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07-06-2010, 02:20 AM
Written by TPG
CODES: FF, masturbation, drunk
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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Despite her job as an MTV VJ, it had been the first time 24-year-old Ruby Rose had rubbed shoulders with onetime Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, and was immediately captivated by her. Not only was Jen a gorgeous creature, but Ruby was relieved to learn that she was charming and friendly as well.

In fact, as the two sat together at the Royal Australian Fashion show in Sydney, they couldn't stop chatting and giggling, causing onlookers to speculate what was going on, as it was no secret that Ruby was gay.

Was Hawko switching teams? Hardly. But Ruby enjoyed trolling the media.

To make things even more interesting, Jen seemed to be slightly intoxicated from just two glasses of wine, during which the leggy model inquired about a rumored after party. Ruby explained how a few of the girls were heading over to a nearby pub for a few drinks, and invited Jen along.

"Er, I don't know, I don't usually drink," Jen lied. "but its not like I got anything planned for the rest of the weekend so why not."

Minutes later and the ladies posed for a few photos before they made their way through the lobby and climbed into a car.

"How far is this pub?" Jen asked, to which Ruby explained was just a few blocks away.

Once there the ladies ordered a few drinks where Ruby quickly discovered that Jen was a happy/loud drunk, who insisted they do a series of body shots.

The DJ felt nervous as she was invited to lick drinks off Hakwo's hips and belly button as Jen giggled playfully and pecked her on the lips. Naturally the crowd around them roared with excitement.

Ducking away for a few moments, Ruby tried to collect her thoughts in the ladies room upstairs. She could still taste Jennifer's skin on her lips. There she wet her face and took several moments to compose herself, as she found herself exceptionally riled up.

Stepping into a stall, she reached for her phone and called her friend and part-time lover Jess Origliasso (one half of The Veronica's) who herself was at another party across town, with her twin sister Lisa.

"I need to see you!" Ruby declared.

Jess grinned as she recognized her friends tone of voice.

"What's up honey, you riled up tonight?" Jess typed back.

"You're not going to believe this but, I think Jen Hawkins is coming on to me!!"

"I say go for it! God knows I would."

It was only now Ruby realized just how drunk she was, and wet.

"I wish you where here right now... the things I'd do to you!"

"Guess you'll just have to make do with Miss Australia. I'm kinda of jealous."

"I'm really nervous." Ruby admitted. "I don't think she's into girls, but I just get this vibe from her. I think she's curious."

"Well you'd know all about that, after all you turned me!"

Ruby sighed as she thought back to their first time together.

"If you only knew how wet I am right now."

"Grr. Maybe you should go tell Jen how wet you are?" Jess teased. "I bet that'd get her attention."

"Screw it! I'm going for it." Ruby replied before slipping her phone back into her pocket.

Ruby marched out of the ladies room with a purpose in her step, only to find Jen was already surrounded by several men who where each trying to hit on her.

Feeling bold, Ruby marched over to her leggy friend and swiftly cock-blocked all the guys, by leaning into Jen's ear and suggesting they take their little party back to her place a few blocks away.

As drunk as she was, Hawko simply giggled and agreed - letting her friend lead the way and bundle her into another cab. This time however, the ladies were much more chummy then they were earlier, with Ruby placing her hands all over Jen's legs.

The MTV host suddenly found herself feeling conflicted, as she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity but also felt a little guilty about all the lewd thoughts floating around in her head.

As she caresses her flawless skin, Jen purred softly and nuzzled ever further into her neck.

Ruby trembled and her body broke out in tiny goose pimples as she could now feel Jens soft cool breath waft against her neck. At this point Ruby's panties were now flooded wet, and she needed/craved instant relief, but she could only manage to press her thighs together.

Without thinking, her hands proceed to wander all over Jens limp body, and as she kept her eyes on the driver in front of her, she softly cups and groped the models butt with her fingers.

Pressing her body harder against her own, Jen sighed softly to the touch.

Unfortunately for Ruby, the cab ride was soon over and as they were forced to climb out and head into Jens building, she was forced to almost carry her inside. Fortunately, Jen finally came to, just enough to find some power in her legs, and they slowly staggered through the dimply lit lobby and into the elevator.

Upstairs, they entered Jens humble abode, and Ruby carefully directed her inebriated friend to the couch before she got up to prepare two coffees in the kitchen.

Standing there for a minute, she shook her and was bitterly disappointed with herself, mulling over all the misses opportunity...when suddenly, she looked over to see Jen get up (without her pants), and clad in just her red lace panties and her singlet top, she dazedly wandered down the hall mumbling something about taking a shower.

Realizing the state she was in, and the fact that she was most probably going to hurt herself or in the very least knock herself out, Ruby rushed to stop her in the corridor, and thinking quickly directed her into her bedroom and helped her get comfortable on her large bed.

Jen languishingly fell to the bed, purring contently as she lay down awkwardly. She now lay there on her side, resting the way she fell, with her face buried in the mattress while her slim hips and tight round ass protruded out, up in the air.

It was an amusement and somewhat captivating vision to her lie that way, and Ruby tried her best not to stare as she suddenly heard the kettle and quickly rushed to get it.

A few short minutes later, Ruby returned to the bedroom to inform Jen that she had some coffee for her, which would hopefully sober her up a little, and instead what she found literally took her breath away.

There on the bed, Jen now lay flat on her back, her legs hanging off the foot of the bed (her feet dangling mere inches above the floor) with her pretty red lace panties pooled around her knees. It seemed Jen was attempting to get undressed, but fell asleep yet again.

Taking a deep breath, Ruby turned and leaned back against the wall in the hallway, her mind reeling. Bewildered, she opened her cell and attempts to call Jess for moral support once again...but was rewarded with a busy signal.

"Fuck!" she cursed to herself. "What do I do...what do I do now?"

Despite her confusion, Ruby full well knew what she was "meant" to do, but it was her libido that was now taking over. Finally, she took a deep breath before she stepped back into the bedroom and slowly approached her unconscious friend.

To her amazement, Jennifer Hawkins lays naked and utterly exposed from the waist down, her sex on full display.

Calling her name, Jen did not respond and simply lay there snoring softly. Ruby stepped closer and moved to stand directly in front of her and glanced down to admire her completely bald, hairless mound.

"Oh fuck." she moaned softly at the vision of Jens magnificent 26-year-old pussy.

She could feel her own sex dripping with arousal, her thighs rubbing against one another involuntarily as she took another deep breath and reached down to slide Jens panties all the way down and off her feet.

To her delight, Jen did not respond to this action and simply lay there motionless, as Ruby now moved to kneel in front of her long limps, clutching her used panties.

Without thinking, Ruby's primal side seemed to take over and she brought her friends soiled panties up to her nose and inhales her scent—her other hand immediately reaching down to press against her dripping sex.

Looking up at the scene before her, she couldn't help but act, and she gently pressed her lips against Hawkin's knee, kissing it tenderly. There she left soft butterfly kisses all along the inside of her knee, and ever so gently, proceeded to kiss and smooch her way up the bombshells long slender thighs.

Feeling bold, Ruby gently places her hands on both knees, and carefully parted Jens legs, leaving the one time cheerleader turned model lying in a very compromising position—her legs now obscenely spread wide.

Aroused beyond belief, Ruby could almost smell her sex as she leisurely kissed and licked her way up towards Jens pussy, and pausing for just a moment, she finally and daintily pressed her soft moist lips against Jens center.

Just then, Jen sighed softly to the contact, alarming Ruby, but realizing she was still mostly out of it, she proceeded with kissed her pristine pussy fondly.

Ruby places her hands gently on the inside of Jens thighs, and began to almost make out with her glistening cunt, tonguing and licking the full length of her moist slit.

Despite being out, Jen panted and whimpered slightly to the action, as her hips proceeded to move on their own volition, urging Ruby on.

Caught up in her lust, Ruby reached up with one hand and gently pulled her clitoral hood back, and proceeded to suck her tiny button into her mouth, ever so gently biting it with her teeth.

This action in particular seemed to really rile Jennifer up, and she finally made an audible noise, her legs trembling uncontrollably.

Inspired by this reaction, Ruby locked her hot mouth entirely over Jens mound and proceeded to suck and slurp of her thin lips, bringing her towards a toe curling orgasm.

"Nnngh—" Ruby gasped rapacious between slurps. "You sexy fucking bitch—you taste so good."

With that she locked her lips back around her friend's sopping slot, and carefully added a finger into her cunt and penetrated her as she suckled her budding clit.

Sucking her keenly, Jennifer suddenly began to stir and shudder, rocked by the mind blowing sensations shooting up her spine and taking over her body...and without warning she gave out an almighty cry as her back arched and her body tensed, and she was abruptly rocked with an orgasm.

This sudden shock to the system seemed to finally rouse her awoke, and still dazed and confused, she moaned involuntarily and instinctively spread her legs wide as she felt someone's long, talented tongue delve deep inside her burning cunny, meticulously rubbing and massaging her highly prized g-spot.

"Oh fuck—" she panted breathlessly, her arms flailing around and clutching at her sheets, pillows.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" Jennifer gasped, as her hands were quickly sedated and her fingers interlocked with her lovers.

Finding a special nook inside her pussy, the thirsty VJ star dragged Hawkins kicking and screaming into another earth shattering orgasm—this one even more powerful than the first.

Hawkins squealed out loud, her hips bucking and thrashing about wildly, her hips actually lifting off the mattress before her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

To her credit, Ruby refused to take her mouth away from Jennifer's seeping cunt, and she continued to lick and lap and savor her blustering sex until her body could no longer take it.

To Ruby's amusement, it seemed her last orgasm had fatigued her to the point of exhaustion and she quickly drifted off into slumber once again, her exquisite body coated in a fine sheen of sweat and perspiration.

With a job well done, Ruby stood and wiped her mouth, and admired the scene before her—noting the way Jen's inner thighs and crotch especially gleamed with pussy juice. She lay there exposed and absolutely sopping wet.

Despite this, Ruby quickly grabbed her things and made for a quick exit out of the apartment.

She was still trying to come to terms with what had just occurred, and was suddenly terrified Jennifer would awake and chastise her or worse still, claim that she had taken advantage of her (which she had).

As Ruby locked the apartment door shut behind her, she rushed to catch the elevator and inside, looked at her appearance in the mirror and suddenly grinned smugly to herself, proud nonetheless about her seedy night with Jennifer Hawkins.