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Thread: Livin' The Dream - Chapter 10 - Anything For A Beat

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    fanfiction Livin' The Dream - Chapter 10 - Anything For A Beat

    My god! It's finally done. I started this sucker just after the NBA Allstar weekender and that was about Febuary!!! This is the longest it has ever taken to write a chapter and has been re-written god knows how many times, so I hope it makes sense and, of course, you all enjoy....

    Chapter 10…
    Anything For A Beat
    Starring Nicole Scherzinger

    I stretched out in my seat trying to un-crick my back. Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class flights were about as luxurious as you could get on a commercial airliner but I still got a giddy ego boost every time I got on board a private jet. The Gulfstream G550 I was now getting comfy in belonged to Titus. He called it ‘his taxi' and used to it buzz him around most of the globe in his bid to try and conquer it. All ten seats were full today with his friends, the all male crowd already getting boisterous as another wild Vegas weekend loomed.

    I had managed to wrestle a window seat away from one of the label's newest stars, Bumpy Tyson. Bumpy, or Bumps as many called him, was a DJ extraordinaire; he had his own radio show, he cut mixtape's, he was a seasoned tour DJ and was currently playing in nightclubs from Chicago to Cancun. As of late he was getting in on my racket by turning his hand to production too. It was a good job I could class him as a friend or I would have to view him as a rival for the work Titus pulled in through his label.

    "You're a bitch, you know that right", he said in his Brooklyn twang as he sat in the seat next to me, "I let you have that window"

    "Yeah, course you did Bump", I said as sarcastically as I could. Bumpy was about five foot eight and easily half my weight, he couldn't out wrestle me if he trained for it.

    "You should think about how you treat me, superstar DJ in the area", he boasted whilst holding a surprisingly straight face, "I hear you want me to play at that dive you're opening in London"

    "I was offered a place in the queue for you're superstar services but I think I might just spin the records myself, no one will notice the difference", I said as equally sarcastic, pulling my cap down over my eyes.

    "People!" Titus suddenly bellowed from the from of the Gulfstream's cabin, "Please prepare for take off and one hell of a weekend! The hostesses will be around shortly to get you comfy", he said with a knowing smile, "Welcome aboard ‘Excess Airlines'!"

    "Did what's-her-name get at you?" Bumpy asked once the flight was underway

    "What's-her-who?" I replied from under the pulled down brim of my cap.

    "Nicole, she get in contact with you?"

    I lifted the brim of my fitted and looked around the plane at the other passengers, most were kicking back and enjoying the first free drink of the weekends many.

    "Nicole who?" I asked in a whisper.

    Bumpy threw me a sideways glance, "Shit, don't fuckin' panic. It ain't like that. That girl from the Pussy Cat Dolls, Nicole Schwarzenegger or whatever"

    "Scherzinger, you mean Nicole Scherzinger", I advised

    "Yeah, her, the singer. She's been running around all the names in the biz looking for beats, looking for the big names to plaster all over the promo for her first album. Word back home is that she's was looking to holler at you for some of that white boy funk" he sniggered

    "White boy funk", I laughed, "Somebody has been trying to get at me but I've been busy with that Fergie shoot and the club"

    "Well, you could be the man because I heard a lot of other people have turned her down"

    "People? What people?" I asked, Bumpy pulled a ‘what do you think' face, "Who?" I pressed.

    "People, man. I don't wanna bruise that ego of yours but you ain't the first name to be pulled from the Rolodex if you know what I mean"

    "Shit happens I guess", I sighed relaxing back into my seat, "I'm kinda busy at the minute anyway"

    "The crummiest nightclub in London?" Bumpy added with another snigger

    "I'm not really with the whole ‘buy a hit' thing anyway", I continued more arrogantly than I intended

    "Have you seen them videos? Have you seen how she looks?" Bump exclaimed.

    "I've seen them", I noted

    "I'd get in the studio with that, I wouldn't be givin' a shit what she was tryin' to buy!" he said, "I'd just want to see what that ass looks like up close!"

    I pulled the brim of my cap back down to cover my eyes, "And that's why you are going to make an awesome producer one day Bumps" I smirked.

    I shirked the drinks on the plane and managed to get to Vegas sober. Bumpy wasn't so lucky. The world was a theme park to him at the minute and Bumps was the kid rushing around trying to try everything at once. He had the room next to mine at Cesar's Palace with Frankie sharing with another of the minders on the other side of that. We were dropped off at our rooms and told to be ready for seven o'clock to hit the "pre party parties", whatever the hell they were.

    I had left Sam back in New York shopping on a company credit card but she had prepared all my entry passes, invites and tickets in a large manila envelope for me before we parted company. I sat on the bed in my room flipping through the collection of lanyards and guilt gold written tickets when I heard a crash and laughter from outside my door. I went and poked my head out to see what the commotion was all about. A soaking wet Bumpy was sprawled out in the hallway with a familiar looking label suit trying to hold him in some sort of wrestling move. Further down the hall Frankie C stood watching, a look of disappointment plastered all over his face.

    "The weekend starts here Frankie", I offered as I turned back into my room

    We hit the tiles a couple of hours later and started our tour of the various parties going on along the strip. The NBA All-star weekend was a big draw any year but it seemed that Las Vegas had sent it into orbit. Every nightclub was throwing a party for a company or someone from the music industry. And to keep everyone happy, it looked like we were going to have to visit most of them. Bumpy wilted early on and headed back to his room.

    I stayed at it and cruised through the parties with Tee. I bumped into a few familiar faces, I saw Eva again, albeit across a packed bar, and Britney seemed too wasted to even remember me, Paris Hilton threw me a look though as we said hi, I wondered if Britney had been gossiping after my birthday party back at Cesar's. Everyone wanted to know about Christina and when she was getting in to Vegas as if we were there as a couple. I rebuffed the questions as politely as I could, Tee helped by picking up the public relations slack, the guy could charm the pants off a nun even when he had had a skin full.

    We were just leaving a party inside the Bellagio when Tee advised, "You're being watched"

    "Where?" I asked trying to not make it obvious I was looking around.

    "Over in the V.I.P." he advised.

    I casually looked over to the velvet-roped area. Nicole Scherzinger was sat with a group of people around her inside the V.I.P. area. The group were all chatting but Nicole's attention definitely seemed to be dragged in my direction.

    "Ah", I started, "On the prowl for beats still", I quipped slapping Tee on the back.

    "You could do a lot worse for your career than dropping a beat on her", he offered

    "The new club is my number one priority at the minute Tee, you know that"

    "Trust me man, her label wants a hit so bad they are gonna be offering to finance that thing for you"

    "Whatever man", I chuckled as we walked out, "My mind is made up"

    The next morning I had just gotten out of the shower when someone started pounding on my suite door. It even echoed above the rooms hi-fi which was kicking out a demo CD I had been given at one of last nights party's. I quickly wiped my face with a towel and trotted from the bathroom to the still pounding door.

    "Put you're dick away man, we're late" Bumpy said, eyes going wide as he realised I was just wearing jeans, "You weren't, you know, actually…" he stammered.

    "No you fuckwit. I'm running well behind, I've only just got out the shower" I replied rolling my eyes and walking back into the suite.

    "Ok", Bumps said not sounding too sure, "Everyone is waiting to go; you want me to get Tee to hold on for you?"

    "Tell him I'll meet Frankie in the lobby and then he can walk me over to the thing," I said distracted by the hunt for clean socks.

    "You know where we goin' right?"

    "Yeah, the New York New York", I replied, "Down the road", I said still looking for socks

    "Ok, Frankie got you're pass?"

    "No, I've got the passes, you go and I'll catch up", I said finding a bundled pair of socks at the back of my suitcase.

    "Cool man, I'll catch you over there", Bumpy said pulling the door shut as he went back out.

    I sat down with a heavy bump on the bed; my stomach lurched. Maybe Bumpy had the right idea fizzing out of the partying early.

    If I was honest my system wasn't really ready to hit the tiles again, even if it was just a publicity jaunt. Last night had been an exhausting tour of the parties, all just to keep a bunch of the label suits happy. So I was going to stick to some basic rules for today. I planned to turn up, smile for the cameras, snag a free Coke, hit the buffet table and try to avoid any serious stat laden basketball conversations.

    I was hunting for a diamond cuff link when the door knocked again. I dropped my head in defeat. What did Bumps want now?

    "What now?" I asked sternly as I opened the door once more.

    "Not quite the polite greeting I was expecting"

    I stopped mid step to do a double take. Nicole Scherzinger was stood at my door, her hair was pulled back in a slick ponytail and she only had a smattering of make up on but her black knee length raincoat and black heels made sure she looked stupidly sexy still. I regained my composure and tried to hide what my brain was thinking.

    "Sorry" I began, "I thought it was going to be somebody else", I said walking back into the room to search for the missing cuff link.

    "Did I catch you at a bad time?" she asked, her voice was as smooth as silk as she walked in behind me.

    "Lost cuff link, I'm supposed to be at some promo thing at the New York New York" I replied.

    "Same here, I just saw your boy Bumpy in the hallway. He's rather excitable isn't he", she said looking around my suite.

    "Yeah, he knows he's on his hot fifteen minutes so he's trying to grab hold of everything he can", I said lightly.

    "That limelight burns for that first fifteen minutes, it gets so you don't want it to go out", Nicole responded.

    "Ah", I replied mystically, "I feel that is an awesome metaphor for why you are here", the cufflink glinted at me from under a chair by the window; I ignored it and looked back at Nicole. She was hovering around the doorway still, hands dug into the coats pockets.

    "And so my plan unravels", Nicole said in defeat, "I had a long speech I was going to feed you to try and convince you that we should work together"

    "A long speech?" I asked.

    "A long speech. Very metaphorical, very ego massaging", she replied, "But that was just act one"

    "You must peg me as pretty hard headed to come up with a two act plan to convince me", I said, "I'm not sure if it will help your cause but I'm impressed"

    "It was actually a three act plan I came up with", she said fiddling with the belt fastening on her coat.

    "Three act plan? Now I do feel special", I laughed lightly, "What's the next step in you're dastardly scheme to entice me into work?" I said doing some of the buttons up on my shirt.

    "Begging. I was just planning to throw myself to my knees and beg for your compassion", she said with a little smile.

    "That won't be necessary", I said finally turning my back and picking the cufflink up off the carpet, "Look, I am flattered that you want me to work on the album", I said trying to fiddle the large square collection of diamonds through the button holes, "Even if I'm not the first producer you've asked", I had to get the dig in, "But I just don't think I've got the time at the minute that needs devoting to giving you a hit" I said finally nailing the button hole. I heard my suite door shut. I looked up expecting Nicole to be gone. Nicole was stood right where she was before the cufflink took my attention away.

    "I'll just have to jump straight to act three then", she sighed as she pulled on the coats belt. The zip of fabric sliding over skin sounded like a thunderclap in the silent room. Nicole stood before me in just high heels and a matching silky red bra and pant set. My mouth felt like it had filled with cotton balls and my eyes went wide. She stood with her hands on her hips, an all knowing, all-powerful grin slashed across her face.

    "So this is act three?" I said trying not to look like I was trying to catch my breath.

    "This is act three. The grand finale. Only to be used in extreme circumstances", she said confidently, "You said you were impressed", she said easing the coat off over her
    shoulders, "By now you should be thinking of asking Titus for extra head room on your trip home for that ego of yours".

    I licked my bottom lip before biting it for a second. Nicole Scherzinger was here, in my hotel room, in just her underwear, to convince me to make her a hit. She wasn't here because she fancied me. She was just here looking for a number one record. I should have sent her packing really. I should have done a lot of things.

    "I think I've got the desired effect", she said with the hint of a laugh, "Although it would be nice to have some sort of input from yourself"

    "I think this should have been act one", I said trying to take my eyes off her bronzed skin, "Am I supposed to agree now or can I give you an answer when the feeling has returned to my legs" I said trying to make light of the situation.

    Nicole didn't reply. She silently walked over to me and kissed me as softly as I think I've ever been kissed.

    "What happens now", she said with a kiss to my neck, "Is that this comes off", she was undoing the buttons that I had just finished with and started pulling on my shirt,

    "These come off", her hand was wandering around the belt of my jeans, her fingers brushed over my hardening cock as she fiddled with the buckle, her eyebrow lifted in a another grin, "And then I fuck your brains out".

    My jean zipper was down and I could feel a manicured hand slipping inside my jeans and then my boxers. Her fingers were struggling to get at my shaft as she began kissing my chest and neck.

    "Mmmmm, your dick is so soft", she said as she nibbled on my left ear.

    "Not at the minute it's not", I said

    "I meant your skin stupid" she replied with a playful tug on my cock.

    I finally took Nicole in my arms and began to kiss her back. My jeans were finally undone and somewhere around my knees bunched up with my boxer shorts allowing Nicole to get her fingers around my stiffening cock. One of her lithe legs wrapped around mine as she shifted her full weight onto my frame. Well, what weight her frame held. A couple of days ago I had been wrestling the quite muscular body of Fergie, Nicole had the trimmed body of a dancer. My cock got harder as I thought about the videos I had drooled over. Her fingers were rubbing the head of my cock. I thought about the "Don't Cha'" video and the video for "Buttons".

    "Fuck", I said softly letting go of her earlobe

    "That feel good?" she asked getting a better hold of my cock in her fist

    "Yeah", I managed to breath

    Nicole started to pump my cock in her hand, "Now how do you want to do this", she almost whispered, "After all, I am here at your mercy"

    "What happens next all depends on how long we have", I said sliding a hand around her and delving my fingers inside the elastic of her silky panties.

    "How important is your little event at the New York New York?" she giggled as I began kissing along her neckline and down towards her breasts.

    "Me being there? On a scale of one to ten, ten being here with you, one being over there with, erm, others" I started distractedly as my kisses reached the tops of her quivering tits, "I'd go with about a fifteen", I laughed, Nicole ran her finger nails through the back of my shaved head, pulling my face tighter into her cleavage as she grunted a laugh, "How about you?"

    "Nothing that can't wait", she said pulling my face up to kiss me a lot harder now.

    I shuffled her backwards as we kissed until we reached the bed. One light push at the hips and Nicole fell backwards onto the mattress. I wriggled out of my remaining clothes as I watched Nicole spread herself across the bed. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she rubbed her hands across her tits and down across her stomach. She threw her head back as her hands disappeared between her thighs, I could see her tugging at her high cut black panties. Her legs suddenly flayed open like scissors to reveal that both her hands were inside her pants.

    "Mmmm, I like you watching", Nicole breathed. I looked back up at her lust burnt face as she continued to play inside her panties. She rolled over onto her stomach, kicking her legs around behind her before she jacked her arse up and began writhing around the bed on all fours giving me a floor show worthy of the best strip club. My hart felt like it was thumping against my ribcage as she prowled the bed like some sort of possessed cat, grinding her hips and showing me as much of her arse as her underwear would allow.

    "I think those should come off", I said as she came up onto her knees in front of me. Nicole didn't protest and kissed me as I reached forward and began to tug the red briefs down over her thighs and down her legs with both hands. Nicole unhooked her bra as her tongue continued to explore my mouth, she threw it across the room and her hands went straight back between her legs, her fingers brazenly running up and down her slit. Nicole broke our kiss and settled back onto the bed fully removing her panties.

    I moved around to the end and sat down to continue to watch the little show Nicole was putting on for me. She lay slightly propped up by a pile of pillows, her ponytail trailing over one of her shoulders, as she continued to tease. She rubbed around her pussy lips and lifted her arse up off the bed so her finger ran down almost to her puckered arsehole. She ran a finger around it, giggled, then returned her fingers back to her puss, one hand opening her lips up, the middle finger on the other disappearing up into her tunnel.

    "Ahhhh!" she breathed out as her finger went in, "Mmmm" she grinned.

    "That pussy looks juicy", I said getting comfier on the bed.

    "You want me to fuck it for you?" she asked pulling her finger out before punching it back in hard up to her knuckle, "Shit!" she whimpered.

    "Knock yourself out", I said eyeing the wetness on her finger and outer lips. Nicole didn't seem to need any more encouragement, she began to fuck her middle finger in and out of herself in a corkscrew motion whilst a finger on her other hand rubbed around her clit.

    "Oooh, there's the spot", she moaned, her finger came to an almost stop, her eyes lulled shut, "Fuck". Nicole's hips rolled, fighting the springs in the mattress and burying her arse further into the bed linen, "Tell me how hot I look, tell me how you want to make me a hit"

    "You lying there like that, fucking yourself just for me, it's the hottest thing I have ever seen", I said slowly, eyes glued to her pumping finger.

    "Tell me you're going to make me a hit", she huffed as her other fingers began to furiously rub in her clit

    "It's going to be number one, world wide smash" I replied.

    "Oh, ooooh", Nicole purred, he legs cocked up at the knees, her feet pushed into the bed, "Ohhh Fuck! I want that number one", she squeaked as her fingers on both hands reached top speed.

    "Cum for that hit Nic!" I said firmly as my head buzzed at the sight before me.

    Nicole's head crashed around the pillows as her finger fucked her pussy and her pussy fucked her finger right back. Suddenly her fingers stopped and her body tensed like an electric shock was causing through her.

    "Ooooooh god I'm cumming!" Nicole panted as her body twitched.

    My mouth and throat had gone bone dry, eyes wide at what I had just seen. I could feel my pulse beating in my ears and my dick. I watched as Nicole's fingers fell away from her pussy and went straight into her mouth so she could lick and suck them clean.

    "Mmmm", she growled as she rolled onto her side to hug a pillow. She opened her eyes and saw me nursing my hard on at the end of the bed.

    "I think you enjoyed that", she purred happily, a large grin on her face, "But I'm supposed to be here for your pleasure", she said.

    Nicole rose and snaked across the bed towards me. I felt a growl come from her throat as she kissed me, her hands feeling over my chest and down my stomach.
    "Lie back", she whispered as her hand reached down for my cock. I put my hands behind my head and steeled myself for the onslaught. Nicole wasted no time in taking my cock firmly in her fist and pumping it, her other hand caressing and teasing my balls. I closed my eyes as Nicole purred on about my tattoos and body, the words drifting away as I concentrated on not blowing my load right there in her hand.

    "You're enjoying that", I heard her sooth as my face scrunched up in concentration.

    My eyes shot open. I felt Nicole's tongue licking around at the base of my cock, then slowly rising up the under side, towards the head.

    "Ooooh shit!" I exclaimed raising my head to look at Nicole. She was deep into her work but still had a hand between her legs playing with her pussy.

    Her tongue reached the head and swivelled around it, my hips started to pump my cock upwards to rub more of it on that heavenly tongue.

    "You wanna cum in my mouth", she teased with a flick of her tongue, "All the boys want to cum in my mouth" she began to jerk on my dick, I looked down at her face, dark eye's burned back at me, "You've got such a thick cock, it's meaty", she giggled, "I want to feel what it's like before I leave", she said wobbling my shaft from side to side, "But I think I've teased you long enough".

    Her mouth slurped around the head of my cock, I could feel lips sliding down my shaft. I thought she would stop at any second but her mouth kept going until her lips rested in my shaved pubic hair. That was when she started bobbing her head. I could feel fingers pawing at my balls along to the slurping music my cock was making in her mouth.

    "Mmmmm!" Nicole moaned. I could feel the pressure building in by balls and my cock began to strain against the inside of Nicole's mouth. I clenched everything I could to hold off cumming but Nicole just sucked and bobbed harder.

    "Fuck, yes!" I shouted as my first shot bolted into the back of Nicole's mouth. Firming up her grip on my balls with one hand Nicole literally milked the jiz out of my cock and into her waiting throat. I could feel my dick burn into the cooler skin of Nicole's mouth as she swallowed my load.

    "Shittin' hell!" I exclaimed to a backdrop of moans as I finally stopped cumming.

    "Mmmm", Nicole said, her tongue smacking around her lips, "That was a lot"

    "You swallow the lot?" I asked staring at the ceiling.

    "Of course, I was taught it's bad manners to spit out something a host has given you", she said remarkably believably in a posh accent. We both laughed at her attempt at gentry, "You have anything to drink?" she asked rising from the bed.

    "Mini bar's over there", I replied. I watched as Nicole bent down to rummage around in the bar. Her arse cheeks and thighs sparkled with sweat; juice was still smeared over her pussy. I was just admiring how tidy her pussy looked, it didn't seem like it had many miles on the clock, when she stood back up with a bottle of mineral water.

    "Those are some legs", I commented as she drank from the bottle.

    "These things?" she replied looking down at her lithe pins, "Some say you gotta be blessed, I say god bless personal trainers"

    "Phenomenal in heels I bet", I added.

    Nicole swigged a final mouthful of water and gave me a little smile, "Lets see"

    She swept the earlier discarded shoes and slowly put them back on. She paid close attention to them, leaning back on the mini bar and kicking a leg out towards me to inspect the shoes as if they she was buying them. I watched intently as she modelled the black open toed sandals and did a little catwalk strut for me. She stopped and leant back onto the mini bar, "What do you think? Will I do?"

    I rose from the bed and kissed her in reply, pushing her further back onto the top of the fridge in the process. I felt my cock begin to stir into life again as I played with the warm flesh of her breasts with my fingers. Nicole leant back, her arms taking her weight on the desk, as I happily played away with her pert mounds like some demented baker. I took one in my mouth and sucked lightly, rolling my tongue around her nipple.

    "Mmmmm, that's good, you eat titties well", Nicole purred. I kept on sucking away until my cock popped up between us and lay on Nicole's abdomen, "And this meaty thing", she said taking it in one hand, "I want to feel this".

    I pumped my hips and humped my cock up and down in her fist, "I want to fuck you so bad", I said continuing to pump, Nicole tightened her grip, "Shit, I need to fuck you"

    Nicole perched her arse cheeks on the edge of the desk and brought her legs up so they rested on my hips, "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel this meaty fuckin' cock. I want to feel this meaty cock in my hole", Nicole growled as she wrapped her legs around me to draw me in. I held the head of my cock at her opening; I could see her already grinding her hips against the surface of the desk. I pressed the tip against her lips.

    "You want me to fuck you with this cock?" I asked.

    The look I got back could only be described as steamy, "That cock, I want that cock in me, pumping me, making me cum!" she purred.

    I held onto Nicole's hips lightly before bucking forward, "Ahhhh!" she moaned as I slid into her, "Oh shit", she sighed.

    I pulled her towards me and I felt her legs tighten around me, high heels dug into my arse cheeks.

    I pulled back and thrust in harder, her tunnel opening up to allow me in, "You want to get fucked like this?" I asked as I began to pump in and out. My cock felt warm and wet, her juicy pussy had me sliding in and out without hesitation.

    "Oh fuck yeah, fill me up with that meaty cock", she groaned as I picked up speed, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she said as he head fell back. Her legs wrapped tighter as I pumped harder.

    "Your pussy feels so fuckin' good Nic. I'm gonna cum so hard in you", I said shifting my weight to lean on the desk.

    "Oooh, that's it. Fuck me, fuuuuuuck me good!" Nicole said loudly.

    I pulled my body back and pushed he knees back towards her, really opening up her pussy.

    "Oh shit baby! That's deep!" she gasped as I slammed into her pussy again, again and again. Her head was propped against the wall by now, her eyes screwed up as I hit the end of her tunnel, "Keep going, don't stop, fuck! Keep going!"

    I held her by her thighs as he calves rested on my shoulders. I could feel the final stretch approaching, "Here we go, this meaty cock is gonna fill you up", I said.

    "Oh god, fill meeeee up!" Nicole squeaked. I felt her pussy tighten a second before I let go deep in her pussy, "Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Nicole shouted as she came with me.

    "Shiiiit!" I added as I shot my last few bolts into her. Steaming hot skin lay on steaming hot skin as we both came to our senses, both of us twitching and winding down from the blissful release, "Oh shit", I said leaning forward to kiss Nicole, my forehead resting on hers as we caught our breath.

    "That was intense", Nicole giggled.

    "Number one material", I laughed back.

    As the pounding from my hart subsided in my ears I thought I heard a click off to my right. I glanced across towards the door, a chill twitched up my spine.

    "What the fuck do you think you're doing!" the female voice shrieked in true horror film decibels.

    Christina was stood, mouth a gape and a look of true horror on her face, just inside the doorway. I went to reply but realised I had no words to reply with. I looked down at Nicole's legs still wrapped around me, my spent cock still hanging half inside her. I was about to try for another reply when the door burst in and Christina's two new minders came hurtling into the room.

    "What the fuck is…" one started to say as he spotted me and Nicole on the mini bar, "Oh shit!" came his obvious finish.

    "You fucking shit!" Christina said turning and hustling out of the room, tears already falling down her cheeks.

    "You fucked up proper this time boy", the bodyguard I knew by name said as he turned to lead the other minder out.

    I dropped my head.

    "Problems?" Nicole asked innocently

    "I think I might have a few", I replied.

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    another great addition to the series. I think I'll read it again, thanks sikk puppy

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    Definitely a must read series!
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