her legs apart, she let out a small gasp of surprise, and once again I fell to my knees. Here she was, exposed to me for the first time. Her pussy seemed to sparkle in the light of the bedside lamp as I ran my index finger from top to bottom over her lips. I felt Keeley shiver. She had this cute little runway of well-trimmed hair just sitting above her pussy that I rubbed some of her wetness into off my index finger.

"Oh god, Mikey, do it! You know you want to, I want you to, please!" she moaned. I gladly took this as my cue and dived literally face first into her waiting mound. I could hear the moans and gasps above the slurps as I licked, sucked and nibbled away.

"Oooh yeah! God! God Mikey! Suck my clit!" she instructed.

I obliged by circling her little button with my tongue and then sucking it. I alternated this until her body began to squirm under me. Juice was running from my mouth and down my chin, the sweetness, it was like eating ripe fruit.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she gasped humping her crotch upwards to meet my wet face.

I continued with my clit routine as I slowly entered my middle and index fingers into her soppy hole, "Ooooh, oh, oh, oh", she huffed, "I'm going to cum Mikey, don't stop", she groaned. I picked up pace with my index and forefinger, suddenly my mind drifted back to that recording studio in New York, Christina bent over that mixing desk whilst I hammered away with the same two fingers.

I felt her pussy start to contract with every thrust, "Ooooooooohhhh shiiiit!" she screamed, she grabbed hold of my head, searching for hair to pull on. Seeing my hair is shaved short she made do with running her nails all over my scalp. Her hips bucked wildly upwards, searching for my fingers and my mouth.

Her body shivered, twitched and shook as she hit the ceiling of her orgasm, "Mmmmm, that felt good", she purred as her body slowly began to come down, her breathing evening back out to a light pant.

"This wasn't the end to the night I was expecting", I said with a cum smeared grin

"Who said anything about this being the end?" she purred eyeing my cock that was now escaping through the front of my boxers, "Come here" she said cocking her head to one side.

I stood up and pulled my boxer shorts down, finally freeing my throbbing cock. Keeley eyed it hungrily as she moved herself back on to the pillows; she lay back so she was slightly propped up by the pillows, the top of head resting on the headboard. I moved up onto the bed with her and in between her legs. She bent them at the knees and had her feet flat on the bed.

I leaned down and kissed her again, this time I let her kiss me back and lick her own wetness from my face. I lay there in between her legs just exploring her body for a while, kissing and touching all over those wonderful mounds. Every so often a little giggle or gasp would escape her mouth, egging me on to continue. Her body started to respond to my touch again, her pussy grinding up against me, a little growl coming from deep in her throat

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she demanded in my ear, as I licked lightly up and down her neck.

I wasn't going to argue with her, I was nearing the point of blacking out if I didn't relieve some of the pressure from my cock soon. I stretched out and move my cock to her still dripping pussy. I hovered the tip around her opening, running it up and down her lips like I had done with my finger.

"Ooooh", she cooed, "Don't tease!"

Again, I lightly wiped my dick over her lips, moving it slightly inward. Soon just the head was in her; the warmth made my already steaming hot cock feel like it was on fire. I placed my hands either side of her body, ready to counter balance my movements. I looked her in the eyes; she bit her bottom lip in that cutely seductive way again. No teasing this time, with one thrust I was in to my hilt, her body jerked and she gasped loudly, I stayed still for a minute but she started to grind her pussy on me.

"That's it. Shit, you're in, fuck me", she panted, "please, fuck me"

I started at steady pace, sliding out so that just my tip stayed in her. I felt the heels of her feet dig into my arse as she tried to draw me back in. Another hard thrust in and she was gasping again. I locked my shoulders and arms as I began to speed my pace up. I fucked her in the missionary position for a while, neither of us seemed too bothered by it, the gasps and moans were encouraging enough for me to know I was on the right path. Her tits were bouncing up and down as my thrusting reached full speed, again I ducked my head down to kiss and nibble them like I hadn't eaten in a month.

"Oh oh oh oh" she mewed like a kitten, "Yeah, fuck me like that, fuck me till I cum"

"Are you going to cum soon, cum for me?" I asked breathlessly between thrusts.

She looked me right in the eye, "I'm going to cum for you, right over your cock", she said through gritted teeth as I pumped away. My balls started to tingle and I felt them suddenly tighten, I was close myself. I few more strokes and I could feel her pussy start to contract, she flung her head back into the pillow and started to moan and gasp like before. I was partly relived she was going to cum again soon, I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer.

"Cum with me Mike, cum all in me", she pleaded. Just as I felt her pussy tighten with the strength of a vice, I let go, pumping stream after stream of hot cum into her steaming little box, "Oooooh Mikey! Yeah, yeah, yeah" she moaned as I slowed my rhythm down and pumped the last of my seed into her. I could feel my dick squelch around inside her as it softened.

"Ok", she said trying to catch her breath, "That wasn't the way I expected the night to end either"

The hot water from the power shower seemed to ease my hangover away, my headache evaporating with the steam in the large en suite bathroom. It was around lunchtime and I had only just managed to get myself out of bed. I had left Keeley sound asleep in a mess of bed sheets and pillows. After our little session last night we laid and talked till the sun came up. She had gone over all of my tattoos and asked questions about them all, what did they mean and why were they there being the main two. She thought that having my son's name tattooed over my hart was cute. She seemed slightly more fazed by the name underneath.

"So why's that there?" she had asked in all innocence

"Daz was one of my best friends, kind of like a surrogate big brother"

"What makes him so special that he makes it up there with your son's name?" came the next question as she ran her fingers over the old English writing.
I paused for a minute. Did I want to get into all of this with her? I was really into her but we had just met, this kind of talk might scare her off, "We went through some stuff together, that's all"

This wasn't going to quench her thirst for an answer, "What could happen to force you to have his name tattooed on your chest?"

I couldn't think of the right words to say to her, I just rolled away from her and exposed my back to her for the first time. I heard a gasp, not one of her sexually charged gasps, but one of shock. Just below the top of my left shoulder were two scars, each round and no bigger than a pound coin in size.

"They look like" she said trailing off

"Yeah", I said in reply, "Gunshot wounds"

Thinking back I wasn't so sure that I had handled the situation in the best way. I imagined that I would get out the shower to find her gone without a trace of a number or a note. I washed my body; the soap seemed to bring it alive again. That was when I felt the hands on my back. I jumped at first but soon realised it could only be Keeley.

"Morning" she said with a kiss to my cheek as I turned around, "You got up quietly"

"I didn't want to wake you, you looked all cute and cosy under those sheets", I replied pulling her under the water jet with me. She let the water soak her hair before pulling it back in a slick ponytail.

"I don't think a bomb would have woke me this morning"

"So I did my job then?" I teased

"Oh, you're a regular employee of the month", she giggled. Her hands started to wander over my body, seems there were no worries about scaring her off with my life story. It didn't take long for her to get my dick hard again, lathering shower gel up and down my shaft. We kissed, soft now, the urgency of first time passion gone. She pulled me out from under the shower jet to the far end of the stall; she turned me around and pushed me back against the wall. My head snapped back and hit the wall as she began to jerk my cock in her hand, she was showering my chest with kisses, biting on one of my nipples in the process. I closed my eyes and tried to guess where her mouth would end up next. I felt it begin to get lower and lower. Suddenly her hand stopped and disappeared from my cock, I opened my eyes and looked down, she was kneeling before me in the shower cubicle.

"Just lean back and enjoy baby" she soothed before sinking her mouth around my aching dick. I grunted as she ran her tongue around my swollen head, I flinched as I felt one of her hands wrap around my ball sack, I could feel cum rising in me already. She nibbled her way down my shaft and back up again. I felt her warm breath on my balls as she took one in her mouth and sucked it lightly. An odd sensation that I had never really got used to but pleasant all the same. After doing this to both of my balls she went back to sucking my cock like it was the last ice lolly on a hot day, all the time keeping those dark eyes of hers locked on mine. She stopped licking my dick like a lollypop and plunged it back, whole, into her mouth. Within a minute I was forcibly fucking her mouth, my hands resting on the back of her head so that she couldn't go far. Slurping noises could be heard above the running water.

"Fuck Kee", I said, had I just created a nickname for her?

"I'm goin' to cum in a second", she did nothing more than pick up pace, I had warned her so it was up to her if she let me cum in her mouth. The stroking of my balls went in time to her sucking, only pushing me closer to the edge, "Ahhhhh shit!" I exclaimed as I shot my load in her mouth, I could feel as she swallowed gulp after gulp of my juice. I forced my eyes open and looked down at her, here big brown eyes looking straight back up at me, she was hammering away at her own pussy with her other hand as she milked the last dying spurts from my limping dick.

"That feel better?" she asked after swallowing the last drops of cum

"Shit yeah!" I said helping her to her feet in the slippery shower, "There is one more thing though", I advised turning her gently around by her hips, "Put your hands on the wall", I whispered as I began kissing down her spine and around the back of her neck. I put one of my legs between hers and moved them slightly more a part, her pussy came into view as she leaned forward, knowing what was coming.

"Oh, you want to take me from behind do you?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes. I didn't reply, I was lust crazed again, I just had to fuck her, hard, that's all my mind was thinking of. I reached around to her breasts and caressed them some more as I continued to kiss around the back of her neck. In no time my cock was up are ready for action again, I lined the straining rod up with her lips and pushed forward. No teasing this time, this was just plain fucking.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeeeah, yeah, yeah, shit!" she moaned as I began to bang away, her arse coming back out to meet my forward thrusts.

"Fuck, you like that? You want more?" I huffed

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me like that", she purred, I could see her fingers trying to grip the slick tiled wall of the bathroom. I slapped her arse lightly as I built up speed; this got a little gasp and moan. The slick insides of her pussy began to contract in time to my thrusts, the sign she was close to the edge.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, like that! Ooooh baby!" she screamed as she finally went over the edge. I wasn't far behind, her sexy noises only fanning my flames. I came again, much harder this time, so hard that it nearly took the top of my head off; I thought I was going to pass out as I spurted yet more cum into her.

We both slowed to a stop and leant against the bathroom wall, totally spent and out of energy. She slipped my cock out of her and turned to kiss me. I put my arms around her and we just stood there under the hot water jet in silence.

We exchanged telephone numbers and a whole host of other details over a room service lunch. Keeley called one of her friends and arranged for her to come and pick her up. Her friend informed her that Rambo had been pictured trying to fight a taxi driver and a photographer after he had been refused entry to another club in London's west end. Seems we had had a lucky escape.

We talked whilst we ate and decided that we should meet up again as soon as our diary's would allow, she was flying off to the Med for a calendar shoot the next day and I was to start work on a new musical project on Tuesday, I have to admit my hart leapt when she said she wanted to see me again.

It was around eight o'clock in the evening when I finally arrived back home from London. After our mini binge all I wanted to do was sleep, Big Duncan, Joey and Andy all passing out in the car leaving me to drive all the way back to the midlands in near silence hadn't help. I had just crashed into bed when I received another life changing phone call.

"Hello?" I greeted. The background noise was loud and bustling, it sounded like a train station or maybe a shopping centre.

"Michael", a woman's voice said through tears, "Mike is that you?" she sobbed.

"Yeah but who's this? " I asked, thoughts of my sister and female cousins flashed through my mind, was this one of them in trouble.

"It's me, it's Christina", she said, "It's all gone wrong Mike, it's all gone to shit"

"Whoa, slow down, what's gone wrong? Where are you?" I asked quickly.

"I've just landed at Heathrow. I'm in London Mike. I need to see you"

01-21-2007, 05:04 PM
Fucking excellent!!! :gold:

02-13-2007, 01:37 AM
I'm in love with Christina y'see... so to read this is amazing, can't wait to read the rest!!

Sikk Puppy
02-13-2007, 10:13 AM
Cheers Rubenz