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Thread: "Twister Sister" with Alyson & Amanda Michalka and Kylie & Kendall Jenner

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    fanfiction "Twister Sister" with Alyson & Amanda Michalka and Kylie & Kendall Jenner

    "Twister Sister"
    With Alyson & Amanda "AJ" Michalka and Kylie & Kendall Jenner
    Written by cgriffith
    (FF, inc, mutual mast)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    The day started out like any other as Amanda "AJ" Michalka and her sister Alyson woke up early, went to the gym and came home and ate breakfast. While at the table the girls started to discuss what plans they each had for Saturday night.

    Alyson had planned to go to the recording studio and voice over on their new album, while AJ on the other hand already had plans.

    "Aly. Why don't you come with me." the younger sister said. "I'm heading over to the Jenner's house and we're having a girls night in. It'll be fun."

    As Aly thought this over, AJ jumped in the shower and prepped for the upcoming evening when her sister suddenly opened the door and yelled at her.

    "Okay bitch, I'm in. But you owe me big time." she claimed. "We were supposed to be working hard on this new album and all you do is procrastinate."

    AJ responded to her sisters comments with a grin.

    "Don't worry sis. I know exactly how to make it up to you. I'll take care of it."

    As the girls continued to chat, AJ's phone began to vibrate.

    *Buzz, buzz, buzz.*

    "Hey Aly, you want me to see who that is?"


    "Tell who ever it is that I'll get back to them in 10mins."

    As Alyson picked up the phone she noticed that her sister had missed a number of text messages, 3 from Kendall Jenner and 6 from her sister Kylie.

    "Hey Bitch. Make Sure You Pick Up Some Weed On The Way." Kendall's message read. "The Good Stuff Too. None Of That Crap We smoke Last Time."

    "Hey. Is Your Sister coming?" Kylie Jenner wrote. "We Really Need To show Her Something."

    "We Have A Surprise For You." another one of Kendall's messages read. "Something You'll Definitely Appreciate."

    One of the other messages read, "AJ. You Had Better Be Shaved This Time."

    What the hell were these girls getting into? Alyson wondered. Shaved? Weed? Wow.

    Deleting the messages, Alyson began to consider exactly what she was reading and if it was true, and returned to her sister in the bathroom.

    "So, who was it?" AJ asked from the shower.

    "Oh. Just Kendall and Kylie asking when you we were coming over." Alyson lied.

    A few minutes later the Michalka sisters made the 15 minute drive over to the Jenner's household where it seemed quieter than usual.

    "Knock, knock!" AJ smiled. "Anyone home?"

    Kylie answered the door wearing a ripped t-shirt that clearly exposed her lace bra. Alyson also noticed that Kylie didn't appear to be wearing any panties underneath her short shorts, which was quite the revelation.

    "Hey girls." Kylie smiled. "Kendall will be down in a minute. Did you bring the pot?"

    As the ladies entered the house Kylie grinned, "Right here, bitch." And invited AJ to kiss her on the cheek.

    Inside, just as the girls made their way down the hall Alyson spied Kendall emerging from the bathroom in nothing but a robe and gasped softly to herself as she noticed it flap open slightly and completely expose her naked body underneath.

    Fortunately for her Kendall did not seem to notice this unintentional flash as the three girls wandered into the guest room where the Michalka sisters would be spending the night, and putting away their things, they returned downstairs and waited for Kendall to greet them.

    "So AJ," Kylie smiled. "Where it is. Pull it out and lets light it up. Kendall should be down here shortly."

    "Hell yeah," Amanda agreed. "Let's get this party started."

    As she spoke, she lit up the joint while her sister and Kylie sat next to her on the sofa. After a few rounds of this highly potent stuff the girls watched as Kendall emerged from the stairs.

    "It about time, sis." Kylie whined. "Geez. What took you so long. Were you masturbating or something?"

    Kendall simply rolled her eyes and reached out to helped herself to the joint.

    "Hey. Give me a hit." she quipped, as Alyson took this opportunity to reach out and slap her on the ass.

    "Ouch! Oh. No you didn't" Kendall moaned, grinning ever so slightly. "Paybacks a bitch Alyson."

    "I can take whatever your giving." the elder blonde sister responded.

    "We'll see. We'll see about that."

    After about a half an hour of gossip talking about Selena and Bieber, Kylie suggested they pay a game.

    "Who's up for some twister?"

    "I'm in." AJ responds almost immediately.

    "Hell yeah." Kendall boasted. "I was a cheerleader, so I'm way more flexible. I got this."

    "Bitch, please." Alyson refuted. "You don't know what flexible is. And I've never lost to anyone in that game."

    "Okay, so since we all are a little high," Kylie suggested. "Let's add some drinks too. Just to make it a little more interesting."

    The girls all agreed.

    The first spin concluded with Right Hand Blue, and all the girls put there right hand on blue. The sight was one to behold as each was looking at the others backside (Kendall at AJ, Kylie at Aly). In fact they were so close that Kylie slapped AJ and Aly's butts in good fun.

    "Ha. Time to drink." Kylie blurted out.

    All the girls had a shot of Jager as the next challenge read Left Hand Yellow.

    "Oh fuck." Yelled Kendall, as Kylie laughed loudly as her hand was now placed between Aly's legs and AJ was about to fall over.

    "Right hand, Green."

    "Oh. Hell no," Kylie groaned as has her face was positioned in Kendall's lap, with Aly squatting on Kendall and AJ underneath Kylie about to fall.

    The girls all tried to hold their poses when all of the sudden Alyson proceeded to move her hips in order to stay balanced, but in the process now began to grind on Kendall and more importantly Kendall's pussy.

    "Oh." Kendall moaned softly to the action.

    While this occurred, AJ was still trying to not slip as Kylie was losing her balance. But Amanda couldn't help but notice that the teenager's tight ass was beginning to hang out of her short shorts.

    "Time to drink again." Kendall suggested.

    All the girls took another drink as the board read Left Foot Red. The ladies playfully shrieked as they moved into their new positions, and now found themselves in even more suggestive poses which now put Kendall facing AJ, and Aly facing Kylie with each girls legs intersecting almost to the point where they were grinding each other, when all of a sudden Kylie snapped.

    "Ugh. Fuck this game." she hissed. "I have a better one."

    Kylie then pushed Alyson on the floor and began to kiss her hard on the lips. The elder Michalka sister was in shock and could only respond by kissing back. Kylie's hands run down Aly's chest caressing her breast and slowly working down to the belly button.

    Meantime Kendall and AJ finally took this opportunity to get into a impromptu 69 position on their sides and furiously rubbed each other's sex on the outside of their clothes. Kendall then pulled off the rest of AJ's shorts and panties (which were soaking wet) and sighed as glared at her flawless pussy.

    "Mm. You fucking shaved finally."

    "Yeah. Just for you, bitch." AJ responded.

    Meantime the once reluctant Alyson was now straddling Kylie's face and leaned back to plunge two fingers inside the teenagers cunt.

    "Oh. God. Yes." Kylie moaned. "That Feels. Oh."

    "Just shut up and eat this pussy." Alyson insisted, as she continued to finger bang her and rode her face moving slowly back and forth to the point she began to moan herself.

    "Hell yeah." cried Kendall, as AJ now fingered her ass while licking her clit.

    All Kendall could do now is moan and scream while caressing her lovers flawless tits. Not to be out done, Alyson suddenly stood up and grabbed Kylie by the hair and pushed her down in front of Kendall and then placed herself underneath in a 69 position.

    "Now, this is better." Alyson quipped. "One for all and all for one."

    The vision in that room was extraordinary as Kylie and Aly continued to 69 each other with Kendall now positioned in front of Kylie with her legs spread and AJ beside Aly rubbing her clit. Drunk and high, the ladies soon found themselves caught up in the moment of it all and their relationships towards each other would change forever.

    Kendall grabbed her sister's head and shoved it into her lap, and AJ took her fingers out of her soaking wet cunt and let her sister taste them.

    "Mm. Yeah. How does she taste, Aly?"

    "Don't stop. Keep doing what you're doing, Kylie."

    "Oh fuck. I'm going to... Cum you bitch!" Kylie grunted as she continued to finger Kendall's ass and lick every drop of pussy juice from her sister.

    At the same time, Kendall watched in wonder as Alyson now licked and slurped hungrily at her sisters pussy, causing AJ to moan out at the top of her lungs.

    "Oh I'm Cuminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!" Amanda cried as she squirted her pussy juice all over her sisters face.

    Not to be out done Kendall leaned over and shared a passionate lust filled kiss with Aly, just as the four girls heard a noise and stopped to look at each other in fear.

    "Knock, knock. Anyone home?"

    "We're in the living room!!" Kylie responded.

    "Oh good." Vanessa Hudgens replied as she made her way down the hall. "I hope you guys don't mind, but I invited my sister along."

    The ladies all looked at each other and smiled, trying their best not to shriek out loud with joy.

    "You guys have meet my sister, Stella right?"

    A moment later Vanessa Hudgens and her sister Stella stood in the entrance way of the living room and smiled widely.

    "Wow. What have we here." Vanessa grinned. "Are we too late?"

    "Not at all." Alyson beamed as the Jenner's and Michalka's straightened themselves up.

    Despite being briefly caught off guard, the ladies were all blushing and breathing heavy and the scent of sex in the air was unmistakable.

    "Hmm. What trouble have you girls been getting up too tonight?" Vanessa smiled.

    "Want to join us?" Kendall asked.

    "Absolutely." the elder Hudgens sister replied, before she looked at Stella and added. "It's now or never, kiddo." be continued.

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    That's quite a cliffhanger you leave it on haah. Good job, but don't rush through the sex so much. More details never hurt anyone ;-)

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    Thanks for the suggestion KMB I will remember that for the second installment, and I'm sure with the Hudgens, Michalka's and Jenner's there will be more than enough "sex" to write about

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    Glad to hear you have more planned. It's a fun, exciting story for sure. You're doing a good job.

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