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Thread: "Being Blake Lively" with Taylor Momsen

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    fanfiction "Being Blake Lively" with Taylor Momsen

    Disclaimer: The following story is purely fiction and is in no does it imply and of the following is factual in any way shape or form. It contains graphic depictions of sexual situations and drug use. Please stop reading if underage of offended by this content.

    The year was 2010 and it had been about 3 months since I had gotten a job as an assistant on set of "Gossip Girl" in New York City. It wasn't a bad gig, but since I was in my mid 30's at the time, I had been laid off and forced to work a job that I had not done previously. I had been successful in sales, but my company went under during the recession and was forced to find work, doing errands and grunt work for a bunch of asshole, arrogant tweens. Some were cool, but most of them had a sense of entitlement that I couldn't stand. The men actors seemed like a bunch of dickheads who probably would piss themselves if someone ever stepped to them, but nobody on set ever did. I had been to a couple of after parties and seen them get a decent amount of pussy, but not any famous ass, mostly young college chicks, not that I could blame them. I pretty much tried to avoid conversation with them.

    The women actors seemed to be a different story. Besides most of them being incredibly hot, they all seemed a lot cooler and talkative than the guys. I had a decent amount of interaction with Leighton Meister who always said hello and asked how my day was going. Other than that, I didn't have much contact with her. I was stationed on the set closer to Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen's trailer. Both of these girls were incredibly bitchy and could be downright cunts, but they couldn't stand each other. It was this hate for one another that lead to some of the best days of my life.

    While I thought Taylor was little smokeshow and was intrigued by her revealing outfits when she wasn't acting, she was still barely 17 years old and was still just a kid to me. We talked a little bit and she bummed cigarettes off of me sometimes, but that was it. She seemed more interested in her music and often told me what an uptight cunt her co-star in the next trailer over Blake Lively could be. But I could have cared less what her opinion of Blake was. Blake Lively to me was the absolute definition of perfection. She was true California girl and was always dressed in hot little schoolgirl skirts and sexy stiletto heels for her part in the show. She gave me an instant boner just about every time I laid my eyes on her and was border-line obsessed. I knew that she was only 23 and I pretty much stood no chance of every hooking up with her, even if I got her alone.

    She was also the biggest fucking cunt you could ever meet. She often ordered me around, having me get her lunch, coffee; runs things back and forth and never even remembered my name even though I probably interacted with her about a dozen times a day for the past three months. I attempted to say hi to her and talk make small talk at one of the cast after parties and she looked at me smugly and said she forgot my name, than asked me to get her a drink. Safe to say I was fucking pissed and insulted. Even though Blake was such a total jerk, I still often went home at night, brought up pictures of her online and jerked off to them furiously. Seeing her run around in those skirts and heels was enough to drive a guy crazy. She had such a hot body and a great natural set of tits on her that were always poking out of her low cut shirts.

    I often imagined her in just a pair of her 6 " stiletto high heels and a match lace bra and panty set kneeling in front of me while I shoved my cock down her throat. If any girl deserved to be taught a lesson, it was Blake Lively. I had gotten so pissed that one night at the party that I just left and wanted to home for the night. On the way off the set, I had to walk by Blake and Taylor's trailers when an idea hit me. I went up to Blake's trailer and cased the area to make sure no one was looking. Since I had to stock her fridge with waters, sodas, etc I had a set of keys to get in. I took out my key and opened the door and snuck in. The trailer was empty as I suspected, but also dark since it was around 10pm. I didn't want to draw attention to myself by turning any lights on so I took out my cellphone to help me see.

    I went through the kitchen and found what I was looking for. Blake had a closet for her cloths that she changed out of while she got dressed for the show. I opened up the top drawer and found what I was looking for. Before me was a collection of Blake's personal panties and bra's. I picked up the first pair of sexy black Victoria secret lace thong panties and brought them up to my nose an inhaled. Even though they were clean, I could still make out the scent of her sweet pussy on them and that made me hard as rock. Since I didn't want her to notice anything too out of place, I dug in and found a pair white lace thong panties that must have hugged her ass in all the right places, god I could only imagine being the lucky asshole that got to peel them off of her.

    I looked at the label and they were from Fredrick's of Hollywood and knowing that store and having ex-girlfriends that had shopped there, I knew that true sluts shopped there. I sniffed her panties and stuffed them in my pocket, opened the drawer underneath and found the matching bra. Shoved that under my shirt and looked in the closet for the last thing I needed. I looked under some clothes and found a pair of white leather 6 " stiletto high heels that she was wearing earlier in the day and grabbed them both. My plan was to take these treasures home, bring up some pictures of Blake online and really go to town using her own panties and bra to rub on my cock and balls.

    Sometimes I would print out a picture of her face and literally blow my load on the picture imagining it was her in real life, but tonight I was going to dump my load in her high heels and return them tomorrow before she got on set. It would give me such satisfaction to see her traipse around in those heels knowing her sexy feet were in shoes that I had cum in only a couple hours earlier. Just that scenario alone would make me want to jerk off. While I had her panties in my pocket and bar under my shirt, I literally had to just hold her high heels in my hands and get out of dodge before anyone caught me.

    I opened the door, peeked out and didn't see anyone so I locked in behind me and turned around. As I turned to leave I literally ran right into someone of something and knocking both Blake's bra and high heels on the ground. Without looking what I ran into I just got down to one knee and tried to pick everything up without looking too suspicious, but at that point it was too late.

    "What the fuck are you doing and where are you going with those" said the female voice of whomever I just bumped into.

    I looked up starting from the ground and was both surprised and nervous when I realized who it was. I peered up and it was Blake's costar Taylor Momsen dressed thigh high vinyl boots with what looked like platforms and at least 8 inch heels, fishnet stockings and a lace skirt that showed just enough thigh to be sexy while also revealing. She had on a bright shade of red lipstick and her normal raccoon style eyeliner that was contrasted by her golden blonde hair. I knew she was underage, but I guess I had been so infatuated with Blake to realize how sexy young Taylor had been looking. Her wardrobe choices when she wasn't acting made her look like she belonged on the cover of some barely legal porno DVD.

    "Um sorry" I said, "I'm just heading home for the night, have a good night now" as I tried to rush out of there before she said anything else.

    "Oh my god, I saw you coming out of Blake's trailer just now………holy shit, are those her fucking heels and her bra?"

    "umm, no they're um, part of the wardrobe" I said nervously since I was obviously in the process of getting busted.

    "Bullshit, that's her shit….empty your pockets" demanded Taylor

    "But I have nothing in them except…"

    "Empty them now!" Taylor said with an authoritative voice

    Doing what she said in hopes of just admitting my perverted obsession and keeping my job I reached into my pockets and pulled out Blake's thong panty and held it there for Taylor to see.

    "get the fuck in my trailer, I need to speak with you fucking pervert!" demanded Taylor. With not a leg to stand on I gathered everything and did the short walk of shame up the steps and into her trailer with her following me like I was being scolded. How embarrassing I kept thinking, being caught stealing her costars panties and now going to face probably a call to security by a fucking teenager and one that was underage at that.
    As soon as I stepped inside I saw that her trailer was messier than Blake's as clothes had been strewn around and was kind of unkempt, not that it mattered at this point. Taylor instructed me to sit down in a chair near the door while she sat down across from me and lit a cigarette. This seemed a little odd for someone who just caught a perverted thief red handed and got even weirder when she offered me one. Since I was nervous I accepted and took one from her pack, put it in my mouth and accepted her invitation to light it for me.

    "So" asked Taylor a she took a drag off her cigarette, "you need to tell me what the fuck you were planning on doing with all this stuff here?" pointing to the bra, heels and panties which were sitting on the table in front of us.

    "Let's see" she said as she picked each item up individually and examined them

    "A white lace bra and match panty….from Fredrick's of Hollywood? I would have taken Blake as having a little more tasteful than Fredrick's of Hollywood….jesus, that's where I shop" she muttered to herself while still smoking her cigarette. "and a pair a ……really high heels…..with no platform….wow….so anyway, you some kind of pervert?"

    "No…I mean…..I don't know" I stuttered out between a drag of my cigarette." I just really have a thing for Blake, she's so fucking hot, but she's also really snobby and mean"

    "Yeah, Blake is a real fuckin cunt, I can't stand her either, but I have to work with her, but again, you never answered my question" said Taylor "what were you going to do with these? Go jerk off with them or something?"

    "Yes" I said as my face turned red from embarrassment. "I was gonna take them home tonight and jerk off with them. I'm single and since I work a lot of hours, I don't get out much so a lot of times at night, I pull up pictures of Blake on my computer and jerk off to them"

    "Fuckin sicko" said Taylor as she extinguished her cigarette in the ashtray. "so what about the high heels then, I don't get it, were you going to wear them like some cross dresser, and what type wacko shit do you do when you beat off to Blake?"

    "Look, like I said I was gonna go home, bring up some pictures of Blake, use her bra and panties to jerk off with them, you know, they feel good on my dick and then when I was ready to cum, I was gonna cum in her high heels. I was gonna bring them back tomorrow before she got back here and put everything back. I just thought it would be so hot to see her wearing those hot stilettos knowing her cute feet were in a backwards way, soaking in my cum."

    "Holy shit, you are a real fucking sick and twisted man" you might need help said Taylor

    "Look, it's not like I'd ever do anything to her, I just want her so bad, I can't help myself, look, I don't know why I'm telling you this, but a lot of times I print out close of shots of Blakes' face on my color printer and jerk off to Blake….and when I'm ready to cum, I spray my load on the pictures of her face, cause I know that's the closest I'll ever get to the real thing" I said, even though I knew that was way too much information.From out of nowhere, Taylor's face which at first had a look of disgust on it, turned into one of laughter as she started cracking up. She stood up and reached for something under the table while speaking in a laughing tone.

    "You know, that's the most sick fucking perverted thing I've ever heard…..and you know what, I like it…'re a real fuckin pervert….hey good for you, that cunt Blake only spreads her legs for A-list stars so that's definitely the closest you'll ever get to cumming on Blake's might as well go with it. Anyway, since we're both up, wanna a line or two?"

    "whoa….jesus Taylor, you do coke?" as Taylor had just produced a glass tray from under the table with what looked like 10-15 lines of cocaine and a separate mound of it. It had to be at least over a $1500 worth of the stuff and it was shocking to see the teenage star doing it so freely in front of me.

    "yes I do fuckin coke, I'm in a band part time, plus it helps me keep my figure" as she did a circle showing me her teen body before using a rolled up dollar bill and snorted a line. "whoo, that's good stuff" she said as she cleared her nose. "you want" offering me the bill.

    "No, I have done it before, but you know what, I think I'm gonna get going, this has already been a weird night" I said

    "Look, I don't want to party alone" said Taylor, "so I'll make you a deal. If you do a line with me, I'll play a game with you"

    "what sort of game?" I asked, but she just handed me the dollar bill and told me I'd like it. Figuring what the hell, I leaned over and snorted a big fat line and the sensation hit me like a wave. "Holy shit, I said as I started experiencing my high. "Now what, game are we playing?"

    "That's for me to know and you to find out, now here, stay in your seat and I'm gonna put this bandanna over your eyes." Said Taylor as she produced a black bandana from the pile of clothes in the corner. Taylor came behind me and tied the bandanna around my head covering my eyes so I couldn't see a thing. I had to admit this was fuckin odd, but I told her I'd do it.

    "Ummm..Ok….so, I just sit here blindfolded til you tell me to take it off?" I asked

    "yes, now stopping asking questions and just sit still" said Taylor as I head her make some racket in the trailer and seem to wander off into the back area where I assumed her bed and bathroom area were. After what seemed like an eternity I head Taylor's voice tell me that it was ok to take the blindfold off. What I saw when I opened my eyes was the last thing I was expecting. Taylor stood there in front of me wearing the white leather 6 " stilleto heels and matching bra and panty that I had just taken from Blake's trailer not 30 minutes ago and let me tell you, she filled them out almost perfectly. She was tall, even taller in those heels, and her breasts while not as big as Blake's were damn close.

    "So, is this good enough for you, since your dream girl Blake couldn't make it, I thought I'd at least try to make your panty raid worth your while? Is this what you imagined Blake would look like in her bra, panties and heels?" said Taylor as she sauntered over to me and sat on my lap facing me.

    "Wow……um, yeah, that does it for me…..jesus Taylor, I knew you were a little hottie, but boy oh boy do you look so fucking hot right now" I said as I got a massive erection in my shorts which was now being held down by her ass as she sat down.
    "I can't fucking believe that your only 17 with such a body on you like that, my god are you sexy" I said as Taylor started to giggle as she now locked her arms around my neck.

    "haha, well thanks for the compliment, but to be honest, I always lied about my age to get my first role when I was younger, my birthday in tonight at midnight, so in just about an hour and a half I'll be 17, but for now, I'm just a little 16 year old" said Taylor seductively knowing that would turn me on. Now I certainly have admired young teenage girls before, but the thought of having a 16 year old hottie dressed in lingerie sitting on my lap really got me going and my cock was literally trying to come though the fabric of my pants, but thankfully for me, Taylor could tell that as well

    "wow, somebody seems excited" said Taylor as she got closer to me. She leaned over stuck out her tongue and nibbled on my ear lobe which drove me insane. She then whispered "so, the game were are going to play is a little game of make believe. So why don't you make believe that I'm Blake and Blake is sitting on her lap right now in her panties and heels and you tell me what you'd like to do to little slutty Blake Lively ok?" I immediately grabbed the back of Taylor's head and kissed her deeply, our tongues meeting each other as I sucked her tongue into my mouth and mine into her. God I was so hard right now that I was going to have some fun with this teen.

    "You feel that hard cock of mine poking out of my shorts that's sticking in your ass right now, why don't you be a good little girl and take it out for me?"

    "mmmm" cooed Taylor, "tell me who should take out that hard cock of yours?

    "Blake, take my cock out of my shorts and why don't you see how big it is"

    "Mmm, let's find out" said Taylor as she moved herself to the side of me allowing access to my fly. She undid my belt with one hand, reached between my boxers and pulled out my rock hard 7" cock which was now fresh with precum .

    "holy shit is that a big fuckin cock baby" said Taylor as she stroked it with her right hand gently "what would you like Blake to do with that?"

    "well, Blake" I said as I eased Taylor off of me so I could stand up letting my shorts hit the ground and taking my shirt off leaving me completely naked. "I'd like for you to get down on your knee's little girl, and keep stoking my cock. I think you should spit on it first to get it nice and wet"Taylor was facing me as she said "well, what if Blake doesn't want to get on her knees" in a sultry voice. Realizing the game she was playing I really started to get into it. I put one hand on the top of her head and the other on her shoulder forcing her down on her knees.

    "Oh you're a little fucking tease aren't you Blake, here, let me help you….now get on your fuckin knees and spit on my cock" I said in a louder tone.

    Taylor was now about 2 inches away from my cockhead and I could feel her breath on it which turned me on so much. Now only was I about to get my cock sucked by such a hot young teenager, but one that was pretending she was Blake Lively. I didn't know whether to close my eyes and imagine Blake or keep them open so I could take mental snapshots of this cock hungry teen starlet with my dick down her throat. Without warning, Blake flicked her tongue out and licked my precum off the tip causing a stand of precum to form a chain from my cock to Taylor's tongue. Taylor lowered her head making the strand of saliva almost a foot long before she came up collecting it all on her tongue and breaking it off with a lick to my pee hole which sent shivers through my body.

    She then kissed either side of my hard on and gave another quick lick under my head. She then grabbed my rod, moved it upward and ran her wet tongue all over my tight scrotum before coming up, sticking her tongue and slowly drooled a strand of her saliva on the head of my cock which was sexy as hell. She started stocking my cock as she went back to licking my balls making sure to lick every area while sucking on them one at a time eventually taking my whole cum swelled sack into her mouth. Her hand was now almost a blur as she rapidly kept up the hand job and how now started to lick the underside of my head. Taylor was now just teasing me with her actions and I really just wanted to jam my cock down her throat at this point.

    "Blake you little fucking tease, just please put my cock n that mouth of yours?" I begged

    "you want me to suck your cock baby, I think I can manage that" as she put her outstretched tongue under my head and kept taking it in until I was finally in her teen mouth.

    "Oh god Blake, that feels so fucking good" as I threw my head back in ecstasy picturing in my mind Blake sucking my cock like it was her job. Taylor turned out to be very skilled at sucking cock for someone so young. I knew she had a wild side, but she must have sucked her way into the business or blown tons of kids from her school with the skilled action I was receiving. She would take my cock out and rub it against her tongue, take me into her cheeks, licking all over my head and kept her other hand fonding my balls. I grabbed Taylor gently by back of her hair so she was looking directly up at me.

    "Blake, I really want to fuck….." but was cutoff my Taylor.

    "Before Blake gets back to sucking your cock, I wanna show you something that Blake won't do" said Taylor as she stood up, grabbed my hand and let me to the back of the trailer where her bed was. She then pushed me down so that I was now sitting at the edge of her bed as she leaned down to kiss me.

    "Now let me show you something that Taylor does, Blake will be back in no time, now lay down" said Taylor as I did what she said having no idea what to expect and what happened next was the last thing I could have imagined. Taylor got down on her knees, grabbed legs and pushed them back towards me telling me to hold them which I did. I felt her tongue once again run over my balls. Without warning she stuck her tongue right into my ass which was so surprising I let out a yelp. She began to flick her wet hot tongue all around my asshole and her hand started stocking my cock. I had never had anyone touch my ass, let alone lick it and the reality now getting a rim job by such young little girl made me moan out load as Taylor continued the assault on my ass. The sensation was so mind-blowing that I could only describe it as second to the feeling of cumming in terms of enjoyment. Taylor continued the assault on my ass and alternated between licking my balls while rubbing her index finger around my ass all while stoking my cock. She was working my ass, cock and balls like a true whore and after about 10 minutes I had enough. This little teen was gonna make me cum, and she would get hers later I thought, but I wanted to cum in Blake Lively's hot mouth first. I put my legs down starting her before I stood up and grabbed a handful of her blond locks.

    "Tell that little whore Taylor that she literally blew my mind, but now it's time for Blake to get her throat stuffed" I said as I looked down at Taylor whose face still looked fresh and gorgeous.

    "Yeah, you want fuck Blake's hot little face? Is that what you want" Taylor said seductively as she inched toward my cock again.

    "Your fucking right Blake, I'm gonna fuck your mouth like the whore you are, and maybe if your lucky, I'll let you taste my fucking cum" as I grabbed another handful of Taylors hair and brought her head down on my cock. With one swoop my head passed her soft red lips, ran over her tongue and reached the back of her tight, velvety teen throat. I grabbed her hair eve harder as I started to jam my cock violently down her esophagus causing Taylor to make sounds up until this point I had only herd in porn flicks. I would pull my cock out so just my tip remained in her mouth and would bring her head down on my cock while bucking my hips to really saw my cock down her velvet throat. I would let her up for gasps of air as her makeup began to run just a bit and she was oozing saliva out of her overworked mouth. This was such a feeling of dominance as I now just envisioned that this really was in fact Blake Lively in front of me getting her mouth fucked. The same little bitch that treated me with disrespect would soon be tasting what my rapidly filling balls had to offer. While Taylor was gasping for air, I again grabbed her and forced my cock all the way down so that Taylor's nose was directly against my pubic hair, having gotten the whole 7" of my manhood down her 16 year old gullet and held her there.

    "Yeah, you like that Blake, you like having my cock all the way down your mouth, you like choking on it you slut" I said as Taylor's beautiful green eyes now looked up at me helplessly. I felt her gag and pulled my cock out before she lost her lunch on my dick as she gasped for breath once more. Seeing this, I was snapped back to reality and in my madness had forgotten that this was just a girl that would only be a sophomore/ junior in high school and felt bad. I was about to apologize for going overboard when Taylor smiled and looked up at me.

    "So baby, you ready to make Blake eat your cum" said Taylor as she ran her fingernails underneath my balls getting me ready to pop.

    "Fuck yeah Blake, you have no idea how long I've waited to cum in your fucking mouth" I said as I steadied myself by putting my left hand on Taylor's head while stroking my dick with my right. Just then Taylor stuck her tongue out and took just my cockhead in, closed her mouth and started licking the underside of my head. She looked right up at me in such a sultry look while still kneading and massing my overfilled scrotum. The pleasure was so intense that I didn't see her move her other free hand around me as her finger now massed my asshole again send me over the edge.

    "oooooooohhhhhhh, hollllyyyyy shiiittttt…take…. That……… fucking…… cum Bllaakkkee!!" I grunted as I felt my balls empty sending my hot cum flying into her mouth as she still worked her tongue like a magician swirling what must have been probably a weeks' worth of my jizz in her mouth. It was so intense that I placed my hands on her head just to hold myself up straight because my orgasm was that knee buckling. Little Taylor was literally draining me dry. After what seemed like closed to a minute of cumming, Taylor slowly let me dick out of her teen mouth and opened her mouth to show me the prize I had just given to her. As she opened, cum immediately started running out both sides of her mouth and pooling on her thighs. She smiled up at me and I saw her hot little mouth and tongue flooded with my hot liquid. She closed her mouth and with one gulp swallowed my whole seed. She grabbed my cock once more and squeezed my meat so my head oozed out my last remnants as she licked my last drops. I headed back to the front area and literally fell into my seat as I was still woozy from such an intense orgasm and took two cigarette from Taylor's pack, lit them both and offered one to Taylor who had made her way to the front still looking incredibly sexy as she was still fully dresses in Blake outfit and was still wearing her heels. Taylor took her seat and inhaled her cigarette enjoying every puff as much as I was.

    "Well, that was pretty fucking awesome Taylor, god I never saw that one coming, man oh man you are sexy, I really had no….." I said as I was cut off midsentence by Taylor.

    "Yeah, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed our game, but I have to be back on set tomorrow at 10 am and I want to meet some friends for my birthday in less than in less than an hour, so how about you grab your shit and take that cigarette to go?" Taylor said in an almost annoyed tone. I was taken aback at just how callous Taylor seemed about what we had just done. Here is a famous teenage actress on a hit show, still not even 17 years old yet, who just dressed in her co-stars lingerie, blew me, ate my asshole and swallowed my load of a damn near stranger and now she wants me to get out as if nothing happened. I thought about this as I inhaled another long drag from the cigarette and something inside me snapped. I calmly butted out my cigarette in the ashtray, stood up and still naked as the day I was born, walked over to Taylor who now applying lotion to the long tan legs of hers in her chair, cigarette dangling from her lip and put my hand around her neck and started to squeeze.

    "What the fuck do you think you're doing you fucking asshole" said Taylor with her voice getting lower as I continued to squeeze knocking her cigarette out her mouth. I used my force to pick her up out of her chair and pushed her against the wall of her trailer still applying pressure on her neck as her eyes suddenly changed from shock to a look of real fear. If this little slut was so loose, than there was no way I was letting her off the hook with just a blowjob, no matter how fucking good it was. I had to have this little teen, I needed to have all of her, and I needed it now. I am in no way a violent guy by any means and I certainly have always treated all women past and present in my life with respect, but the thought of losing out at a real chance of teenage pussy was too much for me. My lust for her had overtaken any semblance of rational thought in my mind and I was now part the point of no return. She was going to get it one way or the other, but I had a few cards up my sleeve to make sure it was the way that wouldn't end up with me behind bars. Besides, it's not often that you get to live out the fantasy of fucking a hot little teen, especially one as young, famous, hot and dirty as Taylor Momsen.

    "get your fucking hands off me!" said Taylor trying to yell, but not being able as I had her pinned against the wall, my cock now fully hard again rubbing against her teen sex, with Blake's lace panties being the only barrier.

    "I'm gonna call the cops, and get you fired you fucking pervert, said Blake now trying to kick and punch me to no avail, "you want to explain how Blake's panties ended up in my trailer, I'll tell them I saw you take it and you're done here" said Taylor very unsure.

    "Oh yeah, is that so you little slut, you think you can just go around doing what you did and expecting me to leave, maybe boys you hang around with, but me…..I want the whole thing" as I traced my free hand against her crotch, which was moist at this point and ran it up her toned stomach, between her tits and held it at her mouth.
    "Now you wanna play games? Here's a game for you, how about trying to explain to the producers, studio heads, the cops and even your parents what you're doing in here dressed in your Blake's bra, panties and heels with a mountain of cocaine? You wouldn't like word to get out about you doing coke to the media would you? You'd surely be drug tested by tomorrow by the studio, so I guess I will be going, but feeling how hot your cunt is, I don't think you want that either? In fact I think you kinda like this don't you?" I sternly said to her as I awaited her response, which I received a moment later when she opened her parted her luscious lips and allowed me to insert my finger which she sucked on as she had done so to my cock minutes earlier.

    "Now there, that's a good little girl" as I loosed my hand from around her neck and ran my hand through her long bleach blond mane. "You're not gonna go anywhere, not before I have that hot little pussy of yours before it turns 17, which gives us a little under an hour, now you're going to do everything I say aren't you?"

    "mmhhmmmm" hummed Taylor, barely auditory since she was working my finger still.

    "AREN'T YOU?!?" as I yanked her hair back, letting her know I couldn't hear her as she yelped from the sudden pain.

    "I'll do anything you want, you can have me all night" said Taylor with a hint of nervousness and excitement in her voice.

    "Good girl, now there is no reason to stop this party is there?" I said as I grabbed her gently by the hand and led her over to the table again "Now then" I said as I began to dice up lines of cocaine with the card she has been using carefully sorting out about 10 decent size lines, grabbing the rolled up dollar and inhaling one myself, the rush immediately going to my head. "god damn….woooo….where was I? Now then Taylor, bend over and do 2 lines of coke, and don't move until I tell you to" I calmly barked as I got behind Taylor and watched as she bent over exposing her luscious teen ass stretched Blake's thong, while her long tan legs looked absolutely mouthwatering as they were accentuated by her towering heels. As Taylor grabbed the dollar bill to snort the first line of drugs, I knelt down behind her coming face to face with her golden ass and teenage sex inhaling the sweet smell penetrating from under her thong. As I heard her start to snort her line, I gently grabbed her tong from either side of her pert waist and slid it down her legs, leaving it around her ankles.

    Before me lay Taylor's cleanly shaved moist, teenage pussy and pert little asshole, and both were begging for my tongue. I saw her from between her legs look back at me as she snorted back her first line of coke, and flash me a devilishly sexy smile. I couldn't have been more turned on as I grabbed both her cheeks and spread them before fully inserting my tongue in her hot teen clam. She had been so turned on, and her pussy so moist that my tongue cut through her folds her like a hot knife through butter, causing her to moan with pleasure! I continued to lick her insides, and concentrating my tongue on her clit by massaging it and even giving it a playful nibble which caused her to moan louder and almost fall down before I held her steady and causing us both to giggle at the crazy scenario we were both involved in. I slipped my finger inside to help things along as she calmed herself to start snorting her second line. Once she was just about done, I used the opportunity to splash my tongue across her teenage asshole catching her off guard as I continued to jam my now 2 fingers in and out of her teen cunt.

    "You like that Taylor? You like getting your ass rimmed you little slut?" I said as I again ran my tongue around her cute teenage asshole. While continuing eating her ass and fingering her pussy, I used my free hand to lift up Taylor's legs gently and grabbed Blake's thong and threw it on top of my clothes as a souvenir of this night. Taylor kept moaning and just to keep her on her toes, I took my finder out of her soaking wet cunt and inserting just the tip in her now spit cover asshole.

    "Owww…..what the fuck, ouch that hurts" said Taylor as I mischiefly grinned to myself.

    "Well, now that's surprising, I figured a little teen slut like yourself would be experienced in your ass. Not many 16 year olds know that guys like getting their balls and assholes licked, but you do. Just relax, I won't go in any further, I'm just gonna leave it there for a bit ok"

    "No, please take it out, it really hurts, I'll let you do anything else, just not that ok" said Taylor as you could tell it really did hurt her.

    "Fine, I was hoping you'd let me be the first to stick my cock in that gorgeous ass of yours, but I guess it will have to wait" I said as I slowly pulled my fingertip from her asshole, making a little pop and her asshole pucker back up. God it was such a marvelous sight that I realized I was going to have her ass tonight whether she liked it or not. I gave her a chance where I would have been very gentle with her, but now she made the choice already for herself that it was going to be far from gentle. This little slut was going to be getting some rough teen anal, but not just yet. I stood up, turned her around so she was facing me and kissed her hard on the lips as my free hand unclasped her bra letting it fall to the ground while I eventually kissed down her neck before taking her pert breasts into my mouth one at a time and took turns sucking on them.

    I grabbed her by the hand and led her over to the bed she rimmed me on earlier as she followed me, Blake's stilettos, now her only clothing clicking on the trailer floor. I kissed her one more time and instructed her to lie on her back, with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. She did so, her long blonde hair dangled to the floor and I saw she had a look of excitement and nervousness in her eyes.
    "Open wide baby, I just need to feel that mouth of yours before you get fucked" I said as I directed my cock into her awaiting mouth. Her tongue, now coated the top of my head felt warm and slick as I bend my knees to get better access and grabbed the back of her head, pulling it towards me and fully make her throat my entire 7 inches in one swoop. I held it there for a good 10 seconds before I heard the familiar sound of her gagging before I pulled out of her throat so she could breathe.

    "Oh, that's a good girl Taylor, you took it all the way down there, good that feels good. Let's try this again shall we?" I said as I repeated the process of firmly grabbing her head and started to move my hips faster and I fully pounded her cute teen mouth. Each time I would pull out would cause more and more spit to run down the sides of her face causing her hair to get moist and her eyes to tear up a bit. I built up a good speed eventually so that the only sound in the room was my cock gushing in her mouth and my balls hitting Taylor on her nose and forehead. Having gotten enough of her mouth, I pulled my cock out and scooted over her a bit more getting in the right position.

    "Here baby, lick my balls and ass again" lowering my balls into her mouth as Taylor used her skilled tongue to trace all around my scrotum. "God damn that feels so good, now lick my ass again baby" as she darted her tongue and speared the tip into my butt before repeating the process and I started to beat my cock.

    "God damn does that feel fucking good….ahhhhh shit, yeah baby, fuck." I said as I moved back as I would have cum again had I let her continue. I stood up, grabbed her off the bed so she was facing me and pushed her back down.

    "You ready to get fucked little girl?" I said as I spread her legs and got on top of her, positioning cock right towards her hairless sweet 16 year old pussy.

    "I'm ready, give me that cock of yours?" cooed Taylor sounding just as innocent as she did before this scenario played out

    "Ok babe, now keep those high heels on, I going to really give it to you and I want to see them stay on this whole time, true whores fuck in their heels ok" I said as I inserted my cock into her warm moist cunt. As soon as I was in I started hammering away at her with no abandon. I knew I wouldn't last long considering that her pussy, while not a virgin was still very tight teenage pussy which is the best in the world as far as I was concerned. Plus between hearing Taylor moan in ecstasy while looking at her beautiful angelic young face as I fucked her really didn't help one to hold out. I had her legs on my shoulders as my cock sawed in and out of her clam and I noticed that even though I was giving it to her very hard, she still had her heels on, even it they were just dangling off her toes. Taylor was into it as she started talking really dirty to me between her moans. She really was a one of a kind, normally I would never even think of acting on impulse with such a young girl, even as hot and daring she was. Even if I came across a young little hottie, I don't think anyone would guess that's she'd be as dirty and filthy as little Taylor Momsen.

    "Yeah, fuck my pussy baby, I love your….cock….inside….me" screamed Taylor in ecstasy.

    "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum soon and I'm……..gonna…..pull……out….and...shoot….. my load…on your fucking hot little face ok?" I said in between thrusts knowing my orgasm was imminent.

    "Ok baby, give me my birthday present" said Taylor as continued to jack hammer her

    "Yeah, fuck my twat, I love the feeling of your balls slapping against my ass" said Taylor which sent me past the point of no return as I pulled out of her and knelt beside her face. I positioned my cock right at her face as she opened her mouth and gently stroked my balls with her right hand sending rope after of rope of my hot sticky directly at her pixish, teenage face. I looked down to see that Taylors mouth and chin was now literally dripping with cum, with some now in her blond locks as well. Damn did she look hot with her face cover in my nut, although she needed to swallow some more so I brushed my cock against her chin and collected as my jizz as I could before I stuffed it back in her mouth and demanded that she swallow it all which she did, sticking out her tongue to show me what a good little cum guzzler she was. I laid down on the bed catching my breath as Taylor got up, clicking her way in her heels to the table to do some more coke.

    "Well, I hope I satisfied your requests for the night there, I gave you the Blake fantasy, fucked your brains out, licked your balls, ass and cock and swallowed a shitload of your cum, so I hope you don't mind the fact that my ass was off limits" said Taylor as she bent down to do her first line of blow. It was at this time that even though I'd emptied my balls trice in this little sluts mouth, I still got over excited and angry as I still hadn't had her teen ass, and I wasn't leaving until I had. I got up, undid my belt from my shorts and got behind Taylor as she bent over snorting her coke in just Blake's heels, her teen ass just begging for it at this point.

    "You want to do another line before you go?" said Taylor as she now took notice of me standing behind her, but not knowing what to expect. As soon as she snorted her line, I placed my belt which I had not looped over her head and around her neck in one fast motion and immediately pulled essentially choking her.
    Taylor tried to scream as I dragged her over to the bed and moved her hair out of the way so my belt made direct contact with her neck only. Taylor tried to fight and plea to no avail as I let go of some slack so she could breathe again.

    "Wh……what are you doing to me?" said Taylor now in tears with makeup running, hair matted and traces of my cum still on her chin. She looked absolutely terrified which just excited me all the more as my cock grew rock hard again.

    "Bend the fuck over you slut, I'm gonna fuck your ass and your gonna take it whether you like it or not" I screamed as I pushed her down on the bed so she was on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air. Taylor tried to plead while she was now clearly in tears, but I would continue to tighten and loosen the belt around her neck so she would stop the yelling. I climbed up on the bed so I was standing behind her and licked my thumb and wet her asshole. I took my right foot and put it on the side of Taylor's head so I could keep her pinned down while I violated her. I looked down to see the little vixens face which was turned to the side, she was now sobbing giving into reality of what was going to happen and trying to get too upset knowing I would tighten my grip if she did.

    "Sorry Taylor, just remember, you are the little slut that started this all. I would have been fine with jerking off with Blake's panties, but when you have a chance to fuck such a young little whore's ass for the first time, consequences be damned" I said evilly as I rubbed the head of my cock against her cute teen butt-hole. Then without warning, I pushed my cock head slowly past the point of no return and never stopped until I was balls deep into her. As soon as I put my cockhead in, Taylor had let out a loud yell of pain as she started to cry again, but I tightened the grip on her belt and put more weight on her head as I now started to pump away in and out of her young little ass. Got it felt good, even though it was the tightest whole I ever felt in my life the sensation of sawing my cock in and out of her ass while hearing her whine and yelp everytime my cock bottomed out in her got me that much more excited.

    I was never into the S & M stuff, but having control of such a young little hottie really made me lose my mind. I continued to pump away faster and faster as I took my foot off her head as I grabbed her hips and started pulling her into me as I hammered my cock into her really giving her a hard fucking. After a couple minutes of this rough assfucking I snapped out of my daze as I thought I heard something from Taylor that wasn't a cry. I grabbed a handful of Taylor's hair and pulled it so that I could see her face, at first she fought it, but the second time I pulled she allowed me to see her expression as those tears had dried up and her cries had turned into full on moans of pleasure. The little minx was getting into and she looked like she was gonna climax soon.

    "Holy shit, you're gonna fucking cum soon aren't you? I said

    "Nooooo...I mean……uggghhhhh……yes, god I'm gonna cum soon….ahhhhhhhh" moaned Taylor as hearing her moan my cock grew harder inside her ass. I could feel my balls tighten in this excitement and there was one more thing I had to cross off before I made this naughty teen cum. I pulled my cock out of her asshole with one swift movement, my dick even making a popping sound as her asshole started to pucker back up just a bit and moved over to her on the bed and offered my cock to her.

    "What the fuck? Are you kidding me you prick?" cooed Taylor as she brushed her hair away from her eyes and looked up at me with a sultry grin.

    "I was so fucking close to cumming, Jesus, you couldn't let me get off first?"

    "I know it hasn't been easy baby, but you've been a trooper" I said in between breaths as I had already had quite to workout thus far tonight "but just taste your own ass baby, and I promise I'll make you cum" I said as I inched my cock ever closer to her lips. I rubbed my head against her soft teen lips when she grabbed my dick by its shaft and turned it away.

    "Look, if I'm gonna do this, can you at least take this fucking belt off my neck you sick fucking perv" said Taylor with a big grin on her face and I gently undid the belt from around her neck and tossed it on the floor. There was a little bit of a line, but nothing that would call attention to the wrong people.

    "That better baby? I didn't want to be so rough…I just couldn't help myself, you're so fucking hot….I just…."

    "Couldn't what?" said Taylor as she grabbed my cock and resumed stroking it while looking up at me with the look of lust in her eyes. "you mean you couldn't resist chocking me while forcibly ass fucking me? That's called rape and sodomy of a minor in most places Mr." said Taylor as she speared her tongue out and caressed underneath my head. "You're just lucky I like you so much, now let me taste that ass" and with that, Taylor devoured my cock in one swift movement. She relaxed her throat and grabbed onto the back of my thighs with her arms as my cockhead touched her tonsils. She repeated this process a couple times taking my cock all the way into her throat. I grabbed some handfuls of her hair so I could hold her nose against my stomach every time until she would tear up.

    The best thing was she never lost eye contact with me the entire time making sure to keep those mascara cover eyes on mine. When I had my full length in her throat, Taylor would stick out her tongue and lick my balls, forcing her to gag just enough that I would pull my sword from her gullet and let her breathe. When I let her up she was out of breath, but the amount of saliva she had drooled on my cockhead and balls was more than adequate lubrication. I grabbed her by her hair standing her up and kissing her deeply, getting a third hand taste of her ass while our tongues swirled violently.

    "Your ass taste good little girl?"

    "My ass tasted fucking great, now come and stick that hard dick of yours back in it and don't stop til we both cum" barked Talylor as she got back on the bed on all fours, her stilettos still on her which made me smile. I rammed my cock into her succulent backdoor and continued a smooth heavy hitting pace while we both moaned in ecstasy. Taylor started talking dirty too which really got me going

    "ohhhhhh, that's it, fuck that ass…….you like that huh, you like fucking little girls up the asshole?" said Taylor looking back at me seductively.

    "yeahhh, you like jamming your cock in little teenagers mouths and having them lick your balls"

    "Fuck yeah I do" I said as I picked up the pace and grabbed Taylor by her hips pulling her ass back into me as I pumped her ass with all my might. "I love fucking little teen princesses, I love making little Hollywood sluts like you eat my fucking cum" I moaned as Taylor moaned out in total ecstasy, my last pump sending her over the edge as I felt her juices escape her teen clam and run down my stomach onto the bed.

    "ohhhh….mmmmyyyy gooddddddddd" moaned Taylor as she could barely remain on all fours anymore. I still had to unload my balls and I still continued to pound her after ass she came. I grabbed both of her arms and held them behind her pulling her towards me every time I bucked my hips until I felt my balls tense up and I unloaded my last gooey release of the night deep into little Taylor's bowels. I released her hands and fell onto the floor in anger as I grabbed a cigarette from a close by pack and enjoyed one final smoke as I watched my cum slowly drip from Taylor tight little ass onto the floor.

    "Happy birthday sweetie, I hope you had a good one" I said as I gathered my clothes and took off to enjoy the rest of my evening.

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