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05-10-2012, 10:24 PM
Author: Robertdoc
Celebrity: Alison Brie
Warnings: M/F, Cons, Oral, Handjob, Big Tits, Titjob

April 2011

Sometimes when I have money, freelance writing and book troubles, I lament that I still haven’t gotten my one big break. Given that I have been intimate with several of the most beautiful and talented women on television, it gets even more frustrating sometimes.

But although I would gain instant fame if I shared those exploits, I would never want to put them in anything scandalous. And I certainly would never tell them about my past either, lest they get the wrong idea about what kind of person I am.

Tina already knew about me because Jenna told her, and I gave her a hint about my time with Anne too. Other than that, I didn’t want any other actress to know of my “resume”; at least not from me.

So of course, it happened in front of one actress who I really didn’t want to get the wrong idea about me. But since things had been going so well for me beforehand, it was probably predictable.

After going just three months in between stints on “Modern Family” and “SNL” it took just over four to get my next assignment in early April. By now, getting temp jobs on my favorite shows and working for my favorite people should have jaded me. Yet I still almost forgot to squeal for joy over this assignment until after I hung up the phone.

For the second time, I was recruited to fill in as the personal assistant for an actress. What’s more, it was one from my latest Thursday night, low rated NBC comedy favorite, “Community.” Even better, the star I would be personally helping was the hilarious and drop dead gorgeous Alison Brie.

Alison was already a recurring guest on “Mad Men” so this was the second time I was coming to one of her sets. But since my time on “Mad Men” in summer 2009, Alison had become a regular and a comedic scene stealer on one of the most inventive, parody-ridden shows on television. This gave myself and many others more room to crush on her multiple talents, “Disney face” and flawless, well endowed figure than we had on “Mad Men.”

But unlike many others, I would be working with her as “Community” filmed the end of its second season; and I guessed that my stint on her other show helped me land this gig. So working on “Mad Men” did yield benefits other than having sex with Christina Hendricks after all.

The good luck kept coming when I made to the set, as I found out they were filming a two part sequel to the beloved “Modern Warfare” paintball/action parody episode. What’s more, Alison’s character Annie would be revealed as a paintball superstar, in a Western homage complete with a revealing Annie Oakley-esq outfit. Considering that and how this paintball war was even more elaborate than last year, it was no wonder that extra help was needed.

Alison herself probably didn’t need that much help, but she was happy to let me give it a try. I aided her with any help and moves she needed on set for the episode, and did what I could for her off the set as well. It was every bit as fun as I expected, and so was Alison as well.

She was every bit the charming, bright, sweet and yet somewhat naughty woman she was on “Community” the Internet and in interviews. Even if this didn’t end with me getting intimate with her; in spite of how I did really want this one if possible; it was still fun enough hanging out with her and being on the set of my new favorite comedy.

And like I said, when everything was going that well, it was bound to threaten to come crashing down later.

With four days left on my stint, me and Alison were among the last to leave the set on this night. She had changed out of her paintball cowgirl costume into a more Annie-like blue sweater and flowing black skirt, which was barely less alluring. I tried to at least periodically look away so I wouldn’t get noticed admiring her, but she brought my attention right back to her.

“Okay, I have to say this before I forget again. I can’t believe I keep forgetting to bring it up in the first place, but not this time!” Alison swore, then she looked around to see no one was around before speaking discreetly. “We both know you were working on ‘Mad Men’ two years ago, right?”

“I kind of remember, yes,” I admitted.

“I was at their Emmy nomination after party in 2009. I wish I remembered seeing you there.” I kind of wished I had seen her there too, if I wasn’t…..otherwise distracted. “But I do remember something from that day….or remembering hearing something from Christina’s dressing room.”

And there went the potential crash of the century.

“I probably shouldn’t spill this, but I’ve kept quiet for two years, so I’ve been a good girl! And I trust you to keep a secret too! Besides, I thought since you were on the set, maybe you overheard it too and I didn’t see you.”

I stammered a bit, which was probably a better thing to do after she told me what she heard. “I, I don’t hear anything- I mean, didn’t! What makes you think there was something to hear?”

Alison looked a bit puzzled; or else that’s what I could make out through my blurry vision. But she went on anyway. “A few things, actually. The sounds of her and some guy making sex moans was kind of something. They’re just lucky I was the only one who got lost and wound up hearing them! But I am relieved that the guy didn’t brag about it to the tabloids! I mean, I know sex with Christina is something guys would love to brag about, right?”

“Who says? I mean, maybe this guy wasn’t evil enough to do that to her! There are guys like that, they’re in the minority, but they are there!” I had panic attacks around actresses before, yet this was building up as the worst one. It shouldn’t have been, but I was too worried about Alison figuring out who the guy was, thinking differently of me and getting me to blab about the others for good measure.

“I guess….and it sounded like he really got her going too. He could have puffed himself up about that and got away with it,” Alison reasoned.

“Well, it was enough that I knew and she liked it, and that was enough for me.”

I meant to say “Maybe it was enough that he knew and she liked it, and that was enough.” But with my guard briefly down by how Alison praised my performance without knowing it, I misspoke a couple of key words.

Once I realized that a half second later, I went back into panic mode. Maybe if I hadn’t, Alison might have laughed it off as me joking and I could have treated it as such. However, I didn’t give her time to think it was a joke at first, as I went into furious and non-jokey denial mode. “I meant enough that he knew! Not for me, I mean! We established I wasn’t there, so we can stick to that right now!”

After actually hearing myself say those words, I admitted defeat and was both relieved and horrified that Alison was the only one still in the studio who heard me. “Oh God, oh God, oh God….” I moaned to myself, which made Alison gasp.

“Those oh Gods, they sound like…..oh God, it really was you! I, I just wanted to find out if you heard it too! Or tease you for missing all that while you were there! I, I didn’t think….wow….” Alison trailed off.

“Oh, I knew this day would come….I knew I pushed my luck once too often…” I thought that sounded less damaging than my other words, but I screwed up on assuming that too. “Once too often? What does that mean….did you fuck anyone else on that set? Or those other ones on your resume?”

At this point, since I was doing such a poor job of denial, I figured I’d admit some small truths to hide the bigger ones. “A couple…” I said quietly, so as not to admit I fucked actresses on every set I’d ever been on. And it would keep me from mentioning them by name for now.

“I see…..well, if you got to fuck someone like Christina, you must have aimed for the biggest women on those other shows. That would leave…..Tina Fey for ’30 Rock,’ Jenna Fischer for ‘The Office,’ Kaley Cuoco for ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ probably Sofia Vergara for ‘Modern Family,’ and any one of the ‘Glee’ or ‘SNL’ girls! But then you did help when Anne Hathaway was on ‘SNL’…..oh no, really?!”

Annie was super smart on “Community” and for the first time I cursed that Alison gave her those kinds of smarts. I still hadn’t said I had been with any of those women, yet my silence probably did more to confirm it. So I led her to a more secluded place backstage where there was less of a chance for anyone to hear us; although everyone else was probably gone. But I still had to speak before she got the wrong idea about me leading her backstage too.

“If I did….do some of that, you can’t say anything about it. You were right about him keeping quiet, and he wants it to stay that way.”

“So….you had sex with some of those women and you really kept quiet?” Alison inquired.

“I didn’t think I owed them a scandal for what they did with me. But I didn’t force them to do it or make them, it just happens! It makes no sense that it happens to me, but it just does! I never go out looking for it or sexually harass them! No matter how tempted I am by them, I don’t do a thing until they make a move, I promise!”

“Wow…..if you were with half the women I mentioned, it must have been hard,” Alison theorized before she gasped and giggled a bit at her choice of words. Giggling was certainly a good sign or so I thought; I wasn’t sure what the guidelines were for this one. “And with Christina alone….but I guess that made you pretty thorough to make her groan like that.”

“Of course I was thorough, what sane man alive wouldn’t be?” I pointed out before I bit my tongue; almost literally. “But I’ve said way too much and let you guess the rest already…”

“Huh, you really don’t want to share. You really are committed to not kissing and telling….and it sounds like you have a lot of kisses to tell about,” Alison concluded.

“Well, I just….I want to get famous for skills outside of the bedroom, and I’d never get to do that if this stuff came out. Plus there’s that stuff about respecting their privacy and keeping their sex secrets secret too. I don’t want fans to think differently of them or people to think differently of me….especially you,” I added at the end before I could stop myself.

“Especially me?” Alison repeated. So yet again, I admitted to some small truths without admitting the bigger ones. “I mean, I don’t want you to think you hired a pervert, or that you couldn’t trust me to actually work. Or not put my hands all over you.” This time I actually stopped myself before going in greater and more embarrassing detail on that last point.

“I do still trust you to work….and you’re going pretty crazy to prove you’re not a pervert,” Alison admitted. “You’re still the same great guy who’s come in handy for me this past week, that hasn’t changed. The difference is I know you fought off a boner in the meantime.”

“No, no, God!” I groaned as one of my fears was coming true. “I’m just attracted to you, I said I’m not a pervert!” The sad thing was that this slipup didn’t even make my top five screw ups in the last 10 minutes.

“I can tell the difference between those two things, you know. And no pervert could act this convincing to prove he wasn’t one. Plus, no pervert could get that many actresses naked anyway.”

“But a sleazy, smooth talking cad would, and I don’t wanna look like that either,” I reminded her.

“I think smooth talking went out the window and fell into the sewer by now,” Alison pointed out. “What, do you use up all your smoothness in the bedroom?”

“Actually….there haven’t been many bedrooms,” I said in my first intentional joke of the conversation. But usually when I felt well enough to start joking around, it flipped the switch on to my smoother self; and anything was better than what I had shown so far. And yet for all I showed, Alison wasn’t going away.

“I already know that’s true in one case. To think there’s more than one where you got all those actresses to do….all that to you on a set. And you satisfied one that millions would give half their genitals to fuck….and probably be much less good at it. It can….give someone a lot to think about.”

Alison wasn’t inching that much closer towards me. But she was looking at me intently with those eyes that ranged from adorable Disney princess to seductive vixen; much like the rest of her. With all this talk about my past and with how much I was attracted to her, the nervous tongue tied crazy side of me was giving over to the sex expert side again. Yet with all this buildup and this particular conversation, he was gaining more strength than ever.

I decided to be tentative one more time by slowly reaching out for her hand to test her. When she took it with a sweet, sultry smile that matched her eyes, I basically….snapped as I bent down a bit to kiss her.

Alison appeared to be just as worked up as me over this, as she kissed me as ferociously as I did her. I had been in my share of heated make out sessions before the deed, yet this was becoming Earth-scorching. Instead of starting slowly, we were using our tongues and running our hands over our bodies right off the bat. Hers were on the back of my head so she could press her face closer against mine, and my hands went down to her hips and then up to the sides of her chest.

The only reason I broke was to make certain no one could see us, yet I led us a bit further away to a more secluded area. There, we went back at it and started to paw at our clothes again. I went under her sweater while her hands were already working on my belt. She got it off and let me work on my own zipper as she busied herself removing her sweater.

By the time we were done, I was in a shirt and underwear while Alison was in her bra and skirt. The combination of exposed flesh and our remaining clothing made us both flushed. I know I was flushed to see her exposed cleavage again after being teased by it in her costume for days; only this time there was even more exposed, taut flesh to go with it.

And with that, I forgot the need for foreplay for the first time. What I needed right now was a quick, simple release.

Alison got the idea as she put herself up against the nearest wall and I hiked her up a bit while pressing myself against her, getting her skirt up in the process. I finally let my cock out of my underwear and made sure it would be in another tighter space a moment later. I was too worked up to even remove her panties, as I just shifted them to make room for my dick to go inside her.

Once I entered, I made sure to start thrusting right away, as it didn’t take me long to go in all the way. I had forgotten my usual methods of containing myself and making this last longer, as being inside Alison after these last several days and this last half-hour was all I was thinking about. That and seeing her ample breasts bounce inside her red bra; along with her generous backside slamming onto my groin.

Speaking of her ass, I lifted her skirt up further to get a grasp on it, jiggling it with each thrust. I was making quite a few hard ones since I was still on autopilot, trying to bring us both overboard. Alison groaning and chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as low as she could managed to help too.

Finally Alison sank herself all the way down my dick and just gyrated her hips. I tried to gyrate mine while staying all the way in her, and with a few more hard, short thrusts, we found our release. Mine came first as it poured into her, while hers poured out of her and onto my cock shortly thereafter.

I didn’t know about her, but it certainly blinded me until I felt the last of her cum hit my shaft. Once again, I was worn out after exploding inside an actress or anywhere near her. That was a constant through my experiences, although everything else about this one wasn’t a constant.

And with that, I started to actually think again. And I didn’t like what was coming into my brain.

It all hit me by the time I pulled out of Alison. Normally after finishing something like this, there had been some post coital awkwardness, yet it was shaken off before long. However, the awkwardness on my part after this was harder to ignore, as well as a new feeling called guilt.

“Oh God, I blew it…” I concluded, and then thought fast with my newly returned thinking to say “Please don’t say ‘I’ll say’ to that….I’m being serious.”

“What? I’m pretty sure we meant to cum early,” Alison explained.

“No, it isn’t that…..I just went in there and jammed myself into you. I’ve never done it like that before. That isn’t how I wanted to do it with you.”

“Well…it was still pretty hot anyway,” Alison reassured.

“Of course it was, there’s no debating that! Still, I’m more ambitious than that, and I have been with the other actresses! I’ve done some dirty things, but I never just fucked and called it a day! I didn’t want to do it like that with you… you’re too beautiful and cool to not be completely thorough with.”

That was cheesy, albeit true; yet that wasn’t the reason I groaned at myself. “See, that sounds more like a come-on and a line because you know about me. That’s part of why I didn’t want anyone to know. No matter what I say about your beauty, there’s a part of you that’s got to think I’m just putting you on to get in your pants, and I’m not! And there’s a part of me that thinks you just did this because you found out about my history, and I’d like to think that’s way off!”

“You probably don’t think that and maybe I shouldn’t….but doing all this is still so weird and unlikely to me that I want to do it just right. I’m not a ‘wham, bam’ person and that’s served me well, and I want to keep doing what works. Otherwise I assumed the whole house of cards will come down, I’ll wake up from being this lucky and I’ll look sleazier than I want to be.”

“Still, you didn’t do it wrong just now,” Alison repeated.

“I know, I guess. I just wanted to do it better and longer, that’s all,” I admitted.

“Well….you can still do that. I mean, who said you only got one shot?” Alison offered. Admittedly, I was mostly panicking because I thought I had just the one shot and I barely did anything I wanted. But I was still doubting myself even then.

“See, now I can’t help but think if you’re offering out of pity, or because of my reputation, or because I’m way too insecure. I am too insecure, I know, even after all I’ve done….that’s why I want to show all of the best of myself when I’m with actresses. That’s why I want to last as long as possible with them and do as much as possible, while I have my chance. And I really, really want to do that with you….but only if you want it for the right reasons.”

“You do think too much. And I’ve played someone who thinks too much for two years, so I would know,” Alison countered. “I do want to try again because of your reputation, and to make you less insecure and because you fucked me so good before. And I want to do it because I liked you even before tonight, and you’re a lot of fun when you’re not freaking out. Maybe not all of those reasons are right to you by themselves, but combined I think they’re really great. They’re the best of a lot of sides, just like you.”

That could make sense in a way. Being good at being dirty and romantic does make for a winning combination in and out of sex. And Alison was great at going back and forth between parts of herself too, like doing comedy and drama, being adorable and sexy, and being sweet and naughty. I had shown her one side of myself during sex; a side I had never shown the others before because I didn’t want to finish so soon. Now maybe that would set up my regular side to completely devour her, and I still wanted to do that more than anything.

Alison further confirmed that by leaning it and giving me a gentler kiss than our ones from before. Now I could more fully savor her soft, glossy lips on mine and how her lovely body was pressed up against me. And when we broke off, I could fully take in her sparkling blue eyes looking brightly and lovingly into mine.

“So….how do you want round two?” I asked. I had never actually had a round two with an actress before, and after that pep talk I wanted it on her terms, especially after all my whining.

“Well, we figured out that this area isn’t special enough for you. So….do you wanna go to the study room?”

Once we got ourselves fully dressed again, Alison and I made our way back to the now empty “Community” study room set. This was the second time I was going to have sex on an actual set location, although backstage at the “Glee” auditorium was rarely seen on TV. This was the main set of the entire show, where the “Community” study group started their adventures and where Jeff Winger and Britta Perry had sex in the first paintball episode. Now I was about to do it with Annie Edison’s alter ego, just as Annie probably imagined doing with Jeff for over a season.

God, I was still a TV nerd even now. It seemed even more useless when I saw Alison reach into her sweater and unhook her bra, then pull her panties down once her bra fell to the floor. “There, just so I don’t forget to take those off this time.”

Alison sat on the study room couch and invited me to sit next to her. In a second I did, as I took in how I was sitting next to Alison Brie while she had nothing on underneath her sweater and skirt. Just minutes ago, thoughts like that made me too crazy to do anything but fuck her. But this time I was going to get a lot more done.

We leaned in and kissed again, turning it into a full blown make out session without the rapid movements this time. This was more of my pace to start things off than before; although there was a time and place for raw, ultra hot action later on if needed. But when I was with an actress, I liked this pace at first so I could fully take in how I was kissing such a gorgeous, talented woman. It was like that with Jenna, Tina, Christina, Kaley, Kristen, Sofia, Anne and Mila, and there was no doubt that it was the case with Alison here.

I leaned back on the couch so she could lay on top of me, as my hands maneuvered around her soft face and even softer hair. My lips soon moved on to other soft attributes as I kissed down her chin and to her throat. As I nibbled and suckled on it, my hands trailed to Alison’s back, which helped remind me there really was nothing on underneath that sweater. But before I could plan to take it off, Alison cupped my face and put it back onto her eye level.

“Why don’t I set the pace for a little while?” I couldn’t argue with her, especially after she gave me more slow, searing French kisses with her hands still on my face. She then took them off so her lips could maneuver across my cheeks and go down to my ear. As she kissed and breathed into it, I somehow focused my eyes enough to see her reach back and lift her sweater up.

She lifted herself up so she could finish taking it off, then sat back over me before I could get a full view of her breasts. But I could clearly feel them pushing into my chest, even though it was still clothed. Alison let the bare top half of her body move over the clothed top half of mine while still working on my ear. Yet she soon finally gave me mercy and sat back up to help me take my shirt off.

After that was done, I was finally in a position to see her large, tantalizing breasts; the same ones that inspired the name “Annie’s Boobs” for a monkey on the show. “I’m sorry….I have to set the pace again for a little while,” I insisted as I laid back down and let her lay back on top of me. After savoring her bare skin pressed onto mine for a few moments, I had her move up a bit so that her round tits were hovering over my face.

Soon I had her left breast drop into my open mouth so I could kiss, lick and engulf all that I could while my hand stroked up and down her dangling right breast. Alison let out some girlish gasps, not unlike Annie’s on the show, but they got huskier over time as I moved to suckle her right tit and rub my leftover saliva over her left. Finally I cupped both breasts and pushed them together before I navigated my mouth over both of them.

“Oh, fuck….this is making me want to fuck you silly again. Is that still bad?” Alison groaned out.

“No….but there’s still a few more things I want to do first,” I reminded her. To get to that, I reluctantly broke away from her tits and had us flip around so that I was on top of her now.

I had to gaze at how she was naked except for her stubborn skirt. She really did remind me a lot of Anne, with her princess like appearance, her very adult figure, ample chest, pale, creamy white skin and incredibly sweet/sexy face. I really did hope that Alison would have the same career path as Anne as well; being on the best drama and one of the best comedies on TV at once had to help. But first, I wanted to help her get close to cumming again, without her going all the way before we fucked again.

I laid back onto her and gave a few final kisses and suckles to her supple breasts, before kissing and licking the skin below them. Eventually my face got down to her skirt, yet somehow I didn’t want to remove it at the moment; even though there was nothing beneath it. So I went further down and started to roll up her skirt, then my hand went inside and started crawling up her thigh.

Alison lifted her hips up in excitement and to make room for me to get her skirt up higher. I just wanted it high enough so that I could put my head inside it; or at least my mouth. Once I got it as high as I could, I bent down and went between her legs, leaving Alison to see my head disappear into her skirt.

Although I couldn’t see any more of Alison from this angle, seeing her pussy in the dim light under her skirt was still better than nothing. It was still glistening from the action it had been through a while ago, and from all I had done on the couch. But now I got my first taste of it, then I kept tasting it for good measure.

I could hear Alison’s coos despite not being able to see her, which made it hotter in a way. I would let her see me again eventually, yet I had one more technique first. I reached my hands back and placed them as far down her long legs as I could, then slid them all the way back up. They soon disappeared up her skirt as well and then went in and out of it to tease Alison further.

As I circled my tongue around her opening, I decided I’d had enough of the skirt play, so I took my hands out and went underneath it. Alison lifted her hips up again and I got my head up as well, giving me room to keep eating and to start unzipping her. After getting the zipper down and giving her bare ass a little squeeze, I made my head reappear into Alison’s view before making her fully naked at last.

“I see you again. Now I want to see you working on my pussy,” Alison commanded. So I fulfilled her request and resumed performing on her, making sure that she saw my tongue working around. And the fact that I could now see her flushed face contort in pleasure helped me as well.

I could have been inspired to finish her in a few more minutes, but if she came for a second time already, it would be harder for her to do it a third time when I re-entered her. I wouldn’t have minded the extra time to make that happen, yet we couldn’t stay for too long. In any case, I figured Alison would want to get back in the mix herself.

“I think I’ll save some for later,” I teased as my head went away from between her legs.

“Oh…oh, you’re probably right,” Alison conceded as she came down to earth. “Besides….we should make sure you’re not overdressed anymore first.”

In full agreement, I stood up to find a new position on the couch, but Alison got up as well to stop me from sitting down. I stood still since it gave me a view of her fully naked body standing up; yet it was bending down soon enough as she started kissing down my chest this time.

Expecting her to bend all the way down, I placed a hand back on her cheek and the other behind her head. When her mouth got to my belt, her hands unbuckled it for the second time; but for the first time, she didn’t proceed to take my pants down. Instead, she kissed back up my chest and soon stood straight up as her hand now entered my pants.

“You got to go into my clothes, I thought I should do the same,” Alison explained as her petite hand now reached into my underwear as well. It shortly got a hand of something else and started pumping it.

“Strange, I still haven’t seen it yet,” Alison noted. “But I already know it’s quite nice and hard, it fits really good, and it’s quite….explosive. And I guess it really liked me before tonight, too,” she punctuated by reaching up to kiss my bottom lip.

“I….I know the feeling,” I answered back.

“I know you do….and I know you don’t want me to compare myself to the others. But did they ever do anything like this?” She tugged harder and faster with each word, so I was already unable to answer correctly. Any chance I had to recover was foiled when she placed her other hand on the back of my head and pulled it down to kiss me. In that moment, it felt like she was sliding both her tongue and her lips down my throat.

She only pulled her lips and tongue away after I shot myself into her hand, and into my pants at that. It came so suddenly, and her lips parted with mine so softly, that I didn’t realize what I had just done to my pants and underwear. Her eyes distracted me for a few more seconds too before it finally hit me.

“Wait a second here, you didn’t pull me out before I went, did you?” Once her hand pulled out of my pants and I just felt cum surrounding my groin instead, I commented “Nope….no you didn’t. So….I guess when we’re done, I’ll have stained pants to walk around in until I get home.”

“I’m sorry, I guess I got out of hand again,” Alison said, pretending to be innocent and ignorant of her own pun. “You know what? I think there are spare pants in the costume room. Before we go back at it and I forget, I can go get some for you. And you can stay here and get recharged before we finish up!”

Alison was already gathering her clothes up to put on again, so I was already skeptical of the plan. “But, what if someone sees you? And won’t they notice pants being gone tomorrow?”

“I’ll get around that when the time comes,” she reassured as she went behind me and checked into my pants to see the tag with my size on it. “All right, I think we have one of those! I’ll go see if the coast is clear, and you try to buck back up before I get back, k?”

Alison took a few more moments to get herself dressed again, then all but skipped out of the study room set. This left me still shirtless and wearing stained pants, so this left me with no more excuses not to get naked. Of course, if the coast actually wasn’t clear and I had to get out, I would lose escape time in getting redressed; but it was a risk I had to take.

I wasn’t comfortable sitting naked on the set couch yet, even though Alison already did that, so I just stood naked in wait for her. About 10 minutes later I was still waiting and still naked, trying not to go back into panic mode.

“Boy…if Abed were here, he’d know what TV cliché to reference so I’d know what to expect,” I commented, referring to “Community”’s pop culture loving, fourth wall breaking TV encyclopedia. “Of course, if he was here, this would be a lot weirder…..at least he’d be the only one unfazed by it.”

With that show joke settling me down, I was about ready to sit down, expecting to wait a while longer. But before I got back to the couch, I saw a figure heading back inside. I was relieved to make out Alison; and felt a few other things when I actually saw her.

I started out being confused when I saw she had changed her clothes. I went to being more confused when I saw she was wearing her paintball costume from the episode they’d been filming all week. Then I shifted to being aroused at seeing her with those tight black shorts and a pink vest over a blouse that pushed up her revealing cleavage. She didn’t have her stockings, gun holster and boots like in filming, yet she probably wanted just the bare essentials for this.

Getting turned on by Alison in this outfit wasn’t a new feeling, since I had felt it all week on the set and kept it to myself; but it was new in this context.

“Good news is the coast is clear. Bad news is there weren’t any pants to spare for you. All they had to spare was this extra costume for me. So I thought I shouldn’t come back empty handed,” she informed me.

“Why, why…..why else did you dress up again? What about being overdressed?” I pointed out, although my will to nitpick was steadily dying off.

“We made you being overdressed work, so I figured it’d work for me too. Besides, it’s pretty fitting, I think,” Alison theorized as she headed right up to me.

“Why is that again?” I asked. Alison just replied by leading me to the couch, having me finally sit down and then slowly sitting herself on my lap. Having her enticingly clothed form sit on my naked lap and body was kind of weird, but this was still an arousing kind of weird. At the least, I had no problem with being revved up again now.

“I’m being naughty again by dressing up in something I know you like. But I’m not doing anything over the top. I’m just sitting, gently going up and down, and willing to go slow when you fuck me again. We’re being slow and sweet like you wanted, but we’re still being kinky without going out of control. You didn’t think that could be done a while ago, and here we are…I think that’s a fair compromise, don’t you?”

“Wow…..that logic would make Annie proud,” was all I could say. “She might get somewhere with Jeff on that train of thought.”

“But I’m not on his lap….am I?” Alison reminded me by maneuvering herself so that my cock was pressed against her black shorts. As she rubbed up against my shaft, the friction and smoothness was indeed getting me hard again. Enough time had gone by for me to get hard again, but not enough so that I would explode too soon.

To fully test that, at least one barrier had to be removed. So Alison got up to take off her shorts after they rubbed against my cock long enough. Once she took them down, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her panties again, as she must have stuffed them in the shorts or in her skirt; wherever she had left that. She certainly wasn’t wearing her bra either, leaving the blouse and vest as her only clothing. Yet although she wasn’t naked, I was more than willing to let her keep her upper body clothed as she got back on my lap.

For the second time, Alison lowered her pussy down over my cock. This time around I wasn’t too worked up to savor it, and it helped to have her on my lap as well. For the first time, I took in the feeling of being inside her and having her ready to fuck me. After another few seconds, she began to do just that.

I placed my hands on her firm naked bottom as she started bouncing on me, with my eyes glued to the halfway bared breasts bouncing in front of me. Despite having seen them naked and having devoured their full flesh already, it didn’t bother me that they were clothed again. Not when I could place my face right into Alison’s cleavage and kiss the parts of her tits that were exposed. As I did, my hands slid over her ass and went up the sleek curves of her hips and waist.

We soon settled into our own pace as we gradually grinded hard against each other, but not to an overwhelming degree like before. While I wasn’t as intense as before, it sounded like Alison was still pleased and I certainly was as well. Just having her in my lap was hot enough, with the added kink of her in a costume that hadn’t even been seen on TV yet.

As Alison said earlier, perhaps I was someone who thought more than he should sometimes, just like Annie. I supposed since I was so aware that this shouldn’t happen to someone like me, and that the bottom could fall out at any time, I had to be perfect with these actresses while I could; especially since I only thought I’d ever get one shot with each. Yet in this outcome, I was getting to be the best of both sides of myself and was learning that my “experience” didn’t have to taint encounters like this for the worst. Of course, I still didn’t want to test that theory on purpose again, just in case.

And here was another example of over thinking; that I was summing up the moral of this thing too early while Alison was on my lap and getting me deeper inside her. That should be enough to turn any brain off.

I did so by drowning myself in her as much as possible, by pulling her in for another series of deep kisses while my hands roamed all over her. They ran up her front and glided over her breasts and cleavage, then roamed over her face and her flowing curtain of hair. Yet I gradually let her take control of the actual kissing while my hands slid down to her ass and legs. But by the time I leaned back on the couch, we were sharing control before we finally broke.

“Mmm….you really like kissing me,” Alison pointed out.

“Of course I do….you’re so, well, kissable,” I responded for lack of a better word.

“I’ve had your tongue in my mouth for a lot of this. It’s kind of a shame that your cock hasn’t been in there too.” I assumed she wasn’t surprised when I flushed and stammered a bit at that declaration.

“Well….there’s still time to change that,” I offered, before someone else actually came to mind; perhaps another consequence of my over thinking even now. But this was worth putting some thought into. “Wait, you still need to cum too!”

“I know. If only I could come over your dick in a few minutes, and you could hold off until I got off and tasted you. That would solve a lot of problems.” So it appeared thinking things out during sex did have its proper place after all.

Getting her hint, I picked up my pace into Alison again while my right hand slid further down her ass. I stuck my middle finger out to try and touch her pussy as it kept taking my dick in. While it filled her up, I tried to rub the surrounding areas as much as I could.

Since I was going faster and getting Alison more worked up, it would be harder to hold off than I hoped. Yet because I had came twice already and Alison was working on her second time now, I probably wouldn’t go off as easily now. And the thought of being finished off with a blowjob from Alison gave me the rest of the motivation I needed.

My dick and finger tried to work in tandem to rub the inner and outer parts of her pussy. With Alison bucking harder against me, it was a little hard to keep my finger in place. But when she yelled “Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” sometime later, it was clear the effort paid off.

I tried to keep my finger in place to feel her cum and perhaps gather some; if she was going to taste me, then I should get a taste of her as well. But I felt much of it go down my cock anyway, so when she was finished, I settled for pulling my shaft halfway out and running my fingers through it. Once they collected some of the juices, I got my hand back towards my mouth and started licking them up.

Alison was resting her head on my shoulder after finishing. When she finally lifted her head up and saw me taste her on my hand, she stated “Hey, save some for me.” With that, she climbed off of me and went onto her knees in front of me. I was still sitting down, and I was convinced to stay that way when Alison took me into her mouth.

She felt like she was licking me clean herself, and when she finished that she went on to bob on my cock. I was already familiar with how soft and velvety her mouth was from kissing it so much, so I figured this wouldn’t take much longer.

But instead of finishing me off then and there, Alison broke from my dick and turned her attention to unbuttoning her red vest. This left me a bit confused and a bit pent up now that my cock was on its own again. However, Alison persisted and got the vest off, leaving her in just her blouse; which made it even easier to gaze down her tits as she bent back down to suck me off again.

This time she used her tongue and mouth in equal measure to bring me close again. And yet she got herself off me again and left me hanging while she removed her blouse. Now Alison was fully naked again, which gave me even more of a reason to twitch and come close to cumming when she blew me for a third time.

And for a third time, she took her mouth off before I was on the brink. This time, she replaced her mouth with her breasts.

A tit-fuck from Alison would have certainly been enough then and there. But after 30 seconds of me thrusting between her breasts, she got more elaborate again by leaning down to take the head of my cock back in her mouth. With her tits still surrounding the rest of my shaft, her mouth on my head and her deceptively sweet doe eyes looking up at me, it was all I needed.

I had came inside Alison and came into her hand and my pants too. But she wanted it in her mouth to top it off, and I went above and beyond to make that happen. Somehow, there was still enough in the tank tonight to fill up her mouth and then some.

I sank deeper into my seat on the couch as Alison swallowed me off, then popped off my dick and wiped what she couldn’t swallow off of her breasts. “I gotta give you credit, this way of doing things is pretty hot,” Alison said when she was done.

“Yeah…..if not more exhausting,” I stated as the full toll of cumming three times with Alison in one night hit me. Now that there was nothing left to stay active for tonight, I was almost unable to move. I certainly didn’t move enough to stop myself from sliding off the couch and landing right on my ass on the floor.

Alison tried not to laugh, and was having more success than I was in trying to get up. But she went over and tried to help me on my feet, or at least help me back on the couch. Even though she was four inches smaller than me and I wasn’t that light, she still tried to help me up, as her naughty, sexy side had given way back to her sweetheart side at the moment. After it helped her get me onto the couch, she went over to redress herself in her costume again.

“Okay, you just get your strength back for a while. Your pants should be drier by now, but I’ll make one more stop at the costume room to find new ones. I should get my regular clothes back from there while I’m at it too,” Alison comically reminded herself as she finished buttoning up and headed off the set.

It was too bad that I thought up the lesson of the day during sex, or I could have pieced it together now to keep myself active and awake. So I just ran through pieces of it again, like the two sides lesson, impressing Alison the right way, and my fear of being discovered getting tempered for now.

That last one did kind of fit in on how I wasn’t keen on promoting myself for much else. I didn’t need promotion to get hits for my freelance work, and I didn’t have resources yet to promote any manuscripts. With the work I did for the website and my book ideas, and my occasional stints on TV sets, I didn’t like overworking myself even further.

But while I was still determined not to promote myself by talking about my trysts, I had learned that a little self-promotion didn’t always backfire – at least not after a while. Maybe I could apply that to my regular work and finally set up a Twitter account to plug my articles, and my clothed temp work.

Alison had a busy Twitter account as well, which could help me stay in touch with her after my time on “Community” ended. But I chose to believe that was a small part of my decision.