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End of Year Dance #2
With Jennifer Hawkins
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, hand job
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

http://thumbnails107.imagebam.com/28120/f8e3f6281198367.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f8e3f6281198367) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/28120/ecfe18281198392.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ecfe18281198392) http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/28120/668447281198379.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/668447281198379)

My head was still reeling with my encounter with Jen the night before.

In all the times I had thought or fantasized about her and stroked off to her image, phone sex with her had never even occurred to me. If only I had known just how hot it could have been.

Still feeling extremely cocky and full of myself, I sat with my family around the dinner table to watch another episode of "A Current Affair" when suddenly while in the middle of a conversation with my folks, I heard my name mentioned.

Stopping dead in my tracks, I then watched in dread as my clandestine formal arrangements with Jennifer Hawkins were apparently exposed and divulged to the entire nation.

"Oh wow, that can't be good." my younger sister said. "I wonder if she'll go through with it now?"

"Yeah, of course she will!" I replied defensively. "Why wouldn't she? She promised me she would."

Almost a moment after I finished that sentence we heard the phone ring and it was her. For the first time since I had known her, Jen seemed extremely anxious and fearful, and concerned on how this turn of events would make her appear to the rest of the country.

"I don't get it?" I told her. "Why would people be angry at you? You're doing a good thing, no?"

"It's a lot more complicated than that, Scott." she replied. "Think about your other schoolmates. They can't be thrilled about me showing up and taking all the limelight."

"Of course they're thrilled," I said na´vely. "Why wouldn't they be?"

As Jen and I stayed on the line together and watched the show, I could hear our phones buzzing repeatedly. People on both sides of the line were attempting to call us and talk to us about the shocking incident.

"Look, I gotta go." she finally relented. "My people are going absolutely bat shit crazy over here. I have to talk to them about it."

"So you didn't tell them about it?"

"Of course not," she stated. "I simply assumed I was doing a fan a favor."

"Look, I'll call you later." she added. "And let you know what's going on, okay?"

I was so devastated I could hardly speak, which I guess only made things worse for Jen as she now felt doubly guilty.

"Ugh, don't do this to me now, please."

"Do what?" I countered. "I didn't say anything."

"Exactly. I can practically hear you thinking. Don't make me feel even worse than I already do."

"I'm not, I wouldn't." I told her, but she was already feeling bad.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Okay, I guess?" I answered barely, with my world and dreams crashing around me.

While my friends and family now called to confirm the incredible story, I retreated to my room and told my folks that I did not want to be disturbed. Inside, things were doubly hard for me as I fell to my bed and glared up at the poster I had of her on my door.

"God damn it, we were so close yet so far." I sighed to myself. "If this all turns to shit, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know if I'll ever recover."

It was later that evening that all my fears were realized as Jen attempted to call me, but after not getting through, she sent me a text message informing me that she was unable to accompany me to the end of year dance, due to the bad publicity.

The message simply read. "Bad news. I can't go. Call you later with an update."

I was crushed and literally inconsolable, and while I tried to call her back to talk to her directly about it, she was suddenly unreachable. It was without doubt the single worst day or my entire life.

The very next day, my family and I once again sat down to dinner and while watching the latest episode of "A Current Affair," I was taken aback to see Jen herself sitting in the studio to do a live one on one interview with the host, Tracy Grimshaw. There she went on to explain her position and how it was all just in a bit of innocent fun.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason people were apparently angered with her, calling her a hussy and cradle snatcher, and falsely claiming that she was only out for her own publicity. I was so depressed I couldn't even watch the show, but before I got up to go back to my room, I heard the host berate Jen for getting my hopes up high, and insisted she apologize to me in front of the entire country.

With the hosts urging, Jen did just that, and promised to clear up the entire ordeal by offering to meet me in person.

"Look Tracy, I'm shocked how this has all gotten way out of control." Jen explained. "But if Scott is willing to accept my apology, I'm happy to meet with him in person as soon as possible, and attempt to explain myself."

"And how exactly do you intend to do that?" the host pointed out. "I mean you've got to think the boy it utterly shattered at the moment. Do you really expect him to want to talk to you?"

Jennifer sat dumbfounded, shrugging her shoulders as she looked off camera to her own people.

"But maybe you could meet him for lunch or something?" Tracy suggested. "I think it's the least you could do?"

"Yes. I could do that." she stated confidently. "I'll treat him to lunch and try to make it up to him somehow."

"Well, you heard it here first folks." Tracy Grimshaw announced, before going into one of her usual diatribes.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing, and not more than two minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Jen, asking me if I had been watching the show.

"Were you serious about the lunch thing?" I asked her immediately, trying my best not to sound too excited.

"It's the least I can do, I guess?" she replied. "I'm so sorry about all this."

With that said, Jennifer and I then arranged to meet by a well known landmark in the city the very next day, and to say I had been looking forward to it would be the understatement of the year.

Unfortunately for me when I turned up to the event, I was taken aback to find the area packed with media, all there to catch the moment Jennifer Hawkins would meet with me and apologize for "leading me on" as they put it.

If they only knew the real story, I thought to myself, and how I had listened to her finger and dildo herself to completion a few nights earlier.

Nonetheless, I waited with the assembled crowd to meet my dream girl but to my chagrin, Jen finally showed up an hour late, and was accompanied by at least a half dozen people, including her publicist and agent.

She also arrived in a stretch limousine, and was clad casually but sexily in a cute little denim overall dress, with a tight stripped tee underneath, and brown knee length leather boots. As expected, she looked absolutely adorable.

My heart raced as I finally saw her in person for the very first time, and despite the distraction of the paparazzi, I could hardly believe how absolutely gorgeous she was in person.

I was still finding it hard to believe that this was the same woman I had been conversing and fooling around with on the phone earlier in the week.

To my delight Jen greeted me with a friendly peck on the check, while I handed her a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. At that point in time I was so anxious and worked up, I thought I was going to pass out from it all.

There, we posed for a few shots before her people instructed us to go for a little walk through the park, to briefly chat and catch up while the photographers followed in toe and snapped away.

Truth be told we both could not stop grinning the entire time we were together.

"Wow, you're a lot taller in person, Scottie." she smiled. "I never expected that."

"And you're about a hundred times more beautiful in person that I could have ever imagined, Jen." I told her sincerely.

Jen blushed and fawned, "Aw, you don't have to say that."

As the onetime Miss Universe and I casually strolled through the park, we soon stumbled across a children's swing set, and took a seat and continue to converse, both of us shocked at the media interest.

"This is just crazy." she exclaimed. "I can't believe how many of them showed up today."

"Yep, they're all apparently here to watch you break a young school boy's heart."

"Aw, don't say that." Jen pouted. "You know that isn't true."

Unfortunately for us the moment I had dreamed about for so long was being hijacked and overshadowed with all the media who continued to take hundreds of snaps while we conversed, and now began to shout out directions and instruct Jen and I to pose for the cameras.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but can we go somewhere more private?" I complained.

Jennifer smiled. "I'm way ahead of you, Scottie. Follow me."

With that said, Jen and I returned to the car park which had now been turned into a makeshift photographers camp, where the cheerleader turned model made a brief statement and announced that she was going to treat me to private lunch date at an undisclosed location.

http://thumbnails104.imagebam.com/28120/806731281198399.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/806731281198399) http://thumbnails103.imagebam.com/28120/838528281198412.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/838528281198412)

Taking my hand, she then led me to the waiting limousine, before she waved one final time from the door to the assembled crowd.

"We just want to thank all of you guys for showing up," Jen added. "And now if you don't mind, we'd like to have some privacy and get on with the date. Thank you very much."

Inside, the driver (who I noted was a female chauffeur) seemed to already know where we were going, as Jennifer shut the door and closed the partition between us and the driver, and announced that we were ready to leave.

I sat there with my head still spinning, as I watched her reach over and pop open a fresh bottle of champagne, my eyes roaming over her body and long smooth legs which now filled my peripheral vision.

God she had a phenomenal body on her. I was still speechless and trying to comprehend the fact that she was sitting right beside me in the flesh, in the back of a stretch limousine pouring champagne.

"Happy?" she grinned. "What's wrong, Scott? You haven't said two words since I got here."

"I'm just trying to take it all in." I told her. "It's all just a little, overwhelming at the moment."

"If you only knew the commotion and chain of events you caused by sending me that email." she stated.

"I noticed." I confessed. "I never imagined it would be anything like this."

"Now do you understand why I can't join you next month?"

"I guess?" I shrug disappointedly.

"Also..." she started to say, and I could tell she was apprehensive about something, "I wanted to talk to you about our phone conversations."

"No, no. I know. They're totally private." I reassure her, as she handed me a glass of champers and we toasted to my success.

"Cheers," she smiled before bringing the long crystal flute to her pristine lips.

God she was beautiful. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

"You know, I really trust you, Scott." she told me. "I mean I think our phone conversations are proof of that, right?"

I simply nodded. Jennifer then went on to say how her publicist had thought of a way in which she could come out of the entire ordeal without looking so mean or a complete total bitch, the way the media were portraying her at the moment, and she asked me if I'd be willing to help her out and play along.

"I don't think you're a bitch." I stated.

"Yes, but a lot of people out there do." she replied. "This entire incident has really screwed up my image, Scott."

"I'm sorry." I apologized. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," she beamed sweetly. "But you do trust me don't you? You do trust my judgment, right?"

As she waited for my answer, I noted the way she scooted a little closer to me on the seat, and noted to myself just how moist and sweet her lips appeared to be at that exact moment in time.

We were now sitting so close I could feel her breath on me. She then went on to explain how everything had been arranged at my school, and how her people had apparently spoken to the principal and agreed to let her address the school.

I could hardly believe how far it was all getting, considering it had all started as a simple dare and prank. The foxy blonde then took my breath away as she gently placed her hand on my knee.

"Relax, sweetheart. I won't embarrass you."

"I know. It's not that," I admitted. "I'm just really nervous at the moment."

Jen simply smiled as she helped herself to another refill of champagne. I noted that she was really hitting the sauce as I went on to explain.

"I mean first you reply to my email and agree to go with me, and then we have those conversations, and now this limo ride...and you're going to be addressing my class?"

"Not just your class, but you're entire school." she stated proudly.

I could feel the collar around my neck tightening as I suddenly had a case of acute anxiety. It was a lot of pressure for a kid from the western suburbs of Sydney. I never imagined it would turn into the media circus it had become.

That and the mere way she now sat beside me, her long smooth legs aligned together yet pointed in my direction, just enough to give me a fleeting glimpse inside her already short skirt and flash me her soft tender thighs which drove me insane with lust.

In fact her skirt was so nonexistent at this point that for a moment I actually thought I might of detected her panties. My heart was thumbing loudly my chest.

"It'll be fine, really." she said sweetly as she inadvertently rubbed her thighs together, making me gulp hard.

"Don't worry so much. I'll take care of you."

My heart now raced at a million miles per hour as I felt her fingers slip to the inside of my leg, squeezing my thigh.

I blushed brightly as I instantly grew hard, and was terrified that if she moved her fingers any further inside she was clearly discover my aroused state.

Just then, Jen shrieked and spilled champagne all over my pants, which I later suspected she had done on purpose.

"Oh! Oops. I'm so clumsy sometimes." she smiled to herself. "Let me get that for you."

With that, the 22-year-old blonde bombshell grabbed a napkin from the bar and proceeded to pat down my inner thigh, and in the proceed parting her long legs and clearly flashing me her sexy lace underwear.

I thought I was going to pass out right then and there, as all the blood that was in my body now rushed to my prick. I gasped and tensed up as she continued to faintly work her fingers all over my legs and crotch.

God how I wanted to touch those legs, those panties. I could literally smell her cunt, and could only imagine what the box on her would look and taste like.

"Hey, relax." she giggled, as I squirmed uncomfortable. "You seem really tense at the moment. You're even sweating."

I was definitely more tense than uncomfortable, as I tried to use all of my strength to stop myself shooting a load in my pants. I couldn't remember being so hard in my entire life.

Suddenly, she stopped her hand actions and grinned widely at me, flashing me those perfect teeth and that million dollar smile as she finally detected my erection.

I could actually feel my face flush red and could hardly breathe much less respond as she casually felt and massaged my hard on with her fingers.

Glaring at her legs, I watched as they deftly sway in the breeze, open enough for me to now admire the camel toe which formed against her incredibly tight, white panties.

Taking another deep breath, I simply downed a mouthful of champagne, trying and calm my nerves.

"My, aren't we a little tense this afternoon?" she said, emphasizing the "tense" and alluding to my stiff cock.

"You have no idea." I confessed. "I barely slept a wink last night."

"With that thing swinging between your legs, I can see why." she snickered. "You never told me you were so endowed, Scott?"

I blushed brightly and shrugged.

"Wow, I never imagined you'd have such a big, thick dick."

I was genuinely surprised and taken aback by her blunt words, and not knowing what to say heard myself reply, "Well, you never asked."

Just then as we flirted some more I felt her rake her long exquisite French-polished fingernails over the obvious bulge in my pants, causing me to gasp softly and loll my head back against the headrest.

"How does that feel, Scott?" she purred, "Better?"

"Yes." I barely muttered, as the leggy blonde lovingly stroked my manhood in the backseat.

"Hmm, poor baby." she soothed. "I bet you've wacked off to me a hundred times, huh?"

"More than that," I answered honestly. "I have a life size poster of you on my door."

"And I bet you stroke this beautiful cock to the image of me every night, huh? Fantasizing about all the dirty and depraved things you want to do to me?"

I faintly nodded as her fingers lightly brushed along the base of my cock, before gliding around the tip of my head and teasing it with her nails.

"Is this one of those fantasizes?" she cooed softly.

"Feels like it."

http://thumbnails102.imagebam.com/28120/a9b19d281198341.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a9b19d281198341) http://thumbnails108.imagebam.com/28120/ae568c281198363.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/ae568c281198363)

"Take off your pants, Scott." she suddenly insisted, breaking me out of my reverie.

"But..." I stammered nervously. "What about our lunch? What about the restaurant?"

It was only later that I realized how incredibly stupid this sounded. But the truth was I was so nervous and self-conscious about getting undressed in front of her, I could barely think straight.

"That can wait," she grinned. "We got plenty of time. Besides, I want to see what my number one fan is packing downstairs."

With that, I reluctantly scooted my butt off the leather seat and shoved my pants and boxer-briefs down my legs in one swift action, exposing my throbbing member to her pretty blue eyes.

"Wow," she remarked as she watched my already stiff cock flick back and strike me against my abdomen.

Without hesitating she reached down to firmly grasp the base of my hard cock with her delicate fingers, almost causing me to pop straight away.

"Oh, shit." I let out, feeling her cold fingers encase me completely.

Feeling me twitch and throb in her hand, Jen giggled.

"Oh wow. I really am turning you on, aren't I?"

"You have no idea." I almost panted. "I think I've dreamt about this moment my entire life."

"Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint you now, would we?"

As she said this, I happen to glance outside the window and notice that we were in fact speeding across the Sydney Harbor Bridge, not that it mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Still, I suddenly found myself giggling uncontrollably with unrestrained euphoria. You couldn't have planned it any better. This was easily turning out to be the single most incredible and awe inspiring day of my entire life!

While I chuckled to myself, Jennifer giggled along, "What? What's so funny?"

"I just...I just can't believe this is actually happening to me right now." I confessed, my laughter almost turning to tears of joy. "It's like a dream."

I guess you could say that champagne affects all us a little differently.

Dismissing my strange behavior, Jen then proceeded to give me a very slow and intense hand job as we headed for our impromptu lunch date across town.

Teasing my dick, she let her long fingernails glide across my tender skin and massaged the head before smearing the leaking pre-cum all around the head and shaft.

To my amusement she stared intently at my meaty helmet and seemed genuinely fascinated with my cock, and the way in reacted to her gentle touch.

Using my own lube, the onetime "Newcastle Knights" cheerleader proceeded to grip the base and began to twist her wrist a little faster, and jerked me more intently.

I could tell from her technique that she had done this before.

"Oh wow." I groaned, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. "That feels so good."

How I didn't come right then and there I couldn't tell you, but I watched with fascination as the blonde temptress stroked and massaged my cock pensively.

"You think you could cum before we reach the restaurant?" she smiled at me, her hand pistoning up and down my shiny rod.

"Fuck yeah." I answered, "It's not a matter or if or when, but how many times."

"Go on then," she insisted. "I want to see you shoot. I want to see you shoot that load all over my hand, Scott."

"OMFG, this is unbelievable." I gasped inwardly as Jennifer Hawkins keenly stroked my piss-pump, breathing into my neck and urging me come for her.

"This is so unbelievable. This is so unbelievable." I chanted again.

"Oh no," she cooed into my ear. "This is as real as it gets, baby."

With that she teased me by gingerly running her tongue along my ear, and catching my ear lobe between her teeth.

"Ugh, fuck!" I grunted. "What are you doing to me, Jen?"

"I'm giving you what you always wanted." she breathed before gently biting my ear again, her hand picking up some pace.

"Jesus. This is fucking unbelievable." I whimpered.

"You like that, huh? What about this?" she panted, and with that she leaned over and brushed he lips against my neck, eliciting a low labored groan from me.

"Oh fuck yeah." I let out. "That drives me crazy. I love it when chicks do that to me."

"Yeah? You like that, huh?" she hissed, as she picked up the pace of her hand even more and now locked her lips around my neck.

I could feel the faint touch of her wet tongue brush and swirl against my sensitive skin, while her hand stroked me harder and faster still. My cock was so wet, and her hand was moving so rapidly, that it now made a lewd squishing sound which filled the cabin, and only seemed to encourage her.

"Come for me Scott! Shoot you're fucking load all over my hand. I want to see you shoot. I want to feel it spurt out all over my fingers...I want to taste it!"

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" I grimaced, hearing her declare that she wanted my sample my load.

"You're gonna make me shoot so hard, Jen!"

"Yeah? That's what I want! Show me! Show me how you cum when you think about me, Scott!"

Suddenly, caught up in the moment I heard myself blurt out, "Show me your tits, Jen! Please!"

"Yeah? Is that what you want, baby?" she snapped back. "You want to see my perky little fucking tits?"

Taking her hand away for just a moment, Jen reached down to her outfit and without a moment's notice unfastened two buttons and impatiently pulled her tight tee up and over her pert chest, immediately revealing her bra-less mounds to me, and her small, taut brown nipples which stood firm and proud, and at full attention.

It was during this process that she had also inadvertently exposed her long muscular torso and sculptured obliques, which caused me to moan aloud as I watched her muscles stretch and flex.

"OMG, they're perfect!" I gasped loudly, as my own hand immediately snatched my throbbing member and I jerked off to the image of her bare breasts, and body.

There I watched as she gently tweaked and played with her erect nipples for my benefit, twirling and pulling at the stiff buds with her thumb and forefinger, while her exceptional hard body twisted and contorted erotically.

"Jesus Christ!" I moaned to myself. "Look at that body."

"Look how hard my nipples are, Scott? See what you've done?"

"Please, leave your shirt up like that," I urged. "Fuck I love your body. You've got such an incredible hard, ripped body, Jen!"

Suddenly, the leggy sex kitten slapped my hand away and placed her own back around my gleaming pork sword and stroked me keenly once again, this time using her free hand to play with her exposed nipples.

"C'mon Scott!" she urged loudly. "Be a good boy, and cum for me. Can you do that?"

"Yesss..." I stammered, as her hand now became a blur over my cock.

It was then she said something that absolutely blew me away, and whatever resistance I had left.

"I promise if you come right now," she purred. "I'll stick my fingers in my mouth and taste your cum."

"Huh? What?" I gasped loudly.

"I'll taste your load, Scott." she affirmed. "I'll stick it in my mouth and all over my tongue and taste you. Can you cum in my mouth, baby?"

Hearing this, I totally and utterly lost my fucking mind and suddenly jerked violently as my cock erupted inside her tight grasp, sending thick ropes of cum to spurt out all over her hand and wrist.

I came so hard Jennifer was briefly stunned into silence as she watched me spew a phenomenal amount of semen all over us both.

Stroking me gently, she finally wiped her hand and grinned smugly, "Good boy" before she grabbed some napkins from the bar and proceeded to clean up the mess.

I sat there smiling dumbly, my head still spinning as I reminded her about the promise she had made only moments earlier.

"Go on," I urged her. "You promised, remember?"

To my delight, Jen smirked before she brought her slick fingers up to her pretty mouth and keenly enveloped them with her lips and tongue, cleaning them completely.

The action was so sexy and lewd I actually felt my spent cock twitch in appreciation.

"Mm, tasty," she smiled, as I was left absolutely floored by her words and actions.

It seemed that as pretty and sweet as her public persona appeared to be, she was anything but, and was in fact a sexy little nymphet who loved to tease and fuck around.

"Come on, get yourself cleaned up." she told me. "We're almost here."

"Oh yeah." I remarked. "There's lunch too."

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Good god man. That was amazing. Thanks a lot. My only regret is that if I post a story I've been working on along the same lines (but involving a gangbang), it'll look like I copied you.

10-28-2010, 11:56 PM
Not at all. Post it!! We can never get enough celeb stories! :good: