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Grudge Fuck
With Avril Lavigne
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, shave, non-con, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


As I got up to answer the front door, nothing could have prepared me for the surprise which awaited me. There, standing before me was my ex-girlfriend Avril Lavigne.

In truth, I would hardly call what we shared a meaningful relationship, but when your one time lover is one of the world's most sexiest and sort after singer-songwriters, you tend to exaggerate your own history a little. I hadn't thought about Avril in over six months, and hadn't seen her in almost a year.

Still, I had always wondered what I would do or say if I ever bumped into her again, not that we moved in the same circles mind you...but now here she stood. From the faint black eye under her sunglasses, I figured her year had been worse than mine. That's not to mention all the rumors and innuendo I had read about her in the gossip rags of late.

I looked past her to see her car, noting that she had arrived to my apartment in her black Aston Martin Vanquish, a birthday present her hubby had bought her several months earlier, when everything was still rosy in their marriage.

But then, it had been a very emotional year for the petite songstress as she was currently in the process of separating with him, and instead of mopping around and feeling sorry for herself she had apparently gone on some kind of drinking-drugging binge, and had been publicly hitting the Hollywood club scene.

In just the space of a few weeks, I had read how she had already hooked up with over a half dozen men, all of them known womanizers in Hollywood...yet once again, here she now stood. I felt a long explanation coming, and despite my enthusiasm I put on a blank expression and invited her in.

"So I guess hell finally froze over, huh?"

Avril simply scoffed and pushed her way by me. My apartment hadn't changed much since out last fling, all those months ago.

Inside I moved to the kitchen and proceeded to mix up some drinks as she took a seat on the sofa and looked around, most probably reminiscing about past encounters. I quickly poured two glasses of Jack and Coke, since Bourbon was the one thing we truly had in common.

"Here," I remarked. "This should take the sting away from that shiner."

Avril rolled her eyes, immediately recalling and groaning at my sarcastic wit.

"I knew I shouldn't have come here."

"Hey, no one is twisting your arm, sweetheart." I replied. "It is good to see you, though."

She took a long swallow without looking at me before she finally took off her dark sunglasses.

"So are you going to tell me what happened?" I asked. "Or do I have to guess?"

"He threw me out." she stated plainly.

She was apparently referring to her husband Deryck, who had learned about her public liaisons via the internet.

"And he beat you up, too." I added.

"Yeah, I guess."

As she spoke, my heart began to race and I began to perspire but I did my best to hide it. Despite the bruise she still looked incredible, and those bright blue eyes sent a chill up my spine. I still had major feelings for this girl.

"So, the million dollar question is...to what do I owe this visit?" I wisecracked. "Why not run to one of your new boyfriends?"

"I can't do that," she replied. "They're either Deryck's friends or just bastards."

"Yeah well, you always knew how to pick them, Avie." I quipped before I took a large swallow of alcohol.

Suddenly, a year's worth of anger suddenly bubbled to the surface and I found myself lashing out at her with smart ass remarks.

"Oh wait a minute, I get it." I stated callously. "So now you need a place to stay, right? How long have you been sleeping in your car?"

"Just last night." she admitted meekly.

"Yeah right," I scoffed. "A likely story. Like I would believe you anyway? When was the last time you were ever honest with me, in all the time that I've known you?"

Avril finally seemed fed up with my wisecracks and got up to leave.

"That's it, I'm gone!" she snapped. "I knew this was a bad idea."

"Okay, Okay, calm down." I said, reassuring her. "I'm sorry, okay? Take a seat."

I then went on to explain.

"Look, you can't expect me to be all happy and shit after the way you treated me the last time we were together."

"I know, but that was a long time ago, Scott." she replied. "And for what it's worth I still think about you all the time."

Suddenly the tables had turned and she was now apologizing to me.

"Please, Scott. Two days." she pleaded, "Just for old time's sake. I just need two days at the most and then you never have to speak to me again."

"Hmm... that almost sounds tempting." I taunted, before she playfully pushed me.

Still, despite all the jokes I could tell she was in a real pickle. I had never seen her look so dejected and vulnerable before.

Avril finally added, "Look, if you really want me to leave..."

"Err, shut up." I interrupted. "You're here now, and I won't put you out on the street. I still care about you, but I'm still mad as hell."

"You do?"

I shot her a look.

"Babe, don't sell yourself short. You're a hard act to follow." I admitted, before I cursed myself for expressing my true feelings.

"God damn it!" I said as I got up and began to pace.

"Okay, this is how it's going to work. You can stay here as long as you want or need to," I explained. "But while you are under my roof, we're back together."

"Um, excuse me?" she replied.

"That's right, you heard me." I said, "We're back together... while you're staying here with me."


"Hey, it's the only way I'll agree to have someone else's wife sleeping in my bed."

Her mouth opened in surprise, but I didn't care.

"And what makes you think I'm going to sleep in your bed?"

"Because I know you." I smirked smugly. "And you want to."

"Oh really?"

"Absolutely," I grinned. "That's part of the deal. I get to use your body anyway I see fit."

To my amusement Avril was so shocked by my forwardness that I wasn't sure if she was going to laugh or slap me.

"Those are the terms, take it or leave it." I affirmed as I opened the door. "If not, get the fuck out now."

Avril simply glared at me, dumbfounded.

She was probably thinking what she had done to deserve all this bad karma in recent days. But it wasn't unwarranted. The sexy starlet had always had this flirtatious way about her, which made you feel really special for a few days, only to realize that she merely wanted something from you.

With her, no one ever got a free ride and I was now determined to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"So, what'll it be?" I suddenly blared. "My bed, or your car?"

She stood there in stunned silence, clearly confused.

"Can I lie down somewhere?" she suggested. "I'm really tired."

"Of course, you know the way." I said, alluding to the direction of my bedroom.

Avril smiled softly before she reached over to the door I was holding and silently shut it, and then walked in the direction of my bedroom.

As I watched her, I couldn't help but think how stupid I was for allowing her back into my life, with all her issues and baggage. Still, my eyes soon fell to the back of her butt, and I immediately remembered why I was putting myself through all this.

For all her problems, she sure had a phenomenal body. Locking the door, I then followed her into the bedroom to find her slipping off her jacket.

With the blinds still closed, the room was dark and I'm sure the setting was familiar to her. I stood there watching her for a moment, savoring the image of her standing next to my bed yet again. It had been far too long since my mattress had felt her warm body.

"Make yourself at home," I remarked, as she continued to disrobe.

Feeling bold, I then slowly approached her and put my arms around her hips and neck and the same time, before I tangled my hand in her long blonde hair and abruptly cocked her head back, eliciting a moan.

She gasped with surprise while her eyes opened in alertness, a smugly expression on my face. I don't know what she expected, as we had always shared a very rough, albeit it drunk sex life. In fact I couldn't remember ever having sex with her while sober. This would definitely be eye opening for both of us.

When I pulled her head back, she moaned momentarily before I ease her suffering with a deep kiss. Avril hesitated briefly before I took the opportunity to reach down and grope her luscious natural breasts through her shirt. She soon responded and ultimately reciprocated.

As she kissed me back I teased her nipples to tight points, and slid my free hand into her pants. I had no idea if her reaction was genuine or not, and to be honest I'm not sure that I cared, but I just missed her so damn much. She moaned as I plunged my hand inside and stroked her moist lips with the tips of my fingers.

Avril then slid one hand behind my neck to maintain our kiss as the other reached back to squeeze my erection. I considered taking her right then and there, but feeling playful I decided to play a slower game.

Keeping my hand firmly entangled in her hair, I pulled her free of our lip lock and marched her towards the bathroom where I began undressing her fully. To my amusement Lavigne simply stood there watching as I had my way with her and at one point even attempted to help me take off her clothes, but I slapped her hands away and continued.

I wanted my domination to continue for a while. When I had her standing naked before me I stripped down in record time and pressed my nakedness against her, before I guided her into the shower by the scruff of her hair and turned her into the path of the spray.

I stood behind her and reached around to explore her nubile body that I had fantasized about for so many months. She leaned her head back on my shoulder as my hands keenly explored and fondled her breasts once again.

This time her nipples were painfully erect against the beat of the water and she was eager to kiss me, urgently sliding her tongue into my mouth. It was during this time that I leaned forward and nuzzled her neck, trailing my lips up and down before I sunk my teeth into her tender flesh, eliciting another moan from her.

I was determined to give her a love bit on the neck, and claim her body as my own. It must have hurt a little because she reacted immediately, and winced in pain.

"Ouch! Fucker! What are you doing?" she snapped over her shoulder, as I simply continued to massage her breasts with both hands and pleasured her again.

"Hmm. Well that'll take a few good days to heal," I snickered. "Even if you change your mind and leave now you won't be going back to Deryck any time soon."

"I don't care," she remarked, "He hasn't touched me in months."

"And you chose him over me?" I quipped. "Just remember that."

Avril pulled away in response, a futile effort in the close environment of the shower. One hand pulled her back against me and began exploring her body again as the other dipped to her neatly trimmed bush.

I pulled her firmly against me, pressing my cock between her taut cheeks as my fingers explored her tender slit. She cooed almost immediately, and opened to me easily. By the third stroke she leaned her head back against me again, breathing into my mouth.

"Ooh. I missed you." she purred. "I missed those fingers so much."

Her breath deepened as I slid a single finger into her sex and rubbed my thumb across her engorged clit, my other hand alternating between her erect nipples. One of her hands assisted mine in pulling on her hard nubs while the other urged me on between her legs.

"Mm." she whimpered, "God that feels good."

http://img101.imagevenue.com/loc215/th_64029_09_122_215lo.jpg (http://img101.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64029_09_122_215lo.jpg) http://img231.imagevenue.com/loc565/th_64045_02_122_565lo.jpg (http://img231.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64045_02_122_565lo.jpg) http://img127.imagevenue.com/loc246/th_64053_08_122_246lo.jpg (http://img127.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64053_08_122_246lo.jpg)

The Canadian harlot then began to hump against my hand as I rolled her clit between my fingers. My other hand abandoned her breasts and now caressed her belly as I dipped another finger inside her.

There, I curled my digits and probed for her G-spot, riling another series of groans. When I finally found the sweet spot her hips instantly bucked against me, her entire body jerking violently.

"UGH!" she let out, before leaning back and locking her mouth around my neck.

I held her pinned against me, my stiff cock pressing firmly into the crack of her ass as I increased the pressure on both her clit and G-spot to send her crashing over the edge into her first orgasm of the evening.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck." she chanted breathlessly as she leaned back against me, her head hanging.

"Ooh god!" she panted, her pretty face contorted in blissful torture. "Oh. What the hell was that?"

I hesitated, unsure what she was asking.

"What do you mean? You had an orgasm, baby."

"No, I've had orgasms." she confessed. "But that was like being hit by a truck."

I began to get the impression that neither of her lovers had ever found her highly prized G-spot before, but then put the thought out of my head. I didn't want to think about her past conquests.

She had already amassed quite the list and had a colorful past. Snatching the soap, I began washing her slowly, gently. This time she didn't attempt to help and simply cooed inwardly as I pampered her. It was apparently exactly what she needed after her drama filled week.

She giggled when I dipped my finger below and proceeded to soap her pussy.

"Your fingers seem to be spending a lot of time around there." she teased.

I simply responded by leaning forward and licking her neck again, almost making her week at the knees.

"Oh, I like that." she whimpered again.

Next, I soaped her ass and gently pressed a finger against her puckered butthole. She clenched her cheeks and tried to pull away but I held her tight and continued to explore her tiny backdoor. With an arm around her waist, I gentle delved my finger inside.

"Matt, stop it." she squirmed. "What are you doing? You know I don't do that."

"Remember our deal?" I reminded her, "Anyway I want it, anywhere, anyhow."


"But nothing," I quipped. "You know the deal, sweetheart."

Avril finally relaxed as I spent the next several minutes soaping and massaging her tight sphincter and preparing it for a much larger visitor later. After the shower I helped her out and proceeded to towel her down. Grinning mischievously, she raised her leg and rested her foot on the side of the tub.

"I thought I'd give you easier access." she said with an impish grin.

Despite the offer, I left her pussy till last and instead of drying it I reached down and pulled out a single hair. That earned me a playful slap before I hung up the wet towel and grabbed a dry one, a couple razors and the shaving cream.

"What are you doing?" she giggled before recalling our many conversations in the past.

"Oh, that's right. You like them bare and hairless, huh?"

"Only down on the lips," I pointed out. "You can have a much bush above as you like above."

Avril laughed at my strange and perverted logic.

"You trust me don't you?" I asked.

She simply nodded her head.

With that, we wandered back into the bedroom and I positioned her on the edge of the bed atop a towel, and pulled a chair over for myself. With her feet on my knees, her legs were spread wide and her pussy opened in front of me like a delicate flower.

The wannabe punk rocker held her breath as I carefully pulled her lips tight and performed what had to be one of the most personal services a woman could receive without a medical license. When I was done she still possessed her bushy landing strip above, but was now completely bare below.

I toweled her dry then looked up to her face between her legs.

"Happy?" I offered. "Or shall I keep going?"

She reached down to run her fingers through her fine bush then down across her bare lips. I watched, as she dipped a finger into her pussy then slid back up to grasp her bush again.

"Can I see it in the mirror?"


As she posed in front of the mirror on the bathroom door, I returned the razors and shook the towel out over the trash. I got out a washcloth and soaked it with hot water. In the cupboard I found what I was looking for, a jar of Vaseline, and I turned to find her still examining herself in the mirror, genuinely intrigued.

"It feels so weird, but nice." she admitted. "I still have a full bush but my pussy feels so bare and exposed."

"So, keep it or lose it? It's up to you baby."

"Keep it," she replied, "At least for now."

Avril then climbed into the middle of the bed as I sat in my chair and dragged her back to the edge by her ankles. I left the Vaseline on the floor and with her once again spread wide I used the warm washcloth to clean away any shaving cream residue or hairs.

She squirmed and giggled as the warm cloth rubbed against her most personal area. When I was satisfied, her movements told me she was enjoying the sensation far more than she should, so I tossed the washcloth and with one swift motion replaced the cloth with my tongue, placing her feet to my shoulders.

"Ooh..." she sighed, "That feel so good."

Her gasping admission was all the incentive I needed and I buried myself in her pussy, grinding my chin and nose firmly against her sex. I covered every inch of her slit with my tongue, and sucked her clit into my mouth and held it between my teeth. Avril instinctively cupped her ample breasts with both hands and arched her back sharply.

"Ooh yes!" she whimpered audibly. "Eat my cunt."

Hearing these lewd comments, I tortured her clit for several more moments before I suddenly and abruptly shoved my tongue deep into her hole, firming my tongue and fucking her with it, my nose rubbing against her throbbing clitoris.

Cruelly, every time I sensed her approaching her orgasm I intentionally wandered off to her thigh or her belly, or somewhere less satisfying. Her moans and the stomping on my shoulders were predictable, and amusing.

I began to concentrate on her clit again and slipped a finger deep into her sopping hole. I was happy to learn that despite her recent trysts, she was still considerably tight even around a single finger. My other hand found the Vaseline and I began to lube her butt.

"No please," she half moaned, her cheeks clenching as I dipped a finger inside.

"The more I lube it now, the less it will hurt when I fuck it." I chuckled.


"Come on, let's face it baby, it's about time someone ass-fucked that fine butt of yours." I hissed. "God knows how many fans out there have fantasized about taking that sweet, sweet ass of yours."

"Now you wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you?" I added.

"But I've never—"

"I know sweetheart, but I have to." I insisted. "It's all I've been thinking about these last few months."

Despite my remarks, Avril was still clearly unconvinced, but before she had time to protest once again, I suddenly put my tongue back to work on her clit and slid a second finger into her cunt.

"Ugh! Oh god." she whimpered, as the finger in her ass worked its way in and out stretching her opening.

Resigned to her fate, Avril finally unclenched her buttocks and was concentrating on her impending orgasm as I twisted the fingers inside her pussy and probed for her G-spot again.

I found it and she fell right over the edge into violent convulsions.


The petite songstress thrashed about wildly on the bed, and attempted to push me away from her hyper-stimulated clit as she came, but I knocked her feet away and plunged my fingers back into her constricting cunt and continued my assault on her G-spot.

I don't know if she noticed this during the peak of her orgasm, but I had also slipped my forefinger all the way into her butthole, and was now knuckle deep as she continued to flail around on the mattress.

I grinned slyly to myself as I realized that her butt was ready to be used. Ultimately, she stopped whipping around and calmed down significantly.

She now just lay there panting, her legs still spread wide and her inner thighs gleaming in a sheen of her juices and my saliva. Her pussy lips were open wide now, inviting.

"Time for some fun," I said, as I then leaned down and positioned my stiff cock at her entrance and buried my shlong to the root in one fell swoop.

Almost immediately her eyes lids fluttered involuntarily and pupils rolled into the back of her head, as I filled her completely. Avril lay there motionless for several moments before she suddenly responded by crying out and wrapping her legs tightly around me, trying to control the speed of my strokes.

It only resulted in allowing me to drill her deeper.

"Mm yes," I groaned. "Such a tight little cunt."

Lavigne simply moaned her approval. I leaned down and took each breast in my mouth, torturing her nipples with my teeth. As her pussy adjusted to my size I picked up the pace. She began to grip me as she approached another orgasm. My balls finally clenched and released at the extra pressure.

Reaching up I then placed my hand around her neck, and pinned her to the bed as I let my load splash deep inside her young married cunt. Her eyes opened and she tried to push me off.

"Oh shit! Stop! Wait Matt!" she whined. "I'm not on the pill right now!"

"Then I guess I'm leaving a mark that will keep you away from Deryck for a lot longer than just a few days, eh?"

"That's not funny." she quipped. "What if I get pregnant?"

I answered her concerns by sliding my fat cock out of her milking cunt, and moved to the center of the bed and leaned over her head and insisted she suck me.

Avril hesitated for a moment before I grabbed her roughly by the hair and insistently directed her mouth over my gleaming sword. There, she was forced to savor her tangy essence first hand, and she grimaced up at me with disgust.

"Quit you're bitching, we both know you like it." I sneered. "Taste your pussy on my cock, bitch."

To my delight, Avril didn't resist and her tongue ultimately swirled around the head and shaft and devoured every inch of me. As I began to get hard again, she still kept the whole length in her hot wet mouth, her chin erotically smeared with juice as she slid me deeper down her narrow throat.

Her teeth began to dig in so I pulled out and climbed back between her legs again.

"Hate to break it to you but you taste more like pussy than cock." she taunted.

"Oh really," I replied. "And how would you know what pussy taste like, Avril?"

"Huh? Oh, fuck you!" she snapped.

http://img216.imagevenue.com/loc362/th_64495_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_01_122_362lo.jpg (http://img216.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64495_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_01_122_362lo.jpg) http://img278.imagevenue.com/loc172/th_64508_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_02_122_172lo.jpg (http://img278.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64508_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_02_122_172lo.jpg) http://img159.imagevenue.com/loc245/th_64523_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_08_122_245lo.jpg (http://img159.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=64523_AvrilLavigne_LeeJenkins2006_CitizenK_08_122_245lo.jpg)

I chuckled to myself as I lifted her legs so that both her pussy and ass were exposed to me. Gripping her hips, I eased myself back into her pussy and she closed her eyes and cooed.

"You just love this don't you?" I remarked, "Getting fucked and filled with cock."

With my cock coated in our juices I slid all the way out of her pussy and slid down that precious inch. There, the head pressed against her tight butthole before she realized what I was attempting to do.

"Scott! What are you doing?" she protested yet again. "I told you, I don't do anal!"

"You do, and you will now!" I replied, before I insistently forced the head of my dick into puckered chamber against her will.

Avril almost immediately clenched her cheeks together and the door was shut down.

"Scott, stop it!" she exclaimed. "I'm not going to let you do it. You're not going to fuck me in the ass with that thing."

"Come on Avie." I whined. "We both know you want to try it. Remember that time back in November?"

"But I was drunk!" she countered, "Besides, you tricked me remember?"

As Avril spoke, I took the opportunity to slid two fingers back into her warm cunt and proceeded to massage her G-spot again. Using my thumb, I also stroked her clitoris at the same time.

"Oh, you bastard." she whispered between moans, her body jerking and her eyes shutting involuntarily.

I manipulated her body with my fingers for several moments, watching as she cupped her breasts and got off to the stimulation. It had always been her kryptonite. She frequently got off by merely having fingers inside her.

"Come on baby, let me stick my dick in there and fuck that sweet, sweet ass of yours?" I sweet talked her. "I want to be the first one to fuck your ass."

Unlike previous instances in which Avril objected immediately and vehemently, this time however she fell silent for a few moments before she finally spoke, her eyes still closed as I lovingly fingered her sensitive twat.

"Do you really have to?" she asked in an almost pleading way.

"No. But I'm going to." I affirmed. "I'm going to have you in every possible way tonight. Nothing is off limits. You at least owe me that."

"So what," she finally said, looking down at me. "Is that all I am to you, a grudge fuck?"

"There's a little of that, sure." I admitted. "But then again if it that were true I would have fucked you and kicked you out of my house already."

I had been working her pussy and clit the entire time we conversed, and it was starting to have an effect on her. She was breathing more heavily, and unable to put coherent sentences together. Finally she simply laid back and placed her arm over her face and relented.

"OK, go ahead." she finally conceded. "Just please be gentle, and don't slam my ass as hard as you did my pussy."

"So I have your permission?" I confirmed with a huge grin on my face.


"Yes what?" I teased, wanting to hear her say it.

Avril immediately knew what I was alluding to, and happily grinned and played along.

"You're such a pervert." she grinned. "Yes, you can put in my ass."

"Put what in your ass?" I replied, pushing my luck.

Avril leaned up on her elbows and flashing me the most seductive look yet repeated herself.

"Scott, I want you to stick your cock in my ass. Is that clear enough for you?"

"Hmm, really," I smirked. "Beg."


"You heard me," I told her. "I want you to beg for it. Beg me to fuck your ass, Avril."

Avril fell back to the bed in frustration.

"Ugh! You're unbelievable."

"Just do it, Avril. I want to hear you say it. It turns me on. You know it does."

Once again, Avril hoist herself up onto her elbows and looking me dead in the eyes spoke the words I had been dying to hear.

"What do you want to hear?" she taunted. "How horny I am right now? How much I want you to fuck me in the ass, until I scream? Is that what you want Scott?"

As she spoke, I used my spare hand to stroke my cock and withdrew the others which had been moving inside her.

"Play with yourself." I insisted. "I want to watch you get off, while you talk dirty to me."

The singer songwriter rolled her eyes briefly but quickly followed my instructions and proceeded to rub her twat. I watched intently as she placed three fingers over her pubic mound and proceeded to move them swiftly in an anti-clockwise motion.

"Spread your legs wider," I insisted, and she happily complied.

"Lick your fingers," I added, "And rub that pretty little clit again. I want to see you spit on your hand, and apply a lot of saliva on your pussy."

Without hesitating, Avril spat a generous amount of saliva on her fingers and merged them with her cunt. I sat kneeling before her spread legs, stroking my cock with one hand while my other reached over and now toyed with her butthole, rubbing and teasing it as she stimulated her clit.

"Ugh. Ugh. Ugh." she panted softly, "I'm so horny right now."

"How horny, baby? I want to hear you tell me."

"Please... ugh." she whimpered. "Give me your cock, Scott."

"Yeah, is that what you want?"

"Yes. I need a cock." she purred, as her fingers picked up the pace.

"I need to get fucked, Scott!"

"You're such a sexy little whore, Avie. I love watching her get off like this."

"Mm yeah." she breathed. "Such a whore. I'm such a dirty little whore, who needs cock!"

"Do you want me to fuck that sweet ass of yours, baby? Is that what you want?"

"Yes, please!" she moaned, her fingers now becoming a blur over her clit.

"Show me, baby." I told her. "Show me where you want me to put it."

With that, Avril trailed one finger across her gleaming cunt and tentatively poked the tip of her finger against her tight bunghole. Her other hand still working feverishly over her glistening cunt.

"Stick your finger inside, baby." I instructed. "I want to see you stick your finger into your butt."

Avril paused for a moment before she slowly dipped her middle finger inside her butthole.

"Please Scott, fuck me." she moaned, her petite body squirming before me on the bed. "Fuck my ass Scott, please. Fuck my tight ass!"

Not having to be asked twice, she unclenched her asshole enough for me to shove her hands out of the way and slowly feed her my heavily lubricated cock into her back passage.

"Play with your nipples." I ordered. "While I fuck this sweet ass of yours, baby."

I was now nestled all the way inside her butt, and delved my fingers back into her cunt so I could massage her sweet spot. There, I quickly intensified the pressure on her clit and G spot as I ravaged her virgin ass.

"Mm yeah," I groaned as I steadily fucked her sweet butt.

To my surprise Avril wasn't nearly as distressed as I assumed she would be by the backdoor intrusion, so I picked up the pace. Suddenly, long buried emotions suddenly floated to the surface, as I listening to her moan sweetly, and I found myself more angered than aroused as I fucked her anus.

"I've been waiting for this for such a long time." I growled. "Could have fucked you like this months ago, but you were being a stupid bitch."

As I fucked her I found myself continuing to rant.

"Then you started up with that Jess douche, and that Mitch for a hot minute, all the while claiming you loved Deryck. You fucking whore! Who the hell were you back then? Hell, I'm not even sure who you are now, you little slut!"

Her mouth opened and her breathing was deepening. The fingers were having their effect on her. He tight (supposedly virginal) ass was having its effect on me too.

I slid in and out of her butt now with more ease, and watched her play with her tits. I was filled with mixed emotions. Just then, her pussy clenched around my fingers and her asshole did the same to my cock as she suddenly and abruptly came.

The sudden action in turn set me off and triggered my own orgasm, and I pumped my seed deep into her bowels before I pulled out and ejaculated whatever was left all over her firm stomach.

She lay there like a rag doll as I slowly climbed to my feet and went into the bathroom to wash off my prick. I considered making her lick me clean again, but even I was not that much of a bastard.

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That was amazing!