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Thread: "Indiscretions" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Indiscretions" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, spank, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    It was just another gorgeous Spring afternoon as I drove to my sisters place to enjoy a good old fashioned family BBQ.

    These had been a staple of our family for as long as I could remember, so much so that we insisted on carrying on the tradition even after we had grown up and started families of our own.

    So as I sat there at the picnic table in my sisters yard, my eyes shifted to the girl seated beside me, so close that I could feel her body heat.

    At first glance, ChloŽ Moretz appeared to be just your average happy-go-lucky teenager, but I knew better. In fact I like to think I knew her a whole lot more than anyone else in the family.

    While the talented actress appeared to be sweet and innocent on the outside, it was behind closed doors where I saw a completely different side to her personality, and knew first hand just how shrewd and manipulative she could be.

    When I saw her steal a sideways glance at me - flashing me that secret smile that I had come to love - there was no doubt in my mind about what she was scheming.

    That look was not only dangerous, but downright foolish.

    ChloŽ was insane to try to turn those lewd thoughts into reality, but the talented starlet had all the impetuousness of youth and wasn't going to let a little thing like good common sense keep her from getting what she wanted, and what she wanted was me, her big bad uncle.

    Shooting me a flirtatious look, the KICK-ASS star suddenly announced that she was going back inside for a minute. Her mother only gave her a distracted nod from the BBQ area, right as she was discussing the finer points of cooking poultry with Trevor.

    Meanwhile my niece slid off the bench then, making sure to brush against me, she strolled off towards the house.

    The sexy little minx even made sure to put a little extra wiggle in her backside as she knew that I would be watching. I lingered at the picnic table for some time, debating whether or not to follow her.

    As I sat there with my aching erection, I tried hard to convince myself not to do what every living fiber in my being absolutely ached to do.

    "Damn you and your indiscretions." I cussed at myself.

    It would be downright stupid for me to take ChloŽ up on the offer she had just silently made, but the fact of the matter was I'd always been helpless to resist her.

    I stayed put as long as I could, not wanting it to appear like I was only going inside to follow her.

    But I ultimately excused myself by claiming that I needed to use the bathroom and made a beeline for the house. It was comforting to see that my departure didn't draw any more attention than ChloŽ's had earlier.

    Inside I found her in the kitchen, standing there so casually, leaning back against the counter next to the sink and sipping on a can of Red Bull.

    "You know. If your mom catches you drinking that there'll be hell to pay." I grinned.

    Her eyes rose to meet mine as I stepped into the kitchen to join her.

    "What are you doing here?" she quipped in a playful yet sarcastic tone, that never failed to set my blood racing.

    "You know full well why." I felt like saying.

    Instead I couldn't help but shoot a guilty look towards the window. I could see the yard from the kitchen and needed to reassure myself that nobody suspected a thing or even considered coming back into the house.

    When I turned back, it was to find a soft, knowing smile on my niece's lips.

    I knew full well that the smartest thing I could do was to turn around and rejoin the rest of the family outside, but of course I didn't do it. No. In the end it was those lips. Those soft, tender, luscious wet lips that got me in trouble.

    I had come inside for a reason and we needed to do this quickly before anyone started wondering where we'd disappeared to. When it came to ChloŽ, the truth was that she was nothing like her sweet persona on the silver screen. Not since her last birthday anyway, almost one year ago.

    Naturally, I had always been well aware of what a stunning young creature she was, but I obviously would never have actually been brave enough to announce it, much less try anything on her. She was after all my teenage niece!

    She on the other hand had no such inhibitions and, though I'll never understand why, decided to make the first move and seduced me right there at her very own birthday party.

    I'll never forget how shocked I was when she drew me away from the crowd of family and friends, who had gathered in that very same house for the celebration.

    ChloŽ persuaded me to follow her up into her bedroom where she showed me her latest outfit, and before I could respond she pressed her searing hot lips to mine and shoved her wet tongue down my throat.

    There was no denying her lustful demands, no resisting the burning needs of my own body, and before I could think straight I bent my teenage niece over her very own bed and fucked her to within an inch of her young life - tapping that teen ass for all it was worth.

    "Oh. Yeah. Ugh. Shit." she hissed quietly as I fucked her hard and fast. "Fuck me uncle Mike. Gimme that fat cock!"

    I still can't quite understand how we got away with it. I mean, not only was the house absolutely full of people, but who ever heard of a birthday girl disappearing from her own party for a half hour so that she could be deflowered without anyone even noticing?

    Be that as it may, none of that really mattered right now. I chastised myself for not keeping my attention focused on the here and now, for wasting time that could have been spent defiling her body.

    She was just about to raise the Red Bull back up to her lips again when I stepped forward and closed the space between us. One of my hands caught hold of her wrist, pulling the can away from her mouth and guiding the hand that held it over to the sink.

    It was obvious that she was glad to see I was finally doing something other than merely looking at her and a smirk was just starting to form on her lips when I suddenly leaned forward and kissed her.

    The little moan that rose from the back of her throat was echoed by my own, as our mouths opened and formed into a deeper tongue-kiss. My mind flooded with memories of what we had done in days past, causing my cock to twitch with anticipation.

    In truth it wasn't exactly the most comfortable feeling in the world having my stiff member pinned up between us, but ChloŽ clearly enjoyed having it there and wiggled her hips accordingly.

    I was still holding her by the wrist of course, but my other hand now rose to stroke her pretty face as we continued to make out deeply. I marveled at the softness of her skin, it's unique texture, and the heat that was radiating off of it.

    It had been such a trial to keep my hands to myself when we were sitting next to each other outside, but now I was able to indulge my wildest desires and caressed her gorgeous face, earning myself the sweetest little sighs of pleasure from her.

    I finally let go of her wrist, my hand trailing slowly up her arm to her shoulder which clearly incited goose bumps. Her entire body shivered as my mouth eventually left her lips and worked its way down to her long supple neck.

    A long and languished moan escaped her throat as I sucked her flawless flesh into my mouth, but I somehow managed to restrain myself from giving her a love-bite. The hand that had gone to her shoulder did not remain there for long, slipping down and moving very obviously towards one of her pert breasts.

    ChloŽ sighed fondly to this action before I then heard an odd noise from her, a gasp that sounded more like an alarm than delight - before she suddenly and abruptly gave me a shove that sent me stumbling back into the refrigerator a few steps away from her.

    It took me a moment to collect my thoughts and catch my footing as I briefly thought I might take a fall. I leaned heavily against the fridge behind me, flustered and breathless and sporting a very obvious erection.

    "Whoa. What the fuck?" I muttered under my breath, as my niece was also red-faced and panting excessively, wiping her mouth.

    Noting this I had to wonder just what had happened. Had she not wanted me to touch her breasts? Did she suddenly have a change of heart? The answer came in the form of two small footsteps, and looking back quickly to see Trevor step into the kitchen to join us.

    Unfortunately for me it seemed that I had allowed myself to get far too involved in making out with ChloŽ to notice him wander off from the BBQ, but evidently my young mistress had heard her big brother approach the house and pushed me away at the very last minute so we would not be found in our lusty embrace.

    Even so, I realized to my terror that it must have looked pretty obvious that something was going on since we were both blushing and out of breath. As Trevor entered the kitchen he paused for a moment and looked at me with an odd expression on his face.

    "Hey Mike. Hey sis. What's going on?" He remarked before he stepped by us and rummaged through a few kitchen cabinets.

    "Err. We were just sharing a few jokes." I replied, trying to explain our strange behavior.

    "Ugh. What are you looking for Trevor?" ChloŽ interjected.

    "Mom wants me to find the spare ketchup bottle."

    A long tense silence reigned as Trevor finally found what he was looking for and waited for us to say something but we never did. Instead we just stared at him and waited for him to leave until he ultimately shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the kitchen.

    "Um. How long till lunch is ready?" ChloŽ yelled at her brother as he stepped into the yard.

    "About 15mins!" he replied back as we watched him through the window.

    As Trevor returned to the BBQ area ChloŽ giggled and didn't even try to disguise that she was laughing right at me.

    "What's so funny?" I quipped. "You think this is a joke?"

    "You should see your face right now." she chuckled sweetly. "Priceless."

    As fearless as my niece was, I suddenly grew concerned and wondered what Trevor might tell the rest of the family about what he had just walked in on. Nonetheless, ChloŽ couldn't stop gigging and insisted that we had nothing to worry about.

    "Trust me." she said, flashing me that infamous grin. "Trevor didn't see anything. And even if he did he probably wouldn't say anything anyway."

    "Are you insane?"

    "No. Honest." she insisted. "He's too stupid to know when he's interrupted two people having fun."

    "Is that was this is?" I laughed. "Just some harmless fun?"

    ChloŽ seemed to ignore my comment as she went on.

    "Put it this way. One time he almost walked in on me while I was on the sofa masturbating under the covers. He actually thought I was scratching an itch!"

    "Wait. What?" I laughed, realizing she could be right. "You can't be serious?"

    "No. I'm totally serious!" ChloŽ claimed. "I know he's much older than me. But serious uncle Mike. Trevor's pretty naive."

    Considering the source, I found this extremely amusing but I was still apprehensive.

    Even if he didn't actually see anything I was concerned that he might misconstrue the scene and wonder why we were both alone in the kitchen when the rest of the family were outside enjoying the sun and drinks.

    He might even let something slip that would otherwise make someone else a little suspicious. I looked through the kitchen window once again, watching as Trevor helped his mother grill the meat.

    It was at this point that ChloŽ was getting annoyed by my paranoia and the fact that my mind wasn't completely focused on her anymore, so she decided to do something about it.

    Moving up behind me, she molded her young body to mine and gingerly wrapped her arms around my midsection, kissing and nibbling at my ear.

    "Mm. Stop worrying uncle Mike." she calmly purred, her hot breath wafting across my skin. "You're just wasting valuable time right now."

    Without waiting to see how I would respond, she probed downwards with one hand to give the bulge in the front of my pants a firm squeeze.

    She'd had me trembling with excitement from the moment I had arrived to the house, but this new assault on my ear and cock almost made me buckle at the knees. I groaned with delight as any stiffness I might have lost due to Trevor's interruption returned with a vengeance.

    That wandering hand of hers didn't seem to stop either, and she unzipped my pants in no time at all, then reached in to fish out my hard-on and fondled her favorite part of my anatomy.

    The deep groan which emanated from my mouth was a mixture of relief and pleasure, as I felt her hot little hand close tightly around my manhood. Grasping the base of my shaft, ChloŽ gave my stiff cock a few firm strokes for good measure while purring seductively into my ear.

    "Come on uncle Mike." she whispered hotly. "We both know you want to. You know you can't resist me."

    "Is that right." I grinned while still staring out the window - my niece's young hand stroking my cock.

    We both knew it was absolutely true. she could probably make me do or say just about anything - especially in the current circumstance.

    "Uh-Huh." she whispered seductively. "You know you can't stop thinking about it. Thinking about fucking me. Sticking your fingers inside me. Making me cum."

    "Jesus." I groaned involuntarily, as I felt her hand work my pole like an expert.

    "C'mon." she teased. "Fuck me. Take me right here-right now. I dare you."

    There was just no refusing a demand like that and so I didn't even try.

    Without wasting another moment I pulled myself free from her embrace - regretting that she could no longer hold my dick in her hand, but consoling myself with the knowledge that she would soon be holding it elsewhere.

    Turning away from the window, I reclaimed my young lover by wrapping my hands around her butt and crushing her body to mine, my lips once more mashing into hers. I released her a moment later and this time it was she who staggered back unsteadily.

    She might have tumbled right over, but I grabbed her quickly and spun her around so that her back was to me and propelled her forward and up against the counter. She let out a playful squeal at being so roughly manhandled, but did not object or resist me.

    Knowing what her naughty old uncle wanted from her, ChloŽ was only too happy to play along and reached down and hiked up her short skirt all the way up to her hips to reveal her bare bottom.

    I simply stood there and watched as she willingly leaned forward and opening her stance - inviting me play with her teen body. As I looked down at the exquisite treasure she had unveiled, I couldn't imagine why I was so surprised to learn that she was not wearing any panties underneath.

    In an instant my pants slipped down to my knees and by the time I steered my erection up towards her dripping teen sex, she was already well lubricated allowing me to effortlessly slide right into her with the minimum of effort.

    I marveled at how incredible it felt when our bodies were fused together like this.

    I had always assumed it was because our affair was so taboo and forbidden, but whatever the cause may be, I had always found sex with her much more intense and exciting than it ever had been with any of the other women I had bedded - including some of her famous friends like Debby Ryan and Blake Lively.

    Perhaps this was why she and I could not resist taking advantage of even the smallest opportunities to be together. It was an addiction, plain and simple. We were addicted to the adrenaline and risk of it all.

    Holding onto her slim hips, I started stroking in and out of her tight cunt, moving slowly at first and making sure that the head of my cock never exited her completely.

    I can't even express how much I loved to hear her moan as I impaled her from behind, knowing it was I who was giving her so much pleasure. Increasing the pace and force of my thrusts made her moan even louder and only served to spur us both on.

    "Oh. Uncle Mike. Yes." She moaned while glancing back over her shoulder. "That feels so good. Fuck me!"

    Noting this I reached down and lifted one leg high, resting her knee on the edge of the counter top to make it easier for me to work back there, leaning even farther forward over the sink.

    I was now bent over her, fucking her hard and deep with one hand now griping one of my niece's small breasts. I was grunting and panting just as loudly as she was and for a moment I had to wonder how the rest of the family didn't hear us at this point.

    Fortunately for us I think what really saved us was the racket the smaller kids were making as they played in the sand box right outside that very kitchen window.

    If not for those screeching children, I'm quite confident that my sister would have heard ChloŽ moaning and stormed into the house in a flash and that would be the end of me. Thankfully, we would not be in so much danger for much longer.

    I could already feel the tell-tale signs that I was about to blow a huge fucking load - inside my famous teen niece. Chloe must have sensed it too cause she reached down between her legs with one hand to squeeze my nuts and rub her clit and make sure that we came together.

    In the end though, it was the sensation of my hot load gooey flooding her inner walls that set her off and made her climax loudly.

    As I filled her tight teen cunny with hot manly spunk, Chloe shrieked in a high pitched noise and slammed her butt back into me as she came - hurling my seed into her young womb.

    I slumped onto her in the aftermath, exhausted and happy just to hold her and revel in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

    With a sly grin on my face I watched as my seed slowly trickled down the inside of her leg, and she gave me the once over as I leaned heavily against the counter, panting breathlessly.

    She was laughing at me again, but we both knew that despite my condition I could be ready to go again in reasonably short order if we had time to continue it.

    Her eyes dipped for just a moment to my spent cock, which dangled limply and now appeared covered in a slimy mix of our bodily fluids. I knew what she was thinking because I knew just how much she loved to suck cock, but this time I was able to put my foot down and refuse.

    "Don't even think about it." I remarked as I zipped up my pants. "We have to get back out there before the others notice."

    "Aw." she pouted. "You're no fun. You know how much I like candy."

    I had to laugh at her enthusiasm.

    "You're such a fucking tease ChloŽ."

    "Ha!" she quipped while wiping my load up from the inside of her leg and bringing it to her mouth. "You have no idea uncle Mike. No idea."

    With that said she sucked her shiny finger into her mouth and savored my semen, before she kissed me on the cheek and strutted off towards the stairs.

    "Wait. Where are you going?"

    "If mom asks. Just tell her I'm taking a shower."

    "What about lunch?"

    "What about it." she shrugged. "Just tell her whatever you want. Or don't. Or better yet, you could always come join me in the shower?"

    "God damn you ChloŽ." I replied. "When did you become such a vixen?"

    "Err. I dunno." She smiled seductively. "But the offer stands. If you want me. You know where to find me."

    Later that same night I lay in bed and soon realized I couldn't sleep. I hadn't even planned on spending the night there but after the late lunch and copious amounts of alcohol, Teri (my sister) insisted that I stay over.

    With the rest of the house asleep, I finally got up out of bed and decided to head down to the kitchen. With all the skill of someone who had done this many times before, I slipped out my bedroom and melted into the shadows and moved in absolute silence, unseen by anyone.

    I tip-toed down the stairs and headed down the hall when I caught my breath as I heard footsteps above me, moving around on the second floor. The location of the noise made me smile as I realized that it emanated from ChloŽ's bedroom.

    Thinking quickly I rushed to the bathroom but at the very last minute I changed my mind and turned in the direction of the garage - directly opposite the bathroom door. There I lay in wait and let go of my breath which I had been holding nervously.

    I stood near the car and assumed my position by the door. I just prayed that ChloŽ wouldn't be too startled by the surprise and make a loud noise to wake up the rest of the house.

    As my niece made her way downstairs and moved towards the main bathroom, I finally reached out from the shadows and grabbed her firmly by the arm with one hand while I used the other to place over her mouth.

    In an instant I pulled her into the dark space of the garage and closed the door behind her. There I tugged on a chain which lit a small table lamp mounted on a work bench.

    As predicted, ChloŽ gasped with surprise before she sighed in relief and leaned back against the door with a broad smile on her face. She always seemed to get a kick out of sneaking around.

    "Jesus! Uncle Mike." she smiled. "You scared me half to death!"

    I immediately placed my finger to her lips and gestured for her to keep quiet, as I was sure that the sound of our voices could travel in the large space.

    ChloŽ responded to this by ditching any dialogue all together and instead launched herself at me and threw her arms around my body. I happily reciprocated as her mouth crushed against mine for a long, passionate kiss that only two intimate lovers could share.

    I sucked her long wet tongue into my mouth before I buried my face in her neck, my entire body reveling in the fact that I was holding her again.

    "Hmm. I knew you'd be down here." ChloŽ whispered between kisses. "I couldn't wait any longer. I was touching myself in bed thinking about you."

    "I missed you too sweet pea." I husked into her hair. "I missed touching this body."

    "I love you uncle Mike." She moaned back, holding onto me for all that she was worth. "I need you. I need you bad. I'm so horny right now. So wet."

    It was with some regret that I finally broke our embrace, to double check that we in fact were still alone.

    As soon as I attempted to open the door to make sure the house was still quiet, ChloŽ playfully reached down and grasped my boner with her hand - sending a jolt of electricity up my spine.

    "Hmm. Miss me?" She teased as she squeezed my length.

    "ChloŽ. Wait." I whispered back, as I peered out the door.

    "Wait for what?" She snapped back. "I want it. I want it now."

    I offered her another deep wet kiss before I grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her up against that very same door. ChloŽ gasped to action and simply stood there with a sexy glint in her eye as I directed her to take off her night shirt.

    My sexy niece happily obliged and now stood there in nothing but her short-shorts. I paused for a moment to admire her young pert breasts before I sank to my knees in front of her, and with trembling hands proceeded to fumble with the tie-string of her shorts.

    I began tugging them down as my famous niece simply stood there and waited patiently while I worked to get her pants off, smiling softly and stroking my hair with both hands as I rushed to undress her.

    As soon as her shorts fell, I was abruptly stopped by the pungent scent of a very aroused cunt. I paused to inhale this musky perfume before I hauled those shorts down to the floor.

    She stepped out of them immediately but did not move from her position by the door - now standing there in nothing but her white cotton panties. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to each her pussy.

    She barely had time to open her legs before I used the fingers of one hand to pull aside the crotch of her panties to the side and shoved my whole head in between her smooth legs.

    "Mm. Gimme that peach." I hissed softly before my tongue pushed its way through her steamy, liquid depths, gathering up her very essence.

    "Ugh! Oh. God." She moaned huskily, as I ate her tight little cunt right there against the garage door. "Oh. Uncle Mike."

    My tongue plowed through her, lashing at her clit before I let my free hand come up slowly between her legs. Knowing how hot Chloe could get, I was able to time it perfectly for the most powerful effect when I sent a single finger probing right up into her bottom.

    Grunting aloud, Chloe moaned and thrashed about wildly against the door, and shoved my face further into her hairless minge as she endured a very lengthy, shuddering orgasm.

    Slowly, awkwardly, I lifted myself back up to my feet where she lurched towards me and kissed me fiercely on the mouth - savoring her own juices.

    Caught up in the moment, I spun her around to bend her over the work bench and hauled her panties down to her ankles. The counter rattled slightly as I held her there and stopped to admire the scene before me.

    In fact I couldn't resist taking advantage of the opportunity to give each one of her bare buttocks a stinging slap. The pint-sized star gasped as I spanked me, biting her bottom lip to keep from letting out a loud squeal that would have attracted unwanted attention.


    "What a great ass." I muttered to myself before leaning over to playfully bite it.

    Smacking her butt some more I reached over to pull on her blonde hair.

    "Hmm. Who's ass is this?" I hissed into her ear. "Is this my ass ChloŽ?"

    "Ugh. Yes." She answered as I continued to swat her butt.

    "Say it." I insisted. "I want to hear you say it."

    "It's yours." She panted erotically. "It's your ass uncle Mike. It's always been yours."

    My heart soared at the note of submissiveness in her voice.

    "Good girl."

    Flashing her a smile, I placed one hand on the back of her neck to ensure that she stayed put as my other traveled up between her smooth thighs.

    My fingers gently slipped between her soft cheeks and pushed against the entrance of her butt, and without being prompted ChloŽ knew what I wanted and spread her stance and arched her back for me, relaxing the appropriate muscles.

    With deft skill, I worked one of my fingers into her teen ass.

    Considering how many times we had done this before she knew what I needed from her to make it work and so she clenched this and relaxed that and it took next to no time for me to slide two fingers all the way inside her backdoor.

    The hand that was placed on the back of her neck now clenched a handful of her blonde hair to pull her back up and off that table, opening up some space so that I could move in behind her and finally enter her.

    We both sighed as I slowly filled her tiny rectum, and now used my free hand to reach around and grope and fondle her pert little breasts. ChloŽ clawed at the top of that table with both hands as my passion intensified and I buried several more inches inside her.

    "Damn. You feel that. You fucking tease." I hissed. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass till you scream, and wake up the entire house."

    "Oh. Uncle Mike." she moaned back. "Do it. I like it. I like it in my ass."

    "Yeah?" I groaned back. "You like getting fucked in the ass by your favorite uncle?"

    "God yes." she moaned erotically. "I love it when you fuck my tight teen asshole uncle Mike."

    "Are you going to be a good girl?" I growled, while moving my cock in and out of her searing-hot bunghole. "Or are you a bad girl?"

    "Oh. Yes." she nodded. "I'll be good...but...Oh...Fuck. I like being bad."

    It was at this point that I grabbed both of her arms and pinned them behind her back while I fucked her at varying speeds and changed my angle of attack, squeezing and teasing her firm breast, tugging, twisting, and pulling on the tightened peak.

    I worked that teen body like an instrument, propelling her towards the greatest heights of pleasure imaginable and then some. Chloe now lay flat over the bench as I slammed in her tight little butthole again and again.

    "Yeah. You like that?" I groaned. "Are you my dirty little slut ChloŽ?"

    "Ugh. Yes!" she grimaced. "Fuck me. Fuck my ass uncle Mike. Teach me a lesson. I love it!"

    "See." I replied while pounding the shit out of her (literally). "I told you one day your mouth was going to get the rest of your body in trouble."

    "Yeah. Oh. Shit." ChloŽ moaned back. "So deep!"

    I drilled that sexy little minx into the table for what seemed like an eternity but was probably more like several minutes before I finally felt that familiar feeling and attempted to pull out.

    It took a conscious effort to choke down the impulse to moan loudly. I was determined to fuck her until she couldn't walk straight and/or tease me anymore.

    With just a few more pumps I finally erupted into my teenage niece as ChloŽ abruptly jumped into action and spun around and dropped to her knees - taking my hot gooey load directly across her pretty face.

    I literally covered the poor girl in several hot ropes of spunk as my niece simply glared up at me with angst.

    "Whoa." she muttered a minute later. "You really came hard today. I can feel it all in my hair and running down my neck. I'm covered in it!"

    "Serves you right for being such a tease." I snickered as I looked around the floor for my pants.

    Satisfied with the nights events, ChloŽ reached up to squeeze whatever semen was left in my spent cock. Neither of us wanted this stolen interlude to end but if we didn't act soon we were certainly in danger of being found out.

    "So you think I'm a tease huh?" she smirked while pulling her panties back on. "Wait till you see my outfit in Kick-Ass 2 next month uncle Mike."

    "Honestly. I can't wait."

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    God Dayum! That was some good stuff.

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    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! A Long wait for Chloe and it finally gets satisfied with an awesome story... All thanks to TPG for this amazing stuff..

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