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Chapter Four…
…The Fundraiser
Staring Eva Longoria

Six months ago I found myself called on to return a favour for a big named entertainment lawyer out in LA. His clients were all big household names, movie stars, a few sports personalities, but in the main he dealt with people from the music industry. He was so good at hiding indiscretions that he was known as 'The Magician'. And in LA there was always someone eager to keep an indiscretion out of the papers and off their rap sheet.

One of his most important clients was Titus King, my 'sponsor' whilst I was in America and new business partner. Titus's empire was far reaching and varied, his record label and stable of artists being only being a small percentage of his annual income now. The label had let him create capital to branch out into real estate, clothing, nightclubs and the like, the latest idea he had been kicking around was to branch out into the adult entertainment industry, that would be porn to you and me.

He had a few strip clubs in his portfolio and was adamant that along with food, he also owned restaurants; sex was the other thing that always sold. We often chatted whilst working in the studio or when we were travelling, about how we could approach the idea, maybe just financial backing of an already established studio or perhaps to just start his own studio. He had offered me first refusal on a partnership, I told him I would be stupid not too.

The reason I was indebted to this attorney to the stars was down to a little indiscretion of my own. A couple of months before this invitation I had gotten into an argument with some Wall Street broker in a bar in New York. He was angered at first by getting rejected by girls buzzing around the booth me and my friends were sat in. He then found out that we were English and decided to come over and air his grievance about the English with us. There was some shouting and trading of insults but a couple of bouncers talked him down and walked him back to his table.

When we left the broker started again, throwing insults across the bar. By now our patience was starting to wear thin. We made it outside, minus any of the girls he was getting upset by, and stood waiting for a cab to take us onto our next venue. After a minute or so of trying to flag a couple of cabs down the broker and his three drinking buddies came stumbling from the front of the bar. It took a hart beat for him to spot us. There was more shouting, more abuse. Someone pushed someone else. There was a scuffle. The broker ended up with his jaw broken in two places and I ended up in the back of a police car. Not my finest moment by a long shot.

Titus came to bail me out along with his superstar lawyer, I only had to endure sitting in "the tank" for a couple of hours, an experience I never want to go through again. A cell in an English police station seemed almost cosy compared that. The lawyer did his thing and I thankfully walked away with nothing on my record.

So here I was; on a balmy summer evening in the city of angels, surrounded by the city's elite and some of the lawyer's client roster. A charity casino night with a high line raffle at his palatial Beverley Hill's home, there was a professional BBQ chef cooking up food outside on the Hawaii themed patio area. Good food but twenty dollars for a hotdog was a bit steep even for me. Titus had bailed on me at the last minute, so I was now his representative as well as prospective cash cow waiting to be milked all in the name of charity. Titus did get me his usual bungalow at the Beverly Hilton for the weekend and the use of a chauffer driven Rolls Royce Phantom he used when he was in town, so it wasn't all bad.

I wandered around the party and rued the fact I hadn't arranged a date for the evening. Everyone seemed to have someone else on they're arm and they all stood around in groups talking business. This wasn't a charity event; this was a networking opportunity. Apart from the host I only knew a few other people in attendance, music industry types, a label owner and successful r'n'b producer from Atlanta and a English actor who was a household name back home stopped to say hello after hearing my accent. I talked shop for a while with the label owner, I got a lot of questions about Titus's absence and his next business move, I also got some recognition for the last number one record I had made.

I hit the craps and roulette tables and tried to make it look like I wasn't just killing time before I could leave. I lost a bit of money before heading back outside to watch the sun go down. When I had been stood in line at the BBQ I had noticed a balcony that ran off the main room of the house and overlooked the pool, patio and gardens, it had looked deserted earlier so my plan was to hide out there for a bit and then call for the Phantom to come and pick me up.

As I hoped the balcony was empty, it gave a commanding view over the ornate gardens at the back of the house. So well kept were these gardens that in the dying light they looked almost unreal, like a pastel coloured picture. So I sat, twenty-dollar hotdog in one hand, glass of champagne in the other, and watched the sun fade and die. The noise form the party inside was getting louder and I heard a woman shriek in one of those horrible high-pitched Californian accents as her raffle ticket number was drawn. Some sort of Samba band struck up a tune as the evenings dancing got underway.

This was my cue to leave; there was a nice quite bungalow and the telephone number of an Ecuadorian dancer waiting for me back at the Hilton. I stood to leave and walk back into the main room when I was nearly knocked off my feet by mane of brunette hair strutting out of the party. She was busy looking down at her phone, I tried an evasive manoeuvre but she still knocked into my arm as she bustled past.

"Shit, sorry", she said looking up. My nose was hit with a blast of sweet perfume as her eyes caught mine, "I should really look where I'm going when I'm using this thing", she said apologetically waving a Nokia mobile phone at me. I wanted to gasp out loud but my brain was screaming for me not to. Stood before me was the actress Eva Longoria.

"That's ok, it's kind of difficult to get out of my way" I said almost bashfully about my size compared to her petite form, "You looked like you were escaping that racket in there"

"Not really the music, I've been trying to send a message for half an hour but I just can't get any space in there", she cocked her head to one side and narrowed her eyes,
"Your English right, not London though?"

"Yeah", I replied in genuine surprise, "Normally people think that everyone lives in London. How did you know that?"

"I was in the UK for a while at the start of the year doing promo work and filming, I got to travel around a bit" she said slipping the tiny silver Nokia phone into a small black purse that was covered in sequins, "You out here escaping the music too? Or you hiding from something else?"

"I came out to watch the sunset and bide my time before I left, not my kind of party really", I explained

"You and me both, I'm only here as a favour to someone" she said, I couldn't help but laugh, "What's so funny?" she asked sounding slightly offended

"Nothing, it's just that I'm here for exactly the same reason. A friend of mine is represented by our host but he couldn't make it, so I'm here in his place. You know, spend some money for charity; keep his lawyer happy. I suppose it's for a good cause though"

"And neither of us are fond of house bands and the tunes they play", she said lightly, running a hand through her dark hair, "I'm Eva by the way" she said offering me her hand

"Hi, I'm Michael", I said taking her hand in mine, it felt so dainty in my bears paw, "I thought it was you but I didn't want to come off like a tourist", I said with a smile.

"So if you're out here, I take it your date doesn't mind the samba?" she asked looking towards the double doors that led out onto the balcony.

"I came on my own, that's part of the reason I'm leaving, I've spent two hours trying to find someone to talk to that doesn't want to talk business"

"You'll be lucky. These things are just glorified network opportunities"

"Yeah, I'll know that for next time"

"So who are you're representing then Michael?" Eva asked walking to the balcony edge. I watched her for a second as she sauntered off. She had a black dress on that fell about the knee, it was short sleeved and looked like it wrapped around the front with a matching belt. My eyes flitted to her arse as I took the three steps to join her at the edge.

"I'm here on behalf of Titus King", I said a bit too officially as I leant back onto the carved stone balustrade.

"Tee?" she said with a frown, "Sounds like we have a mutual friend in Mr King" she said with a warm smile.

"He's my business partner out here, for my sins", I laughed

"Tee's a pussy cat", she smiled, "I've been to some crazy parties thrown by that man"

"How do you know Tee then?"

"I got introduced to him when I was going out with Tony, Tee's a big basketball fan and I think he was looking at buying into the Spurs at some point"

"I remember when he was doing that, it was when I first started working with him. He was running all over the shop looking at buying sports teams, he even came over to England to look at proper football teams"

"But knowing Tee he lost interest when he couldn't find anything to buy, right?" she said with a raised eyebrow

"You do know Tee!" I chuckled, "He couldn't find a good enough deal so he moved onto something else in the finish"

"Sounds like Tony", she said thoughtfully, "So what is it you do with Tee to warrant an invite to this little gathering?" she asked.

For the first time properly her eyes caught mine and for a brief second I was lost in them. With extra eye make up on they were just these dark simmering pools, they sucked me in and I almost stammered as I searched for my answer, "I'm a producer most of the time but Tee has got me sticking my fingers into other pies now"

"Sticking your fingers in pies?" she asked

"It's an English expression. Tee has got me investing in stuff outside of the music business basically.

"Ah, the music biz, I didn't take you for a TV or film guy"

"Whys that?"

She comically looked around before answering, "You didn't slide out here on your own slug trail", she said quietly, "Acting is my living but you do meet some people that make you think otherwise sometimes"

My chest swelled. Eva Longoria had just said I wasn't a sleaze ball, even if it was in a round about way, a compliment from one of the hottest women in the world is still a compliment.

A waiter now appeared behind us with a tray of full champagne glasses.

"Drink?" I asked

"I thought you were leaving?"

"Well seeing I've found someone to speak to, seems a shame to waste a conversation by going to back to the hotel to watch Larry King or whatever" I said taking two glasses from the waiter, I offered the first one to Eva.

"Why not then, the same fate awaits me when I leave too", she said taking the glass, "I'm sure if we talk long enough, we can find some more people we both know"

"They do say it's a small world getting smaller", I said with a smile.

My evening was instantly transformed. I had gone for looking for an escape route to finding reasons to keep the conversation going just so I could stay in Eva's company. We sat outside on a marble bench and chatted until the sky turned as dark as the locks cascading around her shoulders. We talked about our current projects, although I omitted the possible adult entertainment venture we were looking at, and she told me at length about life in Los Angeles.

I asked tirelessly about working on Desperate Housewives and in turn she probed around for any insider gossip from inside the music industry. After four or five glasses of champagne Eva had the urge to dance to the band still playing in the main house.

"I don't dance", I replied trying to keep a straight face

"I bet you do", came the energetic reply

"Well, I do dance, but not to this kind of thing, I'd make you look stupid trying to stomp about to this", I explained.

"Oh come on", she urged standing up, "You'll be fine", she giggled taking hold of my hand. I shook my head but allowed myself to be pulled up and towards the music. We entered the main room of the party to find the lights had been dimmed and some of the gambling tables had been cleared away to make room for the dancing. We walked in through the doors and I felt Eva link her arm in mine, my chest swelled out even further. We made our way to floor and Eva let rip, fuelled by the champagne she bust out into some authentic looking routine along to the band playing on a small raised stage in the corner of the room.

I did my best to keep up but like I said, I can't dance. I spent most of the time bumping into people and getting strange looks as Eva swivelled around in front of me. Pretty soon I found myself just standing still and watching Eva enjoy her self. Her hips were swaying in time to the music as she dipped and rose, her hands up, running through her hair. She saw me watching and her face split into a grin that was somewhere between pure seduction and insanity.

She licked her lips and started to move towards me. My hart started looking for the emergency exit in my rib cage. As she got nearer to me she suddenly snapped around on the spot and took the last two steps backwards until her head was on my chest.

"We need drinks", she said looking up at me with her dark inviting eyes. I felt a number of people around me suddenly realise who the tiny brunette was, in the next breath I sensed them all say "so who is the gorilla?"

"Champagne?" I offered

"Nooo, we need tequila for this kind of music", she said above the music.

"Tequila? You sure?"

"Tequila", came the reply as she held two fingers up to indicate two shots. I turned and made for the bar at the opposite end of the room. As I walked I could feel peoples eyes on me. I looked back to scan the crowd, Eva was still dancing away on the spot where I had left her, her eyes following me to the bar.

"Two tequilas please mate", I asked to the barman as I rubbed my fore head. I didn't normally drink spirits; things had a tendency to go wrong when I did. I got the drinks in; I slipped a Corona into the back pocket of my jeans for afters, and made my way back to the dance floor.

"That for me?" Eva asked as soon as I returned. Before I could answer the shot glass was in her hand and the fiery liquid disappeared down her throat, "Mmm, nice", she said. I stood with my drink in hand, that wasn't quick enough for Eva, "You going to drink that?" she asked.

I started to move my lips to reply but Eva already had the glass out of my hand and the drink followed the other into her mouth. With that she pulled me further onto the dance floor by my arm and continued dancing. She didn't venture far this time, staying so close that she was constantly brushing against me as we danced. I was trying my best to keep up with but we kept bumping into each other, either she didn't mind the little bumps and knocks or she hadn't noticed.

After another round of tequilas, I actually got to taste mine this time, the band started to wind down the tempo as the evening drew to a close. The music got slower, the light seemed to get dimmer and Eva got closer. Without me really realising what was happening, Eva soon ended up with her arms around my neck and my hands resting on her tiny waist as we slow danced to the last song of the night. Her face was shiny from the perspiration and she wore the grin of someone feeling the effects of a couple of drinks. She clung tightly and she stretched up to get her arms around my neck.

"Glad you stayed now then?" she asked

"Yeah, I think I can honestly say I have never spent an evening dancing to whatever it was we were dancing to", I laughed, "I supposed this marks the end of the evening, didn't think people still played a slow dance at the end of the night"

"You can't have a function without the slow dance. How would all the people having affairs get to openly dance with each other with their partners watching", Eva giggled


"There are four very naughty people dancing around us right now", she whispered in my ear. Electricity shot down my spine.

"So you got a car picking you up or you want a lift somewhere?" I asked as people started to leave the dance floor, "I got a Rolls Royce you know", I added childishly.

"I was going to have a car pick me up but a girl should never turn down a Rolls Royce. I've never had a ride in one before"

"That makes two of us then", I said with a wink.

Eva dropped her arms from around my neck and wandered off to cancel her car back to her hotel, "I'll meet you out front in a minute she said as she went back out to the patio balcony. I did as I was told and wandered towards the front of the huge house, thanking our host as I went.

"No brawls tonight huh Mike, I want a decent night sleep", my host said as I shook his hand goodbye.

"Mike! Wait for me!" Eva called down the long hall that led to the front door.

"What's this?" the host asked

"Just giving the lady a lift home", I smirked

"No chance of you getting into any trouble tonight then", he replied with a sly grin.

"Did you call your car?" Eva asked as she arrived at my side.

"Your carriage awaits ma'm" I replied.

"So where are we going?" I asked once we were in the luxurious barge.

Eva was busy fiddling with all the switches and looking around the interior, "It would be a shame to waste an opportunity like this, does your driver know the sights of LA?"

"Frankie, do you know the 'sights' of this place?" I asked to Frankie C, my driver and minder.

"I think I can get us from A to B" he chuckled as he closed the partition between the drivers cabin and our passenger cabin. Frankie was from New York originally but he seemed to know hi way around pretty much anywhere I took him in America.

LA is a whole different place at night; I didn't frequent it enough to know it well and even when we went past a studio I normally worked in I didn't recognise it. Eva sat with the window half down looking out on to the streets, she made occasional comments about where we were and what was what. After a while the air became chilly so she shut the window and moved back towards me in the centre of the bench.

We chatted for a while about the car and the day of shooting she had the next day, well, later that day, it was nearing one o'clock. She was looking across at me as we shared a joke when she suddenly leapt forward the short space we were apart and began to kiss me. The taste of tequila became stronger as she shoved her tongue in my mouth. Startled at first, I now started to kiss her back, one hand cradling her head as she leant across me, my other sliding down the thin feeling material on the back of her dress.

Eva was rubbing at my crotch, tracing her fingers around my hardening cock as she mashed her mouth on mine, every so often she would squeeze my dick and give off a dirty low giggle that only served to turn me on even more. With every squeeze I would reply by squeezing her arse through her dress. Heat was burning through her black dress like waves blasting from an open fireplace; I could feel it in my hands as I kneaded her buttocks. We sat and made out for what seemed like an eternity, Eva getting more and more ferocious in her kissing. Her nipples were crushing into my chest as she bit down on my bottom lip.

"I gotta get comfy", she said as she wriggled around on the Phantoms bench. She slid away from me as I sat there breathless, then she moved carefully to kneel in front of me between my legs. Thank god Phantoms had stupid amounts of space inside. I leant forward to meet her and we began to kiss again, her hands still stroking my dick through my jeans.

"Sit back", she said softly as we both stopped for air. Without arguing I flopped back into my seat as Eva began to tug at my belt and zipper, "Tell your driver to take it slow back to your hotel" she advised, "I don't want to arrive too soon", she added with a wicked grin.

I hit the intercom button and told Frankie to take the long way back to the Beverley Hilton from where ever we were. He said that wouldn't be a problem as we were virtually on the opposite side of the city to it now anyway.

"Oooh" Eva cooed as my cock sprang free from the pee hole in my boxers, "This looks like fun", she said taking it in her right hand and licking around my helmet, "Not cut either, you Europeans are weird like that" she said with another lick.

"Fuck!" I replied. Without warning she sunk her whole mouth over my cock and started to suck, "Bigger fuck!" I managed to say as she began to bob her head away to her own internal beat. She moaned and giggled to herself as she bobbed away on my dick. I let my head fall back and focused my eyes on a spot on the ceiling in an attempt to hold off blowing my load.

"Enjoying that?" she asked

I looked down; Eva was looking back up at me, lust burning through those deep dark eyes. Just like before I got lost in them, without breaking eye contact she slowly put her mouth back down onto my cock, "You want to shoot in my mouth?" she asked as she stopped to catch her breath, her hand still jerking up and down on my shaft.
"Wherever you want", I laughed.

My brain was fast loosing control over when I was going to shoot anyway. Once again my dick disappeared into her mouth but her eyes stayed on mine. They stayed on me until I felt that familiar twinge, "I'm gonna…" I began to stay said. Eva stopped bobbing her head up and down and clamped her mouth around the head of my cock. Her hand wanked my shaft until I felt the pressure release from my balls through my dick.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" I exclaimed.

Stream after stream of cum spurted down Eva's throat and she swallowed it hungrily, letting out a long "mmmm" as if it was the tastiest thing she had even eaten. I lay back into the Phantoms bench and did my jeans up as Eva snaked back up beside me.

"Enjoy that?" she asked wiping the corners of her mouth.

"Do bears shit in the woods?" I said trying to catch my breath. We were pulling up outside the Beverley Hilton, "Fancy a night cap?" I asked as Frankie C opened the door next to me. He peered through and saw Eva sprawled on the bench trying to put her shoes back on; a knowing smile crossed his face.

"Done for the night Mike?" he asked

"Yeah, I think so", I replied helping Eva out of the back of the car. A valet approached us but was warded off by one of Frankie's giant hands, "Leave you mobile on just in case though", I said with a wink.

We made it through the hotel with minimum fuss, Eva tucked into my side under my arm. The hotel was almost deserted at this time of night with only basic night staff working, thankfully there appeared to be no guests around. Once the elevator doors closed Eva leaned up to kiss me and we started making out like a couple of eager teenagers again against the wall of the lift. The standing position gave me a better opportunity to explore the curves I had been eyeing and thinking about all night. I groaned in disappointment when the lift bell dinged and the lift slid to a soundless halt.

"Come on", Eva said taking my hand as the doors opened. She realised she didn't know where she was going and stopped in the hallway.

"This way", I said, now leading her by the hand to the right. My suite was down on the left of the hall. We paused at my door as I flipped the access card through the reader.

Inside, Eva went for a tour of the suite and commented on just about everything in the room. There was a small bar, to the right of the door as you walked into the main room. Joining it in the main room were two chairs and a two seated sofa, a TV cabinet and a coffee table. In front of the two windows opposite the sofa sat a table so I could take my room service meals whilst enjoying the view of LA.

"Where's the bathroom", Eva asked as I emptied my pockets of the usual junk onto the bar.

"There's an en suite in the bedroom, through there"; I motioned to the double doors on the right hand side of the room. Eva went over and opened both doors in a dramatic 'swoosh'

"Oooh, very nice, tasteful", I heard her comment as she made her way across the room. I hovered in the lounge area unsure what to do next. I was fixing us both a drink when I heard, "Mike. Come here". I went into the bedroom but Eva was still in the bathroom with the door shut. I clicked the bedside lamps on.

"What you want to drink?" I asked. The bathroom door swung open and Eva stood there, framed by the doorframe.

"Take a seat", she said stepping into the room. I did as I was told and sat down on the edge of the bed facing her. She sauntered across to me, her hands on her hips. My dick was waking up again and starting to go stiff. She stopped a couple of steps shy of me, her hands dropped to the belt around her waist. In one liquid movement the belt came undone and the dress fell loose around her. It had been bunched up on her left hip but now it hung limp and open. I started to get glimpses of the body underneath. She teased me for a second by holding the dress around her.

"Aww, come on", I pleaded.

She giggled before brushing it open and holding her hands on her hips again. My hart stopped and my eyes felt like they were going to boil. She stood, hands still on hips, wearing black stockings and suspenders with a matching black bra and panties set. Her body was incredible, toned with delicious dark olive skin covering her every inch of her. I let out a whistle.

"You like?" she asked

"Always with those stupid questions" I replied. Eva took the final steps towards me and stood in between my legs.

I kissed all over her stomach and around the bottom of her bra. My hands went straight for her arse and I began to play with the thong parting her buttocks, she giggled as I tickled around her backside. I felt the dress slide off her shoulders and onto the floor as her arms went around her back to search for her bra clasp. I continued to kiss away until the bra too fell to the floor. I went to attack her titties but she pushed me back onto the bed and began to undo my belt and jeans.

"Ah ah" she warned as I tried to help, "Let me do this".

So I lay there, with a stupid grin on my face, as I let Eva Longoria take off my jeans and boxers. Shit, she even took off my socks. She pulled my shirt off over my head and grabbed my dick that was bobbling about between us as she leant over and kissed me. She slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled me, sitting on my thighs just in front of my dick. She leant down and we kissed, her fingers rubbing over the head of my cock making sure it was awake.

"I want to eat you out", I said as she let go of my mouth for air, "Take the pants off and let me taste you".

Eva stood up on her knees and put her thumbs under the waistband of her thong teasing me. "Oh, let me do this bit" I joked, my lust was starting to get bored, I needed to fuck her quick. My hands slid up the back of her thighs and buttocks and gripped at the back of the thong. One strong tug and the fabric gave way and went limp in my hand.

"That was one of my favourite pairs", she pouted with a half smile.

"I'll buy you some more. Now come up here", I replied. Eva began to slowly shuffle her knees up either side of my body until her groin was hovering over my face. I lay gazing up at Eva's pussy, in the dim light of the room I couldn't see that much clearly but I could see a neat little run way of pubic hair begging to be touched. Eva jumped slightly as I ran a finger up and down the little fuzzy patch, then again as I ran my fingers lightly over her puss.

"Ahhhh!" she moaned as I used both my hands to probe around her lips. Her body was tense and almost shaking, the quivering tension in her body only going to show that she was ready to go.

"Lower yourself down", I said holding her arse to help ease herself down. She obeyed and lowered her pussy towards me. My mouth met her mound with an eager lick.

"Mmmmmmm", Eva purred. She started to bob gentle up and down, grinding her pussy along with the movements of my tongue, "Now that is goooood" she moaned. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She was lost in her own world, hands pawing at her tiny tits, her head thrown back as she climbed towards orgasm. Suddenly, she stopped grinding and moved her pussy away from my mouth.

"I do something wrong?" I asked.

"Ah ah", was the only reply I got as she slithered her way back down my body, "It's time to get on with what we're here for". She sat just behind my crotch and rubbed her mound up and down the base of my dick in a couple of short little strokes. She bounced back up onto her knees. She held my dick firmly in her hand as she shuffled forward and slowly began to come down on my shaft.

"Ah ahhhhh", she purred like she was sitting down in a hot bath. In fact it was my cock that was getting hot.

I entered and her pussy expanded to fit my girth, her insides pulsed with heat, she was incredibly wet, so wet that her pussy squelched a couple of times as she got comfortable in her new position. I could feel her thigh muscles tensing and releasing as she began to rid my dick. The silence of the room was punctured the occasional little moan or quite gasp, this seemed to add to the tension in the room, like we had to be quite so we didn't disturb anyone. I happily lay there watching her grind her puss around my dick. Her eyes were closed and for a minute I couldn't think of anything more beautiful than the sight before me.

"Ahhhh", she groaned again, "Mmmmm" her grind turned into a little bounce. I closed my eyes and clenched my buttocks, her pussy felt divine, she was sliding me in and out of her with ease, "Shiiit" she said suddenly, the bed springs squeaked louder as her bounce gathered pace. I felt her hands on my kneecaps as she leant back. She was sliding so far up my pole I though for a second I would pop out of her, "Oh shit, just there, ju-ju-just there", she stammered as she ground the front of her pussy hard along the underside of my cock.

"Fuck", I said breathlessly as I gripped the bedcovers.

"Oh shit Mike, right there", she groaned leaning as far back as she could, "ohhhhh, god, ohhhh, mmmm, right there" she was arched her back like a gymnast, slowly working up and down my cock. Her head was thrown back so I couldn't see her face but I could still hear her throaty moans as she found a spot she liked, "Ohhhhh riiiight there" she moan lowly. Her hips started to buck wildly, as the moans got louder and louder.

"Keep. Doing. That" I grunted as I felt myself about to cum for the second time that night, "Just! Keep! Doing! That!"

Eva began to bang her pussy up and down my cock with royal abandon, "Fuck fuck fuck, ahhhhh! Fuck!" Eva gasped as she began to shudder, "Right th-th-th-theeeeere!" she screamed as I shot my load deep inside her. Eva twitched, as she got lost in her orgasm. I got lost myself; my fingernails felt like they were going to come off I was gripping the quilt cover so hard.

"Shiit!" I exhaled. Eva collapsed on top of me and kissed me, "my fingers hurt" I chuckled.

"All that and all you can say is 'my fingers hurt'?" Eva purred like a contented kitten, as she got comfy on top of me.

I put my arms around her, "What would you have me say?" I asked closing my eyes. My head felt warm and fuzzy and Eva smelt so good I could have been in heaven right there.

"Thank you would be a start", she said in a sleepy haze.

When I awoke the next morning Eva was gone. Her scent still hung in the air but other than that there was no sign of her ever being there. It was nearly lunchtime and I was still lying across the bed with half the quilt covering me. I yawned with a stretch and reached for my mobile phone. It was time to wake Frankie up and get me out of LA.

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Damn! That was hot!!!! I'll never look at Eva the same way again :good:

Awesome Sikk Puppy!!