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Thread: "It's her party, she'll ____ if she wants to" with Ashley Tisdale

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    fanfiction "It's her party, she'll ____ if she wants to" with Ashley Tisdale

    "It's her party, she'll ____ if she wants to" with Ashley Tisdale
    Written by chitown

    Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, containing material of a somewhat explicit nature, intended to entertain adults. If that's going to trouble you, or not permitted you for some reason, read no further.

    As I was pulling the car up the drive to the front door of the Malibu beach front home, Selena rebooted the conversation, again.

    "I'd really like for you to park and come in to the party."

    Something was up, for sure. Why else would she insist I escort her to a place she's perfectly capable going on her own?

    Instead of reminding her, again, that I wasn't invited, I said, "We both know she doesn't like me. Why are you trying to piss her off?"

    Truth is, I'd always felt Ms. Tisdale was a bit of a cunt, and she clearly had no use for me.

    "Come on, she's my friend. It's time you two buried the hatchet."

    Preferably in her head, I thought to myself. We were at the door, so I took the car out of gear, engaged the parking brake, and let it idle.

    I turned to look Sel dead on, "You do realize that I'm far more likely to play your game when you explain what it is, rather than forcing me to figure it out, right?"

    She turned and gave me that look, the one just short of shit-eating grin; that told me she believed she'd won. It also said I wasn't going to like her idea, but she believed I'd do it because it wouldn't hurt anyone, especially not her.

    "Ashley's been kinda down lately. Not having much luck career wise, or personally for that matter." She paused, then continued, "I want you to make a pass at her."

    I shook my head, "To what end? So she breaks her wrist against my face?"

    "You're joking, right? You know the way they all whisper about you. It'll be a great way to heal the breach. And if she actually accepts, well, I give you an exemption to the Puerto Rico agreement." Another pause, "You can be charming, when you try."

    I muttered, "Aw fuck," and pulled the car over to a spot to park.

    "Yay, I knew I could count on you," and she leaned across the center console to give me a hug and peck on the cheek. That was probably worth the humiliation to come.

    Selena blended right into the crowd, and I hovered around the edge, hoping for a quick opportunity to speak with Ashley alone. It came relatively soon as she headed in from the deck to mix herself another drink in the kitchen.

    I followed the bleach blonde in her pale green halter and distressed blue jean short shorts and watched her pour quite a bit of rum into her Coke. "George, what are you doing here?"

    "Sel thought it would be ok if I offered you well wishes and a hug," I answered as I approached.

    "Well allright," Sharpay acceded, flabbergasted.

    I wrapped her in my arms, said "Happy Birthday" but then I slid my hands down her back to her firm, round, denim covered ass. I whispered in her ear, "What I really want is a slice of birthday pussy- I mean pie," I corrected myself.

    Blush rose in her cheeks, she freed an arm from the embrace, prepared to give me one helluva haymaker slap.

    Then she reconsidered, caressed my cheek, asked "What did you say?"

    "Let's fuck," and I captured her mouth with mine, squeezed with both hands, causing her to gasp, and then my tongue pushed past her open lips.

    When we broke for breath, she panted out, "Bedroom. Upstairs."

    I lifted her by the ass; she wrapped her taut toned legs around my waist and wound her free arm around my neck.

    She covered my face and neck in a frenzy of kissing. I concentrated on not breaking anything, or anyone, as I walked us from the kitchen, through the foyer, up the stairs, to the master suite?

    I let go her bum and she plopped down on the king size bed. Reaching for her top I undid the knots, freeing her augmented chest. Pushing her back, I half lay atop her, my mouth on one tit and a hand grabbing the other.

    I slowly washed her breast with my tongue using concentric circles, starting against her ribs and gradually moving up to her puffy pink areola. She was running her fingers through my hair and squirming about, because at the same time I gently cleansed one tit, my hand brutally squeezed and mashed the other.

    When I gave the protruding nub a vicious pinch, she arched her back to point of almost throwing me off.

    "Unngh… Fuck"

    I moved across to soothe her ravaged twin and slid my hand over her sculpted abdomen, down inside her shorts to find she was wearing the matching bottoms as panties.

    "Gotta get rid of those," I mumbled into her chest.

    I backed off a bit, to work her shorts off, and saw first hand why she wore them. Her moist meaty nether lips outlined in the pale green cloth would give the paps a fortune in cameltoe shots.

    I decided not to mess around and peeled this last item of clothing off over her shapely stems and buried my face in her smooth shaven snatch. She was already starting to leak before I ran my tongue over her heavy folds, and I admit she actually tasted pretty good.

    I was giving her a good tongue lashing, licking her up, sucking her delicate skin into my mouth, probing into her slit with my mouth meat. When she started bucking her hips up into my face I brought a hand into the game, slipping first one finger but quickly adding a second into her deep slot, prodding her walls.

    "My clit, please, lick my clit"

    "You wanna cum, is that it"

    "God yes, I need to cum. Make me cum." Her voice starting to rise.

    Her whole nether region was a sopping mess so when I brought my other hand up to play there was plenty of lube to spread around, to probe her starfish.

    "Oh my ass, fuck my ass," the Hellcat panted out as I slipped a finger into her rear chute, even as I continued to massage her cunt with two.

    "That's what you want? To cum as you get fucked in the ass?"

    "Yes Goddammit, fuck me, fuck my ass, make me cum," she yelled, apparently not caring who heard, or more likely, no longer cognizant of her party downstairs.

    Well, I just brought my head back down again, used my tongue to lift her hood, and caressed her love nub, and that bundle of nerves set her off; she went bat shit crazy.

    Her body stiffened and jerked, her pussy clenched, her rectum squeezed, and the girl water flowed. And flowed. And flowed. Too much for one person to reasonably handle.

    When her ragged gasping finally normalized, and she lifted her head to see me still down below she just smiled.

    "Do you still want to get fucked in the ass?" I asked softly.

    "Oh yeah" she purred.

    "Then I'm going to need some help."

    She sat up and watched as I stood and undressed. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw my half mast cock come free.

    "I thought guys shrunk when they got older"

    "We do"

    "Holy fuck. How big did you used to be?"

    I shrugged. "Does it matter? This is what I have to work with now." I held my penis out to her and she got the message.

    Little miss prissy bitch leaned forward, lightly wrapped a hand around me, brought her face down.

    Her tongue swirled around, getting a first taste before she closed her lips around the head. She lightly stroked my shaft as she bobbed back and forth. Soon she'd spread her saliva my whole length and the movements were smoother with the lube job.

    I was about to tell her I was wound up enough when she actually pleasantly surprised me. She pushed her face forward trying to take me all the way in. She managed about ¾ of my length before, gagging and choking, she pulled off.

    "That's enough, Ash. I just needed a warm-up." I took her hand. "Now stand up, face the bed and bend over."

    She grinned like the Cheshire cat. "You're serious? You're really going to take my ass?" she asked while assuming the position, bracing herself.

    "We'll see," I answered, admiring the firm, round, naked ass wiggling at me. I rubbed my mushroom tip up and down her crack, pausing at her backdoor.

    "Are you going to tease me all day, or put your cock where your mouth was?"

    Fucking bitch just gave me the out I needed, not that I ever really intended to take her ass. I pulled back a little and then slammed my rod into her juicy wet snatch, damn near to the hilt.

    "Aaaargh fuck," she bellowed but started moving with me as I placed my hands on her hips and proceeded to pound into her cunt from behind.

    In reality, truth be told, only one person in the world gets my penis in their anus, and her name isn't Assley fucking Titsdale.

    For some reason I can't really figure, I was feeling kinda angry so I just mercilessly banged away at the slut on my cock, fucking her as hard and deep as I dared.

    "Oooh yeah" …"Oooh fuck" …"God damn"…"So good" …

    The wet splushing sounds of her leaking pussy being hammered filled the room as I kept sawing my trouser snake home, and I felt her building to another climax while I was still nowhere near. I guess she just doesn't ‘do it' for me. Heh.

    She was in a good rhythm, didn't really need my hands to guide her, so I reached around her body while continuing to pound away. My left hand squeezed the melon hanging from her chest; the right I sent clit hunting.

    I found it, gave a little pinch, and she screamed in agony and ecstasy. Her fluids gushed forth once again, she pitched forward, off my cock and onto the bed. I sat down next to her spasming body and lightly rubbed her back. She regained her composure and rolled over.

    "I needed that, but I really should get back to the party."

    She dressed quickly and left. I was reaching down to grab my pants when a familiar voice intruded.

    "You didn't cum with her, did you?"

    Samantha Droke, wearing a skimpy, bright red bikini was standing at the doorway.

    "No. No, I didn't"

    "Maybe I could help resolve that," and she crossed to the bed, untying bows on her way.

    I'd always liked Sam, the person she is, and now that she had enough meat on her bones to no longer be a walking X-ray, she was a fine looking woman.

    "I'd like that"

    She leaned into me, and what started with a soft kiss became a slow sensual session of sex that ended with me painting her womb white, her ankles locked behind my butt as her rippling love canal milked every last drop.

    After recovering from our mutual orgasms I whispered, "Thank you"

    "Anytime, George, anytime" and it sounded like a serious invitation.

    We washed up and dressed; she returned to the party, I left.

    I sent Selena a text "CALL ME 4 PICK UP"; she responded "OK"


    While driving her home she said, "Thank you for helping Ashley. She is in much better spirits now. I owe you one."

    "Haven't we moved past owing each other?"

    "But," and when she hesitated, I eventually glanced over to see her air of injured innocence," but then I don't get to collect for Samantha. I didn't give you a pass for her," she wheedled in her best little girl voice.

    I rolled my eyes, "For all I know you sent her up there to entrap me."

    She burst out laughing, and finally managed to say, "That's a brilliant idea. I'll have to remember that."

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    That was awesome Chitown.

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    Thanks guys, and thank you TPG for the editting assist. I was so happy I finally got a pic to actually show on a post (and it was 2am here) that I didn't even try to clean it up, figuring I'd just mess it up.

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    Excellent read.

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    I expected a sweaty session with Selena............. Anyway this was great.:grin::the-missionary::chubbyclap:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Grey View Post
    I expected a sweaty session with Selena
    Not sure if thats because of the picture, or Sel is overwhelmingly my muse, but the fact she wasn't included in the title line should be an indication she's more a facilitator than subject

    ............. Anyway this was great.:grin::the-missionary::chubbyclap:

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