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iSpy 2
With Jenna and Justine Ezarik
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, blowjob, sleep, reluc
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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It had been almost a month since the incident between Justine and I, and in that time a lot of things had changed including my relationship with Jenna. In fact, it was during one of her drunken stupors that Jenna admitted her true feelings for me, and still feeling guilty over the incident with her older sister, I reluctantly reciprocated.

So to the excitement of her family and friends, Jenna Ezarik and I became an item and started dating. Meanwhile it was around this time that the sisters had arranged for a weekend getaway to Hawaii in which I had agreed to tag along.

Straight off the plane we spend the day just frolicking on the beach and getting drunk on Mai Tai's before we cleaned ourselves up and enjoyed a romantic beach-side dinner.

As expected the ladies looked absolutely stunning that evening, and as hard as I tried I just couldn't keep my eyes off Justine and that extremely tight bikini top which clearly flaunted her increasingly erect nipples underneath.

At one point even Jenna commented on the fact that her sister appeared to be a little "cold" through dinner, despite the balmy climate.

Nevertheless, we went back to our hotel and enjoyed a game of Black Ops (as the ladies had smuggled their Xbox360 with them) and while I crashed on the couch with a few more drinks, I watched the girls cheer and carry on as they competitively played the First Person Shooter.

The apartment we stayed in was a luxurious suite which was situated on the second floor and literally a stone's throw away from the beach. Inside it featured a lavish tub and fully stocked bar, and a more importantly, a single kind sized bed that we were sure all three of us could easily fit on.

With the large bed pressed against the wall, we soon agreed that I would sleep closest to the wall with Jenna in the middle and Justine on the other end.

Jenna had even joked that I always got a hard-on in the middle of the night and that she didn't want me to accidentally gorge her sister with it. With that in mind I wore my boxers to bed while Jenna borrowed a t-shirt and wore her bikini bottoms.

Justine however went to the bathroom and returned from the shower in just a long nightshirt that went past her knees. It was pulled tight across her chest and once again I could see that she was not wearing a bra underneath it.

Unfortunately I couldn't tell if she wore any panties beneath the shirt, which only caused me to fantasize about her lack of dress yet again. We had the A/C cranked on high and we were all under the blankets with Justine lying on her side with the television on.

Jenna was asleep within minutes, which disappointed me because I was spooning her from behind with my hard cock pressed firmly against her luscious butt, but she was exhausted from the flight and the copious amount of alcohol we had drunk all day.

Nonetheless, Justine and I stayed awake and watched something on cable, one of those soft-core movies which feature a lot of girl on girl action, and we both giggled quietly almost ourselves careful not to wake her sister.

I'm not really sure when I finally fell asleep but when I awoke it was around 3am and I had to pee.

I carefully climbed from my place against the wall and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, and when I made my way back to the bed I was momentarily startled to find a shadowy figure sitting up on the edge of mattress, who I soon realized was Justine.

It seemed my bathroom trip had apparently interrupted her sleep.

"Feel better?" she quipped sarcastically before she staggered into the bathroom behind me.

Meanwhile, Jenna in my absence had rolled over and was now facing the wall.

I tapped her to move but she wouldn't budge so I lay in what was now the middle of the bed. I faced Jenna's back just to be safe and for a moment considered waking her up for a little nookie action, but then thought better of it.

She really had had her fair share of alcohol that day and needed her rest.

When Justine finally returned back to the bed I briefly glanced back at her and my eyes immediately fell to her chest as I could see the outline of her obviously hard nipples yet again.

Meanwhile Justine simply crawled back under the covers and snickered to herself, informing me that she knew I was still awake.

"You know you're not fooling anyone." she quietly said. "I know you're awake over there."

I simply snickered.

"And don't poke your pecker into me while you're sleeping." she added. "I'm not Jenna, OK?"

Justine laughed at her own wit and I did too albeit a little nervously.

Naturally being flanked by the two Ezarik sisters as I was, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was just so damn horny and my cock was pounding in my shorts aching for relief.

Resigned to my fate I finally decided to try and take my mind off my erection so I rolled over and took the remote from on top of the covers and switched the muted television to a replay of a ball game from earlier that day.

While Jenna still lay facing the wall, Justine was lying on her back and breathing steadily so I assumed she had fallen asleep.

She had the covers pulled all the way up to her neck so she was completely covered. I lay with my head on my hand and watched TV for a little while until I finally felt myself slowly drift off to sleep.

I couldn't really tell you when the next event occurred because besides opening my eyes and noting that the ball game was over, I awoke with a fright as I realized Justine had her sweet round ass pressed up against my hard cock, and we were spooning!

Scared shitless, I tried to stay perfectly still when I then felt Justine nudge her hips gently and lightly push her butt back against me.

She apparently enjoyed the feel of something wedged hard between her buttocks. Catching my breath, I glanced behind me to make sure Jenna was still asleep as she was only a foot or so away and still facing the wall, snoring.

This gentle grinding continued in silence for several more minutes, to the point where I was still thinking clearly enough to know that this was very wrong. Still, a part of me hoped Justine was just dreaming and it would stop soon enough.

Finally it did stop, but not before I took a deep breath and ever so gently draped my right arm over her body and rested my hand on her flared hips.

"Jesus Christ," I thought to myself, marveling at the blonde's exquisite body. She really had a body built for sin.

Moving my hand ever so slowly, I traced my fingers up the side of her body until I finally came to rest against the mound of her right breast.

There I didn't move my fingers for several moments until my resolve finally weakened and I let them deftly explore around her chest, moving to the edge of her shirt and finding the opening to nuzzle inside and caress her bare skin and ultimately give her incredibly soft boobs a gentle grope and fondle.

God damn her breasts were incredible, considerably softer than I had ever imagined them to be. I had never touched a tit so perfect in all my time, and as I gently explored her soft natural boobs I soon discovered just how hard the nipple was under my palm.

Noting this, I then proceeded to lovingly play with the hard nub, pinching and teasing it to life between my thumb and forefinger which riled a series of soft whimpers from her and caused her butt to wiggle against me even more.

By this stage I was as hard as a rock and my cock was firmly wedged between her warm buttocks. We carried on this way for the longest time, neither of us speaking but clearly well aware of what we were doing to each other.

I mean there we were, simply lying in the dark with my hand on her breast and her butt grinding against my throbbing member while laying two feet away from my girlfriend, her sister Jenna.

Justine finally stopped what she was doing, and moving slowly, I almost gasped as I watched her rise up slightly and hike her shirt up over her hips, inviting me to slip my hand underneath it and touch her more directly.

With that, I reluctantly withdrew my hand from around her breast and snaked my fingers under the sheets and inside her shirt and placed my fingers over her soft smooth hips, touching her naked flesh and marveling at the warmth of her skin.

The heat which emanated from her body was absolutely incredible, so much so that for a moment I thought I was going to burn my fingers.

Caressing her tender skin, I cheekily dipped my hand along her tight smooth tummy and played with her belly button, noting the way it rose and fell to her deep breathing.

Moving on I then skimmed my fingers up her toned body and found her breasts again, this time wasting no time and immediately toying with her hard nipple.

Justine shuddered quietly to my touch as my digits played with her nips, her butt still wedged firmly around the head of my clothed covered cock.

This was the way it went for the next several minutes, both of us teasing and moving in unison in the dark, my hand fondling her breasts while her butt wiggled against my erection when finally she dropped all the pretense and whispered something.

"Take it out," she insisted in a breathy tone, but I wasn't sure I was hearing her right.

The entire situation was so hot and surreal, and extremely sensual. I didn't respond right away and she finally glanced over her shoulder to look at me, her long blonde hair disheveled and covering most of her face.

"Take out your fucking cock." she cussed softly.

Her blunt words were enough to make me cum right then and there and I was jolted out of my daydream and instinctively reached down and pulled my hard cock out of the leg of my boxer shorts and rubbed it against her skin.

I don't mind admitting that I nearly came when I felt her hand suddenly reach back and grasp my cock flesh.

Justine adjusted her position so that my cock now nestled between her thighs and crotch, and I heard myself gasp audibly as I felt her rub the bell-end of my prick against her bare sex, revealing to me just how wet she in fact was.

Her pussy was absolutely dripping wet. Almost immediately I recalled how wet Jenna's pussy could get, but that was only after some tongue work and twenty minutes of hard fucking.

One thing I really loved about Jenna was the fact that she really loved it rough; hard and fast almost always got her off and she only ever wanted deep, fast pounding which I was more than happy to give.

Justine however was wetter than I ever remembered her sister being, not to mention she was a lot more limber too.

The eldest Ezarik sister used her hand to keep my cock pressed against her sex as I proceeded to grind my hips and I felt my cock delve further between her swollen pussy lips with each thrust, until they finally slipped between her inflamed lips and across her clit, causing the length of my shaft to grow exceedingly wet.

As we proceeded this way, I continued to tease and toy with her erect nipple, rolling and twisting it slowly between my fingers and when I grew a little more aggressive with her teat she seemed to really get off on it, especially when I pinched and pulled at them more liberally.

"Oh..." she whimpered, as the end of my bell end momentarily delved inside. "You're so hard right now."

She wasn't lying. At that precise moment in time I was sure my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds. We were trying to move without moving.

By that I mean we were doing what we were doing knowing Jenna was on the same bed with us and we had to be careful.

I wondered if the thought of how wrong this was crossed Justine's mind, as it did mine. Nevertheless, a moment later Justine buried her face in the pillow and to my surprise she actually proceeded to climax.

To my amazement the YouTube blogger simply trembled violently and her mouth formed a perfect "O" as she came against my cock, smearing it with her juices.

I actually felt her vagina contract and grow considerably wetter as she rubbed her clit furiously with her fingers and came once again, this time for a good minute or so.

In all honestly I was absolutely shocked that she came without penetration, but moreover I was ready to bust my nut. Still catching her breath, Justine then reached down with her hand and was now coating my cock with her essence.

The mere notion drove me wild, and without thinking I reached over to grab her wrist and brought it up to my face and took her slick fingers into my mouth, licking her wet digits and twirling my tongue around her long French Manicured nails.

"Oh. You bastard." Justine moaned before she instinctively bucked her hips and almost inadvertently impaled herself.

Noting this, without a word she then raised one leg slightly and guided the head of my cock between her swollen lips. I slipped inside of her effortlessly, and again it took every ounce of strength not to blow my load right then and there.

"Oh. Fuck." she purred softly, biting her bottom lip as I entered her from behind.

My cock was finally inside iJustine.


Jenna was always extremely paranoid about falling pregnant so we never had sex without incorporating some form of birth control, mainly condoms. So it had been weeks since my cock had enjoyed some bareback action, yet the thought of getting Justine pregnant was the furthest thing from my mind.

All I could think about now was holding my wad and giving her the "dicking" I had always wanted to. But Jesus, her pussy felt so god damn good. Her cunt felt like satin and it was certainly a challenge to hold out.

Reaching over I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her tight to me, locking my lips around her subtle neck and tonguing it.

Gasping with surprise, Justine turned her head to say something to me but I swiftly silenced any objections with my lips. Our tongues desperately wrestled against the others, and the room soon filled with the soft and erotic sound of our lips smooching.

"Go slow." she finally whispered between breathes. "I want to come again."

Eventually I was able to slide my entire length into her tight cunt from behind and she lowered her leg again and squeezed her thighs together so we were spooning like before only this time with my cock wedged in her hot little box.

Caught up in the moment I actually forgot where I was (that my girlfriend was sleeping directly behind me) and I proceeded to pump my cock into Justine with more enthusiasm.

Panicking for a moment, the web personality moaned momentarily before she reached back and placed her hand on my hip and signaled me to slow down. I did as she asked, but I needed to cum.

In truth though, I was also glad to slow the pace to a crawl as her pussy felt so fucking good without even moving, and holding her in this position allowed us to kiss and make out. God how I loved her lips. No one had lips like Justine, and she knew exactly how to use them.

Just then, we heard Jenna stir slightly and talk in her sleep, which caused Justine and I to freeze with fear.

We lay there perfect still, my cock buried inside her cunt, not even breathing and both perspiring as we waited for the moment to pass. That's when Justine decided to be bold and started squeezing my prick with her cunt muscles, the surprising action causing me to groan and making my eyes roll into the back of my head.

"Holy shit," I thought to myself. "What is this girl doing to me?"

Up until that point I had never felt anything so exquisite in my entire life. I mean I had had my cock squeezed by a Jenna before, but that was only during moments of climax.

Her older sister however seemed to have noticeably stronger muscle control and it was as if she was milking me now. Clutching her neck, I responded by sticking my tongue into her ear which caused her to moan.

"Oh you fucking bitch," I whimpered softly into her ear. "If you keep that up, you're going to make me cum all over that pussy of yours."

"Do it," was her daring reply. "Cum inside me."

My head was spinning as I then felt her hand move between our joined crotches. She fingered her clit and gently played with my balls and I moved my hips more intently causing my cock to slide in and out of her sopping, gripping, cunt.

"Oh. Oh." she panted softly, rocking her hips and arching her back sharply.

"Fuck me. Fuck me." she chanted softly, and that's about the time I lost it.

I broke off our kiss to tell her I was going to cum and she responded by thrusting her butt hard against me, almost insisting that I full her up to the brim.

A moment later my cock exploded with a force I never imagined.

I could feel rope after hot syrupy rope of thick semen shot deep into Justine's magnificent cunt. The video blogger must have felt it too because she too exploded with her third orgasm of the night.

Her contracting cunt muscles made me feel like she was going to rip my cock off inside of her.

When it finally stopped I felt like my heart would burst from my chest. Now we lay there motionless, my slowly deflating cock still buried deep inside her as our juices fused and dripped out around our sex.

I knew we had to be making a right royal mess on the bed.

Finally I rolled onto my back and stared up at the ceiling and contemplated what had just occurred. It was then a moment that Jenna rolled over onto her back in her sleep and it nearly gave me a damn heart attack until I was sure she was still in a deep sleep.

Justine was on her other side now facing me. We were still in relative darkness but I could tell she was grinning contently.

I tried to fall asleep because I was so totally drained but before long I felt Justine's hand fall to my belly and slowly snake down to my crotch and loving massaged my flaccid cock and balls.

She nuzzled closer to me so that her lips were touching my ears. I don't mind admitting I was even more tense and anxious at that moment as I glanced at my girlfriend who although was asleep and snoring soundly, was now facing us with her face just inches away from mine.

All Jenna had to do was open her eyes and she would find her older sister grinning at me, her hand on my cock.

"I love the way your cock feels right now." Justine whispered, as she proceeded to stroke it back to life, "Feels so soft and smooth."

Not for long, I thought as my cock quickly proceeded to harden under her touch once more.

"I bet he tastes like candy too?" she added, before I felt her tongue graze my earlobe.

I suppressed a chuckle at her comment but then instinctively turned my face to kiss her on the mouth.

It was those lips again. I just couldn't deny them a kiss. Justine now lovingly stroked my cock as we kissed slowly and passionately. There we took turns sucking on each other's lips and swapping spit.

"Your lips..." I finally whispered. "They're fucking amazing."

Justine grinned before she replied, "How would you like them wrapped around your cock?"

The mere notion caused me to moan, before she told me to keep an eye on Jenna and make sure she stayed asleep.

"Wait, what are you going to do?" I stammered quietly as I watched her start to dip her head.

"What do you think?" she winked up at me.

"What now?" I mouthed in panic.

Smirking to herself, Justine licked my nipple before she spoke.

"I want to feel your cock in my mouth."

I was obviously not going to argue, but I was however extremely shocked at her wanton action and her brazen behavior considering her sister was lying right beside us and facing us no less.

It was then as I looked at Jenna's peaceful face for any reaction that Justine proceeded to kiss her way down my body until her face was positioned above my sex.

I have to admit I for the first time that evening I actually felt a little guilty at that moment, but that emotion quickly faded and fear and excitement rushed through me as I felt Justine's warm tongue lick around the head.

Her cock sucking and teasing skills were exceptional. For a longest time that's all Justine did, just tease my cock with her tongue. She then tentatively licked and sucked the tip of my head like an ice cream cone, causing it to swell to its full length.

I could only lie there squirming wildly on the bed as she then took her mouth away for a moment and lovingly dragged her searing tongue along the base of my shaft and proceeded to gently suck on my tightened nuts.

My initial reaction was to reach down and stroke my stiff pole, but I quickly realized that with her talented mouth still servicing me the mere touch of my hand would cause me to spill my seed again.

Instead I brushed my fingers through her long blonde mane and encouraged her to lick and suck lower, and lower still.

To my surprise Justine did not hesitate for a moment and seemed to know what I yearned for, and ultimately swirled her wet tongue across my taint and proceeded to rim me—the entire time as we lay next to her sister Jenna on the bed.

My eyes immediately fluttered and rolled into the back of my head and my legs spread wide to accommodate her eager mouth as I grabbed the back of her head and mashed it hard against my butt.

Justine simply moaned lustfully as she speared out her long tongue and proceeded to service me.

I have to say that while Jenna gave the most amazing blow jobs, it was not even on the same level as her harlot sister who now tickled my butt with her finger and lathered her spit and long pink tongue across my sac.

She was clearly determined to make me cum, and how. I tried to pull her away when I felt myself ready to blow, simply assuming that Justine was like Jenna and did not like to swallow.

The eldest Ezarik sister however did not hesitate and she put her mouth directly over the head of my throbbing bell end and sucked it hard while she massaged my prostate with her finger.

"Cum in my mouth!" she urged between slurps, and her urgent comment was enough to make me explode.

My orgasm wasn't as prolific as the "spooning" load that I had just shot in her pussy, but it was definitely substantial.

To her credit Justine kept at it, milking my load with her mouth and hand and sucking and swallowing me until I was totally empty.

Incredibly, I was still aroused after my second orgasm of the night and Justine simply giggled and announced that she was getting up to use the shower - her mouth and crotch stained with baby batter.

"You're still hard, huh?" she giggled as she smacked her glistening lips together, a huge grin on her face.

She was apparently very proud of herself.

"Can you blame me?"

"Why don't you use some of that pent up energy on my sister?" Justine suggested, before she climbed out of the bed and headed for the shower.

I turned towards Jenna and gently kissed her on the mouth while I let my hands wander her body.

To my amusement Jenna stirred slightly and instinctively flicked my hand away, most probably assuming that her older sister was still lying in bed with us, but I leaned into her ear and informed her that Justine was in the shower, giving us a few minutes to fool around before she could get back.

"Err, what are you talking about?" Jenna mumbled incoherently while still half asleep.

Nevertheless I kissed her passionately on the lips and plunged my hand into her panties and proceeded to finger her as she slowly came to.

For the second time in as many minutes I was inside the panties of a Ezarik, and feeling bold and determined I spread her legs wide with my hands, leaving her lewdly spread on the bed as I began to explore her pretty little cunt.

To my amusement Jenna resisted for only a moment, still paranoid about her big sister showering in the very next room.

"Relax babe, she's in the shower." I reassured her. "She can't hear us, and you're so fucking wet right now, Jenna."

With that I kissed her neck, knowing the effect this had on her. It was her Achilles heel, the one area that got her randy no matter what her mood. Watching me carry on, Jenna finally giggled.

"What's gotten into you?"

I didn't respond and simply continued to molest and fondle her, kissing her briefly on the lips before I suckled her breasts, causing her to let out a soft whimper.

"I know what it is," Jenna finally grinned. "You're just turned on because you know my sister is naked in the other room right now."

And she was right.

"Oh really?" I replied, as I delved two of my fingers deep into her sodden wet cunt, burying them knuckle deep as I kissed her hard on the lips again and reassuring her that she was the one that was in fact turning me on.

Jenna gasped to this action and I felt her raise her hips up off the bed, encouraging me to finger-bang her and get her off, but I had other ideas.

In an instant I swiftly positioned myself between her spread legs and without any further ado entered my girlfriend. As expected her pussy was hot and wet, and Jenna grunted and moaned as I immediately proceeded to pound into her wanton cunt.

I moaned inwardly to myself as I couldn't help but note just how similar their vagina's were.

Even so, Jenna was still visibly anxious and paranoid about her sister walking in on us as we fucked, and was also apparently concerned by the fact that I was not wearing a rubber like usual.

"Baby... Ooh. Ugh!" Jenna muttered breathlessly. "Wait, ugh! You're not wearing a condom?"

"I don't care." I remarked, as I took her smooth legs and pinned them over my shoulders. "I have to fuck you right now!"

I then began to drill her mercilessly.

"Ugh. Ugh. Oh yes!" she cooed as I slammed into her body repeatedly, my nuts slapping loudly against her backdoor.

"Ugh! Don't stop!" she urged while cupping her jiggling breasts and turning her head to the side. "You're gonna make me cum!"

"Yeah!?" I replied, as I grabbed her firmly by the hips and doubled my efforts. "Cum for me baby! Cum all over my cock!"

As Jenna and I humped wildly on the bed, I glanced at the bathroom and caught sight of Justine covertly watched us from the door.

I guess you could say it was only fair considering how the entire affair had started when I had spied on her in the shower weeks earlier.

Still, there was something so erotic about Justine watching her own sister get fucked, and before I could stand it I proceeded to shoot my load once again, this time filling Jenna's hot little cunt with my seed.

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In one word.. Epic. Great piece of work, I look forward to seeing more of Ij on here