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With Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies
Written by TPG
CODES: Gangbang, FF, drugs
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

http://img235.imagevenue.com/loc592/th_706269783_001_122_592lo.jpg (http://img235.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=706269783_001_122_592lo.jpg) http://img203.imagevenue.com/loc406/th_706271873_002_122_406lo.jpg (http://img203.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=706271873_002_122_406lo.jpg) http://img242.imagevenue.com/loc442/th_706274604_003_122_442lo.jpg (http://img242.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=706274604_003_122_442lo.jpg)

"Liz. I don't know about this?" Victoria Justice remarked to her friend and fellow "Victorious" co-star Elizabeth Gillies.

"Just relax." Gillies replied. "I just want to tell them how much I enjoyed their music tonight."

The ladies were at the 2010 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles, and had just enjoyed another live performance from the grunge band "Fire Crotch."

Having just performed several songs during the night, the band finally put down their equipment and slipped backstage to unwind as the ladies now stood debating whether or not to approach them.

"But you said you thought the lead singer was cute right?" Liz claimed.

"Yeah I did but..I dunno?" Victoria maintained. "I don't think they want to be disturbed right now do you?"

But before Victoria could finish her sentence, she was promptly grabbed by the arm and whisked away by her enthusiastic friend who insisted they go over to praise the musicians.

There the ladies imposed themselves backstage and were introduced to the band members which consisted of Mike (Vocalist), Scott (Bass), Jake (Drummer), and Pete (Lead Guitarist).

While Elizabeth noticeably swooned and made awkward small talk with the band members, the guys immediately noticed the way Victoria quietly rolling her eyes at her friend. She clearly didn't want to be there and was simply amusing her friend.

Noting this the boys looked at each other before Jake got up and offered to get them a drink.

To their delight Gillies keenly accepted and seemed to be in a very fun and playful mood, while Justice simply refused to participate and went on to explain how they really needed to get going.

"Are you sure I can't offer you something to drink?" Jake flirted as he handed Liz her beer.

"No thanks." VJ repeated. "I'm fine."

"Yes. Yes you are." One of the band mates remarked, making her roll her eyes again.

In the meantime Liz and the lead vocalist quickly tossed back a number of drinks and it didn't take long for their relaxing conversation to turn into an hour long drink-fest, with Mike finally suggesting that the girls join them for more drinks at a bar on Sunset Blvd.

"We're supposed to meet up with a few friends there." He explained. "You're more than welcome to tag along."

As expected Elizabeth was more than eager to accompany them while Victoria of course disapproved. But in saying that, the last thing she wanted to do now was abandon her friend and leave her drunk and alone, with a grunge band no less.

So despite her own intuition, the sultry teenager agreed to go along as the boys proceeded to collect their things and made their way out to the parking lot.

Outside it was only now that VJ was shocked to discover that their mode of transport consisted of a pimped out van.

"Oh wow. Cool!" Elizabeth swooned, while her "Victorious" co-star grumbled in disapproval.

"Oh great. A van. A van Liz?" Victoria whined. "You really expect us to get into the back of that thing?"

"What's your problem Vee?" Liz snapped while pulling her friend to the side to talk some sense into her.

"Liz. No one even knows we've left the party." Justice explained. "Much less with four guys in the back of some van."

"Lighten up for once in your life Victoria." Liz quipped. "Don't you trust me?"

"You're not the one I'm worried about."

"Look. Just follow my lead okay?" Liz claimed. "I know what I'm doing."

Despite her trepidation's the Puerto Rican actress followed her BFF into the back of the old van where they were joined by Jake and Pete, while Scott and Mike took up the front seats and steered the large weather beaten vehicle through Beverly Hills.

It was during this trip that one of the guys produced a joint and passed it around, and to Victoria's chagrin Liz happily accepted and helped herself to two long drags, leaving her noticeably stoned before passing it on.

"Here. Take a hit." She offered her co-star.

Justice simply raised her nose and scoffed at the mere notion of indulging in such activities which immediately caused the others to look at her derisively before Elizabeth pleaded for her to relax and get into the spirit of things.

"Please Vee. You're making us look bad." Liz pouted. "Just do it for me."

Resigned to her fate, Victoria accepted the hefty spliff and proceeded to smoke from it, admitting to her co-star that this in fact was her first time she had dabbled with the drug.

"Is this really your first time?" Pete grinned. "How cute."

"Yeah. Maybe she's not a stuck up bitch after all huh?" Jake added, making everyone chuckle.

Over the next few minutes everything in the van seemed to become a blur to Victoria, and as she leaned forward to converse with the guys seated at the front of the van, she glanced back several moments later to find Elizabeth making out passionately with one of the boys.

Luckily for her the gang soon arrived to the bar on sunset and stopped the vehicle in a secluded area of the dimply lit parking lot. There they all began to pile out of the smoke filled van when Jake and Pete announced that they wanted to stay back for a few extra minutes to smoke the rest of the blunt and enjoy their buzz.

With his arm still firmly placed around Elizabeth's shoulder, it was quickly presumed that she too would be staying behind. Fortunately for her, Victoria was in such a mellow state at this point that she didn't seem to notice or care, and simply shrugged her shoulders as she joined Scott and Mike into the bar to have some drinks.

Inside the TV star quickly found herself overly dressed for the grunge-themed establishment as the guys loaded her up on several more drinks and shots, which she happily threw back in quick succession.

"Mm. Yummy!" Victoria slurred. "Can we try that lime flavored one again!"

Now drunk and stoned, Victoria proceeded to make a complete spectacle of herself as she stumbled around and bumped into people, and at one point almost caused an all out brawl by her giggling antics.

While her friends quickly intervened and tried to explain to everyone that she was just young and drunk and having a good time, VJ took this opportunity to stagger into the ladies room in the back of the club to freshen up and was disgusted by her surroundings.

"Ugh! What the hell am I doing in a place like this?" She told herself through the dirty mirror. "Where the hell is Liz?"

Outside, Mike waited for Victoria to re-emerge from the bathroom and when she did the entire scene was like an out of body experience for her.

One moment VJ was smiling and flirting with the lead singer, and the next thing she knew the two were locked in a hot and heavy make out session in some dingy bathroom stall, which appeared to be in the men's bathroom?

Just how she got there or how long they had been making out she did not know. But suddenly, just as quickly as it all began Victoria objected and insisted they leave, before she rushed for the door under the pretence of wanting more drinks at the bar.

Fortunately for her this tactic seemed to work and Mike reluctantly dragged her back out to the bar to load her up on several more cocktails.

"You know, you're a god damn liar." Scott snickered into her ear over the loud music, his hand casually resting on her hip before it finally moved down to squeeze her teen ass.


"I thought you said you were just Seventeen?" He added. "Not with a body like that you're not. You definitely know what you're doing."

"Thanks. I think?" Victoria smiled as she suddenly seemed to come to her senses and realized her (very adult) surroundings.

Growing concerned, VJ recalled that her friend Elizabeth was still alone in the van outside with the other band mates. Panicking for a moment, she made some lame excuse about being sick and rushed to the ladies room again, before she quickly took a last minute detour and slipped out the back exit and made her way over to the van.

Sneaking out into the parking lot all alone, the drunk starlet crossed her hands over her chest as she quickly approached the parked vehicle only to find it rocking back and forth.

"Oh. My. God." VJ thought, as the realization of what was going on inside finally dawned on her. "They're having sex!"

http://img12.imagevenue.com/loc548/th_727796259_VictoriaJustice8thAnnualTeenVogueYoungUdu_7Qrx7iCl_122_548lo.jpg (http://img12.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=727796259_VictoriaJustice8thAnnualTeenVogueYoungUdu_7Qrx7iCl_122_548lo.jpg) http://img45.imagevenue.com/loc132/th_727647775_ElizabethGillies8thAnnualTeenVogueYoungiL0H71Nd_2el_122_132lo.jpg (http://img45.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=727647775_ElizabethGillies8thAnnualTeenVogueYoungiL0H71Nd_2el_122_132lo.jpg)

With her mouth agape, the Nickelodeon star took a few more tentative steps towards the van and leered inside to find all three of its occupants engaged in sex!

There Liz lay straddling Jake, her sexy little cocktail dress hiked up around her hips as she rode him like a bucking bronco and reached over to blow Pete at the very same time.

"UGH! Yes! Fuck me!" Elizabeth grunted enthusiastically. "Yeah! Do it! Fuck this dirty slut!"

Victoria was left absolutely gobsmacked, but despite the lewd scene she also felt a strange stirring in her loins.

In all her time she had never seen something so depraved or erotic, and as much as the idea of being gangbanged frightened her, she found the wicked scene somehow dirty yet exhilarating..even liberating on some strange level.

"What the hell is she doing? How can she let herself go like that?" Victoria asked herself quietly. "OMG. She's really getting off on it too. Does she know how depraved she looks right now?"

Suddenly, the "Victorious" star jumped with fright as Mike and Scott suddenly appeared from the bar and asked her what she was doing outside all by herself. The lead vocalist then grinned as he realized what Victoria had discovered and he invited her to get into the van to take a closer look.

"Are you crazy?"

"What's the Matter?" Scott snickered. "You never seen a threesome before?"

VJ blushed and explained how she was suddenly feeling under the weather and that she now just wanted to go home. Unfortunately for her Mike quickly reminded her about her purse and ID, which was located beside the lovers in the back of the vehicle.

"Err. I don't care." The normally demure teen hissed before she stumbled back and then proceeded to stagger towards the street, apparently trying to flag down a passing cab.

"Wait! Where are you going?" One of the guys yelled, still taken aback by her shocked reaction.

"Hey. You're not going to get very far without any money sweetheart." Mike scoffed. "Even with your looks."

Thinking quickly the lead singer raced after her and tried to convince VJ to stay, but the temperamental teen insisted that she had to go home right away, and by any means possible.

"Okay! Okay!" Mike exclaimed, grabbing her arm. "At least let me pay for your cab. You've obvious got no money."

As they continued to quibble, Scott took the opportunity to rush over to the van and explain the situation to the others, insisting that they pause their little "party" for a moment and follow the cab back to Victoria's apartment, to which Liz smiled and remarked something about knowing a short cut.

With that said Scott then ran after the others just in time to catch them slip into the backseat of the taxi before the trio left the scene. It was during this cab ride home that the guys realized just how inebriated Victoria actually was, as Scott watched Mike casually run his hands up and down her legs, without an ounce of remorse or guilt for that matter.

Ultimately he initiated a kiss which quickly developed into a heated make out session in the backseat. Lost in the moment, Mike smiled as he invited his friend to help himself to her body, and the two band members now began to gently grope and fondle the teen star.

Minutes passed as the two musicians now openly molested Victorious flawless body in the back of the cab, both of them feeling her up and grasping at her pert breasts before the taxi finally arrived to her humble abode.

It was there that Mike helped the inebriated starlet out of the vehicle and walked her to her door as Scott attempted to negotiate with the driver about the fare and ultimately handed over all of his money.

By the time he arrived to the front door of the apartment he found the happy couple making out fervently again, this time with Mike's hand stuffed underneath her short sleeve skirt dress, finger-banging her against the wall.

The lovers soon broke their embrace for Victoria to whine about the fact that she had forgotten her keys back in the van with Liz Gillies.

"God damn it." Justice slurred. "How am I going to get into my own apartment?"

"I told you but you wouldn't listen to me." Mike laughed, as he continued to pull on her arm and not allow her to get very far from his grasp.

"What the hell do we do now?" She mumbled to herself as Mike continued to caress her body.

Thinking quickly, Scott then offered to break into the apartment through the small window in the bathroom, and while he proceed to make his way through the awkward crawl space, Mike distracted VJ with several more kissed before the two were soon lost in the moment again, and his hands immediately found their way back inside that dress.

Meanwhile inside, Scott snooped around the apartment for several minutes and went through her things. There he stumbled upon her discarded underwear and quickly slipped one of her thong panties into his pocket for a keepsake. With little time left to him, he finally opened the front door and allowed Victoria into her own home.

"Dude!" Mike quipped. "What took you so long?"

"Sorry guys. I had to take a leak." He lied.

Right away the sexy harlot wasted little time dragging Mike down the hall and into the main bedroom as Scott attempted to snoop around some more but then noticed the sound of the van arriving outside.

A minute later the others finally emerged with Jake carrying a drunk Liz Gilles over his shoulder, and Pete laughing as he playfully twirled her lace panties around his finger.

Judging from the expressions on their faces the trio had apparently had a very eventful drive over, with Liz peeling her panties down her legs and handing them over to them.

"What's going on?" Scott grinned, as he invited them into the house - the front door left wide open.

"Dude. I think we have a winner here." Pete claimed, referring to Liz. "She's up for anything - including doing all four of us tonight!"

"Are you sure?"

"Am I sure?" The guitarist laughed. "She just blew the both of us on the way here and says she wants more, a lot more! The girl is insanely sexy!"

Inside Jake dropped Elizabeth to the couch before the two of them immediately proceed to paw at each other's clothes and began to fuck right there on the living room sofa.

Both Scott and Pete quickly joined in on the festivities and now all three men took turns on the rebellious little TV star who moaned loudly and seemingly couldn't get enough, desperately wanting cock inside her mouth as someone else fucked her.

"Yeah? Is that all you got?" Liz berated them. "Are you going to teach this bad girl a lesson? Huh?"

It was during this time that another girl's voice could be heard moaning in the distance, and glancing at each other the boys got up and snuck peeks into the bedroom only to find Victoria Justice naked, straddling her lover and moaning out loud as Mike gripped her buttocks with both hands and drilled his cock up into her.

Watching them covertly, the guys alternated between the hallway and the couch where they took out their frustrations on Elizabeth some more, who at this point was so riled up that she happily swallowed their swords and deep-throated each and every single one of them.

"Where's Victoria?" Liz finally mumbled.

"Let's just say your friends having some fun of her own right now." Pete chuckled.

"Mm. Lucky her." Elizabeth snapped back before Jake suddenly appeared to have an epiphany.

A moment later he took Liz over his shoulder and literally carried her down the hall and into the bedroom where the others lay. There he dropped her naked body onto the mattress and insisted she get between her best friends legs.

"Spread her legs." He told her. "I'm sure she won't mind."

Moments earlier, Victoria had been flipped over onto her back and was now utterly enthralled as Mike straddled her chest and plunged his huge shiny cock in and out of her open mouth..as Elizabeth placed her hands on the inside of her thighs, spread her knees and pressed her lips against her bare naked sex.

Moaning out loud, the boys then watched as Elizabeth Gilles eagerly ate Victoria Justice for the very first time, and judging by all involved it was well received and long overdue.

In fact at this point the girls were so drunk and stoned that they hardly realized who or what they were doing, and instead just reveling in the overwhelming pleasure of it all.

But in saying that, things definitely took another turn when Liz abruptly worked two of her long fingers deep inside her friend's gleaming slot, sending VJ into convulsions before cumming all over her co-stars talented mouth.

"Mm. Yeah. Cum in my mouth!" Liz hissed as she slurped down Victoria's tangy goodness. "You taste so fucking good."

This wanton display between the teen co-hosts only riled up the guys even further and they then insisted Victoria repay her lover in kind and helped Liz get up and squat directly over VJ's pretty face.

"Ugh. Oh. Yes." Gillies moaned out loud. "Eat that cunt. Stick that fucking tongue inside my pussy Vee. Make me cum all over your fucking tongue!"

The boys watched with rapturous fascination as Liz talked down to her sexy cohort and VJ responded with even more gusto than before and eagerly proceeded to fuck her cunny with her long wet tongue.

"Yeah? Like that? You like that!" Victoria growled between slurps. "You like my tongue deep inside you?"

"Yeah! Eat me you fucking prissy little slut!" Liz snapped back, before Victoria wrapped her entire mouth firmly around her friend's poon and sucked her clit into her mouth.

As this incredible scene carried on, Liz was then silenced by a hard cock which thrust into her open mouth as the others took this opportunity to take their turn on Victoria - who lay there squirming and moaning as she feasted on her friends pussy.

Without wasting another moment Mike snatched her flailing legs and pinned her feet to his shoulders before he buried his shlong all the way inside her and proceeded to fuck her in earnest - all the while as Elizabeth continued to grind her dripping wet sex against Victoria's mouth and chin.

Over the next 20 minutes the ladies experienced some of the most depraved acts of group sex, with Victoria and Elizabeth both getting utterly fucked. Ultimately the girls were directed into a 69 position, with the sexy Puerto Rican star placed on top and bent over for the boys benefit.

The guys wasted little time taking turns on each of them until it finally came time for them to pop and the ladies were directed to lie on the bed with their faces side by side, their tongues speared out, waiting for their creamy rewards.

"Come on!" Liz urged between tongue-kissing her best friend. "Give it to me! Shoot your fucking load all over us already."

"What about you?" One of the guys hissed down at Victoria.

"Go ahead." She panted. "Give us your loads. Cum all over our faces!"

Mike was the first to shoot his sizzling seed all over their teenage faces and was quickly followed by Jake and Scott, who essentially plastered Elizabeth's face with hot, syrupy goo.

Pete quietly watched and waited as he jerked his cock longer and instructed Victoria to stick out her tongue as far as she could before he released his salty wad all over her striking face, utterly spraying VJ's mouth and eyes in a shower of semen.

When it was all said and done, the ladies could only lie there moaning and sighing contently on the bed, both of them gleaming in sweat and jizz as they gave one another one last sloppy kiss.

"I'm glad you girls liked our show." Jake snickered while still shaking his empty stick at them. "I hope you guys decide to come see us play again."

"Yeah." Scott chuckled. "I think we officially got ourselves some new groupies."


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