"Film Buff - Chapter Two"
With Blake Lively, Anna Faris, Vanessa Ferlito and Rose McGowan
Written by MacedMan
(BJ, MF)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

Authors Note: There are eight chapters in total written for this story thus far, with many more to come.

I was lying in bed. I looked over at my clock. "3 A.M." Would I ever get to sleep? Don't judge me; you wouldn't be able to sleep either if you had been through what I had been through. I couldn't help but replay everything over in my head; Kristen Stewart's hand job, fucking Mila Kunis and that weird sex thing with Ellen Page. It's like I was really living it, like I was really a part of the movie, well... more like the movie was a living breathing world.

As the night went on to become morning, I tossed and turned in my bed, still unable to sleep. The sun started to seep in through the window, I couldn't have been more exited, in just a few short hours I would be back, and the films I was taking in today, were going to be great. Three blonde beauties. "8 A.M." My alarm finally started to ring. I jumped out of bed and immediately headed for the shower.

I pressed the buzzer and instead of a call, the door just swung open. I guess Hal is keen to start as well. I practically sprinted up the stairs and into the lab, when I got up there I found Hal waiting for me, with an enthusiastic grin on his face. His hands were covered in oil, and he appeared to be sweating profusely.

"What's up man?" I said.

"I have just been working on the machine" He said.


"And well you should be able to stay in their longer now"

"Cool!" I said. "When can we get started?"

"Well we can start whenever you're ready really"

With that I handed him the DVD's and leapt into the machine, ready for the events that were about to transpire. I knew which one he would put on first, and I couldn't be more excited about it. The electric shock still caught me off-guard, but this time I wasn't thinking it was all a scam, just a necessary evil. Suddenly I appeared in a completely full bathtub, with Blake Lively walking slowly towards me.

Great, Savages. The film itself was pretty shitty, but it had the hotness of Blake Lively to hold it together, especially this scene I was about to partake in. She walks over towards me and crouches down next to the bathtub. She kisses me, and I kiss her back, grabbing her hair as I do so. She stands back up and climbs inside of the bathtub with me, her light yellow dress practically becoming see-through at this point.

She starts to kiss me again, this time with more passion. Our tongues swirl together as she grinds her panty covered pussy against my dick. She brings her hand down from my neck and starts stroking my dick under the water. I pull her closer to me and kiss her even harder, as she continues to stroke my cock.

I bring my hands down from her face and start to let them travel further down her back. They make their way passed the small and eventually find their way to her beautiful ass. As soon as I can confirm I've found her ass, I squeeze my hands around her butt cheeks. She is so gorgeous, beautiful but in a dirty kind of way, like you know she would do some dirty shit to you if provoked, and well, the current situation is certainly proof of that.

I ask her how long she can hold her breath for.

"A real long time" She said to me, with a wink.

With that I push her head down underwater; she quickly takes a deep breath before she's fully submersed. Suddenly I feel suction on my dick; the pressure of the water is making this one of the best blowjobs ever. I pull my hands out of the water and rest my head on them; Blake can do most of the work from here.

Meanwhile, downstairs: Blake was accompanying sucking my cock, with rubbing my balls with her hands. Damn, she really could hold her breath for a long time. I mean, I guess it's a movie, so there has to be some suspension of disbelief. She was circling my dick with her tongue at this point; this dirty girl really knew how to suck a cock. I knew she must've had to have sucked a lot of dick to get the roles she gets. Wait, I'm getting Blake Lively confused with the character in the movie aren't I. Well in any case, this character knows how to suck dick so good likely from having to fuck two dudes who live in the same house for so long.

It turns out that she has her limits as she's now pulling up for air. The moment she resurfaced, she looked at me with a devilish grin and said "Couch?" God damn it was this bitch horny. I pick her up and start kissing her as I carry her out of the bathtub and start walking towards the couch. For some reason there are already candles lit, movie logic I guess.

I throw her down on the couch and just stare at her for a moment. She was set, but still fully clothed at this point. In real life Blake has a no nudity clause, but that's something I could change. I told her to take her dress off, she did so. She was still wearing a bikini and panties, something would have to be done about that. I ripped her bikini off and took a moment to admire her beautiful tits.

I launched on her and started kissing her tits, and licking her nipples. I was in heaven, used my hands to pull her panties down and shoved my dick inside her pussy. I started pounding her, in and out, with as much power as I could muster, she needed a good fucking, and god knows I need a good fuck.

I grabbed her tits for leverage and pounded her pussy. In and out, I knew at any moment I could cum, this was the hardest I had ever fucked before, and it's all because she has one of those faces that is practically begging for it. She started to fig her nails into my back as she came. Cum spurted out of my dick into her awaiting pussy as I slammed into her one last time.

My dick started to go soft as I pulled out, then suddenly as if out of nowhere the scenery changed. At least this time it happened when I was well and truly done with the person. Maybe this was one of the tweaks that Hal had made. I was sitting in a parked car, some shopping centre parking lot with Anna Faris on top of me. Jumping straight into Observe and Report I guess.

My shirt was already off, but my jeans were still on, Anna still was fully clothed, but that was about to change. I took her blouse off for her, revealing her surprisingly big breasts still trapped inside a bra. She was wearing a skirt with no panties, so I undid my jeans and immediately placed my dick in her. I started to fuck her like this, she was riding me, but I was the one generating most of the power.

Her bra covered boobs were bouncing up and down the faster I penetrated. I grabbed her bra covered boobs in my hands as I continued to pound her. She was moaning really loudly at this point, either she was faking or she was just really enjoying this is something I may never know. I take this opportunity to take her bra off and unleash her tits. They were in fact moderately big tits, they weren't huge or anything, but you could probably fuck them if you wanted to.

I started to speed my penetration up again and her tits started to bounce even more now that they were free from captivity. I shoved my face in them, and started to lick her nipples while I continued to bang her hard. I glance outside the window and see Seth Rogen staring at us. I give him a thumbs up and kiss his would-be girlfriend on the mouth. He storms off as she rejects this screaming "No kissing".

I pull my dick out of her pussy and start to jack my dick off whilst aiming it at her face. For a moment she looks confused, like she doesn't know what's going on, but it becomes woefully apparent when I shoot cum all over her face. With that I zip my jeans up and exit the car door, I notice that instead of a shopping centre nearby, there's a bar.

I walk up the steps and into the bar, there is a very vibrant tone inside, it looks like everyone is having a good time. I notice a cute blonde at the bar, sipping on a fruity looking drink. She turns her head to glance at the person who walks in, it's Rose McGowan, and it suddenly dawns on me, I'm in the bar from Death Proof. It felt weird how seamless that transition was, it was like as if the machine had grown tired of letting me know every time I changed movies.

I took a seat on the bar stool and ordered a beer, I wondered if beer could get you drunk inside this machine. I glanced over at Rose McGowan; she was looking gorgeous in this film. I then turned my attention to the back of the bar at a rather large group of people, that was Jungle Julia's crew, I tried to find Vanessa Ferlito, but she wasn't around, she must've been outside having a smoke or something. I made to try to catch her out there when something caught the attention of my ear.

"Warren, is there anyone here you can vouch for to drive me home?" Rose shouted.

"I'll drive you" I said.

"Really?" She asked.

"Of course, providing you want to leave when I want to leave" I said.

"And when do you want to leave?" She asked.

"I haven't thought about when I wanted to leave yet, but when I do, you'll be the first person I let know" I said, trying to quote the film word for word.

"Warren, do you know who this guy is?" She called out.

Quentin Tarantino takes a look at me before answering.

"Yeah sure whatever, I'm busy" He replied.

"I guess if you're cool with Warren... Will you be okay to drive later?" She asked gesturing to my drink.

"This will be my first and last, scout's honour" I replied.


I was about to say something when the swinging of the entranced door momentarily distracted me.

"Excuse me a second" I said. Rose looked puzzled as I got up to stop Vanessa before she got to her table.

"Butterfly?" I asked. She looked shocked, as if not expecting anyone to call her by that name tonight.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep"

"And I have promises to keep."

"Miles to go before I sleep"

"Did you hear me, Butterfly?"

"Miles to go, before you sleep" I finished reciting, hopefully I got it completely right, it's been a while since I had seen the movie. There was a long moment of silence as she weighed her options.

"You didn't buy me a drink" She said.

"Ah, so I didn't... Warren, two margarita's" I shouted.

"Comin' right up!" He shouted back.

"Well, you're drink's coming, so how about that lap-dance?" I said.

'Down in Mexico' by The Coaster's starts playing as Vanessa Ferlito seductively walks over the the chair I'm sitting in. I was about to receive the infamously cut, lap-dance from Death Proof. She walks in front of me and starts jiggling her beautiful ass, as Rose McGowan looks on from her bar stool. She starts to slowly wave her ass around as she sings the lyrics to the song.

She moves her ass low to the floor, as she turns her head to face me, stroking her own ass as she does so. She turns around fully as she dances a little more, and drops to the floor and starts crawling towards me. Those beautiful pink lips looked like they were about ready to suck a dick, how I wouldn't mind sticking my dick between them.

As soon as she gets close enough to me, she starts to softly glide her hair over my crotch. Bored of this, she starts to climb up my body, her stomach resting on my now full erection. Her face is right up against mine, and she starts to nearly kiss my chin, she doesn't do it fully though.

She gets up and slowly turns around, still dancing and jiggling her tight ass. Now she starts to shake her ass profusely, getting so close that her ass is actually grazing my dick. She then sits on my lap fully, pressing tightly against my erection, and leans back, putting her hands around the back of my head. I looked down so I would she the shape of her tits in that tight shirt she was wearing. She grabs my hands and starts to move them around her stomach, she then brings them down so they're touching her ass. Then she slowly brings them up so that they're touching her big tits. I can't help but squeeze, she pulls my hands back down as punishment.

She gets up and starts to jiggle her ass again, this time though, my hands a firmly placed on her shapely ass. She gyrates in long, slow movements, my hands guiding her ass the entire time. Then she bends down, giving me an amazing look at her ass, while she touches her hands on the floor, I'm surprised I didn't cum there and then. She then starts moving around the room, circling her way back to me. She sits on my lap for the final time, bending all the way down on my leg. I place my hand on her breast, and kiss her on the lips. The kiss separates and we share a long silent glance.

She climbs off me, and slips her phone number into my jacket pocket as she makes her way back over to her friends and apparent boyfriend. I get up and walk over to Rose McGowan.

"Ready to go yet?" I ask.

"Yes" She simply replies.

We walk out the front door and into the car park, I looked over for the Death Proof care but I couldn't find it. That's strange. I take the car keys out of my pocket and press the unlock button. A beeping noise goes off and I walk over to the car it was coming from. It was just a normal car, this must mean that I wasn't Stuntman Mike like I had assumed, and also that he wasn't here it. This was a completely original part of the movie that this machine has created.

We both step into the car and pull out of the car park, heading straight for the exit. As we drove out, I noticed Stuntman Mike drive in... I guess I wouldn't be able to call Vanessa up after all. I looked over at Rose McGowan and noticed she had a strange look in her eye, far different from any I'd seen in the film before. I pulled up to the exit and asked the same question from the movie, even though I knew the answer.

"Left or right?"

"Whichever way you're going" She said. At least I thought I knew.

"Left it is" I said. I turned left, I didn't really know what to do now, I didn't exactly have a home to take her to, and I couldn't just stop in the middle of the highway and fuck her there could I?

We drove for a little while before I was caught off-guard by something that Rose said.

"Can we just stop in the middle of the highway, this is taking too long!"


"I really need to fuck you as soon as possible, watching you get that lap-dance has made me so fucking horny" She said.

In an instant I swerved the car off the road and pulled it to a strop next to the highway. Immediately she launches at me and starts making out with me. This was unbelievable, she actually couldn't wait to fuck me. She unzips my jeans, pulls out my cock and starts to stroke it with a look of pure lust on her face. I'm still just awe-struck at this point, even more so as she wraps her beautiful red lips around my dick and starts sucking it up and down.

"Fuck me" She said. This was all happening so fast and I didn't really know how I was going to fuck her in this car either, it wasn't exactly sex friendly.

"Let's get out" I offer. She stares at me, shocked.

"You want to fuck me on the side of the road like a whore?" She asked.

"More than anything" I reveal. "I want to take you out to the hood of this car, and fuck your brains out"

There is a moment's silence.

"Fuck yes!" She exclaims as she quickly jumps out of the car.

I follow her out, to find lying spread eagle on the hood of the car. I don't waste any time as I move over to her and pull her jeans off, rip her panties off and shove my already exposed dick in her pussy. I start slamming into her hard against the hood of the car, she's already moaning in pleasure. I keep pounding her as I rip her top off, revealing the bra underneath. Her boobs, as expected were pretty damned big, especially now that they weren't so constrained in her top.

I couldn't even wait before I ripped her bra off revealing her naked tits, they were gorgeous. I instantly started feeling them up with my hands. I pulled out of her pussy and spun her around and started pounding her doggiestyle against the hood of the car. I started slapping her tight ass as I slammed into her pussy from behind. I grabbed her bouncing breasts and shoved my dick in her pussy as hard as I could until I came inside her glorious vaginal walls.

As I pulled my dick out, the world started to disappear around me, and I reappeared back in Hal's office.

"Well I would say that that experiment was a success" Hal said.

"I'd say so!" I exclaimed.

"Tomorrow we're going to try to take it a little bit further" Hal said.

To Be Continued.