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Thread: "Undressed Rehearsal" with Alexis Bledel

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    fanfiction "Undressed Rehearsal" with Alexis Bledel

    "Undressed Rehearsal" with Alexis Bledel
    Author: Hearsz
    Celebrity: Alexis Bledel
    Codes: MF, Oral, Titfuck

    Disclaimer: This story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21.

    A/N: This story was inspired by a simple 47 second video from Mad Men (posted on this site by TPG last month), and I haven't stopped thinking about it since! I am in no way a big fan of Alexis', but the scenario was too good to not pass up writing about. Plus, she now has a story of her own for this site. Enjoy!

    Creator and co-producer of the hit show Mad men, Matthew Winer, was on the lookout for someone to cast in the role of Beth Dawes, and one of his staff said that Alexis Bledel was interested in the part for the show, no matter how small.

    It had been a while since Gilmore Girls had finished, and Alexis Bledel was keen to get her name back out there, and would do anything to keep it in the limelight. She had a few bit parts here and there, but being involved in the Mad Men series could be her ticket to being part of a popular TV series again.

    The part of Beth certainly was one that entertained Alexis, as the character she was looking to portray wasn't afraid to explore her darker thoughts. Plus the character she was looking to play was quite depressed in large part to being involved in a bad marriage.

    The scene that Matthew asked potential actresses to act out, in order for him to cast the role of Beth, involved the character entering Ken Cosgrove's office and revealing some quite sexy lingerie underneath an expensive fur coat. The scene was simply a daydream for Ken Cosgrove, played on the show by actor Aaron Staton.

    Alexis and Matthew had discussed the role over the phone the night before. He had told her that he had already auditioned the part to some actresses already, but none were quite what he had imagined would be like, for the office scene in particular.

    "Well I've read the scripts for these proposed episodes, and my understanding from my agent is that you would like me to come in to rehearse Ken's "Daydream" scene?"

    "That's correct. However, it hasn't quite panned out how I imagined with other actress' so far. Quite a few have auditioned so far but they just don't have what I'm looking for."

    "Well sir, I know the scene inside out but would you mind if I improvised a bit, maybe something that might liven up the scene a bit?"

    Matthew mulled it over, "OK, I guess it couldn't hurt. Just try not to stray away from the original script though. Is that understood."

    "Oh, I can assure you I won't," Alexis agreed in her reply.

    The next day, Alexis arrived at Matthew Winer's New York office, one that he had reserved for emergency auditions. As he went over script's for the next season, his attention was drawn towards a knock at the door. "Come in", he called out.

    He had a look of surprise as the much younger brunette actress had actually turned up dressed as the character that was in the script. She looked like a stunning siren of the 60's, perfect pale white make, blood red lipstick, white pearls around her neck and a long brown fur coat.

    She really encapsulated the "look" of the Beth Dawes character, but could she convince him with her acting.

    "Wow, I didn't expect you to be dressed as Beth, but it certainly shows you have great enthusiasm for the role. Well, let's get started shall we?"

    "OK, so we'll use the office as the scene and you start outside the door as the scene is in the script. Oh, and feel free to improvise where you see fit."

    Alexis exited the office as asked, and Matthew, playing the role of Ken Cosgrove, took his place behind the desk again.
    Entering the office as Beth, Ken's attention was draw toward her.

    "What are you doing here?", Ken/Matthew asked, a look of surprise on his face when Beth showed up at his office unannounced, locking the door behind him.

    She looked amazing with those big blue eyes, full red lips and sexy short hair. He could see her long stockinged legs around the bottom of her coat.

    "You can't be here", his character insisted, Beth slowly walking towards the side of his work desk.

    She replied, "I missed you", holding the opening of her long fur coat with both hands, unbuttoning it as she continued, "and, I kept thinking about you" she said longingly as he dropped his pen in shock.

    By this time, Matthew had realized that the gorgeous brunette was topless underneath. With his mouth agape, he could hear Alexis whisper to him, "Go with it" as she continued the scene.

    The original script had Alexis' character Beth wearing a matching bra to go with her underwear. But it was at this time he fully understood what she meant about "improvising".

    Matthew was more than a little distracted to say the least, and it didn't help that this gorgeous specimen was standing over him, those well rounded succulent breasts were aching to be freed from it's fur coated prison.

    He gazed at Alexis' hot white body and felt his hard-on rapidly hardening at her silk black underwear and long dark stockings held up by her garter.

    He wanted to stay in character, to be professional about it, but he couldn't help but leer at her perfect breasts, all on for show for him. He had seen her work on Gilmore Girls and he could never have imagined she would develop so well.

    Alexis didn't seem to mind him being so attentive towards them, as she knew it might help land her the role on the show.

    "I thought you were done with me", Ken uttered.

    "I forgot you, and then I saw you in the New York Times Sunday magazine".

    As was written in his original script, Ken went to to reach up to fondle Beth's left breast, but he held back.

    Noticing this, Alexis comforted him saying, "it's okay, touch me, I don't mind, just stay in character right?"

    Nodding his head, Ken reached up and inside Beth's fur coat, Alexis' two amazing mounds of titflesh revealed to his widening eyes, and placed his right hand upon her left bosom. As she moved closer toward him, her face never reacted, even when feeling his left hand rest upon her slim hips, her beautiful face looking down upon his much older one.

    Unexpectantly, Alexis moved down and place her sultry red lips upon his, causing Matthew's hand to tense and squeeze Alexis' huge milky white breasts, the actress moaning into his mouth.

    She ran her tongue around the inside of his mouth, both of his hands now fondling and squeezing Alexis' juicy tits, even tweaking her hardened nipples.

    Retracting her mouth from his, Matthew noticed the look of desire in the young actress' eyes, as she shed her fur coat, revealing he stunning body in full. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Alexis ran her tender hands back and forth across the director's thighs.

    Stopping her stroking with his own hands, he reacted, "Alexis, we can't. I'm married. This has already gone too far."

    Without worry she replied, "I heard that you are currently separated from her. It's okay, I've done my research. You need to relax. Remember, this is just a fantasy.

    Whatever happens from here doesn't need to be in the final script. You can't tell me that you or Ken wouldn't want this?" she said seductively as she moved her right hand in between his legs, feeling the hard bulge. Alexis ran her red-nailed fingers up and down his length, her tips outlining his erect shaft as he tried to hold in a massive groan.

    As she squeezed and fondled him, Alexis continued, "No doubt you work really hard and you never have the time for release. Just relax and let me provide that for you", she said, biting her bottom lip in such a sexy way, Matthew couldn't help but nod for her to continue.

    Even though had just turned thirty, Matthew still saw her as that baby-faced teenager from Gilmore Girls. Her caresses were turning him on which should have concerned him, considering he was more than 15 years her senior. Alexis, pulled the zipper down on his business pants, Matthew helping her out by unfastening his belt and removing it.

    She grasped both sides of his pants to reveal his underwear, the huge manhood could be seen twitching underneath the cotton cloth as she kissed lightly around this area. Alexis slid his underwear down, his 8 inch dick unleashed to her stunned eyes.

    She took his cock in the palm of her right hand, whilst her left tickled and played with the hairs on his sensitive balls. She gently stroked his big dick, pulling the foreskin all the way down.

    She paused momentarily to spit in her hand to give his shaft some lubrication, helping her to make her strokes a bit slicker. Alexis was quite adept at giving a good old hand job, and Matthew's increasingly louder moans was testament to that. But nothing could prepare him for her next move.

    As the director closed his eyes, he moaned out loud as he felt Alexis' wet mouth make contact with his balls, running her tongue up and down tenderly, coating the sacs with her saliva.

    She stroked him faster as she took one of his hairy balls into her juicy wet mouth, suckling it as her stroking continued around the top half of his shaft. Matthew opened his eyes to see the gorgeous brunette suck and lick each of his balls, those big blue eyes looking up at him as she did this.

    Removing his glistening sac from her lipstick smudged mouth, she moved up slightly and began running her delicious tongue up from the base of his shaft to the sensitive mushroom shaped head. Pre-cum oozed out of his cock, as she encircled her tongue around several times, massaging the spongy head to his delight.

    Alexis said it was a fantasy, but Matthew couldn't believe that this was reality. As he took the thought of this amazing young woman pleasuring him in, Alexis moved so her face was above his tall shaft, opened her thin lips wide, and immediately took half of his manhood into her awaiting mouth, her lips closing around his thick cock.

    She had planned this day out really well, and made sure that the Mad Men director would not forget her as she continued to suck his dick slow but deep into her slurping mouth. Matthew ran his fingers through Alexis long brown hair as she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue working overtime whilst his dick was deep inside her mouth.

    After five minutes of this, Alexis retracted her mouth and rapidly stroked the top half of his saliva coated cock, flapping her tongue over his sensitive balls. The director's breathed heavily, knowing that she was bringing him close to climax.

    With one eyebrow raised, Alexis seductively asked, "Where do you want to shoot that warm load?"

    With a grunt he replied, "Oh God, on those lovely tits of yours", he responded as she wanked him much firmer now.

    "No worries boss", she replied as she released his cock, leaning back and taking a hold of those sexy mammary’s then parting them.

    Matthew stood up in front of her and positioned his throbbing erection upon her chest, Alexis closing her large chest puppies around him. The Mad Men director wasted know time in fucking her glorious baubles, moving both hands to each of Alexis' shoulders for balance.

    The soft feeling of those fabulous melons was doing his head in as the seed in his balls began to rise again. He slid his cock back and forth at an increasing pace, knowing the explosion he had held in for weeks was coming soon.

    With her gorgeous face almost pinned to his belly button, Alexis decided he was ready to let loose by kissing and licking around his navel. The unexpected pleasure made Matthew groan like the middle-aged man he was and as Alexis looked up at him, she saw his face contort as his cock exploded his warm semen all over her milky jugs.

    Some of his warm cum shot up and around her neck, his thrusts slowing down with each passing second. Reaching for a hand towel in his desk draw, Matthew cleaned himself up as Alexis used his private bathroom.

    As she returned, he had put his clothes back on and she had buttoned up her fur coat. He couldn't believe what had occurred in the last half hour plus the fact that she was topless underneath that garment.

    "So what do you think my chances are of getting the part Mr. Winer?" Alexis asked in a girlish tone.

    With a grin, he replied, "Well, I'm sure we could fit you into at least two episodes, but you may have to audition for anything beyond that, if you know what I mean?"

    She understood completely, moving towards him to share one last kiss and saying, "I look forward to hearing from you then", she said as she headed for the door.

    Just before she exited, the director noted to her, "Oh and by the way, bravo on the improvisation. We might be able to use some of it in the final cut!"

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    Well done ... and while I'm not over the moon about her, she's always had a little something I've liked Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chitown View Post
    Well done ... and while I'm not over the moon about her, she's always had a little something I've liked Thanks.
    Cheers mate, though it's just as well you're not over the moon about her, considering the type of shows and movies she's been in!!
    Hopefully it inspires me to keep writing, as I've got another five or so stories started already!

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    Great story. I know you said you weren't too fond of her, but coming from someone that IS, i'd LOVE to see more stories about her.

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    I figured that she had to have at least some fans on this site. Great to get the ball rolling for Alexis... Now to do the same for Miss Upton!!

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