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Thread: "Film Buff" Chapter 4 with Alyson Michalka, Amanda Bynes, Eva Amurri & Cameron Diaz

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    fanfiction "Film Buff" Chapter 4 with Alyson Michalka, Amanda Bynes, Eva Amurri & Cameron Diaz

    "Film Buff - Chapter Four"
    With Alyson Michalka, Amanda Bynes, Eva Amurri and Cameron Diaz
    Written by MacedMan
    (MF, BJ)

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    I was still unsure of what movie it was I was currently invading, but I knew it had to be one set in a high-school. I started to just sort of wonder around the school grounds, I didn't really know what I was looking for because I couldn't recognise any of the people here. A few of the extras looked pretty hot I guess, but no one that I immediately recognised.

    After a few minutes of wondering aimlessly I noticed two very attractive girls walking towards the girl's bathroom. I moved in a little closer to get a better look at them, to my shock they were Emma Stone and Alyson Michalka. I instantly made to follow them in there, but I was quickly stopped by a blonde girl with big tits.

    "You can't go in there, it's the girls bathroom!" She said, after I took a better look I realised I was talking to Amanda Bynes.

    "Oh no, don't worry I wasn't planning on, I just got momentarily confused," I said, trying to stealthily check out her proportions.

    "I guess it's an easy enough mistake to make," She said. "You must be new, I've never seen you around before, the boy's bathroom is right around the corner."

    "Thanks," I said, walking towards the direction she was pointing.

    She then walked into the bathroom herself. I hid behind the closest locker and waited, in a few minutes Amanda Bynes would walk back out of the bathroom in a huff and she would be followed by Emma Stone and Amanda Michalka, that's when I'd strike. As I was waiting I noticed Lisa Kudrow giving me a weird look as she walked past. I noticed that she still pretty good for her age, and her boobs looked bigger than ever.

    I casually checked her ass out as she had passed me entirely, when suddenly I realised Amanda Bynes was walking out of the bathroom, in what appeared to be a huff. She turned the corner and she was gone, I quickly walked over to the bathroom entrance where Emma and Alyson would be walking out momentarily. When they did I walked right into them, making it seem like an accident.

    "Oh sorry about that ladies," I said.

    "That's okay, this sort of thing happens all the time," Emma said, shooting me an innocent smile.

    "Are you new?" Alyson asked, looking me up and down.

    Emma rolled her eyes. "Of course he's new, have you ever seen him before?"

    "Oh yeah, you're right, I think I'd remember if I'd ever met him before," Alyson said as she winked at me.

    This was strange, this whole time I've had to pick the women up, but it seems like Alyson is trying to pick me up.

    "If you two are just going to flirt, then I'm going to go to class," Emma said as she made to walk off.

    I couldn't let this happen. "Don't go."

    "Oh let her go, its okay," Alyson said as she grabbed my wrist.

    "She's just acting high and mighty because she lost her V-Card the other day," Alyson said to me as she pulled me in the girls bathroom, just before I entered I caught a glance of Emma storming off.

    Now that we were alone I was able to get a good look at her. She had wavy blonde hair that was long enough that it rested on her ample bosom. In the movie they jokes about her having big tits, but I never really realised how big they actually were until right this very moment. I just stared at the cleavage her low-cut top provided until she pulled me into a cubicle and started to make out with me.

    "Don't take this personally, I just really need to fuck someone," She said, separating her full pink lips form mine to articulate that sentence.

    "Yeah why?" I asked as I lifted one of my hands off of her ass to feel up one of her tits.

    "My best friend," She said and pointed outside of the cubicle. "She just lost her virginity before me, so I need to fuck someone quick so I can catch up."

    She starts to passionately kiss me again as she rubs my dick through my pants. As she's doing this I pull her top down to reveal her bra covered tits, I immediately continue feeling them up. She unzips my jeans, and places her hand inside them and starts rubbing my dick through my boxers. I move down and start to kiss her tits, licking her nipples underneath her bra while I do so. She pulls my pants and boxers down and starts to jack my dick off.

    "Have you ever done this before?" I ask as I rip her bra off revealing her magnificent breasts.

    "I've done this," She said, gesturing towards my dick in her hand. "But I've never had sex before."

    I dive in and start licking her nipples while she starts to really jack my dick. She was really good at jacking dick, knowing just how fast to go, just the right places to rub and exactly how often she should slow it down. She was so good in fact, that I was scared that I was going to cum too quickly. I pull her hand away.

    "Are you ready?" I ask.

    "Yes," She stated, biting her upper lip.

    I waste no time pulling her skirt down and ripping her panties off. I start off by lightly fingering her, just to get her wet. I start shoving my fingers deep inside, in and out. I'm doing this also as a way to let my dick recover so I don't cum too quickly once I'm inside. I grab her waist and lean her up against the cubicle door, I lightly graze my dick against her vagina.

    "Wait," She said. "Do you have a condom?"

    "Why would I need a condom?" I ask.

    "So I don't get pregnant," She said.

    "It's your first time isn't it?" I ask, hoping that this classic trick would work.

    "Yeah?" She said.

    "Everyone knows you can't get pregnant on your first time," I said and chuckled.


    I start to slowly slide my cock inside of her pussy. She moans a little bit. I pull out and slide it back in. She moans again. I slide in and out again. I keep doing it, picking up my pace every single time. She keeps moaning every time my dick goes in. Louder and louder. Before too long I'm slamming into her against the cubicle door. I just keep pounding her harder and harder, between the sound of her moaning and the sound of the door slamming I couldn't really hear what was happening outside of the cubicle.

    Suddenly without notice the lock on the cubicle door breaks and we go flying onto the ground. My dick is as deep inside her as it can possibly go, there are tears in her eyes, but she's moaning for more. I start slamming into her on the bathroom floor, not even noticing Amanda Bynes starring at us, with a shocked expression on her face.

    "I knew there was something off about you," She said. I slammed into Alyson.

    "Hello!" She said. I continued to fuck Alyson, pretending Amanda didn't exist.

    "I know you can hear me!" She nearly screamed. I stopped.

    "Shut up! Do you want the principal to find out?" Alyson said. I put my hand over her mouth.

    "Hey, I know what you want," I said. "So why don't you come over here and get it?"

    "I'm sorry!" She said, offended. "What are you talking about?"

    "I'm talking about how you want to fuck me," I said. "It was obvious from the moment I met you."

    "I have a boyfriend," She said.

    "I bet you thought that by getting a boyfriend who's in his twenties that he would be down to have sex all the time, but what you didn't realise is that he just wanted chicks in their forties," I said.

    "You don't know what you-"

    "Just come over here and let Alyson eat you out," I said, Alyson shot me a look. "Don't worry; you're going to love this."

    I pulled out of Alyson and quickly stood up to make room for Amanda to come and sit on her face. Amanda stood over the top of Alyson and slowly took her panties off from under her skirt. I started to stroke my dick as Amanda got onto her knees right above Alyson's waiting tongue. She started to lick her vagina, Amanda couldn't believe the pleasure she was experiencing.

    "This is amazing, there's no way God could say this was a sin," She said.

    "That's right," I said as I walked towards her, still stroking my dick.

    "My Dad says that God hate's lesbians," She said, I pulled her top off over her head and took a moment to admire her bra constrained breasts, which were only a bit smaller than Alyson's.

    "Do you know what really is a sin?" I said, unhooking her bra.

    "No, what?" She said, as I released her tits.

    "Receiving and not giving," I said and gently placed my dick at her sexy full lips.

    "Well, okay, if it's a sin..." She said.

    With that, she licked the tip of my dick. She placed he hand son my shaft and started stroking as she licked my dick head. It was damn good for a first attempt, it was clear that she had never sucked a dick, but that she had seen videos of women doing it, so she knew what to do. Then she puts my dick in her mouth, it slides between her lips and her tongue licks it from the inside.

    It was amazing. All the while Alyson is still chowing down on Amanda's Christian pussy. She starts to moan on my dick, the cunnilingus really started to work wonders on her. I start to run my hands through her fake blonde hair. I place them on the back of her head and start to gently push her onto my dick. I take full control as I manually pull her up and down my dick.

    I start to do it a little bit faster, going a little bit faster and deeper every time I do it. I start to sync my hips in with it so I'm bucking every time I start to go further into her mouth. I'm not sure how long I could go without either her gagging or myself cumming. My decision is made for me when she pulls my dick out of her mouth and moans in orgasm. Now dripping from her cunt, she climbs off of Alyson to give her some room to breathe.

    "Now are you going to return the favour?" I suggest.

    "I'm sorry?" She said, flustered.

    "Aren't you going to lick Alyson out the way she did you?" I said.

    "Well I suppose it wouldn't be very Christian if I didn't."

    Alyson is now sitting up leaning against the bathroom wall. Amanda gets on all fours and starts to crawl towards her. I take this opportunity to stare at her gorgeous ass, covered only by the skirt she was wearing. Amanda leans her head down between Alyson's thighs and starts to lick out her pussy. Immediately Alyson grabs the back of her head, forcing her to stay down there until she cums.

    I walk over to them, my hard dick still standing at full attention. I get down on my knees and place myself behind Amanda. Alyson gives me a look. I motion for her to stay quiet. I pull Amanda's skirt up, and gently graze her pussy with my dick. She doesn't appear to notice. Then I gently start to slide my dick inside her vagina. If she noticed, she didn't care, either way; I was going to fuck two virgins today.

    I slide my dick in further until I'm deeply penetrating her. Next I grab her ass cheeks for leverage and slowly pull my dick out until just before the head comes out. Then I pound into her pussy as hard as I can, not giving her any warning, just pounding in and out as hard and fast as I can.

    She makes to pull her head up from Alyson's cunt, but Alyson is quick to pull it back down. We keep going on like this for a few minutes more. I was pretty sure I was gonna cum, all the way back when my dick was in her mouth, so it was a real shock that I hadn't cum already. But I could sense it, I could feel that at any second I would cum inside this beautiful pussy of Amanda's. Then without warning, I slam into her one more time and I can feel buckets of cum shooting into her vagina. Alyson and Amanda also both moaned in unison as they came.

    I stood up, gave Amanda's ass a gentle smack, and walked out of the bathroom door while zipping my jeans up. On the other side of that door was darkness. Darkness accompanied by a dull roar. The floor was wooden; it seemed like a stage of some sort. I had no idea where I was or what I was supposed to do, that was until all of my questions were answered.

    Eva Amurri was sitting on top of a piano clearly waiting for someone. She was wearing a simple button up blouse and a short mini skirt. I couldn't help but notice how huge her tits were, the blouse they were contained in was barely able to hold them. I walked over until I was standing in front of her.

    "Who are you?" She asks me.

    "I'm the man you've been waiting for," I answer.

    "No you're not; the man I've been waiting for is much younger."

    "Aren't you sick of fucking boys?" I said. "Isn't it about time you let a man fuck you?"

    "Boys are innocent," She said.

    "I've got something that a boy can't have," I said.

    "And what's that?" She asks.

    I don't say a word; I simply unzip my jeans and pull my huge dick out. Without a moment's hesitation she grabs my cock and starts stroking it.

    "Okay, but we have to make it quick." She said as I climbed up on to the piano to join her.

    "Don't worry," I said. "It'll be over before you know it.

    I was here for one reason and one reason only. I straddled her body and ripped her blouse off, revealing her huge tits. Thankfully she wasn't wearing a bra. I shove my dick inside of her mouth, to get my dick lubricated. I was finally going to fuck these huge tits; it had been my dream since seeing her on Californication.

    I pull my dick out of her mouth and place it between her two huge tits. I use my hands to pull her tits over my cock so that they're fully covering it. I start to pound my dick between them like a pussy. I can hear that behind the curtain there are a thousand or so students having some sort of an assembly.

    My dick's big enough that when I shove it through her tits, it smacks her on the chin. I instruct her to lean her head down and poke out her tongue. Now every time I slam my dick into her tits, she is able to lick my cock as well. Things are starting to get very loud, I'm surprised that not one has noticed us yet, any minute now those curtains are going to open and thousands of students are going to see me fuck Eva's titties.

    I start to fuck them even harder, so that now my dick was going inside of her mouth. Every time it did, it would get lubricated a little more, which made it easier and easier to fuck her tits harder and harder. I can feel that I'm going to cum soon. I fuck her tits one more time and shove my dick into her mouth and cum.

    The curtains open and suddenly I pass out.

    I wake up sitting a desk. I look out in front of me and see a classroom full of students staring at the TV right next to me. I looked over at the TV and could see Cameron Diaz asleep at her desk. At least I wasn't the only one. Suddenly the bell rings and she starts awake.

    "Okay students, go home or whatever..." She said to them as they emptied out their desks and left the room.

    I watched Cameron get up from her desk. She picked up her bag and started to leave the classroom, apparently paying to mind of me what so ever. She walked closer to the door and I stared at her tight ass, which was encased in an even tighter mini-skirt. Her legs were long and tanned; they were the sexiest pair of legs I had ever seen in my life. I couldn't help myself.

    "Wait a moment!" I called out to her.

    "What?" She turned around.

    "There's something I wanted to talk to you about." I said as I got up and walked towards her.

    "I don't have the time, I have to go-" I kissed her on the mouth and she pushed me away.

    "Yuck!" She said. "What makes you think I'd want to be with a poor teacher's assistant?"

    I had to think quickly. "Oh," I started. "You think that I need to do this?"

    "Well yeah, why else would you?" She said, starting to get annoyed.

    "I only do this shit to meet chicks," I said. "I'm actually rich; my parents left me millions of dollars last spring."

    "Why do you think that this is a great place to look for chicks?" She said, clearly starting to warm up to me.

    "Because I want to marry a girl with brains, and you, just happen to be perfect" I said as I reached out and took her hand.

    "How am I supposed to know you're really rich?" She said, staring at me intently.

    This I wasn't sure of. Instinctively I reached into my pocket, and to my amazement there was a wad of cash in there. I pulled it out and shoved it inside of the jar on her desk labelled 'Boob Job'. She looks at the jar, and then back at me, she launches forward and starts kissing me on the mouth.

    We start to make out heavily; my hands immediately reach down to grab her firm ass in my hands. I squeeze tightly as we start to walk over to her desk. I lift her up from her ass and sit her on the desk while her hands travel down to my jeans. She shoves one of her hands down my jeans and starts to stroke my fully erect dick. I unzip my jeans and release my cock to give her better access, all the while keeping one hand on her perfect ass.

    She starts to jack me off as I take my free hand and creep it up her skirt. It was then I realised that she wasn't wearing any panties. I shove three fingers in her vagina which causes her to momentarily stop jacking my dick off. We break off the kiss so that she can take her top off, revealing her breasts. I wasn't shocked to find she wasn't wearing a bra either. She goes to jack my dick off again, but I bat her hand away, and pull her off the desk.

    I turn her around and bend her over the desk. He tells me she likes it rough. I abide her by shoving my dick in her pussy. She screams out in pleasure as I jam it deep inside of her. I rip her skirt off and start to slap her on the ass while I slam my cock into her pussy. She tells me to pull her hair, I do so, lightly tugging on her hair when I fuck her.

    I change my temp up a bit, going for faster movements. I pull out and slowly shove my cock in her asshole. She moans in surprise. She told me she'd never been fucked in the ass before, but I found that quite hard to believe. I start to slap her on the ass again, which at this point has a red hand print on it. I move faster, fucking her in the ass at a pace I never thought possible.

    She screams in pleasure as she cums, just in time too because I could feel the pressure swelling up in my cock. Just in time I pull my cock out of her ass and cum all over her ass cheeks and back. I pat her lightly on the ass and tell her to go home and pack her stuff. Little did she know she would never see me again, that I may as well not even have existed in her world, then everything around me started to disappear.

    To Be Continued.

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    WOW!.. I am falling in love with this series...

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