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Thread: "A Pleasant Afternoon" with Emma Watson & Karen Gillan

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    fanfiction "A Pleasant Afternoon" with Emma Watson & Karen Gillan

    A Pleasant Afternoon
    Featuring Emma Watson & Karen Gillan
    Written by Yorick
    (MF, Oral, BJ)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    After my pleasant morning walk I went down to the local market and started picking up some fresh ingredients. During my teenage years I discovered that I loved to cook. Over the years I had experimented with cooking and continually gotten more courageous with what I attempted to make. I eventually opened up a small restaurant with a good friend of mine, he minded the business and I managed the kitchen. Our restaurant became a local success and we both eventually moved onto other ventures in the industry, while turning a hefty profit from the sale of our restaurant.

    I still cooked daily, but no longer for the lunch and dinner crowd. At this point in my life I had started a new business designing menus and dishes for other restaurants. The business was quite profitable, and I had a book release on the horizon. Life was going pretty well, especially considering that a beautiful girl, Emma Watson, had literally jumped my bones in public this morning.

    I spent most of the day working in my kitchen preparing a menu for a catering company; they needed something special for an art gala they had booked at the end of the month. I should be honest, I was working on their menu, but I wasn’t overly productive. I just couldn’t get that bombshell beauty out of my head. All day long I would overcook or burn food as my thoughts drifted; I couldn’t concentrate long enough to determine how to present the dishes either. It was mid-afternoon when I broke down and admitted that today was wasted effort. I thought I’d hit the gym and have a cold shower to clear my mind and come back to this project later.

    Luckily for me the building I live in had a professional gym on the first floor. 15 flights of stairs later and I was busy breaking a sweat. The gym was fairly empty this afternoon, which wasn’t really out of the ordinary, it was just a little quieter than I expected. I had gotten through about half of my regular routine when a gorgeous woman walked in. This isn’t to say that there weren’t other lovely ladies in the gym at the time, there were, she just put them all to shame. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for redheads, and if I’m being honest, her hair was on fire. She sauntered over to a treadmill and started a light jog. I quickly finished my final set and went up to the treadmill next to hers.

    I started out at a pace pretty close to hers and slowly built up speed. I occasionally shot sidelong glances her direction, just to make sure she was still there. Around 20 minutes had passed before she started to slow her pace, and shortly after I followed suit. We were both walking on the treadmills when I finally actually looked her direction. She saw the motion and turned to look back.

    “I’m Noah,” I said as I held out my hand, “I haven’t seen you here before, are you new to the building?”

    “Yeah, I just moved in earlier this week,” she replied in a Scottish accent. “I’m Karen by the way.”

    “So how are you liking the building so far, has Wallace given you any trouble?” Wallace is the doorman for the building and to be honest he can be an ass at times.

    “No trouble from Wallace, not yet anyway, and the building is good, the view from my apartment is fantastic. I can see out over the river.” She went on to describe pretty much the same view that I had.

    “You wouldn’t happen to be on the south side of the building, around floor 15 or so?”

    “Yeah, I’m in 1508, which one are you in?” At this point we had both finished our workouts and were standing around a water cooler, grabbing a drink and chatting.

    “I’m actually your neighbor, 1507. I’m surprised that I didn’t notice you moving in, I’d have made sure to lend a hand had I known.” I gave a slight show of self disapproval.

    She laughed, “It's quite alright, I didn’t bring much with me when I moved, so it only took an afternoon to move everything in. Its all unpacked already actually.” The two of us had walked to the elevator already and we were starting the journey up to the 15th floor. We continued to make small talk in the elevator and I couldn’t help but eye her up during the trip. I was surprised when I caught her eyes doing the same to me. By the time the elevator doors opened, we had thoroughly eye fucked each other.

    “Let me make up for my un-neighborly behaviour while you were moving in, why don’t you come over, I’ll make you lunch.” I offered as we approached our doors.

    “That sounds lovely, but I really want to take a shower after that workout, maybe later?”

    “You’re right, a shower does sound good right now. How about you come over in a half hour, that way we have time to shower and I can get some food prepped.” I said with a smile.

    “Sure that sounds great. I’ll see you then.” The next 30 minutes took longer than they should have; I stayed busy though preparing a wonderful meal. I was lost in my work when I heard a knock at my door. I checked myself in the mirror before answering. I’m pretty sure my jaw actually dropped as I opened the door and saw Karen standing there in a sexy little number; a white sundress with a belt tied around her waist. It came off as innocent but the body underneath screamed sex.

    “Well are you going to invite me in?” She smiled as I realized I’d been eyeing her up for the past 20 seconds.

    I had a stupid schoolboy smile on as I replied, “Yeah, certainly, come on in. I was just about to start cooking.” I led her from the door over to my kitchen island, it was covered in various ingredients and cooking utensils. “Can I get you something to drink right away? I have some wine planned for the meal.”

    “Water would be fine for now.” I grabbed a glass and a pitcher from the fridge, and poured a glass of cucumber water for her. She brought the glass to her pursed lips, and took a long slow sip, pushing her chest out every so slightly as she drank. I just stood there holding the pitcher, watching this intentionally sexy display. She finally brought the glass down and asked, “That was really good, cucumber water right?”

    “Yeah, cucumber water. I was going to make a seafood salad for our meal and I have a surprise for desert.”

    “Oh, I love surprises, they’re always so exciting. Do you need any help with the meal?”

    “No, I should have it all covered. Just sit down and keep me company while I work.” I started heating a pan on one of the burners while I started mixing the veggies for the salad. As I was waiting on the pan I asked, “What do you do for a living?”

    “Well I’m an actress by trade, I don’t know if you’d exactly call it a living,” she joked. “I just finished up a long term job on a television show, maybe you’ve seen it, Doctor Who.”

    “Wasn’t that a show from the ‘60s? Something to do with aliens and time travel.” I was curious because my former business partner had tried to get me to watch it a few times. To be honest if they had actresses like Karen on the show, I may have to give it a shot.

    “Yeah, the show did start back in the 1960’s, they stopped for awhile after the ‘80s, but they rebooted the show in 2005. Truthfully I’ve never watched much of the older stuff, mostly just the stuff since the reboot. Do you want me to explain the premise for the show?”

    “Sure, I’d love to get to know the fictional Karen.” She giggled at my joke, why do cute girls always laugh at the awful jokes?

    “Actually on the show I played Amelia Pond,” she explained.

    “Amelia Pond, that name definitely doesn’t do you justice.”

    “No, its okay, my character always went by Amy. Back to the premise of the show, there is this alien named The Doctor. He flies through time and space going on tons of adventures and setting right mix ups in time. And he has ‘companions’ who join him on his adventures. I was one of his companions.”

    “Wait, if this show has been on since the ‘60s wouldn’t the actor who plays this ‘doctor’ be really old by now? How does an old alien guy get a lovely woman like you to join him as a ‘companion’?” I was really confused at this point and kind of curious, this ‘doctor’ may be the best smooth talker ever.

    “God you're dense,” she teased, “its not the same actor, when The Doctor is about to die he regenerates into a new body. Which is actually really clever because then the writers never have to worry about the future of the show, they just have to write in a regeneration and hire a new actor and they have 5 more years to go.”

    “I see, so your ‘doctor’ on this show, he was a handsome guy, someone who could easily convince you to go on an adventure with him?”

    “Matt, yeah I suppose he’s a good looking guy, not my type personally, but Amy had the hots for him.” The way she differentiated her character and herself confused me, how could you act as two separate people and keep them straight? By now the meal was almost done, just had to combine everything and it would be ready to serve.

    “We can move to the table now that the food is done, I’ll grab some glasses and the wine.” I set the plates on the table and went to get our drinks.

    “This looks really good, where’d you learn to cook like this?” she asked as I returned with the wine.

    “I actually used to own a restaurant with a good friend of mine. I never had formal training, I just loved to cook and kept at it until I got good. Feel free to dig in, I always enjoy watching someone take the first bite.”

    “Really, in that case I’ll make you wait for it.” Karen took a sip of her wine, “this is really good, you’ll have to tell me where to get a bottle.” She took another sip and asked, “you used to own a restaurant, what do you do now?”

    “I actually work in that kitchen right there, I received a good payday when I sold my restaurant, and now I design menus and create recipes for other restaurants. I actually have a cookbook coming out later this year. Also, you really should take a bite before it gets cold.”

    Karen finally conceded, and took a small forkful of food. She slowly brought it to her mouth and just barely caught the food with her teeth. Her eyes closed as she took the bite, and she made a soft purring sound as she chewed. I swear this girl was trying to seduce me, and it was working. She finally swallowed in a slow, provocative manner and opened her eyes, looking straight into mine.

    “Oh my god, that was delicious. You really are the trifecta.” She took a sip of wine and then continued eating.

    “What do you mean the ‘trifecta’?” I had a quizzical look on my face as I too started eating.

    “I suppose I shouldn’t have said that aloud. I didn’t mean anything by it, just pretend I never said anything, okay.”

    I couldn’t let it go that easily, she had been teasing me with her sexiness earlier, this was how I would get revenge. “No, I really want to know, what did you mean?”

    “The food is just so good, I wasn’t thinking straight and it just sort of came out. Really, don’t think anything of it.” Her plate was half gone and I decided that I wasn’t going to get an answer anytime soon. The two of us continued to make idle chat as we ate, talking about our careers and sharing funny anecdotes. By the time we finished the meal, we had both gone through two glasses of wine.

    “Are you ready for dessert?” I asked while clearing the table.

    “That meal was delicious, and I ate so much. I don’t know if I can handle anymore.”

    “Don’t worry, the dessert is fairly light.” I rummaged in the fridge for a moment before removing a small saucer and a bottle. “Close your eyes, I want this to be a surprise.”

    “Okay, but no funny business,” she giggled out as she shut her eyes up tight. I brought two champagne flutes worth of dessert wine and the saucer to the table. I held a flute and a piece of the dessert and told her to hold out her hands. I placed the flute in one and the dessert in the other and instructed her to take a bite and then a sip. She did just that and immediately after swallowing both her eyes shot open.

    “Oh, thats delicious, what is it?” she asked as she began to devour the dessert and drink.

    “The dessert is a piece of Baklava, from an old world recipe that I learned while in eastern europe, and the flute has an almond dessert wine I’ve been working on. Be careful though, the wine is quite a bit stronger than it lets on.”

    “No worries there, if I get drunk I’m sure I can stumble home alright.” We both laughed at the joke, realizing that there really was no danger involved. We finished dessert and then I suggested that we relax on the balcony for awhile and enjoy the view. I opened the glass door for her and she brushed against me on the way out, grinding herself ever so slightly against me.

    “Thank you for the meal it was truly delicious. I’m glad to find a good chef is only a door away, because I can’t cook to save my life.”

    “Well, maybe I can teach you sometime Karen, how does that sound?”

    “Lovely, that sounds lovely.” She smiled at me again and moved a little closer. The sun was starting to set towards the horizon and it was getting cooler out, so I put my arm around her. She looked into my eyes as I did and snuggled closer.

    “I just have one condition though. You have to tell me what you meant before, about the ‘trifecta’.”

    She blushed deep and pulled away from me. “If you really want to know I’ll tell you.” she said as she sat down. “What I meant by the trifecta was that you are handsome, you can cook, and you have your life together.”

    “So you’re saying I’m not funny?” I smiled at her as she stood up and jokingly punched me in the arm.

    “Oh you’re funny too, but not as funny as I am.” I couldn’t help but smile as we moved closer, staring each other down in our little contest. I opened my mouth to begin to speak and she closed the gap and kissed me. I cupped her face and kissed her back. We stood there making out for the next five minutes, barely coming up for air before I finally suggested we move inside. I pulled her through the door, holding her tight and kissing her the entire way, I was aiming for the couch before she took over and turned us towards the bedroom. She finally pulled away as we stumbled down the hallway and said four sweet words, “You, Me, Bed, Now.”

    Not one to deny a beautiful woman I followed her lead. Clothes started pooling on the ground as we continued down the hall towards the bed. By the time her back hit the mattress, the only clothing left between us was her white silk panties.

    “Condom?” I asked reaching for the nightstand drawer as I moved her up the bed.

    “No.” And with that I had stripped her panties off and discarded them on the bed next to us. I lowered my head down and started kissing her body, starting at her lips, then her neck and breasts. Slowly I kissed down her body to her thighs were I slowly worked towards her gorgeous pussy. She had a single strip of hair shaved right above her lips. I began to eat her pussy making her wetter than she already was. It wasn’t long before her body was tensing with an impending orgasm. I kept at it, pushing her over the edge, watching her writhe with pleasure.

    I crawled on top of her as her quaking subsided, and kissed her neck as she tried to collect herself. I slowly slid my rock hard cock against her pussy, lightly lubing it as I kissed her lips. She finally opened her eyes and I looked into them as I slowly pressed into her. Karen pursed her lips against mine as I pushed deeper into her sensitive cookie. I finally bottomed out in her as she kissed me deep.

    I started to thrust into her slowly, sensually. She started thrusting her hips back faster. I countered and started thrusting faster. Soon her nails were digging into my back and her moans filled the room as I railed hard into her. I was getting close, and she knew it, lukily she was just as close. I finally felt the tipping point as my cum rose inside me. I began to pull out when she wrapped her legs tight around my hips and pulled me deep inside her again. This final act sent me over the edge as I fired deep into her. Karen immediately began to clench around me as she flooded my cock with her cum.

    The two of us lay there in sweaty embrace as we tried to catch our breath. I finally rolled off of her, before I looked her in the eyes again.

    “That was fantastic,” I panted out.

    “You can say that again,” she replied. “I haven’t been fucked that good in ages. Trifecta doesn’t even cover you.” I laughed at her comment and kissed her once more. “No more of that or I’ll have to jump your bones again.”

    “Would that be a bad thing,” I retorted. She smiled and explained that she had to leave soon. She had a business dinner that evening to talk about an upcoming role. Slowly we rolled out of bed and got dressed. I offered jokingly, “You know where to find me.”

    “I do, and I intend to collect,” she threatened with a smile before walking down the hallway and out the front door. What a day it has been.

    I walk out into the kitchen hoping to get some work done today, when I notice my phone blinking. I check my messages and a voicemail was left while Karen and I were busy. I press play and hear a familiar voice, “Hello Noah, it’s Emma, I got your number when I had your phone earlier. Text me your address, I have a surprise for you.”

    I sent the address straight away and started cleaning up the apartment. Not 20 minutes after sending the text I heard a knock on my door. I opened it up to see Emma standing there in a raincoat. I invite her inside and kiss her lips straight away. After a moment I offer to take her coat and she denies me, instead taking my hand and leading me to my patio. She pushes me back into one of my chairs as the night sky starts to appear overhead. She slowly unbuttoned the coat as she sways her hips. Emma slowly lowers the coat off her shoulders to reveal some rather revealing lingerie.

    “You wore that in public?” I ask surprised. She simply presses a finger to my lips and lets the coat drop to the floor. Emma leans in close and kisses me softly. Her soft hands go to work and began undoing my pants. My already stiffening cock is fished out as Emma drops down to her knees. She strokes my cock a few times, staring me in the eyes the entire time. Finally Emma wraps her lips around my member. She starts slow, a deliberate pace just taking the head. She slowly builds speed and depth and before long she is quickly deepthroating my cock. My eyes are screwed tight from pleasure, this girl is an angel with the devils tongue. Its not long before I’m shooting deep into her mouth, gasping loudly. I open my eyes to see her head still bobbing on my cock milking it for every drop and swallowing every one. My eyes catch movement behind her and I look up. My eyes find Karen’s, staring right back; as she sits there, dress hiked up, fingers buried vigorously in her cunt.

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    Are we going to get a sequel to this? A threesome? Cant wait for it!

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