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Thread: "Slumber Party 3: Seven Minutes in Heaven" with Taylor Momsen and Emily Osment

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    fanfiction "Slumber Party 3: Seven Minutes in Heaven" with Taylor Momsen and Emily Osment

    Slumber Party 3: Seven Minutes in Heaven
    With Taylor Momsen and Emily Osment
    Written by GIGGIDYGOO

    DISCLAIMER: This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are under age or easily offended stop reading now.

    Taylor Momsen exited the bedroom without even a slight limp in her step despite the encounter with Debby and her uncle. The singer by now had plenty of experience receiving a large object up her derriere for her to walk as if nothing had even touched her. It had been something surreal for her as she had gone looking for the older attractive man but found something even greater than she could have ever expected. Now Taylor was walking down the hall to the bathroom on the first floor to tidy up and make sure there was nothing that could give her away.

    Looking at the reflection in the mirror she saw the thick layer of mascara was now a face mask with it being smeared all over her face. A bright red pair of cheek, red from the slaps, peeked from under the black plaster of makeup. With a few squirts of hand soap the blonde rubbed the cleaning liquid across her face until it covered her completely so that with a few splashes of water the makeup easily fell off. She rinsed off her skin and with a fresh, clean look the singer admired her appearance.

    This only brought on another problem. Her face hadn't been this spotless while in public for any occasion in a long time making her think that people would find it suspicious and start asking questions. It might seem like an exaggeration but it had happened before. After a show where most of her mascara had run down to her chin Taylor decided to just clean up and not re-apply the face paint. Outside fans quickly questioned her even her friend grilled her about it. The large amount of makeup had now become a must everywhere she went and this was no different.
    Unfortunately she had not planned for this and was left there working something out. Thinking quickly the blonde remembered that she had a pair of sunglasses in the pocket of her leather jacket that hung in the closet she passed on her way. Taylor bolted out of the bathroom for the walk-in near the main entrance. She opened the door and rifled through the various coats until she found the one that belonged to her, reaching into the pocket the singer pulled out a pair of shades that covered half of her face. Unbeknownst to the singer there was someone was in search for her.

    "Where have you been?" Emily Osment spoke scaring Taylor who dropped the glasses.

    Momsen hurried to pick up her specs, bending her body in half to do so causing her underwear ride up her butt and her hole to sting. The pain increased when Emily placed her hands on the creamy cheeks giving them a massage.

    The blonde starlets had begun a secret relationship six months before during a girl's night that started off with a few drinks and a game of truth or dare and ended with them masturbating together. From then on their meetings got hotter and wilder until they found themselves in what they now considered a crazy yet loving relationship.

    "Just around" Taylor answered nervously her back to Emily.

    "We've been looking for you. We wanted to see if you wanted to get in the pool" Emily tried to put her hand into the front of Taylor's underwear.

    "What are you doing?" the guilty singer pulled away.

    "You know what I'm doing" Emily forced her hand under the thin fabric and made contact with the wet sex.

    "Not here, someone could see us" Taylor managed to move away and turned to face her friend, forgetting her makeup less face.

    Emily was taken aback by Momsen's sudden shyness; she would usually be the one initiating these types of sexual escapades. Due to Taylor's seven inch stripper heels the once "Hanna Montana" actress raised her stare to her friend's face and was surprised by what she saw.

    "Why are you not wearing any makeup?" Em placed her hand on Taylor's face.

    "Is it that weird that I'm going au natural?" Momsen grabbed her friend's hand and planted a kiss on it.

    "Besides I thought you hated the amount of makeup I wear?"

    "I do, but I haven't seen you without makeup since…ever so...yeah it's weird."

    Em stood on her tippy toes.

    "You are the most beautiful girl in the world" with that the blondes embraced in a tender kiss.

    Emily tasted the inside of Taylor's mouth, her hands traveling up the singer's long smooth legs to end up under her shirt/dress. The short actress gave the round rump a slap and nice little squeeze getting a whimper from the scantily dressed singer.

    "What was that?" Em gave Taylor a suspicious look.

    "What was what?" the singer played dumb.

    "This" Osment used a Kung Fu grip on her lover's derriere.

    A mixture of pain and pleasure shot up Taylor's rectum. Emily held on tight knowing that despite Taylor's face the tall vixen was enjoying herself.

    "Nothing, you just did it a bit too hard" Taylor avoided eye contact knowing well that would get her caught.

    What was going on? Emily wondered. Momsen was definitely hiding something and she was going to find out no matter what.

    "I did? Well how about now?" Emily repeated the treatment this time making sure to latch on with all her might.

    Their bodies pressed together, Taylor getting that wonderful feeling in her backside.

    "You like this don't you?" Emily began "When I make you're little butt hurt and dig into you using three fingers..."

    Taylor imagined as Emily described.

    "...moving them in and out so fast you can't see them only feel how deep they go into you."

    "Oh god they stretch me so much." Taylor groaned.

    "Would you like me to do that right now? Finger your beautiful little ass." Emily scratched the back hole over the thin piece of fabric that Taylor called underwear.

    "Yes, stick them deep in my ass."

    Still standing in front of the hall closet Taylor pulled her friend inside making sure no one saw them before closing the door. The coat room was actually rather big in size, enough for the teens to move around freely.

    "Fuck my ass with your fingers" the blonde begged.

    "I don't know. I can't tell if you really mean it" Emily teased.

    The tall singer snaked her arms around Emily holding her close to look her in the eyes as she spoke.

    "I want you" her hand ran through her lover's hair "to fuck" Taylor leaned in closer "my ass with you hand" the blonde planted her lips on the shorter girl.

    Swapping spit the girls embraced, a burning desire traveled though their veins.

    "I'm going to fuck you good."

    "Yes you will" Taylor glowed.

    "On one condition."

    "Sure" the blonde didn't even think it over.

    "Tell me why that beautiful ass of yours hurts if I haven't had fun with it in over a week" Emily slipped her hands back into Taylor's boy short, the soft buttocks held firmly in her hand.

    "Did you have fun without me?"

    Taylor nodded.

    "How come you didn't invite me?" the blonde grazed Taylor's abused hole making her wince.

    "It just happened" she avoided details.

    "Who was it?" Emily was enjoying having the upper hand.

    Taylor did her best to keep her secret but the longer Emily kept her digit at her asshole the more Taylor weakened.

    "I won't do it until you tell me" Emily warned.


    "Fine then guess I'll just leave" Em knew this would have a greater affect.

    "I had sex with Debby's Uncle" Momsen blurted her longing getting the best of her.

    Em wasn't completely surprised but for some reason she gasped. The blonde stared expressionless at Taylor.

    "Are you mad?" Taylor looked down at Emily worried of how she would react.

    It took a minute before Emily finally spoke.

    "How was it?" the blonde urged her friend to give all the details.

    "It was exceptional" the singer confessed "he's huge and he shoved it in there good and proper" Taylor's juices began to flow just remembering "the best part was when he came in my mouth"

    "I knew I tasted something" Emily's tongue ran across her lips in search of the flavor.

    "But why didn't you tell me? I want to fuck him too" Emily smacked Taylor as punishment, the singer moaned.

    Taylor went on to explain how the big event went down of course leaving out the fact that Debby was part of it.

    "And don't worry I'll make sure he fucks that pretty little pussy" Taylor assured her now aroused friend.

    "But right now I want you for myself" the towering teen held Emily's face and gave her a long passionate kiss.

    Emily moaned at the tongue that was invading her throat. The half-naked singer pinned her lover against the wall her hands fondling Emily's breasts over her shirt. The ex-Disney star traced her finger along the outline of Taylor's sex.

    "Let me see it" Emily muttered as she pulled away and ducked under Taylor's arm to move behind her.

    Em lifted the shirt. Taylor pushed her butt out and leaned forward until her face rested on the wall. Osment dropped to her knees and separated the slender limbs to kiss the smooth inner thighs, tiny moans escaped Taylor. The blonde crept upward to caress the firm rump, the sweet essence of Taylor's slit reached her nose.

    The actress's face pressed against her friend's backside, she took a long whiff to absorb the strong scent while her tongue stretched out to taste the wet spot on the boy shorts.

    The teen's fingers hooked onto the waist band of the underwear as she slowly peeled the fabric from Taylor's round butt and down her long legs to leave her naked from the waist down. Taylor opened her legs wide and lowered her body allowing Emily to admire the marvelous bottom. To Em's surprise the hole was red and still slightly opened. The hypnotized teen realized that it had been a rough session, this only excited her more.

    "Does it hurt a lot?" Emily asked as she placed her thumb at the entrance.

    "Only when you do that" Taylor cooed "but you know how much I enjoy that."

    "Do you want me to keep making it feel good?"

    Taylor looked over her shoulder to nod in agreement.

    "But you have to tell me, beg me to make your pretty asshole feel better" Emily blew some warm air on the hole teasing her lover.

    "Ooooh...Em, make my ass feel better...please...please" Taylor's body was already trembling.

    Emily stuffed a thumb into the opened orifice causing Taylor to groan with delight.

    "Yes...Em...Keep going...More" the singer's pussy was drenched and her backside was on fire.

    "I don't know" the actress pulled out her thumb to the first knuckle.

    "No, wait...I need you to finger my ass, I love you Emily...please" the need obvious in her voice.

    With that Emily pushed the digit back and began a slow back and forth movement to please her friend. The moans increased as the thumb moved faster, despite the openness of the hole it still managed to get a tight grip on Emily's digit.

    With a few more pumps Em removed her finger from the gaping hole and moved to stand next to Taylor and offered her the thumb which the singer happily took between her lips. Taylor grinned as she sucked the taste of her ass off her friend's hand.

    "How's the taste of your asshole?" Emily took the thumb out and introduced it into her own mouth.

    "Delicious" Taylot grinned.

    The actress now took the time to remove Taylor's shirt and leave her completely naked, except for the clear stripper heels.

    Emily pressed her body against Taylor's and whispered

    "Now I'm going to make that pretty little ass hurt for not including me."

    The ex "Gossip Girl" star loved when Emily took charge, as the occasions were few.

    Taylor's appetite had gone from a spark to a wildfire in no time. Emily kissed her way down Momsen's back sending shivers up her spine and goose bumps to cover the slender body. With a hand on each cheek Em ran her tongue along the crack only to move away when she got close to the awaiting orifice.

    Taylor knew what her lover was doing and it was working and she did her best to keep the contact. With no result and becoming desperate to have Emily's wet tongue inside her asshole Taylor took a clump of her friend's head and held her still while her body moved back.

    Caught off guard Emily found herself being suffocated by a soft round butt while her tongue slipped with ease into the deep hole.

    Taylor cooed at the wonderful sensation in her rump until Emily was able to pull her tongue back and close her mouth. Her pearly whites scrapped the sensitive anal ring causing Taylor to ease up on.

    "That's it now you're going to get it" Emily barked.

    Taylor gleamed with excitement but looked on in confusion as Emily rifled through the pile of bags until she opened Debby's duffle bag.

    "I knew she would have it."

    Momsen's eyes grew with anticipation when she saw Em waving a large purple vibrator.

    The blonde didn't even take the time to prepare her friend. With a push of a button the fake penis came alive and was instantly buried deep in Taylor's bowels.

    Bit by bit the sex toy re-stretched her willing brown eye and its internal passageway. Taylor did very little to hide her excitement of the very familiar sensation that was now pushing its way through her.

    The vibrating sent waves of pleasure she could feel all the way to her stomach. Emily moved the purple schlong out gently to put in her mouth and taste what she had enjoyed many times before. With a menacing look she rammed the toy back in.

    Taylor's back arched to the point where it seemed broken in half, her eyes turned white, and her mouth emitted a sound Emily had never heard before.

    The singer couldn't believe her eyes as she looked down to find her left thigh and hand covered in a thick layer of Taylor's fluids. The body trembled not from the vibrator in her backside but from the end result of the movement.

    Two pumps. It had only taken to pumps to get Taylor to climax, something that shocked and intrigued Emily. Her arm was still moving the culprit of that orgasm in and out from between the two plump hams. Due to the unexpected orgasm Taylor's body gave out and dropped to the ground. Emily remained behind, moving closer and now using her knee to hold the vibrator in place giving the blonde usage of her hands.

    The extremities clawed Taylor's perky set of tits; pulling the pointy nipples to their limit. Emily's leg eased up on her victim's behind giving her some rest before adding even more force when she pushed the toy up the abused hole.

    "Is that what you want?" Emily slapped a boob.

    Taylor just nodded her ability to speak temporarily disabled.

    "Well then. Tell me" Em moved her leg away letting most of the vibrator slide out.

    "Give me all you got" Taylor responded.

    Just as she was about to grant her lover's wish Emily turned the vibrator off. Taylor turned back to Emily who had her finger to her mouth signaling her to stay quiet. The sound of footsteps outside the closet caused the teens to panic especially when they seemed to stop right outside. There was silence from both sides but a shadow lingered outside.

    The actresses had inadvertently stopped breathing worried that the slightest sound would give them away. They waited for the door to swing open and their friends to be standing there. Instead the shadow moved away then a scampering of feet sounded loud but quickly faded as they moved away. Air filled their lungs again feeling a huge relief.

    "That was close, but where were we?" Emily moved her leg forward until it was pressed between her lover's butt stuffing almost the entire dildo up Momsen's rectum.

    Only a small piece of fake cock stayed out but the rest was stretching her back passage.

    "Push it in there good" Taylor pleaded.

    Emily did as was told. The blonde moved her leg away and placed her knee at the end of the toy. The vibrator slowly slid out being rejected by Taylor's punished ass, the staff wet from the singer's insides. With one quick move Em hammered at the plastic dick.

    Taylor howled at the top of her lungs. Her organs shook and the entire body became a pot of pleasure. Emily did it again with a fast swing she tapped the steak this time holding it in place when it entered her lover to its entirety. Taylors head swung back almost breaking her neck and the noise became mute but her mouth remained opened. She clawed at the wall leaving marks behind.

    "You like that you little slut" Emily berated.

    "Do you? You're a fucking whore for sleeping with your friend's uncle."

    Taylor couldn't believe her ears but she knew Em didn't mean a word she was saying. The ex "Hanna Montana" star had always wanted to be the domineering one in the relationship at least during sex and had attempted to take control a few times but never had the guts to go through with it. It seemed she had them this time.

    "Spreading your legs for strangers to have their way with you" Emily struck the dildo again.

    "Answer me" she pulled the Pretty Reckless singer's hair.

    Their faces were next to each other.

    "Huh? You like getting your tight little as ripped by a large cock?" She growled.

    "Yes" Taylor whimpered.

    "I can't hear you" Em without thinking swung her hand smacking Taylor right on the cheek.

    Why did people think it was okay to slap her? Not that she didn't like it.

    "Yes I do" cried Taylor.

    "You do what?" Another smack.

    "I love spreading my ass so strange men can stuff their large vainy cocks inside and fill me up with cum."

    Taylor's words made Em so wet she could feel it dripping onto the floor. She grabbed Taylor by the waist and brought her back onto the purple vibrating apparatus. It slammed the inner most depths of the actress who could do no more than vocalize her pleasure.

    "Em. Yes. More."

    Osment pushed her away then tugged her back.

    "Fuuuck me" Taylor begged in-between sobs.

    Again Emily pushed and pulled the slender body.


    The vibrator sounded as it moved in and out of the gaping rear of the onetime "Gossip Girl" star.

    "Take that you dirty tramp."

    The type of power she had over Taylor was spectacular something she had never imagined feeling. Why had Em never done this before? It's crazy to think that their positions were usually flipped with Taylor giving the "punishment" and Emily receiving it but not anymore. Em was determined to show her lover she too could give her the type of pleasure the tall blonde enjoyed the most.

    "I'm a filthy slut that deserve to be punished" Taylor added.

    Her mouth was the only part of her body that Taylor could control at the moment, the rest didn't respond in the least. She wanted to push back and keep the pole up her ass for minutes and her clit needed some attention but none was possible on her own.

    "Yeah? What kind of punishment did you have in mind?" Emily asked not that she was going to comply.

    "My clit..." was all she could answer before she quieted with another long hard vibrating invasion of her brown hole.

    Emily moved a hand from the hip to the wet vagina, the trimmed mat of pubes soaked with her friend's essence. The nub hidden under the hood yearned for attention which the blonde planned on giving it.

    "You want me to rub your clit?" The actress stroked it a couple of times.

    Taylor moaned.

    "Are you sure?"

    Another moan.

    "But wouldn't you rather I give it this?"

    The teen took hold of the nub between her index and thumb then pressed it while shaking it aggressively.


    "How about this?"

    The hand swatted the slit hard getting the clit perfectly, non coherent sound escaped Taylor.

    Emily went again hitting the slimy pussy over and over focusing on the little pebble between Taylor's lips while her leg kept the vibrating toy buried deep inside the singer's sphincter. Momsen cried out in pleasure as she finally got what she wanted.

    Waves of pure unadulterated pleasure ran thru Taylor, every last inch of her body felt it. It was an incredible high that he singer had once before felt and now was being replicated by the one person she had hope would make her feel this way.

    They were cheek to cheek with Emily looking down past the perky breast and toned stomach to her busy hand. Her leg shook from the vibrating but her hand moved because she was satisfying her lover's need. The juice was flowing and the smell was exquisite. Yet this was not enough for Emily, she wanted to push this further.

    "Hold it there" Emily placed Taylor's hand on the lifeless vibrator.

    The singer looked back over her shoulder confused of what her friend was doing. Em rifled throught the belongings of the others.

    "Are they too lazy to tie laces?" Emily mumbled.

    Shoelaces? What did Emily want with that?

    "I said keep it in there" Em shoved the toy back in its place.

    Taylor was tired, her energy so low that the vibrator escaped her grasp from both her hand and anus. Her ass burned and hurt to no end something that for others would be torture but to Taylor this was true pleasure.

    "Here we go" Em pulled a Chuck Taylor high top from Debby's bag and proceded to remove the white shoelace.

    "What are you doing?" The singer just wanted the blonde to continue.

    "You'll see" Emily turned with the piece of string high in the air as if where a trophy.

    The actress moved behind Taylor placing the shoelace under the vibrator. She centered the toy then wrapped the end with the piece of string twice.

    "You can let go" Emily pushed the hand away.

    There was plenty of shoelace left for Emily to pull it around her waist and tie the ends as best she could behind her, the end of the toy secured in place at her own crotch.

    "So how did HE do it?"

    Emily had to hear how it happened, how the attrative older man took her beautiful lover and ravaged that delicious ass that the blonde had enjoyed many times.

    "He fucked me hard" Taylor snipped.

    "Shoved me on the bed; pinning me down with his muscular body."

    Emily could feel her temperature rising as she heard the encounter between Taylor and Debby's uncle.

    "He pushed my legs open with his knees and used his big strong hands to pull my ass cheeks apart."

    The juices began to flow and drip from Taylor's slit.

    "I begged him to fuck me, to tear my ass. Then I felt it." Taylor made pause for dramatic effect.

    "His round tip stretched my hole forcing its way inside my ass" the singer pushed back on the make shift strap-on.

    "It was huge and so long it felt like it would never end."

    "What happened next?" Emily questioned anxiously.

    "He stayed buried inside for a few second before slowly pulling out."

    Emily moved her hips back dragging the vibrator out the snug tunnel, the thick veins and the rim of the head bruising the walls. Taylor moaned with delight from the roughness of the vibrator on her sensitive behind.

    "He left the tip inside" the singer added catching on to what her lover was doing.

    Proving the singer right Em left the mushroom tip wedged at her back.

    "Then what did he do?"

    "He pushed that large cock all the way back in."

    Before Taylor could say anything else the actress plowed forward as fast and hard as she could. Like a train the vibrator raced along the endless tunnel to the most deep part of the female's rectum.

    "Like that?" Emily hissed.

    "Shit, just like that" Taylor's body convulsed her anal ring throbbing around the base of the toy.

    "He did it again" Momsen panted.

    Emily retreated excruciatingly slow to invade hard as if were and army of thousands. The singer craned her neck back every time the toy plunged into her. The actress' hands snake around the singer brushing the soft skin, holding her close. She moved out and thrusted back in. The mounds of flesh on Taylor's chest jiggled freely just above Em's exploring hand. She pounded harder getting the breast to dance on her finger while the other hand made its way down below.

    "Faster" Taylor groaned.

    There was no response.

    "HE fucked me faster."

    Like a hypnotized person hearing the key word Emily reved up the speed, the booty clapped against the actress's pelvis.

    "Mmmmm yeah" Taylor purred.

    Em' hand draped over the wet sex with the middle finger tickling the slit while her palm rubbed the engorged clit. Up above the right hand groped Taylor's breast; squeezing the grapefruit size hump and tweaking the nipple.

    "You're so wet right now" Emily whispered.

    "Your dirty slut is horny" the singer returned.

    "Yeah, why is that?" Emily gave a hard thrust forward so much so that Taylor's stomach touched the wall.

    "Because you're fucking my ass like him" Taylor screeched.

    "Who else fucked your ass like this?"

    Another rough impalement leaving Taylor's middle between a wall and a hard (fake) cock.

    "Joe" the singer breathed.

    "Say it louder you whore!" The blonde bucked her hips hard when she spoke but was gentle when she it was Taylor's turn to speak.

    Smack, Taylor's body hit the barrier in front of her.

    "Joe...AAAH" Em's digits penetrated the singer and the vibrator moved again.

    "Say his name. I want to hear you asking him to fuck you."

    Was this real? Was this really Emily? She had never acted like this before, sure she had been rough but not like this.

    "Fuck my ass Joe, please fuck my ass."

    Like an aphrodisiac the words turned on the actress in a way she couldn't explain. Her hand worked faster as did her hips. Taylor could feel a new pleasure brewing deep inside that was now ready to explode.

    "Say it again" Em slapped the tit.

    "Destroy my ass Uncle Joe."

    "Fucking whore…" Em took a hold of Taylor's neck "…now beg ME."

    "Ooooh…Em, take my ass; fuck me until I can't walk right."

    The actress' grip tightened on her lover's throat.

    "Choke me like HE did" Taylor used the magic word.

    "Such a sexy bitch" Em complimented as she prevented air from reaching Taylor's lungs.

    The singer's face was a bright red, her butt no longer tight and her pussy dripping like a leaky faucet. It wall all too much for the teen who could handle most but was no match for Emily today. With a faint moan the singer climaxed releasing a sea of juice onto Em's hand and the hard wood floor. Water gushed out of the quivering pussy plastering Emily with a thick delicious sap.

    "Have some" the actress allowed Taylor to take in some oxygen.

    "Take it babe" it was now a soft, caring voice that spoke to Taylor.

    "Don't you want any?" Em smiled innocently.

    How could she do that? Change her demeanor like that.

    "Come on try it."

    The teen separated the lips with her girl juice covered middle finger and thumb while the index finger entered Taylor's mouth.

    The tired teen lapped at the sweet digit, sucking it clean from every last bit of her honey. Soon two more fingers moved into her mouth with the longer one poking down her throat. The singer choked and gagged on Emily's hand, strands of saliva dribbled out the sides of Taylor's lips and down her face.

    "So beautiful," Emily moved her hips to a soft rhythm.

    "Such a good slut with a pretty little ass and tight pussy."

    Em removed her hand, Taylor coughed, the vibrations of each felt at every hole; her eyes teary but happy. The wet hand ran down the front smearing saliva and cunt water along the naked skin.

    "I could fuck you all day, you know that? That's how much I love you."

    Taylor grunted at the comment.

    "I love you too" the singer whimpered.

    Em dug her hand into Taylor.

    "Cum for me one more time baby" Osment used her tender voice.

    "Don't stop and I will" Taylor replied with a hoarse voice.

    While one hand abused Taylor, Emily's other hand wondered down to where the bodies met. With no trouble she found the small switch of the toy and changed its position bringing the lifeless cock to life, but as quickly as it was on the plastic cock died.

    "Did I hurt you?"

    Momsen shook her head.

    "But that's what you want isn't it slut?" Emily's voice was tough, almost scaring the blonde at her disposal.

    With a push the plastic manhood rammed inside the sphincter, the long fingers scraped the wall surrounding them.

    "YYYYEEESSSS!!!!" Taylor howled, both holes abused and satisfied.

    Taylor's entire being shook in despair to the ecstasy of the orgasm that rolled through her entire body. Emily held her close nibbling her neck while her hand continued exploring her insides keeping the natural high going. Her back hole contracted but didn't close fully causing the sex toy to easily slide out of her, no need to push. Emily freed her lover from any invasive artifacts. With close to no energy Taylor fell back on her butt.

    "Unngh" she groaned at the stinging.

    Meanwhile Emily untied the shoelace from around her waist removing the home made strap-on.

    "Just wait for what I'm going to do to you" Taylor warned with a devilish spark in her eyes.

    "Can't wait" Osment answered nonchalantly as she sucked on the purple cock, the essence of her lover's ass overwhelmingly delicious.

    Taylor moved forward reaching for the vibrator but was slapped away by the same.

    "What do you think you're doing?"

    "It's my turn to…"

    "No, no, no, no, no" Emily cut in.

    "What do you mean no?" Taylor was upset.

    "Well, see, you promised me something and I'm not putting out until you pay up."

    Em playfully brought the toy down hard on Taylor's drenched pussy, teasing, something that the singer was not in the mood for.

    "You mean I can't fuck you until Joe does?" Taylor let out a chuckled trying to hold herself together.

    "That's right" Emily crawled to Taylor.

    "Once I've had that big, thick dick then you can do what you want with me."

    Taylor felt betrayed but thought it was only fair.

    "Why not just go up to him and tell him to have sex with you, he is a guy after all" Taylor stated the obvious.

    "Not going to keep to your word? Then I won't have to keep to mine" Em propped herself on her knees motioning she was going to leave.

    "Fine, but promise I can have my way with you right after."

    "Promise" Emily beamed.

    The teens embraced in a more than passionate kiss to seal the deal. It was after five solid minutes of spit swapping that Taylor broke the kiss to speak.

    "Let's go find ourselves some cock."

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    Great addition GIGGIDYGOO. Seven Minutes in Heaven indeed. :gold:

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    Hot damn G. More! Great as always!

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    WOW!!! That was so freaking hot

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    Amazing - this is getting better and better... Too Good..!

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