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Chapter 1…
Studio Time
Starring Christina Aguilera

"Why me?" I asked into the telephone.

"Don't be an asshole Mike, you know why", came the reply. Everyone was an asshole at some point to Titus King; it was his most used descriptive phrase when dealing with people.

"I said never again after Mariah, these bloody divas and their demands get in the way of actually making the music, which is supposed to be the reason I'm there"

"Hey! You get paid, regardless of weather it takes two days or two months to make the track", Titus boomed, "And after the success of that last joint everyone is asking for your services. Man, you are on fire right now, you need to make the most of these opportunities! People are lining up for one of your beats, the rate you're going, Pharrell Williams will be out of business soon. You know she asked for you personally don't you"

I could almost taste the bullshit in Titus's voice, let alone smell it, "Alright, alright Tee, flattery will get you everywhere, I'll take the job, just set it up and let me know. But I am serious about the drama, any of it and I walk"

"You won't regret this my man", Titus promised

"I best not do"

I should introduce myself. My name is Michael Giovanni and as the name suggests I'm from an Anglo-Italian background. Both sets of my great-grand parents settled in the Midlands in the early nineteen hundreds. One set opened a restaurant and set foot on a path that would lead them to owning one of the most successful importer of food stuffs in the country. The other side of my eventual family started off in gambling, mainly bookmaking at horse races. They eventually ended up with a small empire of nightclubs and bars across the Midlands, as well as interests in casinos and amusement arcades.

This was the side of the family I was drawn to and am still closest to, to this day. I ended up as an entrepreneur of sorts with my main income coming from my ability to make music. Hit music if you go by my current resume. This is where Titus comes in. An industry heavyweight, Titus had been opening doors and getting my music heard by the right people for the last two years. I had created a buzz and now pop, r'n'b and hip hop acts were queuing up for my services. He has also served as my mentor during my rise to stardom, teaching me what to do and what not to do, who to keep happy and how to deal with all the benefits that came with the position.

So two weeks later I found myself sat in a New York recording studio waiting on the arrival of my next project. My production cohort, DJ and best friend, Kut, had made the journey across the pond with me and he now sat next to me at the mixing desk. Outside Frankie C, my driver and tour guide on these increasingly frequent trips to New York, was playing pool with a sound engineer in the artist's recreation room. Our star had made her first mistake; she was late.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the studio door finally swung open. First into the room was perhaps the biggest man I have ever seen, he had got to be seven feet tall and looked like he measured his weight in metric tonnes not stones or pounds. He wandered in, look around and then held the door open for the next arrival. I could hear Titus before I saw him; he was busy yapping into a mobile phone as usual, conducting business no doubt. Titus stood a good couple of inches above me at around six foot two but wiry thin with it, he was always dressed in the finest suits and today was no exception. He winked at me in greeting as he continued his conversation. And that was when she came wandering into the room and into my life.

Stood before me in the doorway was the tiny form of Christina Aguilera. I have got to admit that I had never really found her that attractive, all that 'Dirrty' girl routine with the stringy looking hair hadn't really washed with me. But now, with her stood in front of me in fashionably ripped jeans, a striped polo shirt that had got to be two sizes too small and cowboy boots, she suddenly looked more appealing than ever. The part braided, part black hair had gone and she was back to her almost platinum blonde locks, tied up in a small ponytail on the top of her head.

Her nipple ring was showing through the taught fabric of the polo shirt and I cursed myself as I realised I was starting to stare at it. Not very professional was it, leering at someone I was supposed to be creating a number one song for. Titus finished his phone call and made some quick introductions, I merely nodded in her direction and said 'hi', she replied with a rather sweet sounding 'hey'. Some record company suits or assistants were jostling for position behind her in the hallway, Titus herded them up, along with the big guy, Manny, her driver and bodyguard, and ushered them down the hall to an office.

"Time for us to talk turkey whilst you talk turkey" Titus said as he closed the door behind him.

"So", I began

"So", she replied taking a seat on the sofa that ran along the back wall of studio, I was already having trouble keeping my eyes off her.

"Someone tells me you want a hit record", I said in my most charming English voice.

We spent the next couple of hours breaking the ice and discussing the sort of direction she wanted for the song. We went through beats we could use and other musical arrangements. The more we talked the more she surprised me. I had heard all the stories of the diva tantrums and demands so I was expecting the worse. To me she just seemed to be focused on what she wanted and I was pleasantly surprised when I went through my working rules. No entourages or record execs in the studio whilst we were working and once we started we stayed until the job was done.

It really wound me up when artists turned up with half their friends or family and spent all the studio time on the phone or sending text messages. She said this wouldn't be a problem. The meeting had gone well and I was feeling more confident than ever about making another hit record. The only thing wrong was that I thought her attitude seemed a little flat. I had always imagined her to be bubbly and out going, she wasn't showing any signs of this at the moment. Maybe it was the studio rules I told her I worked by, I noticed that her husband hadn't made the trip with her, maybe it was that.

"Of course, when I say no entourages in the studio, if your bloke wants to come by at any time, then that would be fine" I said. She looked at me oddly when I said the word bloke, "Your bloke, you know, your husband"

"Oh right, my bloke", she giggled, "A British word huh"

"Yeah, sorry, you might need a English to American phrase book sometimes when I'm about", I replied with a smile.

"That shouldn't be a problem, not at the moment anyway" she said fiddling with her ponytail.

"Ah right, he out of town or something at the minute"

"No. We're", she paused and seemed to take a breath, "We're separated at the moment"

This knocked me back; I didn't know what to say for the best. I knew they had only been married a short time, but I couldn't remember hearing about any trouble between them.

"Ok, I'm sure it will sort itself out"

She raised her eyebrows, "Yeah, I'm sure it will", she said with a tone of hope in her voice.

We made arrangements to start the following week at a different studio that Titus used. I busied myself around New York setting up more work and preparing for my next job. During the same week it started to come out in the papers that Christina and her husband had seemed to have separated. She had been spotted wallowing around New York, not really looking like the sexy superstar the world knew her as, whilst he was hanging out in Miami at a private villa with what seemed to be the worlds first set of model quality, bikini clad, all female house staff.

None the less, she arrived for the first studio session on Monday in full work mode. We were making good progress on the song and had even come up with a couple of other ideas to make maybe two other tracks. Christina was totally focused and didn't appear to show signs that her marriage was going through a rough patch. I on the other hand was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate with her in such close proximity. For the first session she turned up wearing a pair of track suit bottoms that sat just on the top curve of her arse, she took the matching hoodie off to reveal another stupidly small t-shirt that showed off her toned stomach and forced her nipples to strain against the baby blue fabric when the air con came on.

It was taking every ounce of self-control for me to not just sit and stare at her ample charms as she moved around in the vocal booth. I had seen many different racks on many different ladies in my time, but I would have to say that hers was truly impressive. I was most disappointed to see the lack of nipple ring today, although it made me curious as to why she had removed it. We had started to relax around each other the longer the day went on, we chatted and she asked me a lot of questions about my life back in England. I knew what it was like to have the newspapers interested in your every move; this seemed to relax the atmosphere even more.

"We sound like we both need some fun in our lives", she commented as I finished a story about a situation I was having with my ex and my son.

"Yeah, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", I said

"All work and no husband makes Christina a frustrated little girl", she said almost absent minded. I frowned at her, wondering what she meant but she passed it off by asking Kut about his home life.

We continued on and Christina wandered around the studio with her lyric pad in hand. She had kicked her trainers off, sinking down to her proper five foot two height. Her tracksuit bottoms seemed to shrink down with them leaving the top of her pink thong visible just above the waistband. By now Kut was flaked out on the sofa at the back of the studio, leaving the seat next to me at the console empty. Every so often Christina would flop her pad down on the console just in front of me to my left and then bend right over to lean on her elbow whilst she studied her lyrics. This left her pert buttocks jacked up in the air only a couple of feet away from my face, the long day had left me slumped in my chair and I couldn't help but look, I couldn't take my eyes of it.

I have always been an arse man and this was like a small bit of heaven had fallen and landed right in my lap. I couldn't be sure at first but I swore she was wiggling it at me, very slowly if she was, but it was definitely moving, almost as if it was taunting me. The more I watched, the more I was convinced it was swaying from side to side. I thought she might have been doing it to the beat of the song whilst she went through her lyrics, but as I counted the beat and then her subtle movements I realised it would be way off for her to be doing that. Then I thought she could have been transferring the weight from one leg to the other, keeping the blood circulating.

Whatever she was doing it was starting to have effects on me, my mind started to wander. I sat there wondering what her arse would look like, bent over that sound desk but without the trackie bottoms on. The mere thought of it almost had my mouth watering. I would have gladly pulled up a chair and munched on that all day if she'd let me. I imagined it would taste divine. That was when I saw the ponytail move in the background of my vision.

I looked up and saw she was looking right back at me over her shoulder; she had a sly little smile on her face. I felt myself blush and I immediately looked away towards the darkened vocal booth. After a second or two I glanced back at her, she was still looking at me back over shoulder, still with that little all-knowing smile on her face.

"So, do you like the, err, beat?" she asked.

I looked her in the eye, "It'll do, definitely number one material", I tried not to smirk as I said it. Christina turned back around and continued to go through her lyrics, she didn't move away from the console or change position, she just continued on with her wiggling. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable in the jeans department but dare not move in case she noticed the bulge in the front of my jeans. What with Kut asleep and the track turned off, the air seemed to become thick inside that studio. Neither of us speaking, just me, her and that wiggle. The more I watched, the thicker the feeling became. Soon my head was swimming with lurid thoughts.

The studio door was prized open and Christina's assistant came bustling in squawking about prior engagements. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, the air seemed to thin out and the thoughts started to evaporate. I watched as Christina gathered her things up and prepared to leave, just as she was on her way out she came bouncing back across the studio towards me. She leaned right over me towards the console brushing one of those heavenly breasts across my shoulder, she was reaching for her lyric pad but I noticed her glance down at my crotch.

"Make sure you go out and have some fun tonight. Jack doesn't need to be a dull boy for tomorrow", she whispered

"Oh don't worry about that, I'll be having some fun tonight"

For once it was me that was late getting to the studio the next day. I had left Kut and two girls back at the hotel sleeping off a pretty full on night of partying. Very full on considering it was a Monday night. I bustled into the studio ready to start making apology's but instead walked into a room doused in silence.

Christina was already there with her assistant; she was sat with her knees tucked up under her chin on the sofa. She didn't look well; in fact she looked no better than my hangover was making me feel. Her eyes looked puffy and red, she had no make up on. She had combats and boots on with an oversized grey hooded sweatshirt that covered up all the lovely curves I had been inspecting yesterday.

"What's happening people" I greeted, the assistant just looked at me, Christina continued to stare at a patch on the carpet.

"Can you leave us a minute please Hillary", Christina asked, we both watched as Hillary left the studio, "Where's Kut today?" she asked once Hillary had gone.

"Sleeping a hangover off, I took your advice and went out for some fun", I replied, "You look like you could still do with some fun in your life"

Christina now looked up at me and I realised why her eyes looked so red, she had been crying, for quite some time by the look of it, "I got a telephone call last night from Jordan. He was at home, he was packing his things up ready to move out", she was holding back more tears.

I sat myself down next to her on the sofa; she instinctively snuggled into the side of me and put her head on my chest. I tried to say as many comforting things as I could think of but I had never been any good at the 'sensitive new age man' routine, so within a couple of minutes she was sobbing again and the whole story came flooding out. It sounded like your typical 'married too soon in the public spotlight' situation.

"I really thought he was the one, I thought I would have learnt by now", she commented, she looked up at me with those blue eyes, "Have you ever made a mistake as big as this?"

"Too many times. I thought I had met the one when I met Rachel, I really thought I had, I was over the moon when she said she was pregnant. It went a bit wrong after that"

"You got over it though, didn't you", she asked

"In my own way. I don't think blowing your money on beer, cars and lap dancers will suit you though" I replied trying to make her smile, she managed half a one.

"So is there anybody around at the minute? Anyone waiting for you when you get back?"

Me? Nah, I've learnt my lesson with Rachel. I'm just out to enjoy life at the minute. No doubt I will settle down again at some point" I said looking down at her, "I tell you what. Lets call it quits on today, you can go back and sort yourself out and I can go back and sleep this bloody hangover off"

"Ok, I don't feel much like working now anyway"
We both got up off the sofa and moved to walk out

"Mike" Christina called, as I was about to walk out the door, "Thanks for listening"
I turned around and she was stood directly behind me, she leant up on tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. I felt myself blush, not again I thought.

I entered the studio on Wednesday afternoon with a feeling of dread as to what was waiting for me when I arrived, I know she was going though the mill at the minute but we had to get this song done. Kut had cried off again with an upset stomach, leaving me to hit the studio with just Frankie C. I needn't have worried. By the time I got in Christina had already got the track playing and was walking around the studio, lyric pad in hand yet again, doing her vocal warm up along to the beat. She had come from a photo shoot for a magazine so she was done up in more than just her tracksuit for a change.

She had a tiny pleated denim skirt on with a white strapless tube top struggling to cover her top half. The top wasn't much different to the one she wore in that video she did with Lil' Kim. The outfit was finished off with high-heeled sandals. This was the best I had seen her look since I had met her; this was the Christina I had been expecting to see for the last couple of days. Her make up done although her hair was still tied back in that ponytail of hers. I had to just stand there for a moment to drink in the sight before me. She looked fantastic.

"I hope your ready to nail this today" she said with that cheeky smile I had last seen on Monday, "I'm all warmed up and ready to finish this off"

"Glad to see your doing ok today", I said putting my bag down by the mixing desk.

"You can go now Hillary, make sure we're not disturbed ok. We need to get this done today"

"No problem", Hillary replied with a glance in my direction.

We sat down and began to work. I couldn't believe that the girl that had been a wreck yesterday had recovered so quick and come in so focused today. She was hitting all her notes, vibing off the track, even cracking jokes when she messed something up. I was sure we had a hit on our hands now.

After about three hours of trying to perfect the final mix Christina decided that she didn't like the last few lines of the final verse and wanted to do some work on them. I let her get on with it and got my laptop out to check my e-mails from home and just browse the net. Before long I heard the familiar sound of a pad of paper hitting the console surface. I looked up and over and my hart skipped about four beats.

Just like on Monday Christina was stood, bent over the desk studying her lyrics on the pad. The only difference being that on Monday she was wearing tracksuit bottoms. Today she was wearing a very short skirt. I tried to look back at the laptop but it was no use, I had to have another peek. I looked over and could see the pleats of the denim skirt just grazing the bottom dimples of her arse. My mouth went dry and my head started spinning.

Her thighs looked supple and tanned, not a blemish on them. Any more movement from that arse and I would be able to see what underwear she had on, hell, a strong gust from the air con would have blown it up, it was that short. Wait! There it was again, the wiggle! Only this time I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, the movement was more pronounced, not by much, but she was certainly moving her arse from side to side. I sat transfixed on the sight of this little peach fighting to stay under the cover of the skirt. Suddenly she stretched her back out and her arse tipped a bit further upwards. That's when it happened.

The complete bottom quarter of her cheeks escaped from underneath the skirt and came into view. I could see the smooth tanned skin parted by the disappearing thread of a pink thong. Did she own any under wear that wasn't pink? She had to know what she was doing; half her arse was hanging out a few feet away from me. The wiggling from side to side was getting wider and wider, the more she moved, the more I saw. Pretty soon she was almost grating against the mixing desk. That's when I saw the ponytail move again.

"Are you enjoying the view again?" she asked over her shoulder.

I looked at her and tried to speak, the words got stuck in my throat, "I…err…. I was…"

"I know what you were doing. Don't worry about it, happens all the time, especially on video shoots"

"It's just that…it's such" I stammered, my dick was starting to strain against the front of my jeans.

"I know, I know", she cooed, "I have to admit that I was doing it more because I knew you were watching. I knew you were watching on Monday too"

I blushed at this, I felt like the naughty schoolboy who had been caught peeking into the girls changing room.

"Not to worry though, it's nice to know I have that ability still", she said, slowly lifting her hands from the desk and moving them to the back of the skirt, "Do you want a proper look? I bet you do", she got hold of the hem of the little skirt and began to lift it up. It was like a curtain rising on something mythical. She lifted it very slowly and with every millimetre of skin that was uncovered my dick felt like it was going to explode. I saw her looking down at my crotch, even through my baggy Roca Wear jeans she could see I was having trouble, "It looks like you are really enjoying the view" she teased

"Yes" was all I could muster from my now dry mouth, "The view is amazing", where was this all coming from? Yesterday she was sobbing because her husband was leaving her and now today she was seducing me in a way I'm sure thousands of blokes around the world have only dreamt of. Rebound! The word came tumbling into my head; she was just reacting to Jordan walking out.

This left me in a quandary, I could just get up and walk out now and my conscious would be clear of taking advantage of her in her mixed up emotional state. The only problem was that I would regret not taking advantage of the situation too. I could hear my mates mocking jokes even now above the thumping of my hart in my ears.

Christina gave out a little giggle, "Bet you'd like to feel this wouldn't you. My little peach" she said with a light slap on her exposed buttock.

This brought me back from my little 'angel versus devil' argument, "Do you like peaches Mike? You look like you could do with a bite of this fruit" she said again, by now she was gyrating back and fourth as well as side to side, sweat was starting to shine on her arse and thighs, "Come on Mike, lets have some fun in our lives", she almost panted, she was either a good actress or extremely turned on already.

That was it, my dick took over and vetoed any pleas from my brain to not reach out and caress the little firm peach that was gyrating not two feet in front of me. I stood from my chair and moved behind her. My dick straining against the front of my jeans was starting to become too distracting; I quickly undid my belt and dropped my jeans to my ankles.

"That's it Mikey", she cooed, "Let me see your cock, I need cock now Mikey!"

I had to admit I liked the way she called me Mikey, "You'll get cock in a minute you little tease, tell me what you want first, tell me how you want it", I demanded grabbing hold of her buttocks, I kneaded them as if I was making bread, well, I thought I was, I had never baked in my life.

"Ooh, your bad. I knew you were when I saw you"

"Less talk, tell me what you want!", I said with a slap to her left buttock, she quivered under my touch

"Ooh…oh…oh…ok. I want you to bend me over this desk and stick that cock in my tight little hole, I want you to fuck me over this desk and make me cum"

"Is that because you're a bad little girl?"

Christina looked back over her shoulder at me, "That's how you like it is it? Well that's good because I have been a very bad girl; I've been very naughty. I need to be punished. Will you punish me Mikey?"

With that I grabbed the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down to sit on top of my fallen jeans. My dick sprang free and stood proud in front of me. I never claimed to have a huge dick but it was straining towards eight inches today, I felt like it was going to rip open.

"That's it Mikey, now pull my little panties to one side and fuck me over this desk, quick Mikey!" she begged moving her legs apart a little more.

Leaving my left hand to caress her arse cheeks, I put my right hand under her crotch and felt around for her slit. My god she was wet, juice was literally running down her toned and tanned legs. My left hand ran up her back and grabbed hold of her ponytail, I gave it a little tug, I got a moan of satisfaction in reply. My right hand found her slimy slit and with no more than a little pressure I pushed my index and middle finger into her hole

"Ohhhh fuck, yeah Mikey, like that, ohhh, just like that", came the gasped reply as she started to ride my hand.

"You like that do you"

"Mmmm, fuck yeah, mmmm" she huffed, she was really starting to hump away on my hand by now, "Oh god! I'm close, I'm close Mikey"

I pulled my fingers out of her sopping pussy, "Here, taste your self, suck my fingers!"

I let go of her ponytail and turned her head, she began sucking hard on my fingers, cleaning my fingers of her goo. I reached back down to her arse with my left hand and grabbed hold of the delicate piece of pink lace that was halving her buttocks.

"Mmmm, ooh, more, please Mikey. Stick them back in", she begged, her crotch still pumping away at thin air. With one strong tug the thong came away in my hand.

"Ohhh, yeah!", she growled.

At that sound I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and without warning shoved them back into her waiting cunt. I couldn't resist the temptation of taking a look at her arsehole so I parted her cheeks with my left hand. Her tiny puckered hole came into view; I circled the edge of it with my thumb in time with the rhythm of my other hand.

"Ohhh fuck yeah!" she hollered as I began hammering in and out of her with my index and middle finger, both were completely immersed inside her dripping pussy, right up to the knuckle. She was getting close. I saw one hand drop from the desk as she moved to play with her clit, the knuckles on her other hand began to turn white as gripped the edge of the desk tighter and tighter.

"Ooh….ooh…fuck…fuck…I'm close Mikey…..yes….yes!", she screamed, her body began to quiver and I felt the warm inside of her pussy tighten around my fingers, "Shit….shit….ooh god!" she panted as she reached the apex of her orgasm.

She collapsed onto the mixing desk panting. I pulled my soaked fingers out of her pussy and looked around for something to wipe them on. It was then I realised two things. The studio door was unlocked and although there was no glass pain in this one to see in, anyone could have still just walked in on us. The second. I'm stood there half naked with one of the hardest erections I have ever had and I haven't got to use it. For a few seconds I felt stupid just stood there.

Christina picked herself up from the console, her breathing now returning to normal as she came down from her climax. She looked at me and cocked her head to one side. I could see her eyeing my cock like a lion eyes a steak.

"Go sit on the couch", she ordered, pointing to the leather sofa at the back of the studio. I shuffled across the room like I was told. She moved across the room and locked the studio door. I pulled off my Air Force One's, jeans and boxers and sat back on the soft leather sofa. She walked, seductively, back across the room and stood before me.

Her skin shimmered under the studio lights; her skirt was still hiked up around her waist. I could see liquid leaking out of her pussy and running down the inside of her thighs. I felt my dick twitch and reach a state of hardness that I had never known possible.

"It's your turn now. Naughty Chrissy gets to treat good Mikey", she purred as she moved towards me. A new passion was burning in her eyes, it seems the fingering session had just been for starters. She leant down to undo one of her sandals.

"No, no, leave those on", I asked

The sly grin was back, "OK, but this needs to come off" she said grabbing the bottom edge of her tube top. With one fell swish she had pulled the top over her head. She now just stood there in a crumpled skirt and high-heeled sandals, I don't think I had ever seen anything so sexy in my life. The view from the front was as good as the one from the rear. Her breasts stood ample and full, my mouth began to water again. I was glad to see she perky little nipples and small, light pink areolas, I hated 'burger nipples'. The nipple ring was missing again, now was the perfect time to ask where was.

"No nipple ring in today, or was that just another story made up by the press?" I asked coyly. Everyone knew she had a nipple ring.

She looked down at her breasts and took one in each hand, "I caught it on a bed sheet at the hotel. You'll just have to be very careful with me", she moved across towards me and slowly straddled me. My dick sprang up between us and strained as she leant in to kiss me. Our tongues met and we kissed hard, exploring each other's mouths. I grabbed hold of her arse again as she began to ride up and down in my lap, rubbing her clit up and down my pinned cock.

"Uh huh!" she said as she got hold of my hands, "Up front this time", she placed my hands on her heaving breasts. They felt fantastic, the skin was so soft, so tender, I had to taste them. I broke our kiss and moved my mouth down her neck, across her collarbone and down to her left breast.

"Ooh, yeah baby", she sighed as I nibbled away, I replied by rolling one of her nipples between my forefinger and thumb.

"I need to fuck you Chrissy, I need to be in you", I begged after taking my mouth off her breasts.

She responded by lifting herself up, kneeling over me on the sofa, I watched as one hand slithered down her body and began to play with her clit again, her head falling back in ecstasy. Her other hand dropped to my now painfully throbbing cock and guided it to her waiting gate. I could feel the warmth emanating from it and the moistness as the tip of my dick came into contact with her pussy lips for the first time. I thought I was going to come there and then as she slowly, bit by bit, lowered herself onto me.

"Aaaaah! That's it! Right there Mikey", she said as she began to rock back and fourth.

"Fuckin' hell!" I exclaimed as she proceeded to pick up pace and then slow to an almost stop. I don't know how long I was going to last. She was surprisingly tight and I felt her pussy stretch to accommodate me.

"Fuck…yeah….that's it! Fuck me with you cock, is that what you like baby? I'm going to fuckin' ride you till you cum baby! Come in me baby!", she mewed as she rode away, she started to pick up speed.

"Chrissy, I don't think I can last much longer", I warned, this only served for her to pick up speed.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with this cock! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yes baby! I've been a naughty little girl! I need this cock!", she gasped

The studio was now filled with the slapping sounds of Christina crashing down on me and me bucking back up at her. I gripped her arse tightly as I felt myself reaching my peak

"Ah…aaahh….oooh…ahh! Yes…yes…..yeeeessss!" she screamed as she came again, I felt her pussy clamp around my dick, tighter than before, as it milked my dick for all it was worth.

Juices from both of us escaped as she slowed to a quivering halt. Her head collapsed into the side of my neck, I could feel the heat in her breath as she tried to get her breathing under control.

After a minute she pulled my softening cock out of her and just sat in my lap, both of her arms wrapped around my neck.

"Fun?" she asked breathlessly

"Most fun I've ever had at work", I replied giving her a peck on her forehead.

Two days later I was sat in my office at my studio back in England. The little 'fun' Christina and me had was still playing on my mind when I got the call.

"They love it!" Titus exclaimed, "We just showcased the song to her suits and they are going crazy for it!"

"I'm glad they liked it", I said opening up my email account, I had a new message in my inbox from 'FunGurl' titled 'Fun In Your Life'. As Titus waxed lyrical about what the label execs had said, I opened the mail up and began to read.

'Hey Mikey, just to let you know I have just come out of a showcase of some of my new material with the suits and they luuuurve your track. They are even looking at green lighting the other two ideas we had. So it looks like we could be working together again soon. Wouldn't that be 'fun'? See you around. Chrissy xxx.'

"Oh and by the way", I heard Titus say down the phone, "I think I've found your next project"

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Damn what an image... ***don't want to give it away*** but daaaamn!!! That main Aguilera scene it sooo fucking hottt!!!! Unreal Sikk Puppy, really enjoyed it!!


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Thanks for the replys man. Wish I had posted them sooner now, lol.