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Hollywood Access 2
With Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, voy, mast, phone sex, rim
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


The very next day, I arrived to the studio and was surprised to learn that both Ariana and Elizabeth had called in sick for the day.

With half the cast unavailable, their scenes had been pushed back for a later date so I found myself wandering around a deserted set and decided to take the opportunity to do a little snooping around, and snuck into the girls trailer.

In truth I wasn't really sure just what I was looking for, only that I'd know if and when I found it. First I riffled through Ariana's things, before I moved on to Elizabeth's assigned area of the trailer and went through her drawers and makeup counter.

It was then, just as I thought I had stumbled across something good (a small baggy of pot), that I was startled by the sound of someone approaching.

"Shit!" I panicked, as I quickly looked for a place to hide.

Thinking quickly, I immediately rushed behind a row of clothes in the wardrobe as I listened to the mystery person come into the trailer and shut the door behind them.

A moment later my heart sank as I immediately recognized the sweet sounding voice as belonging to, the star of the show herself, Victoria Justice. While I held my breath, I listened in on her conversation and could tell from her flirtatious manner that she was talking to some guy.

To my surprise I heard her giggle and then talk dirty to him as she herself briefly rummaged through her friend's belongings.

"Oh yeah?" Victoria giggled as she continued to look for something. "And what would you do to me then? Hmm, really? Interesting."

Just then, VJ stopped her searching for a moment as she continued to flirt with her friend and to my astonishment actually proceeded to have phone sex with him right there in the trailer.

"Mm, I like that." she purred seductively through the phone. "Mm yeah, stroke it for me."

As you can imagine I could hardly contain my excitement as I listened to one of America's sweethearts actually indulge in dirty talk.

"Hmm, what am I doing?" she countered, while standing in front of the mirror and admiring her reflection. "I'm playing with my breasts."

Hearing this, I desperately wanted to sneak a peek around the large coats and dresses which impeded my view but at the same time I dare not risk it. Still, her voice and the things she is describing were more than enough of a visual for me, and the guy on the phone as well.

"What, right here right now?" she giggled, before I heard the rustling of clothes and now just had to take a look.

Holding my breath, I decided to take a chance and took out my cell phone and slowly tilted the camera around the side hoping to capture whatever it was she was doing. If anything I was sure that in the very least I would catch a few images and more importantly capture her sexy tone as she continued to talk dirty to her acquaintance.

I held the camera in that position for several moments before curiosity got the better of me and I finally relented and slowly peeked around to find her slouched back in the seat with her shirt pulled up and her jeans unbuttoned, her legs splayed out and resting up against the counter as she casually massaged her chest.

There to my delight Victoria Justice sat with her breasts exposed and her right hand stuffed inside her tight jeans, her eyes shut tight as her other hand held the phone to her ear and she listened to her male colleague whack off.

"Mm, right now I'm touching myself." she confessed through the phone. "I've got my hand inside my panties, and I'm really wet."

Just hearing VJ speak this way sent a shiver up my spine and caused my cock to swell and literally throb with excitement. In fact, as I listened to her carry on I almost felt like she was talking directly to me, and as she teased her lover and told him what to do, I found myself responding and now stood there in the dark corner with my cock out, beating off to her voice.

"Mm, you know I like that." she smiled sexily, as she went on to describe her favorite sexual fetishes. "I love it when you go down on me, and stick your tongue there."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing, and for a moment I thought I was going to lose my mind as her "friend" urged her to be more direct, but Victoria preferred to tease and lead him on vaguely.

"Just say it!" I heard the male voice insist through the phone.

"No," she giggled softly. "No, I'm not going to say it. You always want me to talk dirty."

At this point I almost felt like yelling at her to do it, before marching over to her seat and just jamming all eight inches of my hard cock down her pretty little throat.

"Here! Swallow this you fucking little cock-tease!" I'd growl in my mind, before gripping the back of her head and just fucking that pretty mouth of hers until I'd blow my wad and watch my load dribble out the sides of her mouth.

Unfortunately for me before I could act out on any of my depraved fantasizes, their conversation took a sudden turn as he was apparently interrupted and consequently hung up on her.

"God damn it!" Victoria whined with frustration before she put away her phone and started to snoop around her friends things yet again.

At this point I had my hard cock in my hand and was seriously debating just presenting it to her, my logic being that she was still clearly aroused from their hot phone sex conversation and she would not refuse me after having been caught in such a compromising position. Looking back on it now, god am I glad that I did not respond to my initial urges.

Instead, I simply stood there in the corner secretly filming her as she now cheered quietly to herself and produced a small vile. To my shock surprise she then tapped out a small line of white powder on her hand and without any further ado sniffed it up her nose in one go.

"Holy shit!" I thought to myself. "Victoria Justice, a coke head? Wow."

A thousand questions immediately filled my mind; firstly, how did she know where to look? And secondly, who did the drugs actually belong to? (with the smart money telling me that it was most probably from Elizabeth's personal stash).

A moment later I heard her phone chime to life and laughed quietly to myself as I watched VJ look at the number, realize it was one of her co-stars, and simply scoffed at the notion of answering it.

"Ugh! Fuck you, whore. You can wait." she quipped as she tried her best to make the place look undisturbed and in this process realized that her jeans were still unbuttoned.

As the sexy Puerto Rican proceeded to zip herself up, we then heard someone call out her name and she immediately replied before she checked her appearance in the mirror and stepped out of the trailer.

To my dismay I then heard someone lock the door behind her, leaving me stuck inside and trapped there for almost an entire hour before I finally decided that the coast was clear and climbed out of the back window.


I spent the rest of that day in a total daze as I went home and watched the scandalous footage of Victoria over and over again, debating with myself as to what to do. Did I dare blackmail the sexy starlet into having some fun with me?

It was then later that evening that I got a call from some old friends who invited me out for a night on the town, which I hoped would give me a chance to relax and unwind after the weeks eventful few days.

It was while bar hopping in West Hollywood that my friends stopped and pointed out a very familiar face to me, and I was surprised to recognize that the striking brunette seated at the bar was none other than "Victorious" alumni Daniella Monet.

Dressed to the nines, the striking starlet was clearly alone and waiting for someone. Watching her for a few minutes, the guys and I speculated as to why she was there all alone, before I downed my drink and finally went over and tapped her on the shoulder and surprised her.

"OMG! Wow! What are you doing here?" she beamed, before she looked around the room to see if anyone else from the show was present.

"What can I say, it's a small town." I replied. "You never know who you're going to bump into these days."

There, we chatted for several minutes before she explained how she was supposed to meet a friend, who was apparently a no-show.

"I was about to go home," she claimed, before I insisted that she at least share a few drinks with me before leaving.

"Hey, what have you got to lose? I'll pay for the drinks, liquor you up, and then send you on your way." I snickered. "I'll even pay for your cab ride home."

"OK!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "You got yourself a deal!"

Without wasting another moment, Daniella and I hit the sauce pretty hard and it didn't take long for us to get noticeably wasted, to the point where we were almost making a scene.

Between her laughing and my booming voice, I was surprised we were not kicked out of the establishment sooner. But as it was, Daniella and I continued to drink and flirt back and forth before she literally grabbed me by the hand and dragged me onto the dance floor where we partied up a storm.

There I was taken aback by her carefree manner as she quickly draped her arms around my neck and invited me to bump and grind with her, rubbing her remarkable body against mine and encouraging me to run my hands all over her.

As expected this turn of events caused me to harden considerably, and to my chagrin the actress immediately noticed but did not object. In fact she simply smiled and turned around to grind that sweet round ass of hers into my hard cock some more, as I now placed my hands around her hips and pulled her close to me.

"Mm, you like that?" the striking brunette whispered into my ear as she arched her back and draped her hands around my head, totally flaunting her impressive cleavage for all to see.

"You're such a fucking tease." I told her as I brushed my hands all around her thighs and belly, and tried in vain to reframe from reaching up and just cupping those exquisite breasts with both hands.

My god, the scent of her hair was intoxicating. As I continued to caress her butt through the thin fabric of her dress, the buxom actress seemed to read my mind and simply responded by smiling seductively and rubbing her thick rump even harder against me, now bumping her derriere against my package repeatedly and almost tempting me to fuck it.

"Jesus Christ you've got a phenomenal butt." I muttered under my breath, only for her to hear me and smile.

Back at the bar, the actress and I immediately ordered up several more shots before we looked for a more secluded place to sit and relax, and soon found a private booth at the back. There, Daniella and I threw back a number of drinks as her speech became significantly more slurred, and her hands now casually drifted along my legs and thighs as we conversed.

"You know you really are a beautiful young woman, Danni." I told her, as I admired her flawless face up close. "I really love you eyes, and don't get me started on those lips."

She really was a striking young woman with a particularly pretty face, who clearly reveled in compliments.

"Oh yeah?" she finally exhaled. "Then why was a stood up tonight?"

I simply shrugged as my drunk date then went on to confess how she had in fact arrived to the bar to go on a blind date, and was now bitterly disappointed and paranoid as to why the guy hadn't showed.

She also went on to admitted that the date had apparently been arranged by Victoria and that even though she had never seen the guy before in her life, they had apparently talked on the phone for several days and Daniella had even sent him a few naked pictures of herself.

"What?" I laughed at her naivety, as she took another mouthful of alcohol. "Are you mad? What if he posts them on the internet?"

"Pff! I don't care!" Monet drunkenly claimed, "It was fun! Besides, everyone poses nude these days. Just ask the girls."

"Oh really?" I chuckled, as their suddenly appeared to be more incriminating evidence on the "Victorious" girls for me to uncover.

"Well if that's the case," I replied. "How come I've never received any pix like that from you guys in the past?"

"Shit, really?" she empathized. "Give me your phone and I'll take some pictures for you right now!"

As she said this, Daniella reached for my cell phone and we playfully grappled around in the booth for a few moments before I finally pinned her arms behind her back and she was left in a precarious position over my lap with her dress now hiked up considerably and her knees spread apart, my hand gingerly resting between her legs.

With our faces now just inches apart I applied some pressure to her wrists and reveled in the way she softly groaned.

In fact her face was so close to mine at that moment that I could actually feel her labored breath on mine, not to mention the heat which emanated from her pussy against my hand.

From the sexy expression on her face I was sure she noticed it too, and we paused and shared a moment together before she slowly leaned forward and pressed her soft, sweet lips to me. In an instant, the bubbly brunette plunged her long wet tongue into my mouth and the two of us groped and fondled at each other aggressively in the booth.

My hands seemed to have a mind of them own as I now proceeded to massage and grind her sex through her silky smooth panties.

There I was delighted to see that her body immediately responded to my touch and her knees instinctively parted and encouraged me to explore her some more, which I did.

Rubbing her slit over her underwear, Daniella moaned into my mouth before I finally dipped the tips of my fingers beneath the silk material and made direct contact with her pussy; her hot, slippery, velvety smooth pussy.

I marveled inwardly as my digits gently caressed along the tiny stubbles of shaved hair, where she had recently fashioned a neat trimmed runway above her clit.

"Take me home." she whispered erotically between kisses, as I nuzzled at her perfumed neck and rubbed the length of her coin slot with two fingers, causing her to purr and beg for more.

"Mm, I'm so horny right now." she cooed seductively before I finally jumped into action and pulled her off me and grabbed her by the hand and made for the exit.

As expected, we didn't get far before we soon found ourselves making out furiously in the backseat of some taxi while we made our way back to my place. The moment we arrived home, I dragged the young starlet into my bedroom and abruptly pushed her onto my bed, causing her to sigh with excitement.

Without wasting another moment, I immediately hiked up her dress and spread her legs obscenely wide on the bed before I dove in and pressed my lips to her sex, utterly devouring her sweet young cunt through her satin panties.

"OMG." she moaned softly before I grabbed her by the arm and flipped her over onto her belly and plunged my tongue into her butt.

The busty actress could only squirm and moan audibly as I had my seedy way with her, before I literally ripped her flimsy underwear from her hips and directed her to scoot back up onto her knees and bend over completely on the bed for me.

In her drunk, aroused, daze-like state, Daniella Monet was more than willing to oblige and now just groaned lustfully into the pillow as I pulled her firm cheeks apart with both hands and explored her backdoor with my tongue.

I then took this opportunity to use my fingers to twiddle her clit, before I finally delved them inside to penetrate her with my middle digits.

"Ugh! Ooh god! OH!" she muttered involuntarily as I ate her ass and fingered her.

Taking my mouth away, I then lined up my cock and without any further ado I thrust forward and impaled the sexy little cunt from behind. Daniella grunted out loud to this action before she proceeded to moan repetitively as I grabbed her roughly by the hips and just went-to-fucking-town on her ass.

There, I literally pummeled her precious little cunny for all I was worth and reached over and pulled on her long dark mane for good measure, which really seemed to spur her on.

"UGH! YES! Oh fuck yes!" she cried out loud. "Harder! Harder! YESSS!"

Spanking her butt, I then buried her pretty face into the mattress and unleashed all my might and fury and just fucked the ever-loving shit out of her! Pounding her hard, I soon felt myself approaching my zenith and finally pulled out and frosted her fucking ass and back with my man-juice.

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Great story can't wait for more!!!!

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Another HIT !

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Fantastic second chapter and I like how you mixed things up, definitely hot and made it both a really great read and addition to the series so far.

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Sensational as always TPG!!