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07-06-2006, 12:55 PM
Warning:The Following features Celebs as Dominatrixs. This Is fantasy not reality. If you can't tell the difference,or If this Is too much for you don't read this.

Rating:NC-17(FDomination,Lesbian,Oral,and of course sex)

Parings:Sofia Coppola/Scarlett Johansson,Sofia Coppola/Rachel Bilson,Eliza Dushku/Jessica Alba,Kate Beckinsale/Angelina Jolie,Famke Janssen/Anna Paquin,Natalie Portman/Guy,Rose Mcgowan/Guy,Kristanna Loken/Rose Mcgowan,Kristin Kreuk/Dina Meyer,Kelly Hu/Scarlett Johansson

Setting:At a mansion a secret society of Celebs live out lives as Dominatrixs. It Is run by Sofia Coppola,who has Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson as her slaves, Kristin Kreuk,and Anna Paquin are being Introduced Into the club.
Kristanna Loken,the punisher of the Mistresses,Is carrying out a secret Lesbian affair with Rose McGowan against Sofia's orders.Meanwhile both Eliza Dushku,and Kate Beckinsale are up to things.
The Dominatrix Club Part II
By Robbins(marvelrobbins@Yahoo.com)
Anna Paquin remains tied to the bedpost. Famke Janssen has her face buried In Anna's pussy.Famke long and slowly licks Anna's cunt. Anna Is In heaven with this job Famke Is doing to her pussy.

"Oh Shit!" Anna moans.

Famke continues licking Anna's pussy without Interruption.
Sofia Coppola lays nude on her bed. She has her legs spread. Scarlett Johansson has her face buried Into Sofia's pussy.Scarlett Is licking away at Sofia's cunt.

"That Is It Scarlett" Sofia says.

Sofia enjoys the job Scarlett is doing to her.

"Move Scarlett!" Sofia commands.

Scarlett licks her cunt even more with her tongue. Sofia feels a great orgasm.

"Oh Shit!" Sofia moans.

Sofia Is In heaven.

"Your such a good slave Scarlett. Pleasing your Mistress like this" Sofia says.
Kate Beckinsale lays on the bed. Kate Is nude on her stomach. Keira Knightley Is giving her a massage on her back. John Is feeding her. Kate likes being served.Keira moves down,and massages Kate's butt. Kate likes the job Keira Is doing.Kate thinks soon more will serve her.
Famke brings out a riding crop. She hits her hand with It. It feels ready. Famke begins to hit Anna with It. Anna screams.Famke smiles.
Natalie Portman lays on the bed In her room. Adam Is massaging her foot. Natalie enjoys It.

"That's good work" Natalie tells him.

Adam continues.
Kate sits on a chair. She Is dressed In a Domm outfit. Keira Is massaging her shoulders. John Is on the floor. He Is licking her boots. Kate smiles at this.
John now blows the heel of Kate's patent black leather boot. She laughs about this.
Rose McGowan sits on the bed In her room. She is dressed In a Domm outfit. Tom Is before her.

"Strip slave!" she commands.

He starts to.

"I said now!" Rose yells at him,and picks up a riding crop.

Tom goes faster. Rose smiles.
Tom Is now nude before Rose. Rose stands up with the riding crop. She goes up to him. She rubs her hand across his chest.
She goes behind him. She hits his back with the riding crop. He screams. She hits him some more even hardier.
Sofia sits on her throne. Chris Is on the ground on her left with a dog collar on,and lease by Sofia. Scarlett Is on the ground on her right with a dog collar on,and lease by Sofia.

Kirsten Dunst walks In with Angelina Jolie,Jessica Alba,and Rachel Bilson.

"The new recruits,Mistress" Kirsten tells her.

Sofia takes one look at Rachel,and becomes very Impressed by her. Angelina goes up to Sofia,and bows before her.

"Your so wise,and Beautiful" Angelina says.

Sofia smiles. Jessica doesn't like Angelina trying to get on Sofia's good side. She runs up to Sofia,and kneels before her. Jessica kisses Sofia's boot.

"I pledge myself to your service,Mistress" Jessica vows.

Sofia Is Impressed by this. Rachel moves forward. Sofia Is filled with such lust for Rachel. She then realizes she Is flustered with her lust for Rachel,and knows she must hide It. She claps her hands.

Eliza Dushku,and Kate walk In. They are both dressed In Domm outfits.

"Eliza,Jessica Is yours to train. Kate,train Angelina" Sofia commands.

Jessica followes Eliza,and Angelina followes Kate. Sofia nods to Rachel to come up to the throne. Rachel obeys.Sofia kisses her hard.

"You are now mine Rachel! I will decide what to do to you" Sofia tells her.

Sofia claps her hands.

"Chris,Scarlett take Rachel to my bedroom. Undress her down to her underwear. And then wait outside the bedroom for me"Sofia commands them.

Chris,and Scarlett stands up,and take Rachel away. Sofia smiles after they are gone.
Tom Is chained to the bed. Rose grabs his balls,and squeeze them hard. He screams.

"It's time for men to understand they must be controlled." Rose tells him.

She squeezes even harder,and laughs.
Eliza sits on a chair In her bedroom.

"Now lick It" she commands Jessica.

Jessica kneels before Eliza,and begins to lick Eliza's boot. Eliza notices how good Jessica Is with her tongue.Jessica doesn't miss any of the Leather with her tongue.

"You've got a very skilled tongue. I wonder what else It would be good at" Eliza says.

Jessica feels desire for Eliza that she has never felt before. Suddenly Eliza grabs her by the hair,and pulls Jessica up to her. Eliza gropes Jessica's breast. Jessica feels pain. Eliza opens her mouth,and sticks It Into Jessica's mouth.Jessica gives herself to the kiss,and feels great pleasure. Suddenly Eliza lets go of Jessica,and Jessica collapses on the ground.Eliza steps on Jessica's body. Jessica feels such pain.

"I see promise for you,Jessica." Eliza says.

Eliza turns around. Jessica sees Eliza's leather clad ass as she walks out of the room. Jessica thinks to herself she can't wait for her to return.
Jessica Is so desperate for Eliza when Eliza finally returns.

"Close your eyes,Jessica" Eliza commands her.

Jessica closes her eyes. After a few minutes she hears Eliza "Open them"

Jessica sees Eliza stretched all over the bed.

"Come to me,Jessica" Eliza tells her.

Jessica goes up to the bed. She sits on the bed. Eliza starts to massage Jessica's shoulders.

"How did you like kissing me,Jessica?" Eliza asks as she massages Jessica.

"I Loved It" she admits to Eliza. "Why did you come to this club?" Eliza asks her. "I want to control men" she tells Eliza."I see. You can be powerful. I have a task I need you to help me with but I need your obedience" Eliza says.

Eliza kisses her again.

"You can feel those all over your body" Eliza tells her. "All right" Jessica replies. " I need you to swear to serve me,Jessica" Eliza says. "I swear to do whatever you want" Jessica tells her.

Eliza smiles.

"We shall see" Eliza says.
Jessica Is tied to the bed. Eliza Is whipping her with a whip. Eliza sees Jessica can take it well. Eliza stops,and rubs her hands all across Jessica's body. Jessica loves having Eliza's hands all across her body.

"I am taking over the club,Jessica. And you will help me do It" Eliza tells her. "This Is Sofia's club" Jessica says. "She doesn't deserve to rule. But,I do,Jessica. Help me,and you will be my right hand. All others will worship you. As you worship me. We will be very close,Jessica. I need you to recruit others to help. But,In return you get to fuck me. And others will worship you as you deserve to be" Eliza tells her. "Yes" Jessica tells her.

Eliza smiles,and kisses Jessica hard.
Angelina Is undressing before Kate. Kate smiles at this.
Kate finishes tying up Angelina to the ceiling. Kate brings out a riding crop. Kate Is behind Angelina. She strikes her.Angelina doesn't scream. Kate Is Impressed with her. She hits her some more with the riding crop.
Kate walks around Angelina. She sees how strong Angelina Is.

"I have a plan,Angelina. And I need you to serve me In It. But,I need you to pledge to serve me" Kate tells her. "I will serve you,Mistress" Angelina says.

Kate smiles at this.

"You are now mine,Angelina" Kate tells her.

Kate moves closer to her. Kate touches Angelina's face.

"I am taking over this club,Angelina. And you will help me do It." Kate tells her.

Kate moves up like she Is about to kiss her.

"Others can serve,and worship you,Angelina. But,you serve,and worship me" Kate says. "Yes Mistress" Angelina pledges.

Kate suddenly moves away from Angelina knowing she has made her first recruit. And knows she has begin her quest to take over the club,and rule as she knows she should.
Sofia walks Into her room with Kirsten. Chris,and Scarlett are waiting for her.

"Is Rachel In the bedroom?" she asks. "Yes Mistress" Scarlett answers her. "I don't want any of you going Into the bedroom Inless I call you. Understand?" Sofia tells them. "Yes Mistress" Chris replies. "Good" Sofia says.

Sofia goes Into the bedroom closing the door behind her.
Sofia sees Rachel only wearing sexy lingerie for her bra,and panties. She Is surprised.

"Strip,Rachel" Sofia commands.

Rachel goes up to Sofia,and performs a sexy dance for Sofia. Sofia Is surprised by this. Rachel slowly removes her bra as she dances for Sofia. Sofia likes the sight of Rachel's breasts. Rachel slowly removes her panties as well.Sofia Is so horny now for Rachel. She throws up Rachel to the wall. Sofia licks one of Rachel's breasts. She then moves closer,and kisses Rachel very passionately. She then caresses Rachel's breasts.

"You are mine,Rachel. You will serve me till I say otherwise" Sofia tells her.

Sofia kneels down,and spreads Rachel's legs. Sofia goes Into Rachel's pussy. Rachel think to herself she can have some fun here.
Scarlett,Chris,and Kirsten have moans coming from the bedroom. They don't like this.
**********************************************************Kristanna has her face buried Into Rose's pussy,and Is licking out Rose's cunt. Rose smiles In pleasure to the fine job Kristanna Is doing to her pussy.
Sofia sits on her throne. Rachel sits on her lap. Rachel Is dressed very sexy. Kirsten,and Scarlett sit on the ground with dog collars on,and the leashes by Sofia.

Chris Is chained to the ceiling. He Is nude.

Eliza,Kate,and Michelle Pheiffer sit down on chairs. They all dressed In the outfit of Dominatrixs.

Kelly Hu walks In with Kristin Kreuk,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix.

"She Is ready,Mistress" Kelly says.

Sofia claps her hands. Kristin goes up to Chris,and cracks the whip at him.

Sofia thinks to herself this Is good. Michelle Is getting turned on by this.

Kristin continues cracking the whip at Chris. Michelle looks at Kelly with lust.

"Enough" Sofia commands.

Kristin stops.

"You are now a full member,Kristin" Sofia says.

Kristin smiles. Michelle goes up to Kelly.

"You did such a good job with her,Kelly" Michelle says,and hugs her.

Rachel whispers Into Sofia's ear.

"Kristin,you must prove yourself. I want you to find Dina Meyer,and bring her here" Sofia tells her.

Kristin leaves. Suddenly Michelle kisses Kelly. Rachel whispers Into Sofia's ear.

"Kelly,you deserve a reward for training Kristin so good. Take Scarlett for the night" Sofia says.

Scarlett doesn't like this. Kelly goes up to Sofia,and takes Scarlett's lease. She pulls Scarlett away. Scarlett sees Rachel on Sofia's lap smiling. Rachel turns to Sofia,and whispers.

"Eliza,I am loaning Chris to you for the night. Use him as you see fit" Sofia says.

Eliza smiles.Chris Is stunned by this.
Dina Meyer sits at a bar. Kristin,wearing a raincoat,walks In.

Kristin walks up to the bar.

"Mind If I have this seat?" Kristin asks. "No" Dina replies.

Kristin sits down. She eyes Dina.
Scarlett Is tied to the bed. Kelly begins sliding up her body.She kisses her leg,up and kisses her ankles,and then thighs.

Kelly moves up to kiss Scarlett's belly,and breasts. Kelly then moves up,and kisses Scarlett.
Chris Is chained to the ceiling. Eliza walks around him.

"So,who do you think Is the prettiest here?" she asks him. "Sofia" he replies.

Eliza gets mad.and she moves down,and grabs his balls. She squeezes them hard. He screams In pain.

"No one Is as hot as I am!" she tells him.

She goes behind him. Eliza takes out a paddle.

"She would rather have Rachel" Eliza says,and strikes him hard with the paddle
Kristin,and Dina are at the bar. They have been drinking.

"Would you like to come back to my place?" Dina asks. "Sure" Kristin replies.

Kristin thinks this Is working.
Dina,and Kristin walk In. Kristin removes her coat to reveal her Mistress outfit. Kristin walks up to Dina,and touches her face.

"Your so beautiful" Kristin says.

Kristin sits down. She pulls Dina up to her,and puts her over her lap. Kristin starts to spank Dina suddenly Dina grabs Kristin's hand,and throws her on the ground.
Dina ties up Kristin,now nude,to the bed. Dina has a riding crop.

"Who sent you?" Dina asks.

Kristin says nothing. Dina smacks her hand with the riding crop. Kristin Is very excited by this. Finally Dina hits Kristin.

"Now tell me,or I will stop" Dina says.

Kristin surrenders to Dina.

"Sofia Coppola!" Kristin confesses.
Eliza sits down behind Chris on a chair.

Jessica walks In dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix. Eliza eyes her. She looks perfect In that outfit she thinks. So sexy.Jessica circles around Chris. Looking at him with her eyes like he Is her prey.

"I have been looking forward to punishing a man. And you will be my first to use" Jessica tells him.

Jessica suddenly grabs his cock,and squeezes It hard with her hand. He screams In pain. She slaps him. She cracks a whip. She hits him with the whip. He feels excited by her doing this. She continues striking him with the whip.

Eliza watches Jessica continues to hit Chris with the whip. She Is so turned on by Jessica. She knows she made the right choice.
Kristin Is nude on the floor on all four. Dina Is putting a dog collar around her neck. Dina has a lease In her hand.

"Let's go,Kristin" Dina says.

Dina drags Kristin out on the lease.

To be Continued