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Thread: "A Pleasant Evening" with Emma Watson & Karen Gillan

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    fanfiction "A Pleasant Evening" with Emma Watson & Karen Gillan

    A Pleasant Evening
    Featuring Emma Watson & Karen Gillan
    Written by Yorick
    (MFF, Oral, BJ)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    My eyes were locked on Karen’s, watching her intently; not a moment later her eyes screwed tight and she threw her head back in pleasure. Her muscles tensed and her back arched off the chair, and I’m amazed that she hasn’t let out a sound. Meanwhile, Emma is still busily cleaning my cock, getting me ready for round two. I notice her eyes on mine and immediately adjust my glance to hers. She finally pulls her luscious lips off my hard length and begins to turn her head, asking, “What were you looking at?”

    “Nothing,” I answer as I catch her shoulders and lift her into a kiss. Emma slowly lowers her core onto my lap, dropping her legs around mine. As she straddles me, I begin to kiss her neck and look to where Karen was sitting. She isn’t there anymore, and I really hope that Emma’s surprise visit hadn’t blown my chances with her. Emma rolls her hips against me, cementing the fact that I have beautiful girl right here, willing to fuck me silly. I shift my focus back to Emma, caressing her breasts and grinding my throbbing cock against her panty clad snatch as we kiss. It wasn’t long before I had Emma’s bra off and my mouth around her teat.

    “We should take this to the bedroom,” Emma whispered in my ear with a nibble. I lifted her up and our bodies wove together, as I carried her inside. We were walking past my couch on the way to my bed when there came a knock at my front door. I broke my kiss with Emma and looked her in the eyes. “Don’t look at me,” she said, “it’s your apartment.”

    I set Emma on her feet and told her to get ready in the bedroom while I made our interruption disappear. I sent her down the hall with a little spank on her tight ass and headed to my door. I swung it open wide, about to berate the person causing this rude interruption. I was floored, there stood Karen, completely naked, biting her nail with a innocent look on her face. I just stood there admiring her form, thinking that anyone could have seen her in the hall. Karen gave a sigh and stepped past me saying, “Can’t even invite a poor naked girl in, for shame.”

    I snapped out of my stupor and turned towards Karen to retort, but my eyes caught a completely nude Emma. She was staring at Karen, holding a pair of white silk panties, “I guess these belong to you.”

    Karen just smiled and grabbed the panties from Emma, “I actually left them for Noah; a gift for what he gave me earlier.” I just stood still, watching this scene unfold, hoping that these beautiful creatures wouldn’t turn on me.

    “And what exactly did he give you?” Emma asked, shifting her glare to me.

    “I think you know,” Karen smirked, “I’m pretty sure he’s given it to you too.” At this point both women were staring at me, Karen with lust and Emma with confusion

    “Were you two together when we slept together?” Emma asked me anxiously.

    “No,” was all I could manage in reply, my gaze shifting between Karen and Emma.

    “We actually met this afternoon,” Karen interjected, “it only took Noah here an hour or so to get into my knickers.”

    Emma looked at Karen and smiled, “You held out longer than I did, but I really needed a shag this morning.”

    Karen laughed and said, “Neither of us has known Noah for more than a day, and we’ve both already fucked him silly. I wonder what it is about him?” Both women now circled me, looking me over like vultures.

    “I don’t know exactly, I met him and talked with him for awhile and I just knew I wanted him in me.” Emma answered as she started unbuttoning my shirt.

    “I know what you mean,” Karen added, undoing my belt, “I was checking him out in the gym today thinking the same thing. Then he invites me over for lunch and I couldn’t help but jump him.”

    “He cooked for you?” Emma asked while removing my shirt. “Was it good?”

    “Delicious, I can’t remember the last time that I ate that well.” Karen was kneeling in front of me, pulling my pants down as my cock sprang towards her face. Emma stood behind me, pressing her breasts into my back, caressing my chest with her soft supple hands. As Karen had me step out of my pants, Emma wrapped her fingers around my member and began to softly stroke it. She nibbled on my neck as Karen wrapped her lips around my bell end. These two were working together, stroking and sucking, kissing and biting, bringing me to orgasm in my foyer. It wasn’t long before I was tensing up, loosing my load in Karen’s mouth.

    “Save some of that for me,” Emma instructed as Karen sucked me dry. She stood, pressing her body against mine, crushing her breast to my chest, and nestling my cock between her legs. The ladies shared a kiss over my shoulder, swapping my cum between their mouths. I watched as they pulled apart and showed my pulpous seed in their mouths before swallowing.

    We slowly broke apart, before I led the ladies down the hall to the bathroom, I suggested we take a shower together before moving to the bedroom. We walked into the shower, warm water cascading over our bodies as hands roamed. Soon Emma had knelt down and taken my hard length into her mouth. As she hummed along intently, Karen and I began making out, my hands caressing her breasts and clit. Emma pulled her lips off with a pop and continued stroking my cock as she stood between Karen and I, saying “I really can’t wait, I need you in me now.”

    “Okay, turn around,” I instructed as Emma faced Karen, “why don’t you two play while I work back here?” In no time at all the ladies were at each other, lips on lips, hands roaming and breasts pressed tight. I pulled on Emma’s hips, forming a slight arch in her back as I knelt down and proceeded to lick her sweet clam. I took the opportunity to reach over and rub Karen’s clit as well; it didn’t take long until deep moans started to echo against the tile. I could taste the heat on Emma’s pussy lips and knew that I couldn’t wait any longer. I stood and lined myself up between her legs. I ran my length along her slit and pushed just the head in, slowly thrusting just a little, teasing her to the point of breaking.

    “Oh, would you just do it already!” Emma let out in a guttural moan, and with that I honored her request. One quick thrust and I sank to the hilt inside of her, eliciting a greater moan that before. I thrust into her hard and fast, sending myself towards the same orgasmic cliff as Emma. I drove forward hard, reaching between both girls legs to rub their clits. Emma continued to kiss Karen between moans, squeezing her breasts for support. It wasn’t long before I felt Emma start to convulse and constrict on my shaft. I pulled out as she came, not wanting to explode quite yet. I turned Emma around and gave her a deep kiss, stifling her moans.

    “You think I could get a turn now?” Karen said with a wink. I pulled my lips off from Emma’s, but held her close as she regained her wits. It took a moment and Karen’s hand was working fast between her legs with her impatience.

    “I’ll go prep the bedroom, you two have fun.” Emma consented, as she turned to leave, not before giving my cock a quick stroke though. She walked out of the shower and grabbed a towel, watching us as she dried. I figured that I would give her a show, and grabbed Karen’s arms, pulling her into a deep kiss. Caressing her body, lifting her legs around my waist. I lined up and drove deep into her, lifting her against the wall of the shower. It wasn’t long before the sound of my thighs slapping against her flesh was drowned out by her moans in the shower. Karen quickly began to cum, biting my shoulder to hold in the scream. Her clenching hot walls were too much for me and I was firing my load deep, biting her neck to hold in my own groans. I was pressing her into the wall, buried deep, to keep from falling. Slowly Karen lowered her legs and stood on the tips of her toes, keeping me buried deep inside of her; through my orgasm I had by some small miracle remained hard. The two of us shuffled out of the shower, still entwined and made our way towards the bedroom.

    “It didn’t take you two long,” Emma snickered, “I just finished setting the mood lighting.” She had closed the blinds and lit a number of candles around my bedroom, she must have collected all the candles in the house and brought them in here. “I hope you still have another go for me.”

    Karen pulled her head off my shoulder for the first time since leaving the shower, “He’s still got another round in him, but you’ll have to wait until I’m done.” With that I backed up to the mattress and tumbled backwards, pulling Karen along with me. We lay there kissing as she started to buck her hips, driving me into her again. Emma sat down next to us on the bed, watching, running her hands on our bodies.

    “Karen, why don’t you sit upright so I can have a go at his mouth.” Emma suggested. Karen let out a groan of disappointment but followed the request. As soon as Karen had sat up to ride me, Emma swung her hips over my face, lowering her slick lips to mine. I gave her slit a long, slow lick, fighting back my groans. Karen just slammed down harder and faster, pushing herself closer. I teased Emma, and bit and sucked her clit, eliciting loud deep moans from her. “Karen, kiss me, I’m getting close, so kiss me.”

    “Come here you,” Karen groaned, driving her hips harder still, kissing Emma deep on the lips. Knowing what these two beautiful women were doing, let alone doing to me caused me to almost blow my load again. I managed to hold out by eating Emma with greater vigor. Soon she was writhing on top of me in orgasm. Karen followed suit and drenched my cock in the torrent of her cum.

    “My turn!” Emma shouted as she pulled the hot quivering mess that was Karen off of me, throwing her onto the bed next to me. Emma quickly turned around, and now straddled my hips. She reached between her legs and lined me up, sliding my bell end along her lips for just a moment before sinking down. She buried me to the hilt and rode me hard. I could feel my hips starting to bruise as she slammed down with force. Emma’s head was locked back as she moaned.

    “She really knows how to get off,” Karen joked as she snuggled up against me, leaning in for a kiss. The attention of these girls was just becoming too much, I could feel my cum rising as my entire body tensed. Luckily Emma felt it too and followed my lead. She came crashing down on my hips once more, driving me deeper than I had ever been. Her arms gave out and she came crashing down on top of me, moving in for the kiss as her body spasmed, crushing my cock in white hot velvet. Karen moved in for another kiss as well, and all our lips met, the three of us kissing at once. Emma began to unleash a river of cum and I lost it, firing a giant load deep into her womb.

    We all lay there like that, kissing for a while. The bed was soaked with our cum, but we lay there anyway. It didn’t take long until I drifted off to sleep, with two beautiful ladies sleeping on my arms. I dreamed of Karen riding me, Emma’s surprise blowjob, everything we had just done and what was still to come.

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    MMmm Nice... Would have been much better if Emma's nice ass was taken in the end!

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