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  • Drag Emma into a stall and fuck her?

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  • Have Taylor join you in a 3-way?

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  • Tell Katy to invite Alba upstairs?

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Thread: Hollywood GALA Episode #2 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood GALA Episode #2 (CYA)

    Hollywood Gala Episode #2
    With Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and Jessica Alba
    Created by TPG

    After your brief encounter with Emma Watson, you return to your table to find Jennifer LAWRENCE and Nina DOBREV acting strangely playful. You're only there for a minute when the dessert portion of the dinner is served, and Lawrence gets up and tells you that she wants to show you something.

    The two of you make a scene as you get up and leave the dining area, with Jennifer holding your hand and leading the way. Almost everyone in the room notices the two of you getting up to leave and you hear several woof whistles as they wonder just where the two of you are running off to.

    A minute later you follow the "Hunger Games" star out to a secluded courtyard area where she asks to borrow your phone, and claims she has to make a phone call. It seems she only dragged you outside so as to keep her company, but you suspect her real motives have something to do with her flirtatious friends back at the table.

    Just as you start to have misgivings about leaving the dining area, Jennifer grabs you by the collar and pulls you into a large shadowy hedge. There she literally throws herself at you and kisses you hard on the lips, as you keenly respond and grab her butt with both hands, kneading her thick derriere.

    JenLaw counters by reaching down and grasping your hard cock.

    "You're driving me crazy in there." she says, referring to your little finger-bang action earlier.

    "You almost made me wet my pants." she claims while licking your ear. "I almost came."

    As you attempt to respond Jennifer thrusts her tongue back into your mouth and suddenly seems particularly aggressive, almost ripping your shirt open.

    "C'mon. Quick." she gasps, while pulling you deeper into the shadows. "Before we go back inside."

    "Come on, what?" You reply naively.

    "Take our your cock." she insists, as she fists your erection over your pants.

    Despite being in a secluded area, you have reservations about pulling out your cock and having sex with her out in the open. After all the paparazzi are in full force tonight and they could be hiding just about anywhere. But this seems to be the furthest thing from her mind.

    "What if we get caught?" You remark, but Lawrence doesn't seem concerned and strokes your cock harder.

    "Let me worry about that." she whispers into your ear, as she unzips your pants and reaches inside to grasps your cock directly.

    Her long, cold fingers cause a shiver to shoot up your spine as she plunges her wet tongue into your mouth, urging you into action.

    "C'mon. I want it." she purrs. "I want it right now. Give it to me."

    Not wanting to disappoint, you look around nervously as you unbutton your pants and finally free your menacing erection, only to watch the Oscar winning actress unceremoniously drop to her knees in front of you and take you into her hot mouth.

    "Mm." she moans erotically as she devours your meat stick in one swift action.

    The two of you now stand in the shadows, behind a large palm tree as Jennifer Lawrence sucks your dick. It's a surreal moment as she's dressed to the nines and almost looks like she's at a school prom.

    Despite your trepidation, you place your hand on the back of her head and proceed to fuck her pretty mouth, turning her face to the side to watch the head of your cock bulge out the side of her cheek.

    "Fuck, you look good like that." You remark as you pump you hips. "You were born to suck cock Jen."

    This seem to delight the cock-starved actress who's so turned on by the lewd action that she groans audibly. In fact, her cock-sucking abilities are so fine that you have to stop yourself from cumming, and resort to physically pushing her mouth away in case you shoot unexpectedly.

    Jennifer seems to revel in this torture and now smirks up at you as a long drool of spit links your cock to her mouth. It's a sloppy, messy, dirty BJ, which only makes it so much hotter. She then insists that you just "go with it" and cum if you have to, and doubles her efforts.

    "If you have to cum," she urges between slurps. "Just do it. Shoot in my mouth. I like it."

    The mere notion alone makes your balls ache, as you watch several security personnel wander around grounds in the distance. At that premise moment Jen reaches up and cups your nuts with her hand as her head now bobs up and down, her fist jacking your shaft like she's drilling for oil.

    Despite yourself, you suddenly blow a hug wad of goo into the back of her narrow throat, and grunt aloud as you feel her teeth briefly scrap along the length of your meaty pole as you shoot two more ropes of cum into her belly.

    To her credit Lawrence doesn't miss a beat, and while gagging briefly she swallows it all down in two deep gulps before you reluctantly withdraw and zip up. To your dismay she then gets up and wants to kiss you on the lips, but you visibly grimace which apparently amuses her.

    "What's wrong? I'm only kidding." she chuckles, before the two of you straighten up and slowly make your way back inside.

    As the two of you navigate the large dining tables you can't help but feel like all eyes are on you. It's almost as though everyone at the gala knows what the two of you did, and are judging you. Meanwhile JenLaw seems to love the attention and stops ever few feet to say hello to someone she knows.

    You can't help but snicker inwardly as you watch her greet her fellow starlets with a friendly peck on the cheek, despite her taking your load down her throat just a few moments earlier.

    Back at the table you take a seat as you wait for Jen to return when Nina leans over and smiles at you.

    "So. How was it?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "She told me that she was going to take you outside and give you head." Dobrev smiles. "Was she any good?"

    You're taken aback by Dobrev's forwardness but then realize that she's already had a little too much to drink, and is now just speaking her mind. Feeling bold you reply with just as much honestly.

    "Actually. She wasn't too bad. Not bad at all."

    "Well. Just so you know." Nina slurs into your ear. "She's not the only one here with a talented mouth."

    "I guess we'll just have to wait and see." You reply with a grin.

    Just then, Lawrence returns to the table and you watch her flash Dobrev a knowing smile - informing her that everything apparently went to plan. Meanwhile its only now that you realize that Emma WATSON has been sitting there watching this all unfold and clearly seems a little bored and agitated.

    A few minutes later everyone is caught up in deep conversation as Watson gets up from the table and announces she needs some fresh air. Fortunately for you no one really pays any attention to her leaving, so you take this opportunity to jump into action.

    "I'll be back in a minute." You remark to Jennifer, who to your amusement doesn't seem to care in the least.

    "Go ahead." she quips, without even looking at you.

    It seems that now that she got what she wanted - to suck your dick - she couldn't care less about what you do or with whom. It appears that all Jennifer really wanted was the experience, a story to tell her friends back in Kentucky about the night she blew her blind date at the Met Art Gala in New York City.

    You roll your eyes and chase on after the "Harry Potter" star, but a minute later you're suddenly stopped and distracted by a visibly intoxicated Jessica ALBA. The sexy Latina reaches out from her table and claims that she wants to introduce you to some of her friends. Looking around the table you immediately recognize Emmy ROSSUM, Stacy KEIBLER, and Olivia WILDE.

    The ladies look absolutely stunning and seem to be in a very flirty and playful mood, clearly drunk from the wine and rum-filled desserts. Olivia seems particularly interested in you and asks you several questions, despite sitting beside her boyfriend and date. They seem to be impressed when you tell them that you're only at the event to accompany Jennifer Lawrence.

    "And I assume she knows that you're following Emma Watson outside." Emmy Rossum quips sarcastically.

    To your surprise you're actually stumped by her blunt comment and really can't think of anything clever to say as the ladies giggle among themselves.

    "I'm only kidding." Rossum smiles, as you can't help but notice just how drunk and sexy she appears to be.

    You then excuse yourself and run after Emma only to panic as you've apparently lost track of her. Fortunately for you, just as you turn around to head back the way you came you look up and find her waiting at the top of the stairs where she smiles and waves you over.

    "So are you still interested in that tour?" she beams, as you respond by kissing her innocently on the cheek.

    "Absolutely. Lead the way."

    The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable, and while you wander around the large complex together you find it hard to keep your hands off each other.

    As Emma shows you around the various exhibits, you reach out and hold her hand and she smiles and reciprocates, even blushing slightly. As the two of you share a wonderful moment, you get a text message from Jessica Alba and quickly glance at the screen to read it.

    "Well That Went Well." The message reads, referring to your brief introduction to her friends. "BTW. My Friends Think You're Really Cute."

    You simply respond with a simple smiley face, only to hear your phone chime again.

    "Emmy Wants Your Phone Number. Should I Give It To Her?"


    It's around this time that you and Emma find yourselves in a secluded area of the exhibit hall and you decide to make your move. Without warning you pin the British actress behind a wall and steal a kiss.

    Emma initially giggles to this action and acts all shy and bashful, but a minute later she returns the favor and kisses you right back, thrusting her long tongue into your mouth. The two of you make out for some time as you're soon caught up in the moment and you let your hands wander around her incredible body and down to her butt where she seems to respond immediately.

    The "Bling Ring" star seems to almost melt in your arms as you get instant wood and feel her hips grind against your fingers - almost spurring you on. For the second time in just 20mins you have your hand inside another starlet's dress, and this time you marvel inwardly as you caress the outline of Emma's silk black panties.

    Unfortunately for you Emma soon gets spooked as the two of you are almost caught screwing around by passersby and she reluctantly backs off.

    "Wait. Not here." Watson remarks in her sexy British accent, while placing her finger over your lips.

    "If not here, where." You reply, as your hands explore her body and you boldly reach up to cup one of her pert breasts.

    This lewd action seems to have the desired effect as you suddenly see a different side to her persona. Emma flashes you the most seductive look yet before pulling you in and kissing you deeply on the mouth.

    "Wait. Stop." she meekly objects between kisses. "We have to stop before someone sees us."

    You find this amusing as she's clearly the aggressor and is almost trying to convince herself.

    "You're gonna make me do something I might regret." she adds, as you slip your hand back inside the slit of her black dress and find her core nice and warm (and wet).

    "Something you might regret?" You repeat. "Like what. Give in to your urges."

    "No." she pants between breathes. "Like drop to my knees and suck your dick."

    Her comment almost blows your mind and your stunned reaction makes her giggle.

    "When was the last time you had sex in public?" You ask her, as you gently caress her pussy through her panties.

    "Mm. It's been a while." Emma purrs as you feel her grind her hips against your hand, inviting you to touch her.

    Nonetheless, you're surprised by this admission as she doesn't deny being an exhibitionist.

    "Oh. So you have done it before." You grin. "Had sex in a public place."

    Watson takes your breath away as she reaches down and grasps your hard cock through your pants. Unlike JenLaw, her grip is much softer but no less divine.

    "What do you think?" she teases, as she squeezes your cock with her fingers.

    "Well. I'm starting to think you're not nearly as sweet and innocent as you make out to be."

    "Hmm. You might me right." she says while rolling her tongue over her top lip.

    "Maybe I'm just a randy little slut from London who likes to get fucked behind closed doors." she whispers hotly. "Or maybe not."

    You both laugh at the notion of her being "pure" especially since she's standing there stroking your boner like a pro.

    Looking around Emma remarks, "We better do this before your girlfriend (Lawrence) gets restless."

    With that said the two of you wander around the large hall looking for a place to screw and close the deal.

    Following her lead, you ultimately head up another flight of stairs to find yourselves on the top floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which appears to be off limits to the general public. While you're more than happy to have sex with her out in the open, Emma pulls you towards the corner of the room in the direction of the ladies room.

    "Have you been up here before?" You ask, as she simply smiles and nods her head.

    To your chagrin, the two of you quickly discover that the bathroom is already in use and occupied by three familiar faces who you recognize as Katy PERRY, Taylor SWIFT, and Miley CYRUS who to your surprised appear to be indulging in some form of drug which has them sharing a small crack pipe.

    Startled by your presence, Miley snaps and yells that the entire floor is off limits.

    "Jesus!" Katy gasps as they finally realize you're accompanied by Emma Watson. "You scared the shit out of us."

    "Who the hell is this?" Cyrus directs at you, as Watson lies and tells them that you're her date for the evening.

    Nevertheless, the others seem suspicious and uneasy of your presence before Katy smiles and offers you the crack pipe. It's only natural considering you just caught three of the biggest names in the music industry getting high.

    They're naturally anxious to be in the company of a complete stranger as you realize it's more of a test then a request, and you happily oblige as you don't want to embarrass them. Without hesitation you take the smoke pipe and light up before you hand the dirty whistle back to Taylor Swift.

    This seems to satisfy them if only briefly as you're now as high as they are. You then watch as Taylor inhales an impressive amount of tainted smoke into her lungs before she passed the pipe to Watson.

    "Here. You're up next."

    "Wait. You know I don't do that anymore." she tells the girls, who all laugh in her face.

    "Who the hell are you trying to impress?" Miley snickers. "We all know you love the pipe, Emma."

    "Exactly." Taylor chimes in.

    "Hell you're a bigger coke whore than the three of us put together." Miley adds. "So cut the bullshit."

    Emma looks at you and blushes with shame as she genuinely feels embarrassed, but you reassure her that you're totally fine with it - especially considering you've just partaken in the drug yourself.

    "Go ahead." You encourage her. "You might as well."

    Resigned to her fate, Watson takes the glass device from Taylor and proceeds to finish off what's left in the pipe.

    Meanwhile the ladies now flirt and ask you twenty-questions, all of them buzzing with adrenaline as the drug courses through their veins and causes their pupils to dilate and seem extra alert and animated. As amusing as this is, you're suddenly interrupted by your cell phone and watch as Katy snatches it from your hand and reads the message.

    "From Jess Alba?" she announces. "Is that who I think it is?"

    "Do you know about this." The ladies look at Emma, who still has her eyes shut and is enjoying her high.

    Just one look at her and you can tell that she's as high as a kite, even more so than you are. You then explain that Alba is just a friend, while Katy finds this excuse dubious and starts to go through your previous messages and decides to have some fun.

    "Whoa." she remarks. "This bitch is clearly into you."

    While the ladies scramble to look at the screen and read the suggestive conversation, you pull Emma into your arms and share a tender kiss. The combined sensation of the drug and your aroused states make your entire body tingle, and her to moan into your mouth.

    "Hmm. You slut." Miley direct at you, as she reads the texts and suspects that you're actually fucking the "Sin City" star on the side.

    "Wow. Alba really seems into you." Taylor comments. "Is she here tonight?"

    "Yeah. She's downstairs." Katy adds. "I saw her earlier. But let's see just how interested she really is in him."

    You then watch as Katy proceeds to type a racy message to Alba and while you panic briefly, the amphetamines in your system seem to kick into high gear as you feel Emma slip her arms around your waist and distract you with a kiss.

    It seems the drugs you've shared are starting to have an effect on her too, as everyone now seems very much aroused and affectionate towards one another, while having fun with your phone and pretending to be you.

    "I know," Swift quips excitedly. "Let's tell her that his really aroused right now. Let's see what she says."

    "Err. Guys don't get aroused, Taylor." Katy rolls her eyes. "They get hard. Yeah. I'll say I'm really hard for her right now."

    At this point Emma is all over you and you feel her hand drop to you cock. The ladies simply giggle as they watch the two of you carry on, despite the company. Never one to shy away from such things, you happily reciprocate and slide your hands inside the slit of her black dress and this seems to drive the actress wild.

    While Miley grins and watches the two of you "play" together, the others laugh loudly among themselves as they send Alba the first of many lewd messages, only having to wait a minute or so for a reply.

    KATY: (Your Phone)
    Real Hard Right Now.

    Hmm. Interested.

    Is It. Or Am I Wasting My Time?


    Are You Wet?

    Err. Maybe. Yes.

    I Bet You're Wearing Something Real Sexy Underneath That Dress.

    Why Don't You Come Down Here And Find Out.

    I Was Thinking About Sneaking Under Your Table and Taking Your Panties Off With My Teeth. Any Objections?

    Fine By Me. What Else Were You Thinking About?

    Sticking My Tongue Inside You.

    Mm. That Could Work. I'd Like That.

    Would You Really. Right In Front Of Your Famous Friends?


    Tell Me.

    I'd Like It. I'd Like You To Stick Your Tongue Inside Me.

    I'll Gladly Get You Off Tonight. But Only On One Condition.

    I'm Listening.

    If You Agree To Take Off Your Panties And Hand Them To Me.

    Hmm. Kinky. But I Think Something Can Be Arranged.

    It's while this in going on that you and Emma are getting it on by the bathroom counter, and you're so caught up in the moment that you don't care if you have an audience or not. In fact Watson is so riled up that she reaches down to take your hand and guides it between her legs, inviting you to touch and finger her.

    You happily oblige, and without missing a beat you smile over at Miley (who's watching intently) and kiss your way down Emma's body and peel Watson's panties down her legs, leaving them pooled around her feet as you hike up her dress and expose her bare naked pussy.

    Emma simply glares down at you through lust filled eyes as you lean forward and finally press your mouth against her gleaming sex, taking her breath away.

    With Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus standing just a few feet away, you proceed to feast on Emma Watson's 23-year-old peach and it doesn't take long to get her off - causing her to inhale sharply and fill your mouth with her tangy essence.

    It's a surreal moment as you get the starlet off with your tongue in full view of her famous friends, who seem increasingly aroused by the lewd text conversation with Jessica Alba and your very public oral actions and exhibitionism.

    What should you do next?

    >> as per usual you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    i Just love these poll scene's... clearly gives much more to desire...

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