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"Best Friend's Brother..."
With Victoria Justice

This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.


As soon as her friend walked out of the house Victoria ran up the stairs and headed to her bedroom slamming the door behind her. She stood at the window as her friend and co star Ariana Grande got into the car while she caught only glimpse of her brother Jake with whom she had been secretly in love with since they were little kids. She liked everything about him specially his newly grown facial hair, she had a crazy mustache obsession that sometimes made people think she was weird.

As the car drove away Victoria did what she always had every time she saw Jake. The "Victorious" star settle herself on her bed putting a finger in her mouth as her free hand traveled all over her body. Victoria slipped her hand into her pants slowly caressing her clit over her silk thong, the smooth fabric against her private area always drove her crazy.

After a while she took her hand out out and held it near her mouth as her tongue licked her sweet juices, which she had always thought were the best she had ever tasted. Of course she liked how all her friends flavors but hers seem to have something that made her taste buds explode.

The young teen quickly undid her pants pulling them down her long slender legs then taking her shirt off and throwing it to one side. Laying in bed with just her underwear and her legs wide open, Victoria returned to pleasuring herself. The teen's fingers pressing the moist fabric against her hot pussy adding more pressure as she got hornier. Separating her folds with her her thong wrapped finger the young star bit her bottom lip as to not make any noise.

Using her other hand to squeezed her firm breasts and fondling her sharp dark nipples before wetting them with her tongue. The nick star sucked on her nipple while her hand dove deeper inside her cunt.

Stopping for a second only to reach under her bed and take out a box with a combination lock. She took off the lock and opened the box taking out a large dildo then placing the box back under the bed. She stared at dildo for a while thinking if that was actually how a penis looked like since she had never actually seen one. Up until now she had only had sexual experiences with a few of her friends which included: Elizabeth Gillies, Miranda Cosgrove and her best friend Ariana Grande.

Victoria had taken off her underwear and wrapped it on the dildo and placed it at her naughty place. Taking a deep breath the actress impaled herself imagining that it was Jake who was penetrating her.

Victoria turned onto her side lifting her leg and holding it in the air as she ran her her hand along her firm ass before sticking her middle finger in her tight backdoor. She tilted her head back as the dildo entered her faster while her finger went deeper into her asshole until it was no longer visible.

Victoria breathing was still heavy from the masturbating session when she removed the dildo from her womb then took her juice soaked garment and stuck it in her mouth before continuing. It only took a matter of seconds before the brunette's entire body trembled as it was overtaken by something she couldn't control anymore, the orgasm swept over her body making her moan one last time.

The young star took a few minutes to rest before put everything away locking the sex toy in the box then taking a quick shower. Victoria ran downstairs to the kitchen, the previous physical activity made her extremely hungry. It was still early so Victoria decide to watch a movie but as she sat on the couch she couldn't help but think about Jake.

A while later Victoria found herself dialing Ariana's number.

"Hey Tori, what's up?." the redhead answered

"Hi Ari. Um, nothing, it's just that I'm so bored..." Victoria was abruptly cut off

"Same here. I think I'm going to die of boredom."

"I really miss you when I'm like this because we have so much fun together." Victoria hoped that her plan worked which it usually did.

"Aww, I miss you too." Ariana let out a shriek as she had an idea. "I know, how about you sleep over."

Just as expected Ariana was just on cue.

"That's a great idea, I'll bring the movie. Let me just tell my mom and I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Oh and the you know what" Ariana whispered

The Nick stars said bye and just as before Victoria rushed to her room to pack and over night bag. She threw some clothes, a tooth brush, her makeup bag, and a double sided dildo that she and Ariana had used quite a few times before.

As the TV star got out of the car she noticed Jake standing over his car in the drive way. Victoria waved goodbye to her mom then turned towards the house glancing over at her crush every few steps. Aria pulled her friend inside then almost dragging her threw the house until they reached the redhead's bedroom.

"Careful Ari you almost made me fall down the stairs."

"I'm sorry but I just wanted to do this" Ariana held Victoria's head as she kissed her hard on the lips.

"I've wanted to do that and more." the brunette teens embraced her friend one more time.

Thing were getting hot and heavy when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Ari mom says to come down for dinner"

Just hearing Jake's voice made Victoria dirty her fresh pair of underwear. Irritated by interruption both girls made their way downstairs. Taking a seat across from Jake, Victoria gave a smile as her friend's brother returned the gesture.

"So what do you girls have planned for tonight" Ariana's mom asked.

"Oh, you know, watch a couple of movies, practice our scenes, sing."

"Play with ourselves" Victoria whispered but it was still loud enough that Jake heard making him choke on his food.

The rest of dinner was quite while Jake kept looking over and imagining his sister's friend touching herself. Both teen star's ate quickly excusing themselves and heading to Ariana's room.

"Are you ready?" Victoria pinned Ari against the door.

"Wait" Ariana said "Why don't we put a romantic movie and then have a special night."

One thing that Victoria didn't like about Ariana was how she could be shy one minute and the next she could be all over Victoria. Tori of course preferred the naught Ari but right now she had to suffer through her friends romantic side.

The girls settled on the bed as they spooned, Victoria behind Ariana, while the movie began. It was just past midnight when Victoria woke up and turned to her friend who was still asleep. With the busy week both "Victorious" stars had, the brunette teen wasn't surprised of the sudden nap. Still in a daze Victoria headed for the bedroom door as she was going to pleasure herself in the bathroom since her play time with Ariana wasn't very likely to happen.

http://img171.imagevenue.com/loc1179/th_75949_Victorious.S01E08.Survival.of.the.Hotest1_122_1179lo.jpg (http://img171.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=75949_Victorious.S01E08.Survival.of.the.Hotest1_122_1179lo.jpg) http://img182.imagevenue.com/loc504/th_21092_victorious_16HR_122_504lo.jpg (http://img182.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=21092_victorious_16HR_122_504lo.jpg) http://img281.imagevenue.com/loc464/th_679120705_300659805_122_464lo.jpg (http://img281.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=679120705_300659805_122_464lo.jpg)

Victoria disappeared from Jake's view behind the door when he heard her footsteps approach the door. Jake turned to his bedroom, which was across from his sister's and turned the knob when he heard Victoria behind him.

"Oh, Jake you scared me." Tori said very happily

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to." the tall good looking guy now faced the beautiful, incredibly fit TV star.

"I was just...um...going to the bathroom." Jake lied since he didn't feel much like confessing that he was watching the young teen sleep like he did every time she slept over.

"I can tell" Victoria giggled

Confused, Jake looked in the direction that Tori was so intensely looking at when he noticed that his very noticeable erection. Of course there was nothing he could do about it specially not when she was wearing a tight spaghetti strap that stopped just above her belly button. Her toned tummy on full display as well as her long slender legs only covered by the tiniest pair of cotton boy shorts that rested just above her hips. He felt so embarrassed at the idea of what Victoria thought he was going to the bathroom for.

Victoria felt womanhood begin to heat up as she saw the large shape under Jake's pants, knowing perfectly well that this might be her only chance she decided to test her luck. Jake had his back pressed against his bedroom door as his sister's friend walked towards him until he could feel the warmness of her body.

"You know if you ever need a hand with anything" Victoria now feeling brave ran her finger along the boner ever so lightly touching the fabric that covered it.

Jake was shocked at Victoria's forwardness but at the same time he was filled with excitement since he had wanted this for a long time specially since Victoria now had her own show and was now desired by teens and men all over the world.

"Really?" his voice cracked while Victoria just nodded.

"Well I do have and idea of something you could help me with, if you don't mind staying up this late." he grinned

Knowing well what Jake meant, the naughty teen got her knees taking a second to preparing herself for what was about to happen. Victoria pulled her long time crush's pants down. Amazed at the size of the cock Tori licked her lips then place the moist lips on the tip of the hard flesh. Jake moaned as Victoria's pursed lips kissed his mushroom tip.

Victoria did her best to take the dick deeper into her mouth like she did with her sex toys, but she soon realized it wasn't the same. The twitching cock made Victoria hornier than ever before but she felt a bit ashamed that she couldn't take Jake's entire length of course it was not easy task considering the length and girth. Tori did her best as her head bobbed up and down gagging every time the bell end tough the back of her throat.

"Mmm, Tori you're so good" Jake moaned.

Jake still couldn't believe that he was getting sucked by the beautiful Victoria Justice and just as he had expected she was amazing. What made the whole thing even better was the fact that this was happening in the hallway just outside his sister's, Ariana Grande, bedroom increasing the risk of getting caught.

As Victoria's mouth wrapped the long hard flesh and her wet tongue ran along the underside of Jake's dick, the horny teen wanted more than to give a blowjob, Victoria needed to have this menacing cock inside her. With that in mind Tori stood up and gave Jake a long passionate kiss.

Jake had been able to control himself but getting caught off guard by Victoria's kiss he couldn't help it anymore. Jake reached for the door knob once more this time flinging it open and directing Victoria inside. In one swift move he closed the door and threw Tori onto the bed, wasting no time he peeled the young star's underwear.

Ariana's brother marveled at Victoria's pristine young pussy while Tori separated the folds with her fingers. The pinkness of the tight young cunt made Jake drool making him want to have a taste. Noticing Jake's hungry look Tori motioned for him to get closer, which he happily did, then when the young man was close enough the Nick star wrapped her feet around his neck and pulled him in.

Jake kissed Victoria's legs as he traveled along the long smooth limbs, getting on his knees as he reached hers, then continuing until he was face to face with the prize. He placed his tongue in between the wet lips, which were still being held open by the teen, and savored the flavor. It was like no girl he had ever tasted before the taste was simply something out of this world.

Victoria moaned as Jake gave her a tongue lashing and his facial hair tickled her clit. The aroused TV star tighten her legs pressing Jake's head against her and driving his tongue deeper inside. Victoria cooed at the sensation of Jake's tongue wildly moving inside her sopping cunt.

"How do you like my pussy?" Tori snarled

Jake lifted his head sowing Victoria his juice cover facial hair.

"I love it" he answered before returning to his feast.

Enjoying the oral she was receiving but wanting more the brunette Tori grabbed a chuck of Jake's hair and pulled his head away from her treasure.

"I've waited long enough so fuck me now" the fierce teen ordered.

Not being one to argue Jake swirled his tongue inside Victoria's sweet cunt before standing and pushing on the teens inner thighs to hold her legs open, and as both teens had always dreamed, Jake impaled the slippery pussy with his hardness.

"Mmnph" Victoria gasped as her snatch was repeatedly stabbed by Jake's sword.

The teen's back lifted from the bed and her eyes rolled to the back of head at the amount of pain and pleasure her body was receiving. Noticing that Victoria's cute toes were curled up Jake place one the teen's legs on the bed and put his own on top then faced the still airborne leg. He stared at the foot's reaction every time he entered Victoria and he loved it which didn't come as a surprised since he had a small foot fetish.

http://img261.imagevenue.com/loc455/th_552217550_160676210_122_455lo.jpg (http://img261.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=552217550_160676210_122_455lo.jpg) http://img152.imagevenue.com/loc116/th_992953726_252237878_122_116lo.jpg (http://img152.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=992953726_252237878_122_116lo.jpg) http://img281.imagevenue.com/loc186/th_024804492_0mtcUyvi1qbfppso1500_122_186lo.jpg (http://img281.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=024804492_0mtcUyvi1qbfppso1500_122_186lo.jpg)

Noting just how pretty the young actress's feet was Jake stuck out his tongue and this licked most of the bottom and then the side of Tori's foot. He reached the big toe and without giving it a second thought he introduced it into his mouth making Victoria purr. He ran his tongue along each toe covering them in saliva then taking each toe individually into his mouth. At that moment he glance over at Victoria and noticed her jiggling chest.

He let go of Victoria's foot and as the speed of his hips decreased Victoria settled her body back on the bed. Jake's shaky hand slowly lifted the piece of clothing away from the Victoria's chest revealing the most perfect pair breast's. He rested his hands on the perky tits and gave them a squeeze while her erect nipples peeked through his fingers.

Victoria looked up at Jake just as he rammed in his hardness making her claw at the bedsheets and her legs wrap around his hips. The sound of his groin slapping against her butt cheeks rang in the actress's ears making her moaning inaudible to her.


Worried that Tori might wake up the whole house Jake covered her mouth muffling her raucous. Jake closed his eyes as the amazing sensation of Victoria Justice's tight pussy made his head spin when he felt something throw him off balance. Opening his eyes and seeing Victoria now on top of him taking control only made his feelings for the TV star stronger.

Victoria rested her body against Jake's, his face buried in her chest. As the teen pushed herself she was detained by Jake which clenched her hard nipple pulling her back down. His ran down the side of Victoria's body slowly moving down the curve of her ass then pushing it down while Jake pushed his lower body up.

"Oh god" Tori yelped as she took in all of Jake's erection.

Now settling back down the brunette teen sat on the rock hard meat. Jake caressed Victoria's clit while he admired the teens flawless body.

"How can someone be so perfect" Jake thought to himself

Victoria felt her body involuntarily begin to gyrate interrupting Jake's train of thought making his member twitch inside of her. This sudden action tighten Victoria's muscles and constricting Jake's throbbing manhood. Pressing her hands against Jake's chest Victoria pushed herself up slowly, releasing her grip of Jake's rod completely. Her warm clam hovering over Jake's mushroom tip skimming her lips a few times before dropping back down.

The feeling of her tight womanhood getting fully invaded by the large fat cock sent a shock through Victoria's entire body. Knowing that she was close to an orgasm Tori pushed herself up and dropped back down repeatedly picking up speed every second until she was bouncing like a maniac. Entering and exiting Victoria's young, super tight and delicious pussy at the extremely fast speed sent Jake over the edge sending strand after strand of his sticky seed deep into Victoria's womb.

Both satisfied teen's embraced in a kiss, as they climaxed, in an attempt to not stop their would of been loud signs of pleasure. Victoria laid on Jake with his now half chub still inside her.

"You were incredible. Better than I had imagine." Victoria looked at Jake with admiration

"Well you weren't half bad" Ariana's brother joked

"I can't believe i had sex with my friend's brother"

"I can't believe I fucked Victoria Justice" Jake chuckled while Victoria playfully smacked him.

After a while of laying together and replaying the events in their heads both teens looked snapped out of their trance and began to get dressed. Jake stayed in his bed as he watched Victoria slip on her shirt and head for the door.

"Hey, are we going to do this again?"

"Definitely" Victoria answered peeking her head back in the room.

Jake closed his eyes as Victoria shut the door and made her way back to her Ariana's bedroom.

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Yeah but what I hate is that some fans keep insisting he's straight and should go out with Liz. Anyway that's why I had to create a brother for her.

05-25-2011, 08:45 AM
I think you should make a part 2 maybe get Ariana in the action

05-25-2011, 08:49 AM
"...And My Best Friend Too" is the name I decided on for the next one

05-30-2011, 07:26 PM
I'm admittedly a little late on this one, but it's worth taking the time to comment on just how amazing it was. Such a truly great story with very well-done descriptions and of course incredibly hot. Great work Giggidy. I am definitely looking forward to chapter 2!