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The Social Network 3
With Jenna and Breanne Ezarik
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, oral, voy
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

http://img168.imagevenue.com/loc1017/th_679550386_001_122_1017lo.jpg (http://img168.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=679550386_001_122_1017lo.jpg) http://img277.imagevenue.com/loc576/th_679554970_004_122_576lo.jpg (http://img277.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=679554970_004_122_576lo.jpg)

The very next morning I drove Justine to the airport.

It was there I was accompanied by her sisters Jenna and Breanne, who wished their older sibling a safe trip before they then directed me to take them to the local beach for a frolic in the sun.

I asked the ladies if there was anywhere specific they wanted to go, and they explained how they had always wanted to go to Malibu.

With that said we made our way down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped off to grab some ice cream on the way, and it was during this trip that I noted just how different the sisters seemed to be.

While Jenna was loud and outgoing, Breanne sat quietly in the back and seemed more shy and demure, although both were adorable in their own special way.

Later at the beach, the girls had some fun at my expense as they stripped down to their tiny bikinis, and suggestively applied suntan lotion on each other.

Noting my reaction to this, we then got into an entertaining discussion about lesbians and men's fascination with sex and threesomes, before Jenna asked me to escort her up to the public toilets by the highway.

There I lead the way and peered inside to see if the coast was clear before I invited her to come in. To my surprise, Jenna insisted I stay standing at the door as she boldly proceeded to peel down her bikini bottoms and began to pee right in front of me.

While I instinctively looked away, she then continued to hold a conversation with me while relieving her bladder and to my surprise mentioned our little encounter in the shower earlier that morning. Hearing this for the first time, I felt my blood turn cold.

"Wait, you knew I was watching you?" I stammered.

"Well, yeah!" she confessed while flashing me a guilty grin. "Did you enjoy watching me get off?"

It seemed she knew I had been watching her the entire time, and the revelation had riled her up enough to get her off.

Jenna then went on to admit how she had apparently heard Justine and I having sex in the bedroom, and turned on beyond belief, decided to treat herself to a late night shower so she could clean herself up and masturbate to her heart's content.

Seeing me lurking at the door at that time of the morning was apparently an added bonus, and helped her cum.

"I wonder what you're sister would think if she knew you had been listening to us?" I wondered. "And getting off no less?"

Jenna then surprised me as she simply scoffed to the notion and went on to say how she was almost certain that Justine would not care, as their family motto went something along the lines of, "sharing is caring."

"There's something you should know about us," she added. "My sisters and I share everything."

Naturally I assumed she was only teasing, but judging from the expression on her face I soon discovered that was dead serious.

"And I do mean, everything." she emphasized.

Of course, I found this hard to believe considering how shy Breanne appeared to be, but Jenna quickly reassured me that despite her girl-next-door image and exterior, she too was "wired" that way, and was not as sweet and innocent as she appeared to be.

"Trust me," she snickered. "Just ask my sister how much of a slut Breanne is."

Just then, Jenna stood up and leisurely pulled her bikini bottoms up her legs, and in the process briefly flashed me her hairless mound.

I literally gasped as her naked body filled my periphery, while she simply giggled at my reaction and wanted to know what I thought of her body. It was abundantly clear that she really got a kick out of shocking people.

"Can I ask you something?" she then posed.

"Sure?" I replied, while trying to clear my throat.

"Be honest, what do you think of my body?" she asked, while standing there with her hands on her hips, her nipples standing at full attention under her flimsy bikini top.

There was no doubt about it, Jenna Ezarik was clearly aroused about something, and growing more bold and flirtatious with each passing moment.

"Are you kidding?" I stammered, trying not to stare and blush at the same time. "You look amazing Jen. You take after your older sisters."

Jenna grinned as she took a step forward and closed the space between us.

"Are you sure?" she asked again. "Do you think I have a better body than Breanne?"

Suddenly, before I could answer she closed the gap once again and abruptly pressed her lips to mine, kissing me quickly yet softly on the lips.

Taken aback by her bold action, I found my hands moving instinctively and without thinking I immediately grabbed her by the hips and pulled her body close to mine, grinding my erection against her hip bone.

I now kissed my girlfriends younger sister in the public toilet, my hands groping her fine ass and fondling her pert breasts through her bikini, and groaned with glee as she keenly slipped her long wet tongue into my mouth, and urged me to respond.

Despite myself, I instinctively reciprocated.

"Have you ever done it in a public place before?" Jenna challenged, but before I would answer we were suddenly interrupted by a homeless person who wandered into the small space looking for change.

Partially relieved, I took the opportunity to dash out of the toilet block and made my way back to Breanne on the beach, with Jenna reluctantly following behind.

Back on the beach, the youngest Ezarik sister now seemed bitter and disappointed at my lack of interest to fool around with her, and announced with a huff that she was going into the water to take a dip.

Thankfully, her sister refused to join her claiming that she wanted to lie out in the sun a little longer, which only infuriated the Jen even further.

"Fine! Stay here for all I care." she huffed, before marching off into the direction of the ocean.

While she then stormed off, I looked over at Breanne who was now lying with a towel draped over her face, and realized that this allowed me to sit back and admire her splendid young figure up close, her perfectly tanned body and washboard abs on full display.

Looking at her closely there was no doubt in my mind that this girl spent many a day in the gym. The girl had an absolutely flawless figure and sculptured hard body.

"Can you do me a favor?" she suddenly spoke from underneath the towel. "Can you do me now?"

I stopped short for a moment as I tried to understand what she was referring to, but she quickly clarified her remark by handing me a bottle of suntan lotion, and grinned slyly to herself as she knew what I was thinking.

With that said Breanne turned over onto her tummy and invited me to rub her back and shoulders, which I did.

"You can untie my bikini top if you want?" she suggested, and I keenly obliged.

She now lay topless for the most part as I massaged and caressed her lovely soft skin, and moved my fingers from around her shoulder blades and down her lower back, grinning smugly to myself as I heard her purr with delight.

"Mm, that feels so nice." she cooed, as I gently caressed her dimples of Venus.

Her exquisite body now caused my cock to twitch in my pants.

"I really like you're bikini, Bre." I told her, as she then proceeded to play with the material between her fingers before we discussed her tan lines and choice of attire.

"I thought you might like this bikini."

"Oh?" I replied, "How so?"

"I stole it from Justine's wardrobe at home."

Breanne then took my breath away as she turned over onto her back, clutching her bare breasts with her hands, and while getting comfortable on the towel she briefly lifted her bikini bottoms from against her crotch and momentarily flashed me her naked sex.

Just like her sexy siblings, the olive skinned brunette was totally shaved clean, and I immediately felt my cock swell with excitement at the revelation.

"Jesus Christ!" I thought to myself. "All three sisters are totally and completely hair free?"

"Oops, sorry." Breanne remarked with a guilty smile on her face.

http://img5.imagevenue.com/loc92/th_167954767_002_122_92lo.jpg (http://img5.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=167954767_002_122_92lo.jpg) http://img272.imagevenue.com/loc219/th_679552603_003_122_219lo.jpg (http://img272.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=679552603_003_122_219lo.jpg)

We both knew she was not sorry and that she had done it on purpose, as I now started to wonder just what her motivations were and why both sisters seemed so intent of flirting with me so openly and deliberately, knowing full well I was dating Justine.

Did they in fact hate her? Or was it something else?

A few minutes later, the sun began to set and the girls and I climbed back into my Jeep and started to head back to the house when Jenna suggested that we drive around and explore some of the canyons which overlooked the coast, claiming that she wanted to take a panoramic photo for her folks back in Pittsburgh.

Not wanting to disappoint, we drove around for several minutes looking for the perfect place before I finally parked the 4-Wheeler in an open field which featured a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

I then turned on the radio for some ambiance as the ladies climbed out to stretch their legs and take several photos together. Meanwhile I sat in the Jeep playing with the radio and admiring their legs before they finally returned to the vehicle.

It was then as I began to start the car that they both insisted that I wait, and that we just sit there for a minute and talk and enjoy the sweeping views.

"So, how long have you been having sex with our sister?" Jenna asked bluntly, making Breanne snicker in the back.

I explained the situation, and even admitted to how Justine and I had accidentally fooled around while being drunk one evening, and to my surprise the girls seemed to know every single sordid detail, things that only Justine and I were privy to.

"Yeah, Justine told us that already." Jenna quipped, while taking a drag from her cigarette.

"She also said you were good in bed." Breanne added from the backseat.

I was shocked by her comment and amazed to hear her speak, considering it was probably the third sentence she had muttered to me the entire day. Heck, up until that point I was starting to think that maybe she was a mute.

"Justine also mentioned you have a wonderful cock?" Jenna claimed, startling me back to the front seat.

"She did, huh?" I laughed nervously.

"Well?" she then dared. "Why don't you prove it to us?"

"Huh?" I replied, totally and utterly stumped by her suggestion.

Was this girl for real? What balls on this chick, I thought.

"Go on," she urged. "I dare you to show it to us right now?"

I was absolutely floored as I looked into the backseat for some sanity and guidance, and instead found her older sister entertaining the idea with a smug expression on her face.

"Well, why not?" Breanne remarked, agreeing with her kid sister.

Were these girls serious? Were they joking, or testing me maybe? My head was awash with theories.

As attractive as they both were, I wasn't about to throw away a great relationship with Justine just for a quick roll in the hay so to speak, and with her very own sisters no less.

Then again, watching them both I noted the look in their eyes which told me that they were both absolutely serious, and had done this sort of thing before.

I suddenly started to wonder if there was in fact any validity to Jenna's claim about her sisters sharing everything together. They were obviously close, but just how close I couldn't tell. Playing along, I decided to challenge her.

"Well okay, you know how this works?" I teased. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours, Jen?"

I have to admit I never expected her to go through with it, but yet again Jenna called my bluff and without a moment of hesitation took my breath away as she happily slipped her bikini top over her head and shamelessly exposed her pert breasts to me.

She now sat topless in the front seat of my Jeep, completely exposed to my lustful gaze.


"Jesus!" I let out, genuinely astonished by her brazenness.

To my delight nothing seemed to shame her, and moreover, her succulent young breasts looked absolutely spectacular, and very similar to Justine's I might add.

"Do they look familiar?" she snickered to herself, referring to the similarity between her and Justine.

"Yes, yes they do." I confessed.

Feeling bold, I then decided to throw caution to the wind and I glanced back at Breanne in the backseat who was busy checking her phone for messages, and insisted that if the sisters really wanted to see my penis, she would have to show me her tits too.

In truth, I never imagined in a million years that Breanne would actually agree to such a challenge, but once again I was proven wrong as the elder Ezarik sister then casually reached up and scooped out her two pear shaped breasts for my benefit, exposing her nipples to me like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

"There, satisfied?" Jenna giggled smugly, as I sat there dumbfounded in the driver's seat, pinching myself.

"You girls are something else, you know that?" I laughed nervously.

"Hey, we don't fuck around back east." Jenna claimed, her pert little breasts jiggling as she spoke and smoked her cigarette.

"And as you can see," Breanne added. "We're not ashamed of our bodies either."

"Obviously," I remarked. "So what do you want now?"

Without warning, Jenna interrupted me mid-sentence as she impatiently reached over to grab my cock through my pants. Her action was so startling that I literally jumped in my seat, making them both giggle.

"Just hurry up and take him out," Jenna insisted as she playfully massaged me through my pants. "We really want to see what all the fuss is about."

Groping my crotch, Jen then smiled back at her sister.

"Hmm, I think someone's a little excited right now?"

"Can you blame me?" I answered defensively.

I could barely speak as Jenna then proceeded to untie my sweat pants and began to fish out my obscene erection, the entire time with her sister Breanne looking over my shoulder from the backseat, licking her gloss coated lips with anticipation.

"So... what's he packing, Jen?" Breanne inquired, as I suddenly felt like a piece of meat (not that I was complaining mind you).

"This is unreal," I finally muttered out loud. "This is not happening."

"Well I guess we have to thank you for your hospitality somehow, right?" Breanne commented from the backseat, as her inquisitive sister finally exposed my raging member and swiftly snatched it with her hand.

Without wasting anytime, Jenna grabbed me firmly in the palm of her hand and proceeded to stroke me skillfully, her long wet tongue curling up over her top lip as she keenly manipulated me.

She was obviously getting a kick out the situation, as was evident from her extremely erect nipples and the elated expression on her face.

I then watched in wonder as she briefly reached back to spit out her gum through the open window, and without warning fell into my lap and proceeded to suck my dick.

Bumping her head against the steering wheel briefly, she then urged me to tilt my seat back as far as it would go.

I happily obliged and then watched in disbelief as Jenna Ezarik instructed me to lie back and enjoy myself while she sucked my cock enthusiastically, her older sister Breanne eagerly watched on from the backseat, and giving commentary no less.

"Oh, fuck me." I let out involuntarily, to the sensation of her cold narrow throat.

"Hmm, she's good isn't she?" Breanne teased. "She should be, because Justine and I taught her everything she knows."

The mere notion alone almost made me cum inside her sister's talented mouth, and I actually heard myself moan appreciatively when I heard Jenna withdraw from my cock and urge her dear sister to have a turn.

I then watched in stunned silence as Breanne put away her iphone and slowly leaned over my body and took my cock into my mouth, the sensation of her cold mouth was absolutely staggering.

"Mm yeah, suck his cock sis." Jenna coed, as she grabbed her sister's long mane and pulled it out of the way and to the side of her face.

Without thinking I instinctively reached back to grope and fondle Breanne's fantastic butt, as the ladies now proceeded to take turns blowing me, one at a time before one would service my balls as the other would pay special attention to my throbbing bell-end.

It was during this time that Jenna sat back in the passenger seat and began to frig herself in earnest, watching intently as her older sister hungrily devoured my cock.

"Mm, are you going to fuck my sister?" Jenna teased. "Are you going stick that huge fat cock inside both of us? Huh?"

I wasn't about to say no.

Suddenly, I was startled by my phone and I swiftly looked to read the text message that had been sent to me. I literally gasped out loud as I realized it was from Justine.

"How are you holding up, babe?" it read. "Are they treating you good?"

If she only knew.

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Cannot wait for Chapter 4. These Ezarik sisters are hot