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Thread: "Catwoman" with Anne Hathaway

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    fanfiction "Catwoman" with Anne Hathaway

    With Anne Hathaway
    Written by Charles Xavier
    Codes: Oral, BJ, MF, multiple cumshots

    DISCLAIMER: This story is completely fake and contains graphic and sexual situations. Stop reading if you are underage!

    A/N: Hi everyone! I'm very new to this, so feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy!

    The movie was almost completed, a few more days of filming and it was all left to post-production crew to edit.

    "Great job everyone, lets clean up here and call it a day." The director told the whole crew. "I'm really satisfied on your performance today Anne, see you again next week."

    "Thanks, just a few more days of filming then it's over. I'm really gonna miss everyone. It's been an amazing experience" Anne replied exhausted

    Anne Hathaway had just finished a weak sex scene in the film. Still dressed in her black skin tight cat suit and black 8-inch stiletto heels, Anne walked off set heading towards her dressing room to change to her normal everyday clothes.

    However, still feeling slightly aroused after filming a sex scene and not having real sex in months, Anne felt that she needed more than just a brief kissing scene. She decided to use her persuasive and seductive skills she had learned from her character, to persuade one of the crewmembers into having sex with her at this very moment.

    Anne stood in front of her personal dressing room and waited for the next, decent looking man to pass by. Luckily, minutes later a tall handsome looking man walked by. Without hesitation Anne quickly grabbed him by the collar and pushed him inside her personal dressing room, walked in and quickly locked the door behind her.

    "Whoa what the fuck?!" the man yelled.

    Anne quickly took off her mask, threw it to the floor and forced her lips into his. The man looked into her eyes and realized that the woman that pushed her in wasn't a stunt double but the real Anne Hathaway.

    The man was confused, but aroused at the same time. Realizing that the most attractive woman in the whole cast was passionately making out with him in her own personal dressing room.

    He kissed her hard on her red, thick lips, and in return she proceeded suck his tongue. She was affectionately making out with a stranger.

    However it was short lived. The man suddenly pushed her back, causing Anne shake involuntarily and fall to the floor due to her high heels.

    "The fuck are you doing!?" The man yelled as he wiped the red smudged lipstick off his face.

    "What's a matter? Afraid someone will walk in? No one will hear or see us, we're locked alone in my dressing room." Anne whispered very flirtatiously and smiled.

    The man could hear it in her voice that she wanted than just more than a brief kiss. At this very moment, he didn't know if he was talking to Anne Hathaway or Catwoman here. She was seriously getting into character.

    He stood there speechless, thinking that if he was caught having sex with a famous triple-A Hollywood actress while working, he would be fired.

    However, at the same time he didn't care, he thought to himself, when does a no name guy ever get to have sex with a beautiful Hollywood star at work? Let alone, kiss? He was lucky that he even got to lock lips with Anne Hathaway, but to turn down having sex with her was out of the question. He suddenly felt like the luckiest man alive, and decided to play along.

    The man made up his mind. It made so much sense to him now.

    "Come over here and suck my fucking cock." He abruptly demanded.

    "I love it when you talk dirty to me," Anne whispered in a flirtatiously pleasant voice as she looked into his gaze. At this point, the man was thinking of how much of a slut this actress is.

    Anne was still on sitting down on the floor after that fall but she slowly got on all fours and started to crawl towards him seductively and slowly in a cat-like crawl fashion.

    He wanted walk behind her and stare at her beautiful round ass while she was seductively crawling towards him, but decided to stand still and instead look into her eyes as she crawled towards him.

    His heart beating so fast, he wanted to fuck her so badly right now but he was enjoying the hell out of this Catwoman tease. He couldn't help but rub his cock a little.

    She could see it in his eyes that he wanted her badly. Anne continued to suggestively crawl towards him, licked her red thick lips, and slowly got on her knees.

    "Give me that long, hard cock. I want it slapped across my fucking pretty little face." She begged and whispered.

    As she begged, she locked eyes at his and felt the 10-inch penis over his jeans, rubbing it up and down. She looked down to marvel at the size of the cock behind his jeans and looked back up at him again.

    "You're not gonna take my dick yet, you teased me now I tease you. That's how it fucking works here," the man said abruptly. He placed his right hand on her head and ran it through her smooth brown hair.

    "D'awww, I was really looking forward to yo-," she teased, but the man interrupted. He aggressively grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled down, making her face directly facing up, causing Anne to slightly moan.

    He smoothly rubbed his thumb on her red thick lips and started slowly circling around her closed mouth. She responded by sucking it slowly and irresistibly, causing his shaft to be even harder than it was before.

    "Mmmmm" Quietly moaning with a thumb in her mouth, she continued to slowly suck it. Closing her eyes and rather finding pleasure off it. She could feel his thumb tickle her tongue.

    "Uhhhhhh, mmmm" she moaned pleasingly with her eyes closed as she sucked his thumb and rubbed his shaft.

    After admiring the sight of Anne Hathaway suggestively sucking his thumb, he removed his thumb and now eagerly wanting to take off his pants and free his rock hard cock. But suddenly Anne begged for more foreplay.

    "Slap me across the face, I've been so fucking naughty." She begged in a whore-like voice as she rubbed her face up against his cock. Anne held on to his right hand wrist, preventing him from un-doing his pants.

    As she was rubbing her face against his rock hard cock, she kissed his penis, looking at so intensely as if the penis had eyes of its own.

    He paused for moment, and thought to himself that thee famous Hollywood actress was begging to be slapped. The fact that Anne Hathaway was not only dressed up as Catwoman, but was a masochist as well turned him on so hard.

    He quickly grabbed Anne by the back of the head with his left arm and with his right he slapped her across the face, causing Anne to audibly moan in pain and pleasure.

    "Again, slap me again," Anne begged and begged as he looked up into his fiery gaze in submission.

    Anne stared into the fire in his eyes. She looked up towards him from her knees; this dominant male was not only slapping her but taking charge as well.

    The man slapped and slapped, however the man didn't want to ruin her beautiful face. He didn't want all that make-up smudged. He told himself he didn't want to ruin her beautiful face when he face fucks her. The man wanted something beautiful to look at while she performed a blowjob so he limited the bitch slapping.

    But the fact that she still made fascinating eye contact while being slapped made him slap her even more. He couldn't resist, the moans of pain and pleasure while being slapped aroused the man so much.

    "I'm such a fucking slut." Anne moaned as she quickly reached his belt and undid his pants.

    But he quickly grabbed Anne by the throat, stopping Anne and making him dominant again. Anne's mouth was open. She licked her lips in a circular fashion to provoke him. Anne looked up, waiting for her master to do the next move.

    He continued to finish what Anne started, he threw his belt on the floor, causing his pants falling to the ground. With his rock hard cock freed and inches away from her gorgeous face, the man let go of her neck. Anne looked at this treasure and begged for it.

    "I want to suck your cock, I want it in my mouth, its so fucking big." She helplessly looked up at him and begged.

    His cock finally entered the actress' wet mouth. He looked up to the sky and let out a sigh of relief and pleasure. With his arms behind his back, he stood there relaxed and enjoyed the show.

    Anne took the whole shaft into her wet mouth. "Fucking look at me when I suck your dick" she commanded.

    The man looked down and couldn't believe that this beautiful actress, with the face of a goddess, was passionately sucking his cock. Her lips locked so tight on the tip of his penis.

    She looked up at him then looked down at his dick, then back up to him again, bobbing her head back and fourth, moaning with a hard cock in her mouth, saliva and drool dripping down her lips. This woman had incredible energy; she was violently sucking his dick. It was greatest blowjob he has ever received.

    "I want your cum all over my pretty fucking face" Anne begged

    "If you want it, then work for it. You're gonna have to do better than that Catwoman, show me more."

    While performing the sloppy blowjob, Anne unzipped her cat suit halfway down until she can reveal her cleavage.

    Looking down, the man saw at what she just did he grabbed her head using both hands and began to aggressively face fuck her.

    "Mmmmmmm" said moaned as she closed her eyes and let him fuck the brains out of her mouth. She coughed, taking the 10-inch monster all the way down her throat.

    Her red thick lips closed so tight, sucking him so hard as he violently face fucked her. The man couldn't help but moan in pleasure himself. He continued to thrust faster and faster.

    "Beg for more as I fuck your pretty fucking mouth!" he commanded. She obliged, she screamed and moaned as load as she could with a huge dick fucking her mouth.

    "Mmmmmm! Ohhh uhhmm!" she yelled while being face fucked.

    "Spit on my cock," he told her as he stopped the face fucking and removed his dick from her mouth. She listened, causing the man to look up to the sky and moan.

    She quickly grabbed his cocked and proceeded to masturbate him violently.

    "Yeah you like when I stroke your cock like that?" She looked up at him and hissed. She loved the dirty talk so much that she stroked more violently.

    Anne eventually wrapped her thick red lips at the side of the penis, moving her head left and right, at the same time tickling his shaft with her tongue.

    "You're gonna make me fucking cum!" he said as he tried to hold back his ejaculation.

    Her lips sucking so hard on the tip of the penis, she continued to please him by staring into his eyes and licking the bottom of his shaft slowly up towards the tip, making him moan, which was music to Anne Hathaway's ears.

    "Cock smack my pretty face, I want your hard dick smacking me across my pretty fucking face." She looked up at him as she begged and moaned. She continued to aggressively stroke him. Shortly after she violently slapped herself on the side the face with his 10-inch monster.

    "Uhhhh yes yes yes" she groaned. "I'm such a fucking bad girl, I love cock smacking."

    Their eye contact was consistent, turning them both on. She then stuck her lips out as outward as possible, like she wanted to kiss his cock as it was smacking her.

    "Mmmmm" Anne moaned, as she was getting cock smacked. Smack after smack after smack, the hard cock constantly and violently smacked her as the tip of his penis hit against her mouth while she stuck out her red thick lips. Her lips, so red and thick, he couldn't help but want to unload on Anne's pretty face.

    Just for fun he bitched slapped her so hard with his right hand. The bitch slapped cause Anne Hathaway to moan so loud that it was the loudest moan they have heard that night. She moan in pain and pleasure.

    Anne continued to cock smack her thick outward lips.

    "Oh you're gonna cum for me baby?" She said as he grabbed her by the back of her head with his left hand and stroke his cock passionately with his right.

    "C'mon baby, give it to me." She alluringly whispered as she continued to stuck her lips out as outward as possible. Eyes in contact, she knew he was on the verge of unload.

    With his left hand he caressed Anne Hathaway's beautiful face, as he continued stroking his cock with his right.

    "Oh bitch you're gonna make me cum!" he yelled as violently jacked off while she stared at his fiery gaze. He unloaded his white warm load all of her thick outward lips. She moaned with her mouth still closed as the warm cum continued to spill out from his cock.

    It poured and poured, the biggest load both had ever seen, landing every single drop around her closed, outward red thick lips. He did not miss a shot.

    The warm, thick cum set Anne on fire as she now wanted cock inside of her. She was just about the take her fingers around her lips and lick the semen when suddenly he grabbed her by the arm aggressively and stood her up.

    "What the fuck?!" she gasped

    The man turned her around and smacked her ass, making her moan.

    "Mmmmm baby, spank me, I'm such a bad girl." She giggled.

    The man continued rip the vaginal area of her cat suit very roughly, exposing her dripping wet pussy.

    With her back turned against him, he felt her up, groped her breasts, kissed her neck and then violently pushed her to the nearest table, causing Anne to tremble forward due to her heels and landing her upper body against a coffee table, resulting in Anne bent over 90 degrees.

    "You still want more? One cum isn't enough?" she looked back and said surprisingly as she licked some warm load off her lips. She was surprised, given that this man just unloaded from what it looks like nearly half a litre of semen onto her luscious lips. The semen was still warm and fresh.

    Grunting, the man walked towards bent over Anne Hathaway and admired the sight of her. Bent over with her beautiful round ass sticking out, accompanied with her skin tight cat suit, long beautiful legs and sexy stiletto heels.

    The man continued to jerk himself aggressively as he checked her out, then slowly entered Anne's wet pussy. The man didn't even have good pacing, he immediately pounded her as fast as he could. He wanted to fuck the brains out of her.

    "Holy shit, fuck fuck fuck!" she moaned as loud as she could. Heavily breathing with her mouth open, looking into his eyes, she continued to lick the warm cum off her thick lips.

    The man was breathing as hard as he could, pounding the beautiful Anne Hathaway in her sexy attire. He continued to thrust and thrust and then pulled Anne up by the back of her head, bringing Anne's back up allowing the man to undress her.

    He pulled off the top part of her cat suit past the shoulders and all the way down to her elbows, with still half her upper body covered.

    With her perky tits hanging out, the man groped her and started to kiss her in the side of the neck affectionately. Anne now on the verge of climaxing, she moaned.

    "Fuck me! Holy shit! Oh baby harder!" Anne screamed and begged.

    She continued to moan and moan, she moaned until she couldn't moan again. Then she moaned louder.

    She continued to moan in pleasure until the man stuck his index finger inside her mouth causing her to suck it. She continued to moan eyes closed with a finger in her mouth.

    "Fucking bitch! Take this cock! I'm going to fucking cum all over your pretty face Catwoman! You fucking whore!"

    With his finger still inside the actress' mouth, he played around a little with her mouth. This action made the man on the verge of climaxing a second time.

    She continued to suck his finger as she was violently getting fucked bent over. She sucked as hard as she could, like it was a cock that contained semen that she wanted all over her face.

    The man eventually removed his finger, resulting in Anne now being able to speak. The man continued to pound her wet pussy.

    "Spank my ass! Call me a fucking slut! I'm the dirtiest fucking slut in Hollywood! Call me a whore, I love it when you talk dirty me!" She yelled as the man was pounding her like a beast.

    They continued to violently fuck for 10 minutes in the same bent over position. Both loving every single second of it, they did not want this to end.

    Eventually the man grabbed her behind her head, spun her around and pushed her to the floor.

    "Get on your fucking knees" he said as he stroked his cock.

    She obeyed and looked up at him. She knew what was coming, literally. Anne continued to look up at him, and pushed her red lips outward again.

    "Oh my god you are so fucking sexy when you do that baby" He said as he bitch slapped her again. He looked at her pretty eyes, and then looked at her outward lips still covered by the previous load. She was ready for round two.

    He smacked her again while jerking violently, then smacked her some more.

    "Let me feel that warm load!" she begged irresistibly.

    She continued to dirty talk until he finally came, shooting his second warm load all over her, but this time her cheeks, nose, lips and forehead.

    He was so surprised at the amount he ejaculated given that his previous load was less than half an hour ago.

    "Get up, I'm not fucking done with you yet, oh no baby." He commanded, as he grabbed her hair, stood her up and slammed her towards the wall.

    "You can keep going?! Oh baby keep going! Fuck me all you want!" Anne was getting very turned on by the fact that this man had the stamina to keep fucking her.

    With two warm loads of cum onto her face, she put both arms up against the wall.

    "Open your fucking mouth, keep that mouth open bitch," he said as Anne listened and looked back at his eyes.

    "Fuck me. Keep fucking me. Fuck me till you don't want to anymore." She moaned tirelessly.

    She couldn't do anything, he was in control, but at the same time, she loved it.

    The man banged her, banged her so hard up against the wall, people could probably hear the banging noise. With her teeth clenched, litres of semen on her face, beautiful moans of pleasure and a dominant man fucking violently behind her, she felt like she was the sluttiest woman in the world and she did not want this to end.

    But just before she could tell him that, the man spanked her round ass several times. He groped Anne's breasts from behind, feeling her perky tits.

    They both moved away from the wall slowly, as the man wanted Anne to bend over.

    "Bend over and touch the fucking floor," the powerful man demanded. Anne bent over and reached down to the floor. Anne grabbed the floor bent over while being violently fucked from behind.

    Her slutty high-heeled black stilettos made Anne Hathaway's legs seem a lot longer and her ass more round. He admired the sight of Anne Hathaway bent over, ass up, long legged, reaching the floor, skin tight cat suit, and loads of warm thick cum covered on her face. It was sights like these that motivated the man to keep banging her.

    "Uhhhhhhh holy shit! Fuck me! Harder!" she screamed in pleasure. "Cum for me baby, cum all over me! Spray my face with your hot fucking load!"

    The man continued to violently fuck her and continued to spank her ass very roughly.

    While continuously fucking bent over Catwoman, the man leaned down towards her left ear and whispered "You're gonna make me fucking cum, I want you to stroke my fucking dick and shower in my warm load. Get on your knees and beg for it bitch."

    The man pushed Anne towards the floor. Anne stood up onto her knees, grab a hold of his cock, looked into his eyes and began masturbating it in front of her cum coated face.

    "Stroke it baby, stroke it." He moaned. "Oh my god don't fucking stop."

    Anne acknowledged. She licked her cum cover thick lips, placed both her hands on the 10-inch cock. This time she stroked in passionately, she stuck her thick lips out forward and looked deeply into his eyes.

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    Do more like these cause this is fantastic! Anne Hathaway stole the show, imo, in TDKR(which is an absolutely brilliant film btw).

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    Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I also wanted to thank the person who fixed the photos! Sorry, I didnt really know how to properly place them. But thanks again!

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    I'm not a huge fan of the rougher stuff, but I am a fan of Anne Hathaway smut [and having written it myself once] especially after seeing her as Catwoman two days ago. I myself am trying to work out a trilogy of sex fics with the superheroines of summer 2012 - nevertheless, kudos for beating me to the punch on this one.

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    Cat-Gasm.. :O

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