"The Kidnapping" featuring Joanna "JoJo" Levesque
(M/F, Reluc, Oral, Footjob, Kidnapping)
Written by Hearsz

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL interview contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

A/N: Although I've been working on other stories, this one was written over the past three days/nights. I've always found JoJo really attractive, and hope you like the story I have done for her. I also thought the kidnapping scenario would be a good idea (not what you might expect!) Enjoy!

Twenty one year old American pop star Joanna "JoJo" Levesque was enjoying her life and her successful career to date. Everything was going well and she was at a point where she could pretty much do or get whatever she wanted. She was pretty spoilt to say the least, but that's what comes with success and a bulging bank account.

At the present time, JoJo was negotiating a kidnapping for her own benefit. She had gained plenty of contacts in the music industry, even some that were not entirely legal. If she wanted someone off’d, beaten, killed or stalked, she had a group of men that were willing to comply for a set fee.

"So there's this guy I need to have kidnapped but not harmed in anyway. Can that be done?" JoJo asked, wearing a tight black outfit that showed off quite a bit of her great legs and ample cleavage.

"Yeah, no problems Miss", said the leader of the anonymous group with a strong Italian mafia like tone in his voice.

"So what exactly are the plans for this guy? Does he know you? Would he know that you might come after him?"

"No, no, no. What I actually want is to surprise him, by having him kidnapped so that he is scared for his life. I was thinking maybe you could dress as cops and pretend to arrest him, maybe give him something to sedate him, then when he comes to, there'll be a big surprise awaiting for him."

None of this was actually true as JoJo had her own secret agenda. But the less this group knew of her intentions, the better.

"So, what you're saying is, you want us to scare the living daylights outta him by kidnapping him, maybe put a bag over his head, throwing him into the back of a van, then taking him to a destination of your choice and maybe, tying him down to a chair by his legs and wrists. How does that sound?"

"Perfect", JoJo replied in an excited way. "There is a time and destination that I need him delivered to, and also I can give you the details of where he is most likely to be on that particular day". JoJo had done her homework. There was no way she would let this guy slip through her fingers. She had planned this for years and now her moment was only days away.

"OK, there is just the matter of payment missy", the head of the group requested.

Pushing an unlocked briefcase toward the man, JoJo watched as he opened it saying, "half now, the other half the day after".

She watched as the guy's eyes lit up at the crisp American bank notes that filled the briefcase. There was at least $20,000 in hundred dollar bills in there.

"Geez Missy, I hope he appreciates all the trouble", the man said in a confused sort of voice.

Under her breath, JoJo responded, "He won't know what hit him!"

Two days later....

Johnathon Witcombe didn't know what he had gotten himself involved in. Currently with his hands bound behind his back and legs tied by thick rope, despite a bag that been placed over his head, he could tell he was in the back of a moving van. He was quite unsure why this happened, and feared for his life. He briefly thought it could be something to do with his father's shady past as he owed quite a bit of money to former business partners. Why would anyone want to kidnap him though? Before he could yell out, he felt a needle jab him in the arm. Within seconds, the man in his mid-twenties drifted off to sleep.

Jonathon awoke a couple of hours later, his groggy eyes opened to see a dimly lit room, a king sized bed and by the looks of the surrounding glass-plated walls, he was on one of the higher floors of a classy looking hotel. He was strapped to a comfortably padded chair, his hands tied behind his back, his legs bound together and his waist strapped down, not allowing him much wiggle room. The bag that covered his head had been removed, and his full focus had now returned.

"Well, well, well... Jonathon Witcombe, it's been a while", said the female voice from the darkened corner of the room.

"Who are you?" a frightened Jonathon asked.

"Oh, you don't remember, what a shocker. I did everything to get you to notice me and I'm sorry but you left me no choice, that's why your in this little predicament Johnny",

JoJo said sternly as she crossed her saucy legs and sipped from her glass of champagne.

"Wait a minute, you know my name, but no-one has called me Johnny in a long time."

Stepping out of the shadows, the first thing Jonathon saw was a pair of jade green high heels, and as he looked up the kidnapper's gleaming stems and hourglass hips, he instantly recognized the gorgeous young face with long curly brown hair that ran down well past her shoulders.

"Joanna?? You did this? But why?" asked a shocked Jonathon.

The gorgeous twenty-one year old brunette was still holding her glass of champagne, hips swaying from side to side as she approached him. She lent over the older male saying, "Because you never noticed me! All those times I flirted with you and you, never, noticed me!"

What JoJo was referring to was something from her childhood that she had been looking to rectify ever since she was fourteen years of age. Her Mum and Dad had divorced when she was only five and it was her mother that pushed her to seek fame and fortune.

But in the middle of all that, her mother began dating a promoter, who also had a child of his own, one Jonathon Witcombe.

Jonathon had just graduated from High School, but for the last six months of his first year of college, along with his father, they lived under the same roof as JoJo and her mother and he even had his own room. The relationship for JoJo's mother started off well enough but eventually fizzled out.

But for young JoJo, she was instantly attracted to Jonathon, or "Johnny" as she liked to call him.

"But Joanna, you were only fourteen, I was nineteen at the time, five years older! Besides, we were practically family!" Jonathon responded.

"Oh come on! We both knew our parents relationship would never work out. Didn't you notice the number of times I strutted around the house in my singlet and cotton white panties? That was for you."

"Yeah I di... I mean no, of course not!" Jonathon giving away some of his memories of JoJo from the past.

As she leaned over Jonathon, her lovely cleavage was showing to his impressed eyes, "And do you know that I used to spy on you when you would take a shower and our parents weren't home?"

"You did what? You shouldn't have done that Joanna", the angry male said, trying to wriggle himself free from the ropes that joined his wrists together.

"Oh but I'm glad I did", JoJo said in a desirable tone. "Watching you lather up that gorgeous body of yours. I could see it through that glass windows of our old shower.
And when you used the soap to lather up that big dick of yours, mmmm, it got me all hot and excited", she whispered close to his ear, teasing him by licking the lobe.

"I used go to bed thinking about how big that cock of yours was, how it would feel in my hand if you let me play with it, maybe put it in my mouth, but most of all, I wanted to feel that thick meat inside my tight little pussy", JoJo moaned as she bit her lip, having to restrain herself from touching her pussy.

"This is just crazy Joanna. You could go to jail for kidnapping me, couldn't we just talk this over? I promise I won't say anything. I realize that for you it was just a schoolgirl crush but, life goes on".

"NO!!! When you started going out with that slut across the street I was hurt. I hated you so much, but tonight we're going to make everything right", JoJo said with a strange psychopathic insistence in her voice.

"We? What exactly are you planning to do Joanne?", Jonathon asking her intentions.

"You know Johnny, I'm still a virgin. I mean, I've blown a few guys, and popped my cherry with a dildo already yada, yada, yada, but I've been waiting for
this day for so long."

"Joanne, what are you saying?"

Moving back so she was standing in front of the bed, only a metre or so from the chair that Jonathon was tied down to, JoJo lifted up her jade coloured short dress, revealing a tiny silk black thong. Jonathon was mesmerized by JoJo's perfectly toned thighs and glossy stems, but nothing could prepare him for the sight that he would be treated to next.

"Tonight, I'm gonna fuck your brains out and show you what you've been missing all these years!" she said proudly, sliding that tight thong down those lovely legs, her perfect hairless cunt now unveiled to Jonathon's disbelieving eyes.

"Oh Joanna, You look incredible. Wait, no this isn't right!" Jonathon protested.

Before he could say anymore, the young pop singer had sat back on the bed, and with her sexy legs together, still in her heels, she parted them wide so he could get a good look at her delicious young twat. Using her index and middle finger, JoJo parted her juicy cuntlips, teasing him by saying,

"You can't tell me you don't want this Johnny? I saved this for you. I know you want to drive your hard dick inside it. I can't wait until you plow your cock inside me".

Jonathon didn't know what to say. He couldn't believe that the young girl that he shared a house with when he was younger had grown up into stunningly beautiful woman. In some ways he felt stupid for not seeing her obvious beauty when she was younger, but on the other hand, he knew it would have been morally wrong. By this time, JoJo began teasing her pussy lips with her fingers, stroking her tender cuntlips which was making Jonathon's cock harden more with each passing second.

JoJo had noticed this and biting her bottom lip, she called out to him,
"What's the matter Johnny, is my young wet pussy turning you on?"

Trying to be strong willed, Jonathon replied confidently, "No Joanna, you shouldn't be doing this. it won't get you anywhere."

Calling his bluff, JoJo leant up, her short skirt covering up the treasures underneath. Moving toward him, she moved her lips close to his as he tried to retract them.

She extended her pink tongue, flapping it across his resisting lips and then moved her tiny hand down between his legs, feeling a nice enclosed bulge.

"Mmmm, so I'm not getting anywhere huh? We're only getting started Johnny", she said with a light chuckle as she pressed her hot pink lips upon his, furiously kissing her childhood fantasy, wrapping her arms around his head. JoJo then spun herself around so her cute little arse rested in between his legs and upon his straining boner, laying her head back upon his left shoulder.

She used her mouth to caress the side of his chin whilst wriggling her tight little behind teasingly up and down his imprisoned cock. Jonathon was trying his utmost to not show how much he was enjoying being teased, but looking over JoJo's shoulder and down to the valley of her impressive cleavage wasn't helping his cause.

"Where did those come from?" he asked himself. They looked as amazing as her arse felt rubbing up and down between his thighs.

Hopping off of him to his dismay, JoJo moved to her knees, resting her hands on each of his jean covered thighs.

"Wait, what are you doing now?" Jonathon asked nervously.

"You look tense, and so does your hard friend, I could feel it, if you know what I mean? I want to make it easier on you both", JoJo said as she unbuckled his belt, tossing it aside, unbuttoning his jeans at the top and then pulling his zipper all the way down. Jonathan could feel her young soft hands slide into the sides of his pants, her manicured fingers were gliding across his hips and downward, as she pulled his pants down to around his ankles. He sat there in just a pair of tighty whities, a more than evident tent shape visible.

Licking her lips and looking up with those big blue eyes, JoJo said erotically, "Well at least one of you enjoyed the show", and then proceeded to repeat the same action she had with his jeans and pulled down his underwear.

Without a word, she just stared at Jonathon's erect shaft that pulsed and was pressed up against his abdomen. JoJo had said she'd seen it before, but she had never been this close to it. She was in genuine shock as it was bigger and thicker than she had ever imagined. Jonathon waited in anticipation for JoJo to take it in her lovely hands, but she wanted to tease him a little more.

"What are you doing now?" Jonathon asked, more in surprise than expectancy.

Standing back up, she bent over, showing off her succulent behind that showed off her two perfect arse cheeks through the short dress, those delicious legs looking more luscious in her high heels. She put her legs together, and as she was still bent over, lifted her skirt up so he could gaze his elder eyes upon the most perfect backside he'd ever seen, surrounding her two tender hairless pussy lips. Parting her legs, JoJo used one of her hands to caress her dripping love canal.

Looking over her shoulder, she called out to him, "I want to watch it throb. To watch it suffer. To watch you suffer. I want you to want me badly. To give in".

And with that, JoJo teased her tender little pussy with her hand as she tweaked her hard nipple through her top and bra. She rubbed her clitoris every now and then and looked up to see Jonathon struggling to keep it together. Her eyes were fixated on his naked cock, which looked like it had elongated slightly since the show restarted. She eyed the beast, dipping her index finger deep inside her horny little cunt, juices starting to trickle down her scrumptious thighs.

Beads of sweat poured down both of their foreheads and she continued her finger play, two fingers going in and out and producing further nectar from her dripping cunt.

"Unghh, oh God", she moaned, making sure she occasionally gave attention to her sensitive clit by rubbing it with her thumb.

The sight for Jonathon was almost too much to bare. JoJo was one horny sexpot, and had he not have been tied down to the chair, he would have jumped upon her in a flash. He was so turned on by her solo show of masturbation, that his cock started to produce some pre-cum. JoJo noticed it to and decided she needed to have a taste of the man she had desired for such a long time.

But as she leant back up to her feet, the excitement and anticipation of the gorgeous brunette coming toward him caused the restrained man to pass out.

JoJo rushed to Jonathon's side, worried she may have over exerted her hostage, calling out his name to try and wake him. After a couple of minutes of trying to wake him, she noticed that his eight and a half inch shaft was twitching and it was possible that in his unconscious state that he was still being turned on by the solo show she had just given him moments earlier. The blissful smile on his face only further confirmed this.

JoJo dropped to her knees in front Jonathon, her gorgeous rump pushed out as she wrapped her soft fingers around his thick meat. She stroked it longingly which caused a slight moan to escape his mouth. Peeling the foreskin back, JoJo opened up her small mouth wide and took the head of his cock in, wrapping her warm pink lips around his tool. She licked the head delicately with her moist tongue, flicking around his bell-end with saliva coated strokes and lapping at some pre-cum that slowly oozed out of his hole.

She ran the middle of her wet tongue up and down his erect maleness, savoring the taste that she had desired for several years. She stroked his now slimy dick with her right hand, caressing his bare thigh with the left, and turned her attentions to his hairy ball sacs. JoJo quickly took his huge hanging balls into her luscious mouth, tea-bagging each as she continued to wank at his erectness. With a fright, Jonathon awoke to the surprise of feeling a tingly sensation down between his legs. Looking back up at him with those big blue eyes, the once forbidden Joanna Levesque was having her way with his horny pole and caressing his testicles with her precious little mouth.

"Oh Joanna, you can't, ahhh, Oh God, that feels good but you can't, unghh" he said in between her tender licks and suckles. Her tongue felt so pleasurable on his nuts, he began to relax a little, and he sure didn’t want to try and stop her in anyway.

Knowing that he had missed her earlier services to his thick cock, JoJo returned her beautiful face to the head, looking at him to say,
"As I said earlier, that is before you passed out, I have blown a few dicks before, but every time I did, I imagined I was going down on you. I'm glad I've had the experience, because now I'm going to give you the best blowjob ever."

And with that, JoJo opened her mouth wide again and took the unprepared man's cock into the deepest recesses of her mouth, devouring at least two thirds of his hardness.

"Ughhhhh, oh Joanna, ahhhh" Jonathon moaned, he had never had any girl take his monster in that deep, and the JoJo was the last person he expected to be capable of this. After a few minutes of JoJo's sucking, licking and deep-throating of his shiny hard staff, she removed his length from her exhausted mouth.

She sat on the floor in front of him, still lustfully eyeing his upright staff, and then eventually saying to him,

"You know, a lot of people think I have nice feet. I've read on some online forums how guys would love to get a footjob from me, can you believe that?" she asked, making out it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. She lifted her legs up so that they rested upon each of his knees. He could see right up at her skirt, and the lovely gash in between her legs, looking as enticing as ever.

"So what do you think Johnny, do you think I have lovely feet?" JoJo ask, being the ultimate temptress.

"Mm-hmm", he replied as JoJo wiggle her toes at his sensitive nut sac.

"Would you love a footjob Johnny? Do you want to feel my soft feet rubbing at your big dick?"

"Unghh, ahh yes!!" he exclaimed, the much desired celeb holding his cock with each of her pretty feet. She rubbed her soft soles up and down his length, the feeling of them massaging his cock was unlike any sensation he'd ever felt before. Her white nail-polished toes fondled the head of his cock, which was was pushing him to the edge. The restrained man couldn't help but thrust his hips upward and rub his cock at the sexy feet that pleasured him so much.

Removing her feet from his throbbing cock, JoJo stood back up and had the look of erotic desire in her eyes, the moment she had truly waited for had arrived. Lifting up her short skirt again, Jonathon once again was transfixed by her amazing little pussy.

"I've want you so badly Johnny, and now is the time for us to be one. Just relax and let Joanna take care of you."

In his tired state, Jonathon still tried to wriggle free but JoJo had already began to saddle up upon his waist, her lovely 36C sized cleavage directly in-line with his face.

She unbuttoned the top of her dress, so he could get a good look at her ample rack, shaking those succulent titties in his face. Reaching behind her and down past her ass, she took a hold of Jonathon's cock, pulling it between her legs so it was positioned just underneath her wet entrance.

"Are you ready Johnny? Because I've been waiting for the longest time to feel your hard cock deep inside me" JoJo said erotically.

"Joanna please don't do this, I have a girlfriend and..." JoJo cut him off by covering his mouth with her spare hand.

"Johnny, this is going to happen. Now if I have to, I'll put tape across your mouth, but I'd much prefer to hear you moan when I sink my cunt down onto that thick pole of yours. So whaddaya say? You going to be a good boy?", JoJo said seductively.

Resigned to defeat, Jonathon nodded and JoJo released her hand from his mouth. Rubbing his cockhead against her slit, JoJo closed her eyes as she used the weight in her hips and thighs to push the thick erect knob into her tight little cunt. Her cute face contorted and mouth parted as she felt Johnny's bulbous head open up her pussy and made it's way inside her for the first time.

The feeling Jonathon experienced was a first for him too, as he'd never had unprotected sex with any of the girls he had been with up until this point.

He secretly relished feeling JoJo's naked pink pussy around the tip of his manhood, and he could feel her tight vagina opening wide, the more she rocked her sexy petite body upon him.

She flipped her head back as she bounced on his cock more fervently, feeling his thick shaft drive deeper into her buttery slot. She had her hands positioned on his shoulders, her tight little vag devouring half of his meaty schlong.

"Oh God your cock feels amazing Johnny. I can feel that hunk of meat so deep inside me. Can you feel it?"

Squinting as he felt her vaginal muscles tighten around his manhood, he replied,

"Oh God Joanna, you pussy feels amazing. But I really want to see those breasts of yours. You have certainly grown up and have an awesome body."

JoJo smiled in delight and reacted to his request, arching her back slightly and using both hands to pull her dress up over head, unveiling her sexy toned stomach followed by a sexy black demi bra that showed off her delectable cleavage. Discarding her dress to the floor, JoJo continued rocking her juicy cunt on his dick as he salivated at the sight of her impressive jugs. She pulled his face close to her, pushing his face in between her love pillows, another couple of inches invading her womanly passage.
JoJo's breasts felt so soft as they caressed his shaven face, her perfume was sure intoxicating and he loved how she occasionally reached down to tickle his nuts with her soft fingertips. Jonathon looked down in between their sweaty bodies to see her soaking passage had nearly taken in his whole shaft, their hips just about adjoined.

"Joanna, untie my hands, I need to touch you, I need to have my hands on those tits of yours, I need to grasp those cheeks of yours in my hands",
Jonathon urged her, the pop star mulling it over.

"Ok, but only your hands Johnny", she responded, reaching down behind him to loosen the straps around his wrists so he could wriggle free.

Taking her beautiful face in his hands, he pulled her towards him to passionately make out with her, a shock coursing through her body and a tingle going down to her pussy. Holding her by her slim hips, he guided JoJo up and down his long thick cock and her moaning started to fire up again.

"Oh God Johnny, mmmff, fuck, your cock feels so good", JoJo moaned, as she bounced more furiously on his pole, running her hands through her long silk like hair.

She could feel him thrusting up more inside her as she dropped down on him. Letting her pleasure herself on his cock, Johnny reached around JoJo's back to unclasp her lacy brassiere. Once unclipping it, he reached up to pull the straps down and dropped her bra to the ground, revealing her perfectly shaped orbs to his stunned eyes.

JoJo Levesque's huge fun bags were nicely shaped, capped off with hard pink nipples. Taking a breast in his hand, he placed his tongue on the erect nub, then encasing it with his mouth. He suckled on her breast and then did the same with the other as she began to pant and wail all over again.

JoJo had her first and second orgasm in the space of a few minutes, feeling Jonathon's cock buried to the hilt inside her. By this time, Johnny had been caressing her naked rump, massaging her sexy little tush, occasionally running his index finger up and down her ass crack.

"Wow, you really like my ass don't you?" JoJo asked.

"Are you kidding? After that sexy little show of yours, how could I not?" he laughed.

Lifting herself up off his pussy soaked dick, the naked brunette replied, "Well you'll like it even more in a couple of minutes. But first, I want you to eat my pussy",

JoJo said sternly, placing her sexy legs upon each of the cushion arm chairs so her dripping twat was centimeters from his face.

"Taste me", JoJo begged him.

Leaning forward, Jonathon inhaled the tangy scent and holding the starlet by her arse cheeks, he darted his tongue inside her juicy opening.

JoJo groaned again, relishing Johnny's invading tongue that lashed and lapped at her womanhood. He licked at her clit which set her off again, and made sure he drank up the juices which included those that had dried up upon her incredible thighs.

Moving back to the floor, JoJo turned her back to him, spreading her legs apart so he could admire her wonderful stems and even more so her delightful arse. Sitting backward upon him, she pulled up his cock so her cunt could sink down upon it again. With a horny shudder she gasped as her cunt impaled his length. Jonathon savoured JoJo's lovely round booty rubbing against his bare thighs as she moved up and down his cock. He could see his shaft disappear and reappear inside her opening as she continued to fuck him relentlessly.

As she continued to have her way with him, Jonathon reached round to squeeze and fondle her soft melons, even pinching and tweaking her rock hard nipples.

JoJo in turn began to fondle her clit, rubbing it hard as more and more of her love nectar poured out of her and onto his legs. She let out another orgasm but it didn't stop her from her onslaught on his overworked cock. She writhed around upon his dick, not wanting this night to end, but deep down she knew it had to, especially as they had been at it for nearly five hours straight.

Slowing down a bit so Jonathon could catch his breath, she knew that he had bent him to her will. She knew that he had enjoyed himself and maybe even regretted not showing her more attention when they were younger.

Looking back over her head to softly ask him, "Johnny, is there anything else I can do for you? You know, sexually?"

Jonathon hadn't cum yet which JoJo hadn't take into account. She was so self concerned about getting what she wanted out of this night that she completely
overlooked his urges.

"Untie me Joanna. There's so many things I want to do to that sexy young body of yours and I'm dying for release!"

"Oh my God Johnny, I'm sorry. You must be desperate to cum right?" she said with a cheeky grin as she began releasing the strap across his stomach and the one's around his ankles.

As they made out on the soft carpeted floor, JoJo reveled in having Johnny's body on top of hers, mauling her heavenly breasts and ramming his cock inside her again. He pistoned his large dick in and out of her slippery cooch, her delicious legs held tight around his hips. He flipped her over so that her lovely lady lumps were up in the air and her succulent chest blimps hung down. Taking a hold of his slippery shaft, he slammed it back into JoJo's hot pink taco, her lovely face scrunched up and her delightful mouth opened wide as she felt the full force of Jonathon's huge member ploughing into her from behind again and again.

Jonathon didn't hold back, ramming into JoJo's horny snatch, holding her by the hips and smacking that perfect little backside to her delight.

"That's it Johnny, spank me. I've such a naughty girl, kidnapping you and tying you up. Teasing your cock with my mouth and feet. I need to be punished!"

Her angelic voice was begging him to take advantage, it sent Jonathon's thrusting into overdrive, pounding away at JoJo's cunt like a jackhammer, which caused her to cry out in ecstasy.

The sexy nymph reached down to fiddle with her clit and Jonathon in turn reached down to fondle those soft delicious swingers, pinching at her nipples.

"Oh God Joanna, I'm close!" Jonathon exclaimed, his fucking of Joanna Levesque slowed down to hold out from release.

"Take it out", JoJo yelled, the pain her pussy had be given had taken it's toll on the young starlet.

Removing his cock from her dripping entrance, JoJo sat in front of him, taking hold of his slippery cock and stroking it gently, the young man gasping at her touch.

He looked down at her adorable face, those blissful eyes and those amazing chest pillows. JoJo had noticed the look on his face too.

"Do you wanna cum on my breasts Johnnny", JoJo asked, stroking his throbbing dick much more firmly now.

"Unghhh, oh hell yes Joanna", he grunted.

JoJo leant forward so Jonathon could fit his huge boner in between her soft orbs. JoJo used her hands to press her juicy melons against either side of his shaft, and he wasted no time rubbing his shaft up and down to his satisfaction.

"Oh Joanna, your tits feel so good around my cock!"

Jonathon was going out of his mind, the feeling of JoJo's incredible twin peaks were too much to take as his long awaited explosion was imminent.

"Ughhhh, oh Joanna here it comes!!" he exclaimed as his warm milky cream exploded all over her sweaty bosoms.

Pulling it out from her soaked cleavage, Jonathon took a hold of his hot rod, jerking off whatever semen that remained onto her chest.

JoJo took control of his cock, taking in his deflated, but by no means smaller dick into her mouth, sucking the remaining juices off his spent shaft.

With a beaming smile on her gorgeous face, JoJo uttered,

"Mmmm, you taste even better than I imagined Johnny", savoring the taste of his seed, licking her shiny pink lips as she looked up at her exhausted lover.

JoJo continued, "So, do you think we could do this again soon?"

Jonathon replied, "As long as I can tie you up and have my way with you next time? I sure would love that", he said with a glint in his eye.

"Oh I'm sure that can be arranged", JoJo responded with an elated smile on her face.