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Thread: Hollywood Cruise Ship (chain story)

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    "Hollywood Cruise Ship" Day 1 Chapter 4
    With Selena Gomez and Scarlett Johansson
    Written by chitown

    DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction, containing material of a somewhat explicit nature, intended to entertain adults. If that's going to trouble you, or not permitted to you for some reason, read no further.

    I was really of two minds as to why Miss Selena Gomez gave me a New Years cruise as a "Christmas bonus" this year.

    It could be a good will gesture, an attempt to repair a relationship slightly frayed by my refusal to step out as her Significant Other, at least until August. My current contract as her bodyguard would expire July 29th, and if we don't negotiate a new one, well then we'll be free to be as reckless as we care to be.

    Or, since she's also on the cruise, and in the accommodations right next door, this could be her play to get a 5 day long date- without calling it that, of course.

    None of that was going through my head at the moment, however.

    She'd selected the early seating for the formal dinner settings (more time to play afterwards, she'd reasoned) and now I was back in my stateroom after the first day's meal, seated on the couch.

    With the short notice nature of this little jaunt, I was still playing catch-up on familiarizing myself with the ship's plans and had decided to spend the few hours before Katy Perry's show studying.

    Miss Gomez had drifted into my stateroom in my wake, and now she closed my laptop, took the paper files out of my hands, dropped them on top the computer and parked her cute little ass in its tight little micro-skirt across my lap.

    She wrapped an arm around my neck and used the other hand to steer my gaze, to lock it onto her liquid chocolate eyes, and I unconsciously held her with one arm around her waist while my free hand came to rest on her bare knee.

    "You do realize you're on vacation, right?" she asked, then continued, "Everyone on board had to pass a background and security check. The cruise line ran their disaster drill this afternoon and we all know how to handle getting to our assigned life boats."

    She locked her hands behind my neck, held me steady as she leaned in, and now touching nose to nose, her stare bore into my brain. "It's time for you to relax," and then her soft, full mouth was on mine.

    I didn't really know what she was about. Fuck, for the better part of seven weeks she'd exiled me to purgatory.

    Now as Selena wiggled her butt on my growing member, ran the tip of her tongue over my lips, tried to push past my teeth, she seemed to be inviting me back to paradise.

    We hadn't worked out the problem, getting back shouldn't be this easy.

    "George, kiss me. I mean, really kiss me" she pleaded.

    OK fine, but that meant I was going to have some fun too. I opened up, let her slip her tongue in, playfully wrestled with it.

    After she got going, figuring she was distracted with the oral action, I slowly, lightly trailed my fingers along her silky soft skin, up to the hem of her skirt.

    Of course I should have realized she was playing with me, when a particularly vigorous flexing of her ass over my now painfully constrained erection necessitated her planting a foot on the deck to steady herself, resulting in opening her crotch to exploration/exploitation.

    We'd broken off the kissing, momentarily catching our breath, just looking into each other's eyes when, intending to tease her some, I moved to brush my fingertips across her panties, the outline of her slit.

    Except there was no satiny barrier there, and I ran my digits directly across her warm moist nether lips, right up to her hood.

    "Uummmf" the instant flash of lust in her gaze was belied by the gasp from her mouth as I quickly drew my hand back.

    "George, please… touch me again"

    "What?" I stupidly replied.

    "It's been 2 months since a guy touched me like that. Do it again." She pleaded.

    It had been getting increasingly difficult to say "No" to her privately, and considering a large part of me was screaming "Yes" there's no surprise my hand once again caressed her thigh on its way up her skirt.

    I ran my pads over the delicate folds of her labia and she gave me that 1000 watt smile before locking lips again.

    We kissed and I caressed as she wiggled in my lap for some time before, with her now quite wet, I slipped a finger up inside her love canal.

    I stroked her inner walls for a bit before she broke from my mouth, and nibbled her way to my ear. "Two please" she whispered.

    "Two what?"

    "You know I like a second finger inside"

    "Oh you do, do you?" I teased, but I didn't push it, instead I extended my middle finger to slip it in along with the index. She gripped them firmly, the fit of her gradually warming furnace still quite snug.

    It soon became evident prolonged mouth action wasn't going to work as she was now actively humping my hand. Bracing herself with hands on my shoulders, she bounced up and down on my lap, head thrown back.

    With the arm I had around her waist, I slowly lifted up, dragging the hand over her rib cage to cup her tit.

    I began to massage her fleshy mound and found the hardened pebble of her nipple through the double layer of her shimmering golden top and the bra.

    ""Do it" she gasped out.

    I positioned my thumb to rub her clit on her down stroke just as I pinched.

    "OH FUCK … you sunuvabitch"

    Twice more. "Uuungh" "OOOoooh"

    And then she was clutching my shoulders, gasping for breath, as she sat on my hand flooding my lap.

    She caught her breath and I retrieved my hand. She happily helped me lick it clean and before giving me one more tongue filled kiss.

    She stood up, got a towel from the bathroom and wiped herself off as I wondered where this was going.

    Miss Gomez tossed me the towel and said, "Guess I'll go explore the ship some" as she headed out the door, leaving me with cum soaked shorts concealing a raging hard-on, and, I now noticed, her panties laying on the floor.

    She must have slipped them off while I was getting ready to do my ‘homework', and I hadn't had the good grace to notice.


    After cleaning up, changing, and studying a little, I headed to the show.

    I lingered around the edge as the room filled, and was forced to admit there were an awful lot of familiar faces in the crowd.
    Maybe this trip was as exclusive as Selena claimed, and if the audience was a representative sample, had a very heavy female to male ratio, at least among the guests.

    The lights dimmed, the band started, people pressed forward and then Katy was on stage.

    She sounded good and looked breathtaking. She was definitely a woman I wanted to graduate from my "I've Hit That Once" list. Now that she was single again maybe we could catch up with each other sometime this week.

    The front of the crowd was pressed together, trying to get closest to the stage. Those who'd stayed back had room to do more than hop up and down in place and some were actually dancing with each other.

    Then one particular voluptuous blonde caught my attention. Scarlett Johansson was ¾ the way back from the stage, in her own little circle, dancing alone.

    Before I even realized I'd made a decision I was making my way past others, to find out if her solo was by design or neglect.

    I got to her just as a final note cut off and she trained those grey-green peepers on me, challenging my invasion of her space while the sheer wrap she wore did nothing to disguise her heaving chest, barely contained in a red bikini top.

    "May I join you?"

    She shrugged, causing her bodacious jugs to jiggle some more, and I believe said, "Suit yourself" just as the next tune burst through the room.

    We started out sharing the space, but a couple songs and rounds of liquid refreshment later, our hands came together. Things proceeded from there, and soon she was running her hands over my arms, my shoulders, my back as I held her close, a hand on the small of her back while continually talking myself out of grabbing a handful of breast.

    When Katy busted out a couple of her raunchier songs, unedited for radio or Wal-mart, my blonde bombshell ground her ass into my crotch each time the word "FUCK" screamed through the room.

    The show was nearing the end, but when Katy paused for a drink (of water?) Scarlett tugged on my hand, "Let's get out of here"

    We were in a passageway still close enough to hear the booming bass when she turned and I wrapped her in my arms, pushed her against the wall.

    Our lips met and she eagerly opened her mouth, letting me taste her champagne flavored tongue as it fought past mine.

    Her hands were running over my back, pulling at my shirt, nails almost snagging in the cloth.

    I reigned in my frenzy somewhat, realizing the hand rail pressed into her back couldn't be too comfortable, I took a step back.

    Her look asked, "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" but with my hands no longer trapped between her body and the wall I was able to show some appreciation to her magnificent mammaries.

    A long slow pass with the back of my hand, starting at the top inside swell, through the center of her cleavage, around the bottom, up the outside, where it became palming the whole fleshy mound, elicited a moan of pure lust.

    "MMmph" and then "Let's do this, right here, right now" as her hands were down fiddling with my zipper.

    "You sure?"

    "I've always wanted to try fucking in public. Who better than with some guy whose name I don't even know?"

    Who indeed? I returned to kissing her, moving from her mouth to her jaw line and up to her ear as she worked my erect cock and balls over the waist band of my briefs and out the fly of my shorts.

    I'd let go of her tit, moved both hands to her luscious ass, to lift her to sit on the railing when some wispy little long haired waif with a tall gangly guy in tow came skipping down the hall.

    "Nice package" floated back to us after they'd passed.

    "Chloe's right, I could've done a lot worse."

    "You having doubts" I asked

    "I always have doubts. Doesn't stop me from doing what I want."

    I reached to take her bottoms down but, "Just pull it aside and fuck me"

    I found the crotch of her bikini wet as I peeled it off her hairless mound. Her hand tugged my throbbing staff to her slot, guiding my head right to her entrance.

    I baby-stepped closer, to push in, sliding my iron pole deep into her hole. She brought her legs up, wrapped them around me and locked them at my waist while an arm encircled my shoulders.

    I started slowly to pull back, withdrawing, and she clamped down almost like a fist, not willing to let go.

    Supporting her gorgeous ass with both my hands and the railing as she clung to me I kissed her throat, neck, ear, as I pumped my hips.

    She'd started out plenty wet, and she'd lived past the natural tightness my steady diet of teens and young 20-somethings the past 5 years had gotten me accustomed to, but she'd learned skills, and the way she could squeeze and release in rhythm to my stroke was getting me close to popping despite the discomfort inherent in our position.

    The edge of her bikini was rubbing my cock on each thrust and I wondered if I'd end up with a ‘rug' burn.

    It felt like someone was holding a knife to my ballsack the way the elastic band of my briefs was cutting into me.

    Then when she dug her nails into my back, maybe drawing blood, chanting "Harder deeper faster" and I responded by driving harder deeper and faster, my nuts swung forward and crashed into the wooden rod helping support her.

    It was almost like taking a punch below the belt, but when she cried out "Again" and raked a hand across my arm I made the choice to knock myself out, literally if need be.

    "Is this what you want?" I grunted as I rammed into her.

    "Yes. Do it" she panted out.

    "For my cock to hammer you?"

    "Yes. Nail me baby"

    I pounded into her, feeling the pain, feeling the euphoria, sweating bullets with the effort, dimly aware that more people were now walking past us, some giggling, pointing, some shaking their heads.

    I felt her losing conscious control of her vaginal muscles, the constriction of her pussy walls becoming erratic, her breathing labored when she bit down on my ear, almost taking it off, gasped "Oh fuck me" stiffened in my grasp, and then let loose with a torrent of girl water.

    I was holding her up, leaning my forehead against the cool wall, waiting for my wanton blonde babe to come to her senses when a small, soft hand touched my arm.

    "George, we really should catch up with each other, sometime soon"

    The idea that Victoria Justice had just seen us, was looking to move off my "Just Once" list, pushed me closer to the edge and I almost exploded into Scarlett's honey pot, but I somehow controlled myself.

    It was just moments later, I think, when someone cleared their throat. I glanced over to see a ship's officer standing a few feet away, "We'd appreciate it, if you could confine certain activities to more private spaces."

    "Certainly, sir. My apologies"

    Ms Johansson whispered, "My suite's just down the hall"

    I pulled out, held her as she slipped off the railing to stand, and stifled a groan of relief as I tucked myself in and zipped up.

    "This way" and she took my hand.

    4 doors down she let us into her luxury suite.

    "Make yourself comfortable, pour a couple drinks, I'll be right out" and she disappeared into the bathroom.

    I walked over to her mini-bar "What can I get for you?"

    "It's only stocked with stuff I like"

    I poured two fingers worth of single malt into each glass, and was debating bedroom or sitting room when she reappeared.

    Her long blonde hair had been pulled back into a pony-tail, leaving me to gaze at her beautiful, round face, with full cheeks, bright eyes, red lips; or her bountiful breasts capped by her puffy pink areolas, nipples already standing out; or her slightly rounded stomach above her hairless mound, her fresh water clam dewy with excitement; or her taut, toned legs ending in pretty, bare feet.

    The Lost in Translation star had ditched her clothes, freshened her lipstick, and I was slow on the uptake.

    "Well, Sailor, was I unclear? I mean when a woman invites a man to her room, offers him a drink, it really only means one thing. Considering what we'd just been doing, ‘Get comfortable' shouldn't have been confusing."


    "You've a military bearing, and the occasional pitch and roll doesn't phase you. Makes you Navy. Now quit stalling and get your clothes off." She headed to the bedroom.

    I followed with the glasses.

    "Put those on the nightstand" She attacked my shorts so I took care of my shirt. Deck shoes were kicked off and then we were rolling on the bed.

    I imagine it was an odd looking wrestling match. She was determined to keep at least one hand wrapped around my cock, choking the chicken as it were.

    I wanted to bury my head in her chest. How anyone who spent time with her didn't get lost in her fun bags for awhile is beyond me.

    After a couple minutes, I was on my back when I got a firm hold around her back and held her in place, perpendicular to my body, my face right in the middle of her cleavage.

    As I moved to suck her areola into my mouth she relaxed, seemed to accept my mauling of her chest even as she continued to reach to my groin, to beat me off.

    Eventually I loosened my hold, let my hand move to her spine, and caress down her back. I shifted my head, brought my mouth to suckle her other boob as my hand fondled her luscious ass.

    She started to leave, "This posture isn't very comfortable for me."

    "Where are you going?"

    "I'm going to suck you off before we fuck again."

    I grabbed for her hip "69" and she let me guide her crotch to hover above my face.

    The saliva on her tongue as she lightly swabbed my head was a cooling balm after the dry, heated hand job. She proceeded to trace the veins of my staff with the tip even as I ran mine along her slit, tasting her tangy essence for the first time.

    I made two more long leisurely passes along her lower lips and she let herself go, grinding her sex down into my face even as she wrapped her mouth around my mushroom tip and cradled my nuts.

    After pulling her labia in with my breath, I poked my tongue out looking for her hole. While softly massaging my balls, I could feel her spit dripping down my sword even as she took in half its length, working her tongue around the top and grazing the underside with her incisors.

    I rolled my mouth meat and tongue fucked her pussy as she bobbed her head over my pole and milked my gonads.

    I shook my head trying to rub my chin against her clit and the resultant moan spawned shivers in my cock that spread throughout my lower body.

    I abandoned her juice factory, to glide my tongue over her love nub before kissing it.

    She popped off me and gasped out "Oh fuck me"

    Not wanting to disobey I brought my hand around, rubbed a few fingers in the wetness surrounding her core before slipping a couple digits inside while tenderly sucking on her button.

    As I probed her inner walls and teased around her magic dot, she lay her head on my hip, lips against my root and panted out "Don't stop" all the while still squeezing my jewels.

    On one particular twist "Oh yeah right fucking there"

    "There?" I mumbled over her trigger.

    "OOhh … fuck yes"

    Having now found it, I was relentless in my assault, probing her canal and caressing her g-spot for all I was worth.

    When she neared the precipice, her breath over my cock erratic, her gasps incoherent, her join leaking, I once again licked her protruding clit before sucking it in and grazing it with my teeth.

    I suspect her orgasm was quite intense but I missed most of it. I know she cried out, I know she flooded my face with cum, and I know the vise grip on my scrotum caused me to blackout.

    We were both still breathing heavy when she rolled off me and said' "I know what you want"

    "What's that?"

    "To fuck my tits"

    We both sat up, looked at each other. To be honest, her chest, her face, did beg for it. "And you're offering?"

    "Hell yes. Just cue me, I'd much rather swallow a load than get a facial."

    And then it happened.

    We both jumped as the alarm pierced through the room.

    "Shit, I gotta go" I was up off the bed pulling on my clothes without conscious decision.

    "Hey! The ship's not going to sink this minute. We're not finished. Stay awhile"

    "No, it won't, but I have … responsibilities. I'll catch up with you later."

    "Whatever" meaning not if she could help it.

    Selena wasn't at her stateroom when I arrived. The procedure is to gather your party together and then proceed to your designated spot on deck to be checked off. It's why they ran the drill before leaving port.

    I waited, what? 30 seconds? Before pulling the tracer from the Ready Bag, turning it on, and proceeding to go on deck.

    The device had warmed up, giving me a reading, as they announced to the crowd milling about that it had been a false alarm, we should please return to our previous activities.

    By some chance I caught Scarlett's eye in the thinning press of people, but she frowned, shook her head walked in the opposite direction. C'est la vie.

    I had a little trouble figuring out which deck my girl was on, but the vital signs readout was well within healthy parameters, just indicating excitement.

    I was finally within a couple doors of where I believed her to be when, "Sir, are you lost? This is staff quarters. Guests aren't supposed to be here."

    "My apologies" I turned to walk toward another ship's officer. At this rate I was going to get tossed off at the first port.

    As he escorted me to the public area I asked, "Hypothetically speaking, if a crew member hooked up with a guest, would they be allowed to escort them through that area?"

    He looked at me sharply, "While that sort of thing isn't prohibited, strictly speaking, a harassment complaint is grounds for termination. Conversely we don't want guests stalking the staff either."

    "No worries, I was just tracking down my traveling companion."

    He gave me a quizzical look as I headed to the bar for a night cap before bed.

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    Great addition/first chapter Chitown. Look forward to reading more.

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    Agreed! Better late than never! Great job Chitown.

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