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Night at the Opera
With Olivia Munn and Emmy Rossum
Written by TPG
CODES: FF, voy, finger, oral
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

http://img276.imagevenue.com/loc564/th_154100237_FP_7038287_MetropolitanOpera_Premiere_CJNY_032411000_122_564lo.jpg (http://img276.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154100237_FP_7038287_MetropolitanOpera_Premiere_CJNY_032411000_122_564lo.jpg) http://img43.imagevenue.com/loc461/th_153986457_107473654_002_122_461lo.jpg (http://img43.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=153986457_107473654_002_122_461lo.jpg) http://img139.imagevenue.com/loc42/th_154017110_110369344_Olivia_Munn_CFF_0092_122_42lo.jpg (http://img139.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154017110_110369344_Olivia_Munn_CFF_0092_122_42lo.jpg)

By the time the ladies had arrived to the glitzy star-studded event, both Emmy Rossum and Olivia Munn were in high spirits as they strutted their stuff on the red carpet and posed for the various cameras. Inside the great hall the girls were soon escorted to their seats for the Opera and were directed to a private balcony on the second floor that overlooked the entire stage and auditorium.

"This is so exciting!" Emmy swooned, as the ladies were shown to the reserved box.

Once inside, the actresses were excited to see that the other two seats which accompanied their own were left vacant, informing them that the other guests would not be attending, and thus leaving the secluded booth all to themselves. As the girls settled in, Emmy suddenly whined.

"God damn it, look at this!" she said while sitting down.

It seemed the "Shameless" star had been having issues with her dress all evening, which due to the long slits which featured along the sides of her skirt now literally collapsed around her legs when she sat down, leaving her completely exposed from the waist down.

"What's wrong?" Olivia snickered, as she continued to fill their glasses with one of two complimentary bottles of Champagne.

"Look at my dress!" Emmy pouted. "It's practically nonexistent! My legs are totally exposed right now! It's so embarrassing!"

"I know right?" Olivia quipped. "You're such a whore Em."

Flashing her friend a hurtful look, Olivia giggled and reassured Emmy that she was only teasing her before she handed the actress a fresh glass of bubbly and told her to relax and enjoy herself.

"Here's to us." they toasted together before they took in the ambience of the Opera.

While the lades got settled in and now discussed various celebrities they could see from their vantage point up in the balcony, it was only now that Olivia glanced down and could see firsthand just how utterly exposed her friend in fact was. Even from her angle she could see most if not all of her long smooth legs, and if her eyes were not deceiving her she was sure she could even detect a hint of panties.

"Was Emmy wearing lace black panties?" Olivia pondered, "How sexy."

Nonetheless, while Munn cleared her throat and tried to act straight, Emmy began to whine about something yet again just as the lights in the theater began to dim, signaling the commencement of the show.

"It's my legs." Rossum claimed. "It's freezing up her, Olivia. Do you think someone would give me a blanket?"

The onetime TV host snickered at her friend's naivety before she scooted closer to her concerned BFF and without warning reached down and innocently rubbed her friend's bare legs with her black velvet gloves, attempting to warm her up.

"Here, allow me." Olivia offered, as the ladies were soon relegated to near darkness and waited for their eyes to adjust.

"Why do you think I brought these along?" Olivia remarked, as she skimmed her soft velour gloves along her friend's silky smooth legs.

Taken aback, Emmy could only giggle at her friend's offer and found the gesture sweet and endearing, if not a little inappropriate. Blushing brightly, she was just about to object tuck her legs under her loose dress when Olivia suddenly hushed her and motioned towards the stage.

"Shh... it's about to start." Munn muttered as her hands never left her friends cold limbs.

The entire auditorium soon fell quiet, so much so that you could almost hear a pin drop.

Nevertheless, Olivia's hands remained atop of her friend's cold knees as the show got underway, and caught up in the excitement of it all they soon found themselves distracted and enthralled by the extravagant opening sequence. Over the next few minutes the ladies were mesmerized by the spectacle, and their close proximity to one another and the placement of Olivia's warm hands went unnoticed for the most part until Olivia was surprised to feel goose bumps forming along Emmy's legs.

"Are you still really cold?" she whispered in the dark, to which Emmy simply nodded and shivered her lips.

Feeling guilty, Olivia scooted even closer to her BFF and to Emmy's surprise she watched as the "Daily Show" correspondent dispensed with her fancy black gloves and placed her warm naked fingers on her bare thighs, rubbed her trembling limbs.

"Just give it a minute," Munn claimed, "My hands are really warm right now."

Emmy suddenly began to giggle to herself as she recalled their earlier conversation during dinner where they had joked about Munn's outfit which could almost double for the costume of a dominatrix. She found this ironic as Olivia literally forced herself upon her and now incessantly caressed her bare legs. While the ladies were soon caught up in the show once again, Olivia finally dispensed with rubbing her flesh and now casually drew tiny circles with her fingernails instead, offhandedly reassuring her best friend that she would soon be warm.

In turn, Rossum responded in kind and thoughtlessly placed her hand on top of her friends, displaying her mutual affection towards her as the girls caressed each other innocently and enjoyed more champagne with the show. This innocent yet erotic occurrence went on for some time before Olivia now realized that in the course of several minutes her hand had slowly drifted ever so higher and now nestled deep between her friend's bare legs.

It was in fact the heat which emanated from between her thighs which prompted her attention back to their private balcony. Fortunately for her, Emmy was slightly buzzed from all the alcohol during the night at this point and as she sat there getting fondled and caressed in the dark she seemed lost in her own train of thought, her head awash with emotions. For her party, the singer/actress was now acutely aware of her shallow breathe and rapid heartbeat, and realized that her body was responding directly to Olivia's loving touch.

Still, as strange and yet soothing as it all seemed she did not want to seem unappreciative of the attention she was receiving and did not object, instead helping herself to another glass of Champagne, hoping that that might cool her down a little and busy her mind.

"Jesus, where was the last time someone touched me like this?" Emmy began to ponder, as she felt her very core begin to meltdown.

Meanwhile Olivia decided to have a little fun and now cheekily dug her fingers harder against her friends flesh and dragged her long fingernails along the very inside of her Emmy's tender thighs, smirking to herself as she heard Rossum inadvertently purr to the action.

"Ooh." she unwittingly let out.

Emmy now squirmed and fidgeted anxiously in her seat as both of them were acutely aware of the reason why she was so jittery but neither of them were willing to stop to acknowledge it. Her fingers just felt so damn good gently tracing and drawing along the upper inside of her delicate thighs, now mere inches away from her overheated center. Several more minutes passed before Olivia finally leaned over and whispered into her friend's ear, her hot breath sending a shot of adrenaline up Rossum's spine.

"Are you enjoying the show?" Olivia cooed, breaking the silence and allowing Emmy to finally breathe.

She simply responded with, "Uh-huh" as her face clearly showed signs of frustration. Over the next few minutes the petting seemed to increase with both of the ladies now breathing a little harder. By this stage Emmy was almost panting and wasn't sure if it was the alcohol talking or not, but her body was on fire and completely submitting to her friends touch. At one point without evening meaning to she found herself shifting in her seat and instinctively parting her knees slightly open, and granting her friend more access to her body.

Noting this, Olivia swallowed hard and without hesitating slipped her fingers even further inside, until they ultimately came to rest against her highly prized panties. There, she slowly explored the intricate detail of her lace undergarments and deafly brushing against the groove of her slit. It was now that she noticed that while Emmy might have been initially cold at the commencement of the Opera, her thighs were now hot to the touch and slightly clammy due to all the built up perspiration.

Thinking quickly, Munn used this sweat in her favor and now smeared it all around Emmy's crotch and ever so gently teased and massaged the tiny areas by the side of her panties, marveling at the smoothness of her mound and reveling in the way the entire process made her coo. Emmy could only sit there panting uncontrollably as her BFF now openly explored her panty clad crotch, and as if conceding to the moment Munn finally and wordlessly urged her friend's knees further apart and they both sighed in unison as Emmy's promptly responded.

She now opened her legs even further wide and permitted her full access to her sex, and Olivia happily reciprocated. Without wasting another moment, Munn dipped two digits underneath her lace fabric of her panties and finally made direct contact with her sex. Emmy's head was now spinning, shocked into disbelief and unsure just how things had transpired to such a surreal level.

Nevertheless, she still refused to object in fear of offending her and simply allowed her BFF to casually explore and play with her burning sex. Finally after what seemed like an age, Olivia took her eyes away from the show and turned to look at her friend, noting her blushed cheeks and the perspiration on her blow.

"You're so wet right now." Olivia whispered seductively, as she burrowed her middle finger along the length of her slippery folds.

Emmy could only glare back at her with a scathing look, now bitterly ashamed yet incredibly aroused. Pausing for a moment, Olivia then added another digit to the mix and leisurely penetrated her friend's hot cunt, delving them inside and burying them to the knuckle and taking the actresses breath away.

"Ugh! Olivia...?" Emmy finally muttered breathlessly as she tensed up and trembled in her seat and squeezed down on her probing fingers.

"Olivia... what are we doing?" she panted, as her best friend now openly fingered her.

"Do you like that?" Olivia breathed into her ear, "Do you like my fingers inside you?"

Emmy swallowed hard and nodded her head before she finally found her voice.

"Yes," she gasped audibly. "I like it. Don't stop."

"God you're so wet right now." Olivia hissed. "So fucking wet, and tight! Open your legs for me!"

http://img260.imagevenue.com/loc241/th_154009648_110036897_Olivia_Munn_CFF_0047_122_241lo.jpg (http://img260.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154009648_110036897_Olivia_Munn_CFF_0047_122_241lo.jpg) http://img257.imagevenue.com/loc594/th_154019171_074735107_001_122_594lo.jpg (http://img257.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154019171_074735107_001_122_594lo.jpg) http://img296.imagevenue.com/loc166/th_154422732_Emmy_Rossum_The_Metropolitan_Operas_Premiere_of_Le_Comte_Ory_in_NY_March_24_2011_02_122 _166lo.jpg (http://img296.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154422732_Emmy_Rossum_The_Metropolitan_Operas_Premiere_of_Le_Comte_Ory_in_NY_March_24_ 2011_02_122_166lo.jpg)

Without hesitating, Emmy keenly obliged and she now parted her knees as much as her seat would allow and utterly exposed herself to Olivia. Munn, who was still keeping a straight face in the balcony then looked over to briefly admired her girlfriends gleaming cunt and without warning rewarded her obedience by jamming two of fingers into her cunny, spearing them back and forth and sending another jolt of electricity up Rossum's spine.

"Ohmygod!" Emmy gasped softly. "Is this really happening?"

At this point the lewd squishing sound of her wet cunt could be heard by both ladies in the booth, causing Emmy to almost pass out with shame. Humiliated, she finally grabbed hold of Olivia's wrist and instructed her to stop momentarily, before she directed her to continue but urged that she "go slow" and instead concentrate on pleasuring her aching clit.

"Mm, your cunt is so excited right now." Olivia cooed as she twiddled with her engorged love-button.

"Oh god, don't say that!" Emmy swooned with excitement at the mere mention of the "C" word.

"What, cunt?" Olivia snickered, making sure to pronounce it more slowly and seductively.

"You like that word, don't you?"

"Please," Emmy whimpered. "You're driving me crazy right now."

"Please what, Emmy?" the sexy Euro-Asian went on. "You want me to stop playing with your cunt?"

Leaning in close to her ear Olivia then insisted.

"Open you fucking legs more, so I can play with your cunt!"

"Oh Jesus," Rossum sighed, but nevertheless complied with her request and now sat there in the private balcony above everyone else in the amphitheatre with her legs spread obscenely wide and her BFF finger-banging her.

"Do you like that?" Olivia whispered into her friend's ear again, this time letting her lips linger a little longer.

"Yes," she gasped, "God yes."

"Look at your breasts," Munn remarked. "Your nipples are so hard right now I can see them poking out from underneath. Play with them."

Emmy was shocked by the suggestion.

It was one thing to fool around in the dark together, and another to do it in public place such as the balcony at the Opera no less, but an entirely bold proposition to slip her hand inside her dress and actually fondle her breasts in plain view of anyone who might see.

"Come on," Olivia insisted while twisting her fingers about. "We both know you're not wearing a bra tonight."

"No, I can't do that." Emmy affirmed, as she looked around the auditorium to see if anyone else was paying attention to them.

Although everyone in the room was fixated on the show, Rossum still felt as though she was the main event and that people could see Olivia have her way with her. There mere notion alone made her pussy flood all over Olivia's talented fingers.

"Do it!" Munn threatened. "Or I'll do it for you."

Emmy's mind was reeling as Olivia then plunged her fingers knuckle deep inside her wanton cunt to drive home her point.

"Ooh." Rossum whimpered sweetly, her back arching sharply and her knees falling open.

"Do it now, or so help me god I'll make you cum right here in front of everyone!"

"Olivia?" Emmy sighed in a mixture of anguish and glee.

"Hey, I'm not Olivia right now." the sexy Asian snapped back. "It's Mistress Munn to you, do you understand?"

Emmy giggled for a moment but suddenly felt a little frightened when she realized Olivia was not laughing. Yet, although she was scared she was also strangely aroused and happily complied, nodding her head and consenting to her demands. With that said Olivia then curled her fingers inside her sopping cunt and proceeded to massage her G-spot, causing Emmy to jerk violently and send her through the stratosphere.

"Ohmygod!" Emmy gasped as her body seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Now do as I say, and play with your breasts." Olivia ordered.

Emmy immediately did as she was told and with trembling hands she looked around nervously and slipped her left hand into the plunging neckline of her dress and fondled one of her excited breasts. She moaned to the combined action of her kneading and the mind numbing pleasure emanating from between her legs.

"Now I want you to do something for me," Olivia then suggested. "I want you to take off you panties."

"What?" Emmy snapped. "But..."

But before she could object, Olivia then jammed two of her fingers deep inside her friends dripping cunt again, filling her completely and causing her to inhale sharply and her eyes to roll into the back of her head.

"Um, OK-OK."


"I mean yes."

"You mean, yes?"

"I mean, yes Mistress." Emmy stammered as she reached under her dress and slowly slipped her lace underwear down her long flawless legs.

"Should I take them off?" she asked, to which Olivia swiftly slipped her hand back between her legs and cruelly tapped her pussy disobediently.

"What did you say?"

"I mean, should I take them all the way off, Mistress?"

"No." Olivia instructed. "Leave them around your ankles. I like them there."


"But, what now?"

"But, I can't spread my legs."

"Let me worry about that Em." Munn grinned before she returned her attention to Emmy's clit.

Just then, a wicked expression suddenly crossed Olivia's face and before Emmy could ask her about what she was contemplating, she watched in stunned disbelief as the sexy comedienne briefly looked around the auditorium and slowly sank down in her chair and disappeared out of view behind the balcony wall. There she then swiftly moved to kneel before her half naked friend who looked absolutely bewildered.

Emmy was so shocked and taken aback by this bold action that she almost drew unwanted attention to them both and let out a high pitched squeal. However she quickly composed herself as a nearby balcony looked over to flash her an irritated look. Holding her composure (only barely), Rossum then waited for the others to direct their attention back to the performance on the stage before she looked down to see Olivia peeling her used panties from around her feet, and urging her legs open to accommodate her face.

"Olivia? Wait! What the hell are you doing?!" Emmy exclaimed. "We're going to get in trouble!"

"Just shut up and act normal!" Olivia told her, as she placed her hands on the inside of her knees and spread her wide.

Without any further ado the sexy Asian actress leaned in and proceeded to lick her friends gleaming box.

"Ohmygod!" Emmy fawned, "Oh. My. Fucking. God!"

Without wasting another moment Olivia hungrily devoured her friends slit and ate her pristine vulva enthusiastically, nibbling on her clit before taking her long wilted lips into her mouth. At one point Emmy thought she was going to lose her mind as the lewd sound of Olivia's slurping could almost be heard for a moment between a brief lull in the music.

"God you taste good!" Olivia lustfully claimed. "Do you like that? Tell me you like it?!"

"Yes. I like it," Emmy responded breathlessly, her hands now openly fondling and cupping her own breasts. "I love it, Mistress!"

"OK, now cum in mouth!" Olivia urged between slurps. "I want to taste you!"

A moment later right on cue, Emmy thrashed about wildly in her seat and abruptly filled her friend's mouth with girl-juice.

"Mm, that was delicious." Munn remarked while getting up from the floor and wiping her mouth and chin.

"That was... you're just... this is crazy." Rossum swooned while still trying to come to terms with what had transpired. "You're so fucking crazy!"

"I think you like the opera, huh?" Olivia snickered as she proceeded to reapply her lipstick. "Maybe we should do this again sometime?"

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Awesome fic! Possibility of continuation? Anyhow thanks for writing such amazing stories!