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    fanfiction Superbabes: Anne Hathaway

    Superbabes: Anne Hathaway
    Author: Robertdoc
    Celebrity: Anne Hathaway
    Codes: MF, con, blowjob, cunnilingus, fingering, facial, doggy style

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    A/N: This is the third story about banging the three major comic book babes of summer 2012 - yet it is not the last story of this series.

    Mid-August 2011

    As it turned out, I only had a few days to recover from Scarlett. At the last minute, my editor sent me back out to cover the third and final comic book epic of 2012 – and the biggest of them all.

    At this moment, "The Dark Knight Rises" was closing its shoot in Pittsburgh, and there was an open spot for me to cover it. Of course, they would hold off publishing this until several weeks after my "Avengers" piece came out, to avoid comic book overkill. That was more than what Hollywood was doing.

    Still, considering what I had reaped from comic book productions, I couldn't complain about it. Even those who hadn't already had sex with Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson wouldn't complain about it. Not about covering the most hyped comic book movie since the last "Dark Knight" – and not about seeing Anne Hathaway strut around as Catwoman either.

    It took everything I had not to get my hopes up for this. Since part of the shoot involved Catwoman riding the Bat-pod – and since Anne's stunt double crashed it into an IMAX camera – there probably wouldn't be any time for sex. And since I had been dropped into the largely sexless, ultra realistic Batman world of Christopher Nolan, mindless fun was likely out of the question.

    Yet despite that, Anne was still the perky, dedicated ball of sunshine she was known to be. That persona got her mocked as an Oscars co-host some months back. But since she was working with Nolan and his Bat-team instead of a zoned out James Franco – and since she was more bad-ass than she usually got to be – her boundless energy looked to be paying off this time.

    I was exceedingly lucky to even be here, given how secretive this whole production was. So getting away with one last bit of superheroine sex was likely out of the question. It made sense, since every single comic book movie trilogy had ended with a whimper – so maybe the Batman trilogy wouldn't if my own did instead. That was a small price to pay for Batman to get a super ending – kind of.

    With that, I actually focused on my job and geeking out on Batman. But maybe some naughty stuff got in my mind when I saw Anne on the Bat-pod. Yet with her bent over in that suit, riding a cool super vehicle, I couldn't be faulted for that.

    Afterward, they loaded the Bat-pod into a garage and I waited a good, non-suspicious 15 minutes before heading inside. I took a few pictures for the sake of being a journalist, then indulged in less professional antics.

    I struggled to climb onto the Bat-pod, remembering I had to lay on my stomach to make this work. After I got into a somewhat comfortable position, I laid there and savored where I was. This was where Batman made the Joker's 18-wheeler flip, where Batman raced to save Rachel Dawes while unknowingly sealing her fate and Harvey Dent's – and now it was where Anne Hathaway had laid down in her Catwoman costume.

    Picturing her in the exact position I was laying in now – with a lot more sexy parts sticking out – made this a lot more vivid than Batman did. In fact, the Dark Knight wasn't the only thing rising right now – to coin the most unoriginal pun imaginable.


    Speaking of unoriginal twists, here was Anne Hathaway coming into the garage in her costume, just as I was getting hard over her.

    I nearly fell off the Bat-pod, but since it was useless to fiee, I held onto the handles. It was just as well, since I needed to... stop rising before I could sit up in front of Anne. Yet having her here in front of me wouldn't help too much, so I looked away as discreetly as I could.

    "Don't be shy," Anne actually teased – not knowing how unshy I really was. Hopefully not. "I hope we didn't make that too uncomfortable," she went on – hopefully not knowing the motorcycle wasn't the uncomfortable problem.

    "No, it feels just fine," I assured. "But I was about to head out of here anyway," I explained as I came down from the Bat-pod.

    "Funny we had the same idea," Anne pointed out. "Then again, you were only pretending to be Batman. I have to pretend to be Selina Kyle and practice riding this thing, so it doesn't crash into any more cameras. So other than that, great minds think alike," she commented as she climbed onto the Bat-pod.

    "Well, if you want to practice lying there, I can't stop you," I mentioned. "But it looked like you were handling it pretty well already," I couldn't stop myself from adding.

    "Oh, I could tell you approved," Anne responded. "I saw where you were looking when I was on here today. And I saw you moving your legs around to hide the evidence."

    Okay, that was my cue to run and wait for the lawsuits and firings. Avoiding that from two actresses was pushing it enough, but stretching that luck out into a trilogy defied all logic. Yet I froze long enough for Anne to continue, "Not that I wasn't expecting that at some point. Of course, I was starting to have my doubts."

    "Come again?" I asked, as the confusion overwhelmed my urge to run.

    "I mean, this is one of my only big sexy poses here!" Anne complained. "Other than that, I can't be too suggestive or seductive or anything! I know the suit does that for me already, but that's it! I add more to it, it's too cartoony for Chris! Yet Tom's Bane mask is just overflowing with reality, so there you go!"

    Hearing Anne talk like this surprised me for various reasons. I didn't even pay attention to her lying on the Bat-pod with her ass in the air – not as much as earlier, at least. Still, she made herself sit up again and took that distraction away.

    "Don't get me wrong, I love kicking ass and getting the best lines," Anne clarified. "It just would have been nice to turn up the sexiness, like the other Selina's! But in this Batman, getting you hard by lying on here is the most I can do. And it's pretty much the only time I get to show the goods in broad daylight. So, lucky me."

    I was at a loss at how to respond, if it was even wise to. But Anne gave me more time by continuing with, "Of course, that's all off the record." Smart girl.

    "Yes, of course, I figured that went without saying," I answered, which at least broke the ice for me. Now that I could talk again, I added, "Then it should be off the record when I say you look pretty hot anyway. Even off the motorcycle."

    Fuck, was I actively trying to pick up actresses now? It seemed to work better when I didn't, so I was playing with even more fire. Yet once again, I avoided getting slapped or yelled at – and yet again, an actress didn't look offended by me. Instead, Anne replied, "I suppose. Shame to leave it off the record, though."

    "Yeah. But I'm comfortable leaving off that the mask's my biggest problem," I revealed before stopping myself.

    "What's wrong with it? Off the record?" Annie cornered me. I knew what my answer would be, but I just needed enough will power to say it.

    I scrounged up enough of it to say, "Well... I just like your face better without masks covering it up, that's all." It was true, at least – blame it on me and my love for long brunette hair, big striking eyes and even bigger smiles, I suppose.

    It's a wonder that I was still nervous to say that stuff. Especially since it usually paid off anyway. At the least, it paid off this time for Anne to take off her mask. The combination of her bare, lovely face, and what the suit was showing off below it, almost gave me that... problem she noticed earlier.

    "Now there we go," Anne cheered, as she smiled that giant smile of hers and further increased my... problem. "That's the reaction they won't let me give you people. All in the name of realism. They don't even call her Catwoman, for God's sake!"

    "That's commitment, all right," was all I had now.

    "Like I said, I love the serious stuff and I love Chris. I just wish he'd lighten up and let me be serious and more naughty," Anne repeated. "I mean, that's what's great about her. The more she shows off, the more you wanna do whatever she wants. And that's how she gets you." To prove her point, she strolled over to me in her enticing Catwoman strut – only more exaggerated than Christopher Nolan seemed to allow.

    "I'm well aware of that," I noted as she got closer to me.

    "Right. We both know she's so good at it, there's barely a challenge anymore. Even from Batman. So she has to challenge herself," Anne went on while right next to me. "For example... how much can I show off before I make my move?" she asked as her breasts brushed my shoulder and she let the side of her ass brush against my waist.

    "And how much noise can I make before we got caught? In a garage on a heavily guarded film set, for instance?" Anne got oddly specific. "She can push the envelope like that because she's the best, and she can get away with it. I need to master that to be the best Catwoman, but they won't let me. So I guess this is just cutting room floor material."

    With that, Anne slid her fingers up and down me like a cat – and even slid them down the front of my jeans as well. I jumped a bit, yet kept still when Anne's fingers brushed back up my clothed erection. "Yeah, well... if this side of Catwoman was on screen, it'd be NC-17 and Warner Brothers would lose a billion dollars," I stammered out. "In that regard, we save it for here, we're really saving the movie," I laughably justified.

    "I can live with being that kind of hero," Anne agreed. And it was starting to look okay to me to. Especially when she slid against me and kissed me to end our setup.

    My hands locked onto Anne's waist like a magnet, feeling her suit in a way I didn't really get to do with Scarlett's. I did feel her ass in leather, though, so I went down to do the same with Anne. Yet comparing how their asses felt was hard to do with Annie's tongue wrapping around mine. And when she pushed me against the Bat-pod, I had to just give up.

    However, the noise we made did snap me out of it in another way. "Sssh, they could hear us if we don't keep it down," I warned. This wasn't like being in a trailer or a dressing room. This was where one of the most important props in the most important, secretive comic book movie of next year was being held. People could easily walk in to check on it and make sure the set was still locked down.

    "But that's the danger of it," Annie interrupted my thinking. "Performing while everyone's outside and none's the wiser... that's what Catwoman lives for. That's the turn on. So don't worry about me."

    She had a point, especially when she dropped to her knees. I bit my lips together to make sure I couldn't spoil this – yet almost bit them off once she pulled my cock out of my pants.

    It would be ridiculous of me to lose my nerve now, after keeping it together with Emma and Scarlett. In truth, despite packing herself into that suit, Anne may have lost a little bit too much weight – both in her body and her breasts – to do it. If she was as busty and well shaped as she was a year or two ago, then I'd have gone even madder.

    Yet Emma and Scarlett had changed their sexy qualities before I hooked up with them, and they easily made up for it. For Anne's part, she started by wrapping her mouth halfway down my cock, then gliding it up slowly until my erection popped out. After I covered my mouth, just in case, Anne quietly took me back in and started sucking.

    She went torturously slow at some points, rubbing her lips slowly over the underside and circling her tongue around my head. Other times she bobbed up and down rapidly, yet only made the quietest, most seductive hums around me. Anne looked up at me the whole way and saw me try to contain myself – although seeing her wide, deep doe eyes wickedly gaze up at me hardly helped me calm down.

    Then it hit me. If I was that fragile, perhaps I should take charge a bit while I still had the chance. With that, I pulled my cock out of Anne's warm mouth, then rubbed it against her lips before she could question it.

    "You know, Catwoman had the most to lose if she got caught. That's why she had to go more over the top. So her victims really had more power than they thought," I pointed out. "All they had to do was scream, or act out, and it'd be that much harder to get what she wanted. It was just best for her to do whatever they wanted, really."

    Anne looked a little skeptical, yet still let me rub my cock against her face, savoring the softness of her skin against my sensitive head and shaft. "You can warm yourself up too, you know," I noted while pointing down below with my free hand.

    After Anne started to rub her clothed crotch, I put that free hand on the back of her head. I kept it in place while I lifted my cock up and placed my balls against Anne's mouth. Soon enough, she kissed them and took a few licks as I ran my fingers through her sleek hair. Once she took my sack in her mouth, I gripped her head and thrust my balls deeper inside, then took them out just as Anne got used to it.

    In response, Anne grasped my cock again and licked all across the shaft. She worked on herself even harder, but put me back in her mouth when her moans got louder. She groaned against me and made me weaker in the knees again, so I reluctantly took myself out again.

    "How about you smile for me now? Smile that big smile that barely keeps awards shows afloat," I stated, perhaps getting a bit too into it. I didn't want to mock her and ruin the mood, yet I dodged a bullet again when Anne indeed looked up and smiled at me.

    Just like I wanted, she kept smiling when I glided my cockhead over her lips again. Seeing my dick rub against her big, gorgeous smile and full red lips made me feel stronger and weaker at the same time. But even if I got weak enough to go off, I could build myself up enough to go again.

    Keeping that in mind, I briefly put my cockhead back in her mouth, then pulled out, rubbed it over her smiling lips and made them wet enough to get me even closer. I repeated the pattern a few more times and felt even closer.

    But the next time I dipped my head in her mouth, Anne wouldn't let it come out. In fact, she closed her teeth right underneath my head to prevent my escape.

    It took everything I had not to call out in panic. Yet when she grasped my balls with her hand, I was extra motivated not to make her jumpy. Anne had gotten the upper hand again and used it to rapidly slide her tongue over my tip while she juggled my balls. So again, I had to cover my mouth to keep myself down, especially when I saw Anne smile and felt her tongue digging into my slit.

    I had no choice but to give control to Anne, until I gave her all the cum I had. She finally took her teeth off and settled for suckling the cum out of me. Annie still palmed my balls even while they were being drained, and made sure to swallow every last drop so nothing got on her suit.

    When she was done and popped me out again, I let my knees get weaker and sat in front of the Bat-pod. I leaned back and tried to figure out my next move, since I should be the next one to demand something. Before long, I realized just what I wanted – what I'd wanted since I got here, really.

    "If I'm this beat, you must be exhausted too," I finally spoke to Anne. "How about you take a rest on the Bat-pod over there?"

    Anne paused and looked over, then conceded, "I could use a little breather." So I got back on my feet, zipped myself up and stood back as Anne hopped onto the Bat-pod again, laying on top and arching her ass up once more. This time, however, I could do more than just look at her.

    Once Anne was comfortable, I stood beside her and carefully laid a hand onto her back. I slid it over the curved surface until it glided back up to her ass. After repeating the motion a couple more times, I did it with both hands and all but massaged the back of Anne's body. Yet massaging it while it had a suit on it – even this suit – wasn't enough.

    I dipped my hand to Anne's collar and found the zipper in front, then began to pull it down. But Anne needed to sit up to do the rest, so I let her rise and pull it down further. She tried to slip her bare arms out, which interfered with me gazing at her newly exposed skin and breasts. However, she ultimately did her job and let me see her top half naked, along with her smaller than usual but still well defined tits.

    Anne laid back down onto the Bat-pod and shivered a bit, now that her bare skin and boobs were on the metal. This gave me the perfect excuse to rub her back and soothe her, while finally enjoying the feel of her naked skin on my hands. I went down to grasp her breasts for a little while, but soon I headed for my real target.

    I walked until I was right behind the Bat-pod and behind Anne's still covered ass. Yet with the suit halfway down, I could pull it down further to expose her bare, perfectly shaped backside. With that as my target, I laid my body down on the giant big wheel behind her and grabbed her hips. Once I was settled enough, I stuck my tongue out to get a taste of her... .most aptly named body part.

    Since she'd already played with it, it was nice and wet and I probably wouldn't need too much to make it go off. Still, I didn't want to half-ass this, to coin another aptly-named phrase. I circled my tongue around her pussy and then shoved it right in, forgetting that we needed to keep it down. Anne tried to, but I could hear her moan pretty clearly.

    I tried to suckle on her lower lips as intensely as she sucked me off, only with less teeth. I did nibble at them a few times, though, which made Anne push her ass deeper against me. In response, I moved my hands from her hips to her cheeks and started jiggling them, with my tongue thrusting into her in tandem.

    I was practically humping the big wheel while pressing my head into Anne, which would help my cock recover faster. I need her to cum first before then, so I stepped it up by inserting a finger inside her. As my left index finger and thumb worked on her, I placed my mouth onto her ass and began nibbling on the pert flesh.

    Anne muttered "Fuck" more than a few times as I finger-fucked her, kissed and licked her bottom and wrapped my free right arm around her waist. I had no idea how I was staying on the Bat-pod and not falling off, yet I couldn't question it. But before I had a comical fall, I made things simpler by getting off, standing on my feet next to the pod, and just bending down to eat her out while holding her ass.

    "Oh fuck, yes... oh me... " Anne moaned again before she would have likely finished saying meow. Emboldened, I inserted my right index finger into her pussy, then licked her out rapidly and used my left hand to grab her breast. As I wrapped my palm over the round surface of her chest, I took my finger out and smeared Anne's juices over the round surface of her ass. Right afterwards, I licked it all up off her bottom as I resumed finger fucking her.

    "Oh, that's good... oh, make my pussy cum... fill my pussy up and make it cum," Anne cooed. "Let my pussy juices drown your finger... fuck that pussy good... " She certainly liked to say pussy for obvious reasons. And I wanted to do exactly what she said for obvious reasons.

    I did so by shoving my finger all the way inside her, then wiggling it around at the same time I wiggled my tongue beside her pussy. For good measure, I put my left hand onto her pussy and slid a second index finger inside. I saw Anne grip the sides of the Bat-pod extra hard, then I buried my face back into her ass and licked the top of her pussy while my fingers pounded inside it.

    "Yes, yes, ooh I'm there!" Annie called out. "I'm gonna give you that cream... give you that hot, yummy white cream... .drink it up, lap it all... .UP!!" She hissed that out as she finally came, just as I took my fingers out and replaced them with my mouth. I drank her up as best I could, not wanting anything to land on the vehicle, just in case. But I got enough so that no real liquid evidence was left behind.

    For the second time, I sat beside the Bat-pod while I caught my breath. But now that my pants were tight again, it was harder to be comfortable. So I unzipped them again and slid my pants off, before taking my cock out of my underwear. I also remembered to take off my shirt, leaving me in just underwear that wasn't even covering my cock anymore.

    Soon after, I noticed a rubber suit sliding to the floor alongside my clothes. Apparently Anne had gotten up and removed her suit completely while I was busy. I saw the proof standing in front of me moments later, all naked and still wet and still alluring without the suit, or even the high stiletto heels.

    "You don't look like you're done yet," Anne noticed, pointing to my hardened cock. "And I didn't get all the loads I wanted either."

    "I guess not," I conceded as I stood up, then looked over at the Bat-pod. "So how do we sit on this thing and get it done?" This was indeed a tricky position. I couldn't get my groin high enough to fuck Anne from behind on there. At least without a stool, and I wasn't killing time or my erection to look for that.

    I saw only one option, so I took a breath and pretended I still had loins on to girdle. I climbed back onto the Bat-pod, but instead of laying on my stomach, I tried to sit up. But since I wasn't putting my legs on any foot pegs, or grabbing onto any handles in front, it was difficult to get this right. Yet after some difficultly and only slight pain to my balls, I settled into a sitting up position.

    Of course, when Anne climbed up, she was able to sit up in front of me with no problem. Months of physical training could probably do that for someone. In any case, now that we were both straddling the Batpod, I could help Anne move forward to straddle me.

    Once she got onto me and lowered herself on my cock, I didn't dare move an inch. I'd either have fallen off, or started fucking her too fast and then fallen off. Yet she wrapped her legs around me to secure herself, and I eventually moved my hands onto her hips. Anne looked set enough, so I was as good to go as I would get.

    I carefully and slowly started thrusting, still hoping I wouldn't make us fall off. If Anne was hoping that, it didn't show as she met my thrusts. She grinded herself against me and fueled me into grinding right back, which helped drain my other concerns away. Now that I wasn't thinking about falling, I could think about more important things – like how her boobs were starting to bounce just right.

    I bent down and caught the left one in my mouth before it came back down, teasing her with my teeth this time. They lightly bit her nipple and nibbled on it several times, then I opened my mouth wide and suckled as much of Anne's boob as I could. As Anne tightened around me and groaned in approval, I bit down a little harder, but soon popped her breast out and went back to suckling on it.

    I moved on to suckle and kiss the bottom of her tit until I licked back up her cleavage. With the left breast worked over, I moved on to lightly bite and suckle the side of Annie's right boob, continuing until I got to the nipple. My hands got to work and glided up to her lower back, holding on to her sides while my mouth went back and forth between her tits. Soon enough, my tongue lathered up as much of her left boob as possible and then blew on it, then moved to do the same to her right boob.

    I blew on both of Anne's wet tits, making her grit her teeth and ride me faster. For a minute, I thought I might fall backwards from it all, but I leaned forward instead to steady myself. Yet I did the opposite and wound up laying Anne onto her back.

    "Now we're talking," I was surprised to hear her say, before she grabbed the sides of the Bat-pod and thrust back against me. I had no time and little capacity to nitpick, so I put my feet back on the foot pegs and lay back onto the pod as well – this time with Anne below me. With her legs wrapped around me and her hands gripping the pod, she wasn't going anywhere.

    She was right, we really were talking now. Or rather grunting and forcing encouraging curse words out. With our new positions, I really drove into Anne while on top of this driving vehicle. If she was uncomfortable from having her naked body writhe and rub against the motorcycle, it wasn't showing – at least in a painful way. Annie merely met me thrust for thrust, tightened her thighs and threw her head back, letting me devour her neck.

    "Oh, that's so fucking good and hard," Anne praised, taking her hands off the motorcycle and grabbing onto my ass. When she started lightly scratching it, I put my hands back on the handle bars in front to keep steady. As a result, I could let myself fuck her faster, although her nails going across my ass actually helped too. But when her hand went down my taint to grab my balls, it helped even more.

    "Oh, I'm gonna give you my cream again real soon," I predicted. Yet Anne chose that moment to stop fucking me.

    "Well, if that's coming soon, might as well fit in one more thing," Anne laid out, urging me to get off her. Reluctantly, I took myself off her and got back on my feet, with Anne soon getting up as well. She promptly bent back over and laid across the seat of the Bat-pod, teasing, "Doesn't it make sense to screw me doggy style?"

    After a while of thinking about it, it really did. I couldn't fuck her from behind while she was riding on top of the Batpod, but doggy style while she was lying across it was manageable. Satisfied, I stood behind her, lined my cock up and slipped it right back into her pussy. I could also press my body onto her naked back, rub her tits again and bury my head into her hair.

    "Oh, yeah, this makes sense. Fucking this kitty like a bad doggie," I let get away from me. "You wanna cum for me, girl?"

    "Fuck yeah," Anne insisted. "I'm gonna cum all over your cock, suck it off and then taste your cum again... taste both our cum together."

    "You really are naughty. Just like Catwoman," I assumed for the bit's sake. Then I started fucking her harder so I could give Anne what she wanted.

    She groaned erratically with me, and I was fairly tempted to use the old "Cat got your tongue?" line. But that was cheesy – and for all I knew, it would be in the movie anyway. So I got her tongue in another way by sticking mine back into her mouth.

    Anne turned her head to kiss me at a better angle, while putting her hand on the back of my head. My tongue and cock thrust in tandem into her warm, wet holes, muffling both our moans for the moment. I got my hands back into action by grabbing her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and then pressing them back together. Somehow, I kissed her, fucked her and pulled her ass apart at the same time without losing it.

    Finally Anne tightened around me, moaned extra deeply into my mouth and all but bit my tongue. I could only grab her full cheeks and slam my cock completely inside her, letting her ride herself into an orgasm. I let her cum all over my cock while hoping to hold off a while longer – though it likely depended on how fast Anne finished.

    But I stayed hard and unfinished as Anne took her ass and pussy off my groin. I only had a little time to see her juices on my shaft, until Anne sank to her knees and sucked me off. She moaned in approval of tasting her own cum, knowing it wouldn't be long until I added my own. Yet she stopped sucking in order to rub my shaft against her face, like I did back when this all started.

    "You liked this, didn't you?" Anne asked, knowing what my answer would be. "I figured you earned this again. Like I earned this too." She stuck out her tongue and put it into my slit, then batted my cock against her lips and kept pecking it when it came down. Her kisses soon became deeper and sloppier until she just sucked my cockhead back in her mouth.

    For one more touch, she used her nails yet again and treated my shaft like a scratching post. It didn't hurt – much – but in any case, the light scratches on my erection and balls nearly put me over the top. What finished it was the cat-like way Anne slowly licked up my shaft and head, while keeping her now smoldering wide eyes on me the whole time.

    Cats and sexy actresses had a lot of power in their big, sweet eyes. But only a human could make me cum from it. And only a sexy actress human could make me cum this hard.

    Anne let the evidence spurt all over her beautiful face at first – probably since she wasn't wearing a suit that it could drip on. But for the second half of my orgasm, she just drank it all down, mixing my taste and her lingering one together in her mouth. I watched her as long as I could before my final intense spurts made me throw my head back.

    Afterwards, I looked back down and wondered if Anne would wipe off my cum and lick it up like a cat. But she wasn't that much of a method actress, and with the sex over, there was little point in role playing anymore. Therefore, I pulled my cock from Anne's mouth and savored her looking up at me while her face was covered in cum.

    Technically, this saga started with Emma Stone's gorgeous face being covered in my cum. Ending it with the same move was the perfect capper to the trilogy. Then it hit me that this really was the end, since there were no more major comic book films coming out next year, and no more super hotties like Emma, Scarlett and Anne to ‘interview' either.

    I sat down one last time to take this in and recover from my little joyride. I now found myself having to stick around for post-coital banter, which I hadn't done much of with Emma and couldn't stay awake to do with Scarlett. But since this was the finale for me, I knew I should draw this out as long as possible.

    Fueled by that thought, I turned around to see Anne and talk to her – yet she was nowhere to be found. While I was reflecting, she had seemingly taken her suit and snuck completely away without me noticing. A classic Batman move, actually.

    "So this is how Commissioner Gordon feels when that happens," I joked to myself. Of course it never happened to him quite like this – except in slash fan fics, maybe. In any case, this would be funny – and something that should probably be used in the movie – if it wasn't so final.

    Yet every single comic book trilogy ever made had ended with disappointment – some in the most extreme way possible. Fortunately for me, fucking Anne Hathaway was in no way like "Superman III" "Batman Forever" "X-Men: The Last Stand" or even "Spider-Man 3."

    If "The Dark Knight Rises" had a finale as grand as I had – only with less hard core nudity – then Bat-fans all over the world would be as orgasmic as I just was. Some perhaps even literally, knowing Nolan's hysterical Bat-fans.

    Yet as much as these movies gave the fans, they didn't allow anyone else to cum on Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway's faces and in Scarlett Johansson's ass. At least that's what I told myself – like I needed a bigger ego boost right now.

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    On A Bat-pod?! I Even't Think That Will Be Kinky :D
    Thanks for the Epic Conclusion of This Trilogy
    I Hope There Is A Superbabes Of 2013? *Peace*

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    Thanks. And like I said in the disclaimer, there is still one more extra part left to go.

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    Simply amazing.

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    A simple thank you.

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    Thanks, you got your two cents in just in time. See what I mean tomorrow....

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  4. TV Temp 7: Anne Hathaway
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