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Thread: "A Very Important Person" with Blake Lively and Deborah Ann Woll

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    fanfiction "A Very Important Person" with Blake Lively and Deborah Ann Woll

    A Very Important Person
    With Blake Lively and Deborah Ann Woll
    Written by MacedMan
    (MF, BJ, alcoh, drugs, anal)

    I was awoken by the sound of my alarm clock, it took me a few seconds to really register what was happening, but as soon as I did I hit the snooze button, after all I usually showed up to work late, why should this day be any different. The morning carried on like that, the alarm would go off and I'd hit the snooze button until about 11am when I got a phone call from work.

    'Jesus Mitch, this is the fourth time this week!' A voice yelled thought the phone.

    'Huh, oh, sorry I've been sick,' I said as I rubbed my eyes.

    'Sick my ass, you're just too lazy to get you're fucking ass in here,' the voice said angrily.

    'No I've actually been-'

    'I don't want to hear it Mitch! You better get in here by the end of lunch or you're fired!'

    The man hung up the phone harshly.

    I climbed out of bed and walked out to the living room, I decided that seen as I didn't have to be at work for another two hours and I didn't life far away I had time to kill time watching TV. I sat down on the couch and started flipping through channels; everything on TV was boring, just crappy day-time television. I almost gave up on my quest to find something to watch until the TV landed on a channel that was showing 'Savages'.

    I decided to let the film play out until it was time to go, it was only at the beginning and I had plenty of time. I was completely captivated by Blake Lively in the film; she was just so hot, I couldn't contain myself when it got to the bathtub sex scene. There she was pretty much naked riding a guy in a bathtub and here I was holding my erect cock in my hand jacking it to my heart's content.

    'I wish there was a way to fuck her,' I thought to myself as I felt ready to cum. 'Or at least something that could put me in the movie.'

    Before long I came all over my hands, I grabbed some tissues to clean it up before getting ready for work. Work was so boring, I hated the fact that I had to do it, honestly I always thought I'd much rather being like a personal assistant to the stars or even a paparazzo, anything that would get me closer the sexist women alive.

    I grabbed my coat as I walked out my apartment door and down the stairs, I was wholly consumed by my thoughts. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I disliked my life, how I wished something would come along and change everything. In movies sometime something happens that changes the course of an ordinary characters life, I always wished that would happen to me, and little did I know it was just about to.

    'Gimme the money you fucker!' I head someone yelling.

    'You don't understand I need this, it's not mine!' Another voice yelled back.

    I looked around the streets, for some reason it was completely deserted. 'Don't you get that I'll fucking kill you!'

    The voices seemed to be coming from an alley way. 'I will die worse if you take this from me!'

    I walked towards the alleyway where the two men were arguing, and when I turned the corner I saw exactly what was going on. One man who was wearing a business suit, was being mugged by another man who was wearing cheap shaggy clothes he might have just cobbled together from the garbage. In the business suit guy's hand was a briefcase, probably full of drug money and in the mugger's hands was a gun, pointed right at business suit's heart.

    'I have a family,' the guy in the business suit pleaded as I walked up behind the mugger.

    'You should have thought of that before messing with drug dealers,' the mugger stated as I got closer, putting my finger to my mouth to keep business suit quiet.

    'It's not as simple as that,' business suit said as I picked up a piece of wood from the ground.

    'I don't-' I smashed the mugger in the back of the head with the piece of wood and threw it to the ground.

    'Holy shit!' Business suit exclaimed. 'Thank you so much!'

    'You gotta do what you gotta do right,' I said turning away. 'Call the cops or something.'
    'Hey, you saved my life,' business suit said.

    'Yeah it's no problem,' I said turning back giving him a thumbs up.

    'I think you deserve an award,' he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

    'Look dude I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that,' I said backing away slightly.

    'No… what?' He said. 'No, there's a party tonight at the Milton, I was going to skip it anyway, I'm giving you my V.I.P. pass.'

    'Whoa!' I said. 'Who are you?'

    'I'm a behind the scenes financier of a lot of films, if you catch my drift,' he said with a wink.

    I did not catch his drift. 'Awesome, thanks for the pass man.'

    'No problem, thank you for saving my life,' he said as he handed me the pass.

    I looked at the card. 'Forty-Fifth anniversary huh? That's kind of cool.'

    'Yeah, anyway have fun with that it grants you access to the V.I.P. booth and a free room for the night, amongst other things,' he said as we walked out of the alley way.

    'I'm going this way,' I said as I pointed left.

    'Ah, I'm going that way,' he said pointing right.

    'Thanks again man,' I said as I put my hand out.

    'You too dude, you too,' he said as he took my hand and shook it.

    Eventually I made it to work, and it was just as boring and uneventful as it always was, only now I had the added pressure if knowing how much I had to look forward to. I spent the entire day on the internet looking at pictures of the celebrities that showed up to the last Milton Anniversary. Work couldn't end soon enough, and when it finally did I rushed out of the office as fast as I could.

    Once I made it home I immediately started to dress myself, even though I still had hours until the party started. I had always been pretty terrible at picking out clothes to wear for myself, I looked ridiculous at my brother's wedding and I was the laughing stock of my senior prom. I decided that I should just try to keep it simple; everyone else would be wearing a suit and tie, so that's what I should wear as well.

    After a few hours had passed I called a cab and sped down stairs as fast as I could in order to wait for it. The cab arrived and I climbed in, and a funny thought occurred to me after I told him wear I was going, I would be the only person showing up to this party in a cab not a limo. I was proven right as we had to wait behind a stream of limousines for a good ten minutes before we could even get to the entrance.

    'That'll be twenty bucks,' the cab driver said as he put we pulled up to the curb.

    'Twenty bucks? For that trip?' I was stunned.

    'Don't act like you can't afford it,' he said gesturing towards the hotel.

    'I'm not… whatever, take your money,' I said as I threw a twenty dollar note into his direction.

    I climbed out of the cab to find a sea of people whose faces were cameras, none of them were flashing though, because they could tell I wasn't really important enough to take photos of. I enjoyed this, it meant that I could walk straight into the building with no hassles, I flashed the security guard my V.I.P. pass and he let me in immediately.

    The lobby of the Milton was incredibly nice, it sort of seemed like it was a mansion or at least housed someone famous. I guess it was housing everyone famous that night, so the grandeur seemed fitting. I walked into the party hall and immediately walked to the bar, intending on getting as drunk as humanly possible as fast as humanly possible.

    'What'll it be?' The bartender asked me as I sat down.

    'Is it all free?' I asked as I gestured towards the top shelf.

    'It certainly is-'

    'Hennessey, neat,' I said cutting right to the point.

    'Of course,' the bartender said.

    After two or three drinks I finally realised that I had been sitting next to Amanda Seyfried this entire time, and she was getting wasted. The girl was obviously going through something because she was downing shot after shot of vodka. I leaned in to say something, but I found myself tongue tied, I had never talked to a celebrity before; I had no idea what to say. My decision was made for me when Amanda left the bar announcing she had to leave.

    'First time?' The bartender asked, noticing my anguish.

    'Is it that obvious?' I asked him as he poured me another drink.

    'Well, it's my first time as well,' he said handing me the glass.

    'Whoa, how do you handle talking to all these celebrities?' I asked him.

    'For one thing, I'm not trying to have sex with any of them,' he said as I downed my drink. 'Also though, and more importantly, you can't think they're better than you.'

    'But they are though, aren't they?' I asked. 'I mean, this is their domain.'

    'It's all an illusion…'


    'It's all an illusion Mitch, these people aren't really better than you or I, the mere fact that you're here proves that… why are you here?' He said.

    'I'm here because I saved a producer's life, I think he was a producer at least,' I said staring into my empty glass.

    The bartender took the glass from my hand. 'See, you're a hero and if it was a producer you probably have a V.I.P. pass which means you can go into the V.I.P. section.'

    'I didn't realise there was a section…'

    'There is, and you deserve to be there, because you are a very important person,' the bartender concluded as he pointed at the V.I.P. section.

    'You're right! Thanks…'


    'Thanks Simon, I'll see you on the other side,' I said before marching toward the V.I.P. section.

    The bouncer gave me a once over as I walked up to the V.I.P. section, but he let me in as soon as he saw my pass. Getting inside I realised that it was basically a series of crowded booths, with what appeared to be the who's who of Hollywood, all the booths though, were occupied so I was at a bit of a lost at where to sit.

    'Yo, come sit with us!' Rapper Jay Cult yelled out.

    'Me?' I asked.

    'Yes you, ha ha!' The up and coming yelled out.

    I walked over to his booth and realised he was sitting next to Zoe Kravitz and Blake Lively, I took my seat next to the latter. 'Thanks a lot, it's so packed in here.'

    'Yeah it kind of defeats the purpose right?' Blake said as she looked me up and down, sizing me up.

    'I think it's way better than being on the dance floor,' Zoe said as a wait brought around shots.

    'My names Jay, by the way,' the rapper put his hand out and I took it.

    'I know your name! My name is Mitch,' I said before shaking each girls hand as well, saying their names to them as I did so.

    'You're very well versed,' Blake said. 'Who are you?'

    'Mitch…' I said.

    'No I mean, what are you doing here?' Blake asked.

    'Blake?' Jay said, shooting her a dirty look.

    'Earlier today, I saved a guy who was getting mugged and it turned out he had a V.I.P. pass to this thing and he gave it to me as a thank you,' I said.

    'Wow, so you're a hero?' Blake said as she put her hand on my knee.

    'Well I don't know about that,' I said bashfully before putting an arm over Blake.

    Simon was right celebrities are just like normal people, I had just built them up in my mind because of the media. They proved this by getting just as drunk as me, and saying just as much dumb drunken shit. Jennifer Aniston joined out booth a few drinks in, and a few drinks after that she'd brought in some producer character. I was barely noticing any of this though, because Blake and I were starting to get really close.

    'It's pretty fucking awesome!' I blurted out to the whole table, before putting my arm back over Blake.

    Blake leaned in close and started to massage my cock through my trousers. 'I'll be right back,' she whispered. 'I'm going to score us some coke, I have a hotel room, so tonight this,' Blake said before grabbing my dick. 'Is mine.'

    Blake got up and left the V.I.P. section, soon after Zoe and Jay left. It was just Jennifer, the producer she was with and me before long, but they too left after a few moments leaving me completely alone, the entire V.I.P. section had cleared out in the last few minutes. I laid back on the couch, knowing Blake would be back any soon, I was so drunk that I couldn't control my cock getting hard at the thought of it.

    'Trust me!' A loud voice yelled out. 'I'm supposed to be here!'

    'It's empty any way!' The security guard yelled out.

    'Whatever!' The voice yelled again.

    I was so drunk that I didn't notice when Deborah Ann Woll had walked in to the V.I.P. section. She was so drunk that she didn't realise that the booth she was about to sit in contained someone else. She sat down on the other side of me and put her head on the table, clearly in need of some alone time.

    'Hey? Huh? Who's there? Blake?' I rambled, giving Deborah a scare.

    'What the fuck?' Deborah stated to move closer until she was sitting at my feet. 'I thought I was alone.'

    'Oh, sorry so did I,' I said looked up and realising who I was talking to. 'Whoa! I love your show! You're so hot!'

    'You think that I'm hot?' Deborah asked getting on all four crawling closer to me.

    'Fuck yeah!' I said. 'Beautiful red hair and those tits are like… wow, you know?'

    Deborah was now straddling me. 'No, I don't know.'

    'They're so round and big, I just want to kiss them and lick them and shove my cock inside them, don't even get me started on the mouth,' I said as drunkenly as I have ever said anything.

    Deborah unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, revealing her magnificent tits encased in a black bra. 'Here's your chance,' she said as she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits.

    'Holy shit!' I yelled out, confused all of a sudden, but incredibly happy that I could feel those mounds of flesh in my hands after years of jacking off to her character on True Blood.

    I took her bra off and she leaned down lower so that they swayed in my face. I kissed and licked her nipples, keeping them both in my hands at all times. It never even crossed my mind that Blake could walk in at any minute; I was too busy dry humping her pussy and motor-boating her tits.

    Deborah placed a hand down on my cock and unbuckled my belt. 'Let's get this bad boy out of its cage.'

    'That's a great idea!' I said still kissing and licking her glorious tits.

    'You are a big boy!' Deborah said once she pulled my cock out of my trousers and gripped it in its fully hard glory in her soft hand.

    'It's waiting for you,' I said as I removed my hands from her tits and placed them at the top of her head.

    'You're forward,' Deborah said as he crawled backwards until she was staring at my cock in her hands.

    I simply just kept my hands on her head, hoping she would get the message without me having to drunkenly spurt it out. Luckily she did, I watched her look up at me licking her soft red lips before she licked the head of my cock. She kept stroking it with her hands and licking it at the top like and icy-pole.

    The entire time that she was licking my cock she was giving me eye contact, it was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen in my entire life. My hands were running through her soft red hair while she took the head of my cock inside her mouth. I placed my hands on her cheeks and could start to feel my cock inside as she took it deeper inside her mouth.

    'Fuck yes! Oh god!' I said barely able to contain myself as she just took it deeper and deeper, not breaking eye contact for even a moment.

    I gripped her skull tightly with my fingers as she bobbed up and down on my cock. 'This is insane!' I yelled in spite of myself.

    She would suck as she bobbed which created a powerful friction, making for a truly intense blowjob from the redheaded actress. She took my cock as deep inside of her soft mouth as she could before she slowly slid off, sucking hard as she did so. The feeling was powerful and I was so drunk that I thought I would cum right then and there.

    'You aren't gonna cum yet are you?' She asked as soon as my cock was out of her mouth.

    'I was close, I was real close,' I said panting.

    'Well allow me to bring you closer,' she said as she wrapped my cock in between her large pasty white tits.

    'I don't deserve this!' I said as I ran my hands through her mane of red hair.

    She stared deeply into my eyes as she slid her tits up and down my cock, lubricated by her own spit and my pre-cum. 'Are you close now?' She asked me.

    'Oh god, pretty close!' I said as my cock poked through the top of her tits.

    'You want me to lick that cock while you fuck my tits?' She asked poking her tongue out at me.

    'Lick my cock,' I said before she playfully licked my cock as it shot through her large breasts.

    'With pleasure,' the True Blood star said.

    Before long she had engulfed the head of my cock. 'Yeah, fucking take it.' I started to buck my hips to let her focus on keeping her tits and mouth around my dick.

    Feeling the pressure mounting I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jacking it. 'Cum on my tits baby,' she moaned as she held her tits together in front of me.

    I came almost immediately and drenched her white round tits in my seed. 'How do you like that?'

    'I liked it a lot, I just wish I got a turn,' she said.

    'Sorry about that,' I said zipped my pants back up.

    She wiped her tits and licked her fingers. 'Your cum tastes so good.'

    'We should do this again sometime,' I said as I sat up and watched her put her clothes back on.

    'Yeah,' she said somewhat amused. 'We'll do this again when I'm sober and I'll show you a really good time.'

    'Great,' I said. 'What's your number?'

    'It's… Oh fuck…' Deborah got up and headed for the balcony, probably going to throw up.
    I would have followed her to grab that phone number had Blake Lively not re-entered the V.I.P. section seconds later with a broad smile on her face. 'I got it,' she said.
    'Great I can't wait to-'

    'Did you just have sex?' Blake interrupted.

    I was at a loss for words momentarily. 'No, I certainly did not have sex just then.' It was technically true.

    She sized me up for a moment. 'Great! Let's go upstairs.'

    I followed her outside of the V.I.P. area and then outside of the main hall until we reached the lobby. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the elevator, once we got inside she held my hand in hers tight and kissed me on the cheek. We stood comfortably until the elevator opened again and we walked to our bedroom, it was 204 or 205 or something, I'm bad at remembering that sort of stuff.

    'Mi casa es su casa,' Blake said after we walked inside of the luxurious suite.

    'Wow,' I said admiring the décor. 'They don't really fuck around here do they?'

    'No they don't, but someone is,' Blake said gesturing to the fair left wall.

    'What are you-'

    'Shhh!' Blake hissed.

    We walked up to the wall and pressed out ears against it. We could hear the sounds of two people having the loudest sex imaginable. The girl was screaming for the guy she was with to fill her with his cum and the guy was yelling loudly about fulfilling that request. All the action next door seemed to be exciting Blake because she had her hand up her dress.

    'You better fuck me that hard,' she said as she shoved her fingers in and out of her pussy.

    'You're damn right I will,' I said stepping closer to her, putting my hands on her hips.

    I kissed her hard on the lips, and she passionately reciprocated. 'That's a good start,' she said.

    'How's this?' I said as I joined her fingers and shoved mine inside her pussy as well.

    'Oh fuck, yeah that's the spot,' she moaned.

    She placed her hand down my pants and tugged at my cock. 'Take that cock, baby it's all for you,' I said into her mouth as we kissed.

    We moved over to the bed where she sat down. 'Fuck me, I need you to fuck me now,' she said pulling her dress up.

    'Not yet,' I said as I ignored her and got on my knees to licking her soaking wet pussy.

    'Oh god!' She exclaimed as I licked her pussy lips.

    'Mmm, your pussy tastes good,' I said before shoving my tongue inside her box.

    'Yes, please! Right there!' She moaned as she placed her hands on the top of my head.

    Blake pulled my hair as I fucked her pussy with my tongue, bringing her to the edge of climaxing. I brought my two index fingers up to my mouth and rub her pussy with them, this caused her to wail in pleasure. After I brought my middle fingers in on the action it was clear that she couldn't take anymore, she screamed loudly and squirted a little in my face as she came.

    'Tastes good,' I said as I stood up and wiped my face.

    'Yeah I bet it fucking does,' she said gasping.

    'Here, have a taste,' I said as I shoved my pussy juice soaked fingers in her mouth.

    'Mmm,' she moaned as I rubbed her teeth and tongue.

    I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor as I took my cock out of my boxers. 'My turn,' I said.

    She continued to suck on my finger as I rubbed her pussy with my rock hard cock. 'Put it in,' she said.

    'No need to ask twice,' I said before shoving my cock deep inside her pussy.

    'Ohh fuck,' she moaned in surprise.

    'How do you like that?' I said pulling my cock out and jamming it in again.

    'Ohh! Yeah I love it!' She moaned, digging her nails in my back.

    I fucked her harder against the wall. 'You love it don't you.'

    'Fuck,' was all she said, brought completely speechless at the intense fucking I was giving her.

    I had never fucked anyone this hard in my entire life, most of my experiences fucking her mild and nervous. I was starting to sober up by this time, but I still felt the rush of adrenaline. There was something about Blake Lively, that was inspiring me to be all I could be sexually. She was urging me and begging me to fuck her harder and harder against from the side of this bed.

    'Oohhh God!' Blake screamed as I railed her.

    She put her arms on my shoulders and I lifted her up by her legs. 'Let's take this on the road,' I said.

    'Turn around,' Blake said as she rode up and down on my cock.

    'Okay,' I said turning my body around until the bed was behind me.

    Suddenly Blake shifted her weight until I fell backwards on the bed and she landed on top of me now impaled by my cock. 'My turn,' she echoed.

    'Holy shit,' I said as she rode my cock, twisting and turning her perfect ass around it.
    I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it off revealing her red bra. 'Whoa!'

    'You like them?' Blake asked as she lifted her pussy up and down on my cock.

    I unclasped her bra and through it to the ground, revealing her naked tits. 'Now I like them,' I said.

    'Touch them, they're sensitive,' Blake said before I ran my hands along her nipples and cupped her breasts.

    'Like this?' I asked.

    'Yeah, now lick them,' Blake moaned as she picked up the pace, rapidly bouncing on my cock.

    I took her nipples in my mouth and start licking them. 'Fuck these tits are amazing.'

    'Oh yeah! I'm close, are you?' Blake asked.

    I was too bust sucking on her right nipple to talk. 'Mmm,' was all I could get out.

    Blake was now viciously jumping up and down on my hard cock, bringing herself closer to her second orgasm. Now that her nipples were taking turns inhabiting my mouth and being licked by my tongue I was incredible close as well. Blake screamed again as she squirted on my cock and I came deep inside her pussy.

    'That was amazing,' Blake said as she laid down on top of me.

    'It really was,' I said, panting while putting my arms around her.

    'You don't have to…' Blake started but stopped.

    'I don't have to what?' I asked, knowing she was going to say stay, she didn't need to though, I knew the drill.

    'You don't have to leave right now,' she said, a nervous look in her eyes.

    'Oh…' I said. 'I thought you wanted me to leave,' I continued, equally as nervous.

    'You can, but you don't have to…' Blake said biting her bottom lip.

    'Of course I don't want to leave,' I said before I kissed her deeply.

    We embraced like this for a long time, eventually we separated and I took the rest of my clothes off. I held her in my arms in the spooning position as we both pulled the sheets over our naked bodies. She took my hand in hers and rubbed my fingers, she was amazing and she seemed to actually like me, I couldn't help but feel completely safe as we drifted off to sleep.

    During the night I had some pretty ridiculous dreams, all of which involved me and Blake Lively in some fashion. I had never obsessed over a girl like this in my entire life, could it be that I was actually feeling something special for Blake? Or was it the allure of her fame and beauty that was tricking me into feeling this way.

    Suddenly I was awoken. 'Are you okay?' Blake asked me, looking over at me.

    'Huh?' I said, surprised to be awake.

    'You were shaking and shivering in your sleep,' Blake said. 'Is it too cold?'

    'No… oh shit… no nothing like that,' I said embarrassed.

    'What was it?' Blake asked, legitimately concerned.

    'Nah, why would you care?' I said looking into her eyes.

    'Because I do care, what is it?' Blake demanded.

    I continued to look into her eyes. 'Okay, I just I have these night terrors when I'm nervous, it's no big deal.'

    'Oh poor baby,' Blake soothed putting a hand on my cheek. 'Why are you nervous?'

    'It's just… I've never…' I started.

    'Fucked a celebrity before,' Blake finished. 'Jesus Christ, get over it I'm just-'

    'Felt this way before,' I finished.

    'Oh… I'm sorry if I mislead you…' Blake started. 'But I'm sort of, not looking for a relationship right now.'

    'No I know, that's why I'm nervous… maybe I should just leave…' I said.

    'Don't leave, stay,' Blake said turning over so that she wasn't facing me. 'We can still have fun, while it lasts.'

    She reached behind her and grabbed my cock. 'Whoa, you're already hard?'

    'Yeah, well my brain thinks it's the morning, because of the sleep,' I said kissing her shoulder as she rubbed my cock.

    I wrapped my arm over her and grabbed one of her tits before shoving my cock inside her pussy from behind. 'That's what I'm talking about,' she moaned.

    'May as well make this one night stand last right?' I said as I played with her nipple.

    'You speak the- oohh –truth!' Blake said as I started to ram her.

    'The cold.' I said jamming my cock in her pussy. 'Hard.' I continued shoving my cock inside again. 'Truth.'

    I began pumping her pussy hard even placing both hands on her ass to increase the leverage. 'Right there, wow!' Blake moaned.

    'To bad this is a onetime thing,' I whispered into her ear.

    'You know, I really do like you,' Blake started to say while taking my rod inside her. 'To prove that, I'm going to let you do something no one gets to do.'

    'Oh really, what's that?' I asked while railing her with slow deep movements.

    'Take my ass,' Blake whispered. 'Take my asshole with your big fat cock lover boy.'

    'Yes! Thank you!'

    I pulled my cock out of her pussy and readied it up against her perfect asshole. I gently rubbed the tip of my dick against her, she softly moaned at the mere thought of getting fucking in the ass. I kissed her on the back softly and wrapped both of my hands around her chest, sitting my cock right on the edge of her asshole before slowly shoving it in.

    'Oh fuck!' Blake exclaimed loudly.

    'Oh yes!' I seethed into her ear as I drove my cock deeper into her asshole.

    'Please, please, please,' she repeated until my cock was completely inside her tight asshole.

    I held it there for a moment. 'This is the greatest night of my life,' I whispered into Blake's ear before taking my cock out and ramming it back inside.

    'Ahhh!' Blake screamed as I fucking her deeply in the asshole.

    The both of us could only communicate in moans and yells for the rest of the ass fucking. She was truly taking it like a champ, screaming out and begging for more each time that I pulled out. I fucked her harder and harder until the both of us came again, this time my seed shot deep into her actress's asshole.

    'Maybe I was wrong about the one night stand,' Blake panted as I pulled my cock out of her asshole.

    'Really that sounds-'

    'Shh!' Blake hissed. 'I was joking.'

    'I know,' I lied as I rested my head back down on my pillow.

    The both of us started to east back into a state of comfort. 'Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?' Blake asked.

    'What?' I gasped.

    'Ha, it's just a question,' Blake laughed.

    I contemplated for a moment. 'Yes.'

    'I knew it,' Blake said. 'When was the last time?'

    'Oh it was…' I looked at the clock. 'About fifteen hours ago.'

    Blake laughed and we both fell asleep.

    I woke up the next morning and watched Blake sleep for a little while, wanting to savour the last moments I had with her before she woke up and inevitably kicked me out. I got up and walked to the kitchen, thinking about maybe making her some eggs or something, when I got there though, the fridge was completely empty.

    My phone rang, luckily it was on silent. 'Hey Mitch… its Josh,' one of my oldest friends had called me.

    'Oh hey man, what's up?' I asked.

    'You're not going to believe where I am right now,' Josh said.

    'Whatever man, you're not going to believe where I am,' I said.

    'I'll forgive you for thinking your story is better than mine because you haven't heard it yet,' he said smugly.

    'Yeah okay dude spill,' I humoured him.

    'I'm at the Milton Hotel right now, in the same room as Ellen Page…' he started whispering. 'Who I fucked last night!'

    'What room?' I asked stunned.

    'Err 203 or 204 or something, why do you care?' he answered.

    'Dude, I'm probably next door Walk out to your balcony!' I said as I put some boxers on and walked out to the balcony.

    'No way,' Josh said.

    I opened the balcony door and stood outside, Josh was doing the same. 'Holy shit this is crazy!' I said.

    'This is intense, who are you in there with?' Josh asked hanging up his phone.

    'Dude, Blake Lively!' I said after hanging my own phone up.

    'What!' Josh exclaimed. 'How did you even get here?'

    'That's a long story,' I said. 'I thought you came with Amanda?'

    'Oh I came with Amanda alright,' Josh said. 'Then I came up here with Ellen.'

    'You just broke up with Stacy!'

    'I know!'

    'So… what are you gonna do?' I asked.

    'Well, go back in and fuck her again hopefully… she said she's interested in something serious… what about you?'

    I glanced and saw Blake walking out with the bed sheet wrapped around her. 'I'm about to find out, go back inside.'

    'Okay man, we should chill tonight!' Josh said as she walked back inside his room.

    'Who were you talking to?' Blake asked as she joined me outside.

    'No one, just the guy from next door,' I said.

    'I've been thinking…' Blake started. 'Maybe this doesn't have to be as casual as I thought.'

    'Whoa…' I said sitting down. 'Why the change of heart?'

    'Honestly?' I nodded for her to continue. 'You're really good at fucking me, I mean holy shit!' Blake said.

    I started to blush. 'Oh well, I'm not very special.'

    'Oh know you are Mitch, you're very special,' Blake said as she let the sheet drop revealing her naked body in broad daylight. 'Very special indeed.'

    Blake got down on her knees and pulled my boxers down, taking my soft cock inside her pretty mouth. She rubbed my balls and waved her ass in the air as my cock hardened between her lips. She moaned softly as she slid up my now hard dick, being unable to fit it all in her mouth at this state.

    I placed my hands on her head. 'Go back down,' I pleaded.

    'Oh fuck!' I shouted as softly as I could while she gave in to my wishes.

    Josh's balcony door crept open and he walked outside. 'Whoa!' He mouthed silently.

    'I know right!' I mouthed back as Blake started sucking hard on my cock.

    Josh pulled out his phone and lined up a photo. 'Good idea,' I mouthed as I gave the camera a thumbs up.

    The flash never came though because Josh was taking a video, getting every frame of the action in. He caught on camera me bucking my hips slightly as Blake's lips touched the base of my cock. I kept my hands on Blake's head and told her to close her eyes, she did so and I stood up.

    'Oh fuck yes!' I said as I started to fuck Blake's face.

    'Holy shit!' Josh whispered to his phone as I pulled my cock out and rammed it back down her throat.

    'I'm gonna cum!' I yelled out.

    'Mmm…' Blake moaned as I shot cum deep down the back of her throat.

    Josh quickly turned the camera off and left the scene as Blake sucked hard on my cock, making sure to take all of my seed.

    'I hope that guy doesn't put that on the internet,' Blake said after she took my cock out of her mouth.

    'You knew?' I gasped as she stood up.

    'Of course I knew,' Blake said picking the bed sheet up.

    'I'm sorry,' I said standing up to join her.

    'Don't be sorry, I liked it,' she said before winking and kissing me on the cheek.

    Blake head back inside. 'Hey, wait,' I said.

    'Yeah?' Blake responded.

    '…Wanna get breakfast?' I asked.

    'Yes… I do,' Blake smiled at me and took my hand.

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    One of the best yet, right guys?

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    Yep. Love me some Blake Lively action. She's hot-as-fuck! Thanks MacedMan

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    Another Great Lively Story.
    Can't wait for JLH Story. :))

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