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Thread: "Broken Halo" with Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet

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    fanfiction "Broken Halo" with Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet

    Broken Halo
    With Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, anal, drugs, voy, mutual mast
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    From the very first moment I saw her standing there I didn't actually think much of 19-year-old Victoria Justice, as she was somewhat dressed down for the 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards. In fact it only occurred to me a minute later as to who she was and what she was doing there as I stood beside her in the theater lobby and asked the vendor for a Pepsi.

    "Oh. You're Australian?" she immediately lit up, when she recognized my heavy accent.

    "Um. Yes. Yes I am." I remarked sarcastically. "What do I win?"

    "Oh. Sorry." she giggled sweetly. "I didn't mean to be rude. I'm just a little loopy at the moment."

    She was apparently referring to her Jet Lag.

    "I just came back from a trip to Australia a few hours ago." she said excitedly.

    "Well congratulations." I quipped, while I was handed my drink.

    To my surprise the TV starlet appeared to be quite chatty and friendly and quickly initiated a conversation. Not wanting to be rude I simply stood there and listened to her ramble on about how much she enjoyed her trip Down Under and how it had been a life changing experience.

    "So I assume you'll be going back one day?"

    "Are you kidding. I never wanted to leave. I can't wait to go back."

    She then added how much the trip had opened her eyes to the world and how she suddenly found the whole "Hollywood" lifestyle a little pretentious and fake. Having spent several years traveling between Sydney and Los Angeles myself, this wasn't the first time I had heard such a comment.

    "Yes well," I laughed. "Walking on the beach at midnight and swimming with Dolphins will do that to you."

    "I know right!" Victoria giggled as we finally introduced ourselves more formally.

    Over the next few minutes Victoria and I flirted and conversed back and forth and discussed how different life was between our two countries, and how she now apparently loved Aussie men since most of the guys in LA all seemed to be intimidated by her.

    Unfortunately for us this was also around the time that her BFF and "Victorious" co-star Daniella Monet suddenly emerged from out nowhere and pulled her away from me.

    "Sorry. But I need to borrow her for just a few minutes." Daniella rudely interrupted.

    It seemed the busty starlet was going through her own drama's with her boyfriend and was on the verge of being dumped.

    As it so happened, it appeared that Ariana Grande had accidentally let something slip during a phone conversation that made him suspect that Daniella had in fact cheated on him a few weeks earlier, and had called her to say that it was over.

    Noting how wound up she was, Victoria suggested that she and Daniella step outside to get some fresh air, and to my surprise she waved me over and invited me to join them.

    With my drink in hand, I accompanied them both out into the theater garden where we found a quiet place to sit and talk and where Daniella could collect her thoughts and attempt to speak to her boyfriend over the phone.

    "I just don't know what to do." Monet sobbed. "I swear if that little whore opened her big mouth and ruined this for me, so help me."

    "Meh. Just relax." Victoria comforted her. "I'm sure it'll all work itself out in the end."

    "Ugh! What the hell is wrong with you?" Daniella whined.


    "I swear. Ever since you got back from your trip to Australia I hate this whole new 'Zen' thing you've adopted."

    "Well. You know what they say," Victoria replied. "Everything happens for a reason."


    Naturally, this only seemed to infuriate Daniella even more and we watched as she argued on the phone with her boyfriend and tried to explain the situation. To my amusement she didn't even deny screwing around but instead focused on apologizing and asking for a second chance.

    Understandably, her boyfriend hung up in her face and then refused to talk to her as she flipped out and proceeded to call Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles, who were apparently the cause of the drama.

    As per usual the other half of the "Victorious" cast were hanging out at Ariana's place where they refuted Daniella's claims and snapped back defensively.

    "Well. So what?" Liz hissed. "Maybe if you didn't lie so much we wouldn't have to try to defend you all the time."

    It seemed there was no love lost between the cast mates and even Victoria who was normally neutral in these kind of affairs appeared to side with Daniella and chimed in her own two cents, asking her friends why they had interfered. Ultimately, Monet was too upset to go back into the theater and claimed that she now just wanted to go over to Ariana's place and set her straight (physically fight her).

    After several more minutes of debate, we finally convinced her that this was a bad idea, as this confrontation was precisely what Elizabeth wanted. Fortunately for us Daniella finally agreed and instead remarked that she just wanted to go home and get wasted.

    To make matters worse, it was around this time that she discovered that her cell phone was dead, so thinking quickly I took a chance and offered to give the ladies a ride home to which Monet eagerly accepted.

    "Great." she announced. "Is your car nearby?"

    While Victoria rushed back inside the event to let their friends know that we were leaving, Daniella and I stood outside and got to know each other better while I couldn't help but note just how good she looked in her slinky little grey dress.

    Looking her over, it was hard to believe that any red blooded male would even consider breaking up with her, for any reason.

    "Be honest with me," she asked, fishing for a compliment. "Do I look okay tonight?"

    "Are you kidding?" I replied. "You look incredible. In fact I think you're the sexiest woman here tonight."

    Daniella smiled for the first time since our introduction.

    "But do I look sexier than Victoria?" she posed.

    Knowing how fragile she was I reassured her that she did, which really seemed to cheer her up and spur her on.

    "I knew it. That bastard." Daniella quipped, referring back to her now ex-boyfriend.

    "He has no idea what he's missing." she added. "That's the last time he gets to enjoy this body, or this mouth."

    Minutes later the ladies climbed into my shitty little sports car and I took them back to Daniella's place across town.

    There, I expected to drop the girls off and at most had hoped to get Victoria's phone number, but instead Monet exceeded my wildest expectations and invited me in. Being a gentleman I looked at Victoria who seemed a little surprised by the gesture and declined the offer.

    "Um. I don't know if that's such a good idea. Are you sure you girls want any company tonight?"

    Fortunately for me this reverse psychology appeared to work, and Victoria insisted I join them.

    "No. That's a great idea, actually."

    "Yeah. I mean it's the least we can do, right?" Daniella remarked. "Considering how sweet you've been... listening to my bullshit, and driving us home."

    "Sure." Justice added. "Just stay for awhile. Have a beer or something and then go."

    Considering the company and the way they both looked, I couldn't think of any other place on earth I wanted to be.

    While I then looked for a place to park, Daniella climbed out from the backseat and went on inside as Victoria kept me company from the passenger side and admitted how she really wanted me to stay, but didn't want to say anything.

    She claiming that she was actually a little concerned about being alone with her friend in her current state of mind.

    "Oh really?" I laughed. "Is she that bad?"

    "You have no idea." VJ giggled. "She might look all pretty and sophisticated, but she has the mind of guy and can drink like a fish."

    "Okay. I'll hang out for a few minutes then," I grinned. "And have a few drinks with her. But it'll cost you."

    To my surprise Victoria responded by leaning over and kissing me playfully on the cheek.

    "Will that do?" she smiled.

    "It's a start."

    Upstairs, Victoria and I found the front door wide open with Daniella screaming into her phone and throwing shit around the apartment.

    "Well. Come on!" she shouted at Liz Gillies over the phone. "You know my address, you little slut. Come on over. We're waiting."

    There, Daniella argued loudly with her co-stars and as amusing as this was I then heard her threaten to expose the ladies to the media. It seemed Liz and Ariana were a lot closer then they appeared to be in public, and had apparently experimented with each other in recent times and were a bona fide couple.

    "Oh really." Monet scoffed as Liz tried to defend herself. "Listen. I think when you do something for the first or second time its considered experimenting. But when you keep doing it over and over again, then its gay. You're fucking gay Liz. Just admit it already."

    "Wow." I snickered, as Victoria laughed.

    "Trust me." she giggled. "This is nothing."

    The actress/singer and I chuckled as we then heard Liz come back with her own zingers and threaten to tell everyone about Daniella's affair with some older stage hand.

    As is so happens, Daniella was apparently seduced by some much older grip who had worked on the Victorious set from day one, and who would frequently take her downstairs in the storage room and screw her brains out before and after shoots.

    "Wow. Is that true?" I asked VJ, who simply shrugged.

    It seemed Liz had her own juicy bit of gossip on Daniella and the insults now flew thick and fast and the fighting quickly escalated.

    "You know what. I fucking hate you, Liz." Daniella told her. "I always knew you were a dyke. From the very first day I meet you."

    This comment seemed to make Victoria laugh and almost spit out her drink.

    "I see the way you look at us. The way you undress me with your eyes. The way look at Victoria behind her back. You'd love to fuck us both, wouldn't you."

    "Ha! You wish."

    "Yeah?" Daniella went on. "I bet you'd love to grab that huge strap-on you use on Ariana every other night. You fucking whore."

    "Ha!" Liz snapped back through the phone. "I wouldn't touch you with a Ten-Foot pole. I know where you've been."

    "Oh you do, do you?" she hissed. "Well my pussy was apparently fine for Ariana before you showed up on the scene. Why don't you ask her about it. Why don't you ask her how I use to let her eat my ass and suck on my clit!"

    "Fuck you!" Liz snapped back. "You and Victoria act so innocent and shit. But you're both so trampy and dirty it's sickening."

    "Hey." Victoria finally chimed in over the loud speaker. "Screw you, Liz. You slut. Who are you to talk about being a whore?"

    "Yeah. You wish." Gillies hissed back. "You wish I'd eat your pussy. You guys are just jealous of what Ari and I have."

    "Ha! Keep dreaming sister." Daniella and Victoria both laughed. "You two deserve each other. Both of you can't get laid for real, so you strap on fake cocks and play pretend. You're pathetic."

    As this went on I simply stood there dumbfounded, amazed by the countless revelations. Minutes later the girls hung up and we settled down and started to throw back several more drinks, including a handful of Tequila shots.

    Over the next few minutes Daniella seemed to go through several emotions from happy to sad, to angry to sobbing. During this time Victoria comforted her friend as the alcohol seemed to get the better of them both.

    Ultimately, I only gave half an ear to what they were saying as I sat there admiring Daniella more closely. She really was a beautiful young woman, and it was only because of Victoria's natural beauty that she was so underrated.

    As the starlets drank themselves drunk, I noticed the way Daniella's chest proceeded to rise and fall with each breath. Unable to help myself, I began to wonder what she looked like naked, heaving, panting, gleaming with sweat.

    She really did have a phenomenal body, and the dress she wore tonight only accentuated her incredible curves. I felt my cock twitch inside my pants and blinked as I took a quick sip of my drink. While Victoria Justice was dressed fairly conservatively, Daniella Monet's skirt barely covered her thighs and now had risen even higher up her legs as she sat down.

    I soon found that if I leaned just a little to my left I could see right up between her soft smooth thighs and catch a fleeting glimpse of the white lace panties which covered her pubic mound.

    "You know," Daniella suddenly said, startling me from my stupor. "I could really do with some weed right about now."

    "What?" Victoria whined. "Are you serious?"

    "Sure. Why not?"

    A smile immediately formed across my face.

    "Lucky for you," I said while reaching into my jacket pocket. "I just might be able to help you there."

    As I produces my hefty joint Daniella's eyes widened.

    "I knew it! I knew you were holding."

    "Yes well, I am Aussie." I snickered. "So I wouldn't want to disappoint you. It is after all what we do. That and drink."

    "Ha!" she laughed as I handed her the chunky spliff. "I knew there was something I liked about you."

    "Err. Are you guys sure about this?" VJ remarked. "I think I'll pass."

    "Fine. Suit yourself." Monet shrugged. "But Seriously, Vee. I really need to get wasted tonight. So don't judge me, okay?"

    With that said, Victoria got up to refill our glasses with alcohol as Daniella and I lit up the joint and took turns smoking it.

    To my amusement it only took Daniella a few tokes for the drug to take full effect. Watching her get all high and fucked up, while still dressed up to the nines was an absolute trip. I don't think I had ever seen anything as sexy.

    "Ah. It's been too long." she sighed, while pulling her knees up onto the sofa before she coughed out her lungs.

    As her knees came up my cock twitched with excitement as two things became abundantly clear.

    Firstly, I realized that in all the commotion Daniella hadn't even managed to take her shoes off yet, which now featured heavily as she placed her sexy feet up onto the sofa cushion.

    Secondly, her already barely-there skirt now hiked up considerably, so much so that I instantly discovered that I now had a perfect view of her panties. In fact her sexy white panties were so predominantly displayed that I was sure I could see the dark crinkles of her pubic hair which were pressed against the sheer-mesh material.

    The mere notion that she would wear such revealing knickers drove me insane with lust.

    I mean for all intensive purposes they were completely sheer and transparent in nature, and did little to conceal her sex. I hadn't even seen anyone wear anything even remotely daring as that aside from a few models on the internet and stuff I had seen in Victoria's Secret catalogues.

    We sat and puffed contentedly for a few minutes before the girls started telling each other crude jokes and giggled uncontrollably.

    I loved every minute of it, especially as every time they laughed together I could see Daniella's tits jiggle through her dress and catch more and more of those incredibly sexy panties.

    "Oh God." Daniella gasped. "I haven't felt this good and relaxed in ages."

    "Really?" VJ smiled.

    "Seriously, Vee. You should try it." she insisted. "It really makes you feel so good."

    Daniella then added. "Pot always makes me so horny."

    "Err. Why do you think I decided to pass?" Justice claimed. "Oops. I can't believe I just said that."

    Judging from her slurred speech, it was only now we all realized just how drunk Victoria in fact was.

    "Do you guys know I haven't had a regular boyfriend since the show started?"

    "What? That long." Daniella laughed. "Geez. I had sex a week ago and I'm already feeling deprived."

    I laughed with the ladies as the drugs and alcohol definitely appeared to take a toll on them and appeared to me them both very talkative and uninhibited. Even worse I could feel my own hormones start to bubble over as I couldn't keep my eyes off Daniella's panties, which continued to make countless appearances.

    But as aroused as I was before, I soon blushed with shame when Daniella caught me glaring directly at her crotch red handed, and instead of being offended she simply giggled with her BFF and appeared to open her legs even further. Jesus. I thought to myself. So she knows I can see her pussy but she don't care?

    "Wow. This is just too much." said Victoria at one point. "I really need to get laid!"

    I held my breath and wondered if I was now just asleep or imagining the entire conversation. I was after all drunk off my ass and high as a kite.

    "Jesus, Vee." Monet quipped. "Don't you still have that Vibrator I bought you for Christmas last year?"

    "Yeah. But that thing can get pretty boring after a while." she giggled. "Besides. I prefer penetration over stimulation, y'know?"

    "In that case, maybe you should give Liz a call." Daniella laughed. "If you can get her lips away from Ariana's pussy that is."

    "Ew. Pass." Victoria grimaced.

    There was a pause in the conversation before Victoria suddenly exclaimed.

    "Oh! I know." VJ added. "Do you still have any of those DVDs lying around?"

    DVDs? I thought. Okay. This is a disappointing twist. Considering the way the conversation was going, who the hell now wanted to watch a movie.

    "Let's watch one of those videos, Dee." Victoria insisted. "Please. Pretty please?"

    Daniella seemed just as surprised by her request. "A video, huh?"

    "Yeah, you know. Those sexy videos Liz bought over a few months back?" she explained, trying to jog her friends memory. "Come on. I know you still have them lying around here somewhere."

    "Sexy videos? Oh!" Daniella finally sighed. "One of 'those' videos."

    "Yeah," said Victoria, taking another deep drink from her glass. "Come on, it'll be fun."

    Daniella looked at me and I shrugged. The idea sounded good to me.

    "I tell you what. You two put on a movie and I'll make us a couple more smokes."

    Daniella cheered to this suggestion and got up and went to search the back of her TV cabinet while I headed back down to the car to roll a couple more joints. My cock was rock hard. I had no idea where the night was leading, but it had already turned out to be a memorable evening.

    Just the mental imagery of Daniella Monet's sheer white panties would be enough in my spank bank for years to come, but I wasn't about to rest on my laurels. When I returned upstairs the girls had finally taken off their shoes and were now lounging more comfortably on the couch.

    I also noticed that the main lights in the apartment were off and on the television screen a scene was playing out already. They hadn't even wasted any time and had picked one of their favorite x-rated videos.

    On the screen a man sat on a couch as two beautiful blonde starlets peeled down his briefs, and slowly licked up the insides of his thighs. I snickered inwardly to myself as I immediately recognized the girls as being Lexi Belle and Jessie Andrews. Soon they had his underwear around his ankles and Lexi took hold of his big black cock and slowly jerked him off.

    "Wow." Victoria said in a husky tone. "This video is pretty explicit."

    "Yeah." Daniella grinned, her eyes glued to the screen. "That's why I like it."

    I handed Daniella another joint and took my place on the recliner when I grinned slyly and watched Victoria ask for a little puff. The girls then proceeded to share the blunt between them and puffed silently for a while as the scene on the TV played out.

    In the video, Jessie was slowly sucking the guy's cock and took more of his length into her mouth as her black mascara leaked down her face. I turned from the screen when I heard Daniella groan.

    In one hand she still held the joint, but her other hand was now massaging her breasts, with urgent movements. I watched as her fingers found a nipple and slowly rubbed it with circular motions.

    Then she pinched it, twisting it between thumb and forefinger until it was standing against the fabric of her dress. I glanced at Victoria and felt my cock grow even harder. She initially looked at her co-star and giggled but then licked her lips and seemed intrigued by Daniella's behavior.

    With bloodshot eyes Daniella noticed VJ staring at her and smiled, "What?"

    "This video is really turning you on, huh."

    "Absolutely." Monet confessed. "I told you. It's almost been an entire week for me."

    Victoria smiled and fed her pretty mouth another drink.

    "Come on." Daniella added. "You can't tell me this scene doesn't turn you on even a little?"

    "No, it does." Victoria admitted. "But."

    "But what?" her friend interrupted her mid sentence. "You know it's okay to show some emotion, Vee. We're all adults here. And I don't know about you, but this scene makes me so fucking wet."

    Just hearing her say this made my cock pulsate inside my pants. There was silence as the ladies returned their attention to the TV before a minute later I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and watched Daniella hike her dress up a little further and slide her hand between her legs, stroking her fingers over her sheer white panties.

    While Victoria was clearly taken aback by this, she held her tongue and just looked back at me and blushed before she returned her attention to the lewd show playing out on the TV.

    Not wanting to seem too eager, I glanced back at the screen to see the porn stud stand up and proceed to fuck the Lexi Belle's mouth. The camera then pulled in for a close-up as Jessie Andrews darted her tongue in and out of Lexi's pussy.

    Hearing DM moan, I glanced back at the girls just in time to catch Daniella rubbing her slit with one hand while her other was placed on Victoria's thigh, and without saying a single word it slowly crept up her friends leg and dipped inside VJ's short skirt.

    At one point they finally took their eyes off the screen and glanced knowingly at each other, before Daniella's hand continued to explore her friend panties and invited her to play.

    "C'mon." I heard Daniella plead. "Don't make me be the only one."

    I assume she was referring to masturbation. Stoned and aroused, VJ simply responded by spreading her knees slightly to accommodate her friends hand and despite blushing she did not resist or object in any way to her friends petting.

    This sexy little sideshow continued over the next several minutes before Daniella finally invited VJ to take the initiative and openly play with herself. I simply sat there dumbfounded.

    High as a kite and stunned into silence I watched as the "Victorious" stars mutually masturbate beside one another, before I finally felt bold enough to reach down and squeeze my cock through my pants. It was during this time that Daniella suddenly looked over at me.

    "What about you?" she grinned. "Are you enjoying yourself over there?"

    I simply nodded as they both looked at each other and then back at the screen. For a minute it was almost as if I didn't exist as they were both caught up in the own worlds.

    "Hmm." Daniella finally muttered. "Why don't you come over here and join us on the couch."

    I looked at Victoria for permission who simply smiled. I noticed that she now had her own dress hiked up around her thighs and her hand was hidden from view beneath that silk red skirt.

    Taking a deep breath, I got up from the recliner to join the ladies but immediately hunched over as I realized just how hard I in fact was, as an obscene tent now formed in the front of my pants for all to see.

    "Mm. You look like you could do with a hand over there." Daniella chuckled, referring to my raging boner.

    "Hmm. I think someones a little excited." commented Victoria, eyeing the outline of my cock.

    "Yeah well." I replied. "I blame you. You made me like this. You both did."

    "Why don't you bring that over here." Daniella smiled, as she continued to rub her slit.

    The entire scene was just so surreal. I don't know if it was the weed, the Tequila, or the combination of the two but it all felt so right.

    With a smug expression on my face, I walked over to the couch and sat between the two (masturbating) ladies, the room reeking of weed and sex. To my delight, Daniella reached up with the same hand she had just had inside her panties and trailed her slick fingers over my lips and under my nose, smearing her essence across my face.

    "See?" she grinned, while flashing me a wink. "This is why it's one of my favorite movies."

    "Jesus." I muttered. "I can smell how wet you are from here."

    I could smell her strong, musky scent. Her fingers were wet with arousal and before I knew what I was doing I opened my mouth to suck them in. The actress initially giggled and then moaned as I licked the sap from her digits. Her pussy tasted incredible.

    I then reached over and squeezed one of her large breasts, causing her to moan again. I felt Daniella's hard nipples through the smooth cloth of her grey dress. She now had one of her hands resting on her lap as I noticed that she had pulled her sheer panties to the side and was plunging two fingers deep into her cunt, frigging her clit with her thumb at the same time.

    Her eyes had moved back to the screen as I turned to see just what was so captivating. There, the well hung stud had mounted Lexi Belle from behind and was now pile driving his thick black cock deep into her young pussy.

    "Oh. Fuck that looks so hot." Daniella purred, as she twiddled her clit more feverishly.

    "I bet if feels just as good as it looks too." I whispered into her ear, tickling the tender side of her neck with my breath.

    "Mm. Yeah." she breathed, plunging her fingers deep into her cunt again and fucking herself. "His cock looks so fucking hard."

    "And look how deep she's taking it." I remarked. "She's almost taking his entire length."

    "Mm." Daniella groaned. "I like that. I like it nice and deep like that."

    I took this opportunity to pull the front of her dress down to reveal her sexy bra. It was one of those brands that was made entirely of lace, and almost completely see-through just like her panties. I could see the dark areolas of her nipples jutting out against the material.

    As I fondled and teased her hardened nipples through the fabric, I suddenly felt fingers tugging at the button to my pants. I glanced down and was surprised to see Victoria had already slipped one of the buttons free and was drawing down my fly.

    In all the excitement I had almost forgotten that she was seated behind me, masturbating furiously. But now she had my full and undecided attention. As Victoria grinned and attempted to work on my pants, Daniella reached back and unsnapped her lace bra.

    I suddenly found it hard to concentrate and didn't know which direction to look. The bra clung from one shoulder as if she'd been in too much of a hurry to pull it all the way off. But it was her remarkable breasts that held my gaze.

    I was so enthralled by those luscious round globes that I didn't notice Victoria had freed my cock until I felt the warmth of her hand encircle the base. I gasped with surprise and looked back at Daniella and saw her eyes staring hungrily at my freed member, as Victoria slowly stroked my cock up and down.

    In an instant I leaned over and kissed Trina Vega hard on the lips as she immediately reciprocated by thrusting her own wet tongue into my mouth. I shuddered from the dual pleasure of Daniella tongue-kissing me while her BFF now stroked my cock. My mind was reeling.

    "You want her, don't you." Daniella said, pulling back slightly and grinning at me wickedly. "You want Victoria to suck your cock."

    "God. Yes." I admitted.

    "If you only knew how hot and wet weed makes the two of us." she claimed between kisses. "All Victoria has been talking about for the last week is how badly she needs to get fucked."

    "She has?"

    Daniella nodded.

    "You know, there is only so many times I can get her off with my tongue and fingers." she then added. "The girl needs a hard cock."

    Her comment made me groan into her mouth.

    "Hmm. You know, I'd pay good money to see that." I grinned. "To see you eat her pussy."

    "Mm. I bet you WOOD." she teased, referring to the "wood" in my pants. "But first things first. Victoria needs a cock."

    I simply grinned, as I felt the starlet stroke my penis.

    "You don't mind if she sucks your dick, do you?" DM asked rhetorically. "You don't mind if she has some fun with you tonight?"

    Before I could answer, I felt Victoria engulf me in her hot wet mouth, causing me to close my eyes and groan audibly.

    "Oh. Shit." I let out, as I felt her hot velvet tongue go to work.

    "And guess what?" Daniella said, leaning close to whisper into my ear. "I'll let you in on a little secret."

    "What?" I moaned, as I felt Victoria Justice suck my dick.

    "Victoria likes it in the ass. She wants you to fuck her in the ass tonight."

    I almost came right then and there.


    I had always wanted to fuck the two of them from the very first time I had seen them on the small screen, but now I suddenly found myself in the fortunate position of not only sleeping with them but drilling VJ in the ass?

    Feeling bold, I slipped my right hand down Victoria's spine until I reached her butt. I squeezed her cheek over her dress, and moaned at its firmness. There really wasn't anything better than 19-year-old booty.

    Nothing on earth. I slid my hand inside her short skirt and felt the silky soft material of her panties. I could feel her arousal long before I reached the opening to her pussy.

    Since she was leaning forward to suck my dick, her ass was raised slightly off the sofa, giving me just enough room to slip one finger into her sopping wet cunt. The teen starlet groaned against my shaft when I entered her with one finger and proceeded to slowly finger-fuck her, while I leaned over to take one of Daniella's full breasts into my mouth.

    When my finger was slick with her juices, I shifted my hand slightly until I could feel her tight little bunghole and rubbed it hesitantly, then harder as I heard her moan around my cock in response.

    "Mmpphhff. Yes." Victoria moaned approvingly, as I fingered her butt. "Mm. I like that."

    I felt one of her hands leave my shaft and I knew she was slipping it down between her legs to rub her pussy.

    "For the love of god." I moaned. "Take off that fucking dress. I need you naked already."

    This seemed to make her giggle and as she reluctantly straightened up to take off her outfit, I became dimly aware of Daniella shifting beside me on the sofa to take Victoria's place on my cock.

    Victoria was still taking off her dress as I felt Daniella lunge forward from the side and gobble my cock all the way into the back of her narrow throat. Gagging briefly, she drooled her spit all over my sword before VJ returned and immediately joined the fray, and the two now proceeded to suck my cock in unison.

    I now reached down and ran my fingers through both of their long hair as they proceeded to service me, one working my balls while the other worked the tip.

    At one point I lay back and groaned as they both wrapped their lips around the base of my shaft and together slid their wet mouths up and down my fat length, only to have Daniella ultimately engulf my bell-end.

    As this went on, I slipped my hand back between Victoria's now naked legs and twiddled her clit before I searched out that pretty little bunghole of hers. She sighed softly as I slipped the tip of my finger back inside her hot shitter and felt an extra tightness squeeze around my digit.

    "Ugh. Yeah." Victoria breathed, through half-slitted eyes. "Play with my ass."

    I happily obliged, and gently eased another finger into her butt which caused her to cry out in rapture and suck my cock with renewed vigor.

    "God Yes." I growled down at her. "Suck my dick, baby. Suck it like you mean it."

    The 19-year-old starlet finally shuddered as I removed my digits from her twitching orifice and presented them to Daniella's lips, who immediately sucked them into her mouth.

    My cock spasmed to this unbridled display and I knew I was in danger of climaxing soon but desperately wanted to prolong the affair. Victoria must have sensed this as she suddenly slowed her assault on my cock and turned her face towards me.

    "Are you going to fuck me in the ass tonight or what?" she slurred seductively. "Well. Are you?"

    I merely nodded at first, praying to god this wasn't just another one of my perverted dreams.

    "Is that what you want princess?" I replied while caressing her pretty face. "You want me to fuck that sweet ass of yours?"

    "Damn straight." Daniella chimed in. "She needs it in the worse possible way."

    A moment later Victoria stood up and gripped my cock in her hand and grinned down at me.

    "I want you inside me. Now."

    With that said, she got up on her knees on the couch and raised her ass up in the air.

    From this position I could see her ass cheeks were naturally spread and the puffy wet lips of her pussy peeked out from between her slender thighs. Without any further ado, I got down behind her and slowly licked up one shiny thigh, tasting her soft sweaty flesh as I traced my tongue towards her gleaming wet sex.

    She moaned audibly as I finally sucked her pretty little pussy into my mouth, savoring every morsel inch of her teen sex and the juices that accompanied it. God she tasted exquisite. Like the sweetest spicy nectar in the world.

    "Ugh. You bastard." she moaned hungrily, never expecting me to actually devour her sweet cunt.

    "Mm. Lick her ass." Daniella suggested. "Trust me. She likes it."

    How could I not oblige? I ran my tongue up and down between her lovely cheeks until I felt her puckered anus under the tip of my tongue. Victoria groaned again and pushed her butt back against my face.

    I fucked her hole with my tongue, knowing in a few moments it would be my cock impaling her, opening her up, shooting streams of jism into her Puerto-Rican ass.

    "Ugh! Fuck. Ohmigod. Oh." she moaned aloud, as she gripped the edge of the sofa tightly. "God that feels good. Deeper. Oh. Yes."

    Sensing she was ready, I stood up on my knees and brushed the tip of my cock along the crack of her ass. Her cheeks hugged me and I had to breathe deeply to calm my racing heart. I wanted this to last. I wanted to fuck her ass good and proper.

    I could barely wait to go through with the deed, but first I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and gradually pushed forward to bury my wick. She was so incredibly hot and wet I thought I was going to cum.

    Clutching her by the hips, I looked over at Daniella and saw she was leaned back against the arm of the couch with her legs spread wide rubbing her clit furiously.

    After a few more strokes, I slipped myself out of Victoria's dripping pussy and positioned my cock at the opening to her ass. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Her ass seemed so tight that I didn't seem possible to fuck.

    Nevertheless, I pressed the head against her opening and slowly inched forward and increased the pressure.

    Hesitantly, I felt my cock burrow its way inside her caboose. The head of my cock eventually slipped past the first sphincter muscle and I was engulfed in a world of heat and tightness.

    "Holy shit." I let out, as it felt as though her ass was sucking me in and would never let up.

    I pushed my full length into her derriere and she gasped with delight. It was just about the most incredible sensation I had ever experienced. So much so I thought I was going to pass out. Daniella now watched with an expression of rapt attention on her face.

    Her mouth hung open and she breathed in deep, gasping breaths. In her excitement she had slipped lower on the couch and now her gleaming wet sex was directly beneath Victoria's face. The "Victorious" star must have sensed the strong scent of pussy in front of her because she opened her eyes and looked straight into her friends dripping wet crevice.

    I almost shot my load inside VJ's ass when I watched her voluntarily drop her head between her friends spread legs and spear out her tongue and lick the side of her vulva.

    Even from my vantage point behind her I could see Victoria's tongue teasingly work around her pubic mound, smearing her saliva all around her sex before she finally moved her tongue in the direction of Daniella's dripping lips. I could feel Victoria's ass grip and squeeze my throbbing member as she licked her friends pussy, driving Daniella insane.

    "Ugh. Oh. Right there." Monet grunted with her head flung back. "Do it. Eat my pretty little pussy Vee. Oh God. I love your tongue."

    I'll never forget that image of Victoria's pink tongue gliding across her best friends pussy, gleaming with excitement. Daniella's eyes were closed and her mouth was agape. Then she began to breathe faster and I could tell that she was approaching her climax.

    She gripped the edge of the couch with one hand so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Her other hand massaged her breasts, pulling and tugging at her dark nipples. Suddenly she cried out again and grabbed Victoria's head with both hands, grinding her slick mouth into her streaming wet cunt and forcing Victoria to gulp down her pussy juice.

    "UGH! You little slut!" she cried. "Ugh. You're gonna make me cuuummm!"

    The incredible sensation of Victoria's ass wrapped snugly around the shaft of my cock and the sight of Daniella thrashing about wildly and climaxing in front of us was too much for me to take.

    I finally lost control and exploded deep inside her backdoor, filling it to the brim with hot gooey spunk. Victoria gasped as my load erupted deep inside her, while I had never cum so hard in my entire life.

    With one final thrust, I utterly destroyed her teenage ass and regretfully extracted my spent cock with a wet pop.

    "Wow." Daniella panted out of breath. "That was just. So. Fucking. Hot."

    "Feel better now?" I replied, referring to her messy break up earlier that evening.

    Daniella simply smiled back at me in a daze.

    "Yep. Absolutely. Thanks." she beamed. "This was exactly what we needed."

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    Another amazing story TPG!! I agree with Nikki, this will keep me occupied for a while. Though I'm hoping for a part two since Daniella didn't get a good stuffing yet

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    Well done! I second sid's motion for a second part... gotta let loose on DM's titties man!

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    Wow after reading that I feel inspired, I hope there is a Part 2 for Daniella's sake. Awesome job

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    I really wanna see a part 2 with more Daniella. Amazing story.

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