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06-29-2006, 05:57 AM
Warning:This features Celebs as Dominatrixs. This Is fantasy not reality. If
you can't tell the difference or If this Is too much for you don't read

Rating:NC-17(bondage,fdomination,oral,and of course sex)

Parings:Natalie Portman/Guy,Kelly Hu/Guy,Sofia Coppola/Scarlett Johansson,Sofia Coppola/Kirsten Dunst,Carmen Electra/Christina Aguilera/Guy,Rose Mcgowan/guy,Rose Mcgowan/Kristanna Loken,Kristanna Loken/Jennifer Lopez,Famke Janssen/Anna Paquin,Kelly Hu/Kristin Kreuk,Eliza Dushku/guy,Kate Beckinsale/Keira Knightley/Guy
The Dominatrix Club
By Robbins(marvelrobbins.Yahoo.com)
A big party Is being held. Several Celebs are In attendance. Many guys are looking at Natalie Portman. She Is turning heads with a sexy dress on. She looks so hot. Sofia Coppola,and Scarlett Johansson have been together
through the party. Scarlett too turns heads In her dress. Sofia looks very good too.

Peter,twentyish,looked at Carmen Electra. She Is very hot he thought. He has the Playboy Issues she posed for so he knew she has a great body. He thought I sure wish she wasn't married.

Ben,a English guy In his late Twenties,sees Kelly Hu at the bar. John likes Asian women. And Kelly looks very hot In a sexy dress. She crosses her legs.

Adam,about 30,got the nerve to go over to Natalie.

"Hi" Adam says. "Hi" Natalie replies,and smiles at him.

Adam thought that nice Innocent smile made Natalie even hotter.

Carmen eyes Peter. She goes over to him.

"Hi" Carmen says.

Peter Is stunned.

Sofia,and Scarlett leave the party.

Ben goes over to Kelly.

"Hello." Ben says. "Hi" Kelly replies sweetly.

Natalie,and Adam are laughing. He Is surprised how easy talking to her Is.

Peter can't believe he Is talking to Carmen Electra.

"Would you like to go somewhere private with me?" Carmen asks him. "You are Married" he says. "Don't worry about It. This Is just between us" she tells him. "Yes" he replies.

Carmen smiles.

Ben,and Kelly are getting along well.

"Would you like to go with me somewhere where we can be alone?" Kelly asks Ben. "Sure" Ben replies.

Kelly smiles.

Natalie,and Adam are talking. Adam thinks how hot Natalie Is.

"I was wondering If you would like to come with me?" Natalie asks him.

Adam Is surprised but the thought of being alone with Natalie was too much to turn down.

"I would love to Natalie" Adam says. "Good" Natalie says.

Natalie then kisses him. Adam thought as she touched his lips she feels just as good as he thought she would.
Scarlett,and Sofia are In the back of a limo.

"Drive!" Sofia commands.

The Limo takes off. Scarlett takes Sofia's hand,and kisses It. Sofia rubs Scarlett's face. Scarlett puts one of Sofia's fingers Into her mouth. Scarlett sucks the fingers as she would blow a guy's dick. Sofia smiles at having Scarlett do this.
Peter,and Carmen go Into the backseat of a Limo. Peter Is stunned to see Christina Aguilera there.

"So,Is he the bitch you have selected?" Christina asks. "Yes" Carmen says,and then strikes Peter with a karate chop.

Peter falls on the floor of the limo. Christina laughs at this. Carmen sits down next to Christina.

"Drive!" Christina commands.

The Limo pulls off.Carmen,and Christina smile at each other. They kiss.
A Limo pulls In front of a mansion. Chris,about 30,Is waiting there. Scarlett comes out of the Limo. She lays on the ground. Sofia comes out of the limo,and stands on Scarlett's back. Chris goes up to Sofia,and picks her up.

"Take me Inside" she tells him. "Yes Mistress" he replies.

Sofia smiles. Chris takes Sofia Inside. Scarlett stands up,and followes them.
Kelly walks Into her room at the mansion with Bem.

"I am going to get dressed Into something more comfortable" Kelly says. "OK" he replies.

Kelly smiles,and Kisses him. Kelly goes Into the bathroom.
Natalie,and Adam are In her room. They are kissing heavily.Natalie withdraws.

"I'll be right back" Natalie says. "OK" he replies.

She goes Into the bathroom. Adam can't wait for her to come back. He sure wants to fuck her.
Kirsten Dunst,scantily dressed,Is waiting when Chris brings Sofia In. Scarlett Is behind them.

Kirsten kneels to her knees. Chris puts Sofia down.

"Welcome Home Mistress" Kirsten says.

Sofia touches Kirsten's check,and pulls her up. Sofia kisses her. Kirsten Is totally under Sofia's control.

"You are mine tonight Kirsten" Sofia says. "Whatever you desire Mistress" Kirsten replies.

Sofia smiles.

"Come Scarlett" Sofia commands.

Scarlett followes Sofia Into another room. Chris pulls out chains from the ceiling. Kirsten know Sofia has chosen her to dominate tonight out of her three slaves.
**************************************************************************************************** ****************
Ben Is waiting for Kelly.

Kelly comes out of the bathroom wearing the Black Leather Outfit of a Dominatrix with black patent leather high heels. Kelly has a whip.Ben Is stunned.Kelly cracks the whip at him.

"On your knees slave!" Kelly says with a mean look.
Peter wakes up nude,and being tied to the ceiling by Carmen. He sees Christina dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix. He becomes afraid. Christina sees the fear In his eyes,and she likes It. She smiles sinisterly
at him. This makes him even more scared.
Adam Is waiting for Natalie. Natalie returns dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix. Adam Is stunned by this. But,also likes seeing Natalie dressed this way.Natalie smiles at him. Natalie cracks a whip.
Eliza Dushku,dressed In the black leather outfit of a Dominatrix with black patent leather high heels on,Is tying Jerry to the ceiling. He Is nude.
********************************************************** Chris undresses Kirsten.Scarlett returns. Kirsten Is now nude. She has nice looking breasts. Her tits are small but still very nice.Chris leaves.Scarlett goes up to Kirsten. She begins to chain Kirsten up to the ceiling.
Kelly makes Ben undress for her. She circles around him with her whip In her hands as he undresses.
Adam now stands nude for Natalie.

Natalie smiles at seeing him nude.
Carmen Is behind Peter.Christina walks up close to him. She puts her hand on his check,and starts to rub It with her hand.

"It Is time you learn that Men need to be controlled" Christina tells him.

Christina then slaps him hard on the face. Carmen smiles about this.
Eliza rubs her chest up to Jerry. Eliza knew perfectly how hot She Is,and would use that.

Eliza has big plans for the club but first she had to bide her time. And show guys who Is the master.
Scarlett finishes chaining Kirsten to the ceiling. Sofia,dressed In the black leather outfit of a Dominatrix with black patent leather high heels on,comes In. She gives Scarlett a commanding look.Scarlett leaves the room.Sofia goes up to Kirsten. Sofia admires her nude body.

Sofia puts her hands on Kirsten's breasts,and cups them. Sofia likes having the power over Kirsten. Kirsten knows Sofia Is her master,and she has accepted It.
Christina kneels before Peter. She grabs his balls,and squeezes them very hard.Peter screams In Pain. Carmen becomes aroused by this.
Ben Is now undressed for Kelly. She Is behind him. Kelly admires his ass.Kelly strikes his ass with the whip. He screams.

"Be Silent!" Kelly commands.

Kelly goes In front of him,and kicks his chest with her boot.

"Now slave,lick my boot" she commands him.

Ben begins to lick Kelly's boot. Kelly smiles.
Natalie ties Adam to the bed. Natalie puts her hands on his checks,and caresses them.

"You are now my bitch. And will do whatever I want" Natalie tells him.

Adam doesn't know what to say.

"But,It doesn't have to be so bad being my fuck toy" Natalie says.

Natalie goes down,and takes ahold of his dick,and rubes It.Adam enjoys the hand job Natalie Is giving him.
Eliza kneels before Jerry. She grabs his balls hard. He feels pain.Eliza squeezes his balls. He screams.

Eliza puts his dick Into her mouth. She blows It as she squeezes his dick.Jerry feels great pain and Pleasure.
Sofia goes behind Kirsten. She rubs her hands through Kirsten's fine blond hair. Chris comes In with a paddle. He goes over to Sofia. She takes the paddle.

"Leave Us" Sofia commands.

Chris leaves. Sofia strikes Kirsten's behind with the paddle. Kirsten Is In great pain but knows better than to scream.

Sofia Is very aroused punishing her slave. Sofia strikes Kirsten some more.
********************************************************** Ben now has Kelly's heel In his mouth. He blows It like a dick. Kelly smiles about this.
********************************************************** Carmen Is now In front of Peter. Christina Is behind him. Carmen kneels before him. She takes his dick In her hands,and squeezes It. Christina takes out a paddle.

Carmen puts his dick Into her mouth,and starts to blow It. Peter likes the blow job Carmen Is giving him.

Christina strikes his butt with the paddle. He screams. Christina strikes him even harder on the ass.

Carmen continues performing oral sex as Christina continues hitting his ass with the paddle.

Christina has a enjoying and aroused look as she continues paddling him on the ass.
Natalie has Adam's dick In her mouth. She Is blowing It.Adam enjoys the Job Natalie Is doing. He thinks this Is worth being her bitch.
Sofia Is continuing to strike Kirsten's behind with the paddle. Sofia Is very aroused while hitting Kirsten.
Rose Mcgowan,wearing the outfit of a Dominatrix with black patent leather high heels,Is chaining Kevin,In his thirties,to the ceiling. He Is completely nude. Rose likes being In control with men. She feels women are far superior,and guys should know this. Only women are her equal. She knows men want her,and she likes that fact. She Is willing to use this against men. She turns guys on dressed as a Domm,and she loves giving punishment to men.
Sofia sits In a bathtub of bubble bath. She feels totally at peace. She likes having the bubbles touch her breasts.

Chris comes In. He thinks to himself how beautiful Sofia Is,and how much he likes being her slave.

"Bath me" Sofia commands.

Chris goes up to the bathtub. He grabs a washrag,and a bar of soap. He likes any chance to touch Sofia.

Sofia likes having her slaves serve her like this.

He puts soap on the washrag,and puts the washrag Into the water,and on Sofia's breasts.He rubs all across her breasts with the washrag. He enjoys being able to touch Sofia's breasts like this.

Sofia feels totally relaxed as he rubs her breasts with the washrag.

Chris begins to rub Sofia's tits with the washrag. He totally loves Sofia,and her body. And being able to touch her Is heaven.Sofia enjoys him touching her tits with the washrag.

Scarlett,scantly dressed,walks In. She sees Chris rubbing Sofia's tits with the washrag. Like Chris she Is totally In love with Sofia. And she adores her body.She also enjoys being able to touch her.
Rose rubs her hand across Kevin's Chest. Kevin enjoys having Rose touch his chest. He feels so horny now. Rose removes her hand off his chest,and grabs ahold of Kevin by his hair.

"You bitch! It Is time for you to be punished!" Rose tells him.
********************************************************** Chris,and Scarlett bring Sofia out of the bathtub.

Chris gives Scarlett some shaving cream. Scarlett kneels before Sofia,and starts to starts to put the shaving cream on Sofia's legs. Sofia likes having her slaves do this.
Rose Is behind Kevin with a paddle. She hits her hand with the paddle. It Is good Rose thinks. Kevin Is anxious for Rose to begin.

Rose strikes Kevin's butt hard with the paddle. Kevin feels lot of pain. Rose feels very turned on. She strikes Kevin again.
Chris shaves one of Sofia's legs gently while Scarlett gently shave the other leg.

Sofia enjoys having them serve her. Chris,and Scarlett like being able to touch Sofia.
Rose continues striking Kevin's ass with the paddle.Rose Is turned on doing this as Kevin feels both pain and pleasure from being punished by her.
Jennifer Lopez Is tied up to the wall In the basement. She Is nude. She has been whipped countless times.

Kristanna Loken,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,has a whip. Kristanna has been punishing Jennifer. It Is her job to punish those who upset Sofia. Kristanna loves her job. She strikes Jennifer some more. Jennifer Is tired of this.

Sofia,dressed In a Dominatrix outfit,walks In. Kristanna stops.

"Please stop her!" Jennifer begs Sofia. "I am sick of your shit,Jennifer. I never want to hear the word JLO again" Sofia tells her. "And you are done getting married. From now on you will give pleasure to others." Sofia continues.

Sofia leaves. Kristanna continues.

"No!" Jennifer screams.

Kristanna continues cracking the whip at Jennifer. Kristanna enjoys It.
Sofia sits on a throne. She has a riding crop by her. Chris,and Kirsten,scantly dressed,sit by her on the floor. They have dog collars on. Sofia has leases on the dog collars,and she holds them.

Scarlett,scantly dressed,walks In with Kristin Kreuk,and Anna Paquin.

"The new members Mistress" Scarlett tells Sofia.

Scarlett goes behind the throne,and begins to rub Sofia's shoulders. Kristin goes up to Sofia. She kneels before her,and kisses Sofia's black patent leather high heel.Sofia claps her hand.

Kelly,dressed as a Dominatrix,walks In.

"Kelly will train you. Obey her" Sofia says.

Kristin stands up,and goes over to Kelly. Anna goes up to Sofia,and kneels before her. Kristin leaves with Kelly. Anna kisses Sofia's hand. Sofia smiles.

Famke Janssen,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,walks In.

"You will learn from Famke,Anna" Sofia says.

Anna stands up,and goes over to Famke,and kisses Famke. Sofia thinks Anna will make a good Mistress. Anna goes with Famke.
Kristin,and Kelly walk Into a room.

"Undress" Kelly orders Kristin.

Kristin removes her clothes In front of Kelly.
Anna,and Famke walk Into a room.

"Undress" Famke Commands.

Anna removes her clothes for Famke.
In the dungeon Kristanna continues hitting Jennifer with the whip. Jennifer Is now red on her skin.

Rose walks In. Kristanna turns to see Rose. Kristanna drops the whip,and goes up to Rose. They kiss very passionately.
Kelly watches Kristin as she puts on a Dominatrix outfit. Kelly Is already turned on by Kristin.
Anna lays on the bed. Famke brings out handcuffs. She handcuffs Anna to the headboard of the bed.
Sofia comes behind Scarlett In Sofia's bedroom. She rubs her hand across Scarlett's arm.

"You will please me tonight Scarlett" Sofia says.

Scarlett likes that. She begins to remove her scantly clad outfit. Sofia smiles.
In the dungeon Kristanna lays on the floor with her outfit off. Rose has her face buried Into Kristanna's pussy. Rose Is licking out Kristanna's cunt with her tongue. Kristanna likes the tongue job Rose Is doing with her pussy.
Kristin,now dressed as a Dominatrix,watches as Kelly brings In Lucy Liu nude with a dog collar on with a lease Kelly Is pulling. Kristin likes this.
Famke opens Anna's legs,and puts her face Into Anna's cunt. Famke starts to lick out Anna's pussy. Anna likes the feel of Famke's tongue.
Scarlett lays on the bed. Sofia Is on top of her. Sofia has her hands on Scarlett's breasts. Scarlett loves It when she Is touched by Sofia. Sofia begins to caress Scarlett's fine tits. Scarlett enjoys this. Sofia likes caressing Scarlett's tits. Scarlett Is such a good slave Sofia thinks to herself.
Kristanna starts cuming from the great Job Rose has been doing to her pussy. Sofia has forbidden her not to have sex with other members but she couldn't stay away from Rose.

"Oh Rose! You are the best!" Kristanna moans.

Rose continues licking out Kristanna's pussy.
Lucy Is now tied to the ceiling.

"Go to her Kristin" Kelly says.

Kristin goes up to Lucy.

"Slap her!" Kelly tells Kristin.

Kristin slaps Lucy hard. Kelly Is very turned on seeing Kristin do It.
Famke withdraws from Anna's pussy before Anna can cum. Anna Is puzzled.

Famke takes a riding crop. She smacks her hand with It. Anna starts to get excited.

"If you want It,you will have to beg for It Anna." Famke tells her.

Famke smacks her hand with the riding crop some more. Anna can't take this.

"Please strike me! I beg you!" Anna pleads.

Famke smiles,and then strikes Anna with the riding crop. Anna feels release.
Sofia spreads Scarlett's legs,and buries her face Into Scarlett's cunt,and starts to lick away at her pussy. Scarlett loves this.
Rose swallows Kristanna's fine juices. Rose thinks to herself Kristanna has such a good pussy.
Kelly hands Kristin a whip. She hits Lucy with the whip. Kelly Is turned on seeing Kristin hit Lucy with the whip.

Kristin hits Lucy some more with the whip.
Famke,now nude,sits on Anna. She spreads her legs up to Anna's mouth.

"It's time to please me,Anna" Famke says.

Anna begins to bring her tongue out,and starts to lick away at Famke' pussy.
Scarlett cums explode Into Sofia's mouth. Sofia swallows Scarlett's juices. Scarlett thinks to herself she Is totally Sofia's bitch. She knows this. And she welcomes It. She would do anything for Sofia. Sofia could use her In whatever way she wants to.
In a room Kate Beckinsale relaxes on a bed. John,a english guy,Is rubbing her shoulders. Kate feels totally relaxed. Keira Knightley,scantly clad In shorts,and In small fabrics barely covering her breasts,Is feeding Kate fruit. Kate enjoys being served by her slaves.Kate has big plans for this club. She would show who Is the best Mistress here. But,she has to proceed carefully. Being served by John,and Keira helps with her patience. But,she can't wait to run this club.

To Be Continued