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Thread: "Adventures in Photography 2" with McKayla Maroney

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    fanfiction "Adventures in Photography 2" with McKayla Maroney

    Adventures in Photography 2
    With Chloe Moretz and McKayla Maroney
    Written by TPG
    Codes: MF, blowjob, oral, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    With a few days vacation coming my way, I decided to fly back to LA to get some sun and enjoy some down time when I soon found myself engrossed with some online social media.

    In fact I had literally signed up to Twitter not more than two days earlier when I noticed a cryptic message from teenager actress Chloe Moretz, who mentioned how she had always wanted to own her very own old fashioned Polaroid camera.

    - Crazy Wanting #PolaroidInstantPrintDigitalCamera!

    With nothing to lose I immediately replied back informing her that I'd be more than happy to hook her up if she was interested, and to my surprise the talented little minx instantly replied.

    - Please don't tease me! Do you really have one that you want to sell?

    She wrote back.

    - Absolutely. If you're still interested you can call my studio right now to confirm.

    I replied, which is precisely what she did.

    Ten minutes later I found myself conversing with the actress herself and had to pinch myself.

    "Is this really Chloe Moretz or just a prank?" I asked her over the phone.

    "I could ask you the same question." she quipped. "You're not just leading me on are you?"

    "Absolutely not!" I assured her. "If this really is you can I just say how much I enjoy your films."

    "Aw. Thanks," she blushed, before she turned the conversation back to the subject at hand.

    "So are you serious about selling your camera?"

    In truth I had no intentions of selling the gadget but was so taken aback by her sweet and friendly demeanor that I told her that not only did I want to get rid of it but that I was more than willing to give it to her for free.

    "Are you serious!" she swooned. "Ohmygod, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

    "Don't mention," I laughed at her enthusiasm.

    With that said we exchanged a few details as I went on to explain how I was a local photographer who owned a small studio in the city and had a ton of equipment lying around I rarely used.

    Playing it cool, I then offered to sent the camera out to her via a PO Box but to my amusement the actress seemed incredibly impatient and claimed that she was eager to get her hands on it ASAP.

    "Do you mind if I swing by and pick it up myself?"

    "Err. No. Not at all." I stammered in surprise.

    She then asked for my address and said that she would drop by the studio with a friend the very next day. As promised, the very next morning the teen actress showed up to my studio and appeared to be accompanied by one of her best friends.

    Right away I was taken aback as her BFF appeared to be very familiar to me, and when I asked her where I had seen her before she blushed slightly and told me that she was Olympic Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney.

    "You know," Chloe clarified. "She's that girl who's famous for pulling that funny face."

    Inside the ladies looked around my humble studio and fawned at various works of art which hung around wall, while I took this opportunity to stop and admire them for a few minutes.

    To my delight they both appeared to be scantily dressed and claimed they were on their way to the beach for the day. Without wasting any time I showed Chloe the camera and also some other equipment lying around which appeared to peak her interest.

    "Wow. I really like this stuff." Moretz remarked. "I like love photography. I want to learn everything about it someday."

    "I think I could help you with that." I replied. "In fact I'm currently looking for an assistant to work with me in the studio. So you're more than welcome to tag along and see if you like it."

    "Really!" she immediately lit up. "That sounds so awesome!"

    "Of course." I added. "I couldn't really pay you anything at the start."

    "No! No!" she interrupted. "I'd do it for free! Just to get my hands on some of the equipment and learn the ropes and stuff."

    But as delighted as Chloe was she soon pouted as she realized that with her busy work schedule she couldn't dedicate as much time to her new "hobby" as she would like.

    "Besides." she moped. "By the time I get some free time you'll probably find a new assistant."

    Noting her disappointment, I reassured her that I would be willing to hold off on hiring anyone new and would offer her the position if she was serious.

    This seemed to do the trick and once again she was in a jovial mood as I asked her to come back to my office to get her particulars and paper work in order.

    Meanwhile as Chloe and I conversed and got to know each other better I couldn't help but marvel at her sexy friend and her even sexier young body.

    Looking her over I doubted McKayla had an ounce of fat on her entire body, and in her current state of dress she had a butt that just wouldn't quit!

    "What about you." I remarked in her direction. "What's your story. You looking for some work experience too?"

    "Err. No thanks." McKalya smiled before Chloe interrupted her.

    "Meh. She's too busy working out every day." Moretz claimed. "She works out like a demon. She literally lives at the gym."

    "Yeah. It shows." I commented under my breath.

    Despite the innocent conversation McKayla smiled and could tell that I was undressing her with my eyes. Nevertheless she simply smiles back and almost seemed to invite my leering.

    Being the pervert that I am, I then suggested that the ladies consider doing a photo shoot for me one day as they were both very pretty. Knowing that Chloe was probably going to be a hard nut to crack, I set my sights on her friend who immediately giggled at the idea.

    "What's so funny?" I asked. "Have you ever considered showing of that hard body of yours McKayla?"

    "Um. Not really." the petite Gold Medalist smiled.

    Right away Chloe seemed jealous by this flirting and interrupted our conversation.

    "What am I chop liver?" she quipped. "I'm just as pretty as she is."

    "Absolutely." I agreed, as this now gave the actress all the motive she needed to entertain my idea.

    "And by the way it's my birthday in a few days." Chloe added. "So maybe we could do a shoot together or something."

    "Definitely." I nodded. "I'd like that. I'd like that very much. Who knows. Maybe during the shoot I could show you a few tricks in front of and behind the camera."

    "That sounds great!"

    Several minutes later the ladies left my studio with their new camera in hand but not before the sexy little gymnast glanced over her shoulder and flashed me a seductive grin, informing me that today's encounter would not be our last.

    Right away I began to berate myself for not taking more advantage of the girls and the situation, especially considering the way McKayla was looking at me.

    Nevertheless it was later that same evening that I was right in the process of closing up shop when I received another call from the pint-sized actress, asking me about some of the camera's functions.

    It also seemed that Chloe had already run out of cartridges and needed more film (which otherwise was unavailable).

    Feeling bold I told her that I'd happily supply her with all the film she needed but only if she would agree to take a few self shot candids of herself for me.

    To be perfectly honestly I only made the comment as a bit of a lark, never actually expecting her to take it seriously—but as it turned out Chloe didn't object.

    At first I tried to backtrack a little and argued that I needed some staff portraits of her—since she had after all offered to be my assistant in the coming weeks, but she quickly saw through my lies and I ultimately dropped all pretense and told her that I was a huge of her looks (her face in particular) and wanted to get some photos of her.

    "Yeah right." she giggled sweetly over the phone. "Hey. I'm not getting naked for you. Those pictures are private."

    "Those pictures?" I thought, as she essentially confirmed the existence of such material.

    "Wait. Get naked?" I repeated. "What are you talking about Chloe?"

    The starlet then went on to explain how she noticed how most if not all of the photos that lined the walls of my studio featured completely naked or semi naked models, and how McKayla had pointed this out and actually thought it was kinda hot.

    "She did huh." I remarked out loud.

    "Yeah. But I don't want to be just another one of your nude models on the wall." Chloe insisted.

    "Trust me sweetheart. You never would." I told her. "Hey. I don't offer every girl who comes in here a job either."

    "Yeah. I guess you're right."

    "Besides." I praised her. "You're way more talented than most of the girls I work with."

    "Aw. Really?" she fawned. "Do you mean that? That's so sweet."

    Playing around I then used a little reverse psychology and assured her that I only wanted to see her in some casual wear or a bikini at most—and to my surprise the playful little minx happily agreed.

    "I can do that." she stated. "I'll take some bikini pix for you right now if you agree to give me another cartridge tomorrow?"

    "You know what. You've got yourself a deal young lady." I lied. "I'll make the film orders right now."

    The very next day I scrambled from the backroom to answer the door as Chloe showed up unexpectedly and appeared to be alone—claiming that one of her friends was still waiting for her out in the car.

    "I don't have much time." She claimed as she greeted me with a friendly kiss on the cheek.

    Without wasting any time we immediately made the exchange and right away I was taken aback as I opened the envelope and realized that Chloe had taken several photos of herself in nothing but her bra and panties.

    In fact in one photo she was clad in nothing BUT panties and was clutching her chest with her hands while she flipped the bird with the other.

    "Whoa." I gasped. "Well that's...interesting."

    "I hope you like these." she grinned smugly. "I had fun shooting them."

    "Err. Yeah. Um. Yeah." I stammered not really knowing what to say.

    "I intentionally kept my face out of some of the photos. In case you wanted to share them with someone."

    "Trust me. These aren't going anywhere but in my own personal collection."

    "Oh. Really?" she said sounding a little disappointed. "Had I known that I would have posed more naked."


    "Sure. This way I just figured you could post them online anonymously and no one would be the wiser."

    "Wait. What?" I did a double take before the teen star giggled at my reaction.

    Amusingly enough it seemed Chloe got a kick out of the idea of being exposed online, just as long as her identity was concealed.

    With that said I handed her two cartridges for her polaroid camera and encouraged her to make the most of it—and pose for more self shot candids. But as the actress started to leave the studio she stopped at the door and looked back at me.

    "What a minute." she quipped. "You've only given me about a week's worth of film here."

    "Yeah. That's right." I grinned. "And if you want more film you know what to do."

    While the "Kick-Ass" star moped for a moment I quickly reminded her how rare her camera was and how difficult it was to track down supplies for that model.

    "Okay. Fine." she faked anger, before slipping her sunglasses back into her head. "I guess I'll keep in touch."

    The moment the teen star stepped out the front door I shut the door and heard McKayla Maroney whispered from the backroom.

    "Is she gone yet?"

    "It's all clear." I assured her. "You can come out now."

    As it so happened McKayla had arrived to the studio only a few minutes earlier—apparently intrigued by my offer to give her a free photo shoot.

    But the decision was so spontaneous and last minute that she didn't tell anyone including Chloe about her plans to see me again and claimed that she didn't want to anger her—as Chloe apparently "liked" me.

    With the entire place to ourselves again we quickly got down to business and continued with her "shoot."

    The shoot itself proceeded as normal, but a few minutes later I turned up the radio and asked the world class gymnast to pose in some much more suggestive positions—having her show me just how flexible she in fact was.

    At one point I had her naked if only for a pair of six inch pumps and matching lace black panties, and directed her conceal her breasts with her hands while standing in various gymnastic poses.

    To my amusement the naive teenager happily went along with any and all of my lewd suggestions and seemed very eager to please, and tease for that matter.

    "Okay. What next?" she offered. "What should I do now?"

    "How about you perform one of those floor routines you usually do." I suggested, before inviting her to lie back and place her legs behind her head.

    "Really? Right now?" she giggled. "With these heels."

    "If you can't do it that's fine." I goaded her. "You're probably not as flexible as you were back at the games right?"

    I could see from the irritated look in her eyes that she was now determined to prove me wrong.

    "Right here?" she confirmed.

    "Yes please." I replied. "I think this might make for a really interesting pose."

    To my delight McKayla happily obliged, and while still scantily clad in nothing but high heeled shoes and panties, she sat down on the floor and kicked her strong legs back and managed to get her feet to straddle either side of her head.

    This action caused her already plump ass to point up at an angle to the ceiling while her panties pulled up tight against her sex leaving an incredible camel-toe effect.

    In fact the material was so tight against her body that it pulled to the side slightly and revealed one of her pink lips, not to mention a small portion of her hairless vulva.

    I immediately stood over her and took several snaps as she lay there contorting herself for me.

    "You have no idea how sexy that looks from up here." I told her.

    "I know right." she giggled. "I could lie here like this for days."

    It was only now as I moved above her to take a few more shots that I noticed just how erect her nipples appeared to be.

    "Yeah. It looks like you're definitely enjoying yourself there." I grinned. "Say. Have you ever been tempted to play in that position?"

    "Huh. What do you mean?"

    "What I mean is: you think you can you actually get off like that?" I grinned. "Even in a strange position like that?"

    "Are you kidding?" she quipped. "I do it all the time."

    With her permission I then grabbed her by the legs and raised her butt so that she now lay with her entire body resting on her neck. As I took more snaps of this, I inched forward unsure what to expect as her sex was now just a few inches away from the camera lens.

    I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasized about sliding my cock inside her, but now I wondered if that would hurt her. She just looked so tiny there.

    Feeling bold I placed my hand on the inside of her thighs but McKayla didn't object and just smiled up at me. I took this as permission and reached over to gently caress her smooth legs before my fingers finally found the front of her panties.

    "Mm. That feels nice," she purred as she closed her eyes and enjoyed my caresses.

    "Hold that pose." I told her while pulling on the material of her panties to emphasize her camel-toe. "Delicious."

    "Yeah. It is." she remarked offhandedly, referring to her sex.

    "Wait. What?" I snickered. "You're pussy tastes delicious?"

    "Or so I've been told." she playfully grinned.

    With that said I deftly brushed the tips of my fingers across her teenage mound before I slowly pulled the materiel to the side to reveal her outer lips and her puckered little bunghole.

    For her part McKayla did not object and grinning up at me as the scent of her overheated sex hit me square in the face.

    Without wasting another moment I placed my finger at her mere rim of her entrance and heard a soft coo escape her mouth, before I gently dipped my digit inside.

    I slowly eased my finger to the second knuckle before I added a second digit to the first and proceeded to gently probe and explore her young cunt.

    Finally after a few minutes of this I drove my fingers all the way inside her cunt and proceeded to finger-bang her right there in the middle of my studio.

    "Oh. Fuck. Damn." we both panted, with McKayla adding. "That feels so good."

    As she now lay there playing with her breasts I spontaneously withdrew my fingers from her mound and replaced them with my mouth.

    But before she knew what was going on I eagerly plunged my tongue deep inside her backdoor, stabbing it as far as I could.

    The pint-sized athlete gasped with surprise as I suddenly realized just how sensitive she was to backdoor stimulation—her face turning red as I eagerly rimmed her tight rectum.

    In truth I hadn't actually intended to eat her ass persay but caught up in the moment I just went with what felt good. Not that you heard any complaints from her mind you. In fact her moans only grew louder.

    Instead. McKayla continued to massage her breasts with both hands while her hips now bucked back and forth as if she were unconsciously fighting to get away from my invading tongue.

    She was also holding her breath for long periods of time before releasing it in short gasps just to hold it once more.

    I actually thought she might be in some pain from all the wincing and squirming she was doing on the floor beneath me but when I stopped licking her, she opened her eyes and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me back towards her sex.

    "Oh. Don't stop." she pleaded. "Please. Don't stop now."

    Noting this I intently licked her tight plump ass as she ultimately reached up with her free hand and proceeded to twiddle her clit at the exact same time. The combined assault make her eyes roll into the back of her head while her legs flailed around.

    With that said I quickly replaced the tongue in her ass with my index finger and returned my attention to her teenage clam and she came within a few minutes, trembling wildly and clamping down on my tongue when it was at its deepest depths.

    As soon as I withdrew I sat up and placed the head of my bell-end against her gleaming wet hole. In all this time McKayla hadn't even stopped contracting as I slowly fed my cock and pushed my way inside her, causing her eyes to grow wide as I filled her completely.

    "You sweet little thing." I remarked. "When was the last time you were fucked hard!"

    McKayla didn't answer verbally and just moaned in response. At this point she was so wet that I couldn't imagine the friction actually hurting her but I stopped to ask her anyway.

    She simply nodded her consent as I positioned myself directly above her and spread my feet apart to bring me down to her level—almost pile-driving her into the floor.

    I knew she'd be a tight fit, so I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and urged her legs wide apart as far as she could. It surprised me when her legs easily spread almost straight out to the sides, which I realized was due to her gymnastic training.

    "God damn." I moaned in wonderment. "You look so good like that. Lying there waiting to be fucked!"

    With her limbs spread wide and perfectly perpendicular, I began pushing myself into her tight wet box and she was as tight as a glove, just as I had expected.

    I took this opportunity to run my fingertips all along her shapely thighs as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her teen pussy.

    All I had to hang on to were her hips so I began pounding her with slow and easy thrusts, gaining speed quickly with each one when I suddenly stopped what I was doing and stood perfectly still.

    To my own surprise I had gone too fast and was nearing my final target way too soon. I wanted to savor the moment but new anymore lunges might cause me to blow my wad.

    "Ugh...Oh...Ugh...what's wrong?" she panicked for a moment, wondering if I had suddenly been struck down with guilt.

    "God you feel good." I groaned back, relieving any doubts she might have had. "You're just so fucking tight..and wet right now."

    "Can you blame me?" she replied defensively. "I'm so turned on right now."

    With my cock still embedded inside her McKayla simply grinned and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of being filled by my manly cock.

    My head was spinning, my body quivering and my manhood throbbing—deep inside her young tight cookie. I knew I wouldn't last much longer but I couldn't bring myself to separate from her. Especially in that position.

    To my surprise McKayla proved just how much control she had as she squeezed her vaginal muscles together which caused me to slip out of her teen sex with a loud pop.

    "Jesus." I gasped in awe, making her giggle. "How did you do that?"

    "Years of practice." she smiled. "Do you like it?"

    "Like it? Wow."

    Hearing this comment from her made me wonder just how many other boys she had practiced this trick on.

    Nonetheless. The sensation felt so good that I made her giggle when I pushed my shiny cock back inside her tight poon yet again and invited her to repeat the action—squeezing her cunt-muscles until I was forced to slip out.

    "God damn it." I moaned. "I just can't get enough of that. I could do this all day."

    We repeated this procedure another two more times before McKayala finally jumped into action.

    "Wait. I have a better I idea." she claimed as she unrolled herself from the floor and reached up and pulled me down to her.

    Flinging her arms around my neck she planted a hot deep kiss on my lips before she pinned me to the floor and crawled over me. She slowly slid backwards along my stomach, grinding her sex against my belly and leaving a trail of her juices along the way.

    When she finally felt my sword poke her in the ass, she raised her hips just enough to scoot it to point in the right direction.

    McKayla then bent forward and kissed me again, her tongue slowly dancing around with mine while she continued her slow slide onto me, not stopping until she hit the base.

    "Fuck. And here I thought you only wanted me to take photos." I whispered, pushing my hips to create a slow steady motion.

    The Olympic Gold Medalist simply inhaled sharply as she re-positioned her feet, and without taking me out of her teen sex she shuffled them right underneath my armpits to leave her entire body dangling precariously over my hips, and more importantly over my cock.

    Just when I thought I was deep inside, she managed to manipulate us into a position that was even deeper, pushing a little more against her cervix as well as the clit at the base.

    While most women would find this position extremely difficult to hold, McKayla seemed more than comfortable and now lent forward, leaving her lips only a few inches from mine which caused me to come out of her to just the tip.

    She took this opportunity to kiss me hard on the mouth again before she sat back down, and in turn I drove all the way inside her again—filling her completely!

    "UGH." she grunted hotly. "Fuck Yeah."

    "Fuck yeah, indeed." I thought. "This girl is fucking phenomenal!!"

    This became her game, bending down to kiss me hotly followed by sitting down and driving me deep within her.

    After four or five sequences of this she picked up the pace and placed her hands behind my head and just began to rock in short spurts back and forth over my manhood.

    She soon began rocking her hips at a swift pace and rode me like a cowgirl, her thighs slapping loudly against my body as I drilled her mercilessly. I was already drawing close to climax when she grabbed my face and insisted that I stick out my tongue.

    Before I knew what she was doing she essentially spat in my mouth and then drooled her saliva all over my mouth and chin before we kissed each other hotly again—our combined spittle dripping down the sides of our chins and between our bodies.

    It was just about the most erotic thing I had ever experienced and it caused my cock to literally throb inside her. Noting this McKayla panted into my mouth and glared down at me like a religious woman might if she were meeting her maker.

    The rhythm that she had created quickly became erratic as her body was no longer entirely in her own control.

    "Ugh. Fuck." she gasped sharply. "Fuck me. Yes."

    I took the hint and started rocking my body back and forth beneath her and, noticed the way her clit bud now peeked out of its shell and only a fraction of an inch above my body.

    I arched my back so my belly would press up against her nub as I pounded her, and this appeared to have the desired effect.

    This combined assault worked wonders on her and within just a few seconds McKayla was actually screaming with each exhale while arching her back and pressing herself onto me even more.

    Immediately after her first scream, I felt her vaginal muscles clamp down around my sword, heavily restricting my movements and creating an amazing rhythmic pulse along the entire length of my staff.

    It was at this point that I was throbbing hard and getting close to orgasm myself when she finally calmed down enough to allow normal movement again—her entire body slippery and gleaming in sweat.

    "You know what." I grinned. "Do that splits thing that you do again."

    "Yeah?" she grinned dazedly as her sweat-soaked hair matted to her face. "Guys really like seeing me do that huh."

    "You bet your sweet-ass we do." I replied. "C'mon. Show me how flexible you really are."

    With my cock still embedded inside her, the starlet smiled and spread her knees and achieved what I thought was very close to a perfect 180 degrees.

    I couldn't believe how long her legs suddenly seemed and how tight it made her pussy flex and feel. It was now as though all of her remaining strength had gone entirely into her groin region as her sex constricted and pulsed with power.

    It was like her pussy was attempting to suck and milk me dry, begging for me to cum inside it. Considering how incredible she looked and felt, it didn't have to beg for long.

    "Oh. God." she gasped up at the ceiling. "Wow. You're so deep right now."

    As she spoke I playfully moved my hips slightly and urged her to do the same.

    "OMG." she panted. "That's like totally hitting my G-spit right now."

    "So. Keep going." I insisted.

    "Wow." she purred. "You're totally gonna make me cum again!"

    Noting this I bucked my hips and tried to work my way deeper and deeper inside her tight clam. She now gripped my chest with her nails and rode me like a wild animal, moaning and screaming loudly as I thrust up into her.

    The pleasure grew, crashing over me like a tsunami, and I was powerless to resist as I felt my orgasm finally wash over me. McKayla and I climaxed together, and I felt her pussy clench tight around me as I spasmed, shooting forth my hot semen.

    Again and again I released my load deep inside her tight teen cookie as she shouted at the top of her lungs and felt the powerful jets spewing inside of her, bathing her cervix in my seed.

    I'm not sure how many jets or contractions there were because I was so delirious I nearly blacked out but my balls were still twitching when she wrapped her legs around my hips and collapsed on top of me.

    "Ohmygod," she panted out of breath. "That was intense."

    "No kidding." I agreed.

    McKayla waited all of a minute to catch her breath before she looked around and spoke again.

    "Err. Is there any place I can go and clean up?"

    I nodded in the direction of the bathroom and then watched as the athletic beauty got up and helped herself to a shower.

    I waited a few extra moments before I went over to the door to admire her naked form, and to my amusement she suddenly seemed shy about having me watch her.


    "Stop what?" I laughed. "What. NOW you're shy?"

    The starlet giggled sweetly before her eyes noticed my hardening erection.

    "Hmm. Is that for me?" she teased a second later.

    "Absolutely." I said as I walked towards her. "You've definitely earned it."

    McKayla smiled as I joined her in the shower, and after a brief kiss she slowly dropped to her knees before me.

    It was now my turn to moan excessively as she grasped my cock-flesh with one hand and slipped me into her hot young mouth, using more pressure than I expected—her cheeks sucking deeply as she worked up and down my rod.

    Her mouth felt like satin, and a loud groan escaped from my throat as I struggled to take a breath.

    "Holy. Shit." I moaned with surprise, never expecting her to be a great cock-sucker on top of everything else.

    I reached down and grabbed her hair, bunching it together, holding it in one hand while my other hand caressed her pretty face.

    As it turned out McKayla had a wonderful technique, sucking my cock all the way down then coming back up to the top and ravishing the head with her hot wet tongue.

    With one hand steadying my cock, her free hand moved to fondle my balls, cupping and releasing and tugging at my sack.

    "Fuck." I heard myself comment. "You're really good at that baby. Such a great little cock-smoker."

    Maroney responded by sucking me in earnest, her head bobbing up and down as I groaned in disbelief. For such a small girl she sure knew how to work a dick.

    Normally it took a lot to make me cum for the second time, but this wasn't just any old blow job I was receiving. I was so turned on by her athletic body and prose that I almost gasped when I realized how close I was to the point of no return.

    "Jesus McKayla. I'm gonna cum again!" I blared, while breathing deep and fighting the urge to fuck her face.

    Nothing this her grip tightened on my balls, forcing another loud moan from me and then there was no holding back. In an instant I shot my superfluous load into the back of her throat as she sucked even harder through the waves of pleasure.

    I could feel her tongue raking the head of my spurting cock, almost encouraging it to cum more. Her lips squeezed and urged the load right out of my skin flute as my hands dropped to my sides and my body shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

    I tried to pull away from her but the sensation was too great and she held me in place, torturing me with her dancing tongue.

    I don't know how long she had her mouth clamped around me, but she finally swallowed most if not all of my wad except for a tiny dribble she licked at the corner of her mouth.

    "Mm. Finished." she said while looking up at me with an impish smile, kissing the head of my spent cock.

    "God damn you're incredible." I chuckled. "Does Chloe know you give such great head?"

    McKayla grinned.

    "Who do you think taught me everything I know?"

    "She did?" I replied. "But aren't you much older than her?"

    "I guess." Maroney shrugged. "But when it comes to sex she's the expert. Especially when it comes to head."

    With that said I pulled McKayla up to her feet so we could enjoy the shower together. The hot spray sprinkled over her head and face as rivulets of water streamed down her superb body, making her nipples erect.

    The shower soon filled with steam as the Artistic Gymnast lathered her hands and began to cover me in soapy suds, firstly on my chest before gradually working down my body until she reached my flaccid cock.

    "Remind me to get the two of you in the studio one day." I grinned. "For a little photo shoot like this one."

    McKayla grinned.

    "You think you could handle us..together?"

    "Maybe. Maybe not." I said. "But I'd be willing to try."

    "Knowing Chloe she'd probably be up for it too." McKayla claimed. "She just loves having sex."

    "She does?"

    "Sure. The girl has more one night stands in a week than I do an entire year."

    As Maroney and I continued to chat and bath together I felt her hands slowly snake their way back towards my penis and I laughed.

    "You're incorrigible you know that."

    "Huh?" she replied, reminding me of just how young she actually was. "What does that mean."

    "Never mind." I laughed.

    "Hmm. You think we can make him hard again?" she said, referring to my semi-limp cock.

    Just the sound of her sweet voice in such close proximity to me caused my cock to stiffen as she used her magical fingers all over my balls and shaft and playfully stroked me back to life.

    "You're just can't get enough of it can you." I snickered. "You're like the Every-Ready Bunny."

    "Mm. Yeah but you like that don't you?" she teased up at me. "You like the way I play with your cock."

    Despite my lack of stamina no truer words had ever been spoken.

    At any rate McKayla continued to whisper sweet nothings into my ear while she slowly caressed my thighs and legs and made my entire body tingle with pleasure.

    "So is this how you wind down after a long day of training each day?" I asked. "You lather yourself up and get off."

    The teen star grinned widely to the suggestion before she turned her back to me and intentionally began to grind her cute butt against my growing organ—causing the tip of my cock to lay flush with my belly.

    I took the soap and filled my hands with suds and massaged the lather into her spine and back before I brushed my fingertips across her neck and shoulders.

    The sexy Gold Medalist shuddered to my touch as I worked the tension from her body and skimmed my free hand over over her hips and butt and around her vulva.

    McKayla moaned audibly before she finally turned to face me again while I fondled her breasts, covering them in thick white foam.

    "That feels so good." she purred.

    "You fucking little tease." I grinned, as her nipples now jutted out fiercely from her body and begged for attention.

    We kissed each other slowly but urgently as I pinched and tweaked her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

    For her part McKayla kept her grasp on my cock tight and now jacked me off as I explored her body. Fed up with her antics, I gripped her arms and turned her round again.

    The sexy little nymph gasped with surprise and keenly bent over and gripped onto the hand rail expectantly. She then squealed with delight as she felt the tip of my bulbous cock-flesh slowly split her in two.

    Caught up in the moment I let my emotions take control of me and I thrust forward and was merciless. I was now going to fuck her within an inch of her life and teach her a lesson!

    "UGH!" she echoed loudly in the shower. "Yeah. Harder. Fuck me hard and fast!!"

    Holding her tight, I fucked her as hard and fast as I possibly could as water cascaded over our bodies.

    "Oh. Yes. Yes!" she grunted continually. "Fuck me. Fuck me!"

    I now bent her complete over in the shower and pinned both of her arms behind her back and kept up the momentum for several minutes. McKayla let me know in no uncertain terms that she was enjoying herself and was close to climaxing in next to no time.

    With her eyes closed and her mouth agape, she moved herself in time to my rhythm as I did my best to keep pounding away at her teenage cookie, but I quickly reached the point of no return once again.

    In all my time I couldn't remember meeting anyone who was just so rampant and wild. She really was a hot little fire cracker, and although I had already cum twice before it seemed as though she could go on another dozen times.

    Nevertheless I tensed every muscle in my body to hold off until I could take it no longer and finally just released.

    McKayla cried out loud with glee, her own body shaking violently as I came deep inside her again—my thick syrupy load dripping out of her teen cunt.


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    Loved. This. Absolutely loved it. One of the best stories I've read. I was really looking forward to this story even since the synopsis, especially given the girls that would be in it. I'm a fan of both definitely, but particularly McKayla and I must say I'm impressed (pun intended) at just how incredible this story turned out. The best part is how just when I thought it was over (that the story would end) it just kept going and it kept getting better and better! You really did great with this one TPG. How you keep doing it time and again deserves the most kudos of all.

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    Amazing! as always! I've been waiting for a McKayla story. Thank you TPG! ALL HAIL TPG!!!

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    Fucking amazing mate! Now to see what devilish things you can do to Chloe!

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    Amazing... Absolutely loved it.... Can we expect a sequel to it with Chloe returning for more cartridges ? Its been some time since we read something about her...

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