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07-13-2006, 07:45 AM
Warning:The features Celebs as Dominatrixs. It Is fantasy not reality.
If you can't tell the difference,or If this Is too much for you don't read this.

Rating:NC-17(FDomination,oral,bondage,and of course Sex)

Parings:Sofia Coppola/Rachel Bilson,Eliza Dushku/Jessica Alba,Kelly Hu/Scarlett Johansson,Kristanna Loken/Kristin Kreuk,Rose Mcgowan/guy,Sofia Coppola/Dina Meyer,Natalie Portman/Guy,Anna Paquin/Kelly Hu.

Setting:Jessica Alba,Angelina Jolie,and Rachel Bilson joined the club. Sofia
Coppola Is so taken with Rachel she takes her as her slave.Jessica Is
recruited by Eliza Dushku as her lover,and to add her In overthrowing
Sofia. Angelina Is recruited by Kate Beckinsale to help her overthrow
Sofia. Kristin Kreuk completes her training,and Is assigned to bring
Dina Meyer Into the club however Dina broke Kristin.
The Dominatrix Club Part III
By Robbins(marvelrobbins@Yahoo.com)
Rachel Bilson lays nude on the bed.Sofia Coppola has her hands on Rachel's breasts,and her face Into Rachel's pussy.Sofia licks away like a animal. Rachel enjoys this.

Suddenly Kirsten Dunst walks In. She goes over to the bed. She Interrupts Sofia's licking of Rachel's pussy.Sofia stands up,and slaps Kirsten's face so hard.

"Never Interrupt me with Rachel!" Sofia tells her angrily.
"But,Mistress. There Is something you need to see" Kirsten says. "Very well" Sofia says.
Eliza Dushku sits on her chair,and continues to watch Jessica Alba hit Chris with the whip.Eliza Is so turned on by Jessica. She can't stand It anymore. Eliza stands up,and grabs Jessica.Eliza pulls Jessica In front of Chris.

"I need you,Jessica" Eliza says.

Jessica smiles. Chris watches as Eliza kisses Jessica like a wild animal.
Sofia,dressed In a Domm outfit,walks Into the living room of the club to see Dina Meyer standing there with Kristin Kreuk nude on the ground,and with a slave collar on her,and Dina holding a lease.

"She failed" Dina says to Sofia.

Sofia has an angry look on her face. Dina comes up close to Sofia.

"You need some new members If she Is the best you got" Dina says.

Dina moves up to kiss Sofia. Sofia pulls Dina away from her.

"What are you doing?" Sofia asks. "If you want me,take care of me yourself" Dina replies. "You will regret you said that"Sofia says.

Dina smiles. Kristin tries to speak but Sofia goes up to her,and smacks her so hard on the face.

"You bitch! You embarrassed me! You,and Kelly will both pay for this" Sofia tells her.
Chris watches as Eliza removes Jessica's outfit,and rubs Jessica's breasts.

Eliza caress Jessica's breasts. Eliza loves touching Jessica's assets.

Jessica thinks to herself I love being touched by Eliza.
Scarlett Johansson lays nude on the bed. Her arms are chained to the bedpost. Kelly Hu Is all over her.

Kelly has her hands all over Scarlett's breasts. Kelly licks Scarlett's chest.

Suddenly Sofia bursts Into the room,and grabs Kelly by the hair. She violently pulls her off Scarlett.

"You bitch!" Sofia says. "What happened?" Kelly asks."You did a terrible job training Kristin. She embarrassed me.You will pay for It!" Sofia says.

Two muscular guys walk In.

"Take her away!" Sofia commands.

They grab Kelly.

"No!" Kelly screams as she Is taken away.
In the dungeon Kristin Is now chained to the ceiling. Kristanna Loken watches Kristin's now nude body.

"You have such fine features,Kristin" Kristanna says.

Kristanna touches her face. She goes behind Kristin,and takes a paddle,and spanks her. Kristin Screams. Kristanna spanks her even harder now.

"You displeased Sofia. You will be punished for that" Kristanna says.

Kristanna goes In front of Kristin. She admires her breasts.

"But,what goes on here Is between us" Kristanna says.

Kristanna puts her hands on Kristin's breasts,and begins to caress them.
Rose McGowan Is chaining Tom to the bed.
Sofia walks Into her bedroom to see Dina chained to the ceiling completely nude. Rachel sits on a chair waiting for her.

Rachel goes up to her. Sofia kisses Rachel. Dina doesn't like this. Sofia withdraws,and goes up to Dina. Sofia slaps her.

"I am the Master Bitch!" Sofia says.

Rachel smiles. Sofia touches Dina's breasts. She then kneels down,and puts her Into Dina's pussy,and rubs It. Dina likes this. Suddenly Sofia removes her hand much to Dina's disappoint. Sofia begins to undress.
Kristanna keels down In front of Kristin,and puts her hand Into her pussy,and starts to rub It. Kristin enjoys It. Kristanna removes It,and laughs.
Rose brings out a whip,and hits Tom with It. She smiles. She hits him some more.
Dina watches as Rachel goes up to Sofia. Sofia spreads her legs for Rachel. Rachel keels down,and sticks her face Into Sofia's pussy. Sofia smiles.Dina watches as Rachel begins to lick out Sofia's pussy. Dina thinks to herself I should be the one doing that.
Rose continues hitting Tom with the whip. She enjoys punishing men.
Rose takes out a candle over to Tom. She drops candle wax on him. He screams. Rose laughs.
Natalie Portman lays on her bed. Adam Is on the floor. He has his hands on her feet. He Is massaging them. She enjoys this.
Sofia sits on her throne with Rachel on her lap.

Kelly Is chained to the ceiling. Anna Paquin Is behind her dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix.

Eliza,Rose,Natalie,and Kate Beckinsale are sitting down watching.

Famke Janssen comes In dressed In a Dominatrix outfit. She walks over to Anna. Kate thinks Famke looks so powerful. Famke hands Anna a riding crop. Rachel Smiles.

"It Is time to begin" Sofia commands.

Anna smacks Kelly hard with the riding crop. Anna does it again. Kelly screams. Anna continues doing It. Eliza Is Impressed with how she handles the riding crop.

Sofia smiles as Anna continues hitting Kelly. She thinks to herself Kelly should never had embarrassed me.
Famke Is walking In the hallway when Anna comes up to her.

"Famke,I was thinking since we are now both members we could spend some time together" Anna says.

Famke laughs. Anna Is puzzled.

"I don't think so. Your nothing to me Anna" Famke tells her.

Famke walks on. Anna Is devastated.
Dina remains chained up. Jessica walks In. Jessica goes over to her.

"You should not be chained up,Dina" Jessica tells her. "You should be In control" Jessica says.

Jessica comes close to Dina. She touches her face.

"Sofia doesn't deserve to rule. She can be replaced." Jessica tells Dina.

Dina feels very horny.

"There Is someone you should meet,Dina" Jessica says.

"All right" Dina says.

Jessica smiles.
Eliza sits down on a chair In her room.

Jessica walks In with Dina. Eliza smiles.

"Eliza wanted to see you"Jessica tells Dina. "Yes,Dina. Sofia doesn't deserve to rule this club.She Is unworthy,and too full of herself. But,I should rule. And I want you to join me In taking the club" Eliza says."Why should I join you? What makes you any different from Sofia?" Dina asks. "You should be worshiped Dina. Join me and you can be the new punisher of the Mistresses,and unlike now you can have a lover" Eliza tells her.

Dina Is Intrigued by this.

"I have one demand before I join you" Dina says.

Jessica Is worried about this.

"I want to punish Sofia after she Is brought down" Dina says.

Jessica smiles.

"Agreed,Dina" Eliza says. "I am with you,Mistress" Dina says.

Eliza Smiles.

"I need you to watch things for me. But,report to Jessica here. She Is my right hand" Eliza says.

Jessica smiles at that.

"As you wish,Mistress" Dina tells Eliza.

Eliza laughs.

To Be Continued