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Miranda's Secret
With Miranda Kerr
Written by assman118
(MF, mast, anal)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations. If you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

*This is my first story, what does everyone think?? Major props and thanks to TPG for helping out with editing this! :good: *

Looking across the counter at the bar I noticed a leggy brunette with a sexy round ass leaning against the counter ordering herself a drink, and I knew I had to check that out. It was only after I approached the sexy 5'9" woman that she turned around and I realized she was Victoria's Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr.

"Damn." I thought to myself, "She looks amazing considering she only recently gave birth?"

I introduced myself to her and noticed right away that she was already completely wasted, as she had been drinking for most of the afternoon.

As she sipped her drink, I found myself leering at her butt again and had to admit that her ass was close to perfection. Knowing that she was drunk and would probably do just about anything, I asked her if she wanted to leave the event together and join me back at my hotel, and to my delight she gladly accepted.

We grabbed a cab outside and while making our way across the other side of town, I couldn't help but stare at her long slender legs.

She was wearing a super short black dress that only barely went down to her booty. It was during this taxi ride that we took a sharp right and she fell against me, her legs moving and treating me to a brief up skirt moment, where a caught a quick peek at her snatch and noticed the absence of panties.

"What a pretty pussy." I whispered into her ear, to which Miranda smiled. "You want to show me what you can do with that pussy?"

Slowly, one by one, she proceeded to add digits to her cunt and began to finger-bang herself in the backseat beside me.

Almost immediately I could tell that the added audience and danger of the moment really turned her on, and only fueled her excitement and urged her fingers to work faster. To our amusement however the driver was completely oblivious to the action going on directly behind him, as I now watched her stuff three of her long fingers right inside her tight pussy.

Watching her get off, Miranda ultimately reached a level of climax and to my surprise began to squirt all over her delving fingers, blushing brightly as she came all over the backseat.

"Oops! Sorry," she giggled drunkenly in her strong Aussie accent. "I think I made a mess?"

We pulled up to the hotel where I paid the cab and helped her out, having just climaxed she could barely walk straight and her legs were numb. We got to my room and she was obviously still excited, peeling her clothes off as soon as I shut the door.

At this point my erection was throbbing in my pants and I couldn't wait to pull out my cock and get in this slut.

"Get on all fours!" I insisted, before spitting in my hand and working my hard cock for her.

Miranda simply smiled and happily obliged, eager to have sex.

"What do you want?" I finally asked her.

"I want your cock!" she whispered seductively over her shoulder.

"Say it louder!"

"I need your COCK in my arse!" she snapped back, taking my breath away.

Knowing I couldn't give her what she wanted right away, I decided to tease the Aussie supermodel a little and proceeded to rub the head of my aching cock against her perfectly tanned, succulent, round butt cheeks.

God the image was incredible, especially considering I had literally picked her up just a few minutes earlier. As confident as I was, I never would have imagined Miranda Kerr to be in my hotel room, ready, willing, and wanting my cock in her ass!

Clutching her hips, I finally pushed my penis into her juicy cunt at first to get it nice and wet, impaling her from behind in the doggy-style position before I gave her a nice light spank on the butt just to wind her up a little.

As expected this seemed to have the desired effect, as she moaned lustfully to the action.

"Mm, I like that!"

I did it again, a little harder, and then spanked her a few more times as I continued to thrust in and out of her sopping wet cunt, her juices already flowing and smearing the full length of my manhood.

It was only now that I realized that she had also been furiously rubbing her clit the entire time, and I spanked her hard for her troubles which in turn only made her rub faster and moan louder.

"Do you like that?" I hissed.

"Yes!" she panted. "I love it!"

"What was that?"

"I like it when you spank my sweet, sweet ass!" she moaned.

I rubbed that luscious and juicy ass nice and slow, teasing her before I gently slipped one of my digits across her butthole, noting and marveling at just how incredibly tight she seemed to be. In fact she was so tight I had to wonder if she had ever engaged in any anal before.

Loosening her ass up, I pulled my finger out and withdrew my cock out of her dripping pussy. I then grasped my cock with my hand and slowly rubbed it all the way down the middle of her butt, and gently eased my way into her backdoor.

Groaning out loud, I slowly eased my cock into her ass inch by inch before I finally surrendered my whole dick to her gorgeous booty, and she took it all.

Filling her completely, I quickly pulled out and pushed back in and the sexy supermodel cried out loud and moaned in pain, but did not resist me for a moment. Again and again I plunged in and out of her ass, working my way towards a stupendous orgasm.

For her part, Miranda was still furiously getting herself off with her fingers and was now squeezing her ass muscles around the base of my shaft, almost milking me. Reaching up I pulled on her long hair, arching her back, leaving her booty on prime display as she screamed and squirted yet again, this time drenching my cock and the bed sheets beneath us.

Watching her cum soon had the same effect on me, and I knew I was about to blow my wad.

With that in mind I gave her one final hard thrust and pulled out abruptly, and swiftly splashed my hot sticky seed all over her remarkable butt, covering it in rope after rope of hot goo. Feeling proud, I then snickered to myself as I reached over to my pants and pulled out my iPhone and proceeded to take several photos of the mess I had made.

"Nicely done, Ms. Kerr," I laughed. "Or should I say Mrs. Bloom?"

Miranda simple flashed me a sly grin.

"I assume the husband doesn't know where you are this evening?"

"No, he's back in London with the kid." she explained. "Worst mistake I ever made, fucking that loser!"

"I see," I responded, as I realized that their fairytale marriage was nothing but a sham.

"I guess we'll just have to keep this 'Miranda's Secret' then?" I said, remembering the incriminating juicy after-sex snaps I had of her booty digitalized in my pocket.

"So, I'll see you again?" I grinned as I slipped my number in her back pocket and gave her one nice final tap on that ass.

"Definitely," she smiled sweetly, before she walked out of my hotel room and I closed the door behind her.

"Damn!" I snickered smugly to myself. "I just fucked Miranda Kerr's ass!"

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Oh yeah. Turned out nice me thinks? Great job assman118! Look forward to more! :good: