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Thread: "Keeping Up With The Jenner's" with Kendall Jenner, Stella Hudgens, and Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction "Keeping Up With The Jenner's" with Kendall Jenner, Stella Hudgens, and Debby Ryan

    Keeping Up With The Jenner's
    With Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Stella Hudgens, and Debby Ryan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: orgy, inc, voy, toys, mast, oral, anal, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was just after midnight as 32-year-old Kim Kardashian lay in bed horny and frustrated. To her chagrin her boyfriend was out of town and to make matters worse she found herself home on a Saturday night...and couldn't locate her vibrator.

    "WTF." she hissed quietly. "Where did I put that thing?"

    On top of everything else her teenage sisters Kendall and Kylie were just down the hall enjoying their slumber party.

    This meant that Kim was relegated to the role of babysitter for the evening and couldn't climb into her car and go over to her friends place to get laid. She was instead obliged to stay home and make sure that the all-girl slumber party didn't get out of control.

    Resigned to her fate, the curvaceous socialite decided to help herself to a steaming hot shower hoping that this would quench her burning libido, but it only proved to frustrate her more.

    Kimberly slipped into a skimpy silk robe and grinned inwardly as the soft velvet material rubbed against her naked body, particularly her sensitive nipples.

    "God damn it." she muttered at one point. "I really need to get laid tonight or I'm going to lose my mind."

    The buxom beauty now found herself in a foul mood and tried to busy her mind by checking up on her teenage sisters. But as she silently wandered down the hallway she suddenly heard something that gave her pause.

    Stopping for a moment she realized what it was...and that the noise emanated from the den where the ladies were sleeping.

    To her surprise the noise sounded strangely familiar, and if she didn't know any better she could swear she was listening to the distant sound of moaning.

    "No. Way." Kim thought. "Are those little whores actually watching porn right now?"

    The voluptuous starlet moved to the end of the hall and paused once again.

    Fortunately for her the hallway was dark enough to hide her in the shadows where the strong scent of weed filled the air and a low buzzing noise that sounded like a hive of bees.

    Kim peered around the corner and almost gasped out loud when she looked inside to find four ladies lying around the room in various staged of undress, furiously masturbating to a video playing on the TV.


    Shocked into silence, Kim stormed into the room to break up the "party."

    "What on earth do you think you're doing!" she exclaimed before switching on the light and startling the ladies.

    "ohmigod." Stella Hudgens gasped while clutching her naked beasts with her hands.

    "Jesus!" Debby Ryan yelped, her face flushed with shame. "You scared us half to death."

    "Are you bitches crazy?" Kim hissed back. "How dare you lay around masturbating in our house."

    Both Kylie and Kendall almost burst out laughing and immediately rolled their eyes.

    "Ugh. Relax Kim." they laughed at their older sister. "We were just having a little fun."

    "...and you two!" Kim directed at her half naked siblings. "What were you thinking?"

    "What are you getting all worked up over?" Kendall quipped. "We were just watching a little porn."

    "Yeah." Kylie added. "It's not like we were making a sex tape or something. We were just having a little fun."

    Kylie was clearly taking a jab at Kim's expense, referring to her infamous sex tape which infuriated her.

    "Excuse me?" Kim menaced. "You want to repeat that?"

    "You heard her." Kendall chimed in.

    "Okay. That's enough." Kim snapped. "This perverted little slumber party is over!!"

    "What! Why?" they all whined in unison.

    "You heard me. You bitches can get out of my house before I call mom and tell her exactly what's been going on here tonight."

    While the girls were clearly shocked and disappointed they looked over at the Jenner sisters for guidance.

    Thinking quickly, Kendall stood up to confront her fuming sister and to Kim's annoyance the leggy teenager was completely naked, save for a tiny pair of thong panties which clung tightly to her slender 6-foot-tall frame.

    "Wait. Bitches?" Kendall repeated. "Did you just call me and my friends bitches?"


    "Don't you dare talk to my friends like that."

    "Oh really?"

    "Yes. Really." Kendall stood her ground. "We were just having a little fun. I figured you'd be the one person in this house who could relate to that Kim. But I guess I overestimated you."

    Kim took a step forward to challenge her young sibling only to detect the strong scent of weed in the air, no doubt a result of the countless joints the ladies had shared throughout the evening. The odor hit her straight in the face and was unmistakable.

    "Jesus. How long have you guys been in here." Kim whined while looking around. "Open a window. It reeks in here."

    Kim's jaw then dropped when she glanced up at the plasma screen and suddenly recognized the image. There on the large TV was a freeze fame of herself getting pounded from behind by her then boyfriend Ray J.

    "Wait. What the—" she gasped. "Where the hell did you bitches get that!"

    "Kim." Kendall fumed. "That's twice you've called me a bitch now. I really don't appreciate it."

    "Err. It's mine. I brought it over." Stella Hudgens confessed. "The video belongs to my sister."

    "Yeah. We wanted to watch some porn but couldn't get our hands on anything good." Debby explained. "So Stella offered to provide the entertainment while Kylie snuck into your room and borrowed some of your toys."

    Kim immediately looked at Kylie who simply shrugged. "Oops. Sorry. Surprise."

    It was only now that the buxom beauty looked around the room and realized that the sex toys the girls had been amusing themselves with were all from her private collection, various vibes and dongs she had stashed away in her wardrobe over the years.

    "Oh. My. God." Kim muttered before directing her anger towards her sister's guests.

    "Right. Get out!" she blared. "I want both you little sluts out of my house or I'm calling the cops!!"


    "Yeah-right." Kendall scoffed while folding her arms across her chest. "You wouldn't dare."

    "...and as for you two." Kim glared at her topless sisters. "I'll deal with you two later."

    But as the older Kardashian turned to leave the room she suddenly heard Kendall lash out.

    "You know what. FUCK YOU KIM!!" Kendall barked loudly. "I've just about had enough of your two-faced bullshit!"

    This sudden and uncharacteristic outburst caused Kim to stop dead in her tracks.

    "What did you say?"


    Suddenly, before Kimberly could respond she was grabbed by three teenagers and pulled to the floor where they pinned her down by her limbs. It seemed that despite her anger Kim just wasn't a match for the younger and more powerful girls.

    "Ugh! What the fuck are you doing?" she grunted. "Let go! Stop. Get off me."

    Her pleas were cut short by a pair of used panties which were abruptly stuffed into her open mouth.

    Kim was shocked by this as she could clearly detect its owners scent, and noticed a particularly smug expression on Debby Ryan's face which told her that they belonged to her.

    She now struggled against her assailants but to no avail as they held her down and chastised her.

    "Well, well." Kendall smirked evilly. "Looks like someone is out numbered here."

    "Yeah." Debby giggled. "How does my pussy taste."

    Kim gasped at the comment and mumbled incoherently behind the makeshift gag.

    "Ha. Look at you." Kendall chuckled. "What a wonderful example you've set for us sis. You're such a whore."

    "Yeah." Kylie chimed in. "We love watching you get nailed on camera. We get off to it all the time."

    "Absolutely." Kendall winked, before blowing her sister a seductive kiss.

    Kim's eyes grew to the size of saucers as she suddenly discovered a different side to her sweet half-sisters.

    "Well girls. What do you think?" Kendall quizzed. "Think our big sister here should be taught a little lesson?"

    "Yeah!" the ladies cheered in unison.

    "I mean, if we're all bitches like she says we are then maybe she needs to be treated like the Queen Bee."

    "Fuck yeah." Kylie agreed, surprising her older sister. "I wanna teach her a lesson."

    "Maybe us insignificant bitches need lick and tend to her every need." Ryan added. "Don't you think?"

    "Uh-huh." they all nodded. "Absolutely."

    A moment later Kim was swiftly stripped out of her silk robe and left to lie there in the middle of the floor completely naked to the envious eyes of the teenagers.

    "Wow." Stella remarked at the sight of her huge natural tits. "Look at that body."

    Debby took this opportunity to reach over and roughly fondle one of her heaving boobs, before she stroked the other and made it jiggle in her hand.

    "Mm. They're so big and natural." Ryan grinned. "I wish I had tits like that."

    "Yeah. Don't we all."

    "Wow. Look." Stella remarked. "You're making her nipples get hard right now."

    "Trust me." Kendall added. "They were probably already hard. They're always hard. She's a fucking whore."

    As Kendall spoke, Debby was heard to mutter something under her breath before she leaned over and took one of the hard chocolate nubs into her mouth, taking Kim's breath away.

    The voluptuous starlet squirmed to the action as her other breast was then sucked for good measure before Debby leaned over to give Stella some space and opportunity to suck a tit.

    "Mm. They really are nice and soft huh."

    "Look at her pussy." Stella added. "She's completely shaved like us. She probably thinks she's our age or something."

    The vicious teenagers giggled at the older woman as she lay there squirming against them.

    "Kendall. Kylie. Please." she muttered behind the gag.

    "Mm." Kendall sighed. "And what do girls our age love to do. We love to eat pussy don't we girls?"

    "Hell Yeah!"

    "So. What do you think?" Kendall posed. "You think my big bitchy sister here is sexy enough to have her pussy licked?"

    "Oh. Oh. Please!" Debby insisted. "Let me be the first to do it."

    "Nah-uh." Stella whined. "You got to go first last time remember?"

    "Are you sure?"

    "Err. Duh. I think I'd remember you eating out my fucking sister."

    Debby immediately pouted as the Jenner sisters looked at each other and seemed to contemplate something.

    Noting this Kim suddenly spat out the used panties in her mouth and glared up at her devious siblings, shocked that they would even consider such a thing.

    "Kendall Nicole Jenner. Don't you dare!" Kim snapped. "So help me. If you lay a single finger on me and I'll—"

    "You'll what?"

    "A single finger?" Debby interjected. "Mm. Fingers. Tongues. Lips. You should be so lucky bitch."


    "Ugh." Stella commented. "I hate it when they whine. Take it like a woman."

    "Kylie. Please." Kim pleaded, trying to reason with her. "Tell them to let me go. This is crazy. It's starting to hurt."

    But Kylie was clearly unmoved by the sentiment as Kendall leaned over to whisper something into her ear.

    "Come on." Kendall smiled at her a moment later. "We both know you want to. You've been talking about it for years."

    Kim suddenly felt frightened. Just what were they talking about, what had Kylie been scheming for years?

    "Hey. If you don't do it I will." Kendall told her sister. "I'm not bluffing either. You know I'll eat that dirty little pussy right up."

    "Huh?" Kim gasped. "What are you talking about?"

    "What's the matter?" Stella chimed in clearly projecting her own big sister issues. "Don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot?"

    Kim now stopped struggling against the girls and lay there confused. She now wondered if her sisters were actually contemplating doing something sexual to her, or if they were merely bluffing.

    Either way she found the notion strangely exciting and decided to let it play out.

    "You know what." Kendall quipped a minute later. "Yes. I should go first. After all, I did get called a bitch just now."

    "Yeah. She always calls you that." Kylie added. "Even though we all know who the real bitch in this room is."

    Finding some last bit of strength Kim suddenly lashed out wildly trying to break free but to no avail. Instead she only managed to exhaust the last bit of energy she had.

    Despite her best efforts, Kendall moved to settle between her spread legs and without wasting another moment gently traced her soft lips along Kim's smooth thighs, only using the tip of her tongue as she loomed ever closer to her center.

    "Oh God. Kendall." Kim panicked. "Please don't do this. Please don't do something we might regret."

    Even as she spoke she felt her own body tremble and break out in tiny goose pimples.

    "We're only doing this for your own good." Debby smiled down at her victim. "She's teaching you a lesson. You're going to like it."

    Despite her initial objections Kim heard herself give out a low groan as her sisters hot tongue made its way along her inner thigh and moved towards her dripping wet sex.

    "Mm. Look. She's wet you guys." Kim heard one of the ladies comment. "What a slut."

    There, Kendall seemed to take extra pleasure in teasing her with her lips, blowing her cool breath over her bare slit and almost toying with her.

    "Hmm. Look at you." Kendall teased from between Kim's legs. "You're so fucking wet right now. You love this shit."

    "I told you she would." Kylie smirked, as she continued to hold one of Kim's legs in place.

    "Please girls. Stop this now." Kim blushed. "Before this gets out of hand."

    "You mean before you get too turned on." Stella chuckled. "...and totally prove to us just how much of a whore you really are."

    "Hmm. Yeah." Kendall smiled seductively. "This is turning you on. Just look how hard your nipples are right now."

    At this point Kim could barely breath much less speak or defend herself.

    "Yeah. I bet you've fantasized about this before." Debby smiled. "...about Kendall eating your pussy."

    "Mm. Spread her legs wider." Debby suggested, as the ladies happily obliged leaving Kim to lay there on the floor with her thick smooth thighs spread obscenely wide, her sexy step-sister hovering above her bare pussy.

    "Her pussy is so beefy." Stella remarked. "I bet she tastes really nice."

    "There's only one way to find out." Kylie directed at Kendall.

    A moment later Stella took Kim's breath away as she suddenly announced that she wanted to "try something" and she reached over with her free hand and slipped the tips of her fingers along Kim's slimy wet folds, stroking her wet pussy lips and smearing her juices all around her gleaming sex.

    "Ugh. God." Kim inhaled sharply to the bold action, before flashing the teenager a deadly stare.

    The ladies all giggled to this and genuinely seemed to get a kick out of tormenting her.

    "Yeah. She fucking likes that Stellz. Do it again."

    As requested Stella dipped her fingertips along Kim's gleaming wet vulva before she withdrew her fingers and slipped them straight into her own mouth, savoring her tangy essence.


    "What's she taste like?"


    Kim watched in shock as not only did the young Hudgens girl eagerly savor her essence, but Debby insisted that she too wanted to have a taste and she suckled those very same fingers into her own mouth a few seconds later.

    "Mm. I could get used to that." Debby smiled, before the two girls giggled and teased each other with their tongues.

    Meanwhile Kendall still lay smiling from between her sisters spread knees, licking her own lips as she hooked her arms around each thigh and held her sister in place.

    "Do it sis." Kylie encouraged her. "Eat her cunt."

    "Don't you dare Kendall." Kim threatened one final time. "Please."

    Feeling devious Kendall then responded with a challenge of her own.

    "Okay. I tell you what. How about you tell me that you want it and I'll stop."

    "W—What?" Kim stammered. "...but that makes no sense."

    "You heard me. Tell me that you want me to eat your pussy right now—and we'll let you go."


    "Just consider it your punishment." Kylie added. "C'mon. You always claim how much of a good actress you are. Here's your chance to prove it."

    "Oh. God." Kim grimaced as she now realized that all the girls really wanted to do was to humiliate her.

    "You guys are out of your fucking minds." she whined.

    Noting this Kendall suddenly sunk her teeth into Kim's soft thighs causing her to almost jump three feet off the floor.

    "Ow! Kendall."

    "Say it. Tell me what I want to hear." Kendall demanded. "...or so help me I'll bite you again, and this time leave a mark."

    "OK-OK. Jesus." Kim finally relented, panting out of breath. "I want it. Eat my pussy."

    "What! Sorry?" the girls teased her. "What did she say?"

    "I said...I want it!" Kim finally stated in a more convincing tone. "I want you to eat my pussy Kendall."

    Even though she had been "forced" to say it the girls couldn't help but wonder if there was some truth to her lewd request.

    "Go on. Go ahead." Kim dared as she finally slipped into full whore mode and challenged her half-sister into action.

    "What are you waiting for. Stick your tongue inside my pussy Kendall." she teased. "God knows you've wanted to fuck me since forever. You think I don't see the way you look at me? ...I know for a fact you want me bad."

    For the first time since the incident had started Kendall fell quiet.

    "Ugh. What a bitch." Stella muttered from above her.

    "Mm. Yeah." Debby swooned. "God she sounds so convincing right now. It's so fucking hot to hear her talk that way."

    "You too sweetheart." Kim looked up at her. "You better put those sweet lips to good use as well. Straight after my sister has her way with me I want to feel your tongue inside me."

    This comment only seemed to embolden Debby who now used her free hand to slip between her own legs and twiddle her aching clit.

    "Oh. God. You have no idea." Debby purred as she rubbed her own cunt. "Seriously Kendall. Do it. What are you waiting for?"

    "Ha. You girls have no idea." Kim grinned from the floor. "You really think you could get me off? ...I doubt you could get yourselves off adequately much me another woman. You guys are pathetic."

    "Ugh. Bitch!" Debby hissed. "I'm going to stick my tongue so deep inside your pussy you're going to scream my name."

    "Mm." Kim cooed at the prospect before looking over at her siblings again. "I like you're friend. Who is she?"

    The Jenner sisters looked at each other before Kendall leaned forward and slowly pressed her lips against her older sister's cookie, causing Kim to give out a low wail as the teenagers tongue slithered out and massaged her wet folds.

    "Kendall. Oh-Fuck." Kim tried to speak but could only moan in response. "Wait. Oh. You can't. Oh. God."

    "Mm. Yes she can." Stella grinned as she reached down to fondle her own breasts. "...and yes she is."

    Licking her gently for a few minutes, Kendall then winked over at her friends and invited them to join the fray before she began to feast on Kim's clam in great earnest.

    The others quickly followed suit and now devoured her naked flesh like a flock of vultures.

    A pair of lips took charge of each nipple and began to suck and lick at them. Their hands fondled and stroked Kim's beautiful mounds, hips, legs sending the socialite's libido into the stratosphere.

    Suddenly her entire body was on fire as someone took her right foot into their mouths, while another set of lips zeroed in on her neck and earlobe and nibbled away, melting away any misgivings she might have had about the incestuous affair.

    It was unlike anything Kim had ever experienced before.

    While apart of her was incensed beyond imagination another part of her couldn't make herself stop it from happening. Every time she considered putting a stop to the "attack" she found another excuse to let it go on for a few more minutes.

    Pleasure now coursed through Kimberly's body and the sensation was so intense that she found it almost impossible to complain or extract herself from the floor.

    In fact she suddenly heard herself moan out loud as she felt a very knowing tongue (Kendall) glide up and down the full length of her dripping mound as Kylie sucked on her toes.

    "ohmigod." Kim panted. "ohmigod. Kendall."

    As it turned out her earlier attempts at masturbation had left her vulnerable to the young ladies.

    She had been horny all evening, yet unable to make her body obey her sexual urges. And yet here she now was pinned to the floor completely naked, with her sister and their friends taking full advantage of her, ravaging her completely.

    The mere shock of finding them all sprawled out and masturbating together had already stirred something deep inside of her. Kim hadn't even suspected that her half-sisters were bi-sexual much less attracted to each other, or her for that matter.

    But while she now lay there moaning involuntarily, she felt Kendall's wet tongue glide down towards her tiny backdoor and tease the area with the tip for her finger.

    "Oh. Kendall. No." she meekly objected, not sure if she was ready to take that step with her.

    "Mm. Where's my finger right now Kim?" Kendall teased, her own lips smeared in her sisters pussy juice.

    Kim didn't want to respond but nevertheless heard herself whisper the answer.

    "It's in my ass." she cooed quietly. "'re finger is in my ass."

    "Don't you just love her ass though." Debby chimed in as Kendall's tongue quickly replaced her finger and she now alternated between licking Kim's pussy and stabbing her tongue against her shit-pipe.

    The leggy teenager had always looked up to her lovely sister with great lust and admiration. She had also seen Kim naked on many occasion over the years.

    In fact Kendall and Kylie would frequently masturbate with each other to the video, and on several occasions would sneak into Kim's room at night and "borrow" some of her favorite toys, knowing full well that she had just used them that very same evening.

    Sometimes if they were lucky they could still taste Kim's pussy on the devices, and both Jenner sisters would spend the night just lying in bed getting each other off while sucking the chrome paint off her toys.

    It was at this point that one of the sisters placed her hands on the inside of Kim's legs and spread her wide open allowing Kendall and Kylie to draw their attention to her glorious derriere.

    There they took turns probed her ass with the tips of their tongues, spearing her backdoor again and again as Kim squirmed about loudly to the attention.

    "Oh. Kendall. Kylie. Don't stop." Kim moaned. "Eat my ass baby. Right there."

    While this went on both Stella Hudgens and Debby Ryan took their lips away from Kim's breasts to share a hot wet tongue-kiss mere inches away from her moaning face. Kim lay immobile as her body began to betray her and she began to cum.

    While the entire affair had initially angered her, the beautiful teenagers around her now were overloading her senses. Where they had learned such talents she had no idea, but her entire body was under assault and her mind was reeling.

    The buxom beauty had never experienced anything like this before and suddenly grew concerned when she realized that the ladies were in danger of nut just making her come but making her squirt all over them. Kim wasn't sure if she was ready for that, for the embarrassment.

    Meanwhile Kendall was now tongue-fucking her fart-box with her long wet tongue, probing and swishing it around her deeper and faster and with great enthusiasm.

    "Come for me Kim." Kendall mumbled between tongue-thrusts. "Come all over my mouth."

    To look at Kendall one would never assume that someone so pretty as her would be so damn dirty, but this was precisely what Kendall relied upon. She always got a kick out of playing the sweet girl-next-door type, despite being a closeted SLUT like Kim.

    With that said the leggy model placed her hands on either cheek and keenly rimmed her older sister ruthless.

    Even more incredible to Kim was that she could now feel Kylie's lips latch around her aching clit and suck hard as the teen sisters probed and sucked at the same time.

    "ohmigod. Oh. Jesus!" Kim cried out loud. "Kylie. Kendall. Please."

    "Come for us you fucking slut!"

    Both of them now spat and slobbered all over Kim's entire crotch, leaving a large puddle of saliva on the carpet below her butt.

    "Ugh. omigod!" Kim exclaimed. "You're gonna make me cummmm!!"

    "Yeah?" one of the ladies quipped back. "You want to cum. Not before you eat some pussy first!"

    With that said Stella swiftly swung her leg over Kim's face and nestled her pussy down on her moaning lips.

    Caught up in the moment Kim eagerly tongued the young pussy on her chin and noisily slurped at her wet lips, pulling her wilted labia away from her body and marveling at the way it immediately snapped back into place.

    With her hands now finally unfettered, Kim reached up and plunged a single digit into Stella's tight anus while hungrily chewing on her cunt-lips.

    "Yeah? You like that?"

    "Ugh. Fuck. Yes." Stella grunted while flicking her hips back and forth. "Finger my ass. Fuck me. I like that!"

    Thinking quickly Kim then reached over to snatch one of the discarded vibrators that lay strewn around the floor and impatiently jammed it inside the precocious teen, filling her cunt before switching it on to full power.

    Hudgens cried out loud and now rode Kim's face like a mechanical bull before she was abruptly pulled off by Debby Ryan, who had been frigging herself incessantly while waiting her turn.

    "Fuck it. Enough foreplay." Ryan hissed. "I've been looking forward to this all night long."

    "Have you now." Kim grinned up at her, her mouth glistening in cunt-sap. "Well come on. Bring that pretty little pussy over here. I'm still thirsty."

    Debby was only too happily to oblige and now sat directly over Kim's face, facing the Jenner sisters, and placing her and Kim in a impromptu Sixty-Nine.

    "Move." Debby directed at the tongue-dueling sisters, before she leaned forward and lay on top of the reality star and pressed her succulent lips against her lovers quim.

    This configuration caused her thick round rump to scoot up in the air, giving Stella the perfect opportunity to lean over and spit at her asshole and jam the same toy that had been lodged inside her, into Ryan's twitching bunghole.

    The "JESSIE" star moaned approvingly to this as the others now sat back and enjoyed the erotic vision of Debby Ryan and Kim Kardashian locked in a heated 69 position (and a dong sticking out of Debby's ass) in the middle of the carpeted floor.

    With Kim hungrily sucking on Debby's clit, and Stella thrusting the large cylindrical device deep into Debby's teenage bowels, it didn't take long for Ryan to lose all control and scream out at the top of her lungs as her body exploded.

    Her entire body spasmed wildly before going limp as Kim joined her over the precipice and gulped down a gallon of pussy juice before she too wailed her exuberance.

    However the Jenner sisters were not quite done yet and while Kim finally exploded in front of their very eyes, Kylie and Kendall urgently tongued each other while they plunged two fingers deep inside their pussies, fucking one another zealously until they both came at the same time.

    In fact Kylie was so way gone at this point that she spread her legs as wide as possible and actually squirted her orgasm all over Kendall's fingers, even managing to splash her juices all over Kim's hips.

    For her part Kim simply lay there panting in exhaustion as Debby finally rolled off of her face in a heap.

    "See. I told you." Debby huffed out of breath. "I told you we'd teach you a lesson."

    In an almost dream-like state Kim felt Kendall suddenly drape her lithe body over her own and kiss her sensually on the mouth, sliding her cum flavored tongue all over her lips and teeth and sharing some of the same saliva she had shared with Kylie.

    This kiss was so juicy and delectable that it caused both of them to moan into each other's mouths while the others watched on enviously.

    "What am I going to do with you two." Kim smiled.

    "I dunno." Kendall shrugged. "I'm sure you'll think of something."

    "Wow." Stella remarked. "Now that's how you keep up with the Kardashian's."

    "No." Debby quipped. "That's how you keep up with the Jenner's."

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    Wow...a very unexpected story from you TPG. But an extremely welcome one. Good to see I'm not the only one finding Kim Kardashian extremely fuckable...looks like I should be paying more attention to her little sisters too.

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    Amazing story

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    God, this was incredible. I'd like to see a whole series about Kendall...she's gorgeous and has a great ass. That whole family may be rich money hungry bitches but their fucking hot and there is no denying that....

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    Very Impressive, TPG, as always. The teentastic four truly were a debauchary force to be reckon with once teamed with your delicious dirty keyboard. Kim never stood a chance and was truly dominated by her sensational sisters. Debby and Stella were wonderful additional temptress that pleased me as well. I would definitely fear a Keepin with the Jenners tale might be too sexy a force to deal with.

    Surprised you selected the highly controversial Kim K to illuminate such a fine piece of erotica. Personally, I deeply grateful that you chose to feature Ms. Kardashian as she does to inspire many a erotic delight in my dreams, to my mind's chagrin. Just because I don't admire the person fully, doesn't mean Kim can't pleasure my dirty inhibitions. Hope you or some other fine writer can feature Kim again soon enough.

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