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Thread: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Katy Perry, Miranda Cosgrove, and Selena Gomez

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    fanfiction "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Katy Perry, Miranda Cosgrove, and Selena Gomez

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    With Katy Perry, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Liz Gillies, and Kristen Stewart
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFFF, voy, drugs, finger, rim, handjob
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Even before we had arrived to the 2012 Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Robert had to remind me to keep it in my pants as there were apparently going to be a ton of teenagers at the event.

    Naturally I found this amusing considering Robert Downey Jr. was a renowned cocksman himself who had a reputation of just about fucking anyone and anything with two legs.

    "Just letting you know dude," he went on. "With The Avengers coming out next month we don't need any bad publicity."

    "Ha!" I replied. "This from the guy who was banging his co-star?"

    I was referring to his on-again off-again relationship with Scarlett Johansson, who he had hooked up with while filming the superhero movie.

    "Yeah well," he excused. "That's different."

    "But of course it is." I laughed.

    Despite these very words, a half hour later Rob and I wandered around the backstage area with our tongues hanging out of our mouths, both of us surprised by the abundance of teen poon on display.

    For as long as we could remember Hollywood was never like this. There was just so much jail-bait around we could hardly believe it, and for two self confessed sex addicts like us it was like a dream come true.

    "Hmm. Smells like teen spirit to me." he joked.

    This comment made us chuckle as we were soon introduced to his co-presenter for the evening, "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove. Without missing a beat, Rob openly flirted with the young starlet and as expected she seemed totally infatuated with his charming self.

    Fortunately for me he also noticed the way I was looking at her, and feeling charitable he changed tactics and steered her in my direction.

    As predicted, my charms also seemed to have the desired effect and she blushed and giggled as the two of them then rehearsed their lines just minutes before having to go out on stage.

    It was during this time that Robert was called away momentarily giving Miranda and I some privacy for a few minutes and an opportunity to get to know her a little better.

    To my amusement it didn't take long for her to ask about the "Iron Man" star who I was forced to explain was in fact a happily married man.

    "Oh. Really?" she frowned. "Oh well."

    "Besides," I added. "Don't you think he's a little old for you. What are you like 22-23?"

    Miranda giggled and seemed flatted for a moment before she claimed that she was in fact only 18-years-old.

    Nevertheless she went on to tell me how she only liked and ever dated older men exclusively. Intrigued, I then complimented her a few more times before I insisted that she take down my number.

    As expected the poor deer was so young and impressionable that she didn't even ask me why I was making her take it, only to ultimately invite her to join us at an after-party later.

    "Err. Sounds great. But I dunno if I'll be able to make it." she claimed. "I really have a ton of interviews and stuff to do once we wrap up here."

    "Trust me. You're not going to want to miss this party." I told her. "Should be the party of the year."

    Naturally it was all bullshit, but the vapid little cunt had no idea what was really going on.

    Moments later Robert returned and the two of them were asked to prepare for their appearance on stage as I suddenly felt extremely nervous for the two of them.

    Over and over again I kept hearing one of Rob's long standing motto's in my head.

    "Never work with children or animals." he would say, and yet here we were watching him announce with a teenager half his age.

    Oh well. I guess there weren't really any rules when it came to promoting a film.

    It was during this time as I watched Robert address the screaming audience that I heard someone clear their throat behind me, but truth be told I was so caught up in admiring Miranda's legs that I simply ignored them.

    To my delight the TV harlot was sexily clad in a tight short leather dress which contrasted well against her naturally pale white skin.

    As I stood there openly ogling her pins, I began to wonder just what she was wearing underneath that dress and how sexy it would look pooled around her ankles.

    While I now quietly fantasized about all the seedy things I hoped to do to her later, I felt someone gently tape me on the shoulder and I turned around to find myself face to face with a busty blue-haired angel who I immediately recognized as Katy Perry.

    "Are you Hank," she asked bluntly.

    "Do I know you?" I snickered. "Because I think I'd remember."

    "Did you arrive here with Robert?"

    "Maybe. Depends on who's asking."

    Katy immediately went on to explain how she was a super fan of sorts and how it had always been her lifelong ambition to meet Rob in person.

    "You know who I am right," she beamed.

    "Yes. Yes I do." I grinned as we shook hands for the first time and greeted each other officially.

    "Do you think you could do me a big favor," she asked while taking a step closer. "And introduce me to him?"

    Naturally I was more than happy to oblige but Katy didn't seem satisfied and now appeared as though she wanted to get something off her chest.

    "Let me guess," I remarked. "You want more than just an introduction."

    While the singer nodded in the affirmative, I had to snicker to myself at the way the industry tended to work. In the time I had known Robert (25 years) I'd known him to bed just about every A-list starlet in the business.

    And now with his new found success with the "Iron Man" franchise it appeared he was set to break more records and fuck the next generation of young Hollywood hopefuls.

    Fortunately for me I had been known to prosper from such arrangements and had had my fair share of A-list pussy along the way.

    In fact Rob and I liked to joke and call it a case of "Pussy Shrapnel" as some of his conquests would ultimately end up in my bed after he was done with them.

    Nevertheless I now stood there with the singer discussing how she wanted me to hook her up with my best friend.

    "He has to like me. Understand." she insisted. "Please. You have to make him like me."

    "Trust me." I reassure her. "In an outfit like that I'm sure he will."

    I wasn't kidding either as I looked Perry up and down and remarked on how good she looked.

    "No. I mean really like me." Katy added as she took another step forward and stood right up in my face. "I want him to want me."

    "I think something can be arranged." I grinned. "But just on interest. What do I get out of this?"

    Katy seemed a little taken aback by my boldness but I pressed on nonetheless.

    "I mean this is Hollywood right. Not for nothing but I do believe one good deed deserves another. Don't you agree?"

    "Hmm. I dunno about that." she shrugged as I then turned to look at Robert interacting with Miranda on stage.

    With Katy seemingly playing hard-to-get I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned my back on her, only for her to panic and jump into action.

    "Err. Okay. Okay. What do you want?" Katy finally quizzed, concerned that I suddenly didn't seem interested in helping her hook up with the actor.

    A mischievous grin formed on my face as I answered her question with one of my own.

    "Well. Just how bad do you want to sleep with him?"

    "Bad." she claimed before taking another step forward.

    I then watched as she looked around and leaned over to whisper into my ear.

    "How about we go someplace quiet and I show you just how important this is to me."

    "By all means," I replied. "Lead the way."

    With that said I followed the leggy songbird down a flight of stairs and through a busy corridor where several stagehands scrambled around and attempted to set up the next segment of the show.

    The sound of her heels clicked loudly as we finally arrived to a door which appeared to be her own personal dressing.

    A moment later I gasped with surprise as the "Teenage Dream" singer abruptly pinned me against the door and without warning reached down to cup my burgeoning erection.

    "Whoa." I gasped. "Well you certainly don't waste any time."

    "Now then," she smirked. "Where were we."

    "I believe we were discussing Robert," I snickered. "Or more to the screwing him?"

    "So. Are you going to help me or what?" she demanded, as I felt her talented fingers glide over the erection in my pants. "Or do I have to do it the old fashioned way."

    As Katy spoke I felt her grasp the length of my shaft and give it a good squeeze. I could see from the expression on her face that she was pleasantly surprised by my girth.

    "Hmm." I grinned. "Rob is definitely going to like you."

    "I should hope so." she quipped as she now gripped my tool a little harder through my pants and stared right into my eyes.

    She really was a pretty girl, with the most amazing eyes I had seen in quite some time. Somehow one of my hands managed to find her ass and I proceeded to gently massage one cheek as she continued to caress my cock with her hand.

    "Did I mention how good you look tonight." I remarked before I reached over with my other hand and gently fondled her breast. "That's quite the outfit."

    I could actually feel her nipples standing at full attention like two little pebbles beneath the thin material while I continued to squeeze her thick round butt with the palm of my (other) hand. She responded to this action by finding my zipper and pulling it down.

    "So you and Robert huh." I commented, making sure to remind her about what was at stake.

    "Yeah. Me and Robert." she purred seductively as she essentially stroked my hardening length through my pants.

    Reaching into the zipper Katy coaxed my erection out of my boxers and began stroking my cock like it was the most casual thing in the world to do.

    As she jerked me off I took this opportunity to reach over and pull her top up so as to expose one of her breasts, and groaned approvingly as I admired her incredibly hard nipples.

    "God. Yes." I muttered softly under my breath as I leisurely toyed and played with her cans.

    Without warning I pulled her in close to me and initiated a kiss, something I'm sure surprised her judging from her delayed reaction.

    While Katy initially resisted, a simple twist of her nipple caused her to moan into my mouth before she kissed me back and my hands now played with her butt and boobs at the same time.

    All the while she generously jerked my dick even harder than before and seemed intent on making me cum.

    It was a world class hand-job without a doubt as I continued to have my seedy way with her body and now sucked on her tongue and urged her to do the same.

    In fact I was genuinely surprised at how well she performed and appeared to be well versed in the art of French kissing and foreplay. I now squirmed to her touch as she gripped my tool tightly and almost finished me off right then and there.

    "Shit. Fuck." I gasped audibly, surprised by her skillful fingers and the fact that I was already preparing to pop. "Jesus. You're really good at that."

    "Hmm. Are you gonna cum?" she teased. "Are you gonna blow that fucking load all over my hand?"

    "Jesus." I moaned back.

    Without warning I grunted and grabbed her with renewed force, pressing her tightly against me as my cock pulsated in her hand not once, not twice...but three times before I finally erupted.

    Fortunately for us Katy had me pointed to the side so none of my load struck her as I came. We stood there clutching each other for several minutes before we finally untangled ourselves from one another.

    The singer finally stepped back and with her cum soaked fingers amused herself by bringing them up to her lips and carefully licking them clean of any semen.

    The action alone took my breath away and illustrated to me just how nasty she really was. As I tucked myself back into my pants the songstress realized that her breasts were still exposed so she made a little show of tucking them back in again.

    "You truly have incredible tits Katy." I remarked. "I think Rob is definitely going to get a kick out of meeting you tonight."

    "Yeah he better." she replied. "I've been waiting to fuck him for as long as I can remember."

    As Katy spoke she casually wiped her hand on a disused towel before she slipped passed the door.

    A minute later I returned upstairs just in time to see Robert and Miranda flirting up a storm backstage and I leaned over and gave Cosgrove an appreciative peck on the cheek and mentioned how good she looked.

    "Great job." I told her. "You looked great up there."

    "It was really fun." she chirped as she shook our hands and announced that she had to go back into the audience and take her seat.

    I took this opportunity to quickly remind her about the private party after the show and while she seemed eager to come she told me that she'd call me later to confirm if she was free.

    With that said Miranda kissed me sweetly on the cheek before she wandered off in the opposite direction as my eyes immediately dropped to her butt and Robert and I looked at each other and laughed.

    "Hey. Don't even think about it buddy." he remarked.

    "What." I quipped. "You were checking her out more than I was."

    "Dude. She's only like 22 or something." he argued.

    "Ha! It's worse than you know." I informed him. "She's only 18!"

    "Really?" he remarked while turning his head sideward and taking one last look at her in the distance.

    "Screw this." he added. "We need to get out of here before we get ourselves in trouble."

    An hour or so later Robert and I were finally set to leave the event when right on cue he turned to look at me and I knew exactly what he wanted.

    "So what's going on. Did you manage to wrangle up some company for tonight or what?"

    "You bet your ass I did." I chuckled as I asked him to follow me into one of the backstage green rooms to officially introduce him to Katy Perry.

    "So...we were just about to head back to Rob's suite." I explained to the busty songbird. "And were wondering if you'd be interesting in joining us."

    "Just the three of us?" she replied, knowing full well that it had all been arranged that way in advance.

    "Well not exactly." I admitted. "I'm still waiting for my date to give me a call and then we're all set to leave."

    Unfortunately for me the call from Miranda indeed came, but she phoned to tell me that she was up to her neck in media and couldn't make it in time.

    "I'll probably be finished in about an hour or two at least." she claimed as I kept my cool and told her not to bother.

    Fortunately for me my cool composure seemed to work and Cosgrove now appeared wracked with guilt and insisted that before she leave for home she wanted to see me again.

    Disappointed, I looked to Robert and Katy, who were now openly flirting, and shrugged my shoulders in frustration before Perry suddenly jumped into action.

    "Bummer huh. Okay. How about this?" Katy sympathized. "Do you guys mind if I invite some of my friends instead?"

    Downey and I just looked at each other and told her to go right ahead before Perry handed me her purse and marched off in search of her colleagues. To my amusement Rob tried not to look obvious and spoke out of the side of his mouth.

    "Do you have any idea who her friends are?" he whispered while trying not to move his lips.

    Like him I had no idea where she was going or who she was going to invite and I suddenly felt a little anxious.

    A minute later the blue-haired popstar returned with a few friends in toe, and Rob and I were promptly introduced to Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Kristen Stewart.

    Right away I was immediately captivated by Selena who appeared to be wearing a similar outfit to Katy's in design, but was scantily clad in a sexy little white number which showed off her long legs and flaunted her firm midsection.

    Taylor was equally clad in white and almost looked angelic, while Kristen looked superb in short blue dress that showed off her long legs.

    "So what do you say. Ready to party!" Katy announced before the six of us left the amphitheater to head back to Rob's luxury suite just a few blocks away.

    Even by their standards the ladies were impressed by Rob's digs as we stepped out of the private elevator and entered the penthouse suite on the top floor.

    "Welcome to my humble abode." he smirked. "Make yourselves at home."

    "Wow." the ladies fawned as they wandered into the lavish apartment and looked around.

    "The advantages of playing Tony Stark." he quietly remarked to me as we made our way inside.

    The apartment consisted of two separate floors which offered a 180 degree view of Los Angeles, and even featured a large patio and heated swimming pool on the roof.

    Inside we quickly got the party started as we laid out several forms of drugs and drinks for the ladies to indulge in. To my amusement Katy didn't dabble or waste any time and immediately hit the sauce (coke) while the other girls preferred something a little less stronger.

    I then proceeded to pack a few cones and we took turns passing around the glass bong until Taylor blushed and claimed that it was only her second time smoking weed.

    We then watched with fascination as Kristen instructed her on how to do it and encouraged her to inhale two large breathes of tainted air, only to see her cough up her lungs and almost turn the same shade of blue as Stewart's dress.

    This naturally made all of us laugh before Taylor tried once again and it didn't take long for her to get absolutely hammered.

    Katy then took the initiative and insisted that Robert give her a private tour of the place, which we all knew was code for them to go upstairs and fuck each other senseless.

    We instead turned on some music and surfed the TV for something fun to watch as the conversation turned explicit and the ladies began to riff on who they liked and disliked at the show and who they thought was secretly gay in the industry.

    "What! Where did you hear that?" Selena objected as Kristen claimed that Demi Lovato was bi-sexual. "That's not true."

    Meanwhile as Selena got more and more stoned I couldn't help but notice the way she openly flirted with me and flashed me several seductive smiles to the point that even Stewart noticed and playfully winked at me, encouraging me to go for it.

    "That's like that other rumor I heard." Taylor added. "That girl from full blown gay or something?"

    "Who Miranda?" Gomez giggled. "Ohmigosh. That's too funny. I know Miranda personally. She's not gay. She's just weird. Super shy and complicated."

    "Yeah well." Kristen chimed in. "I heard that too. In fact I heard that she apparently gets it on with one of her co-stars or something."

    "You mean with Jennette?" Gomez laughed out loud. "Ha! Please let it be true. That would be so hilarious."

    While Selena immediately picked up her phone and proceeded to tap away at the key, no doubt wanting to share our gossip with other friends, I found it intriguing to say the least especially as I had made plans to seduce Miranda earlier in the evening.

    But with all these rumors swirling around, her excuses suddenly seemed to make sense.

    Nevertheless as the girls grew more and more inebriated the conversation and noise level in the room seemed to rise until we all jumped with fright as we heard someone abruptly knock on the front door.

    "Shit!" Selena gasped with fear. "I'm not here right now. Understand."

    "Relax." We reassured her as I got up to open the door and was taken aback to find several familiar faces staring back at me.

    Standing there before me stood most of the cast from the hit show "Victorious."

    "Err. Hi." Victoria Justice grinned. "We heard Katy (Perry) was up here...and figured we'd come up and say hi?"

    "Yeah. They said there was an after party here." Ariana Grande interrupted while trying to sticky beak into the apartment. "Are we too late?"

    I could hardly believe what I was hearing and wondered just how many people Katy had informed about the party.

    Shrugging my shoulders I invited them all in but right away there was an awkward tension in the room as we were already pretty high while these new fresh faced teens were painfully sober.

    Inside the ladies all looked at each other as they wondered where they're idol was before I tried to explain that Katy might be busy for a few minutes.

    To my amusement the ladies apparently assumed that the singer was in the bathroom freshening up until Stewart quickly killed any illusions they might have had by bluntly informing them that their beloved hero was in fact "busy" with Robert Downey Jr. in the master bedroom upstairs.

    "Oh? Ohhh." Victoria nodded as she finally realized what Kristen was insinuating.

    "So um. As you can imagine." I added. "She might be a while. But you're welcome to stay."

    "That's okay!" Ariana chirped excitedly. "We can wait. I just want her to sign my book."

    "You're book?" Selena repeated as the rest of us looked at each other quizzically.

    Grande then showed us the autograph book that she had compiled with various signatures over the years and to our amusement claimed that Selena had already signed it months earlier.

    Naturally the pint sized Latina couldn't remember ever seeing it before, and as this discussion went on I could see Kristen quietly fuming in the corner as the teenagers clearly didn't bother to ask her for her autograph.

    Meanwhile I immediately noticed the way Victoria looked around the room all judgmental and shit, detecting the copious amount of drinks and drugs on the table and thinking how wrong it was for her to be there.

    "What's wrong?" Stewart suddenly snapped at her, calling her out. "Make yourself at home Victoria. There's more than enough to go around."

    Reading her mind I got the sense that Kristen was feeling defensive about having these tweeners simply stand there and judge us.

    In fact judging from the way she was now looking at Victoria I expected there to be an all out cat-fight at any moment. Fortunately for us Victoria backed down almost immediately and decided that she was not staying, and urged her friends to follow.

    "Err. I think it best that we get going." VJ claimed as we then heard Stewart snicker rudely with Selena.

    "Yeah. Fuck off back to the playground little girl." she quipped a moment later making Ariana's mouth fall open in indignation.

    Meanwhile Victoria grabbed her naive co-star by the hand and literally had to drag Ariana to the door before she had time to say anything that might inflame the situation.

    "Wait. But. But what about Katy?"

    "Ariana! Come on. We don't belong here."

    "But Victoria. Why is she being so mean?"

    The ladies and I all snickered as we heard Ariana ramble on, clueless to the end.

    "You see." Grande finally directed at Stewart. "This is why you're not in my book!"

    "Huh?" Selena replied before letting out a loud chuckle.

    "Pfft." Kristen quipped. "Screw your book you little slut."

    Just then Victoria turned to Elizabeth and asked her to leave but Liz suddenly paused and claimed that she was staying.

    "Err. Excuse me!" Justice snapped.

    "You heard me." Gillies repeated. "I'm not ready to go home just yet. I might hang out here and have some fun with these guys."

    Right away Selena and Kristen cheered Elizabeth's decision as a fuming Victoria Justice explained that she was not coming back to pick her up later.

    "Fine." Gillies shrugged. "I'll just hitch a ride with one of these guys in the morning or something."

    "Absolutely." I encouraged. "I could give you a ride later if you like."

    While the teenagers looked at each other trying to debate what to do or say I smirked inwardly at the double meaning and shared a knowing smile with Kristen.

    "Great! See." Liz grinned a moment later. "All taken care of. You guys can leave without me Victoria."

    With that settled Justice finally opened the door and left the penthouse apartment in a huff as I invited Liz to take a seat on the sofa and join the others around the drug laden table to pick out her favorite poison for the evening.

    To my surprise the sexily dressed teenager seemed to know what she wanted and immediately hit two chunky lines of coke to the acclaim of her new found friends.

    "Oh Yeah! Fuck yeah." Kristen applauded. "Wow. I really like this girl."

    Right away there was an undeniable chemistry between the two stars, and considering that they were both wearing matching blue dresses, they made the perfect couple.

    Stewart then put down the bong and actually joined her new friend in some blow and the ladies seemed to get along almost instantaneously.

    "I think you got yourself a little apprentice there Kristen." Selena snickered, as she too helped herself to another cone.

    "Yeah. You might be right." Stewart replied while smiling seductively at her.

    Meanwhile it was around this time that Selena and I noticed just how quiet and utterly baked Taylor Swift appeared to be.

    She had barely spoken two words in several minutes and now looked to be turning a light shade of pink, even more paler and pastier than her usual self.

    "Hey. Are you okay over there?" I asked as Selena grabbed her hand and was shocked by how hot she seemed.

    "Whoa. You're burning up."

    With the others still enjoying themselves, Selena and I decided to help Taylor up from the sofa and take her into another room to wash her face and help her from being sick all over the place.

    Funnily enough despite the seriousness of the matter Gomez and I couldn't stop laughing and flirting with each other, both of us still very much stoned and enjoying our high.

    "Stop it! Stop laughing." Selena insisted before she herself would break out into hysterics.

    Considering how giddy we both were it was a fucking miracle we were able to carry Taylor anywhere.

    Ultimately we found a spare room and put her down on the bed to rest up before Selena suddenly paused and told me to be quiet, as we heard muffled moans emanating from the room next door.

    It was only now that we realized we could hear Katy and Robert having sex and we quietly scrambled for the door to sneak a peek inside. There we watched as Katy lay on top of Robert, his wrists tied to the bed posts as she rode him hard and slow, both of them naked as the day they were born.

    Fortunately for us Katy had her back towards the door and could not see us spying from the corner, as I now stood directly behind Selena and casually placed my hands on her bare hips.

    To my surprise I immediately felt her body respond to my touch and without thinking she reached back and grabbed my hands and placed them around her belly.

    Holding her close my mind began to reel as I took in her perfumed scent and the sweet aroma of her long dark hair. I then nuzzled my face closer into her neck and the teen star responded to the action by grinding her body back against me and literally invited me to nibble her neck.

    With my fingers still caressing her soft smooth tummy, I brushed my lips across her naked skin and marveled at the way it broke out in tiny goose-pimples.

    The entire time as this went on our eyes never left Katy's sweat-glistened body, watching as she wiggled her thick hips back and forth and fucked Rob intently.

    "Ugh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah." Perry grunted erotically. "You like that. Give me that cock."


    Feeling bold I then parted my lips and dragged my tongue alone Selena's neck and savored her salty flesh as I felt her entire body tremble with excitement.

    Without even realizing it my hands seemed to have a mind of their own and I proceeded to stroke and caress her soft young hips, causing her to squirm and coo with delight.

    The actress-turned-singer moaned in my grasp and tilted her head all the way to one side encouraging me to continue, to kiss and lick and suck on her tender flesh and leave tiny little love bites across her skin.

    Caught up in the moment my hands then drifted upward and before I knew what I was doing I instinctively cupped her soft round melons with both hands, groping her obscenely and causing her to shudder in response.

    "Oh." she sighed erotically.

    "Mm. Yeah." I whispered into her ear, trying to distract her from my lewd actions. "Look at the way Katy's riding that cock right now."

    "Oh. Uh-Huh." Selena quivered in excitement, before she reached back and gently grasped my hard cock with her hand and began to stroke me.

    I now squeezed and fondled her breasts as Selena and I now watched Katy stop to turn around and ride Robert reverse cowgirl style.

    Fortunately for us Perry was so caught up in their lovemaking that she didn't notice us standing there in the shadows, both of us huddled together and now touching and groping one another to the show.

    Without thinking my right hand slid down Selena's petite frame and under the hem of her short skirt where I quickly found and caressed the outside of her silk panties.

    The starlet purred in response and for the first time since we had started screwing around she looked over her shoulder and rewarded me with a kiss.

    I responded to this action by sliding the tips of my fingers inside her silk panties and made direct contact with her sex, and gently caressed her dripping wet slit as she parted her lips and plunged her hot wet tongue into my mouth.

    This caused us both to moan into each other's mouths before I finally took the plunge and abruptly buried my finger deep inside her pussy.

    "Oh. Fuck." Selena grunted as I wiggled my finger inside her for the very first time.

    I couldn't believe how hot she was, almost burning my finger. Kissing her slowly but sensually, we finally stopped to catch our breath as I noticed her mouth was smeared with saliva.

    "Hmm. That looks so fucking sexy right now." I whispered into her ear as I continued to leisurely probe her teen cookie in the doorway.

    To my amusement Selena assumed I was talking about Katy who was now on the bed getting drilled from behind, clutching a bed post as Rob fucked her doggy-style.

    "Mm. Yeah. I bet that feels as good as it looks too." Gomez remarked as my fingers now moved like a hot knife through butter.

    "I know what you mean." I smirked as I slowly explored every nook and cranny of her tight little cunt.

    "You do?" she purred over her shoulder. "You think you could handle it. You think you could handle my teen ass like that?"

    "Fuck yeah. Just you wait and see." I teased back before kissing her fervently again and sucking her tongue into my mouth, causing her to sigh again.

    I took this opportunity to add a second digit to the first and now probed the teen Latina with two fingers. My god was she wet.

    "Ugh. Promises-Promises." she replied breathlessly while grinding her hips back against my erection and urging my fingers deeper inside her.

    "You like being a fucking tease don't you Selena." I hissed into her ear, as she now essentially proceeded to fuck my fingers.

    "Oh. Maybe." she replied playfully, as I was almost tempted to take out my cock and drill her where she stood. "I'm good at it."

    With her approval my other hand dipped inside the bra cup of her top and I tweaked and twisted her thick hard nipple directly, causing her to almost collapse in my arms and moan out loud.

    "Oh. God." she purred. "I like that."

    "Yeah?" I panted as we kissed each other hotly again.

    "I like it when you tease my nipples like that." she admitted. "Gets me really hot."

    "And wet." I added with a grin. "Very. Wet."

    Selena responded to this lewd comment by thrusting most of her tongue into the back of my throat and moaned into my mouth.

    "Tonight. Your ass is mine." I remarked a minute later to which she simply moaned approvingly.

    "Yes." she daringly replied. "Take it. It's yours. You can have it."

    We kissed once again as she now literally squatted over my hand and fucked my fingers more urgently, her hips moving in a constant motion as I buried them knuckle deep.

    "God I can't wait to have you." I whispered into her ear. "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you're going to scream out my name."

    "Please. Yes." she moaned back. "But we have to be quick *panting* I can't stay long."

    Suddenly. Just as our encounter grew intense we were both startled by the sound of the front door downstairs. While I intended to ignore it Selena paused and seemed extremely concerned as to who it was.

    "No. Wait." she insisted. "Go see who it is."

    "What. Now?"


    While I tried to calm her down and wondered why she was so jumpy, it only occurred to me later that she was feeling particularly paranoid as she had apparently ditched her entourage back at the event and was now screwing around with us at the party, while her people including her overprotective step-father, were out looking for her.

    With our hot little encounter now interrupted, I reluctantly withdraw my fingers from her sweet clam and leered over from the top of the stairs to see who it was only to gasp out loud as I realized that our new last minute guests consisted of Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy.

    Right away the ladies looked up to see me standing there with Selena who was still in the process of adjusting her outfit.

    Noting this there was now no doubt in anyone's mind what we had been doing together as Jennette immediately looked at Miranda, who simply huffed and then stormed off back into the lobby.

    Thinking quickly I rushed on after her and thankfully stopped the ladies at the elevator where I tried to explain myself. Naturally Cosgrove was not impressed or interested in hearing anything I had to say but I finally convinced them to allow me to give them a ride home.

    "I have to go." I told Selena a minute later.

    "What. What?" she gasped in disbelief, clearly shocked that I would choose Jennette and Miranda over her. "What do you mean. You can't be serious."

    "Afraid so." I said while looking around for my keys. "I promised them a ride home earlier. So I should be back in a few minutes."

    The look on Selena's face was absolutely priceless.

    "Well...I might not be here when you come back."

    "Well. I guess that's just a chance I'm gonna have to take." I told her as the other girls all fell quiet and now sat there waiting to see what Gomez would say.

    "Do you need a hand with anything?" Kristen politely offered. "Do you need us to do anything?"

    "Not at all." I reassured her. "Just make sure the place doesn't get trashed while I'm gone."

    "Will do."

    As Selena now stood there with her arms folded across her chest I attempted to kiss her on the cheek but she pulled away in anger.

    Despite this I pecked her on the forehead and rushed out the door after Miranda knowing full well that I may have just blown my chances with Selena for the evening.

    Still. It was a chance I was willing to take. Minutes later Miranda Cosgrove and I finally found ourselves out on the open road heading back to her place after having dropped off her co-star home.

    I now found myself distracted by her long smooth legs as she sat beside me and her already short leather skirt which now hiked up considerably.

    Unfortunately for me she was still in a bad mood so we drove in relative silence for several miles, while I began to regret my decision to leave Selena Gomez back at the party.

    "What the hell was I thinking?" I chastised myself. "I left that hot piece of Latina ass for this drama?"

    "Then again." I countered, as I glanced over to admire Cosgrove's flawless pale legs. "She does have some terrific pins."

    Nevertheless, the more I reflected on this decision the more annoyed I became and the more I realized that I really had nothing to lose.

    In my mind even if I failed with Miranda I could still make it back in time to pick up where I left off with Selena, just as long as she hadn't hooked up with someone else. With that said I started to make conversation and after several attempts Miranda finally caved.

    "Look. I'm sorry okay." she finally remarked. "It's not really your fault. It's just...well, it sounds silly."

    "No. Go ahead." I replied. "Tell me what's bothering you. You obviously have something on your mind."

    Miranda then went on to tell me how she was upset because she had lost another award to her "frienemy" Victoria Justice, and was slightly peeved to discover that I had been screwing around with Selena Gomez earlier.

    To her it was like some big cosmic conspiracy to always lose out to the more "popular" and prettier girls in the business, despite being fairly successful in her own right.

    I snickered at her comment and reassured her that this was simply not the case, and admitted that although I found Selena attractive I'd been thinking about her all night.

    "Is that true?" she beamed shyly for the first time in ages. "Were you really thinking about me?"

    "Absolutely." I answered, before I reminded her that I had in fact ditched the Latina back at the party to drive her home.

    "So um." Miranda smiled sweetly. "What exactly were you thinking about?"


    The starlet nodded her head. I could hardly believe how adorable she was, but feeling bold I went right ahead and expressed my lewdest thoughts, figuring I might as well go all the way.

    "Well. I was wondering what you were wearing under that dress."

    To my amusement Miranda blushed and instinctively placed her hands on her lap as I immediately snickered and told her to move them away.

    "Hey. Don't cover them up." I grinned as I pushed her hands away. "Miranda. You just about have the best set of legs I've ever seen."

    "You're just saying that." she replied, as I explained that I was absolutely serious.

    "No. Honestly." I assured her. "Even after tonight's was those legs that I was thinking about the entire time."

    While I continued to keep one eye on the road I let my hand gently caress her soft thighs and gasped inwardly as her legs felt as smooth as silk.

    Miranda giggled nervously and attempted to push my hand away but I persisted and finally grasped the inside of her bare flesh and refused to let go.

    "Jesus. See what I mean." I let out. "They're just so fucking soft."

    "Stop." she giggled shyly. "That tickles."

    "Does it now." I quipped back as I then slid my hand further up the inside her soft smooth thighs and caressed more of her velvet-soft flesh.

    Goosebumps now broke out all over her exquisite limbs as I massaged and caressed them and felt her body respond to my touch. In fact it was during this action that I noticed her knees part slightly as though spurring me on, daring me to continue.

    "So are you going to tell me or do I have to find out for myself." I remarked, referring to her choice of underwear.

    Cosgrove giggled and appeared to like this game and refused to answer, knowing full well that I was more than eager to find out for myself. By the time my fingers finally arrived to their destination she blurted out the answer and claimed that she was wearing a thong.

    "It's a thong okay!" she confessed through a smile. "I'm wearing a thong tonight. Happy?"

    "Not even close." I answered. "Firstly. I don't believe you. And secondly..."

    Just as I spoke I felt her suddenly grab my wrist and guide it to her panties underneath, taking my breath away.

    The bold action almost caused me to gasp aloud and while she attempted to pull my hand away I refused to retreat and now proceeded to knead her sex through the flimsy material.

    "Are you satisfied?" she stated in the most seductive tone yet.

    "Oh. I will be." I grinned. "You don't get off that easy young lady."

    Miranda now giggled as we playfully grappled with each other in the car and my fingers caressed her teen sex.

    The contact made her thrash about wildly beside me as I gently traced the outline of her young vulva through the fabric and quickly determined that she was totally and utterly shaved clean.

    The revelation gave me instant wood, not to mention the sight of those incredible long legs squirming about beside me. It was a feast for the eyes and almost made me drool with excitement.

    "Hmm. I guess I win." I chuckled smugly, as Miranda seemed to lose her sense of humor and stared back at me.

    My response to this look was to burrow my hand even further inside her short skirt and proceed to openly tease and molest her sex, finding her tiny nub and stimulating her clit.

    I couldn't help but find the entire incident incredibly thrilling as she simply sat there watching me massage and tease her 18-year-old pussy.

    "Stop." she meekly objected, but by now we both knew she didn't mean it.

    "How old are you again?" I playfully remarked. "Eighteen-Nineteen?"

    "I'm old enough." she quipped.

    "Well. Are you going to behave yourself?" I teased, as she refused to answer and suddenly took on the personality of a small child who was being scolded.

    "Miranda." I reiterate. "Are you going to do what I say?"

    Once again Cosgrove did not answer and just nodded her head as I proceeded to leisurely caress her teen sex through her thong panties.

    Fortunately for us it was around the same time that we arrived outside her parents home where I parked across the street and turned off the engine. To my amusement it seemed that our brief struggle in the car had caused the windows to fog up, which apparently concerned her.

    "Wait. What if someone sees us parked here." she whined as I ignored her qualms.

    Without a care in the world I simply continued to explore her teenage pussy with my fingers as she grew more and more ashamed by the action and now squirmed uncomfortably against the door, her blue leather dress hiked up around her hips and her long smooth legs thrashing back and forth.

    Still, for all her antics she didn't appear to refuse or resist me, not even once.

    "You're really enjoying this aren't you." she finally remarked in a sexy tone. "Tormenting me like this."

    I simply replied by plunging my fingers into the elastic band of her thong panties and abruptly made direct contact with her gleaming cunt. Judging from the expression on her face she was totally shocked by the action, which only turned me (us) on more.

    "Hmm. You're so wet right now." I remarked, as Miranda responded to this statement by literally lunging herself at me and kissing me hard on the lips.

    I immediately added a second digit to the mix and now finger-banged her with two of my fingers as we French kissed each other passionately.

    To my delight the starlet sighed erotically as my fingers worked their magic.

    She instantly squirmed beside me as I took this opportunity to spread her knees even further apart with my forearm and insisted that she "open" for me, leaving her sitting there with her legs spread wide.

    Miranda panted breathlessly with every thrust of my fingers as I now explored her center and deftly brushed one of my other digits against her puckered bunghole.

    She bucked her hips to the sensation and glared right into my eyes informing me that her backdoor was off limits, but I ignored her objections and ploughed right on ahead.

    A moment later I buried the tip of a finger inside her tiny sphincter while I used my other two digits to thoroughly probe and explore her cunt.

    Cosgrove groaned and thrashed about wildly in the passenger seat as I now penetrated both holes at the same time, urging her to get off for me.

    I now gripped her exquisite body like my own personal bowling ball, with my fingers buried inside her butt and pussy at the same time, bringing forth little tremors in both of her legs.

    "Keep your legs spread." I insisted. "Do you understand me?"

    "Yes." she moaned submissively as I proceeded to finger-fuck her with two fingers.

    A minute later the "iCarly" star actually moaned into my mouth and instinctively clamped her legs tightly around my hand as she finally came.

    "Ohmigod. Fuck." she whimpered before trembling wildly.

    "Well. That was...interesting." I grinned a minute later, as the car now reeked of her musky scent.

    "Yeah. Thanks for the ride." she replied offhandedly before adjusting her dress and checking her appearance in the mirror.

    We both paused at the double meaning and laughed before she seemed to go all serious on me again.

    "Am I ever going to hear from you again?"

    "Are you kidding me." I grinned. "I'd love to see you again. In fact let's do something over the weekend together."

    This seemed to delight her and we shared another kiss before I reminded her that I had to leave.

    With that said Cosgrove gave me her phone number and climbed out of the vehicle before I peeled away and suddenly recalled my earlier encounter with Selena Gomez.

    With that still fresh in my mind I floored the pedal to the metal and blew straight through three separate stop signs.

    Truth be told I was actually surprised to make the 15min trip in a little over 8mins, and was equally surprised not to be stopped by any police or get into a car accident for that matter.

    Back at the hotel I stepped into the elevator and paused to for a moment to sniff my shiny fingers which were still moist from Miranda's arousal.

    "Hmm." I pondered. "Maybe I will give her a call her. She's definitely a wildcat once she gets going."

    A minute later I arrived back to the hotel suite and when I stepped inside I was surprised by the scene. In the short amount of time I had gone things had certainly taken a turn.

    The entire place was shrouded in darkness for the most part and while music now blared from the speakers I looked over at the sofa only to find two shadowy figures making out passionately who I recognized as Liz and Kristen.

    While this dynamic duo initially intrigued me, I decided to look around the apartment for Selena and made my way down the hall only to hear the sound of moaning emanating from one of the rooms.

    As expected Robert and Katy were still going at it pretty hard but as I glanced across the way I notice the balcony door was left slightly ajar.

    Outside I sighed with relief as I found the sexy Latina standing there alone and fumbling with her cell phone, with the others having loud sex in full earshot from where we stood.

    From the looks of things Selena was clearly wasted and quietly fuming over the nights events and my decision to leave the party with Miranda.

    "Oh. Look who's back." she angrily quipped, as I was immediately thankful that she had stuck around and tried to apologize but the actress-singer was not having any of it and now turned to leave.

    Not knowing what to say or do I stood directly in front of her path and stopped her from leaving which really infuriated her.

    "Move. Get out of the way." she hissed through bloodshot eyes. "I want to leave. I've got someone picking me up downstairs in a minute."

    "Just wait a minute okay." I insisted, as we proceeded to grapple briefly. "I came back here for you. For you Selena."

    "I don't care. Get your fucking hands off me!" she snapped back, but I refused to let go until she at least hear me out.

    "Just wait a minute!"

    "No! Where's your whore girlfriend now?" she blared, referring to Miranda. "Why don't you lead her on and fuck her right now!"

    Unfortunately for me things quickly spiraled out of control and without warning Selena spat right in my face, startling me. I responded to this action by grabbing her firmly by the back of her head and kissing her hard on the mouth which took her breath away.

    Selena gasped with indignation and attempted to resist me, but I let my hands do all the talking and slipped then inside her short skirt (where they were before) and discover first hand just how wet she really was.

    In fact the moment my fingers found her 19-year-old pussy she immediately began to sing a different tune.

    Despite being furious her oversexed body now instinctively responded to the attention it was receiving and she moaned into my mouth as I impatiently plunged two fingers in and out of her dripping quim.

    The fact that I had used those very same fingers on Miranda Cosgrove just minutes earlier was not lost on me, and the mere thought of their combined juices now mixing and blending together turned me on to no end, causing me to now saw my fingers in and about of her teenage cunt with great enthusiasm.

    "Ugh. Oh. Ugh. God." she grunted breathlessly as I mauled her neck and continued to finger-bang her right there on the balcony, while Katy moaned in unison just a few feet away.

    The teen starlet ultimately succumb to my actions and soon expressed her consent by shoving her hot tongue back into my mouth. Caught up in the moment I whipped her around and bent her over towards the railing, and attempted to take her right then and there.

    "No! Wait. Not here." she gasped over her shoulder. "Stop. People can see us."

    "I don't care." I hissed back, as I literally shoved her panties down to her knees and guided my manhood towards her coins slot.

    Right away we both moaned to the intrusion as I impaled her from behind and proceeded to slam into her repeatedly - her hands gripping the railing as she was promptly fucked!

    I pounded her pussy for several moments, reveling in the feel of her tight young cunt, before she finally found the strength to resist me and insisted that we stop and find a more private venue inside.

    "Please. Wait. Inside." she mumbled. "Fuck me inside."

    Not wanting to argue or waste time, I reluctantly complied and took her by the hand and led her back into the lavish apartment where we looked for the nearest unoccupied bedroom, which amusingly enough was the same room where we had put Taylor to rest earlier.

    With the country singer still lying there passed out, I pushed Selena down onto the bed beside her and peeled her underwear all the way down her legs, leaving her to lie there completely exposed to me.

    "God you look so sexy right now." I commented as I took her panties off and brought them up to my face and inhaled her womanly scent.

    For her part Selena simply lay there with her knees spread apart, her shiny wet vulva on full display, waiting to be fucked!

    "Please. I want you inside me." she drunkenly slurred, as she rushed to unzip her short skirt and unbutton her crop-top.

    I responded to this request by reaching up and shoving her silk panties into her mouth before I buried my face between her flailing legs and hungrily devoured her precious little peach.

    The entire incident was surreal as we both looked over to see Taylor snoring softly just a few feet away from us. Despite this company, the two of us were naked within minutes as I ultimately positioned myself between her spread legs and entered her promptly.

    I immediately began to pound her pussy again, this time taking her in the missionary position before pinning her legs over my shoulders and drilling her mercilessly.

    We proceeded to fuck like this for some time, with her moaning loudly in my face before we switched into a number of positions and I suddenly noticed two shadowy figures standing at the doorway watching us.

    At this point I had Selena on all fours and was railing into her from behind when I looked back at our audience and waved them over, inviting them to join us.

    A moment later Liz and Kristen strolled into the bedroom and seemed genuinely intrigued by the show they were witnessing. Without warning I reached over and pulled them to me, kissing them both on the lips for their trouble while I continue to fuck Selena.

    "Enjoying the show?" I remarked, as I then invited them both to place their hands on Selena's flawless butt and touch and caress her naked body.

    "Go ahead. Touch her." I encouraged. "She likes it."

    Kristen's eyes grew wide as she lovingly caressed Selena's booty and watched me fuck the noisy singer into submission.

    Liz meanwhile brushed her fingertips up and down Selena's spine and shoulders, while admiring her naked form and watching the way her large tits jostled back and forth with each thrust of my hips.

    At one point I felt Stewart's hand dip down between our bodies and her fingers squeezed my nuts before they slipped around the base of my shaft, stroking my cock while I fucked the Latina at a swift pace.

    The mere sensation of Selena's tight pussy combined with Kristen's fingers almost made me pop right there.

    But as aroused as I was nothing could have prepared me for what happened next, as I watched Kristen's fingers curiously slide across Selena's flawless cheeks and slip down to her puckered bunghole where she gently eased a single digit into her backdoor, causing Gomez to groan out loud and thrash about even more wildly than before.

    "Ugh." Gomez cried into the pillow. "Fuck."

    "Oh. Yeah." Gillies cheered while cupping and groping one of Selena's hanging breasts. "Fuck her ass Kristen. Stick your finger inside her butt again. She likes it."

    "Hmm. Feel that?" I grinned evilly at the "Twilight" star while still thrusting into the Disney slut from behind. "Feel how tight and hot she is back there."

    "Uh-Huh." Stewart blushed before we shared another deep kiss and I turned my attention to Liz who I insisted stand up and unzip her blue dress and allow me to suck one of her full breasts into my mouth.

    The entire time as I molested Elizabeth's impressive chest, Kristen continued to probe and explore Selena's tiny rectum with her finger, burying almost her entire digit to its second knuckle and causing all four of us to now moan and carry on loudly as I directed the ladies into more and more depraved activity.

    "See her finger." I grinned at Liz. "Why don't you take it out of Selena's ass and replace it with your tongue."

    The stoned "Victorious" star hesitated for a moment before Kristen reassured her that it was okay.

    She then proceeded to lean forward to comply as we heard Selena moan from the other side of the bed, her legs straining to keep her in that sustained position while we explored her.

    "Oh. God." Gomez purred to the feel of Elizabeth's hot tongue in her ass.

    As incredible as this was things then took another turn for the surreal as I pulled out Selena all together to give the ladies some room to play and now watched Kristen Stewart and Liz Gillies take turns and eat Selena's ass.

    "Hmm. Good girl." I encouraged. "Both of you. Stick your tongues all the way inside there. Now dribble out some spit and lube it up nice and wet with your saliva."

    Liz was only too happily to oblige and took directions well, slobbering a thick drool of spit all over Selena's bunghole only to have Kristen grab the Latina firmly by her buttocks and proceed to tongue-fuck her into submission.

    As this went on Liz then dragged her tongue down and began to eat Selena's (sopping wet) cunt at the same time.

    It was absolute debauchery. In fact the combined assault was so hot and lewd that Gomez appeared to be speaking in tongues, shaking violently and mumbling incoherently that she was going to cum.

    Meanwhile at this precise moment I reached over to stuff my hands inside both of their panties and marveled at how incredibly wet the entire encounter made them.

    Emboldened by this shameless display, I abruptly plunged my length into the back of Stewart's throat, fucking her face for a few thrusts before pulling out and burying it into Elizabeth's waiting mouth.

    "Yeah. That's it. Spit on my cock you little slut." I hissed down at Liz, who without missing a beat would eagerly comply, drooling an excessive amount of saliva all over my shaft and nuts.

    In fact I was genuinely surprised by just how skilled and cock-hungry she was and soon heard myself moan out loud when she attempted to deep-throat me.

    Feeling particularly wicked, I then pulled Liz up by the arm and instructed her to lie down on the bed beside Selena and directed the moaning singer to swing a leg over the TV star so that the ladies would be placed in a 69.

    Gomez was still panting heavily as she indulged my sinful desires, and a minute later the starlets found themselves postured in the legendary position.

    Clutching them by their hips, I then directed them onto their side and insisted that they continue to lick and explore each other with their tongues which they happily did, while I guided Kristin over to the side of the bed and proceeded to drill her from behind, slamming my cock into her tight derriere while kissing her hotly on the mouth.

    Unfortunately for me the entire scene was so wicked and perverse that I finally lost control of my loins and pulled out of Kristen's cunt and rushed over to Taylor Swift's slumbering face and shot my load directly across her lips, bathing her stunning face in semen.

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    OK he shouldn't hurry back too quickly, but he does need to return sometime ... part 3 perhaps :)

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    Well done! Waiting rather impatiently for the thrilling conclusion!

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    Great story so far, can't wait for next part.

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    Fantastic chapter and a great start to what will be an amazing series, no doubt. Looking forward to chapter 2 (and more?)

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