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04-18-2007, 04:40 AM
All Fired Up
With Kiran Chetry and Juliet Huddy
Written by TPG
Codes: MF
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains sexual situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!


Kiran Chetry couldn't believe it, she was fired! Getting into a major row with Fox management, Kiran's Hollywood agent had thrown the dice and taken a chance and failed miserably, causing her to be fired from the Fox News Network.

Bewildered, Kiran was equally angered at her husband, Chris Knowles, who during the meeting had sided with Fox and allowed the negotiations to fail. Disgusted with her husband, her agent, and her supposed friends, Kiran stormed out of the meeting and grabbing her coat from her cubicle before heading for the elevator in disgust.

Watching her from across the room was her friend and fellow co-host, Juliet Huddy. Wondering what all the commotion was about Juliet rushed after her friend and tried to talk to her but Kiran continued to walk and sob to herself.

Giving chase, the girls left the building together and Kiran then announced she was through with working in the industry and through with her marriage for that matter. Now, she just wanted to go somewhere to drink.

As Juliet unsuccessfully tried to talk some sense to her, Kiran marched towards the nearest bar and immediately ordered a round of drinks. Consoling her, the girls sat at the bar as Kiran drowned her sorrows with drink.

Having arrived to the bar on a Friday afternoon it didn't take long for it to fill with professional cliental, mostly stockbrokers and businessmen from all over Manhattan.

Filling quickly they soon found themselves surrounded by a group a young and attractive men, and while Juliet did her best to show them that they weren't interested, it seemed it was exactly what Kiran wanted, needed – some male attention.

Flirting with the men, Juilet was astounded at Kiran's blatant behavior. Without a care in the world Kiran openly flirted and teased them, joining and encouraging them to do as many shots with her and see who could down the most amount of alcohol in the shortest amount of time.

To Juliet's amazement she watched as the men then shrewdly brushed their hands across Kiran's legs and shoulders while Kiran just smiled and flirted some more, clearly loving the fact that she was the centre of attention at the corner of the packed bar.

Having drunk her fair share, it was now 10pm and then girls had been drinking hard for almost 4 hours straight. Clearly intoxicated, Kiran slowly climbed to her feet and announced that she was going to use the bathroom.

Stumbling and bumping into people as she walked, she head towards the narrow corridor and it was then our eyes met. Exchanging a long, meaningful glance and moment, Kiran walked almost right up to me before pushing pass me in the thick bar crowd.

Grinning to herself, we continued to stare into each other eyes as she slowly moved by me and finally smiled, "Hey."

I couldn't believe my eyes. This woman was absolutely gorgeous. Looking through the crowd I noted what table she had come from and could see a handful of impeccably dressed men swooning around her blonde friend, Juliet.

It was then I noticed one of the men had kept his eye on Kiran and seeing us make brief contact now gave me a dirty look from across the bar while taking a swig from his drink. I simply laughed in his face and eagerly waited for her to reappear from the bathroom.

Realizing my plan, I then watched as he whispered something to his friend and started to make his way in my direction, I assumed hoping to catch Kiran before I did.

Luckily for me with the bar being packed to capacity he was immediately bogged down and could only watch in frustration as a minute later Kiran finally appeared and moved by me again. Taking the opportunity, right away I reached out and tapped her on the arm.

Kiran immediately turned and smiled, "Hello."

"Hey, what's your name?" I asked her.

"Kiran." she smiled. "Yours?"


Despite her intoxication, it was clear she was interested.

"What are you drinking?"

Smiling slyly Kiran shrugged her shoulder and replied, "Whatever."

I then reached over the table and passed her a fresh and newly opened bottle of Corona. Kiran giggled and we toasted our classes celebrating the fact that we had made new friends.

Just then, with a thick group of people moving around us to get in and out of the bathroom corridor, Kiran was briefly pushed up against me and we both stood still, not daring to move as my I placed my arm around her waist and we just stood extremely close to each other.

It was clear to see that there was a very strong attraction growing between us and as we stood standing against each other, we began to playfully move and dance together to the music as Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" began to play in the background.

We both smiled knowingly at each other as the lyrics seemed to apply directly to us. Watching her sway her hips and shimmy her shoulders I couldn't help but wonder how incredible she would be in bed.

We were now standing so close I could smell her intoxicating aroma and feel her breathe on my face. It was getting hot, fast.

"Hmm, I like your perfume..." I told her. And as she giggled I was just about to go on when the guy from earlier suddenly butted in and stuck his head in her face.

Even I could see that from her reaction she was annoyed and definitely not interested in him. Pulling her head back and grimacing, Kiran still tried to act nice and not wanting to hurt his feelings was trying to hint to him to leave us alone, but he wasn't taking the hint.

It now seemed that we were both competing for her affections, but I was quite confident I knew who she wanted. Being a smart ass, I attempted to introduce myself to the "competition" and as I reached out to shake his hand he simply nodded smugly and looked away – playing it up for his table back at the bar.

I half hoped he would, as the effect was exactly what I predicted with Kiran giving him a dirty look and being turned off with his snobbish, pushy, attitude. Helping herself to another shot, Kiran then told me his name was Frank, and that according to him he was some sort of successful stockbroker from Wall Street.

As Kiran explained, it was then we spotting Juliet from across the bar, standing up on her stool and waving us over, telling Kiran to return to her and the guys back at the bar.

Smiling slyly and acting pompous Frank then attempted to pull Kiran away by the arm but she was right in the middle a taking a swig and smiling at me.

Feeling him impatiently tug on her arm, Kiran politely moved her arm away and out of his grip, telling him that she wasn't interested in going anywhere. But determined to take her with him Frank then pulled her arm forcefully and I went into action.

It was then Kiran surprised us both as she suddenly snapped and yelled, "Hey, get your fucking hands off me!"

"...I'm a married woman. I can take care of myself." She went on to drunkenly explain, not making any sense.

While Frank started to explain his actions I moved to stand beside Kiran for support and suddenly Frank threw the first punch. Being fairly drunk he swung wildly and missed me completely and I took the opportunity to punch him squarely in the face, connecting with his nose and knocking him back on his ass and causing his eyes to puff up and fill.

With that, a few other guys began to push each other around and a moment later a fairly big brawl broke out.

As the bar erupted into fighting, I quickly grabbed Kiran by the arm and pulled her into the corridor, clear of danger. It was then as everyone was going crazy that Kiran looked into my eyes and feeling guilty asked me if I was okay.

Caressing my face I simply replied by leaning over and kissing her on the lips, and a moment later she reciprocated by parting her lips and giving me her tongue. To my delight she tasted as good as she looked, and was a pretty good kisser to boot.

Breaking our embrace for a moment Kiran smiled up at me slyly while we caught out breathe, before we then began to make out again, this time with her taking the lead. Suddenly just as I ran my hands over her butt, Kiran was yanked out of my grasp.

Pulling her away Juliet screamed, "What the fuck are you doing? Are you insane! You don't even know this guy!!"

While I still tried to figure out where Juliet had come from Kiran roared, "Leave me alone Juliet!"

And as Kiran shoved Juliet away, Juliet complained, "Hey! If you think I'm going to cover you're ass again forget about it! Chris deserves to know..."

Pushing each other around Juliet then shoved her way in between Kiran and I and shouted, "Hey, you know she's married right!"

Kiran then snapped, "Hey get the hell out of here, bitch!"


And with that the girls began to tussle around with each other until Kiran finally grabbed hold of Juliet's collar and slapped her hard across the face. The entire bar seemed to erupt into cat calls and giggles as everyone was excited to see a hot girl/girl fight break out.

Pulling Kiran off her friend we were then ushered outside by the bouncers to calm down and finding a secluded alley we turned the corner when Kiran abruptly stopped, pushed me roughly against the wall and without shame cupped the front of my pants and thrust her tongue down my throat.

It seemed the night's altercation had really riled her up.

Pinning me against the wall, Kiran stroked my hard-on through my pants and whispered, "How far is your place?"

Jumping into the back of a cab we arrived to my apartment in just a few short minutes, and we hadn't even closed the front door properly before we were making out fervently.

Ripping each others clothes off, I couldn't believe how incredible she looked under her conservative clothes. The woman had a body of a professional model or athlete.

Stripping off her blouse, I then dropped to my knees and paused for a moment to admire her firm, fit, body. I found her tummy to be tight, hard, and athletic. It was clear she worked out and most probably did yoga.

I kissed her bare bellybutton as she stood before me and helped with hurriedly working her belt and skirt off. It was then I was greeted by one of the most incredible sights I'd ever seen with Kiran Chetry standing over me clad in just her black lace underwear – a matching bra and panty set.

It was one of the most sexiest thing I'd ever seen and for a moment I was half tempted to make her leave them on, but not wasting anytime Kiran peeled off her bra as I tugged on her panties, pulling them down her legs and watching her eagerly kick them away.

Now standing totally naked in front of my I grabbed her hips and turned her around, telling her to pose for me. Kiran was only too happy to do so and bending over slightly I was greeted by the view of her perfect peach shaped ass and pussy.

I could practically smell her excitement and without warning I then dove in to bury my nose and mouth into her snatch from behind. Kiran immediately gasped and parted her stance a little, allowing me more access to her.

Bending over she reached out frantically to hold herself up by the sofa and reached around with one hand to grip my head and push me deeper into her tight cheeks as I ate her ass.

Grinding her butt back against my face, I slithered my tongue across her backdoor and she jumped to the sensation, giggling slightly. Reaching up I then turned her around and pushed her down onto the sofa, lying her onto her back. Lying back, I then grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart leaving her lying there totally naked and obscenely exposed.

Reaching down Kiran quickly took the hint and held her knees apart while looking down at me with vulnerable, lust filled eyes, as I slowly kneeled between her spread legs and studied her beautiful pussy.

It was everything I had imagined it to be. I gently placed my hands on the inside of her spread thighs and softly blew my breath over her slot, cruelly teasing her. Kiran responded by letting her mouth fall open and closing her eyes in delight and anticipation.

Moving groggily and slowly I could see the alcohol was beginning to catch up with her and I didn't want her to miss a single solitary moment so I then decided to dispense with the foreplay and without warning spat at her pristine pussy. The action seemed to really turn her on as she sighed loudly.

Using a finger I then rubbed it in, mingling my saliva with her own built up juices and at that point I was so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out. Playing with her pretty vagina, I then leaned in and tentatively licked the groove between her leg and hip, slowly moving my lips and hot breathe towards her mons.

I then gently kissed the top of her slit and glanced up to watch her expression as I lowered my head and let my tongue slide down between her velvety lips. God damn she was so soft, sweet, and searing hot! Kiran whimpered, rolled her tongue in her mouth and turned her face to the side.

I dipped my tongue in again and heard her groan, as a small ripple of pleasure washed through her. Being bold, I then used my fingers to spread her tight thin pussy lips apart and revelled at the sight of her immaculate pussy – her tiny little clit looked incredible.

To look and taste it you would think she was just 18. I had truly scored the hottest piece of ass I'd ever had. I stared at the soft flawless brown folds, as a trickle of clear juice was just visible. I watched her reaction as I closed my mouth over her and used my fingers, my tongue and my lips to explore every part of her most privates.

I licked up and down the full length of Kiran Chetry's tight slit, my tongue delved deeply into her. I savoured her wetness and revelled in her heavy breathing, encouraged by her moans I reached up and pulled her hood back gently and softly suckled her nub.

Suddenly she began to buck and grind while gasping breathlessly.

"Uuuh ohhh ohh yesssss!" she panted as she gripped my head and came loudly, filled my mouth with juices. My cock was so stiff it was hurting.

I moved a hand over her soft but tight firm stomach, her navel and down, into her neatly trimmed strip of dark pubic hair. I then wiggled closer to kneel right between her spread legs and rubbed the head of my aching cock over her slick lips. She was so wet by now that it made an audible obscene sound as I brushed my head between her folds.

Kiran's entire body shivered from head to toe, but she said nothing. I moved my manhood over her moist, open entrance, and felt the warmth of it on my helmet.

Kiran whined, shaking slightly at feeling our sexes finally coming into contact. But again, she made no objections to my act. Clutching her hips, I then carefully pushed my tool into her red-hot slot and impaled her. Burying my head, almost immediately our bodies took over and there was no way back. It was as though her pussy was sucking me in.

"Uuughhh" she groaned deeply as I sank inside her.

Leaning back I stripped off my shirt and lowered my eyes and watched as my thick cock slid effortlessly into Kiran Chetry's pussy. It was a magnificent sight! Looking over her squirming naked form underneath me I noticed her body was covered in goose-bumps while her nipples jetted out like to two small pencil erases.

Constantly squirming and moving her legs, I then felt her heels dig into the back of my thighs as I pulled our slowly I then drove back into her hard and deep, causing her to shriek out in ecstasy.

Pulling out slowly once again, this time I filled her to the hilt, making her grunt, "Aaarrghhh!!!"

I was now buried deep inside one of the hottest pieces of ass on Cable TV. Kiran's arms wrapped around my shoulders while her legs closed firmly on my sides, her feet pushed on my thighs, and her tongue invaded my mouth.

I pushed inside her once again, and she moaned into my mouth. As I steadily pumped her a few times Kiran gasped and held her breath before suddenly breaking down and sobbing a little.

Concerned, I whispered, "What's wrong baby? Do you want me to stop?"

And Kiran just shook her head before pulling me close to kiss me passionately again. Instinctively I started to move inside her, slowly at first, but then more steadily.

Like before I pulled out slowly and almost all the way, only to then thrust in even harder, deeper, longer. Again and Again, faster and Faster.

"Uhhhh... urghh ooh yes! Yes... Yes... Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oohhh..." Kiran was moaning louder now, oblivious to her shrilling voice.

Gripping me frantically the sofa now started creaking and bumping under our thrusts, inching back as is began to slide on the carpet.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhh... Aahhh... Aaaahhhhh!!!" Kiran cried as our fucking tempo mounted to a frenzy and I lost track of my own rhythm. I was determined to fuck this Fox hottie raw!!

We were now fucking like rabbits, completely out of control, totally lost in our own animal instincts. Kiran was wildly scratching my back as I was roughly screwing her sweet cunny, trying to dig lower into her belly and make her mine as deeply and completely as possible.

Bucking her hips upward to met my thrusts, I suddenly felt her convulsing under me and knew she was close to climaxing. Wanting to make an impression, I didn't relent, and kept on slamming into her as hard and deep as I possibly could, trying to make her scream.

Breathless she could hardly speak and gasped instead, staring into my eyes in disbelief. I think in the back of her mind she wasn't expecting to cum, but now was shocked to find she was literally on the edge of a second orgasm – this one being even more powerful then the last.

Staring into my eyes and flashing me the most lustful, heated look I'd ever seen, Kiran wrapped her arms tightly around my neck as I pounded into her with all my might and she squealed as we both felt her orgasm wash through her entire body – from her convulsing vagina up to her dizzying brain.

Flicking her head back, Kiran let out an almighty cry as I continued to cruelly fuck her raw! Crying out in rapture, Kiran then released her grip and fell back, panting breathlessly. Clearly exhausted her eyes closed, her breasts heaving hard, her body desperately trying to cope with the unexpected power of the sensations I had just given her.

Struggling to regain control of her own limbs, Kiran groggily re-opened her eyes, looked into mine and pulled me back close to her mouth again. This was by far out more wettest, sloppiest kiss.

Her body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat as I felt her hard nipples piercing into my naked chest. All the while her steaming vagina kept chewing my engorged cock.

Slowly, ever so slowly I started to move again inside her, and she smiled sweetly, lifting her arms over her head and stretching out in contentment.

With a look of total joy and satisfaction on her face I then resumed fucking her slowly and reminded her that our screwing session was not over yet – I still had to cum.

My balls were aching by this time, and picking up the pass again I soon lost my tempo and was fucking her keenly. All the while Kiran just lay there staring at me, cupping her breasts and licking her lips at me.

Watching her play and tease her nipples, I started to bang her with all I was worth, just pushing my body as hard as I possibly could into hers, and desperately looking for my own release. I fucked her hard and fast, furiously!

Hearing her grunt steadily once again I was soon overwhelmed by my own lust, blinded by my excitement and numbed by the strength of pleasure I was feeling throughout my whole body, and I quickly reached the point of no return. My balls tightened, my cock twitched, and my mind raced as I was going to cum deep inside Kiran Chetry!

Seeing the signs Kiran's eyes flew open as she quickly yelled, "Oh yes baby, cum!! Cum all over me!!!"

That very moment I pulled out abruptly and my mind blacked out as I erupted all over Kiran Chetry's glistening body. Never in my entire life had I ever experienced any like it before as I gripped my tool and just squirted rope after rope of hot thick cum all over her incredible body.

Kiran was so shocked and relieved she shrieked and moaned almost as loudly as I did. My orgasm was so powerful that I actually blasted her face and a pillow beside her head before coating her breasts, tummy, and pussy in goo.

When my last shot had finally been fired I just collapsed beside her shaking cum coated body, spent.

I then heard her gasp, "Oh God! I'm soaked."