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Thread: "A Pleasant Morning" with Emma Watson

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    fanfiction "A Pleasant Morning" with Emma Watson

    A Pleasant Morning
    Featuring Emma Watson
    Written by Yorick

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    I sat down and opened the morning paper as the barista brought me the coffee I ordered. I packed a light bowl of tobacco in my pipe and sat back to enjoy the morning. Brisk summer mornings were always my favorite, a chill in the air and the sun just bright enough to warm you back up.

    I had managed to read about half of my paper before I had to put it down; the world these days just gets to me sometimes. I took a long drag on my pipe as I cleared my thoughts and I looked off into the distance. My eyes finally returned to the cafe where I sat and not twenty feet from me sat a ravishing beauty; I couldn’t help but stare. Her eyes caught mine and I mustered a feeble smile and a slight nod; she simply smiled in return. I took another pull on my pipe, finished my coffee and got up to leave. I left my paper and a tip on the table and started to walk towards the nearest park.

    I had gotten no more than a block from the cafe when I heard a voice behind me. At first I thought it was just someone talking on their phone and I didn’t pay any attention; I kept walking and enjoying my pipe. I was about a block from the park when I stopped at a crosswalk for the morning traffic. I took another pull on my pipe when something caught the corner of my eye. Standing next to me was the beauty from the cafe.

    “My you are the difficult one to catch,” she said.

    “I didn’t know you were chasing after me,” I smiled, “had I known I’d have gladly waited for you. I’m Noah by the way.” I held out my hand for hers.

    She took my hand and replied “I’m Emma.” Normally I’d have simply shook her hand but something compelled me to kiss her hand instead. She just looked at me as my eyes met hers. I immediately began to apologize for the action. She smiled and let out a soft giggle before telling me not to apologize, “It isn’t everyday a stranger kisses your hand, I’m not used to it is all. It was a sweet gesture though, very gentlemanly.”

    “I still don’t know what came over me, normally I would never be so forward.” I took another drag on the pipe. “So what made you chase me down from the cafe?”

    “Your pipe if you can believe it,” she answered. “You don’t see many people smoke a tobacco pipe anymore, I’ve always been curious about it and if it isn’t too forward of me I’d like to try it.” I took one more pull to ensure a warm cherry for her and handed the pipe over.

    “Bring the stem to your lips and inhale gently. Just pull the smoke into your mouth.” I watched as she followed my instructions and tried to ignore how damn sexy she made it look. She held the smoke for a moment before exhaling.

    “Oh, that was quite tasty,” she noted as she handed the pipe back to me.

    “Its a local blend actually,” I replied. Emma smiled and thanked me for allowing her to try the tobacco. “I was just enjoying a morning walk if you’d like to join me, we could continue smoking and I’d love the company.”

    “That would be a lovely way to spend the morning.” The two of us walked through the park and the city streets for the next fifteen minutes, talking the entire time and getting to know one another. She informed me of her acting career and I replied that I hadn’t known about it, that I didn’t really follow Hollywood.

    “You’ve never seen one of the Harry Potter movies?” she asked amazed. “The films have been out there for a decade or so.”

    “Sorry, no, like I said I’m not much for the entertainment industry. I’d rather sit down next to a fire with a good book and a glass of whiskey, or enjoy some time in the company of a lovely woman.”

    “That’s actually a refreshing take on things. I rarely get to go anywhere without someone recognizing me for my acting. I’m glad that we met.” Neither of us had really been paying attention to where we were walking, and we had ended up on a fairly secluded path on the riverfront.

    “Would you like to sit with me for awhile, I’ll repack the pipe if you like.”

    “That sound lovely, maybe we can play a little game while you work on the pipe.”

    “Sure what do you have in mind?” My hands diligently worked packing tobacco into the wooden pipe.

    “I’ll say a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind, ok?” I nod my agreement as I dump the tobacco back out of the pipe. I had to restart packing it, her legs were so damn distracting.

    “Morning?” “Coffee.” “Necklace?” “Gold.” “Bedroom?” “Sleep.” “Lips?” I glance up at her as she asks the last one. She’s right next to me, eyes fiery with lust; I can feel her warm breath on my face as she licks her lips. My words catch in my throat, and I finally mutter one word, “Kiss.”

    She closes the gap between us and presses her lips to mine. I drop the pipe and catch her face in my hands as I kiss her deep. She slowly moves to straddle my hips, our tongues entwined between our lips. Emma grinds herself against me, I move to caress her thigh. Slowly she pulls her lips from mine.

    “Do you want to know my answers for the questions?” I nod and she leans close, whispering in my ear. “Morning: Blowjob, Necklace: Pearls, Bedroom: Sex, Lips.” With each set of words she gave a light kiss, starting at my ear and working towards my mouth, when she got to ‘lips’ she kissed me deeply again. As we kissed Emma started grinding hard against me again. I caressed her thighs and worked my way up her body. Despite being in a public space I started to undo the buttons on her shirt. I slowly started caressing her marvelous breasts, her nipples were already hard. She pulled away from the kiss before saying, “I’ve always wanted to have sex in public.”

    Suffice it to say, those words were brought by angels from heaven. I lifted her off my lap as we undid belts and buttons. Pants were quickly moved aside. I stood at attention waiting for Emma, she giggled, “Do you always go commando?”

    “What can I say, its more comfortable, and its definitely a perk right now.” I moved her light blue cotton panties aside and rubbed her clit and lips. Emma let out a soft moan as my fingers ran over her moist snatch. I lined myself up and Emma began to slink onto me. Her wet core was molten as I sunk deeper and deeper. Her lips caught mine again as she bottomed out on me. This beautiful creature sat there with satisfaction on her face and my tongue tangled in her mouth. She rose slowly, deliberately and came crashing down again. We gained momentum slowly, but built a full head of steam.

    Emma rode me fast, faster than was wise. It was only a mere ten minutes when we were nearing the orgasmic cliff. Emma and I were holding each other tight, as if for dear life, unable to kiss, barely able to breath enough air. We were so close and then we heard a frightful noise. Someone was walking down the path, drawing ever closer. I held Emma tight and lifted us up, carrying her as fast as I could. Emma bit my shoulder the entire way, every step sent me deep as she bounced in my arms. I turned and fell back into the nearest bush, pulling Emma down on top of me; not a moment later a jogger ran past. Emma smiled at me and kissed me deep.

    “You didn’t want to be seen with me?” she asked.

    “No, nothing like that, I didn’t think that you would want some stranger to see you, us, like that.” I retorted somewhat flabbergasted.

    “I know, I was just messing with you. Thanks for protecting my honor. Now do me a favor and soil that honor; I want you to fuck me hard and cum deep inside of me.” Emma kissed me before I could respond; what would I say anyway, I couldn’t deny a request like that.

    I started thrusting up into Emma hard and fast. She continued to kiss me, my lips, my neck, my chest. I could see her getting close as she fought her urge to moan aloud. I rolled the two of us out of the bush, onto the grass near the shoreline. We were on full display as I pistoned hard and mauled her breasts. I kissed her deep as I felt her start to shake. Her body clenched around me as she came; a few more thrusts and I did the same. Her orgasm reignited as she felt my load splash into her, and she milked me for everything I could give. We lay there kissing as I shrank inside of her. It was a good five minutes before we started collecting ourselves, straightening clothes, gathering belongings.

    “I loved this,” she said, “we should definitely do it again sometime. Give me your phone, I’ll add my number.” I handed her my phone, and she did just that. I gave her a deep kiss before walking her back to the cafe. There we parted ways, but not before I promised to be in touch, I just wonder if this afternoon is too soon to call.

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    A bit of a build up would have been great.. But that was still fantastic.. Been some time since I read about Emma and this helped fill that void.. !

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