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Thread: Hollywood Cruise Ship (chain story)

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    Chat Hollywood Cruise Ship (chain story)


    Adventures you have during a star-studded cruise over the course of several days.

    No story length limit.
    All stories must exist in the same timeline as everyone else/previous stories.
    (all previous experiences during the night must be taken into consideration)

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    "Hollywood Cruise Ship" Day 1 Chapter 1
    with Vanessa and Stella Hudgens
    Written by Kaden05
    (MF, voy)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations. If you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    Being the head ship mechanic on a cruise always yielded interesting results and usually resulted in good times. Add in the mix that my next cruise was an all-star, elitist celebrity cruise where the stunning female stars and starlets would be prancing around the ship in bikinis while drinking martinis and I was more than ready to start work.

    "Yeyo bossman! Usual quarters?"

    "Just throw your gear down in our usual spot Jimmy and then start the pre-checks in the boiler room."

    I hollered down to one of my mechanics from the bridge's balcony and waved in the general vicinity of where our quarters were for this posh cruise. The cruise wasn't due to begin for another couple hours and for now the crew and employees were getting the entire ordeal ready. My checklist was as long as they come and even with my trusted and skilled group of guys we would be working well into the early afternoon.


    I walked out of a hidden door behind the hallways wall from the mechanic room and shut it behind me with a soft click. The cruise had officially begun two hours ago and most of the celebrities and millionaires were down in the mess hall eating lunch. That was three decks down and in the interior of the ship from where I was. I pulled my pack of smokes out from my back pocket as I walked down the corridor and out the door. I didn't look up right away as I lit my cigarette but when I did I almost swallowed my smoke and stared dumbfounded and with an open mouth.

    "You have got to be kidding me."

    Twenty feet ahead of me, tanning in the bright, powerful rays of the afternoon sun lay world-famous actress and Grade A seductress Vanessa Hudgens…nude. She had her eyes closed, head tilted back and her right knee bent as she leaned back against her arms. A small towel protected her caramel skin from the deck and the light wind blew her black tresses in the wind.

    "This has got to be some dream. I must have hit my head on a mechanical line or something."

    I pinched myself hard on my thigh but when the splendid vision didn't disappear I grinned and pulled out my iPhone to snap half a dozen photos. I snickered as the trend of this exotic beauty have nude photos leaked of her every other year would continue and I put my phone back in my pocket before strolling out to the railing in front of Vanessa. The young woman in questions squealed and attempted to cover up her modesty with her hands in the fig and leaf positions.

    "What are you doing you pervert?! Get out of here!"

    "Excuse me miss but how am I in the wrong here? You are the one sun tanning nude on a public, well attended vessel and I needed a smoke break."

    "Did you have to smoke here though? You had to have seen me lying here…"

    I chuckled and took another drag from my smoke. I blew it out and looked back over my shoulder at her with a cheeky grin. Her blush had receded and the shock had faded from her expression to be replaced by what looked like mild curiosity. I shook my head and turned my head back around to look out over the decks below. People milled about, having finished lunch and I recognized a few celebrities here and there.

    "Listen miss, I have been crawling through the guts of this ship for the past five hours making sure that everything would be in tip top shape for you celebs and I needed a smoke break. You're the one breaking the rules."

    "Yes, well we've already been over that. Can you finish up your smoke please?"

    I laughed again and turned around to lean back against the railing with my arms crossed across my chest. Vanessa had closed her legs and had one arm draped across her breasts to hide her dusky, puffy nipples. She arched an eyebrow at my blatant staring and I arched one eyebrow in return. Yes, yes I know, rather juvenile of me but still impressive all the same. How many guys do you know that can raise only one eyebrow?

    "No, I don't think I will because as I have stated many times already, I work here and haven't broken any rules unlike you. If my presence here bothers you then put back on your clothes and leave. Just because you're a hot piece of ass who happens to be quite famous doesn't mean that you can just order me around."

    Instead of getting all indignant and defensive at my cool rebuttal Vanessa laughed and tossed her head back. The action caused her perky, fully breasts to jiggle enticingly and her legs spread open a little revealing her shaven snatch except for the wisp of hair shaved into a landing strip above her clit.

    "Cheeky mechanic aren't you? Fine, you don't appear to be the type to kiss and tell so as long as I have your word that you won't rat me out to security I will just go back to working on my tan."


    I made a noncommittal noise, not believing for a second that Vanessa Hudgens would sun tan naked in public and looked up at the sky. I looked down a moment later to see that she had resumed her previous position prior to my interruption and I let my eyes rake over her stunning body at my leisure. Her breasts were truly magnificent, being slightly pear-shaped, with hardened dusky red nipples and slightly larger areolas.

    "Stop staring."

    "Pardon me miss but once again I don't think I will as its not every day that a guy gets to stare at wanking material such as this. Goodness you are exquisite."

    "Exquisite huh? I've never been called that before. Hot, sultry, seductive, slut, tease, beautiful and gorgeous maybe but not exquisite."

    Vanessa opened her eyes to give me a teasing, smoldering look and her dark eyes glittered with lust. I smirked and put out my cigarette. I watched as Vanessa's eyes took their own perusal of my toned body and lingered at my obvious arousal. She speared me with another gaze and licked her lips as she raised an eyebrow.

    "You can hardly blame me miss."

    "Well you are handsome and it is obvious that you take care of your body. Take off your shirt."

    This time both my eyebrows raised at her sudden demand and she smirked. I shrugged as it was hot and I had nothing to lose. I peeled my t-shirt off and draped it over the railing beside me. I watched as Vanessa's eyes darkened and she licked her lips.

    "I take that back. You take really good care of your body and only personal trainers or military men are this ripped. Which are you?"

    "Why don't we play a little game eh? You ask a question, I answer and vice versa. Loser has to do whatever the winner wants."

    Vanessa giggle and rolled her eyes. She motioned to her nude body and raised her eyebrows.

    "You already know what I look like naked. What else is there?"

    "I want to taste you, fuck you and ravish you miss. That's what I want."

    Vanessa shivered, her nipples visibly hardening even more and she rubbed her thighs together. Her eyes darkened even more and her smile was predatory.

    "Deal. If I win you have to get naked and spread more sun tan oil on my body while paying for my first drink tonight."

    "Fair enough. So what am I? Personal fitness trainer or military man?"

    "You don't have any distinguishing tattoos and you're way too polite so I'm going to go with personal fitness trainer."

    I smirked and shook my head. Vanessa raised her eyebrows in question and her mouth opened a little.

    "MARSOC Marine. Special Forces. Just received my honorable discharge three months ago and took this gig with a friend of mine. Tex, he's the head of security and even though he didn't have an open slot on his roster he's doing me a favor."

    "I'm impressed. Hmm…here's an easy one. What's my bra size?"


    "Good guess. How'd you know?"

    I motioned towards her breasts and gave her the A-Okays symbol. She giggled and shook the hair out of her face. I thought for a minute and grinned.

    "I'm going to break our deal and just take you right here, right now. You have been tempting me since I first walked out on the balcony and you haven't run for the hills. This leads me to believe that you have quite the exhibitionist streak and you get off with all this."

    "You just going to stand there all day mechanic boy or you going to fulfill your promise?"

    I growled, darted forward and scooped Vanessa up in my arms. She giggled and latched on with a koala like grasp. She was light enough that I could hold her up with one arm so I used my free hand to jerk her face towards mine. She moaned at my rough gesture and met my lips in a hard, brutal kiss. She was molten fire and gave as good as she got. We broke for air and I pulled her up my body so her delectable tits were in front of my face. She moaned as she sensed my intention and I wasted no time in motor boating her tits.

    "Oh yes…just like that."

    I suckled the dips and swells of her breasts and pulled one of her aching nipples into my mouth. She gave a low moan and weaved her fingers in my hair. Thanking my old squad leader for pounding the insane need for physical fitness in my head I lifted Vanessa up even further until her thighs rested on my shoulders and her soaked pussy was in my face.

    "Oh goodness!"

    I grinned as Vanessa wobbled and tightened her grip as much as she could on my body. With a long, slow lick I licked her from her ass hole, up her slit to her clit and repeated the action several times. Vanessa groaned loudly and thrusted her pussy further into my face. She tasted of honey and I ate her out like she was my last meal. It had been a long time since I ate some pussy and I fully intended to enjoy eating out such a hot celebrity. Vanessa tightened a moment later and squealed as she squirted all over my face.

    "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

    A few moments later I lowered a near boneless Vanessa Hudgens onto her towel and laid on my side next to her. She covered her eyes with her arm and groaned.

    "How can you be so strong and good at eating pussy at the same time? Guy and girl have eaten me out before, but that took the cake. The fear of falling and being seen really heightened the experience."

    "I aim to please."

    Vanessa groaned and rolled onto her side to face me. Her eyes were focused once more and she undid my belt. Her small, soft hands reached down into my boxers and fished out my rock hard cock. I groaned at the sensation and let her stroke me for a few moments.

    "Not that you're hand isn't great but I want you to blow me with that sweet, wicked mouth of yours darlin'."

    "You're the boss."

    I rolled over onto my back and Vanessa pulled my pants and boxers down just enough to let my cock bounce free. The starlet giggled and tapped it with her pointer finger, which made my length sway in the proverbial wind.

    "You can play later but now its sucky suck time."

    "You asked for this."

    That was all the warning I had before Vanessa deep throated my eight inches in one slow, smooth moment. She suckled the entire way down and my cockhead disappeared into the back of her throat. The sensation nearly threw me over the edge and I gripped her hair as she began to hum. Goodness the woman was a natural born cocksucker and she bobbed up and down on my manhood like it was the world's best popsicle. She alternated motions with her tongue by sliding it all around my shaft like a coiled snake or prying the slit at the head of my dick open. It should come as no surprise that I came within moments and blew a massive load down her throat. Vanessa was a pro and swallowed it all.

    "Yummy. Been a while since I've had someone last longer than a minute in my mouth and you really let me practice my technique."

    "You can practice on me anytime you want darlin'. Now turn around."

    Vanessa giggled again but did as I said and I lined my cock up with her dripping folds. I teased her by easing only the head of my dick into her and then pulled back out. Vanessa moaned and followed my dick as I pulled out. I quickly slammed into her up to the hilt of my cock as she did this and her pussy walls fluttered around my dick as she came instantly.

    "That…was…cruel! Ugh!"

    I ignored the songstress and began thrusting into her warm, tight cavern. She squeezed my dick with her inner walls and came again with an explosion of girly fluids like a common whore. I lasted a few more pumps but quickly pulled out before I came.

    "Turn around and jack me off while on your knees."

    A pleasure drunk Vanessa followed my command and I thrusted my hips forward as I came from her firm, soft touch. I groaned as I came and my splunk landed on her upper chest and tits in a glittering, heavy pearl necklace. Vanessa rolled her eyes as she realized this was my intent but took it one step further and rubbed my cum into her skin. This turned me on and I came a little bit more at her actions.

    "You're world class darlin'. Whooee."

    "You're not so bad yourself. Haven't had a fucking like that in a while and I needed that."

    I zippered myself up and pulled my work shirt on. I looked up in time to see Vanessa step into pink and black striped cotton panties and then she slipped on a pink strapless bra. She finished dressing by slipping her little pink and purple sundress finished the outfit and she grinned at me.

    "Well I should go check on my little sister and you need to get back to work. See you around lover boy."

    "You can count on it ma'am."

    I dipped my head and climbed over the balcony railing to the deck below on the side of the ship. Vanessa huffed and I heard her walk back through the door.


    One of the best things about being a mechanic is that people and passerby's didn't look at you twice as you seemed to fade into the woodwork without even trying. This worked great when the ships officer, Alex was looking for you or someone else who thought themselves self-important was but it also worked wonderfully with the staff.
    Take the ships masseuse for example, a fiery woman who hid her kinky ferocity behind a mask of innocence and being so demure. World famous celebrity Katie Perry had walked right on by me an hour ago as I was fixing an electrical panel and even though her generous curves tempted me I wasn't a fan. Nikki sure was however because the little minx was rubbing herself as soon as the ‘Hot n' Cold' songstress left from her massage. I didn't mind as the sound of a woman getting off was arousing and I could hear her through the cracked door.

    "What? Oh my…"

    Things got interesting when teenage sensation Victoria Justice caught Nikki masturbating and chased the Victorious starlet down the corridor. Neither noticed my presence as I had hid in an half-open door and once again a few moments later I heard the wonderful sound of girl on girl sex. It lasted for a little while and then both young women crept out. Nikki seemed to be on fire as she nailed two more young hotties and must have had some secret sex talent or something but that came later in the evening.


    The day wore on and turned into a warm, breezy evening. Katie Perry was singing her heart out in the dining area and everyone was jam packed in the room to watch the pop sensation. Everyone except me as I was taking another smoke break in the shadows out by the railing and the waves created by the ship easing my stress. The distinctive sound and pattern of ballet steps made me turn around and I nearly choked on my cigarette as I saw Stella Hudgens elegantly dancing in the moonlight.

    "No way. My luck isn't this good."

    The younger Hudgens starlet twirled and dipped to a beat only she could hear and her grace as well as her youthful beauty equally memorized me. She must have been dancing for quite a while as her sweat drenched singlet lay discarded by the pool and her skin glistened in the moonlight which only served to highlight her simple white bra.

    "It's not nice to stare you know."

    I jerked, realizing she was talking to me and I wondered how she knew I was there. I then realized I had taken several large steps towards her and was watching her from across the pool. Stella didn't stop dancing and twisted low in my direction so she could look at me directly. Her bountiful breasts jiggled and hung heavy from her chest while looking like they were falling out of her bra.

    "A half naked hottie is dancing in the moonlight and she's underage. Your guardian know you're dancing almost topless?"

    "I'm not underage you idiot and no, she does not."

    The little Hudgens sarcasm and attitude amused me as I continued to watch her dance and I quickly deduced that Vanessa must be her guardian for this cruise. Stella leaped and twirled, the fabric of her short shorts stretching across her toned ass. She landed and spun around on her knees with her chest pushed out.

    "My mistake but you have to see things from my perspective. You certainly do look young even with that body."

    "So…what? You get off on fantasizing about having sex with underage girls or something?"

    The attitude of this girl! I laughed and clapped my hands. Stella stood and grabbed a bottle of water.

    "I don't like the inside of small prison cells. Been in enough already in other countries thank you."

    Stella put her bottle down and sauntered across the pool to stand in front of me. She looked me up and down twice and a sly smirk crossed her face.

    "You're the Marine Nessa was talking to Ashley about in the room earlier today. She told Ashley that you fucked her good and she can't sit down for long periods of time."

    I raised an eyebrow at the candor and frankness in Stella's tone and she crossed her arms underneath her breasts. This amplified her cleavage and the tops of her small, pink nipples edged out from behind the bra cups.

    "You like eavesdropping on other people's conversations little girl?"

    Stella scoffed and brushed a sweaty bang off her face. She glared at me and tapped her foot.

    "I was in the shower and Nessa was lying naked on the bed gabbing to Ashley. It's not my fault she didn't hear me come out."

    I grinned and shook my head again as I realized the mysterious Ashley must have been Ashley Tisdale. Not a bad looking blonde when she dressed right. Stella circled behind me and I turned around so I could still see her. She stalked towards me and I walked backwards to keep some distance between us.

    "You need to cool your big head Mr. Ego."

    After Stella said this she attempted to push me in the pool but I was prepared as I had suspected this was her goal and twisted to the side. As Stella stumbled past I gently hip checked her and this ensure the younger girl would fall into the pool instead. Stella broke the surface of the water with a gasp and a wicked grin. Her hair was plastered to her face and the fabric of her bra had turned sheer thanks to the water allowing her hardened nipples to be clearly seen. She swam over to the edge of the pool and floated with her elbows on the ships deck, head in her hands.

    "Now that you have got me all wet what do you intend to do next?"

    Before I could say anything a door opened and rapid footsteps could be heard approaching. Reacting quickly to the situation and the fear in Stella's eyes I bent down and hauled the saucy teenager out of the pool. She was even lighter than her sister and she clung to me like her life depended on it as I strode over to far side of the deck. I picked up Stella's singlet as well and hid in the dark shadows.

    Alex, the ships officer chased a giggling Katie Perry around the pool and like a cheesy romantic comedy Katie Perry fell into the pool. Stella giggled and I set her down in front of me. She peeked around the corner but her position put her firm ass on my groin and I groaned at the contact. Stella looked back over her shoulder with that same wicked grin and began grinding against my hard-on. I tried to stop her with my hands on her hips but failed and pulled her harder against me.

    "Oh look! They're having sex!"

    I looked up from nibbling on the juncture of Stella's neck and shoulder and saw indeed that Alex was busy undressing Katie Perry. Taking that as permission I unclasped Stella's bra and the wet garment fell to the ship's deck. Stella gasped but I froze her stiff by cupping her warm, round breasts in my hands. She groaned and ground harder against my cock. I kneaded her breasts, something she seemed to enjoy and she moaned low in her throat when I tweaked her nipples between my pointer fingers and thumbs.

    "That feels so good…"

    Acting swiftly I peeled Stella's wet shorts down her ass and squeezed the firm globes of her ass, which were framed perfectly by her skimpy thong. I pulled up on the back of the thong and Stella bit her lip as the fabric dug into her vulnerable pussy lips. Her thong ripped apart in my hands and my fingers quickly found her shaved bare, wet pussy lips. Stella arched her back impressively when I dipped a finger inside her hot snatch and squeezed her clit in between my fingers.

    "Oh goodness…you're too good…going to make me cum so soon!"

    Stella Hudgens fell apart, a trembling mess in my strong arms as she came and she squirted all over the deck. I freed my swollen cock from my work pants and thrust into her in one long, smooth stroke. Stella groaned, her head dipping low and slammed her ass back into my pelvis to meet my hard, short thrusts. Just as I felt her walls tighten I pulled my cock out of her swollen pussy lips and gently eased into her just visible asshole.

    "What? Oh…. Go slow…."

    I obeyed the young lady and unlike my rough pounding of her fantastically tight pussy I eased my full eight inches into her ass. This forced her to stand on her tiptoes but she didn't complain and I made things easier quickly. I picked her up so she sat vertical on my cock, my thick appendage up her tight ass and I held her firm with my hands and forearms underneath her toned thighs. She moaned and kissed me deeply.

    "This feels awesome. You can't set me down until I come like the squirter I am."

    "Agreed. Ugh. Your ass is so tight."

    Slowly I eased the younger Hudgens up and down my thick shaft and Stella became less tense as the awkward ache turned into pleasure. Soon she was rolling her hips back into my stomach, her arms locked behind my neck and quietly moaning as she rode my cock up her ass. Deciding to be a little naughtier I walked forward a few steps until our silhouettes were visible to Alex and Katie Perry. Stella tensed and struggled but couldn't move due to my firm grip.

    "You're sister came so hard when I fucked her in public earlier today. Goodness your pussy is actually tightening around my cock. Do you want to be seen? To get caught? Does that turn you on?!"

    I gave a hard series of thrusts and Stella quietly yelped. Her ass tightened on my cock and she rode me furiously over the next minute or two. True to her word, Stella came with the mother of all squirts and kissed me deeply to muffle her screams. I emptied my balls inside the second Hudgens and gently set her down. Stella fell to the deck and groaned weakly. Knowing our time was short I knelt and dressed the frazzled girl after making myself presentable.

    "Come on princess. Up we go."

    I slung Stella on my back and told her to hang on tight. I scaled the side of the ships wall, using the decorative beams and poles as a scaffold until we were on the second deck, out of the danger zone of being seen. Stella giggle and I set her down on the ground to lay next to her.

    "My sister was right. You are a fantastic fuck."

    "Surprised you weren't a virgin."

    "Nah, I took care of that three months ago when I turned seventeen. I snuck into my sister's room and used one of her toys to take my own cherry. You took my ass good though. Good thing I was so high on pleasure or that would have hurt a lot more."

    I chuckled and cradled Stella to my side when she shivered. She cooed and promptly fell asleep. I snorted but stretched out and decided to give her some much needed rest. I woke her a couple hours later from her short nap, her still being exhausted and I pulled the fire alarm.

    "In the confusion meet up with your sister. She won't suspect what you've been up to because even though she's a cock tease something tells me she wouldn't approve of what you did tonight."

    "Too true."

    Stella kissed me goodbye and ran down the deck to the interior of the ship to find her sister. I rolled my eyes as she wiggled her ass more than necessary and quickly headed to the bridge to meet with the captain.
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    Aha! So the culprit unveils himself! Awesome job Kaden!

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    Yep. Now this is an interesting premise.

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    Hollywood Cruise Ship (collaboration)
    With Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde, and Emmy Rossum
    Written by TPG

    It had been touted as the party of the Millennium, with several dozen of Hollywood's rich and famous sailing to the Caribbean in celebration of the coming new year.

    The cruise itself consisted of a 5 Night Jamaican voyage which departed Miami and sailed to The Bahamas via The Cayman Islands, where the passengers and crew would celebrate New Year's Eve.

    The 900ft long ocean liner happily accommodated up to 2000 guests and featured over 40 onboard activities ranging from poker to yoga, to rock climbing and aromatherapy.

    With 800 staterooms, the ship was equipped with 300 luxury suites which featured private balconies, marble bathrooms, and a private butler service.

    The vessel itself offered more accommodation than most hotels in Miami with a dozen restaurants, several bars and lounge areas, a library, a health club, and a state of the art casino and 3D Movie Theater.

    The ship was so vast that it could almost be classified as a floating city, but unlike any other city on earth it roamed the world's oceans. In fact 60% of the cabins on board featured panoramic views of the sea, while the 500+ staff were highly skilled and professional.

    After dark, most of the ship took on a Vegas aura. While the casino may have been open during the day, it was at night that the place was packed to capacity with people playing slot machines or trying their luck at the poker and roulette tables.

    The lounges on that level also featured live bands and cabaret singers for your dancing or listening pleasure; piano bars, complete with sing-alongs and several karaoke rooms.

    On most nights during the cruise the ship's theater would feature big production numbers with high-tech effects and light shows, as well as elaborately costumed singers and dancers performing tunes from Broadway shows and popular hits.

    On other nights, singers, comedians, and magicians performed around the ship and helped create a fun and romantic atmosphere.

    As the ship's chief of security, I had worked on the vessel for almost two whole years and yet had never seen the place as busy as it was that Late December weekend. I had also never seen so many famous faces in all my life.

    With all of the VIP's settled in, we left Miami on a moderately cloudy day and sailed towards Jamaica, assured that the trip ahead would no doubt be an unforgettable experience.

    It was just after midday as I wandered around the mezzanine deck that I noticed actresses Emmy Rossum and Olivia Wilde laughing loudly and enjoying themselves at a Blackjack table.

    "Hey." Olivia suddenly snapped in my direction. "Who's a girl got to FUCK to get a drunk around here."

    Shocked by her comment, her friend giggled before Olivia smiled and introduced herself and claimed that she was only kidding - apparently trying to get a rise out of me.

    "No but seriously. Where can we order some drinks."

    Just as she spoke, one of our attractive waitresses appeared from behind her and offered to take down her order.

    "Ma'am. Can I help you?"

    The actresses looked at each other and giggled uncontrollably, no doubt effected by the alcohol they had already consumed.

    "Wow. Now that's what I call fast service." Rossum quipped.

    Flashing them a smile, I wished them a good day and began to move on when Olivia spoke up again and offered to buy me a drink.

    "So how about it cowboy,"

    "As much as I'd love to join you for a drink," I replied. "I'm on duty at the moment."

    "So. When do you...get off." she teased, making her friend giggle like a schoolgirl.

    I rolled my eyes and left the two troublemakers in the casino and made my way up to the promenade deck where I soon stumbled across an incredible scene, laid out on plush tanning beds lay Eva Longoria and Maria Menounos who were sipping cocktails while trying to catch some sun.

    "And how are you ladies doing today." I smiled while trying my best not to stare at all that exposed flesh. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

    Between Eva's shiny long legs and Maria's impressive cleavage it was hard not to stare in wonder.

    In fact as we conversed I noticed as several guests openly gawked at the free skin show, particularly as Maria lay there casually applying sun tan lotion to her luscious bronze hips and rock hard belly.

    "Do you mind?" she smiled, as she gestured for me to take the lotion from her hand and apply it to her back and shoulders.

    As the sexy TV correspondent flipped over for my benefit, I noticed the way the ladies looked at each other as though they had planned the entire thing from the start.

    Nevertheless despite this obvious attempt to seduce me, the starlets seemed sweet and charming and claimed that they were having a wonderful time on the ship when out of the blue we were interrupted by my two-way radio asking for some assistance downstairs.

    A minute later I arrived to the atrium where I was greeted by a busty young actress by the name of Debby Ryan who looked extremely anxious and uneasy. According to her she had apparently misplaced her cell phone and was in a real panic.

    "You don't understand." she hissed. "My LIFE is in that phone."

    "Do you remember where you saw it last?" I quizzed, as she explained that she last recalled bringing it down to the buffet table with her.

    With no visible sign of her phone I then asked her to accompany me back to the office so we could officially lodge the device as lost property.

    There, I offered the starlet a seat where Debby explained how important it was for her to find her phone, insinuating that there may be some material on the gadget that might incriminate her.

    "What exactly are we talking about."

    "Let's just say I'm not shown in the best light."

    "You mean photos."

    Debby nodded. "Uh-Huh."

    "You mean nude photos."

    The actress blushed but did not refute my claim.

    "I can see why you'd want it back so urgently."

    "Trust me. You have no idea." she replied. "In fact. If you manage to find it for me I promise to make it worth your while."

    Taken aback by her comment, I reassured her that I'd do my utmost to find the device and vowed to keep her informed of any new developments.

    "Besides. It's bound to show up eventually." I added, as the busty actress openly flirted and flashed me more of her ample cleavage.

    It truth there was no need for her to flirt with me as I was more than eager to get my hands on the phone and see those naked pix for myself.

    "Well. Just remember what I said." she added with a seductive smile.

    For the most part the rest of the afternoon was uneventful until a few hours later news came in of the lost phone, and I decided to hand deliver it to Debby personally.

    A few decks later, I stopped in a secluded part of the stairwell where I switched on the phone and perused her files, and sure enough Debby was totally nude. Some of the photos were of Debby naked. Others were of her posing in various bikinis and lingerie.

    The last few photos were explicit jpegs of Ryan having sex with at least two different guys, with her giving someone a blowjob that looked absolutely incredible.

    As tempted as I was to make copies of the material, I decided to cut her a break and found her tanning upstairs on the deck a few minutes later.

    "No. Way." she said as she caught me approaching her position and raised her sunglasses up off her face. "You found it?"

    I guess the shit eating grin on my face must have given it away cause she immediately pounced and greeted me with a tight hug, mashing those lovely firm natural tits - the same ones I had just seen naked - up against my chest.

    "Ohmigod. You don't know how much this means to me." she said, as I glanced across the deck and was momentarily distracted by the sight of a completely naked sunbather.

    Doing a double take I quickly realized that the woman in question was none other than "High School Musical star" Vanessa Hudgens, who to my disbelief appeared to be lying not more than Twenty feet away in nothing but her birthday suite.

    The actress had her eyes closed, her head tilted back and her right knee bent slightly as she leaned back on her elbows.

    A small towel protected her caramel skin from the deck and she seemed totally unfazed by her state of undress. Unfortunately for me before I could go over and confront her about her excessive nudity Debby suddenly pounced and kissed me hard on the lips.

    "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!" she exclaimed, as I watched her speedily manipulate the keypad with her fingers and was genuinely surprised at how fast she typed.

    I guess I shouldn't have been surprised considering she was only 20-years-old and been texting for most of her life.

    Still shocked by her gesture, I told her that she was more than welcome and stammered an excuse to leave telling her that I had some work to attend to, but from the look in her eyes Debby was more than disappointed.

    "Oh. Really. Okay. Um. Can I call you later?" she said, as I rushed off in the opposite direction while still feeling a little guilty about the kiss.

    While I left to busy myself with another incident downstairs, it was only an hour or so later that I received my first cryptic text message of the day and stopped to read and reply to it.

    "Huh. Who Is This?" I wrote.

    "You're Secret Admirer." They replied back.

    It only occurred to me later that I was actually speaking to Debby, who apparently felt cheated by my quick departure and wanted to flirt a little.

    "Sorry. Can't Talk." I typed. "Busy Right Now."

    Despite this message, Debby nonetheless went on to flirt and appeared to have a totally one sided conversation with herself.

    "FYI. I'm Upset With You." she claimed. "You Left In Such A Rush That I Didn't Have Time To Thank You Properly."

    "I Think Seeing Vanessa Hudgens Like That (nude) Was Reward Enough." I joked.

    "No But Seriously. I Owe You." she replied sincerely. "I Owe You Big. Want To Meet Me In The Theater Later... And Catch A Movie?"

    I had to admit, the gesture was sweet.

    "Wish I Could." I told her. "Busy. Sorry. Maybe Next Time."

    Over the next few minutes Debby and I proceeded to casually text and tease one another as the conversation seemed to grow increasingly lewd.

    In fact at one point she wrote, "I'm Just About To Take A Quick Dip In The Pool. Care To Join Me?"

    "Yeah. I Wish." I wrote back, as I carried on with my daily duties and wandered around the star studded vessel.

    "Great. I'll Keep It Warm For You. Only One Rule Though." she added. "No Clothes Allowed :P"

    "Wait. You're Not Actually Pulling A Hudgens And Sitting In That Tube Completely Nude Right Now Are You?" I flirted back. "Jesus. Thanks For The Visual."

    "Hmm. That's For Me To Know And For You To Find Out." she texted back with a wink.

    Ultimately, Ryan seemed to grow more and more confident with her flirtatious messages and appeared to get even more playful and crude. She soon went on to text about her work, friends, and love life (or lack thereof) as the topic of sex eventually came up.

    "So What Do You Like?" she quizzed. "What Pushes Your Buttons. Anything kinky I Should Know About?"

    Thinking quickly I replied. "Sure. Long Hair, Long Legs, And A Cute Smile."

    "Yep." she answered back. "I Think I Tick All Those Boxes...And I'm Naked :P"

    After a minute of silence she then added.

    "Can I Ask You Another Question. Would A Guy Like You Ever Consider Dating A Girl Like Me?"

    While I tried to think of something appropriate to say, Debby corrected her comment.

    "Sorry. Maybe I Should Rephrase That. Scratch That Last Message...And Replace Date, With Fuck."

    Shocked by her comment, our conversation quickly escalated into what could only be described as text-sex, as I tried to explain that although I thought she was extremely cute the women I usually "dated" were much more...mature and experienced, so to speak.

    Nothing this, the starlet then surprised me as she began to share intimate details about herself and went on to tell me about some of her more recent experiences and fantasies she had had.

    "BTW. Guess Where I Am Right Now." she wrote. "Back In My Suite. And Guess Who I Just Saw In The Hallway... Selena Gomez!!"

    "Congratulations." I replied sarcastically, as I continued on with my routine on the other side of the ship.

    "I Only Bring Her Up Cause I Found Myself Blushing When I Saw Her. So Embarrassed."


    "Which Is Kind Of Unsettling Since She's Like Only Nineteen And I Should Be Eating Girls Like That For Breakfast." she claimed.

    I found this comment kind of amusing since Debby herself was only 20-years-old, but seemed to be under the impression that she was much more mature.

    "Ugh. Fail. I Was Just So Shy Around Her Just Now." Debby went on. "But That's Only Because I Remember Having A Really Nasty Dream About Her Last Week."

    Noting this, she now had my full and undivided attention.

    "Really. Do tell."

    "Well. In My Dream Selena And I Were On Some Sound Stage And It Was Really Busy. Lots Of Folks Stopping In To Watch Us Read Our Lines. But She Kept Fudging Up Her Dialogue And In True Porno Fashion, This Resulted Not In Complaints From The Crew But In Her Being Pulled Over To The Side By Several Angry Writers Who Then Bent Her Over A Counter And Held Her Down While One Guy Pulled Down Her Pants And Panties And Started Giving Her A Good Hard Spanking."

    "Wow." I typed back, as I now looked for a place to stop and converse with Debby more intently.

    "So While He Was Doing That, Others Were Reaching Between Her Thighs. Rubbing And Fingering Her...All The While As I Just Stood There And Watched On."

    "That's Quite The Dream." I told her. "You Have Quite The Imagination. No Wonder You Were Blushing Around Her Earlier."

    "Yeah. Finally, They Dragged Her Over And Laid Her Down On A Table." Debby continued. "Tearing Off Her Clothes Until She Was Lying There Completely Naked. Then The Whole Place Started Gangbanging Her. Guys Where Taking Turns Fucking Her Pussy And Her Ass While Other Guys Walked Over And Stuffed Their Hard Cocks In Her Mouth."

    "Um. Wow?"

    "It Was Actually Really Vivid." Debby added. "Then When They Were All Done With Her They Got Her Down On Her Knees In Front Of Everyone And Gave Her The Full Bukkake Treatment. Like A Dozen Or So Guys Just Jacking Off All Over Her Pretty Face And Her Naked Body...While She Played With Herself."

    Not knowing exactly how to respond I replied. "Err. That's Quite The Dream. Now Every Time I See Selena I'm Going To Think Of The Exact Same Thing."

    "It's Fun Huh." Ryan quipped with a smiley face. "...And BTW, You're Welcome."

    A minute later Debby typed, "Hmm. Right Now I Could Do With A Good Massage."

    "We Have A Really Good Masseuse On The Ship." I informed her. "I Could Arrange A Meeting If You Like."

    "Maybe." Debby replied. "Maybe Not. I'd Be Too Afraid I'd Fall Asleep On The Table."

    "And That's A Bad Thing?"

    "Only Cause Lately I Keep Having These Really, Really Dirty Dreams."

    "Go Ahead." I insisted, as I now stood at the top of the atrium on the ship and listened to this perverted little actress tell me her deepest darkest fantasies.

    "Well. Some Of Them Are Lucid Dreams And Some Are Me Being Mostly Awake But Keeping It Going In My Head... Y'Know?"

    At this point Debby had my full and undivided attention.


    "I Mean. What Would You Do If You Found Me Like That...Lying In Bed. Completely Naked. Breathing Heavily. My Nipples Hard And My Pussy Wet." she posed. "Lost In Some Dream."

    I was so surprised by her comment I actually had to read her message twice, while Debby went on.

    "For Example. I Have This Fantasy Where I Forget To Lock The Door To My Room...And A Couple Of Guys Come In To Rob Me At Night."

    "Not If I Can Help It." I remarked, as Debby continued with her dirty fantasy.

    "They Sneak Into My Room And There I Am, As Described Earlier, Aroused But Sleeping. They Watch Me For A While. Then One Guy Takes Out His Cock And Kneels Down Beside Me On The Bed. He Pulls My Hand Gently To His Organ And I Start Squeezing And Rubbing It. My Eyes Still Closed."

    Just hearing this scenario from the talented starlet was starting to have an effect on me, and I suddenly began to feel paranoid that someone would notice that I was reading something dirty and getting hard over it.

    "And Even Though I'm Sleeping. I'd Be Playing With Myself With My Other Hand. And It'd Be Pretty Obvious That I Was Really, Really Wet." Debby claimed. "Then The Second Guy Would Get Up On The Bed. Take Out His Cock And Just Slip It Into Me Effortlessly."

    "Jesus." I typed back, as I actually had to wipe my brow from sweat.

    "Then I'd Wake Up. But Before I Could Do Or Say Anything The First Guy Would Grab My Hair And Shove His Thick Cock Into My Mouth. Holding My Head There He'd Fill My Throat. While The Second Guy Would Just Fuck The Shit Out Of Me - The Entire Bed Shaking As You Hear The Soggy Sound Of His Cock Pounding My Young. Tight. Pussy."

    For a moment I actually contemplated just tracking Debby down and just fucking her where she stood, as she now described this dirty scenario to me.

    "Then I'd Start Moaning And Suck The First Guy's Cock." she Explained. "The Men Would Look At Each Other And Be Shocked That I Was Into It. But Then Pull Away And Start Stripping Off The Rest Of Their Clothes. Leaving Me To Lie There Totally Nude."

    On the other side of the ship, I was now on the edge of my seat.

    "Naked. They'd Switch Ends And Flip Me Over Onto All-Fours. The Guy Who Was Fucking Me Would Sit On My Pillow And I'd Take His Cock, Still Gleaming With My Juices, Into My Mouth. I'd Start Sucking Him Off While I Play With His Balls And Shaft. My Spit Drooling All Over Him. All Over My Pillow."

    Debby continued.

    "The First Guy Would Take His Cock. All Lubed Up With My Saliva And Push Into My Ass. Grabbing My Hips As He Starts To Fuck Me. Groaning At How Tight I Am... Cause Trust Me, I'm Really Tight."

    I had to smile at this last comment.

    "Hmm. I Bet You Are Too."

    "The Guys Would Both Call Me A Whore And A Slut. Pull My Hair And Slap My Ass And Tell Me All The Nasty Shit They Were Going To Do To Me And How They Were Going To Fuck All My Holes All Night Long. And Make Me Beg For It... And I Would Too. I'd Totally Beg For It."

    Unable to respond I simply read on.

    "Then They'd Switch Again. Lift Me Up And Turn Me Around. And The Guy Sitting On My Pillow Would Pull Me Back Onto Him. Cowgirl Style With His Cock In My Ass The Second Guy Would Spread My Legs Nice And Wide And Slide Into My Dripping Wet Cunt."

    As I read on I had to remind myself that this was the same sweet young actress I had met earlier that day... who was now confessing to me about her fantasy of being woken up in the middle of the night and getting DP'ed by two men?

    "He'd Then Put One Hand On My Throat And Squeeze As He'd Start To Thrust Into Me. The Motion Would Rock Me Back And Forth On The Rock Hard Cock In My Ass. The Other Guy Would Then Reach Around And Grab My Tits. Pinching My Nipples Hard Between His Thumb And Forefinger. Twisting It Until It Hurt."

    It was at this point I was sweating so profusely that I nearly dropped my phone.

    "Pretty Soon I'd Be Crying Out With Pleasure." Debby recalled. "Totally Helpless As These Two Total Strangers Fucking Me To An Orgasm So Intense That I Nearly Pass Out."

    Meanwhile I now decided to head back to the office to help myself to a drink, in hopes of calming myself down before I did something I might regret.

    "Then They'd Push Me Off When I Was Done And As I Lay Limp And Gasping On The Bed, Covered In Sweat, They Stand Over Me Jerking Off Until They Take Turns Shooting Their Loads All Over My Mouth And Breasts. Wiping And Slapping Their Spent Cocks Against My Face Until They Were Done."

    As I stepped out of the elevator Ryan added.

    "Afterwards They Would Get Dressed And Leave In Silence. Leaving Me There In That...Mess."

    At this point I was so worked up I was afraid to reply in fear of saying something outrageous. And judging from my stunned reaction I'm sure Debby noticed and found it amusing.

    "Anyways. That's Just Some Of The Thoughts That Run Around In My Head From Time To Time." she typed. "That Said. I Think I Better Go. I Think I Need A Cold Shower Right Now And Some Alone Time, If You Know What I Mean. I'll Talk To You Later. XOXO"

    And just like that she was gone. Leaving me to stand there in my office with a blank expression on my face and an aching boner in my pants, wondering if and when I would be fortunate enough to run into her again.

    The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful for the most part until the ceremonial dinner later that evening, where most of the guests and crew assembled in the dining hall for the highly anticipated banquet.

    The atmosphere was electric as our staff of head chiefs were introduced to the room, and I suddenly realized that no matter where you looked you were completely surrounded by models, actors, and/or athletes.

    I don't mind admitting that I actively looked for Debby as I soon found myself seated at a large 10 person table with such names as Chloe Moretz, Ashley Benson, Hayden Panettiere, and to my amusement...Olivia Wilde.

    From the moment I sat down Olivia seemed adamant about flirting with me and throwing all etiquette out the window as she drank heavily and asked me several questions about the ship, the crew, and my private life.

    Fortunately for her I was an open book and didn't really have much to hide, but when I ultimately snapped back and asked her why she thought she was still single at her age I could see I had struck a nerve.

    Suddenly the verbose actress didn't seem so cocky and flirtatious anymore and instead just sat there and pouted.

    Meanwhile Chloe Moretz couldn't be any more adorable if she tried, and appeared to be very talkative and excited over the Katy Perry concert which was scheduled to commence right after dinner.

    Having enjoyed a great meal and conversation with the ladies, I then watched as most of the guests made their way up to the concert hall upstairs while I busied myself with a few last minute affairs before I took the opportunity to step outside to have a cigarette.

    I was only there for a few minutes when I heard someone clear their throat behind me and looked back to see it was Olivia again.

    "Ugh. Great." I thought. "Here we go again. More drama."

    "You know. I've known men like you my entire life." she claimed as she enjoyed her cigarette and blew her smoke skyward.

    Naturally I had no idea what she was talking about but judging from her demeanor she was clearly drunk and had a chip on her shoulder.

    "It's guys like you who find women like me intimidating." she stated, making me snicker.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, and while I tried to explain to her that she had me pegged all wrong, Olivia then took my breath away as she stepped forward to close the gap between us and now stood just inches away from my face.

    "Just admit it." she whispered seductively as her cigarette smoke filled my face. "You're attracted to me."

    It was only now that I started to wonder if she had indulged in more than just alcohol. Either she was high on drugs or a complete lunatic. And I'm not entirely sure which turned me on more.

    "I can always tell when someone likes me." she added a minute later. "And you're totally into me. You're just dying to know what it's like to fuck me."

    We both knew she was speaking for herself and just "projecting" her own feelings towards me, but I let her continue as we listened to Katy's concert rage on in the distance.

    "Uh-Huh. I see."

    "Yeah. You want me." she smiled arrogantly. "You want me bad."

    In truth she wasn't far off the mark. She really was an incredible creature and in her current state of dress looked absolutely divine; as she was elegantly dressed in a flowing white toga-inspired gown which left little to the imagination.

    "Well." I finally admitted. "I guess I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little curious to know what you looked like out of that dress."

    Olivia smiled and flicked the last of her cigarette over the railing before she suddenly and abruptly leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth.

    While I was more than happy to resist her advances and play hard to get, the moment our lips made contact all bets were off. In an instant my hands grabbed at her firm ass and I pulled her body close to mine.

    Our hips pressed together as our tongues wrestled urgently, and I could taste the liquor and cigarettes on her breath as she quickly seemed to surrender to me. Her skin was soft and smooth and she smelt like a million bucks.

    We stood there by the railing kissing each other zealously for the longest time as fellow passengers wandered by and Katy Perry belted out one of her famous tunes in the distance.

    I felt Olivia's fingers hover over the front of my pants and squeeze my erection. She moaned when she felt it grow stiff in her hand and dragged her lips over to my ear to thrust her tongue inside.

    "Mm. I told you." she whispered, referring to her claim that I wanted to sleep with her. "I knew you wanted to fuck me from the moment I saw you."

    I happily reciprocated and lowered my head and began to kiss across her neck and throat and along her collar bone, tasting her flesh and alluring perfume. Olivia moaned and proceeded to grind her body against my hip while she continued to stroke my hard cock.

    I reached up to the front of her dress and casually slipped the flimsy material to the side, exposing her naked breast to the cool ocean breeze. Just as I had assumed she was totally braless underneath, so I cupped her bare tit with the palm of my hand and she moaned into my mouth again.

    The drunk starlet lolled her head back and sighed deeply when I finally leaned over and flicked my tongue across her erect nipple...only for the two of us to be interrupted by a young couple who cleared their throats and giggled at us as they strolled by.

    "Ugh. Shit." Olivia hissed in frustration. "I wish I could fuck you right here. Right now."

    "You and me both." I replied as we held on to each other tight and watched several more couples pass us by.

    It was a glorious moonlight evening so the added activity on deck wasn't really a surprise.

    Nonetheless, Olivia continued to grasp at my cock as we stood there smooching and canoodling together by the side of the ship: the sound of the ocean waves striking the hull beneath us.

    "Mm. I want to ride this hard cock of yours so bad." she whispered into my ear. "You've got me so hot already."

    "Yeah. I bet you'd put on quite the show for me."

    "Sweetheart. You have no idea." she smiled before we shared another deep lip-lock.

    As Olivia spoke my hand found and absentmindedly slipped beneath a long slit in her dress where I carefully sort out and rubbed her sex through the thin fabric of her panties.

    She moaned and squirmed against my fingers as I caressed her pussy and felt how positively wet she was. I moistened my digits before sliding my fingers along her slippery lips.

    When I brushed them between her moist folds and then tapped them against her clit, she let out a half squeal-half moan and shook violently. My finger resumed their strumming, rubbing softly and insistently against her engorged clit.

    Olivia was now moaning continuously and began grinding her hips in a more intentional fashion, jamming her butt over my hand and urging me on.

    "Ugh. This is so dirty. Don't you think?" she looked at me and moaned again. "Any one of those couples can see what we're doing."

    "Can they?" I smirked smugly. "What are we doing Olivia. What am I doing to you right now?"

    "Oh. You know damn well what you're doing. You're teasing me." she purred erotically. "You're playing with my cunt."

    Just hearing her saw such a crude word sent a shiver down my spine, and judging from the shit-eating grin on her face it was precisely what she was going for.

    "But isn't this precisely what you wanted?" I teased back. "I'm only giving you what you want. You want me to play with your cunt."

    The actress simple closed her eyes and nodded as I continued to leisurely explore her delicious sex with my fingers.

    "Besides. I want them to see." I told her as I began to rub my fingers a little faster. "I want them to see how sexy you are. How sexy you look when you finally cum all over my fingers."

    "Oh. God."

    "You think you can do that?" I teased. "You think you could cum all over my fingers... as I tease that pretty little cunt of yours?"

    Olivia let out a low throaty moan, her chest heaving with deep breathes as my fingers squished back and forth over her slippery folds. At this point she was positively dripping wet, as I smeared her juices all around her vulva.

    My finger caressed her inner lips and caused her hips to thrust back against my hand. But I kept up the steady beat on her clit, pinching and prodding it between two fingers like a drum.

    "Oh. God. I'm gonna cum soon." she whispered into my shoulder. "Please. Not like this. I can't cum like this. Not so quickly. I want your cock inside me. I want you to fuck me tonight."

    "Just cum for me Olivia." I responded. "Show me. Show me how much you want it."

    "Oh." she panted back. "I'm going to cum so quick. Keep playing with my lips like that. It's driving me crazy."

    While her body was doing one thing her mind was telling me another. She was clearly conflicted.

    "Cum for me sexy." I insisted as I kissed her neck. "Cum all over my fingers right now. You know you want to. Cum in front of all of these people watching us...watching you."

    This was apparently all it took to get her off. While there weren't any couples around us at that precise moment, Olivia's eyes flew open and she stared into me as she began to climax.

    The onetime "OC" star shrieked briefly as her body finally betrayed her and she tensed up in my arms and trembled wildly. She bit her bottom lip as the orgasm swept through her and my insistent fingers continued to stroke her quivering petals.

    She then let out a long withdrawn high pitched moan as the tension inside her evaporated.

    "Oh. Yeah." I praised her softly. "Good girl. Let it all out."

    I ultimately withdrew my fingers from her dripping sex as Olivia literally melted in my arms and embraced me.

    However, it was during this entire time as I got her off that she'd apparently distracted me long enough to somehow unzip my fly and was now stroking me directly.

    I wasn't quite sure what she had in mind considering our surroundings and the other passengers wandering around on the deck, but I myself was debating whether I should pull my pants down just a tad for her to gain further access to my cock.

    While I stood there debating this, Olivia eventually made up my mind for me and pulled on the bottom of my pants.

    It wasn't exactly comfortable, with the zipper now tight against my nuts and my hard cock trapped against my pants, but my bell-end was free and now being massaged and manipulated wonderfully by her talented fingers.

    Any thoughts of awkwardness quickly evaporated as I watched Olivia spit on her hand and smear her saliva coated fingers all around the head of my cock. She then smiled as she looked around the deck and to my surprise bent over to briefly suck the fat tip of my dick between her soft lips and released it with a pop.

    "Mm. Pre-cum." she cooed, as her tongue slithered around the hole and she made a show of licking a tiny droplet of pre-cum which had emerged from the tip of my rod.

    I moaned my approval, trying to remain focused on our public surroundings.

    Olivia slid her soft, slippery mouth back down over my pole, her tongue rubbing against the underside of my shaft before sliding her lips back up to the tip of my member.

    Her lips sucked a bit on my cock head again before she plunged her hot mouth back down over my shaft. Up and down she bobbed on my big cock, drooling and smearing her saliva along my pole and causing my toes to tingle.

    "Shit. Fuck. Oh. Wait." I barely managed to mutter, as I watched another couple approach our position by the railing.

    I was reluctant to remove Olivia's sucking mouth from my now tingling cock, but there were several couples lingering around the deck. She released my cock with another loud pop from her mouth and kissed me hard on the lips.

    Caught up in the moment I stopped to look around for the nearest secluded area - away from prying eyes and surveillance cameras, and abruptly pulled her into a more private part of the deck, behind some rigging and large maintenance equipment.

    Olivia giggled as I literally dragged her to the dark space and kissed her hotly on the mouth again and continued to maul her body and breasts.

    "Oh. I want you inside me... Now!" she insisted, as I grabbed her by the hips and twirled her around and kissed the back of her neck.

    Bending her over by the waist, I took out my cock and rubbed the head up and down Olivia's dripping wet slit, gathering her slick moisture before I pushed my rod past her tight opening. We both moaned as my cock slid home inside her pussy in one swift action.

    While her tunnel was tight and stretched to accommodate me, she was so wet that I entered her effortlessly. I had been aching for release ever since my conversation with Debby Ryan earlier in the afternoon, and began pumping my hard pole in and out of Olivia's slippery pussy.

    Soon I was slamming my cock into her, as she reached out to steady herself on whatever she could get her hands on. Her face was flushed and she moaned every time I bottomed out, my long cock deep inside of her.

    We could both tell I wouldn't last long in her hot, slippery tunnel.

    "Quick. Oh. Fuck." Olivia sighed breathlessly. "Fuck me. Please. fuck me."

    I happily obliged. Considering the way she had been acting all night I figured I owed it to her to teach her a lesson.

    As far as I was concerned she had been "asking for it" all night, and now I was going to give it to her - and give it to her good. Her ass was nice and firm and made a gentle slapping sound against my groin as I fucked her from behind.

    Olivia reached down and started playing with my balls, her long fingernails tickling them and sending jolts of electricity up and down my spine. The cool ocean air felt incredible against our warm bodies as I reached around with one hand and impatiently groped her pert breasts.

    As I started pinching and playing with her hard nipples she proceeded to buck her hips back against me, fucking me harder and faster.

    As incredible as this moment was I was suddenly brought crashing back to reality when I heard a sound from behind me and turned to see a group of women lingering around our previous position, just a few feet away.

    The ladies had no doubt emerged from the Katy Perry concert upstairs and were now enjoying a cigarette.

    Unfortunately for us there was no place left to hide in that confided space so I now had two options; either stop doing what we were doing or continue having sex and hope that the women wouldn't notice us in the shadows.

    As it turned out one of the girls leaned back against the railing of the ship and indeed looked up only to see us standing there having sex.

    While I froze momentarily, I then did a double take as I quickly realized that the woman in question was actress Emmy Rossum - Olivia's friend, who paused for a moment and recognized us and smiled.

    Thinking quickly I put my finger up to my lips and gestured for her to keep quiet, as her girlfriends now stood there chatting and laughing loudly among themselves - oblivious to the action going on just a few feet away.

    To her credit, Emmy merely blushed a little and didn't say a word as I continued to pound into Olivia from behind.

    In fact the "Shameless" star kept her eyes on me the entire time as I fucked her friend even harder than before causing Olivia to squeal a little over the booming music.

    With Rossum's friends now laughing and gossiping loudly, the singer-turned-actress continued to watch us in the corner of her eye as Olivia suddenly realized that we had company and attempted to straight up, but I held her tight and reassured her that everything was under control.

    With an audience now just a few feet away, Olivia reached down between her legs and proceeded to rub her clit - determined to get herself off as quickly as possible.

    I responded to this action by lifting up one of her legs and pounding her even harder, striking her g-spot and trying my best to get her there. Despite herself, Olivia started to moan more audibly but was fortunately drowned out by the cheering crowd directly above us.

    My balls now slapped audibly against her cunt as she finally let out a low guttural groan and climaxed violently, her pussy gripping my cock and creaming my balls with her essence.

    Feeling bold, I then placed her leg down beside the other and directed her to pin her knees together.

    The moaning starlet happily obliged and now bent over further and arched her back sharply, causing her tight butt to jut out and give me the perfect angle to attack her pussy some more.

    "Oh. God. Yes. Fuck." Olivia hissed over the music, as I finally informed her that we in fact were putting on a show of our own.

    "Do You like being watched?" I hissed into her ear. "Do you want me to stop?"

    In answer she thrust her hips back, taking my cock deeper into her cunt until I felt her crotch rest against my nuts. With a mental shrug I plunged further in, filling her completely and causing her to gasp out loud. Again I stopped and prepared to pull out.

    "No. Don't you dare." Olivia sighed. "Just give it to me. Keep fucking me. Please."

    It was only now that she craned her neck and looked back and spotted Emmy standing there for the very first time.

    "Oh. No. Don't stop." she insisted. "I love it. Don't you dare stop. Let her watch. I don't care. Let her watch me... get fucked!"

    Emboldened by this, I smeared some of the juice which had accumulated along my shaft and carefully eased one of my fingers into her backdoor. To her credit Olivia simply moaned to the double penetration which only spurred me on and gave me all the permission I needed to take her ass.

    In fact the more time I spent playing with her butt the more her sphincter muscles relaxed and without prompting almost invited my digits inside. I began to slowly work it in and out so she could get used to the sensation.

    Soon she was purring again and I glanced up to see that she was kneading her own breasts and playing with her nipples as I explored her derriere. Her eyes were closed as I slipped a second finger in without missing a beat and realized she was no stranger to the act of anal.

    For good measure I gave her firm butt a gentle slap for encouragement and slowly pulled out of her dripping wet sex before I pressed the head of my cock against her bunghole.

    There was a moment of resistance before my cock-flesh slipped inside and was suddenly gripped by her sphincter muscle.

    "Let me inside." I whispered into her ear. "Give me your ass Olivia."

    Gripping her hips, I directed her to arch her back sharply and lean back and kiss me on the lips as I proceeded to drill her butt.

    Olivia happily complied and now moaned into my mouth as we continued like this, and I gradually sped up eliciting a little grunt from her every time my balls slapped against her clit.

    It only took a few strokes for her to grow accustom to the sensation as I felt her reach down with one hand and play with her clit. Olivia was getting the hang of it now, pushing back against my thrusts, the muscles of her ass clenching and releasing around my tool.

    This action combined with the fact that Emmy Rossum was standing just a few feet away watching us the entire time, soon had me teetering on the edge of a climax.

    "Ugh. Yes." she grunted lustfully over her shoulder. "Fuck me. Fuck that ass."

    "God you feel good." I told her as I drilled her continually. "Who's ass is this?"

    "Ugh. It's yours baby." she moaned. "It's all yours. Gimme that cock."

    Suddenly, Olivia seemed to have a change of heart and abruptly pushed me back, turned around and dropped to her knees in front of me.

    I looked down into her pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes as she began to lick at my throbbing member - the same cock that had been buried deep inside her ass just a split second earlier.

    "Mm. I'm so dirty right now." she moaned, as she glanced over at Emmy and winked.

    Like me Emmy Rossum was absolutely gob smacked by the wanton display as she watched her friend and fellow actress indulge in some lewd ATM (ass-to-mouth) action.

    Nevertheless, Olivia's tongue slurped down the underside of my cock to my now aching balls before running back up and swirling around the bulbous head. Still holding my gaze she took the knob between her lips and then slowly engulfed the entire shaft without gagging.

    As she pulled her head back I heard myself gasp. "Jesus. How do you do that so well."

    "Practice." Olivia smirked as my cock popped loose. "Practice makes perfect."

    I stared down as she swallowed my meat stick again, mesmerized by the sight before me. She began to move her head more quickly, my manhood disappearing and reappearing between her those thick luscious lips. I could feel her using her hot wet tongue and even her teeth to stimulate me. I started to moan as I felt my climax building.

    "Shit. I'm gonna cum." I warned her, as she took my cock from her hot wet mouth and began to pump it in her first, her brilliant eyes still fixed on me.

    "C'mon. Do it." she purred seductively. "Cum for me."

    I felt my nuts tighten and grabbed a handful of her hair.

    "Here it comes!" I cried out as I began to spurt.

    The actress pointed my spewing cock towards her chest and smiled as ropes of jizz splattered across pert breasts.

    My load splashed over her neck and chest before a couple of less powerful squirts shot out onto her tummy. Only then did she take my deflating cock back into her mouth again, milking out the last of my spunk while still gazing up at me.

    Catching my breath I looked over at Emmy who had a shocked yet bemused expression on her face - clearly impressed by the show. But before I could say anything I watched as she finished her cigarette and wandered back inside to the concert with her gaggle of friends.

    "Wow." I panted out of breath, thanking Olivia with a gentle caress of her face. "Well that was interesting."

    Olivia simply smiled up at me as she hurried to correct her dress and adjust her appearance, sucking her fingers of any residue semen.

    "Mm. That was definitely fun."

    "Do you think we scared her off?" I snickered.

    "Who Emmy?" she replied. "I doubt it. If I know her I bet that isn't the last you see or hear from her on this voyage."

    As I helped Olivia get up to her feet we both glared at each other with surprise as we suddenly heard the sharp-shrill sound of the ship's fire alarm ring out throughout the ship, startling us both.

    "Jesus!!" Wilde jumped with fright. "What the fuck is that. It scared the shit out of me."

    "God damn it." I thought, as I immediately heard the chatter on my two-way radio come alive. "Now what." be continued.

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    Well, they're all coming fast and furious now - and the authors are writing more as well. I'll certainly be....studying this while I'm fine tuning my own first chapter.

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    Can't wait for MORE !

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    "Hollywood Cruise Ship" Day 1 Chapter 3
    With Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence
    Written by Robertdoc
    (M/F, cons, water, masturbation, handjob, fingering, blowjobs, big tits, titfuck, cunnilingus)

    I had been afraid to pinch myself for weeks, for fear I was in a long, overly detailed happy dream. But in this supposed dream, I had sold my first book, gotten an advance that allowed me to go on a holiday cruise from Miami to the Caribbean – and now it turned out some of my biggest celebrity crushes were on the boat.

    Nope, I wasn't pinching myself to wake up any time soon. Didn't mean that someone else couldn't try, though. But maybe such wishful thinking was pressing my luck too much.

    Then again, after seeing the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Love Hewitt and so many others roaming around, how much more unrealistic could this get? And at one point, I thought I saw Kaley Cuoco drinking with a red-headed Emma Stone. Okay, there was no way –

    And then I bumped into someone that looked like Alison Brie. So apparently there was a way.

    Especially when she actually turned out to be Alison Brie – big eyes, big chest, big smile, tiny but flawless figure and all.

    Once she actually apologized and started talking to me, I was on auto pilot. I don't remember what we were talking about, as I just did anything that would keep me from being too….grabby. And I had to avoid staring at her like a creep as well. But between the cleavage that her white sundress was barely hiding, and her bottomless bright blue eyes, there was nothing I could safely stare at.

    Somehow, Alison was still around me when the ship had its opening night concert. Which was headlined by Katy Perry. Of course it was. Of course it was headlined by Alison's fucking clone.

    But before I could drool too much over another petite, brunette, doe-eyed celebrity with a wonderful chest, the first one I met today suggested that we should go.

    This did little to calm my libido down, but Alison wasn't suggesting anything dirty – sadly or not. She figured that with everyone watching the concert, we could explore the rest of the boat by ourselves. I don't know how I didn't sport a visible erection then and there, but I somehow told myself that she didn't mean ‘explore' like that.

    Admittedly, walking around by ourselves in the moonlight helped me settle down a little. Alison wasn't coming on to me or showing herself off, but talking to her was still fun. Talking to any celebrity, much less a gorgeous one from one of my favorite shows – and a subject of some of my more erotic work online – should have been enough for me. Much less the chance to talk to other stunning actresses later this week. But it would be best to get through this first one before anything else.

    So I followed Alison inside the boat, where we explored some of the more fun indoor activities – at least the ones with clothes on. However, when she suggested we check out the indoor spa – where clothing was barely required – it was back to being on auto-pilot.

    In fact, it wasn't until we got to the spa door that my concentration broke. And it broke because of an erotic moan – albeit one that wasn't from Alison.

    It was coming from behind the door, as it appeared someone was already in the spa pool. At least one person – or at least one female. Alison beat me to the punch and turned the doorknob extra slowly, then opened it a crack to see who was in the spa….enjoying herself.

    I was only barely surprised by now to see that it was Jennifer Lawrence. Masturbating in the water while wearing a blue two piece – naturally.

    Her body was arched, so we could see just how glistening and wet it really was. Her full, soaked tits were bouncing and jiggling, barely contained by her bra. The water made her curvy waist even sexier, and we could almost see her fingers inside her panties. But although her bottom half, her fingers and her stunning ass were still in the water, her movements and her dripping upper body were on perfect display.

    I was too stunned to even pretend to be shocked for Alison's sake, just in case. But when I broke away from Jennifer's lovely vision, I noticed that Alison was standing next to me and spying on her as well. We only had the door open a crack, so there wasn't much room for both of us to see. Yet she put her face below mine and bent over – with her ass turned away from my crotch, sadly or not – to see the show with me.

    Jennifer didn't see us, there was no one else in the spa and no one was coming down the halls to notice us. If this was one long dream, it was becoming pure fantasy in more ways than one. But when Jennifer groaned and arched her back further, I stopped poking holes into it.

    I was shocked my cock wasn't poking out of my pants already. But I'd stopped it from doing so all night, so I knew I could keep it up. Yet maybe doing it while Jennifer Lawrence was masturbating in water was too much to ask for. Oh, and then add Alison Brie standing right next to me.

    Standing right next to me and drifting a hand up her sun dress.

    This was the only thing that could keep me from watching Jennifer pleasure herself in a spa. I didn't make a sound, in case Alison was going to go….any further, or had forgotten I was there as well. Plus we couldn't make any noises to stop Jennifer's show either.

    So when Alison finally looked at me, I clenched my teeth in order to stay quiet. She didn't need such tricks, as she just silently looked down at her crotch – then noticed my own. I then finally noticed that my efforts to hide an erection had failed at last.

    I held my breath as Alison's eyes darted between our crotches, my face, and the action behind the door. Once she locked back onto me, I was relieved that her eyes were so expressive and clear – and suddenly a bit darker – as she could communicate her emotions without saying a word.

    When I saw her hand going back to her crotch, I then saw how relaxed and….eager she was. She then gestured to my pants with the same expression, signaling it was okay for me to….enjoy myself further as well.

    Any thoughts/hopes I had of Alison 'helping' me enjoy myself were dashed, once her hand disappeared up her sundress . However, if we were both going to take care of ourselves – if nothing else – it might not be the worst thing. With that, I peeked back to the spa and resumed looking at Jennifer, as she still went at herself – and me and Alison started to match her.

    I wasn't wearing jeans – thank God – so I had somewhat easy access to my erection. I grabbed myself and tried not to groan, although I was extra sensitive after all the sights I'd seen today. But I steadied my hand and my cock, and tried a few experimental pumps to get myself settled down. As if I could be completely settled.

    Finally I blocked everything out and focused back on Jennifer. She still wasn't finished yet, so her stamina could set a shining example for me and Alison. However, she had to imagine sexy stuff to get her going – supposedly – whereas the sight of Jennifer's wet, masturbating, hourglass-figured body was better than anything in my imagination.

    If I focused too long on her delicious-looking tits, wide open mouth and husky groans, I would be done too soon. Therefore, I took my eyes off Jennifer and took a sneak peek at Alison masturbating next to me. In a split second, I realized that wouldn't help me cool down at all.

    Her eyes were focused on Jennifer and looked like they were burning into her. Her chest was heaving, her fingers were buried inside her hiked up dress, her legs were bare and exposed almost completely, and her ass was bent over and flexing beautifully. I felt myself pumping my cock even harder as I looked at her, then made myself look back at Jennifer before I got caught. Then again, if I'd gone this far without Alison thinking I was gross….

    After a few seconds of studying Jennifer, and a few more back on Alison, I took my hand out of my pants to let my cock take a breather. Alison didn't notice – which meant if she really wasn't watching me….

    My eyes zeroed in on the outline of the hand buried up her dress. Ever so carefully, I moved my right hand towards her, hoping to graze her and ease her into this. But she turned to me before I got there, and my hand and throat froze up.

    Alison took her left hand away from herself and let the bottom of her dress fall back down. I could see the juices on her fingers, glistening as much as Jennifer's wet body was. Then I went back to her eyes – which once again told me everything without her saying a word.

    When she saw my right hand, knowing it almost touched her and had been pumping my cock moments ago, she looked at it like it was part of the buffet. She then took it with her right hand and put it on her center, which made my throat close up harder.

    But my hand did move when Alison hiked her dress up again, giving me room to touch her wet panties – and feel how they'd been pushed aside to expose other wet things.

    As I took that in, Alison's left hand made its way to my center. My throat was loose enough for me to breathe heavily, as her hand went into my pants and tried to get into my underwear. When she found what she was looking for, she took it out of my pants instead of just jacking me off inside them.

    In our odd position, standing next to each other in front of a barely open door while we jacked each other off, perhaps Alison needed the extra room for my freed cock. In any case, I stopped questioning it when she started pumping and my finger curled inside of her.

    Once we got into a rhythm, we somehow managed to look back inside at Jennifer – who was actually finishing up while we were distracted. She cried out, arched herself some more and let herself explode, cumming all over her hand and into the spa water.

    Me and Alison tightened our grip on each other when we saw Jennifer cum, but we weren't done yet. It began to dawn on me that time was of the essence, if we wanted to finish ourselves before getting caught. Yet before I could suggest to Alison that we take this elsewhere, Jennifer emerged from the spa pool and my brain went blank.

    For the first time, Jennifer's entire body was out of the water, in all its glory. Her panties were even down a bit, so we could see her amazing, apple shaped bare ass for a moment before she pulled her bottoms up. That gave me an extra jolt as I rubbed Alison deeper and savored her tighter pull on my cock.

    Jennifer walked away from the spa, her delicious hips swaying and her tits, curves and supple legs still dripping wet. It really hit me how I had just seen this stunning actress finish herself off, while another stunning actress and I were finishing each other off at the same time. Then I was overwhelmed at my memories of Jennifer, the sights of Jennifer, and the sights and sounds of Alison right now.

    My mind went back and forth between images of Jennifer and Alison – but with Jennifer now out of sight, I only had Alison to look at. When I turned back to her, she was trying hard not to cry out, even as my finger went faster in her and my cock was twitching in her hand. I studied her as much as she was studying me, as I savored the enticing way she looked now – and pictured her looking the same way in that spa.

    That pushed me to the limit, as my teeth clenched and I pinched Alison's opening. Her mouth opened but no cries came out, then she shoved my cock back into my pants before I knew it. She went on to palm my erection furiously, which gave me enough friction to come inside my pants – instead of on the floor or door where there would be evidence.

    How clever of Alison – Community's Annie Edison would be proud, if she was dirtier than she was on TV. Yet while she could plan ahead even now, my mind shut off as I came on myself and Alison started to cum on my hand.

    With her hands free, she grabbed onto me and put her mouth on my shoulder to keep from screaming. This put the rest of her body right against mine, which would have made me hard all over again under any other circumstances. Yet under these ones, I could still feel our chests pressed together, and feel her juices covering my right hand.

    Alison gave me room and backed off so I could see my hand again. I could only look at it for a second before I had to lick it clean. I vaguely saw her focusing on me again, as the lust in her eyes dimmed – but didn't disappear – while their usual bright, innocent-looking tint began to reappear. The combination was exhilarating, at least until Alison quietly shut the door and led me away from it.

    I didn't have the energy to argue with her, but I could hear the door opening behind us. I briefly turned and saw Jennifer Lawrence come out, yet she didn't see us. She turned and went the other way, which gave me a clear view of her rounded ass jiggling away. However, when it was gone, Alison came back into view and led me back towards the spa door.

    It began to dawn on me now. With Jennifer finished and gone, and with her not noticing us, we could slip into the now unoccupied spa ourselves. At least that was my best case theory. Jennifer noticing us, not minding how we violated her privacy, and coming in with us was a close second, but that possibility was gone – for tonight.

    Yet the first one looked good as Alison led me inside the room. She closed the door behind us and I went over to the spa, studying the water as if I would find Jennifer's cum inside. I didn't even mind that my own cum was staining my pants, and would have been visible to anyone. That probably meant we couldn't leave and let anyone notice us.

    Then I saw Alison pull her sundress over her head, and I knew I wasn't leaving for a while.

    She also had a two-piece bikini on, only this one was red instead of blue. Her panties were as clearly soaked as my pants were, and her red bra hid less than half of her heaving chest. I finally gave myself free reign to study that area, until Alison coughed and made me study her eyes again – her still aroused, ready for action eyes.

    "It's gonna be a while until we're ready again. How should we pass the time?" Alison asked in a fake-innocent tone. My answer wouldn't come in words.

    Instead, I marched over to her and kissed her, finally letting myself hold and fondle a gorgeous celebrity body. My hands gave her chest a quick, hard grope to get it out of the way, then held her tits more gently to savor the firm flesh. But savoring Alison's eager tongue and pert lips wasn't so bad either, as I matched her kissing while sliding my hands up and down her soft waist before grabbing her ass.

    After a few pinches, my left hand went up to fondle her bouncy, sweet-smelling hair, while my right went back between her legs. But I let myself rub the top of her slender thighs and legs this time as well. When I went back to her chest and she started to nibble and suckle my bottom lip, I could take no more.

    I didn't even bother to remove my shirt or pants. Despite being fully clothed, I led Alison into the spa and dunked myself under water. I re-emerged to see Alison swimming around as well, fully wet just like Jennifer was. Her chest was positively glowing, her hair was delightfully damp and down her shoulders, and her body was swimming back towards me.

    I closed the distance and kissed her again, but not for too long as I pushed her wet tits up and started kissing downward. I didn't bother to take off her bikini, as I kissed Alison's covered nipples and licked off much of the water on her cleavage – although I was hardly making it drier. Nevertheless, Alison leaned back against the spa wall and let me bury my face into her upper body.

    "Sit up," I asked when I was done with her tits. Alison let me back away, took my hint and climbed out of the spa, then sat back on the edge of it. The bottom of her legs were in the water, and were spread wide enough to let me see her crotch, sitting on the ground.

    I stayed inside the spa, positioned myself in front of Alison's sitting form, and let her legs rest on my shoulders. I leaned into her clothed snatch and licked her panties, tasting the wet marks on them before I had Alison lift her hips. She let me take her bottoms down and throw them into the spa, leaving her to sit on her bare ass with her pussy in front of my face.

    After eating out her leftover juices, I put my hands back in the water and then lifted them up to grab her tits, making them wet again. I rubbed Alison's upper body all over, looking up at her dripping figure and her entranced face while I ate her lower body out. I kept putting my hands in the spa water and then back on Alison, as my lips and tongue worked deeper into her.

    Soon I moved from her pussy and started kissing and licking the top of her short but lovely legs. Alison clenched her legs around my head and rubbed my damp hair as she got even damper. "Okay, your turn," she brought herself to say before long.

    Alison unwrapped her legs around my head and got on her feet, then put herself back into the spa. She signaled for me to get out, and I followed her lead, climbing out of the spa and sitting on the same ledge that she did. Eventually, I remembered I was still fully clothed, so I finally slipped out of my soaked shirt and took my pants off.

    Since Alison had already pulled my cock out, she knew what she was in for. It had been hard again for the last several minutes, just as she remembered it. Yet this time after I sat down above her, Alison swam to me, put her head between my legs and did more than just stroke my cock.

    She still stroked it – but only the parts she didn't get into her mouth. After shoving most of my shaft into her mouth, Alison popped off and went back down slower. Her tongue circled my head while her lips practically massaged my erection, and her hand lightly brushed my sack.

    Most incredibly of all, she batted her beautiful doe eyes right up at me as she did it, as the innocence of the gesture, combined with her mouth's hot movements, almost made me cum again. She had to know what her eyes would do to me in that context, and it was clear that she did. Alison kept her eyes on me as she bobbed her head on my cock, giving me glares that ranged from deceptively sweet to downright sultry.

    Yet while I was naked, Alison still had one piece of clothing left on. She remembered at about the same time I did, so she popped off of my cock, lifted her chest up and finally removed her bikini. Her proud, perky tits were exposed at last – but I could only focus on them for two seconds, before she put them on my cock and made me throw my head back.

    Alison put my erection between her tits and let them fuck me for several, all too brief seconds. By the time I could actually savor how they felt, she took them off me and swam away.

    I was beside myself at this point. If I couldn't fuck her tits, then the only thing left to do was fuck her. And she had probably given me just a taste of tit-fucking so I wouldn't cum all over them. I didn't know if that would help me last inside her any longer, but I had to find out then and there.

    I went back into the spa and caught up to Alison, who flashed me another of her sweet/sultry looks. This made me push her back against the spa wall, as our naked bodies fully embraced for the first time. I steadied her hips and lined myself up against her, then she put her arms around my neck and lowered herself down.

    All I could do was bury my face in Alison's neck, fearing that looking at her chest or face would help finish me off. Her neck was warm and soft, and I could smell a combination of the water and her shampoo, so it didn't exactly calm me down. Yet I settled inside her and could ultimately stand how she was wrapped around me, which gave me time to review how I wanted this to go.

    I gave her two quick thrusts to break us in, then froze again to regroup. After another thrust, I took my face off of her neck, daring to see Alison pressed against me. Her tits were barely out of the water and pushed against my chest, and her legs were trying to rub against my own. My right hand went into the water and felt that her ass was against the wall, so I put it between them.

    "If we're done with that, then fuck me," Alison requested. I fulfilled her order with a few rapid thrusts, then some slow ones to let her catch her breath. I went a little slower for the next few moments, adjusting to her warmth and watching her body flex against mine.

    My left hand went onto Alison's ass in place of my right, which emerged from the water to wet her hair some more. It drifted down to her breasts and wetted her nipples, then my fingers tweeked them a bit and made her clench around my cock. With those movements, I let myself fuck her a little faster to match them.

    Now her boobs were starting to bounce above the water, grazing my chest every so often. There was no point in checking how wet she was, since her pussy was in the water, but I let my fingers explore her anyway. Alison threw her head back when I did, giving me easier access to kiss her neck and the spots above her tits.

    Just as I was going faster, Alison grabbed me and put me against the wall. Before I knew it, I was pressed against the wall and Alison had wrapped her legs completely around me. She put her hands on the ledge behind me to steady herself, then set herself back over me and began to ride me hard.

    I could only put my hands on her ass and keep steadying her until I thrust right back. But she did a lot of the work while I watched her dripping, naked body ride mine. Her breasts were right in my face and her eyes were halfway closed, but were still piercing right into me.

    If this was a dream, my imagination was working overtime on this one. I don't know why that entered my head at that moment – but I thought I would regret it forever when I heard an alarm go off.

    Later on, I would find out that a fire alarm had gone off and made everyone go to the deck. But in my fevered, sex-crazed, overactive brain, I was paranoid at the time that the alarm was from my clock – waking me up in a cabin. Waking me up and proving that I never really saw Jennifer Lawrence masturbate in a spa, or got to fuck Alison Brie in a spa either.

    With all that had been going right for me, this would be the most heartbreaking way to end my winning streak. But I was not going to go down without a fight.

    "No! I'm not waking up yet!" I yelled before I could stop myself, or remember that Alison could hear me. All I could register is that I wanted to finish me and Alison off before we got out of dream land. So I blocked out the alarm and everything but the need to make us both cum.

    I took back control and turned us around, putting Alison right back against the wall as I fucked her harder. My right fingers shoved themselves into her pussy, working in tandem with my cock, while my left hand squeezed her hip and ass. As for my mouth, it was trying to cram as much of her left tit inside as possible.

    Along the way, I kept full eye contact on Alison, so I could savor how she looked at me and hopefully remember it after I woke up. By now, I should have been composed enough to remember that this wasn't a dream, and this alarm might have been about something serious on the boat. Alison probably would have pointed it out too, if I wasn't devouring her and fucking her senseless.

    Soon I was more focused on cumming than trying not to wake up, however. My tongue batted around Alison's nipple, while my right index finger fucked her in tandem with my cock, and my left hand spanked her hip underwater. Alison cried out and ground herself deeper onto me, as her vision and mine began to get hazy.

    Ultimately, I felt her start to spasm and removed my right hand from her pussy, placing it right on the back of her head. I took one last bite of her breast and pressed my forehead against hers, watching her eyes glaze over and burn into me one last time before she began to cum.

    "Fuck, fuck me God!" she gritted out, and groaned some more variations as she came on my cock. I voiced a few colorful phrases as well as my dam began to burst. Our foreheads stayed together and I felt us breathing heavily on each other while we rode out our orgasms. The sound of our breathing and the intensity of our climaxes drowned out the alarm for the longest time.

    Eventually, it did get too loud and we started to hear actual commotion in the halls. "The hell?" Alison asked in an annoyed tone, then got past me to start looking for her clothes. But I just stayed in the water, as it sunk in that I wasn't dreaming.

    I just fucked Alison Brie in a bunch of water, where she was wet, bouncing and naked. No way anyone else could say something like that tonight. Even if they could, they didn't have the wet, masturbating Jennifer Lawrence on top of it. Of course, if she had gotten to do anything more than that….with me closer by….

    Then again, I had six more days on this cruise to get that greedy.

    "Aren't you coming?" Alison interrupted my mental bragging, as she was out of the spa and back in her two-piece.

    "Um….you go ahead. It'd be suspicious if we came out at the same time, right?" I pointed out, in case she wanted to be discreet.

    "Okay. You want to make your wet clothes less discreet, be my guest," Alison noted, drying off before putting on her dry sundress. "Let me know if the water got all the cum stains out, all right?" she finished, pointing to my pants and then slipping out.

    Well, diving in fully clothed probably solved that much, at least. Another lucky break for me. This one was a little better because it was shared….thoroughly. Maybe if we weren't sinking, we'd have time to ‘share' a few more…..or if I couldn't with her….

    Wow, I was probably a dead man either way.

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    Well done Doc! Should be interesting to see how you interact with the rest of the guests now that you're positive you aren't dreaming.

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    Damn. That was hot doc. Awesome addition.

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