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New chapter you all you good good people......

Chapter 9….
Quite On The Set
Starring Stacey 'Fergie' Ferguson

Little red harts were stretched taunt across a shapely arse. They stretched and crumpled in little jiggles, one of my eyebrows twitched as they did. The little plaid skirt that was trying to cover them, a traditional red and black tartan piece of pleated fabric, was flicking up making the harts and tanned cheeks play peek-a-boo with my wandering eyes.

I adjusted myself in my seat to try and hide my growing hard on. The more the ass twitched, the stuffier cabin became. The arse twitched again with a giggle and the skirt flicked up with a kick of a leg. Much more of this and my dick was going to start knocking on the Bentleys steering wheel.

Stacey Ferguson, known to millions around the world simply as Fergie, was kneeling on the passenger seat of the Bentley Flying Spur. She was bent over and leaning out of the window, a stylist picking at her pigtailed hair whilst she chatted energetically on a mobile phone. The matching red Converse on her feet flayed out sporadically, kicking the skirt up more and sending the occasional ripple across her thighs. I sat enjoying the view whilst cursing the gods that Ms. Ferguson was very happily engaged to some guy that was on TV in America.

I sighed, tore my eyes away and looked at the crew scurrying around the video set. I liked the idea of the video, I liked it even more that they had asked me to play the bad boy Bentley driving boyfriend of Fergie's naughty private schooled schoolgirl. We had a very easy-going working relationship and sessions in the studio always over ran from us larking around. Her management let it pass because we had put a couple of records together that had gained heavy rotation in the clubs. No one was surprised that the schedule for the shoot started to slip as soon as I appeared on the set.

We had been messing around for most of the day winding people up and generally being stupid, but with Fergie suited up in the knee-high socks, pigtails and a little white shirt, larking around was quickly becoming the last thing I wanted to do. Just as I thought I wasn't going to be able to take anymore of watching her and her dancers, the director called cut due to a problem with bad light. Bad light? I didn't even know there was a good light, let alone a bad one. Whether there was such a thing didn't really matter, it had got me into the comparative warmth of the Bentley and a direct view of the ‘booty peek-a-boo show' going on to my left.

Fergie giggled loudly, making me turn my head for another look. Well, more of a double take than a look. Fergie had her left index finger dug inside the hart sprinkled boy pants. It was pulling around and looked to be trying to unhitch something from somewhere. I watched as it dug around and traced along the curve of her arse. The skin of her arse cheek became lighter and lighter the more she revealed. And she kept going. My mouth went dry as the prospect of being the only viewer of a Fergie ‘half moon' became apparent. Her finger gently traced along the elastic in the pants before suddenly clutching the fabric and pulling it back into place. My hart sunk and my brain cursed.

"You ready to go again?" she asked abruptly as her arse jerked out of view and she sat back down.

"Any time you are", I shot back

"Repetitive isn't it. Hard not to doze off in between takes"

"I just been watching, err, the world go by", I smirked. I caught Fergie's eyes glance down at my crotch for a second before they flitted back up to mine.

"Corleone!" she said in giggly disgust like my sister would, "I had a wedgie!" she offered punching me on my arm, "Besides, you shouldn't be looking. I'm a happily engaged woman you know."

I adjusted my cap and checked it in the rear view mirror, "Well I know he must be happily engaged", I replied with a sarcastic grin and one eye on her outfit, "And it's not like I had much else to catch my attention sat in this fuckin' seat for so long"

Fergie narrowed her eyes looked at me for what felt like a second too long, "Always the same" she said with a laugh and another slap to the shoulder, "It's a good job I know you or else I swear you're just another producer doing beats for, ahem, favours" she said semi serious.

"C'mon Ferg, you know me, that shit's all urban myth anyway", I replied, "It's always, someone who knows someone, is the cousin of someone who worked at a studio where they heard a cleaner say they saw so and so doing something with whoever. Nine times out of ten it's bullshit"

Fergie rolled her eyes at me and grunted, "How na´ve do you sound Mike! Have you any idea how many producers try it on?"

"Not this one, too much of a gentleman you see", I noted, "The only thing that this producer does favours for is cold hard cash"

Fergie's eyes flicked back to my crotch, "You should work on Wall Street then, now those guys do get hard over money"

The shoot continued on with me driving up and down the same stretch of road whilst Fergie performed to a camera on the side of the car. It felt like I drove that section of road a thousand times as we did take after take after take. The next set up would be outside of the car, I would be stood with the waiting Bentley outside the supposed private school, Fergie would come out all rebellious to ditch class, greet me and then do a performance with me by her side like the boyfriend I was supposed to be portraying. So as the cameras rolled, I leant back on the wing of the Bentley, got my pose on and chatted to some extras that were supposed to be my crew.

"I'm supposed to be your fly girl", she laughed as the director called yet another cut, "You're supposed to be showing me off, put your arm around me or something", she instructed grabbing me by the hand and pulling my arm around her waist, "I know you're a dummy but there's no need to act like one", she laughed.

I let myself be led and as the music cranked back into life Fergie took a step back into me and began to perform along to the backing track. I left my arm around her waist as she bobbed around to the beat. Her skin felt extremely warm under my touch, an occasional breeze would make goose bumps break out across the surface of the flattest stomach I think I've ever felt on a woman.

Inevitably during he routine, her arse would bounce back and grind up against my crotch from time to time. I thought about apologising but I didn't want to ruin yet another take so I just carried on and tried to pay it no attention. Within a couple of minutes I had eased into my job and both my arms were around her waist with my head resting on her shoulder. I forgot about the camera and we were soon acting like a couple of goofy teenagers. Fergie's arse was still bumping back into me every so often.

"And cut!" the director shouted, "That's good for the performance. Fergie can we get some insert shots of you just fooling around with your friends? Same positions just laughing and enjoying being out of school" he ordered. The extras and dancers did as they were told, they all crowded in and began to rip on each other and tell jokes whilst the cameraman wandered around us. Fergie joined in but her arse didn't leave my lap. Now I was in trouble. My dick was slowly starting to go hard from Fergie's arse wriggling around on my lap.

I tried to move Fergie off before her arse nudged my dick but she just pushed back harder pinning me to the side of the Bentley. She didn't make any indication about what she was doing but every time I tried to move off the Bentleys wing she would just bounce back harder. She suddenly turned to her left and buttock and thigh squashed into my hard on. I froze for a second and my mind began to race with get out excuses. Fergie flicked her hair over her shoulder and looked back at me.

"What's this?" she asked with a rye smile rubbing left arse cheek slowly up and down my hard on, "Seems like money isn't the only thing that gets you hard", she said quietly.

I felt my face go flush, "You've found my dark little secret", I started, "Money isn't the only thing that gets my attention", I said with a wink.

"Oh fuck! Just like that! Hard like that!" Fergie panted. The day's shoot had ended barely ten minutes before and now Fergie was pinned over a small table in her caravan trailer, with her arse hanging in the air.

"You like it like that? You like it when I fuck you like that?" I replied as I knocked her legs a little further apart. The day's antics had proved too much for us both in the end and I now had her bent over the table with the red hart boy pants stretched around her ankles. The skirt had come away from it's one fastening without me even trying to force it. It now lay crumpled on the floor of the trailer next to us as I punched into Fergie's sloppy pussy from behind.

"Fuck me like that Mike, ooooh god your cock feels sooooo good!" she growled as I slammed my dick hard into her gooey slit, "Make me cum, make me cum, fill me up Mike!" she said leaning up on her elbows. The white shirt had come open and her tits had spilled out of her bra. They swung back and forth violently as I continued to work away

"I'll fill you up. It's goin' to be running down your legs when I'm done" I said grabbing her harshly by the hips and picking my speed up.

"Ohhhh, god", she groaned, "I love getting fucked from behind, don't stop!" she gasped.

The table under us suddenly began to creak and wobble. I slowed my pace down but Fergie kept bouncing her pussy back at me. I stood motionlessly for a moment as she continued to fuck herself on my dick, "Don't stop now, I'm close Mike!" she said through gritted teeth, both hands firmly gripping the sides of the table. I slapped her hard across her arse and started to fuck in and out of her pussy once more.

"That's it", she breathed as she threw her head back, "Just…like…that", her head dropped back to the table as she started to moan

"Cum for me Ferg, I'm gonna fuckin' cum, you cum for me!" I said feeling the final stretch approaching

"Fuck….fuck….fuck" she almost whispered. I felt her body suddenly start to tense up, "Oh yeah, shit, fuck me! Oh yeeeeeah!" she said lustfully, the words coming from deep within her throat.

Her body started to spasm and I felt her pussy begin to milk my cock for all it's worth. I closed my eyes and threw my own head back.

"Here it comes!" I grunted as I exploded in her tunnel. Cum sprayed out of her twat as I pumped the last of my seed inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ffffuck Mike!" she stammered as cum started to trickle down the insides of her legs, "Shit!" she said collapsing onto the table.

I pulled out of her and staggered back to a sofa that was behind me. I sat down hard with a crunch from the springs. I sat looking at Fergie still spread over the table. She had gone weak at the knees and her weight was now fully rested on the tabletop. Cum was steadily running out of her hairless clam, the occasional stream dripping off and onto the carpet.

"Is it wrong to say that you look fuckin' awesome like that?", I said catching my breath.

Fergie looked back at me over her shoulder and shook her tush from side to side; "I'll take it as a compliment. You look like you could use a clean up", she replied, her eyes on my juice slicked cock.

"Yeah. Women look hot no matter what, but us blokes" I said looking down at my still semi hard cock, "Our bodies are an acquired taste no matter what" I smirked.

Fergie gave me a clear view of her puckered little arsehole and west pussy as she slowly bent down to take the pants from around her ankles.

She looked back to see me still intently watching her, my semi still lolling on my thigh, "You want some help cleaning that up?" she asked.

"Very hospitable of you" I ventured.

How she looked now made me want to jump straight back into her but I need to re up and catch my breath first.

Fergie dropped to her knees and went down on all fours licking her lips like a cat. The trailer wasn't that wide so one shuffle and she was across the living area with her head hovering above my dick.

"Lets see if we can't make this a bit more presentable for you. We don't want you leaving here in a mess do we", she said with a rye smile.

"Mess is bad" I replied

"I like mess", she said taking my cock in one hand and licking around the head, "Mess like this tastes nice" she said licking down the shaft to my balls.

"Oh shit", I said as I felt my dick starting to go hard again. Fergie's tongue twisted around my shaft as her fist rubbed over my tip like a gear stick, "Who knew cleaning could be so fun"

"Always a pleasure, never a chore. You taste good", she said, "Ready again?" she asked with a wicked smile pasted across her face.

"Be my guest", I said my head falling back onto the sofa. I felt Fergie's hot mouth engulf my cock, her lips sliding down my shaft all the way to the base. This girl had some skills. Her lips came back up toe curling slow before she let her teeth nip at my helmet. She repeated the process before my cock popped out her mouth.

"You're going to cum for me this time", she said slowly, "And when you do I want you to shoot it straight into my mouth. I want to eat you up", she said, her hand starting to wank up and down my shaft.

"Talk dirty to me whilst you do that. That feels good", I whispered feeling my head go light.

"I want you to cum hard for me Mike. I'm going to lick you all up because you taste so good", she said in a measured level tone, "And when you cum you're going to cum in
my mouth because that's what I love"

"Ok" I said trying to keep my breathing level. I could feel one hand juggling my balls whilst the other quickly slid up and down my shaft. I kept my eyes closed in an attempt to hold off shooting my load. My dick ached at being hard and in use so quickly after fucking her, but at the same time felt dreamily good as I slouched on the sofa with my head back and eyes closed.

"You're hard again so quick, I must have looked really hot bent over that table", she said taking a little lick of the tip of my rod, "You going to cum for me this time Mike?" she asked softly.

I went to reply but the words got lost in my throat, I was ready to cum again, "I….I…", I began to stammer.

"Ready again baby. Here we go" she soothed.

I felt her mouth clamp down on my dick once more as she began to suck away at the head whilst speeding her fist up and down my shaft. My thighs pressed my feet into the floor and my hands gripped at the couch trying to stave off the inevitable.

"That's it Mike, let go, cum for me" she cooed before swallowing the head of my dick again. She pumped faster and faster with her hand until I couldn't hold on anymore.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" I exclaimed as I finally came for the second time.

"Mmmmmm", Fergie groaned as my load slipped down her throat, "That feel good?" she asked with a few final cleaning licks to my cock.

"So good I got a headache", I smirked as I reached to pull my boxers back up.

"I trust you know I gotta keep this quite", Fergie asked pulling on a pair of jogging bottoms.

I scowled at her, "Give me some credit", I said slightly annoyed, "Do this mean I owe you a hit record now though?" I smirked.

Suddenly someone banged loudly on the trailer door, cutting off her imminent answer, "Stacey I have a call for you" her assistants voice announced loudly.

"So much for you're urban myth theory", she said flashing that wicked grin again.

I tried to sleep on the two-hour drive home but with thoughts of Fergie in my head and my own assistant in my ear trying to talk business it proved a fruitless task.

"I'm not talking shop now Sam", I grumbled

"But someone has been dinging all day trying to get hold of you", my long-suffering assistant replied, "Sounds like work"

"I'm taking this as four days holiday. If they want to speak to me then they can wait till Tuesday", I said closing my eyes and trying to get comfy in the back of my own Range Rover.

"But", Sam started.

"But nothing Sam, just take messages or whatever and class yourself as being on holiday too"

I knew poor Sam would only be on holiday for about five minutes before I couldn't find something or didn't know how to get in contact with someone. I always thought "nanny" would be a better title for Sam rather than "assistant".

I had bags to pack at home; a few hours sleep to grab and then an eight-hour flight to New York a head of me to join up with Titus and some others in New York, but it didn't matter. I smiled to myself as I began to doze. Another four or five hours after that and I would be in Las Vegas for the NBA All Star game and waiting for the arrival of Christina.

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