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Thread: "Lessons in Acting" with Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham

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    fanfiction "Lessons in Acting" with Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham

    Lessons in Acting
    With Alyson Michalka and Heather Graham
    Written by Maced
    (alcoh, drugs, MF, oral, BJ, anal)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    It was just an average day on the set of my first big film 'Timeless Love'. My name is Stephen Brett, I'm an actor, no big deal, pretty famous, you've probably heard of me. I wouldn't call it an average day come to think of it, it was the day where I would have to do a big first for my acting career, and to be honest I was actually quite nervous about it as I walked on to the lot.

    'Hey there champ,' Heather Graham shouted at me as I walked in.

    'Oh hey Heather, how are you?' I asked unable to not notice her jiggling tits in a low-cut top.

    'Very good, how are you?' She asked me back, putting her arm around my shoulder, which enabled me to feel her side-boob.

    'To be honest I'm a little bit nervous,' I said quietly, Heather had been my sort of mentor on set these past few months.

    'About your big scene with Alyson today?' She asked as we slowly made for our director.

    'Yeah, I've never done a sex scene before and… what with it also being her last day and everything,' I said looking down at our feet.

    'Hey look,' Heather said as we stopped. 'I think you're an amazing actor, I honestly do, you can do this, it's nothing, you're lucky that you get to shoot the sex scenes at the end of production when everyone knows each other, and hey, it's not like they're going to show you're junk, so don't worry about it.'

    'Thanks,' I said as we kept walking. 'That really helped.'

    'Anyway, I gotta go rehearse, good luck today man,' Heather said as she pulled her arm off and walked in another direction.

    'Bye,' I said as I continued to walk towards my director.

    'How's it going there Stephen?' Tony Chase asked me as I reached his eye line.

    'I'm doing fine, a bit nervous for today,' I said. 'How did Kat and Hayden's last scenes go?'

    'They went fine, I think the animosity between the two is finally started to die down, they were even acting all chummy the other day.'

    'That's good, it always sucks when you have to change the script around on people,' I said as he looked at his clipboard.

    'That's true Stephen, by the way, about that sex scene, there's nothing to be nervous about it's going to be closed a set, just you me and Alyson,' he said before adding a thumbs up and a grin.

    'Wow, cool, I'll go rehearse,' I said as I turned around.

    'You're on in like thirty,' Tony said as he turned back around to look at his storyboards.

    I climbed into my trailer and sat down on the couch, picking up my script to go through it. Even though everyone had been so supportive, I still found myself to be a little bit nervous. I hadn't really had sex in real life that much at this point, let alone sex on film, I had no idea what I was really doing, especially whether or not it would look good on film. I just read through the script over and over again, hoping that would somehow give me courage, I kept doing this until I heard a knock on the door.

    'Who is it?' I called out.

    'It's Alyson, can I come in?' A voice called back.

    'Oh yeah, by all means,' I shouted.

    Alyson Michalka stepped through the now open trailer door and walked over to join me on the couch. 'Heather said you might need a little help going over lines,' she said.

    'That would be good, I might be able to visualise the scene a bit better if you were reading it with me,' I said as I handed her a spare script.

    'Okay, so let's just start from the kiss,' Alyson said as she flipped the pages of the script over until she'd caught up with me.

    'That sounds good to me,' I said.

    'John and Sarah lean in for a passionate kiss,' Alyson read.

    I started. 'Should we-' Alyson kissed me on the lips and held it there while I kissed her back.

    'John, I wish you didn't have to go to the future,' Alyson read after pulling away from our kiss.

    'I do too Sarah, but the future needs me,' I read.

    'But can't you in the future do anything?' Alyson read.

    'No, in the future I've been imprisoned on an alien planet, that's half the reason I have to go, you know that!' I shouted.

    'I know, I know, it's just so hard, won't you please lay with me one more time?' Alyson read as she placed her hand on my knee.

    'Sarah, there isn't a future that exists where I deny our love,' I read out.

    'John grabs Sarah by the shoulders and kisses her again,' Alyson read before I kissed her again.

    'He takes her to the bed that they shared and starts to take her clothes off.'

    'Soft music starts to play while John and Sarah passionately make love,' Alyson continued to read, the thought of doing these things to Alyson was starting to get me excited, I hoped beyond hope that she wouldn't notice.

    'They have passionate sex in a variety of positions, each more sensual than the… Stephen?' Alyson said.

    'Uh, yes?' I asked, trying to pull my script down to cover my erection.

    'What are we going to do about that?' Alyson asked pointing down at my fully erect and barely hidden cock.

    'I… uh…' I stuttered.

    'Okay, I have a theory,' Alyson started. 'If I help you out now, with this, it seems less likely that it will happen out there.'

    'That sounds… reasonable,' I said staring into her eyes, not knowing what to think.

    Alyson moved her hand from my knee and unzipped my jeans. 'So it's decided, I think this will be the best way.'

    'I agree,' I said as I stared down at Alyson's hand pulling my cock out of my jeans and stroking it.

    'We've only got five minutes,' Alyson said as she rapidly pumped my cock. 'So you're going to have to cum for me.'

    'Can I touch your tits?' I asked as I grabbed her hand and helped her stroke my cock.

    'Whatever helps you cum faster dude,' she said, shooting me a smile.

    I took Alyson's tits in my hands as she went to town on my cock for me. They were just as large as I assumed and they were real, which had actually come as a surprise to me. While she was focused on my cock, I decided to search further inside her shirt so that I was touching her bra, I looked at her and she didn't seem to notice as I placed my hands underneath and felt her nipples.

    'Cum for me superstar,' Alyson whispered in my ear as she continued to jack my cock off.

    'Your tits feel so nice Aly,' I responded.

    I pulled down her shirt and bra to display her large tits. 'You like my tits?'

    'I just wanna shove my cock in between-' I came hard into Alyson's hand, even shooting cum past in onto the floor.

    'I'll see you out there big boy,' she said as she gave my cock a flick and wiped her hands on some tissues.

    'Yeah, I'll be a minute,' I said as Alyson readjusted her clothing and walked out of my trailer.

    Not long after, we performed the scene on a closed set, I was naked and Alyson was wearing skin coloured panties and pasties on her nipples. I didn't get hard at all while I mock fucked her doggie style, or when she rode me and really aggressively grinded against my cock. It was one of the most difficult moments of my entire career, and only became more difficult when Heather popped in for a moment to watch as Alyson bobbed her head over my groin, pretending to suck my cock.

    'Anyway, so this is it,' Alyson said after we'd gotten dressed into our street clothes.

    'What do you mean?' I asked her.

    'This is my last day on set,' Alyson said as we walked out the door.

    'Oh shit, that sucks I really enjoyed getting to know you… among other things,' I said as I threw her a sly wink.

    'Don't worry, even though this film is over I'm sure we'll find other projects to work on together soon,' she said as I walked her to her car.

    'That's true,' I said.

    'Are you going to the Milton party?' Alyson asked before unlocking her car.

    'I wasn't invited,' I said as she got in.

    'You can be my plus one,' Alyson said.

    'Whoa! Really? Cool, thanks!' I said.

    'Yeah, I really want to see you there, I just hope you won't be too tired from tomorrow's shoot,' Alyson said as she turned her car on.

    'Why would I be tired, as far as I know it's a regular shoot,' I said.

    'Well your big sex scene with Heather is tomorrow, make sure you whack one out before you start,' she said as she reversed out of the parking spot and drove away.

    I immediately went back inside the building. 'Tony!' I yelled.

    'Yes, Stephen, what's up?' Tony replied, sitting in his usual chair.

    'I was just told by Aly that I have another sex scene tomorrow?'

    'Oh… yeah you kinda do,' Tony responded sheepishly.

    'First; why? Second; when were you going to tell me?'

    'I didn't even want the scene, it was the studios idea, they wanted to have a sex scene after you met the older version of Aly's character, to solidify the relationship or... you know, to sell more tickets.' Tony said.

    'This is a real pain,' I said.

    'I know man, look, just go home and get some rest, you'll feel better about it in the morning.'

    When I got home I couldn't sleep, I just tossed and turned all night. It wasn't that I didn't think Heather was attractive, it was just that this whole time she had been like a mother figure too me. I also knew that she was probably the only person I wouldn't be able to control my erection in front of, I had a lot of confused thoughts about this woman.

    The next day I got to the set and settled into my trailer without talking to anyone. I immediately started reading through the new pages I'd been sent for today's shoot. It was a pretty good scene; it actually solidified a lot of things about the two characters. Some time passed and I felt like I had nailed all of my lines, there was only one more thing to take care of. I started to imagine what it would feel like to have Heather Graham suck my cock, while pleasuring myself.

    Minutes passed and I was about ready to cum before a knock on the door. 'Uh, wait! Who is it?'

    'It's me, Heather, I'm coming in!' She said from behind the door.

    The door opened and I pulled my pants up quickly hoping to hide my erection. 'What's up?'

    'You are apparently,' Heather said while giggling, it appeared I was unsuccessful in hiding my erection.

    'Uh… well, I was preparing for out scene… so nothing unexpected happened,' I said as I covered my flag pole with a pillow.

    'I figured as much,' Heather said as she sat down next to me. 'Can I help?'

    'Excuse me?' I asked her, a shocked expression on my face.

    'Look, in my experience the best way to do a sex scene with someone without them getting too nervous and cumming all over the place is for me to help them out beforehand,' she said, removing the pillow and throwing it to the floor.


    'Shh… don't worry about it, I'll take care of everything,' Heather said as she took my cock back out of my pants and stroked it with both hands.

    'Oh… yes…' I moaned.

    'This is a nice big cock isn't it,' Heather said before licking the head of my dick.

    'Fuck yes, oh thank you!' I managed to get out as Heather took the head of my cock in her mouth.

    Heather continued to stroke my cock with both hands while keeping the head of my cock in her mouth and sucking hard. She moved one of her hands away from my cock and massaged my balls with it, which made me feel weak. She took my cock out of her mouth and continued to stroke it while she licked my cock from the balls to the tip repeatedly.

    She took my balls in her mouth and sucked. 'Yes, oh fucking yes!' I said as quietly as I could manage in this state.

    She licked back up my cock and took the head of it back in her mouth. 'That's the way,' I said.

    'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,' was all I could say while she sucked harder and took more of my cock in her mouth.

    She continued to take it deeper and deeper until she had reached about halfway down my cock, not stopping her sucking for even a moment. She looked back up at me with those gorgeous big eyes of hers before I placed my hands on her head, signalling for her to take more. She complied and I nearly came all the way down her throat then and there as she had reached the base of my cock.

    'I can't even… holy…' was all that came out as I held onto her hair tighter and she began to slightly bob up and down from a deep throating position.

    She simply moaned loudly as she placed both of her hands on my balls and massaged them like she did earlier.

    'Fuck yes!' I said. 'Please don't-' the feeling of her sucking my cock was taking its toll. '…stop' cum started shooting from my cock down her throat and she swallowed it like a pro.

    'Now that feels a lot better doesn't it?' Heather said after taking my cock out of her mouth and licking off any spare cum.

    'I think I'm ready for the scene now,' I said with a smile on my face.

    The scene went great, Heather was amazing as usual and even I managed to keep things under control for the most part. I did get a massive erection though, but I didn't cum all over the place and due to tricky camera work you couldn't see it on camera. After the shoot Heather asked me if she would see me at the Milton party, I responded with a soft maybe before we parted ways.

    That night I was still unsure on if I should even go or not, that was until I got two texts on my phone. The first text was from Alyson; 'You'd better be coming tonight! :)' and the second from Heather read; 'Where are you? Alyson and I are waiting for a dance partner ;)'. That was all the persuasion I needed to quickly get ready and call a cab to take me to the Milton.

    'Do you have a pass?' A mean looking security guard asked me when I arrived to the hotel lobby.

    'I uh, it's…' I started to fumble around in my pockets.

    'I'm just kidding dude, you're Stephen Brett right? Of course you're supposed to be here!' The security guard said with a smile as he opened the door for me.

    'Oh, yeah thanks man, always nice to meet a fan,' I said as I walked past him into the hotel.

    The place was just crawling with celebrities, as far as the eye could see. Half of them were at the longest bar I'd ever seen in my life, and the other half were on the dance floor. I wanted to find Alyson and Heather; I knew they were together so I figured they'd be dancing. I walked down to the dance floor and suddenly found myself being grinded upon by a very drunk Amanda Bynes.

    'This party is so great!' Amanda yelled at me as she rubbed my leg with her ass.

    'Yeah it's pretty good!' I shouted, the music drowning me out almost completely.

    'Nah I'm here with someone else!' She yelled back.

    I was confused. 'What?' I yelled.

    I got a tap on the shoulder. 'You finally made it!'

    I turned to find Alyson was standing there in a tight short dress. 'I thought I might never find you guys!'

    'We wouldn't let that happen!' Heather shouted before giving me a hug.

    I turned around to find that Amanda had disappeared. I shrugged it off and started to dance with my former co-stars. There was a waiter going through the dance floor with a plate of shots in tow, needless to say the three of us started to get really drunk, really fast. The drunker we got, the more risqué the dancing became, before long both girls were vigorously grinding on me.

    'I'm pretty drunk, should we do it now?' Heather shouted to Alyson over the music.

    'Yeah, let's do it, I brought enough for each of us!' Alyson responded in like.

    'What are you talking about?' I yelled.

    Alyson went into her purse and pulled out a bag with three pills inside of it. 'I brought some E!' Alyson shouted at me.

    'Tonight's going to be fucking awesome!' Heather yelled out when Alyson handed her and me pills each.

    'I guess so,' I said, I had never done drugs before, I mean, I'd smoked weed of course but nothing more.

    The three of us all took it at the same time and chased it with a shot of vodka each. 'Wow! This is crazy!' I yelled.

    'Calm down Stephen, it hasn't kicked in yet!' Alyson said as her and Heather shared a laugh at my expense.

    It didn't take more than fifteen minutes before it did start to kick in, and once it did, all bets were off. We were dancing at our dirtiest, I had this amazing feeling of euphoria, pleasantly matched by the feeling of both girls' asses in my hands as they grinded their pussy's all over me. The girls started to lose all concept of subtly before long, as they both shoved their hands deep inside my pants and groped my cock.

    'I need to go to the bathroom!' I yelled.

    'That's cool!' Alyson shouted.

    'We'll meet you at the bar!' Heather somehow got out in her drunken state.

    I left the two girls and headed towards the bathroom, which was opposite the dance floor. Once I got inside I instantly realised that there were two people fucking in one of the cubicles. I couldn't help but walk up to the closed cubicle and see who exactly was getting fucked, I peeked through the crack in the door to see Jennifer Aniston getting railed from behind by what looked like the producer who casted me in my latest film.

    I took care of my business, flushing the toilet knowing full well they would know I was there. Funnily enough they both started yelling about how they wanted people to see and know, I thought it was so funny that I started telling people there was a show happening in the bathroom at the moment as I walked towards the bar.

    I walked up to the bar and tried to find my two lady friends, I couldn't find them, but what I did find was really weird. For some reason Cameron Diaz was behind the bar now, serving people drinks and openly flirting with the bar staff. I couldn't find my friends though, so I started to think that they might have left without me, or they might be back in the dance floor.

    I get a call on my phone. 'Where are you?' Alyson's voice came out of the phone.

    'I'm at the bar, where we agreed to meet,' I said, somewhat passive aggressively.

    'Ha! Not the bar, Heather said to meet us at the car!' Alyson said before laughing.

    'What? It's over already?' I said, disappointed.

    'Yeah, this party is lame, we're gonna head back to Heather's for some wine,' Alyson said.

    'Oh sweet! I'll be out in a moment!' I hung up the phone and left the event.

    Once I got outside I found Alyson standing outside of a limo waiting for me to join her.

    'Where's Heather?' I asked.

    'She's inside the limo,' Alyson said. 'Get in!'

    I climbed inside of the limo. 'Hey Heather.'

    'Hey there Stephen… I feel so good you know?' She replied.

    'Yeah, I do know, I'm feeling it too,' I said as Alyson joined us.

    'This movie is gonna be big…' Heather said before falling asleep on my shoulder.

    'The stuff I got was pretty powerful, Heather is probably a light weight, she'll be up again as soon as get some wine in her,' Alyson said as the limo started to drive.

    'I've never done drugs before though, how come I'm still up?' I asked as I placed my arm over Heather in a comforting way.

    'You're a pretty big guy, Heather is a small girl, and I'm experienced, that's all there is too it,' Alyson said as she grabbed my other arm and wrapped it around her.

    'She's wrong about the movie though,' I said, feeling really relaxed with the two girls in my arms.

    'What do you mean?'

    'I dunno, I'm the lead actor of this film right and so… well… you know…'

    Alyson stayed quiet for a moment. 'Don't be stupid. This film has Tony Chase directing, who is a visionary, it has a fantastic script, written by Tony mind you,' Alyson was looking deep into my eyes. 'It stars Kat Dennings, Hayden Panettiere, Heather Graham, me and most importantly… you.'

    I kissed Alyson softly on the lips. 'Thank you, you're right.'

    'Of course I am,' Alyson said before kissing me on the cheek.

    'This might be the drugs talking, but I think I love you,' I said to Alyson stupidly.

    There was an awkward silence for a few moments. 'Trust me Stephen, it was the drugs talking,' Alyson said before letting out a hearty chuckle.

    'You're probably right.' I joined her in her laughter before kissing her again.

    As the drive wore on we continued to make out heavily, my hands travelled all around her body, from her now familiar tits down to her previously unexplored ass. She too was exploring my body, sliding her fingers across my rock hard abs, and letting her hand linger just outside of my pants. All the while we were making out and Heather Graham was sleeping soundly on my side.

    We accidentally started to get too hot and heavy, knocking Heather with my elbow in my haste. 'Hey!' Heather exclaimed, somewhat confused.

    'Sorry Heather we didn't realise-' I started to form an argument.

    'Didn't realise what? That you had started without me?' Heather said angrily.

    'Started... without-' Heather planted a kiss on my lips as I was speaking.

    'Now that's what I'm talking about!' Alyson said as she leaned in to share our kiss.

    Three pairs of lips were now engaging in a three-way kiss, and six hands were feverishly exploring three different bodies. This was my first time actually kissing Heather and it felt great, as did her ample breasts, which was my main focus. Heather actually seemed to be really interested in Alyson's chest because that seemed to be the primary focus of her hands and Alyson continued to explore my body, making sure one of her hands was rubbing my crotch through my jeans at all times.

    We were only five minutes or so away from Heather's place and the two girls were now making out with each other and feeling up each other's breasts. Meanwhile they each had a hand wrapped firmly around my cock, rubbing it gently while still being contained inside my jeans. Heather and Alyson had started to unbuckle my belt, clearly ready to take this to the next level when the limo stopped and we quickly gathered ourselves so that the driver wouldn't realise what we were doing.

    We all climbed out of the car and paid the driver. 'I didn't realise you lived in an apartment Heather,' I said looking up at the very tall building in front of us.

    'Well it is a penthouse,' Heather said as we walked towards it, both girls in my arms.

    'It's a long way up,' Alyson said as Heather let us into the building with her key card.

    'It certainly is,' I said as we walked inside the elevator.

    We stood in awkward silence for a few moments as the elevator departed. 'So do you girls-'

    Alyson and Heather immediately launched back into a three-way kiss with me and started to rub my cock through my jeans. I impatiently watched the numbers slowly start to rise while I kept a tight hold on both girls' asses. Heather shoved one of her hands down my pants and the other down Alyson's while Alyson focused entirely on my cock.

    'Finally!' Heather said as the elevator stopped on her floor and we walked out to her penthouse apartment.

    'This is a really nice place,' Alyson said as she pulled her hands off my cock and out of my pants.

    'It does alright,' Heather said as she took her fingers out of Alyson's pussy and her hand off my cock before heading to the kitchen to fix up some drinks.

    'Nice couch,' I called out as I sat down, lifting my feet up onto the coffee table.

    'Make yourselves at home,' Heather said as Alyson joined me, cuddling up real close.

    'Let's give this guy some air shall we?' Alyson said as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly before pulling my boxers down to release my cock.

    'That was a good idea,' I pointed out as Alyson started to stroke my junk.

    'Here,' Heather said as she said down with a joint lit. 'Take a couple drags from this.'

    'Now that was a good idea Heather,' Alyson said taking the joint in one hand and stroking my cock with the other.

    Heather's hand joined Alyson's in jerking my cock off and the joint passed between us until we were all pretty baked.

    'This is nice,' I said as I put both my arms around the girls as they rapidly jerked my cock off, constantly spitting on it as they went.

    'Your cock is so big!' Heather said, not breaking her stride.

    'I agree, you have the biggest cock in Hollywood Stephen,' Alyson said looking into my eyes. 'Well the biggest white one at least.'

    'Certainly gives Mark Wahlberg a run for his money,' Heather said as she pulled her top off, revealing her large tits contained in a blue lace bra.

    I placed my hands on her tits. 'Speaking of big,' I said.

    Alyson unzipped her dress and exposed her bra. 'Mine are pretty big as well,' Alyson said.
    'That they are,' I said making the switch from Heather's tits.

    Not wanting to be one upped, Heather took her bra off, revealing her all natural tits to us. Alyson quickly followed suit and I started to kiss and grope all four tits as the girls repositioned their hands on my hard cock and their tongues in each other's mouths. I thought I was dreaming when Alyson leant down and took the length of my cock in her mouth.

    'Holy shit!' I shouted as Heather lent down to join her.

    Heather started to lick my balls and the base of my cock. 'Oh my god… this is a dream!'

    'This is so amazing,' I said as I gently placed my hands on Alyson's head, forcing her to move further down my cock.

    Heather started to finger Alyson's pussy while still licking my balls. 'Mmph!' Was all Alyson could manage with her mouth full of my cock.

    'Oh god yeah!' Heather yelled, she was now fingering herself and had laid down right below Alyson's pussy and started licking.

    I started to push Alyson's head down so hard she started gagging. 'Fucking yes, oh fuck!'

    I came deep down Alyson's throat and she swallowed all of it before screaming out in pleasure herself, shortly followed by Heather who had squirted all over her hands. 'Fuck…' was all Alyson could muster.

    I looked down at the two half naked girls on the floor staring at my softening cock, thinking that I may have stumbled upon the greatest night of my life. Heather got up from the floor and went back into the kitchen, presumably to roll another joint. Alyson though, wasted no time in taking my cock back inside of her mouth, sucking it until it got hard again.

    'Round two huh?' I said as I stroked her hair.

    'Now that this bad boy's hard again,' Alyson said as she pulled my hard cock out of her mouth and began stroking it. 'We can start to main event.'

    Alyson got up off of her knees and took her dress completely off, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties, then she climbed over my body, hovering her pussy over my cock. 'Oh fuck yes!' I said.

    'Your cock feels so good,' Alyson said as she lowered her pussy onto my cock.

    'Your pussy is so tight,' I said as her box met the base of my dick.

    Alyson bucked her hips up and down so that her pussy kept sliding on my cock. I readjusted my body as she bucked up and down on my cock so that I was laying down on the couch, which allowed my cock to go deeper into her pussy. I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and Heather walked back into the room smoking a joint.

    'Oh, we've started again already,' Heather said before taking her skirt and panties off and taking a drag.

    'Yeah, come on over, the more the merrier,' Alyson said as Heather walked over to pass her the joint.

    'I've been meaning to taste that pussy of yours,' I said before Heather got up onto the couch and planted her box over my mouth.

    I shoved my tongue in and out of her soaking wet pussy, hoping I was doing well, and waiting for her moaning as a signal that I was. Meanwhile the girls had finished the joint and were now making out passionately while Alyson continued to ride my cock.

    'Your lips are so soft,' Heather said separated briefly from Alyson's mouth.

    'You really know how to work your tongue,' Alyson said with Heather's tits in her hands.

    'This guy down here knows how to use his tongue,' Heather said before launching back into a make out session with Alyson.

    I could feel the pressure mounting in my cock, I knew that at any moment I could cum. I didn't want to cum without knowing that the two girls also had cum so I tried every mental image to post-pone it. That was until both girls simultaneously moaned in each other's mouths and squirted all over my face and cock.

    Heather climbed off my face. 'That was intense.'

    'Cum for me,' Alyson said as she bucked even faster on my cock.

    'Fucking yes!' I yelled as cum started to shoot out of my cock deep into Alyson's pussy.

    'That's what I like, give me your seed,' Alyson said as she fell down on top of me, her tits heaving on my chest.

    'Holy shit,' I said before Heather got down on her knees and kissed me.

    'I need to cool off,' Alyson said. 'Where's your shower?'

    Heather pulled out of our kiss as Alyson climbed off of my now flaccid dick. 'Down the hall to the left.'

    'Thanks!' Alyson said as she walked in that direction and Heather continued to kiss me.

    I placed my hands on her tits. 'These tits are fucking incredible Heather.'

    'Why thank you,' she said as she started to kiss down my body.

    'Round three, already?' I moaned as Heather kissed the area right above my still soft dick.

    'Those drugs we took earlier tonight are supposed to increase your sex drive,' Heather said as she looked up at me.

    'Well maybe if I had some incentive,' I said as Heather kissed the head of my cock. 'There it is,' I said, my cock getting hard again almost instantly as Heather kissed and licked it.

    'Sit up Stephen, there's something I want to do for you,' Heather said as she stroked my cock.
    I sat up and repositioned myself so that I was sitting on the couch normally. 'Oh yeah, and what's that?'

    'Have you ever fucked a pair of tits before?' Heather asked me as she softly grazed my cock with her nipples.

    'No, I've always wanted to though,' I said staring into Heather's eyes.

    'Well you're in luck,' Heather said. 'Because that's what I want to do to you right now.'

    Heather immediately wrapped her large tits around my cock and squeezed them together.

    'Wow!' Was all I could bring myself to say at the sight of Heather Graham's notoriously perfect tits wrapped around my cock.

    'Do you like this?' Heather said as she lifted her tits up and down, spitting down at my cock.
    'Hell yes I like fucking your gorgeous tits Heather,' I said smiling down at her.

    Heather started to lick my cock as it poked through her tits. 'Your cock still tastes like Alyson's pussy.'

    I started to buck my hips so that my cock would go deeper inside her mouth every time it went through her tits. Luckily my cock was so wet from Alyson's pussy juices that it was an entirely comfortable experience for the both of us. Before long I had grabbed the back of her head and started to bring it down on my cock to match my bucking.

    I stood up and she let go of her tits as I started to aggressively fuck her face. 'Yeah, fucking take this cock Heather,' I yelled down at her.

    I started to feel like I was going to cum again. 'I'm not going to cum in your mouth,' I said as I pulled her head off my cock.

    'Where do you want to cum? On my tits? On my face?' Heather said looking up at me with a devilish grin.

    'None of those places, get up,' I commanded as I helped Heather up.

    I lead Heather to the arm of the couch and turned her around, my cock touching her ass cheeks. 'Bend over,' I said.

    'How did you know I liked it from behind?' Heather asked as she complied, bending over the arm of the couch so her feet were still touching the ground.

    'I know a slut when I see one,' I said as I readied my cock right outside her pussy.

    'Fuck me, fuck me now, I need your cock inside me!' Heather shouted.

    I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy and held it there. 'Your pussy is nowhere near as tight as Alyson's' I said.

    'That's because I'm a slut,' Heather said as she turned her head back to look at me.

    'You got that right,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her and shoved it back in again.

    'This is,' Heather said getting pounded. 'The biggest cock,' she continued as I started to spank her ass cheeks. 'I have ever had,' I started to rapidly shove my cock in and out of her. 'Inside me.'

    I continued to spank her ass and shove my cock in and out of her for a few minutes, sometimes leaning in and grabbing onto her huge tits, sometimes standing up straight and keeping both hands on her ass cheeks. Strangely though I began to feel a weird sensation on my balls, I looked down to find that Alyson was licking them.

    'Heather, you'd better get ready,' I said as I pulled my cock out of her.

    'Get ready for what?' Heather asked.

    'Your pussy isn't tight enough so I'm gonna shove my cock inside your asshole,' I said. 'So you'd better bite a pillow or something.'

    Heather bit down on the cushion in front of her as roughly shoved my cock deep inside her asshole. 'Oh fuck!' She yelled out.

    I started to fuck her asshole at a reasonable pace, Heather kept exclaiming every time I did and Alyson continued to lick my balls. 'Alyson!' I yelled out.

    'Yes Stephen?' She said as she stood up and placed her arms around me, her tits resting on my back.

    'Why don't you lie down on the couch and let Heather eat your pussy?' I asked her.
    'That sounds good,' she said as she walked over to the couch and a lied down in front of Heather's face.

    'Eat that pussy Heather!' I said before watching her do just that.

    This carried on for a few more minutes but I could feel for sure that I was about to cum, and there was no place I'd rather cum than deep inside this asshole. I started to spank Heather harder than ever and attempted to send my dick deeper inside her ass until finally I came all up inside it. I kept my cock inside her asshole until it went soft again, afterwards I lifted Heather up and placed her and Alyson together so that they could make out.

    'That was so fucking amazing,' Heather said, breaking her kiss for a moment.

    'Yeah, I mean, holy shit that was the best sex I've ever had!' Alyson said as I joined them on the couch.

    Both girls grabbed my cock as they began to make out again. 'Well I know for certain that I won't ever be scared doing sex scenes again.'

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    Congrats on breaking the threesome barrier in your universe - and this particular universe outside of your Film Buff one sure seems to be expanding. Catching references to your past one-shots at this party - and looking for clues to future ones - is a nice diversion to pass time before the steamy stuff.

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    Becoming a huge fan of yours MacedMan... Love your plots (and the fascination with Milton.. LOL).. Ohhh and the subtle touch of Jennifer Anniston with the producer.. a reference in your previous story... WOW! that was amazing..

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    Finally, Heather Graham Story!!
    Good Job!!

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