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Thread: "Overexposed" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Overexposed" with Olivia Holt

    Featuring – Olivia Holt

    Written by Jude
    (NC, Reluc)

    DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real people, places or events is intended as parody - nothing more. It contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended Please Stop Reading

    The sun above Los Angeles was shining bright, the birds were singing and children were playing. And Joel was having a bad day.

    He'd slept in, and thus been stuck in traffic trying to get to LAX for when Nicky Minaj's flight landed at Seven AM. Then his 'buddy' Andrew started sending him messages, teasing little photos he'd taken with his iPhone of the screen of his DSLR. Showing off all the photos he'd shot of the second-rate Singer schlepping out of the Terminal doors like some water buffalo with heavy makeup.

    It was a strange, rub-their-nose-in-it game that Paparazzi liked to play with each other, one that Joel usually loved; when he was winning. But Andy had kind of done him a favour. He'd been sitting there, moving along with the slow stop-start of the traffic on the freeway, desperately hoping for a miracle to delay Minaj's plane, when he got the text.

    As soon as he saw the pictures he sighed, cut his losses and changed lanes. Ten minutes later and Joel was cruising up the off-ramp, waiting on his ex-girlfriend to call him back with details about any potential celebrity sightings he could shoot, to and try to make rent for the month. He stopped and got an iced coffee; sat in his car, playing Fruit-Ninja and listening to the dull roar of chatter on KROQ's morning drive show. Life as a Paparazzi was hard...

    Honestly it was. Joel went to bed hating himself for the things he'd done, just to get the photos to pay rent on his shitty two-room apartment. When he left college with plans to be a professional photographer, this wasn't what he imagined. He'd imagined himself crouched at the end-zone of the Super-bowl, getting that Dive Shot that put some footballer, and him, in the Hall of Fame. Or flying to Milan and Paris to get the good angles of angular Models as they paraded their tired bones up and down the catwalk.

    Not sitting in his car across the street from an In-and-Out Burger, taking photos of Patton Oswalt feeding his three year-old daughter fries. Then trying in vain to duck when the comedian spotted him, handed the little girl to his wife and came over to personally call him a piece of scum. Yep, some days it just hurt to get out of bed in the morning. That had been what slowed Joel's feet this particular morning, and why he was that little bit further away from his dream.

    Every day he hasn't reached that minimum Six Hundred and Twenty he needed for Rent and expenses each week was another day he couldn't spend working on his portfolio to hand out to studios. Needless to say, Joel was already in a bad mood. After about half an hour, Becka– his ex who worked the phones at a talent agency in town– called with some good news. She told him about a possible three figure photo-op at El Dorado Park in Lakewood.

    Joel licked his lips at the thought, then remembered not to get ahead of himself. Paparazzi work was such a rat-race. First you had to be one of the half dozen guys to get that really good spot to shoot from (waking up on time helped). You needed to have packed the right equipment in your load-out bag, carrying all the equipment with you each day would be too costly, and a strain on the back.

    Then you had to be first to get the photos to the right buyer, deciding which buyer was a minefield. And then you had to exercise some pretty keen negotiating skills so they didn't bend you over a coffee table in the haggling. If he could get to the park in Lakewood and get the good photos, the best photos depending on who the celebrity was and how many photogs turned up. Even if this supposed 'Three Figure' asking price was a flat Hundred, that would put him over his minimum for this week. He could take the weekend off.

    With that thought, Joel put his foot down and sped up, telling Becka via the speaker phone to not give anyone else this tip. Becka dated a lot of amateur photographers. He'd wager that Becka had posed for more dirty photographs than most playboy models. As was the habit of photographers when they're dating someone. Forty minutes later he pulled up in the parking lot. Slipped out of the car with his Nikon D600 in hand, and looked around.

    "Shiiiiit" he muttered a second later when he saw none other than Andrew leaning casually against his car, one row back.

    Andrew smiled and came over; his long, surfer blonde hair flowing with the breeze coming off the hills behind them. "Sup Jolene. Finally got out of bed I see."

    "Well, you got me there Fabio. You know, I just can't get through the door until the morning wood goes down. It's a cross some of us have to bear."

    Andrew smiled, fiddling idly with his Fuji S5 as Joel looked around the parking lot for a famous face he might recognize.

    "Looks like we're the only two for now. Who're we even here for?"

    Andrew made a show of shrugging, but Joel could see the hint of a smile on his face. "Olivia Holt, some new Disney chick."

    Joel flinched, Disney Kids. He had always refused to shoot any of the Disney crop. Had missed out on some choice pictures for it too. Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, that redheaded one. He would always shrug it off when peers asked why, telling them that he was above exploiting Child Stars for a paycheque.

    They always scoffed, while at the same time giving him silent looks like they were jealous of his scruples.

    If only they knew. The real reason he turned down all the tween Starlets was because the sight of those heavily exploited, sexy-sweet little brand machines always gave him wood. Andrew was smiling because he expected Joel to once again shrug and call it a day. But he was underestimating how hungry Joel was for a free weekend. Instead, Joel just sighed, hoisted his Nikon up and started adjusting the field for long-range shooting. Looking disappointed, Andrew went on.

    "I've never heard the name before but the face rings some bells. She's on this hilarious show on Saturday called 'Kick It', or something like that."

    "So I take it you still get blitzed and watch cartoons on Saturday morning?" Joel said as he took out his phone and opened google. He put in the name 'Olivia Holt' and brought up the first picture on the image search. A pretty, dimpled blonde girl of fifteen or sixteen. He cleared his throat and put the phone away, but made a mental note to at least try and get some photos today that he could jerk off to when he got home.

    Andrew grumbled, "Nah Man... There aren't any real cartoons on the Disney channel anymore, it's all live action crap and it's another reason they're losing in the ratings. Like, there's this comic called Axe-Cop, Fox have picked it up for a series, holy shit man you've gotta see this show, it's—"

    "You do know that you're not supposed to drink the bong-water don't you." Joel cut his rambling co-worker off.

    "Nah man, I never—"

    "Shut up." Joel cut him off again. "I think that's her."

    He pointed down the hill to the centre of the park green. There was a small collection of structures down there surrounded by barbeque areas. A concrete bathroom block, an undercover jungle-gym and a short distance away there was a tall set of swings. A few families were out enjoying the late-morning Thursday sun with barbeques, games of pick-up football and a frisbee or two. Standing on the concrete bench of one of the barbeque areas was a girl with long blonde hair.

    Joel looked through barrel of his camera and rolled the lens to full zoom. It was definitely her. Bouncing from one foot to the other on the bench, throwing up and catching a plastic ketchup bottle. A woman with sandy-blonde hair was fussing around her, probably her mother, telling her to get down and help out.

    The group consisted of a half dozen adults and four or five kids younger than Olivia, it was hard to get an accurate head count with the younger kids all running around in circles. Joel adjusted the filter settings a little, annoyed when he realized that the light was no good from this angle. As he thought it, Andrew stepped up beside him and snapped about twenty pictures.

    Wanting to get anything he could and get out of there, Joel hoisted his camera bag onto his back and made his way down the hill. Andrew followed, staying annoyingly close to our hero as he circled wide around the buildings in the centre of the green, trying to get the sun behind his back and find a good angle of the pert blonde girl. They were both in luck when, after about five minutes of slow circling the younger kids all gathered together and were led towards the pond by two of the adults.

    Olivia stayed behind for a minute, talking to her mother then breaking off from the remaining adults as she made straight for Joel and Andrew, or more specifically the swings that stood between them. The guys slowed down, playing it cool as Olivia got on one of the swings and started going back and forth. They snapped and snapped, getting good but not great photos from this angle.

    Joel lowered his camera, adjusting the shutter speed to reduce blur. He happened to be looking up when Olivia hit the forward arc of her swing and made eye contact. She smiled. An evil grin spread across Joel's face and, after a brief glance at Andrew, he started moving closer. Andrew hesitated, marvelling at Joel's stupidity, the girl already knew they were there, any closer and she'd start throwing things. But as Joel moved quite casually, right up in front of the swing Olivia was on, she didn't stop or even appear displeased at the sight of him.

    "Hello" Joel said.

    "Hi" Olivia smiled back, still swinging.

    "I'm just here to take some photos", he said with a smile, raising his camera and snapping off a few pristine photos of Olivia.

    Andrew smiled then, realizing a little after Joel that the young blonde actress didn't know they were paparazzi. Being a product of Disney 'imagineering' meant that she was probably used to the idea of grown men getting up close to her for legitimate photo-shoots.

    Andrew approached as well and the guys stood there, taking shot after shot of the pretty young thing for several minutes. After a while she started to look uncomfortable, wondering why the guys weren't saying anything, just snapping their cameras. The photographers she had worked with in the past usually told her how well she was doing. She started slowing down on the swing.

    "Are you guys nearly done?" Olivia asked impatiently.

    Joel cleared his throat, his shots had started to focus a little too much; exclusively shooting Olivia's smooth, bare legs and the cleavage of her shirt. She was dressed in a delicate looking floral printed skirt, a pink blouse with thin straps that bared her arms and a pair of cork wedges. Her toenails were painted blue and Joel couldn't resist getting shot after shot of them. But– he realized awkwardly– the more he zoomed his camera on the hot little Disney star the more his erection grew.

    "Is this your first photo-shoot?" he asked, speaking with a slightly condescending tone.

    Olivia bristled, "No! I've done loads of photo-shoots before."

    "Good. Do you want to give us a few poses then?"

    Joel adjusted his camera, not happy about asking the girl to get off the swings because every time she swung forward he could see a peek of green panties under her shorts. It was getting him surprisingly hard, more noticeably so with each passing second.

    "Okay" Olivia said enthusiastically. She swung forward and kicked off her right shoe, it landed heavily on the playground mat, then she kicked off the other to land with it.

    She swung back and forth a few times, building up momentum.

    Joel stepped back a pace, ramping up his shutter speed even more when he realized what Olivia was about to do. She swung forward and leapt, flying out of the swing and arcing up, ecstatic expression on her face as her arms and legs wheeled in the air. He got the whole of her arc on film, holding the shutter button down until she landed and stood upright directly in front of them.

    Andrew clapped, "Nice" he commented as Olivia stood there in her bare feet, smiling and starting to pose.

    Joel was starting to feel anxious, realizing that his erection was getting out of control. He wasn't a large man downstairs but large enough that Andrew or Olivia would notice any minute. So, as much as it pained him to let this opportunity go he excused himself and turned for the bathrooms.

    "Where you going?" Andrew called after him.

    "Restroom." Joel called back without turning around. He would slip into a stall and have a fast and furious jerk off session. He had the photos of Olivia on his camera to use as jack-material. Then with luck, if he was quick he could get back and get a few more shots before Olivia left or her mother looked over and caught them in the act.

    Joel was just at the door to the Men's room when a shrill yell made him stop. Peering around the corner he gulped, Olivia's Mother had looked. She was now practically running over to where her young daughter stood with the strange man and his camera. The mother grabbed Olivia by the arm, pulling her violently away from Andrew, shoving the blonde off in the other direction as she turned on Andrew.

    Andrew just stood there, camera hanging around his neck and his hands up innocently as the mother stuck her finger in his chest. Olivia looked confused, and more than a little hurt that her mother had shoved her, as she collected her shoes. The pretty blonde put them back on and began walking back to the barbeque area. A few of the mother's words floated over to Joel on the wind.

    "Scumbag – Paedophile – Taking Advantage" all among them.

    Joel laughed at his good fortune when he saw the mother make a grab for Andrew's camera. Andrew backed away, slapping the mother's hand and saying something in his defence. Olivia was about level with Joel now, intending on rounding the buildings to get back to her group's barbeque spot. She saw Joel and slowed down.

    "What was that about?" she asked him.

    "What... oh." he smiled as an idea came to him. "It turns out that that guy is a paparazzi."

    Olivia gasped, hand coming up to cover her mouth and her eyes wide in a cute expression of shock.

    Then her expression changed to confusion as she turned on Joel.

    "Are you—?"

    Joel didn't give her a chance to finish. "I thought it was weird that my magazine would send two photographers, so I asked your Mom and she got real angry, real fast."

    Olivia stared at him for a few seconds, absorbing his story and weighing it up. Then she shrugged. "Yeah, she does go a little bonkers sometimes."

    Joel couldn't believe his luck. "Should we continue then?"

    Olivia smiled brightly. "Okay."

    He looked around, spotting the doorway to the Covered jungle gym and getting an idea.

    "How about in here" without waiting for a reply, he led the way into the Jungle Gym, the soft floor-mats squishing under his sneakers. As he went, Joel popped the memory card with the hundred or so photos he'd already taken and slipped it into his pocket. Snapping a new memory card in and adjusting the filter for the lower light.

    "Just play around a little and I'll take some photos."

    Olivia nodded and immediately jumped on the equipment, starting to climb and swing all over. Joel stepped back until he was tucked into the corner of the brick wall of the bathroom block. From here he could shoot Olivia all he wanted and was hidden from view of the Mother and the people still at the barbeque spot.

    Before long he started directing her left and right, getting the prim little Olivia to cock her legs and bend and spread and stand every which way he told her to. It was fantastic, and he got some truly perfect, photo-shoot quality candid shots of her in the process.

    His cock was still rock hard, a few times he caught Olivia staring at the bulge in the front of his jeans. She didn't bring it up, just snuck a peek every once in a while, as though she saw it all the time. He started to wonder. You hear stories about the Disney kids, especially the girls. How they're broken in from a young age by the fairly despicable executives at Disney. Joel worked this one thought over and over in his mind, wondering if maybe he could get some definitive proof right here and now.

    "Olivia" he called her over. The bright eyed girl had been in the process of doing pull ups on a cross-bar, once again flashing him her tight little green panties.

    She dropped to the mat, landing gracefully then approached him.

    "Was that good? You couldn't see my underwear could you?"

    "What, no. I was curious, do you know which magazine I'm with. Did your Mom tell you?"

    Olivia shook her head, a little breathless after climbing around for the last five minutes.

    "Hmm" Joel said, leaning out from his corner and seeing that Olivia's mother was still locked in a heated argument with Andrew, only now the remaining two parents from Olivia's group had joined her. Joel almost felt bad for his co-worker. Almost...

    "Well I'm with Disney magazine. And to be honest, I got a call from my editor while I was driving here. He said that he wanted to cut your photo-shoot from the magazine."

    "Oh no" Olivia gasped. "Why?"

    "I'm not sure. But I came anyway because I wanted to do a good job in case he changed his mind. But I doubt he will, he said he didn't want your career to get the big boost that this photo-shoot would give it."

    The cute little actress huffed "You editor sounds like a jerk."

    Joel thought about all the magazine editors he had to deal with and nodded solemnly, "He really is."

    Olivia sighed, her shoulders sagging, she looked around and spotted the argument going on around Andrew. Our hero peeked out again and saw one of the guys standing with Olivia's mother make another grab for Andrew's camera. The poor paparazzi stumbled back and reacted, punching the guy in the side of the head. Their yelling was almost reaching all the way across the green to the jungle gym.

    "But..." Joel added, catching Olivia's attention again. "I could almost definitely convince my editor to change his mind and help your career. But I'm not sure if I should."

    Her face lit up and Olivia bounded closer to the grown man, taking his free hand with both of hers. "Oh Please! Please, please, please could you. It would mean a lot to me sir."

    Joel grinned, his cock swelling appreciatively as she got close enough for him to see her modest breasts down the front of her blouse.

    "I don't know, Olivia. You'd have to convince me. Is there anything you do with the bosses at Disney that would convince me to change my mind?"

    Olivia's face grew serious, anxious– but Joel almost laughed out loud when he saw her lick her top lip distractedly.

    "I guess I could" Olivia said hesitantly.

    "Oh please" Joel had to control his voice to stop it from cracking. "I really need convincing."

    Looking like she was facing the executioners block, Olivia slowly sank to her knees and crawled closer to him. Joel just about came in his pants as she reached out and worked his fly open. Then Olivia had her hand around his cock and was tugging him free of his boxers. Joel's cock bobbed free, pointing right in her face as Olivia now ran her tongue heavily across her lips, smacking them a few times before opening her mouth and feeding his cock inside.

    Joel groaned, punching the wall to distract himself from the amazing sensation as Olivia closed her lips around the head and started sucking, lashing the head of his cock with her tongue while she sucked like a hoover. Clearly the Disney executives had been giving her lots of practice.

    Our hero moaned and started moving his hips, slowly pushing more of his cock into Olivia's mouth. She reached up and massaged his balls with one hand, the other gripping around the base of his cock and slapping it onto her tongue a few times. She was making a litany of cute little grunts and moans as Joel wrapped his fingers in her hair, grinding against the back of her throat then bending her head, forcing deeper until the head of his thick member pushed down into her throat.

    Olivia gagged, but didn't stop massaging his nuts as she started to very peacefully choke on his cock. What a little champion. Joel made a note to start watching the Disney channel if this was the level of talent they were putting out. Olivia's face was starting to turn red, and still she wasn't fighting back! He had to suppress a gasp as pulled back, Olivia sucked cock like a seasoned pro.

    She gasped for breath when finally just the head of his cock was resting on her tongue. Shallow, hot breaths bathed his member in warmth as she fought to fill her lungs again. Then Olivia sealed her lips around his shaft again and started sucking it deeper. Joel leant back against the wall, folding his arms behind his head and looked around. Shit.

    He was still in the open out here. A random family were sitting at a barbeque area only a dozen yards away and in full view of the jungle gym. The fact that none of them had looked over yet was a miracle. Joel quickly pulled his cock out of Olivia's mouth. He just about fell in love with her when she started chasing after it with her lips. Quickly he put it away and cupped her chin, pulling her up off her knees.

    "Are you done already? You didn't cum."

    Joel chuckled. "No Olivia. I just thought that we should go somewhere private to continue.

    "Oh shit, that's right" she exclaimed. "We wouldn't want any other paparazzi to show up and get photos of this."

    "That's right" Joel chuckled.

    He then took Olivia's hand and lead her out of the jungle gym, moving inconspicuously around the corner and straight in through the door to the men's room. Olivia looked around, not entirely happy about where they were as Joel checked to make sure the stalls were empty. He found an out-of-order sign and quickly leant out the outer door to hang it on the hook out there.

    "In here, really?" Olivia questioned, looking with an upturned nose at the grimy floor and bare brick walls.

    "Do you want the photo-shoot to be a success or not?"

    She sighed, kneeling down on the grimy tiled floor and reaching for his fly.

    "Actually..." Joel stopped her, figuring that he didn't have long before Andrew relented and gave up his memory card. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he didn't want to waste it. "... I was thinking of something else."

    She peered up at him with innocent curiosity from her knees on the dirty public bathroom floor.

    "Have you ever done anything else with the bosses at Disney? More mature stuff?"

    Olivia flushed red, her wide eyes casting up around the room before settling on Joel's shoes. "You mean sex, no– I've never."

    Joel suppressed a smile. "Really, geez Olivia; you've been working with Disney for a while now, don't you think it's time to grow up a little."

    "I'm grown up!" she shoots back with a high whine to her voice. "I– They just haven't asked yet." she clasps her hands behind her back and swayed demurely on the spot. Looking cute as can be while in the sluttiest of situations.

    "Well here's your chance."

    "... Oh" she was starting to look and sound hesitant now, while the girl may give a superb blowjob, she was clearly nervous.

    Joel took her hands and helped her up, leading her over to the sink counter and quickly pressing her against it. He kissed her cute lips, Olivia smiled. Kissing she could definitely do, the men at Disney had started with that back when she first got the job on their network. Then Joel upped the ante a little, pressing his body against hers, pinning her to the counter as he started feeling her all over.

    As he kissed her, he palmed and played with her breasts through the shirt, finding her nipples and rubbing them roughly. When Olivia started moaning into his mouth Joel went further, Quickly he stepped back, grabbing and yanking Olivia's pink blouse straight off. She gasped in surprise, her hair all mussed up. The girl barely had time to open her mouth and protest when Joel was back on her, tugging her flesh coloured elastic bra out of the way and pinching her unprotected nipples.

    Olivia squeaked, startled and painful as Joel twisted her nipples, pushing his knee between her legs and spreading her thighs. Olivia tried to pull out of the kiss, wanting to tell him to be gentle but Joel just pushed her tighter against the counter. When finally he let her go, Olivia was too busy trying to catch her breath to argue as he grabbed her by the legs, hiking her butt up onto the counter, her ass slipped and fell into one of the sinks. Olivia squealed in surprise.

    Joel pressed his advantage and grabbed Olivia's pretty floral shorts. She squealed again as he pulled them off.

    "What are you do— Slow down—" She tried to protest but Joel kept on the attack, pulling her bra off next and leaving it tangled around her wrists.

    As Olivia tried to free herself he pulled his thick cock back out and leaned forward with it in hand. Joel grabbed Olivia's knees and pulled until her panty covered snatch was at the edge of the counter. She finally freed her wrists from her bra and looked down, frightened and mesmerized by the sight of his cock rested against the mound of her panties.

    "I– I don't think I want to do this now."

    "Aww" Joel cooed. "Yes you do."

    "Um... um, no. No, I don't know." Olivia gasped as he pulled her panties to the side, exposing her hairless, pristine pink pussy to the cold air, and his cock. "Do we have to?"

    "I'm sorry Olivia" Joel said curtly, leaning in and pecking her lips. "Yes."

    Joel pressed his cock-head against the moist opening of Olivia's pussy and thrust forward. Her lips opened wide as a sensation of violent tearing shocked through her. Olivia was about to scream when his hand grabbed her mouth and held it shut before she could make a proper sound. Joel forced over half of his cock into Olivia Holt's virgin cunt on the first thrust.

    Pulling back and thrusting forward again a few times, never managing to get further than halfway, jerking Olivia's body uselessly back and forth on the counter in his efforts. When he realized that he was just grinding against a dry tunnel he stopped. Pulling back and slipping his blood streaked cock out of her.

    Olivia tried to catch her breath through only her nose, she'd felt so full a second ago– but now... nothing.

    "Oh My God" she panted through his fingers. "Did you get the number of that freight train."

    As she spoke her hips wiggled closer to the edge of the counter and Joel smiled. Leaning down and taking her left nipple into his mouth. He held his cock in one hand, her mouth still held closed with the other as he started to rub the head against her narrow, red slit. Olivia squirmed, torn between wanting to feel the strange sensation again and show how mature she was, and fear of the pain it would cause.

    Thankfully Joel didn't give her a choice, rubbing his cock against her pussy for a solid minute, leaking pre-cum all over her inner lips until she was good and lubed up.

    "Ready?" he asked, removing his hand from her mouth to let her speak.

    Like I said before, Joel's cock wasn't the biggest, but next to her tiny, inexperienced little cunt, it was a monster. She tucked her top lip under the bottom and stared down at his cock, resting snugly against her pristine pussy, and nodded. Joel thrust forward, penetrating her clenched sex once more. Olivia shrieked, grabbing his hand and pulling it back to her mouth.

    Joel was taken aback, surprised that the girl would want to gag herself. Then he almost yelped himself when her teeth closed around two of his fingers and bit down. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning around his fingers, her tongue lashing the ends. Joel quickly got over his surprise, pulling back as far as he could without falling out– then sliding right back into her.

    The blonde starlet shrieked and gasped as he started to fuck her, pulling her hips back and forth as he penetrated her tight teen cunt over and over. She had been pretty dry on the first penetration but already he could feel her juices flowing around his cock and dripping on the tiled floor as he keenly penetrated her.

    Joel was practically salivating over the tightest little pussy he'd ever been inside. Olivia could do nothing but groan as she was fucked unceremoniously in the public bathroom by a man twice her age. After a few solid minutes of thrusting, her tender passage had loosened up to the point that her shrieking and biting had dulled into a steady string of low moans. He managed to pull his fingers free from her mouth, shaking the numbness out of them and ignoring the bite marks the teen girl had left.

    Olivia licked her lips, her palms were pressed flat against the mirror above her, the only thing stopping her head from whacking into the glass with him thrusting into her so hard. Joel pulled her knees up, pushing the shoes off her little feet and wrapping her legs around his waist. She started grunting as the new position allowed him to penetrate deeper.

    "Fuck– fuck– do it ha– do it ha– do it HARDER!" she pleaded, reaching out with one hand and grasping his wrist, tugging desperately on it to encourage him.

    He grabbed her hand, pulling it off his arm and onto her pelvis. Olivia squealed in fright as he put her index finger on her slit and made her to start rubbing it.

    "Shit, oooh Shit– that feels– weird!" she gasped, but when he let go of her hand she kept rubbing her tiny little clit all on her own.

    Joel kept sliding his cock all the way to the hilt, feeling himself getting close to cumming into her hot little teen snatch. His balls were slapping against her tight little asshole and the thought of cumming inside her unprotected snatch made him deliriously excited. He grabbed tight to her thighs, spreading her as far apart as she could stretch and started really railing into her.

    Olivia shrieked in surprise as the sudden force made her jolt, her bracing hand not strong enough. She slid right to the end of the counter and her head thunked against the mirror.

    "Oh God!" she gasped. "You're hurting me. Do it Again! Oh Fuck–ooooh Fuck!"

    The whole time she was talking there was a steady 'Thunk, Thunk, Thunk' of her head hitting the mirror. Again, Joel almost broke out in hysterical laughter. Olivia had mixed feelings about losing her virginity to some photographer, but she was still hooking her ankles tight behind his back. Enjoying his hands as they ran up her silky smooth skin and onto her breasts which he squeezed until she gave another loud moan.

    Olivia's whole body was quivering, being rocked to her core as he fucked her hard and deep. She'd never felt this way before, unsure whether to be scared or excited as he screwed the stuffing out of her. After eight minutes Joel's willpower broke, he couldn't hold out anymore and he buried himself to the hilt inside Olivia's once pristine, virgin pussy– now a tender mess.

    She cringed when she felt the warmth of his cum spreading up inside her pussy to her fertile young womb. He groaned with animalistic pleasure, grinding his hips against her thighs and savouring the thought of having just shot his cum deep into a Olivia Holt, Disney starlet and now bona fide industry whore.

    Joel pulled his cock out of Olivia's cum-dripping pussy and admired his handy work. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Joel hooked his fingers into Olivia's green panties and tugged them down her legs. Once they slipped free from her feet he dropped them onto the floor, at last leaving her completely naked. Olivia just stared, wide eyed into space.

    "Holy shit..." she whispered slowly, over and over again.

    Taking advantage of her shock, Joel angled his softening cock up and slapped it against her cunt a few times, spattering the run-off cum onto her pelvis.

    Olivia slowly collected herself and sat up. "Did you cum inside me?"


    "Shit... Shit, why did you do that? We learned about it in Health class. You're not supposed to do that, I could be... Holy crap, I can't get pregnant! I'm too young."

    Joel hesitated, "Plenty of girls get pregnant at sixteen!"

    As he watched, Olivia started scooping her fingers into her red raw pussy, trying to get his cum out. "Okay so maybe I lied about my age."

    He hesitated, "How old are you?"

    Olivia gave him a nasty glare, saying nothing as she dug her finger in deeper, wiggling it around to try and get his semen out.

    After thinking for a moment, Joel just shrugged. "Don't worry about it, I uh... I got a vasectomy. Do you know what that is?"

    She stared at him, thinking hard. Until a look of sudden relief washed over her.

    "I do. So you can't get me pregnant?"

    "Sure" he nodded. Joel was lying right to her face, but he wasn't worried. He'd just fucked and cum inside a hot young Disney starlet. Life was too good to worry about whether he just impregnated her or not.

    He took Olivia hands and helped her off the counter. She stumbled, not realizing how sore her hips and legs would be. Olivia sniffed quietly, bending down to pick up her shorts. He grabbed her hand again, pulling the shorts out of her grasp to get her undivided attention.

    "Before you go, how about another blowjob?"

    Olivia sighed. "My virginity isn't enough to convince you to put those photographs in the magazine?"

    "What...? Oh yeah, no I mean, it is. But just for fun."

    Joel was feeling like he could do anything. And he had a plan.

    "You're a crappy negotiator, you know that." she remarked before bending down and picking up her bra.

    "True, but I still have your shorts."

    The blonde girl hesitated, staring as Joel slowly held the shorts away until they were behind his back. Olivia sighed, looking once towards the door and thinking about leaving. But going out in just her shirt and under-panties would be inappropriate. She dropped her bra again and nodded, getting back on her knees on the grimy bathroom floor and taking his limp cock in her hands.

    She scrunched up her nose, her virgin blood was all gone, rubbed away inside her pussy by her own juices. But the juice itself made Joel's cock smell weird.

    "It better be a really good magazine spread." she asserted before sucking the limp thing into her mouth, licking along the underside and then rolling it around on her tongue.

    After a minute of sampling her own pussy, Olivia decided that she didn't taste half bad. Joel groaned, grasping the sides of her head, holding her in place. Olivia worked diligently on his cock for three minutes, they both felt it the instant he started to swell to full size again. It was slow going but she was a professional. Soon, she was forcing the head of his newly erect cock into her throat and humming on the tip to try and get him to cum into her mouth.

    Olivia was worried that if she didn't make him cum quickly then he might want to fuck her again. It was times like these that Olivia wished she was wrong more often because that was just the thing he wanted to do. Joel pulled her head back, and for a second Olivia was glad that he didn't want to make her deep-throat him again. He smiled down at her, pulling her to her feet then turning her around.

    Olivia squeaked as her stomach was forced against the counter edge, Joel pushed on the back of her head until she was bent over, her nose touching the grimy surface.

    "Don't move, I'm gonna make you feel amazing."

    Olivia nodded, feeling self conscious with him kneeling so close behind her uncovered body– and stayed still. She flinched when she felt Joel kiss her thigh, then as he did it again and again she slowly got used to it. Then he switched to the other leg, kissing up and down her smooth, flawless skin. He kissed her all over but was definitely moving inward to her narrowly exposed pussy.

    Joel hesitated when he saw a slender trail of his cum that had oozed out of her pussy, running a trail down her inner thigh. He pushed her legs apart and slid his index finger up her thigh, gathering his own cum back up before pushing the cum loaded finger into her pussy.
    She squeaked aloud as he pulled his finger out then plunged it back in again, pushing the dribbling cum back up into her, where it could fertilize her young womb.

    Satisfied, Joel moved higher; getting back to kissing Olivia all over her ass, mapping every inch of her butt with his lips before moving to her pretty little asshole. Olivia flinched again, never expecting him to kiss her there. She was even more startled when Joel kissed it again, running his tongue over the clenched little hole repeatedly before spitting on it and rubbing all around and against the hole with his finger.

    "Wha–UGH–what are you doing?" she asked, startled as he started pushing his finger against her tight anal ring.

    "Nothing" Joel said casually, pushing his finger in a little, then pulling back, then pushing in further then pulling back. Eventually he had his whole finger sliding through the snug little ring of muscle, all the way to the last knuckle.

    He leaned down, kissing her pussy lips. Olivia let out an involuntary "Ohhh."

    He smiled against her little pink pussy, licking one of her vaginal lips into his mouth to suck on. Olivia started breathing heavy, focusing less and less on the finger sliding smoothly in and out of her butt. Until Joel pulled back, and added a second finger.

    Olivia jolted forward, hurting her stomach against the counter as he put his shoulder into it, forcing both fingers past the first knuckle into her tender little asshole.

    "Stop, no you have to stop! I know what you're going to do. I don't want to get fu–UH–fucked in the bum. Stop!"

    Joel smacked his lips as he detached his mouth from her clenching, juicy pussy. "Olivia, I would never fuck you in the ass."

    She sighed with relief as he pulled his fingers out of her, standing up behind her and lining his rock-solid cock up to her vulnerable little asshole. She wasn't nearly as stretched out as he'd like, but beggars can't be fucking Disney Teens in the ass.
    Olivia froze when Joel spat onto her asshole, fright gripping her. Then Joel pressed the head against her hole and she shrieked. "STOP!"

    "Stop what?"

    "Stop it, you said you wouldn't do me in the ass."

    "I'm not." Joel said innocently as he pushed forward, the head of his cock forcing against her asshole, pushing and pushing but not penetrating her.

    "Stop it! You are, you're lying to me, please, please don't do it there. It's dirty."

    "Olivia, how many times do I have to tell you. I'm not fucking you in the ass."

    He kept pushing forward, putting all of his weight into it. She shrieked suddenly as his cock jumped past the opening and popped inside her.

    "Okay... now I'm fucking you in the ass."

    "Stop it, Oh Fuck! Stop."

    He remained still, not pushing in deeper even though he REALLY wanted to, but not pulling out either. Instead our Villain reached down and rubbed his fingers along Olivia's pussy slit again, finding her clit and teasing it before rubbing in between her clenched pussy lips. Olivia soon started moaning, her juices flowing again.

    Joel very gingerly pressed his hips forward and slid another half inch of his cock into Olivia's asshole. The steady stream of moans that had been spilling out of her lips were broken by a sudden loud grunt. He kept going like this, rubbing Olivia's sensitive pussy deeper and deeper while slowly inserting his cock into her asshole.

    She stretched very slowly, accommodating to his size before finally Joel was buried to the hilt inside her asshole. Olivia was looking up at his reflection in the window, her eyes scrunched up and pleading with him. Whether it was to stop or keep going he didn't know. He took a gamble. Quickly pulling back then thrusting into Olivia's ass again. Her body dragged with him and she let out a sudden sound that was half grunt, half moan.

    For what felt like a long time Joel kept modifying his stroke, thrusting steadily faster into Olivia's asshole while his fingers rubbed slower and shallower stroke in her pussy. After a few minutes he just had two fingertips nestled between her pussy lips, but was thrusting deep and steady into her stretched out backdoor.

    Olivia meanwhile was moaning and groaning, the pain lessened to the point that she couldn't feel it over the throbbing, desperate flow of girl-cum from her pussy. Part of her was ashamed, that she could be getting off with something in her butt, didn't he know that she pooped out of there. The other part of her, the part that couldn't stop moaning, was feeling deliriously giddy over the thought of being able to offer this to the Producer of her show when she saw him next.

    Joel just pushed and pulled, oblivious to the cunning plans that Olivia was making as he fucked slowly deeper and deeper into her asshole. Minute by minute ticked by, Olivia kept gasping and moaning. Joel was well past the point of caring if anybody came in and found them, apparently the bathroom trapped sound well. He had been railing into her asshole for a solid five minutes, his usually lacklustre stamina far improved by the earlier session- when something amazing happened.

    Olivia had started bouncing back onto his cock, impaling herself deeper and harder on his cock with every thrust when suddenly her gasping jumped to shrieking and she splayed flat on the counter. Joel was about to stop and ask what was wrong when he heard the splashing sound by his ankles. He looked around Olivia's bare, quivering hips, shocked when he saw the sudden gush of fluid that had spilled from Olivia's pussy.

    He couldn't quite believe it, the girl had just had an anal orgasm. With this new, astounding piece of information he gripped tighter to Olivia's hips, pulling all the way back to the tip. Savouring the moment, watching as the blonde girl's exhausted face started to focus on his in the mirror. With one almighty thrust, he slammed back all the way into Olivia's ass, earning another shriek as he immediately pulled back then pushed again.

    Pretty soon Olivia was squealing and gasping, her sensitive asshole getting roughly sodomized in a public bathroom by a grown man. He fucked her ass for all he was worth. Working himself into a frenzy where Olivia could only gasp, her head shifting limp against the counter. She was soon begging him to stop, between ragged gasps and cries she pressed herself up on the counter and turned back to look him in the eyes.

    "Stop, stop please, I'm too sensitive back there now. It's starting to hurt."

    Joel ground to a halt, keeping the head of his cock inside her suffocatingly tight asshole and putting his hands on his hips.

    "Olivia, now don't you know it's selfish to want to stop just because you've already cum."

    Her head lolled weakly, her bare shoulders sagging for a moment before she looked back at him again. "I don't care, you already came before, I'm too sensitive back there now. You'll have to stop."

    Joel shifted his hips back and forth slightly, working his cock just a tiny bit in then out of her butt again.

    "Do you want me to pull out and fuck your pussy again?"

    She flinched at the thought. "Do you have to fuck me at all, haven't you had enough yet?"

    "No, I have to fuck you again. Which would you prefer; Pussy or asshole?"

    She sighed, her forehead resting against the counter for a few seconds. Joel took the moment to admire the way her naked back was flexing and shifting, glistening with sweat that had built up while he was fucking her.

    "My pussy would feel better, I almost had an orgasm the first time you did it there."

    "Almost, but you definitely had an orgasm from being fucked in the ass."

    She winced at the dirty language, glaring pointedly at him. "I didn't like that, it was dirty and you shouldn't even be back there."

    "And yet you came, like a naughty little anal slut."

    "Ugh" her lip curled, "Please just do my pussy again."

    He smiled, pulling out and grabbing her pelvis in one hand, his cock in the other. Olivia gasped when he slid it right into her, even after the stretching out and cum-bath he'd given her she was still the tightest hole he'd ever penetrated. Joel worked his cock all the way to the base, sliding easier on the cum that he shot into her earlier. In less than a minute of working back and forth, finding that good rhythm again he was fucking Olivia's tight little teenage snatch as hard and fast as he could.

    "So Olivia..." he began again, smiling as he watched her angelic face twisting with every thrust into an expression that was half painful/half orgasmic.

    "Uh-Huuuuh" she groaned.

    "Is now a bad time to tell you that I never actually had a vasectomy. I probably already got you pregnant when I came in you the first time. But cumming inside you this time will make it a sure thing."

    Her face froze, still jerking back and forth with his thrusts but utterly still in horror as she worked through what he said.

    "FUCK!" she shouted, twisting around and pushing against him, jerking her hips to try and buck him off as she hollered and swore. "Get out, stop, stop it, you're gonna make me pregnant. Stop please, just fucking stop!"

    Joel laughed, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her up. Olivia shrieked, her thighs and pussy lips clenching around his cock and making her feel twice as full. Joel grabbed her pelvis from the front and immediately started rubbing her tender clit again. Olivia was trying half-heartedly to fend him off as he quickly got her well fucked, throbbing wet pussy towards another orgasm with him buried inside.

    "Sto– Sto– Stop!" she gasped, hands flailing to unconvincingly fend him off.

    Joel worked harder, jerking his hips uncomfortably up and down to slide his thick cock into her hot box. Soon Olivia stopped saying 'Stop' and just gasped and moaned, her legs going limp and trembling as another sudden gush of her juices flowed out of her. He held her tight as she rode out her second orgasm, her head resting back against his chest, eyes closed mouth open before he laid her chest down on the counter again.

    Olivia soon recovered, pushing up and looking back at him, the orgasm may have been good, but not good enough for her to forget the imminent threat of his cock still lodged deep inside her.

    "Take it out now." she begged, "You've already cum inside my pussy once. If you do it again then I'll be pregnant for sure. Please take it out."

    "Now Olivia" Joel chided her with a smile. "How many times have you cum today?"

    She huffed, her bottom lip pouting out, Joel shifted his hips slightly, sliding a little deeper inside her unprotected snatch and forcing an answer.

    "Twice!" she answered with startled urgency.

    "And how many times have I cum?"

    She sighed "... Once."

    "That's right" Joel said, enjoying absolute power as he worked his hips gently left and right. Threatening her with his cock. "Now, I'd like to cum again. But if you don't want me to fuck your pussy, then Where Oh Where should I put my cock?"

    Her sweaty shoulders sagged and as she sighed her voice cracked in the middle. "Sir... Please do my ass."

    "What was that?"

    "Please..." she was starting to tremble with the strain. "Fuck my ass again."

    "I can't hear you."

    "Just do it, you jerk, fuck me, Fuck my ass! Fuck Me!"

    Joel pulled back, his cock slipping out of her slick pussy, He pressed the head against her tight little asshole and thrust forward. Olivia cried out as he popped into her poop-shoot once again. He got a tight grip on Olivia's hips, finding her asshole a little looser this time around, easier to get balls deep as he started fucking her ass with long, deep, slow strokes.

    Olivia panted heavily, each breath fogging up a small patch of the mirror as Joel pounded into her. He was in heaven, quickly driving her over-sensitive backside wild, fucking steadily harder and faster. Before long Joel was ramming her poor, tender asshole as hard as he could, sodomizing the teenage starlet like it was his last day on earth.

    Joel grabbed her right thigh, lifting Olivia's leg until her knee was up on the counter, stretching her wider and allowing him to slide just that little bit deeper into her back door. Olivia's butt trembled with every thrust that slapped against her soft skin. Knowing he wasn't going to last much longer Joel prepared himself, his strokes getting shallower, slower– but not so slow that she'd notice.

    Finally he knew he was half a dozen pumps away, the paparazzi pulled suddenly out of Olivia's sore, abused ass and dipped his pelvis, gripping her hip in one hand, the base of his cock with the other and rammed forward. Olivia shrieked as he penetrated her cunt again, finally sliding all the way to the hilt on the first stroke.

    She started bucking like a bronco, telling him to get out, begging him to fuck her ass again, or at least let her suck his cock. But he just focused on the task at hand; fighting to stay inside her as he pumped once, twice, three times into her unprotected pussy. On the forth thrust he ground right to the bottom of her cunt and groaned.

    "OH!" Olivia gasped, feeling that unmistakable flood of liquid warmth inside her, climbing slowly up to her womb.

    Joel sighed, keeping his cock lodged deep inside her as he finally finished shooting every drop of cum he had left into Olivia Holt's teenage sex. He ground around a little. making sure she was filled up before stepping back and slipping out of her.

    Olivia pushed off from the counter again, legs still wobbly and turned around.

    "Sorry" Joel said sheepishly. "I got a little too excited."

    She just huffed at him before slipping past into one of the toilet stalls. She came back a second later with a wad of toilet paper, wiping up the cum that was overflowing out of her red pussy lips.

    "Jerk" she muttered, looking up at him before giving herself one last wipe then under-arming the sodden wad of paper into the toilet.

    "I really am sorry, you should probably get on some birth control, if not for me then for when the guys at Disney—"

    "I'm already on birth control you dope" she snapped.

    Joel hesitated, "Sorry, what?"

    She just chuckled, hands on her hips and looking quite casual while still bare naked from head to toe. "I work for Disney. You didn't honestly think that you were my first did you?"

    "I... what, No I– but you bled."

    She smiled, clasping her hands and stretching. "One of the older girls taught me how to clench up to fake that."

    "No..." Joel said quietly, "No, you..."

    She sighed again, fixing him with weary concern, "It's just the way the business works mister. People will remember me more fondly if they think they were my first, or the 'biggest I've had'. I would have let you go on believing it except you were being kind a jerk so..."

    Joel just stood there, dumbfounded as Olivia stared at him, eventually adding "And you're fly's still down."

    He snapped back to reality, zipping up and looking around; he'd just been schooled by a teenage girl.

    Olivia bent down to pick up her panties. Reacting impulsively he snatched them out of hands, resisting the urge to sniff them as he stuffed the little green garment into his pocket.

    "Hey, those are mine."

    "Not anymore, besides; don't you think a girl like you should be dressed more suitably anyway?"

    Olivia glowered at Joel as he leaned down and kissed her on the lips, she gave him a half-hearted shove then began gathering her clothes to get dressed. The sight of the gorgeous, well fucked blonde girl slowly dressing herself in a public bathroom was too good for Joel to pass up. He raised his camera, turning off the shutter sound and snapped a half dozen pictures of Olivia as she dressed. Making sure to tuck his camera away when she was fully dressed again and turned to face him.

    Feeling satisfied, Joel turned to leave when Olivia's voice made him stop.

    "I probably don't need to say this, but if you tell anybody about what I did in here then the bosses at Disney are gonna be mad with you."

    Amazing, Joel thought. Shouldn't that be my line? But then, should I even be surprised. those folks at Disney really do turn teenage girls into perfect whores.

    With one last, fleeting look back at Olivia as she struggled to pull her shirt on her slipped out the door and walked briskly away from the toilet block.

    The argument between Andrew and Olivia's mother had evidently wrapped up, because the parents from the group as well as the Mom were all wandering around the park, calling Olivia's name. Andrew was nowhere in sight. Joel checked his phone and– sure enough– he'd gotten a message while he was fucking Olivia.

    From Andrew: Stupid BITCH took my HD card FML – Where did u go?

    Joel chuckled, closing the message and opening the email. He still had the superb quality photos of Olivia from before– and the handful of even better pictures taken after she'd played him like a pro. He'd keep those to himself. Laughing all the way back to the car, he drafted an open email to start the bidding for his photos. And he thought today was going to be a bad day.


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    WOW! probably helps that im totally and utterly obsessed with her right now but that's 1 of the best stories i have read

    superb work

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    Never was a big fan of her's .. But think its changed now.. Thanks Jude for making me her fan. ...

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    Default Wonderful as usual

    Definitely worth the wait, Jude!!Loved how your dashing "hero" turned into a devious "villain" to satisfy his, and the salivating audience, carnal desires. Ms. Holt is just too fine of Disney starlet to pass up and I thoroughly enjoyed the steamy session. Poor Andrew missed out on everything. Still, wish there was more to Olivia's swinging tale.

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    Damn that was a hell of a story. You always make your characters and worlds so realistic. Such great little details worked into them really make these stories live. Great dialogue as well. I love the way he made her beg. Another awesome story!


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