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02-27-2011, 10:50 AM
A Brooksie Production.

It was the day of my X-Factor audition, I didn’t really want to go but my girlfriend had forced me into it, she had been nagging at me for months and months about it, so I thought fuck it just go and do it and shut her up, so I reluctantly agreed.

I worked at a Holiday camp, I had only been there a few months working, but now I was head of the entertainments, whilst my girlfriend Amy, worked in the offices. It was quite strange how I came to be working there, you see Amy was the sister of my best mate and we had gone to the holiday camp for a break, we being, me, my mate, Amy and their mother who had just had a messy break up with their father, anyway me and Amy finally got it on at the holiday camp, (I had fancied her for ages!), obviously my mate wasn’t happy about it, he don’t speak to either of us now! Anyway where was I, oh yes, we were on holiday at this camp, and as you do, you have a few beers and you get up on the karaoke don’t you, and well the people loved it, especially the old dears, they kept begging me to sing more, they even pleaded with me to do whole night shows, anyway after constant pestering of the manager there by the holidaymakers, he offered me a job and I took it.

In the following weeks and months, news of my signing spread as people spoke, people flocked far and wide to see me, I wasn’t always on but they still came, I had changed the fortunes of this once failing holiday camp and now it was thriving.

So as I joined the seemingly endless queue of people all hoping to change their lives, I thought to myself, ‘I’m the only one here who doesn’t really want to be here’.

After about two hours waiting in this queue, I finally got to the front, “name please”, I recall this decent looking bird ask, “Brooksie” I said, “your real name”, she asked, she pissed me off, “Brooksie” I snapped back, she just glared at me and gave me a number, number 1235.
As I entered the holding area, I looked around the room and saw people singing, groups practicing dance moves, weirdo’s in stupid costumes, I just found a seat and sat down waiting for my number to be called. After about another hours wait my number was called, I was ushered through these doors where I was greeted by Dermot O’Leary, he was still wearing the same suit he has been wearing for the last two or three or how ever many years he has been doing the show, I remember thinking to myself all that money he must earn doing this show and he can’t afford a new suit!

I recall, I was just about to climb the stairs to get on the stage when I felt Dermot pat me on the back, “good luck” I heard him say as I climbed the stairs to go on stage.

I made my way onto the stage, I saw a sea of humanity in the crowd who cheered me, I then noticed the judges, Louis, Simon, Cheryl and the gorgeous Pixie Lott who was filling in for Dannii, I couldn’t take my eyes of Pixie, I had no idea she was going to be judging so it was a nice surprise as she flashed me a beautiful smile, I specifically remember her bright red lipstick and her beaming smile, “Hi” I said as Cheryl asked “who do we have here”, my name is Brooksie I replied, and “what brings you here today?” Simon asked, I paused for a moment, “my girlfriend kept nagging me and nagging me and nagging me, so I’m here just for a bit of peace really” I stated, this drew laughter from the crowd and the judges laughed too, Cheryl, with a cute smile on her face, “ah” she said cutely, and Pixie who I had hardly took my eyes off, giggled too and looked as cute as ever.
“Brooksie”, I heard a voice call, “who do you think you can be as big as?”, Louis asked, I pondered the question for a bit, “I don’t know, I just want to be me, I don’t compare myself to anyone, I don’t want to be like anyone, I just want to be me” I said, the crowd applauded, Cheryl as I recall said “good” and Pixie nodded in approval, she must of liked my answer. “Ok, what are you going to sing?” asked Simon, but before I could answer Pixie asked me a what I did for living, “I work at a holiday camp, head of entertainments, miss” I replied she nodded “ok”, she said shyly as she smiled at me before looking down at the desk, pushing her beautiful blonde hair back over her ears, looking up a couple of times at me as we exchanged little smiles with each other.

Simon repeated his earlier question of what are you going to sing?, “sorry”, I said, I had been distracted by the beauty of Pixie, of whom I fancied like crazy and had completely forgotten about Simon’s question, “I’m going to sing, erm…, erm…” I pondered for a minute whilst I tried to decide what song to sing, “I’m going to sing, an Elvis Presley song, I’m going to sing in the ghetto”. I don’t think Simon liked my choice, I recall him saying, “how about you sing something more modern”, “how about no” I bit back, Louis clapped me, he liked the fact that I stood up for myself and argued with Simon as he and Louis always argue every year. “If it wasn’t for artists like Elvis there would be no music industry, there won’t be another one like him Simon, he is still remembered now years after his death and no disrespect to the likes of Timberlake and the kid that won last year, but after they peg it, I doubt very much that they will be remembered Simon, don’t you think Simon?” I asked, giving Simon a sarcastic look, he scowled at me, I think I pissed him off!

During my rant, well I wouldn’t call it a rant more an observation, Pixie hadn’t took her eyes off me, she hung to every word I said, she seemed to like that I was confrontational with Simon Cowell and she flashed me another smile.

Following my audition, the audience liked it judging by their applause and cheers but more importantly to me, so did Pixie who was capping above her head and smiling at me. To be honest I never really noticed the other judge’s reaction as I had my eyes locked firmly on Pixie.
At that moment I was in a transfixed stance and missed the start of what Simon said, I could subconsciously hear something in my ear but it was just a noise I was still locked onto Pixie as we stared into each others eyes. I finally came out of my so like trance and shook my head to wake me up, “sorry Simon, did you say something?” I wasn’t being rude, I genuinely didn’t hear what he had said, he misinterpreted and thought I had ignored him or being cocky and arrogant. I wasn’t. Simon was pissed off. “It wasn’t very good I’m afraid, poor vocally, poor song choice, hated it, sorry” he said and shrugged his shoulders and glared at me arrogantly and smugly, pleased with himself, he obviously thought he had took me down a peg or two - not that I needed it. I didn’t think so anyway.

As Simon was enjoying his power trip, Pixie snapped at him, “are you serious Simon?” she asked, Simon’s expression changed so quickly from smugness to one of utter surprise and shock that this young 19 year old was questioning his judgement. “Don’t listen to him Brooksie, I thought it was brilliant and if that was released as single right now, I’d buy it, brilliant, well done”. I admit, I blushed a little, praise from Pixie Lott, wow, I thought. “Thank you”, I respectfully replied as I exchanged smiles with her. “I agree, I agree, Brooksie, I think you could be the next Michael Buble, I think you’re going to be in the final” predicted Louis. I remember thinking to myself, why does he always compare everyone to someone and say I think you’re going to be in the final. Instead I just said thanks. Cheryl was next to give her opinion, “I think it was a great performance, really enjoyed it”. I nodded in gratitude and said thanks.
“Ok, lets vote” stated Simon, “it’s no from me”, to which the Pixie, Cheryl and Louis all looked at him shaking their heads. “it’s 100% yes from me” stated Cheryl, “yes, yes, yes,” Louis answered as he banged his hand down on the desk, “and it’s a million percent yes from me” Pixie confirmed and she gave me a little cute smile and wink.

So with that done I made my way off the stage and was going to head home. After I had left stage Simon had said to the other Judges, let’s have a break, and resume in an hour.
I recall I was walking towards the exit door, “wait, wait”, I heard a voice shouting in the distance behind me, I thought nothing of it and that it must be for someone else. “Wait, wait”, I heard again, still I didn’t stop, “wait, Brooksie”, I heard the same voice call. I stopped for a minute, “wait, Brooksie”, there was that voice again, I recognised it, I turned round slowly, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I turned around, “Brooksie”, the voice called, getting closer by the second, I saw this beautiful blonde figure coming towards me quickly, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Pixie. “Pixie”, I called, confused, “Pixie” I said as she had finally caught up with me, she was a little out of breath, “Pixie are you ok?” I asked with concern as she was a little breathless, I was perplexed as to why she had ran after me, perplexed but I wasn’t complaining! “Hi Brooksie, I just wanted to say you were brilliant” she said as she rubbed my arm, “thanks”, you ran all this way to tell me that, I thought to myself. We were staring into each others eyes, she was gorgeous, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she looked amazing. “You look stunning as usual Pixie” I stammered, being in her presence and this close to her plus she was rubbing me arm, made me all hot and flustered and got me in a muddle. Pixie giggled, “thanks”, she saw I had gone a little flush in the cheeks. “So have you told your girlfriend you got through?”, I shook my head as I hadn’t, “she’s a lucky girl”, she said, embarrassing me further, “thank you” I somehow managed to stumble out after a few attempts, Pixie smiled and laughed, I think she had figured out that I fancied her as we continued to gaze into each others eyes.
If the truth be told my heart was thumping, and now I don’t know why I did what I did but I kissed her, I pressed my lips against her bright red lips for a few seconds, she kissed back but I guess I took myself by surprise as I broke it off, “sorry”, I said.

“What for, what’s wrong? She asked, she never seemed bothered that I had kissed her, “don’t apologise” she said, and she then kissed me, we kissed tenderly, I can still feel her warm lips now as we kissed for few seconds but it seemed like hours, she then broke it off and took my hand in her hand, “you fancy me don’t you?, you want me don’t you?” she asked, well not so much ask as state, she was right, “I want you Pixie, I want you bad, I want you now”, I confirmed. With my statement a huge smile lit up her face, and taking me by the hand, she ordered me to follow her and led me by the hand to some pokey room and once inside, Pixie begged me to take her. “Take me, take me now” she pleaded and always the true gent, I accepted, for Christ sake this was Pixie Lott, you don’t turn down Pixie Lott if you have half a brain cell do you?

Me and Pixie began kissing madly as her bright red lips pressed against mine as we engaged in a game of tonsil hockey. Pixie leapt into my arms and her legs wrapped around my waist tightly as I held her for a few minutes as we kissed, her skirt hitched up and I was squeezing her pert ass cheeks as I grabbed a right handful giving them a right firm squeeze, my arms began to ache a little and so I carried her over towards a desk in the corner and popped her down on there as she tilted her head back allowing me to smother her neck with kisses.
As I continued to kiss Pixie’s neck, she unbuttoned my shirt and began rubbing her hands all over my chest, I’m not one of these pretty boy model types who shave their chest hair and Pixie liked that as we again kissed each other on the lips exchanging little kisses.
Pixie, after rubbing her hands over my body helped me out of my jeans, she undid my belt followed by button and let my jeans drop around my ankles, leaving me stood in my boxers, and Pixie admired the huge bulge in my pants and liked what she saw and after releasing it from my pants, she made quite a complimentary remark, she said she hoped the fire brigade don’t turn up because they might think they had left one of their hoses out with the size of your cock. We both laughed at the remarked and quickly got back to business. Pixie whispered in my ear “I want to feel you inside me, fuck me” as I kissed her neck and cheek. Pixie then put her hand between her legs and eased her knickers to one side to allow me to gain entry to her honey pot, and as I eased my way in, Pixie asked me if it was tight enough for me, “yes babe, yes” I muttered as we rocked in rhythm as my rock hard cock slid in and out of Pixie’s tight wettening slit. “Fuck me, fuck me, baby, fuck me” she begged as we upped the pace to frantic mode.

By this stage Pixie was becoming increasingly breathless as I pounded away at her pussy and we both felt ourselves getting closer and closer to cumming. A few more minutes passed and I could feel Pixie’s pussy getting wetter and wetter as I continued to fuck her and I as I was kissing her neck, driving Pixie wild as she began panting and moaning aloud, my hand began to wander and had soon found itself groping and fondling her breast through the cotton material of her blouse but this was not good enough for me, I wanted to feel the flesh of her tits, I wanted to feel her hardened pink nipples between my fingers, hell, I wanted to run my tongue over her nipples so I fiddled with her shirt buttons and finally succeeding in getting her shirt open and took no time at all in making light work of removing Pixie’s black bra thus revealing a lovely little pair of pert boobs with hardened tiny pink nipples.

I gently caressed Pixie’s soft round boobs giving them a gentle but firm squeeze before smothering every inch of her breasts with warm kisses. Pixie purred with pleasure as she loved the feel of my lips smothering her breasts with kisses. I made sure I paid extra special attention to her puffy pink nipples as I ran my tongue over her stiff nipples as I firstly licked then sucked followed by a gentle nibble on her nipples. “You like my tits?” she asked, I didn’t speak but made a noise indicating I did, I was too hungrily smothering her breasts with kisses to answer properly but she got the gist.

By this stage we had been having sex for about 35 minutes and I wanted to make Pixie cum so I increased the pace again. I reached around the back of her feeling her bare ass cheeks and pushed her forward, closer into me thus driving my hard cock further and deeper inside her tight hole and proceeded to pound away even harder at her pussy and her moaning got louder as she was purring with pleasure. “oh, oh, ahh, fuck me, God, fuck me, oh, oh, yeah, oh, ahh” she mumbled and moaned. I had her where I wanted her and I came inside her, shooting load after load inside her, leaving her all warm and satisfied inside and sensing that she was close to cumming, I went in for the kill, I shoved my finger as far as I could inside her tight bum hole and I felt her tight hole clench tightly around my finger, and as I wiggled it and moved it about she came hard and fast omitting a huge cry of relief, even I felt her cum and boy did she cum as I pulled out of her.
Pixie’s tasty cum gushed from her fanny, I lay Pixie back on the table with her legs apart as her pussy continued to leak and squirt cum, Pixie was completely breathless and panting hard and heavily, I hadn’t finished with her and wasted no time in burying my head between her legs, her pussy smelt great and tasted even better as I buried my tongue deep inside her warm sweaty pussy and hungrily lapped up all her pussy juice, swallowing it down in no time, she tasted so good and I told her so.

Following that I got dressed leaving Pixie to recuperate a little and after a few minutes Pixie had got most of her breath back and got changed, “that was awesome, look I want you to fuck me again later after the auditions are finished, will you wait” she asked to which I replied “of course, most definitely, I want you”. Like I said you don’t turn down Pixie Lott do you? With that she kissed me before heading back to the auditions following which it all happens again.