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Jack Samson & The Deadly Pearl
Chapter 1
By Deadshot

Starring Kirsten Stewart
(MF, BJ, Anal, Exhibition)

The following story is completely fictional. None of the events actually occurred, nor would they. If you're under the legal age limit to view this kind of material, please leave.

They say when it rains in the city, the good lord is taking a leak on us. Myself? I never bought it. I ain't that optimistic to think God even knows about Starlight City. The rain that was pouring down that night in the October of 1947 was just that, rain. Nothing special. If life went according to the weather, then that night would have led to nothing special. Sadly, weather don't dictate much aside from ball games being played.

Aside from the rain, it was an average day. The only sounds were the creaking of of my chair the rain outside, the typing of my secretary, Elizabeth Gillies. She was a young thing, couldn't be older than nineteen at the most, but pretty filled out. She was a porcelain skinned angel, her hair raven black. She hadn't worked for me long, but I couldn't remember a time when she wasn't there. Despite her young age, she was a damn good secretary, and probably could outdo me in the brains department.

We were just about to close up shop for the night when a new sound entered, the door opening. I heard some mumbling, Liz welcoming our prospective client and guiding them to my office. The door opened, and in she walked. She was a tall blonde, her form perfectly poured into a black dress that rode all her curves in just the right way. Her stilettos matched her dress, perfectly accentuating her long, beautiful stems. Her face was unique, a perfectly placed beauty mark just above her upper lip.

"Take a seat," I said, motioning to the chair before my desk. She did, crossing her legs enticingly as she sat. I nodded at Liz, who left the room, shutting the door behind her. "How can I help you, Miss…"

"Michalka, Alyson Michalka," she said. "I'm sorry to inconvenience you so late Mr. Samson."

"Call me Jack, technically I'm off the clock." I offered her a cigarette, which she took. I lit hers and mine and took a deep drag, looking her over, and not just to take her body in again, though that was a nice bonus. She seemed tense, not unusual for my clients, but always worth noting. One thing stood out to me, her steady eyes. They weren't as jittery, however, could just be the cigarette calming her. But in my line of work, every detail is important. "But the question is raised, what brings you by at this hour, and in this kind of weather. You certainly ain't dressed for it."

"I was in a rush." she replied, her tone deadly serious. "The last place I expected to be at this hour tonight is the office of a private detective, Mr. Samson."

"Then maybe you should explain what brought you here. Something tells me it ain't the decor." My tone took her by surprise. She didn't seem to be used to being talked to in that manner. Not exactly rude, but very informal.

"Right, down to business. My father is missing." As soon as the words escaped her lips, she seemed to have trouble keeping her composure, her lip quivering slightly. "I came home tonight to find our home a total mess. There was…blood…on the wall." She reached into her purse and took out a monogramed handkerchief, the letters R.M. on it. She dabbed at her eyes.

"You go to the police?" I asked, examining her every movement. I don't like to be distrustful, but in this line of work, dames and their waterworks ain't always genuine. So far, she was checking out.

"No." She replied, her eyes looking down.

"Let me get this straight. You come home. Your house is ransacked, blood on the walls, your father missing, and you don't call the police? Instead, you come to a private dick. Something doesn't add up, lady."

"I couldn't go to the police Mr. Samson!" Her reaction came across as very genuine, her piercing green eyes staring directly at me, challenging me. She was telling the truth, but there was something being held back.

"And what's the that?" I asked. I stood up from my seat and leaned over my desk, learning at her. "And why come to me? You don't fit my usual clientele of spurned spouses and jilted lovers."

She stood up, her gaze not braking, her face in a frustrated, angry frown. She turned her back to me and began to pace the room. "My father was involved with the government. The CIA, to be specific. He was working on some sort of weapon for field agents."

"Okay, so your daddy was a big brain scientist for the Government spooks. That doesn't tell me why you didn't go them or the cops instead of me." I walked around to her, grabbing her by the shoulders, spinning her to face me. "Talk."

"Daddy was…is…a gem collector. Some of his possessions, well, weren't necessarily acquired through legal means. The CIA kept it hush for him in exchange for his work. If I went to the police, they'd take it all. If the CIA finds out he's missing the same could happen, and I will not have anyone stealing what is rightfully my father's. So one of your former clients recommended you. I may not look it, Mr. Samson, but sometimes, we do run in the same circle. Your spurned spouses aren't always middle class." She smirked at me, a hint of genuine triumph showing through the concern she had been showing for her father.

I let her shoulders go and returned to my seat. "Were you the last one in the house?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, taking her seat once again. "As soon as I saw what had happened, I rushed out and to the nearest payphone to talk to my friend, and she recommended you. She told me you used to be a cop. I figured if I can't go to them, you would be the next best thing. Or better."


"Less rules to follow," she said, a smile crossing her lips. She took a long drag on her cigarette, exhaling the smoke slowly. "You can do things they can't. I think that's a requirement for this case."

"Fair enough," I said. "I'll take the case."

"Thank you," she said. "What are your terms?"

"Fifty bucks a night, plus expenses." I said. It was steep, but fair.

"Fifty dollars? That's outrageous."

"Look lady, the way it sounds, I'm going to have be dodging cops, Government stooges, and who knows what else to try and find out what happened to your father. Simply put, this is not a cheating husband. This is more dangerous, so I get paid more. My neck might be on the line, lady."

"Fine." She reached into her purse and pulled out some cash. She placed it right front of me. "One hundred dollars. First night plus expenses."

"Good. Come back here tomorrow night. I should have some info. But first, do you know any of your father's friends, places he liked to go?"

"He rarely left the house," said Alyson. She began to get up, gathering herself and heading to the door. "If he went anywhere, I didn't know about it. The best place to check would be his office in the house." She reached back into her purse, removing a key. She walked over and handed it to me. "It's the house key. I'll see you tomorrow night."

With that, she turned and walked out, my eyes on her firm ass all the way. With Aly gone, Liz walked in.

"What are we in now, Jack?" Liz asked, leaning her ass on my desk, her piercing blue eyes looking over her shoulder at me.

"A missing person who might worse than missing." I replied. I walked over to my coat rack to get my hat and coat. "And he was knee deep in stuff I don't want to tread ankle deep in."

"Sounds like I'm getting a big bonus in my paycheck for this one," Liz said, her eyebrow cocked and mouth in a half smile.

"You've gotten bonuses before?" I asked sarcastically. In response, Liz picked up a manilla folder and playfully slapped me with it. "And you can clearly see why."

"First time for everything." She came up to me, straightening my hat and tightening my tie, her lips inches from mine.

"Is that so?" My hands went to hers.

She nodded. She pulled me to her face, her lips at my ear, breathing heavily. "Wouldn't want this to be the first time you forgot your gun." She then backed away, a sarcastic smile on her face, holding my holster and gun in her hand.

I laughed and took the holster and gun. "Clean and loaded?"

"Did it myself, as usual."

"So you're saying your hands have been all over my gun today?"

"My innuendo was better," Liz said, patting me on the shoulder. she walked out and went back to her desk. "And don't ask, I'll lock up for you. Someone actually has to run this business."

"You're one in a million, doll."

"Maybe one day you'll pay me like you describe me." Liz looked up and flashed me another smile before I walked out of the office.


As soon as I entered the Michalka home, it was pretty much as she described. The place was a perfect mess, everything in disarray. However, the mess was too perfect. There was valuable stuff left on the floor. If there was a theft, it obviously wasn't for any of value to most people. Cash, jewelry, all of it thrown on the ground.

I examined the wall. Sure enough, there were blood spats on the wall, but only the wall, and not enough for lethal bleeding out, despite the bullet hole. He was probably still alive. Despite the staged robbery, there were signs of a real struggle. The scuff marks on the ground, scratch marks on the wall. Something happened, and not everyone was a fan of it.

I wandered to the office of the absent Professor Richard Michalka, or at least that's what the diploma said. I headed to his desk. It had been rifled through as well, but there could still be something. I began to knock on the surface of it until I hit a hollow spot. I looked under the desk and saw a faint outline of a compartment. I took out my pocket knife and pried it open, and out fell a few items that I was pretty damn sure the people who had torn this place up would have liked to find. They were mainly documents concerning storage centers and receipts, the kind of stuff that Liz could comb over much better than I could.

What I could do for myself is track down some of the people he knew from the schedule book that fell out with the documents. I opened it to an entry of one of his meetings last night. I smile when I see a name I recognize at a location I recognize. Looks like the good professor and I share some "friends" in low places.

As I went out to leave, I noticed a handkerchief on the floor. It was monogrammed "A.M.". Another piece of the puzzle. I picked it up as I walked out the door.


The red light district of Starr City, what a place. A place a guy like me could easily blend in. But a stuffed shirt like Richard Michalka, with his sheet white hair, tailored suits and bifocals? Not quite. Yet, according to his own written schedule, this is exactly where he was, with a person most wouldn't expect to see him with. She was my only lead. Luckily, I'd used her as such before, and in other ways.

I was only looking for five minutes when I found her, peddling her wares on the street corner. Her long legs were exposed by a surprisingly short, black dress, probably a custom job for her line of work. Her long brown hair was being worn down, her purse slung over her shoulder. With a deep breath, I made my way over.

"Kristen Stewart, as I live and breath," I said, making a bee-line to the sexy streetwalker. Her eyes lit, she could see she was getting a few dollars, one way or another. I had no illusions about this. As far as street whores go, I was certainly friendly with her, but business was business.

"What brings you to Paradise Row, Samson?" she asked, a flirtatious tone in her voice. "Business or pleasure?" She positioned herself to show off her cleavage, surprisingly supple for her frame.

"They tend to be one and the same with you, toots. But if you're asking if I'm on a case, the answer is yes." I reached in my coat and pulled out a photo of the professor I had taken from his home. "This guy look familiar to you?"

Kristen took a look at the photo, and then to me. "Something tells me you know I do," she said. "Yeah, he's been a regular for the past couple of months. Easy work. Didn't take much to get him to finish. Hell, sometimes he didn't want to touch me, only watch. And who am I to turn down easy money?"

"You see him last night?"

"Yeah, but we didn't do anything." Kristen looked to the left, then the right. "Let's go into the alley. I don't want too many people seeing me talking to you out in the open unless money is involved, and we both know you don't pay until you get what you want." I shrugged, and followed her while she led the way. Kristen was, if anything, reliable, as long as money was involved.

Once she was sure we were alone, she relaxed a little, then held out her palm. "You want me to keep talking, I want some money up front."

"How's twenty bucks sound?" I asked, taking the money out and holding it in the air. She reached for the money, and I snatched it back. "Information first. Or I go elsewhere and spend less."

"Fine," she gruffly said. "So the guy. Like I said, saw him last night. He was with a few guys, I guess bringing them down this way for a good time."

"What did the two guys look like?"

"Wise guys. The old guy really stuck out like a sore thumb."

"You said you didn't do anything with them?" I asked. I began to closely observe her motions.

"Not a thing," said Kristen. "They wanted to go to the Paradise Inn. We both know I'm not exactly welcome there."

"Sophia still holding a grudge?" I asked, knowing full well the history between herself and Sophia Bush, the local madame.

"She makes rules. I don't like to follow the rules. Those kinds of attitudes tend to clash. But that's where the old guy and the mob guys went."

"Any names for the two other men?"

Kristen shook her head in response. "I've seen them before though. I think they're Gugino thugs. Seen them down here a few time with Mario. You want to
find them, go to the Gin Mill." With her sentence done, she walked to me, her body mere inches from mine. "We done?"

I took the money back out and handed to her. I watched as she counted. She looked up at me, somewhat confused.

"There's an extra ten here," she said.

"It's not extra," I said. I reached down and began to undo my belt. "You're about to earn it."

"Mmmm, my business is your pleasure Jack." Kristen replied. She descended to her knees, pulling my pants down with her. Her soft hand firmly grasped my hardening cock, slowly jacking it, priming it for the main treatment. "It's been a bit too long since I've seen this guy."

"Show him how much you missed him," I said. And soon after, she followed my request, enlacing her mouth around the head of my cock. "That's it."

She began with a light tease, soft sucking, her tongue softly caressing the head. One hand worked my my shaft, the other my balls, fondling and massaging as her mouth ventured further down. Kristen always sucked a mean dick, working her way up so seamlessly, you're ready to pop before you realize what's what.

True to her style, Kristen switched it up, taking my meat in her mouth to to the hilt, my tip hitting the back of her throat. To my further surprise, she began to take me in her throat, her nose soon pressed against my pubic hair. My hands moved down to her head, holding it in place as I savored the wonderful feeling of her hot throat.

After a few more seconds, I let go and Kristen pulled back, a string of saliva still connecting my dick to her lips. She took a deep breath and wiped her mouth with one hand as another went back to stroking my slick meat.

She kept jacking me with one hand, her other roamed my stomach and chest. Kristen's mouth then became occupied with my balls, licking them at first, but soon going all the way into sucking the orbs. She worked one of into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue, then moved to the other. She alternated this, taking breaks to simply tease my sack with her skilled tongue.

Kristen went back to the main focus again, returning her mouth to my cock, taking me all the way in one movement and continuing the steady pace. Her tongue snaked over every inch it could, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. Sometimes when she'd pull all the way back, letting her teeth graze random parts of my throbbing cock, only to slowly and methodically work her way back up.

My hand went once again to her head, holding it in place as I began to fuck her mouth. "Take that fucking cock," I growled. "Every fucking inch." Kristen, the professional she is, took it all in stride. She grabbed my hips, steadying herself as I fucked her sweet throat for all it was worth. All the while her blue eyes were staring up at me, daring me with their gaze to go further, asking me if that was all I had. That's what I loved about Kristen, she could get real dirty. Sometimes, that's exactly what a guy needs.

Kristen moved her arms to the fronts of my legs, signaling for me to stop my motion. I did, letting her catch her breath once again. "Too much for you?" I asked, a grin on my face.

Kristen shook her head defiantly, and again placed her mouth on my cock, bobbing back and forth rapidly now, sucking hard to work every last drop of my hot seed into her mouth. "Shoot it in my mouth, Jack," she said in between sucks. "Every last drop, feed me your hot cum baby…I need it so bad…"

"You gonna swallow what I give you? Are you going to be a good whore?"

"Such a good little whore! I need every drop of your hot, delicious cum, please!"

The way she spoke, the look and her face, and hand and hot mouth working in unison were all too much for me. Kristen could sense I was about to shoot, she moved her mouth so only the tip was in, and I unleashed my sperm. Kristen didn't let a drop escape her lips, swallowing my load with ease, still working my cock, extending my orgasm for as long as she could. The woman was making my knees shake with the job she was doing.

Even after I was done shooting, Kristen kept continuing her work, her tongue swirling around the crown until finally I had to pull out. "Had enough?" she said knowingly.

My answer was handing her another ten dollars. She took the money and stuffed it in her purse, then got up and backed to the wall behind her, beckoning me with her finger. I followed her over, my still hard cock rubbing against the skin of her bare legs. I reached under her skirt, and was pleased to find she was not wearing underwear.

"I always dress prepared," Kristen said, a big smile on her face. My hands reached around and grabbed her firm ass. I lifted her up and Kristen wrapped her legs around me. She raised her arms up, grasping the rung of a fire escape ladder. Kristen maneuvered herself so just the lips of her cunt were teasing my dick. "You gonna fuck me?"

I thrust into her in response, a gasp escaping her mouth. "How's that cock feel?" I asked, building up my pace.

"More," she growled. "Harder, Samson…fuck me harder!" I granted her requested, thrusting up into her as hard as I could. I pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her breasts to the cool night hair. Her nipples were hard and aroused. My mouth went to her mounds immediately, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. "That's it, suck my tits."

With one arm wrapped around her, I moved a hand to join mouth with her breasts, kneading one while sucking the other. Kristen moaned into the night. In any other neighborhood, it'd be a cause for concern, but in this one noises like that were a regular occurrence.

My thrusts into her wet canal were gutting harder, more insistent, and our noises more animalistic. "That's everything you have Samson?" Kristen growled, a sneer on her face. "You can do better. Fuck me like I deserve it! Fuck me like I need it!"

"I don't think you really need it," I said, accentuating each word with an especially hard thrust into her. She pulled my face to hers, kissing me fiercely to answer the question, biting on my lip as the kiss broke. To further her point, she began to constrict her pussy on my cock, the velvet tightness getting tighter and more exquisite.

"Finest pussy money can buy, huh Samson?" Kristen was covered in a sheen of sweat, and with how the light in the alley was hitting her, it only seemed to highlight her beauty even more. "Pussy like this needs a nice hard cock fucking it as hard as it can."

"You want it harder? Does the dirty girl need this dick harder?"

"Fuck yes…don't make me beg Samson…"

I brought Kristen to the ground and withdrew myself. "Lose the dress and turn around,: I said. "Hands on the wall." Kristen flashed her seductive smile, licked her lips, and did as told, hanging her dress on the ladder she had held on to.

I lined myself up behind her, teasing her slit with my prong. I reacher my hands around her, caressing her breasts and slowly moving them down over her flat stomach and finally to her pussy. I dipped my fingers in, slowly working them in, making her groan, I could feel her shaking in my arms.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me," Kristen breathlessly whispered. "Give it to me…"

"Beg me," I said, now playing with her clit. "Beg for my cock to be inside you."

"Please! Dammit, I need your cock, Jack. Please fill my tight little cunt up with your fucking staff!" I've never been one to refuse the request of a lady. I moved my hands, grasping her hips tight and returning my throbbing member into her velvet sheath.

I began slamming hard into her, sometimes lifting her off her feet with the force of it. "Happy now?" I asked, slapping her hard on the ass. "Is the whore getting what she needed so bad?"

"Fuck yes!" she yelled, throwing her head back when I hit a particularly sensitive area. "More!"

I moved one of my hand back to her lit, working it as I slammed into her harder. "Cum on my cock," I demanded. My other hand slid from her hip to her hair, grabbing a handful and yanking it bank. Kristen yelped in response, a smile on her face. I kissed her deep, our tongues intertwining.

I soon began to feel her cunt constrict and convulse on my rod. Kristen's back arched and let out a howl of passion, her orgasm hitting her hard. I kept thrusting into her, savoring the feeling of her pussy as her orgasm rocked her.

I brought my mouth to her neck, licking and kissing as Kristen's head hung down. She was breathing deeply, running her hand through her hair. She grabbed me hard by the back of the head and pulled me to her face for savage kiss. "You cum?" she asked, exhausted but still seemingly up for more.

I shook my head. "I want to cum inside you, Kristen." I removed my cock from her slit.

"You know the drill." she replied.

"Very well." I dropped to my knees behind and behind to lick her wet hole, savoring her flavor and making her shiver. I drew my tongue up and down, finally bringing up to her anus, licking the tight little rosebud.

"Mmmm, lick my asshole." I went deeper burying myself between her cheeks. My hands rubbed her firm cheeks, the ass on this girl was incredible. So firm and tight, inside and out. I got up, lining my cock up with her puckered opening and pressed forward, hoping the wetness on my cock and the saliva I had just applied would be enough lubrication.

"Unnnn," bellowed Kristen. I grabbed her hand from the wall and brought it down to her lit, the two of us working it as I eased my hard rod in her. Slowly but surely, I was in her completely. I stayed still, allowing her to get used to the girth in her backside.

"You ready?" I asked. I leaned over and gently licking and kissed at the nape of her neck.

"Fuck my ass Samson," she said. "Fuck it and shoot your hot cum inside me. Don't stop until I have every drop you have left in my ass." With that clearance, I slowly began to pull out and thrust back in.

Kristen's ass was deliciously tight, especially for her line of work. I guess most guys just want a good blow, even for a rare beauty on these streets like her. Their loss and my very pleasurable gain.

I began to build up a harder, faster pace. "There we go," she moaned. "Give it to me. Come on Jack, you know how I like it."

"That's my girl." Leaving her hand to work on it's own, my hands returned to her hips, taking a firm grip as I began to slam into her anal canal. "So fucking tight."

"Not everyone gets up there," she growled. She looked over her shoulder at me, flashing a smile. She looked very tired, but still devious.

"I'm honored." I replied, smacking her on the ass.

"As you should be." I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up, Kirsten wrapping her lower legs around mine, her back pressed against my chest. She made me weak in the knees when she began to grind her hips, working herself hard on my cock. "You like my tight ass, huh? Gonna make you cum? I want to feel it, I want to feel your hot cream in my ass!"

"You want my cum?" I asked, trying to hold off for a bit longer, despite her best efforts, her tight opening squeezing me tighter and tighter. "You need it?"

"You know you need to release it more," she teased. Kristen held her arms against mine, stopping my thrusting and began to clench her asshole tight on my dick, grinding into me harder and harder. "Cum you son of a bitch, fill my ass up!"

I couldn't take anymore. I pulled Kristen close to me and let loose a huge torrent of cum into her ass. The feeling must have set her off, as she soon quivered in orgasm as well, increasing the strength of mine with the convulsions going through her body.

Once I was sure we were both done, I let her down. I extracted myself, still trying to catch my breath. Kristen was in similar shape, pleased, but exhausted. She was leaning against the wall, trying to gain her composure back. "That was intense," she said, a small smile forming on her tired face.

"Same here." I pulled up my pants and handed Kristen her dress. "Though I might throw in the word 'amazing' as well." I leaned in and kissed her once more, a gesture she returned. It may seem sappy, but in the moment sometimes it feels right, and Kristen wasn't the kind of hooker to mind it.

"You need anything else?" asked Kristen, putting her dress back on. "Or is that it?"

"Just this. If you see those two again, or a Gugino, make yourself scarce. I don't know what this is yet, but with them involved it got a lot more complicated. Other than that, I think we're good."

"Glad you got your money's worth, Samson," she said, giving me a wink.

"And then some." She walked past me and out of the alley, turning back around one last time to blow me a kiss.


As I walked back into my office building, I had a lot going through my head. With what Kristen had told me, I felt underpaid. The CIA and the Gugino crime family, this was way beyond my pay-grade. However, I had made some headway. I had collected enough tonight to give Liz and I a good foundation. I was confident that Aly hadn't told me the whole story, either.

What didn't help matters either were the two men who had followed me in. That's not a good thing, no matter what line of work you're in. I had to play this just right. If they knew I knew they were following me, whatever they had planned could get a lot more painful.

I dropped to my knee just before I reached my office to tie my shoe. Unfortunately, that was the opening they needed, and the ground in front of my was the last thing I remember seeing before everything went black.

….continued in Chapter 2, coming soon!

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