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Thread: "Rehabilitation" with Lindsay Lohan and Elisha Cuthbert

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    fanfiction "Rehabilitation" with Lindsay Lohan and Elisha Cuthbert

    With Lindsay Lohan and Elisha Cuthbert
    Written by MacedMan
    (anal, BJ, MF)

    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    It was the longest drive of my entire life, it felt like we had been driving for hours, when in reality, it had probably only been fifteen minutes. We both just sat there, in uncomfortable silence, starring out into the road. How had it come to this? Everything seemed so perfect before, but now it seemed that the perfection is fading, or perhaps… it never truly existed?

    I glanced over at her, her gorgeous blonde hair blowing in the breeze as she concentrated on the road. She was angry I knew it, but that didn't stop me from thinking she looked more beautiful than ever. We could have spent the entire trip in this uncomfortable silence, but we were nearly there, and I was going away for a long time, so I couldn't let it end like this.


    'Court ordered rehab Jeff?' Elisha Cuthbert let out. 'Seriously?'

    'I'm sorry-'

    'This is supposed to be a place for people with an addiction you know, not a place for drunk assholes who have expensive lawyers,' she said.

    'It's better than jail though,' I said with a chuckle, she just glared at me.

    It suddenly went back to uncomfortable silence. We didn't have very long to go, and I knew the mere fact that she was driving me meant that she still cared about me. Why else would she waste her time driving all this way? Eventually, in sustained silence the drive drew to a close when we had finally arrived at our destination 'San Antonio Rehabilitation Centre'.

    'Look,' Elisha started as we pulled up to the curb. 'I'm sorry for being so angry… I'm just… just…' her eyes started to well up.

    'It's okay baby,' I said as I caressed her cheek. 'I know.'

    I wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips.

    'I'm going to be out before you know it anyway,' I said.

    'I know.'

    'And it's not like this is jail, you can visit it me at almost any time!'

    'I know.'

    'Do you think you'll come in?' I asked.

    'No… no I can't,' she said. 'I have to somehow make it across down and look happy for the promo shoot for the show in twenty minutes.'


    'I'm sorry baby,' Elisha said right before pulling me in for a long, lingering open mouthed kiss.

    'I'm sorry too,' I said, grabbing my backs out of the back and getting out of the car.

    'I'll see you soon, okay?' She said.


    I watched her hair flowing in the breeze as she drove away, I let out a futile wave goodbye when she was already far out of sight. I took a deep breath before turning around and walking inside the place that, for the next six months at least, would be my home. I dragged my feet as I walked inside of the building, wanting to make it clear to everyone around that I was not happy with my extended stay here.

    Once I made it inside I realised that this wasn't going to be the sterile environment I thought it would be, it was actually quite lively. It was covered in sea shells, which is fitting due to our proximity towards to the beach. Besides that though it was covered in heaps of various different kinds of memorabilia, it seemed to give of the impression of a family resort, like a place people would come to by choice.

    It wasn't though, a fact that the stern looking and impatient nurse would remind me of. She talked to me in short sentences that mostly revolved around getting me to fill out forms and sign my name where she deemed it needed. Eventually though, this little meet and greet was over, and she took me to see my bedroom, which looked less like the hospital room I envisioned and more like a very well furnished hotel suite.

    I collapsed on the bed immediately after entering my new bedroom. I was hoping that I could somehow just sleep the next six months away, I'd wake up and I'd be getting back into the car with Elisha. We would go back to her place and I would make her dinner, maybe a bottle of wine? I was ripped out of this daydream prematurely though, by the nurse, informing me that it was time to attend group therapy.

    She walked me down a long hallway, eventually taking me into a warmly lit room, with couches and beanbags all arranged in a circle. This was not what I had imagined at all, for some reason I had thought it would be a bit more like 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. I looked around at the faces of all the people filling these comfortable chairs, mostly rich people, maybe a minor celebrity here of there, I could only see boring looking people, that was until my eyes found her… Lindsay Lohan.

    'Okay, everybody this is Jeff he'll be joining us here at the facility for a while,' the counsellor said as I walked over to the circle.

    'Hi, Jeff,' The group roared as I sat on a beanbag.

    'Err… hi,' I muttered.

    'Who would like to share first today?' The counsellor said.

    'I'll go first,' an anxious looking man in a shirt and tie said.

    'Good on you Carl,' the counsellor said.

    Carl started to talk to the group. 'Well I guess I'd have to say my addiction began in high school…'

    I zoned out for quite a while, not really that interested in what this guy had to say, instead I found myself blatantly starring at Lindsay Lohan. I couldn't help myself, obviously I had been around celebrities before, my girlfriend was Elisha Cuthbert, but this seemed different. There was something about Lindsay, perhaps it was her mass media attention or maybe it was the fact that I used to jack off to her as a kid.

    Thankfully Lindsay was far too engrossed in Carls' sad sap story to notice me ogling her so obviously. She was wearing a low cut top that hung incredibly loose, this matched with the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra meant I could pretty much see her nipples and the full shape of her large breasts. I didn't realise quite how long I was staring at her breasts for though, because when I looked back up at her face she was looking directly at me.

    The look on her face was a strange mix between a glare and a blush; we stared into each other's eyes for brief moment, before she angrily gestured towards Carl, who seemed to be just about wrapping up his long winded speech. I managed to pull away just in time to catch the end of his last sentence.

    '…and so I've been here for four months now, and I feel like soon I'll be ready to face the outside world and it's all thanks to you guys.' Everybody clapped their hands as Carl sat back down.

    'Who would like to go next?' The counsellor asked. 'How about you Jeff? Got anything to share?'

    'No,' I answered simply, shaking my head.

    There was an awkward silence.

    'Uh… okay…' the counsellor fumbled.

    'I'll go,' Lindsay said, staring directly at me.

    'Ah, good one Lindsay,' the counsellor said.

    'As you are all undoubtedly aware, I have been in show business since I was a young child. When you're put into that world of adults at such a long age, most people lose their innocence, I didn't though, I managed to hang onto it for a long time… that all change when I starred in Mean Girls and all of a sudden I was the biggest star on the planet. It's not an easy transition to make, one day moderately famous child actor, the next day the biggest star in the whole world… and I wasn't even eighteen yet!' Lindsay said.

    I watched her as she spoke about her life, and I found myself really listening and caring. I'd only ever thought about Lindsay in two ways before, the first was as a sex symbol, the busty redheaded object of my affections, and second as a low-life celebrity scumbag, someone who was the sheer epitome of everything wrong with modern celebrity culture. I'd never thought of her for what she actually was, which is a human being just trying her best like the rest of us.

    '…eventually I was just on drugs all the time, I'd spend all night partying, snorting coke, sucking dick, all the things I thought were what kept me relevant. I used to fuck random guys in bathrooms at clubs just so that they could leak the information to the media… I was a mess, but thankfully I've moved passed that now, thanks to the love and support of my family and you guys,' Lindsay continued.

    She looked directly at me for her next sentence. 'Trust me when I say, the best way to get better is to talk about it.'

    Lindsay sat down and everybody applauded, I wasn't really sure what she was getting at, it was my first day, did I really have to spill my guts on my first day in there? After a few more speeches the group started to disband. I tried to walk about to Lindsay to ask her about her speech, but I found that I didn't have the confidence to, I was star struck. I simply just stared at her ass as she walked out of the room presumably to her own.

    Later that night, in my own bedroom I was trying to get to sleep, unsuccessfully. I just couldn't stop thinking about Lindsay, how she looked, what she said, everything. I thought about how much I missed Elisha already, I have a hard time adapting to new places, I didn't like that I had to sleep in a new bed, especially without my perfect girlfriend lying next to me.

    I start thinking about her lying next to me, what her hand felt like on my cock. I grab my dick and start stroking it underneath the sheets. I think about how good it felt when Elisha would stroke my cock, how she used to put it in her mouth. I keep stroking it, faster and faster, not wanting the memory of my girlfriend's touch to escape.

    How her pussy felt when it was wrapped around my dick. I switch hands when my right gets tired, not wanting to lose momentum. Elisha's blonde hair swaying as she bobbed up and down on my cock, Lindsay's red hair. They way Lindsay's tits would feel wrapped around my dick, shoving my cock in her mouth, fucking her like a dirt slut. She's begging for it, I'm slamming my cock into her whore mouth. Both of my hands are stroking now, pre-cum starts to hit the sheets.

    Suddenly the door opens, and Lindsay Lohan steps into my bedroom. I freeze, I close my eyes and let go of my cock pretending to be asleep. Why Lindsay Lohan was entering my room this late at night unannounced I didn't know, all I knew was I did not want her to know I was jacking off to the image of her sucking my cock.

    Lindsay closed the door behind her and walked over to my bed, taking a seat in the chair next to it. As she got closer I stopped squinting and closed my eyes altogether, it was too late to back out now, if she knew I was faking she would know I was jacking off. Would she know I was jacking off to her?

    Suddenly I felt a ruffling of the sheets, something was coming underneath. Then I felt a small hand touching my rock hard wet dick, and start to rub it a little. She wraps her hand around my cock and strokes it up and down, very slowly and gently. I edged my eyes open and could see the full picture of Lindsay Lohan sitting at my side, jacking my cock underneath the sheets.

    'What is-'

    Lindsay puts her other hand over my mouth. 'Don't talk here, talk at group.'

    I was confused, but I didn't complain, after all I was receiving a late night hand job from Lindsay Lohan. We stared into each other's eyes as she picked up the pace and jacked my dick almost as hard as I was jacking it before she walked in. She had clearly given plenty of hand jobs in her day because she was rubbing her fingers against the base and tip in just the perfect way.

    'What's taking so long?' She asked, now jacking quite rapidly.

    'Performance anxiety I guess…' I said.

    'If I showed you my tits would you get over that?' She asked.

    'Maybe, if I could feel them definitely.'

    She glared at me. 'Don't push your luck boy,' she said as she unbuttoned her top with her free hand.

    I watched as her tits came into view as she let the rest of her nighty drop around her busy wrist. Her tits were spectacular; the playboy shots in no way did these tits justice. She let her hair down with her free hand now and it fell and rest to just above her tits. I'm not sure what exactly, but all of these things happening at once pushed me over the edge and I immediately came in her hand.

    'See, that's better isn't it?' Lindsay said as she wiped her hand on my leg.

    'That felt… so good… your tits…'

    'I know, I told you I've had a lot of experience pleasing men.'


    'I think it's important you feel comfortable enough to talk here, for your healing,' Lindsay said.

    'I'd feel really comfortable if I could feel your tits…' I said.

    'Yeah, good luck with that one,' Lindsay said as she buttoned up her shirt.

    'Thanks.' I said.

    'No problem, just make sure you talk,' she said as she got up and left the room.

    I fell asleep almost instantly, somehow thinking clearly yet thinking nothing all at once. That night, and each concurring night, I would dream of Lindsay Lohan sucking my cock and letting me feel her tits. It always felt so real, so vivid, the most vivid dreams I had ever had in my entire life. I wasn't proud of these dreams, because I knew they were a tell-tale sign for obsession.

    Over the next few days I kept trying to find ways to talk to Lindsay but she just kept ignoring me. I tried to corner her after lunch, accidentally bumping into each other between private therapy sessions, talking to her near the pool was my favourite because I got to see her in her bikini, it wasn't that the bikini was tiny, it was normal size, her tits were just that big that it seemed small for her.

    Each time though, I was met with the same vacant stare and awkward partings. She wouldn't even greet me, she would just awkwardly stare for a moment and then turn around and walk away. I was so confused, I understood if she wanted to make it known that the hand job was a onetime deal, but this seemed to be a bit extreme.

    One day, while lying in bed tossing and turning with a stiff erection, thinking about Lindsay beautiful red hair and big tits, I got a phone call. It had actually gotten to the point where I debated whether or not I should answer the phone or just jack of to the image of Lindsay Lohan sucking my dick. This time though, I answered the phone.

    'Hey Jeff!' The familiar voice of Elisha Cuthbert said.

    'Holy shit baby, how are you doing?' I asked, genuinely happy to hear her voice.

    'I'm doing okay, good actually, I'm coming in today to visit you,' she said.

    'Today?' I said, looking around at all the wadded tissues around the room.

    'Yes today, actually in more like twenty minutes!' She said.

    'Oh my god! That's awesome baby, the nurse should be able to bring you to my room, I'm just going to clean up a bit,' I said.

    'Okay baby, I'll see you soon,' Elisha said, followed by a click.

    I got up and tidied the room around me, making sure all of the used tissues and the like were all safely disposed of. I walked around the room, picking up any stray piece of clothing I may have abandoned in the last few days. After making sure the entire room was as clean as possibly could be I lied back down on the bed, mentally preparing myself for what would be a welcome distraction from everything.

    Twenty minutes ticked by slowly, almost as if some menacing god didn't want me to ever get there. It was probably the same god that put me in my car that night, even though I knew I was too drunk, the same one that put that police officer on duty in that area, the same one that did god knows what to that same police officer to breathalyse a man who as driving quite normally. Eventually the god conceded though, because I heard a knock on the door.

    'Come in!' I shouted.

    Elisha opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. 'Jeff, it feels like so long since I last saw you!'

    She ran over to my bed as I got up to meet her in the middle, we embraced for a moment before breaking into a passionate kiss.

    'It sucks so much in here,' I said between kisses.

    'I know baby, I'll make it better,' Elisha said in a moment where she had air.

    'I love you so much,' I said as we started to walk backwards towards my bed.

    'I love you to,' she said, pushing me down onto the mattress.

    We started to roll around, barely being able to contain ourselves. It had only been a few days, but to us, young lovers; it had felt like a life time. All the anger had subsided the resentment we felt toward each other had disappeared, in this moment none of that mattered, all that was important was that we were together again.

    'It's been so hard baby,' Elisha said as I rolled on top of her. 'Without you around to fuck me.'

    'How do you think I feel?' I asked as I unbuttoned her blouse. 'Without your soft pussy I feel lost.'

    'That's sweet baby,' she moaned as I finally managed to pull her jeans off. 'Well it's all yours now.'

    'Damn right it is,' I said as I took my shirt off.

    I looked over the body that I had been missing as I unbuckled my belt. Her large firm tits were being supported nicely by a lace black bra. I started to pull my jeans down as I looked over her smooth stomach and sexy black panties. Elisha really did have the perfect figure. I leaned down to kiss her as I threw my jeans onto the floor.

    'Please baby,' she moaned. 'I need your cock.'

    'In good time,' I said as I kissed her neck.

    'I'm so wet, I need you right now,' she said as I unhooked her bra, revealing her nice round tits. Her nipples were soft and pink like I always remembered them.

    'I missed these tits,' I said as I licked her nipples.

    'Yeah baby, they missed you to,' she said while I bit them a little.

    I moved down her body, kissing her stomach, using my fingers to pinch her nipples and caress her breasts. Eventually I made it down to her panties, which I realised were soaking wet when I touched them with my fingers. I kept kissing around her navel as I gently pulled down the black lace panties, shoving two fingers in her pussy as I did so.

    'Oh shit baby!' Elisha moaned as I pulled my fingers out and jammed them back in. 'Just like that!'

    'Yeah, you like that don't you!' I said as I continued my deed, kissing down her until I was right above where my fingers were entering.

    'Yes, please I need your cock!' She practically yelled.

    I ignored her pleas for my cock and instead removed my fingers, placing my tongue over the top of her pussy. At first I licked around it softly, before I fully inserting my tongue into her box. Her juices were getting all over my face, it was uncontainable she was so wet; I loved the taste though, so I didn't mind.

    'Oh fuck yes!' She moaned as I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy, foreshadowing what I was going to do with my cock soon enough.

    I stayed silent as she placed her hands on my head, she was screaming 'Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!' so loudly that I was a hundred precent sure that everyone in the entire facility could hear her. I didn't mind though, I wanted them to listen, I wanted them to hear how good I could make her feel, in a way I think I wanted Lindsay to hear the most. I shrugged that thought of just in the moment that Elisha came, juices squirting on my face.

    'I need your cock, now!' Elisha yelled as she let go of my head.

    'Your wish is my command,' I said as I pulled my boxers down, revealing my rock hard cock.

    'Yes, fuck yes, like that!' Elisha moaned I gently slid my cock deep inside of her pussy.

    'How does it feel baby?' I asked as I managed to fit in my entire length.

    'So fucking good, I missed this cock so much,' she said as I slowly started to pull out again.

    'The vibrator just doesn't-'

    I quickly jammed my cock back into her pussy, forcing her to stop talking and moan. I continued to shove my cock deep into her box, only to pull out and shove it back in again immediately while she just moaned, seemingly paralysed by pleasure. Her pussy was so wet that storming in and out with my rod was a breeze.

    'Please! Yes!' She moaned as she dug her nails into my back.

    'Take it! Yeah take it!' I yelled as I placed my hands on her tits, groping them in my hands as I ploughed her pussy.

    'You feel so good inside me Josh!' Elisha said as I gyrated inside her box.

    'Your pussy feels like heaven baby!' I said, feeling a familiar pressure in my cock.

    I knew that at any moment I could cum inside her sweet pussy, but I also knew that I wanted to keep this going for as long as possible so I pulled my cock out and stood up from the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a confused look on her face. I bent down and grabbed her ankles, attempting to turn her over onto her stomach and pull her further out to the side of the bed.

    'You wanna fuck me from behind?' Elisha asked as she helped me by turning herself over and letting her legs dangle.

    'More than anything,' I said as I placed my hands on her soft pale butt cheeks.

    'You're going to stick your cock in me and fuck me like an animal?' Elisha asked as I started to actively grope her ass cheeks.

    'I'm gonna fuck you so hard baby,' I said as I kissed one of her cheeks. 'That you'll need to check into rehab.'

    I straightened up and replaced my hands on her ass cheeks as I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. Her ass was so round, it felt so good to have my hands touching them while my cock dug deep inside of her. I decided to take my time to get my cock all the way in, partly to savour the moment but mostly to give my dick time to cool off.

    'Please just fuck hard babe, I just need your cum inside me so bad!' Elisha yelled back as my dick reached its destination.

    'Alright baby, anything for you,' I said as I began to rapidly fuck her from behind, keeping a steady two hands on her ass cheeks at all times.

    'Oh fuck!' Elisha moaned.

    I continued to fuck her while I leaned down to grope her breasts, getting close enough to whisper in her ear. 'I fucking miss you so much baby.'

    'Oh, god! I uh! Miss you uh! Too!' Elisha gasped out as I fucked her even more rapidly.

    'Oh fuck that feels amazing baby,' I said as Elisha gyrated her hips. 'Keep doing that!'

    'Oh Jeff, fuck yes Jeff!' Elisha yelled as she came all over my cock.

    I could feel I was about cum at any second. 'Oh fucking god yes L-L-Lisha!' I got out just before I came deep inside Elisha's moist pussy.

    'Oh god,' I said in her ear as I fell down on top of her, my cock rapidly shrinking inside of her.
    'That was amazing,' she said as I pulled out and laid down next to her. 'Lisha huh? You've never called me that before, I like it.'

    'Yeah,' I said, glad she didn't catch me thinking about someone else whilst fucking her. 'I just thought I'd try it out.'

    Elisha got up and started to put her clothes on. 'This was so perfect Jeff.'

    'Where are you going?' I asked as I sat up to watch her.

    'I'm sorry to leave so soon but I have to get to the set,' she said as she kissed me on the lips.

    'That's cool I'll just lay here and recover,' I said as she walked out the door.

    Lay there and recover I did, in fact I laid there for so long that I didn't realise I had missed the beginning of group therapy. It didn't matter though, I knew I didn't really need it anyway, and all that seeing Lindsay again would confuse things. I was happy to just lie on my bed, reliving the sexual experience I had just gathered.

    'Sir, can you put some clothes on,' a female voice shouted from the direction of my door.

    'Oh god,' I said, realising the nurse had walked in. 'I didn't even realise the door opened.'

    I quickly jumped up and started putting some clothes on. 'You'd better come to group now, everyone is waiting for you.'

    'I'm sorry, I just got side-tracked,' I said while putting a shirt on.

    'Trust me I heard, everybody heard,' she said as she left the room.

    In group I couldn't focus on what anyone was saying, it was all such a blur, I was so tired from my sexual encounter, I just didn't have the energy to think about it. Everyone got up and told their stories, but I was just keen to chill out and relax, then go back to my room to fall asleep. Throughout the entire meeting I was getting glares from Lindsay, she was going to be disappointed that her hand job hadn't swayed me into believing I was an alcoholic, but that was her problem.

    'Jeff,' the counsellor said near the end of the meeting. 'You've been awfully quiet, care to share?'

    'I'm not really much for sharing,' I said, trying not to notice the glare from Lindsay.

    'On the contrary Jeff, I feel like you shared quite a bit with everyone this afternoon,' he said, smiling to himself.

    'Sorry about that…' I muttered.

    Group therapy came to an end and I managed to get through it without saying another word. I was excited when I got back to my bed to finally get some sleep. I thought that maybe next time I'd talk, but then I realised that I didn't have anything to say. I thought to myself that it'd be best to just get through this entire experience as silently as possible. Eventually I fell into a deep sleep and I was plagued with a strange dream.

    'Hey there big boy,' Lindsay said.

    I looked around, I seemed to be in a never ending room of white. 'Where are we?'

    'Don't you worry about that,' Lindsay said. 'Worry about this.'

    She took her bathrobe off, revealing herself to be completely naked underneath. 'Whoa, this is unbelievable... I must be dreaming.'

    'Whether you are or you aren't really doesn't matter Jeff,' Lindsay said. 'All that matters is you're going to get your cock sucked, and it's going to feel real.'

    I simple nodded, not really having anything to say as she climbed on the bed and wrapped her lips around my exposed cock.

    'Holy shit,' I said. 'I wish this wasn't a dream.'

    'It's not,' a voice said above me as Lindsay rubbed my balls with her chin.

    'It's not? Of course it is,' I shouted at seemingly no one.

    'Just wake up Jeff, you'll see.'


    In an instant my eyes sprung open and I was back in my room again, and most importantly when I looked down Lindsay was in fact actually sucking my cock. Not only that but she was working it like a pro, using one of her hands to stroke my cock and the other the massage my balls all while keeping the head of my dick inside her mouth.

    'Holy shit, what?' I said as Lindsay gently slid her lips down the shaft of my cock.

    'Don't talk,' she whispered into my cock, jacking it harder.

    'How can I-' I started.

    Lindsay let go of my cock. 'If you don't stop talking, I start walking.'

    I answered her with silence; she smiled to herself and shoved my cock back inside her mouth. She truly was an expert, the way she was able to get the entire length of my cock inside my mouth without gagging; she had clearly had plenty of practise. Elisha hated giving blowjobs, so this was easily the best one I had ever had in my whole life.

    I placed my hands on her head as she tried to pull up, insisting on her staying down and focusing on sucking. She gave in, managing to lightly move her head up and down, slobbering my cock with her tongue. Before long I let go, and she pulled her head up and smiled at me.

    'I'm hoping that after tonight, you'll be a little more vocal at group,' she said as she wiped her mouth.

    'Why do you care so much?' I asked as Lindsay unhooked her bra, letting it sit just over her breasts.

    'Because I know you have the potential to get better Jeff, you just need a little push,' Lindsay said as she took the bra off her tits and threw it to the ground.

    'Thank you Lindsay,' I said, staring deep into her eyes.

    'It's no problem Jeff,' she said as she spat on her hand and rubbed it on my dick. 'Now, do you want me to wrap my big juicy tits all over your rock hard dick?'

    'Yes please,' I answered as she got down on her stomach and wrapped her tits around my cock.

    'Do you like fucking my tits Jeff?' she asked as she pumped them up and down over my cock.

    'My cock feels so good between your huge titties Lindsay,' I said as I bucked my hips into her tits.

    My dick started to hit her lips when she looked down. 'You want a titfuck blowjob huh?'

    'Yes, that would feel so good!' I said as much cock slapped her chin.

    'You want to fuck my titties and my mouth at the same time?' She asked, looking down at my cock, licking it every time it came up.

    'Please yes, that's what I want!' I nearly yelled.

    'Okay!' She said as she opened her mouth and poked her tongue out awaiting my cock.

    She moaned softly as my cock went inside her mouth, she was able to give it a lick and a suck every time it entered and exited her pretty little mouth. I placed my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her soft red hair. I could feel the pressure in my cock mounting, I knew it was coming soon but I didn't think Lindsay did, I was excited to surprise her with a face full of cum.

    'You want to cum in my face?' Lindsay said removing her mouth from my cock. 'Or shoot your jizz on my tits?'

    'Face!' I yelled. 'I wanna douse your freckly face with cum!'

    'Too bad!' She said as she removed my cock from her tits.

    'What?' I asked as she started to crawl up my body. 'No, please!'

    'I don't want to have to do this again,' Lindsay said taking her panties off as her tits waved around in my face. 'So I need to get all the fuck your of your system.'

    'I don't understand,' I said as Lindsay placed my cock inside her pussy.

    'You will now,' she said as she slid her pussy down my cock.

    Lindsay took her time as she slid her wet pussy down to the base of my dick. Once she got down there she slowly moved her hips in a circular motion which gave me the feeling in my cock like I might cum at any moment. To focus my attention I stared into her freckly tits as they were mere inches away from my face.

    'Here,' Lindsay started as she grabbed my hands and placed them on her large tits. 'Entertain yourself.'

    I groped her tits in my hands. 'They feel so good Lindsay,' I said as she continued to gyrate around my cock.

    'And for one night only they're yours,' Lindsay said as I leaned up and licked her nipples.

    'I've never had tits this big in my mouth before,' I said as I sucked on her pink nipples.

    'Believe it or not they're real,' she said as she bucked up and down on my cock, making sure to pull out completely before slamming back down again.

    'At this point Lindsay, I'd say these are the realist thing about you,' I said before hearing myself. 'No offense.'

    'None taken, I pride myself on my tits, I'm glad you appreciate them,' she said as she pressed her chest against mine and made the bucking action even larger.

    I moved my hands down and left them on her ass cheeks. 'This ass is a marvel.'

    'Thank you, unfortunately that's the one thing you can't fuck tonight,' Lindsay whispered right into my mouth.

    'I'll be the judge of that,' I said as I pushed her ass down and bucked my hips at the same time.

    'Oh!' Lindsay moaned. 'That actually feels… Great!'

    'Damn right it does,' I said as I continued to slam her pussy. 'I'm gonna own this pussy tonight!'

    'It's already yours baby,' Lindsay said as she sat back up. 'Just for tonight I'm your personal whore.'

    'Alright whore,' I started. 'Turn around, I don't want to look a whore in the face.'

    'Yes, that's what I'm talking about!' Lindsay said as she swivelled around my cock, facing the opposite direction.

    I buck my hips and continue to fuck her while she jumps up and down on my cock. 'Yeah, you like it like that Lindsay?'

    'I do, it makes me feel dirty,' she said continuing to ride on my cock reverse cowgirl.

    'That's because you are a dirty slut,' I said as I placed my hands on her ass cheeks. 'You're my slut tonight Lindsay.'

    I lifted Lindsay's ass up until my cock was completely out of her. 'Are you ready Lindsay?'

    'Ready for what?' She asked as I shoved my cock in her asshole without any warning.

    'I thought I-' Lindsay started but quickly just moaned when I shoved my entire cock into her asshole.

    'You thought you what Lindsay?' I asked as I pulled my cock back out again. 'Thought you were a whore? Don't worry you still are,' I quipped as I shoved my cock right back inside of her tight asshole.

    'You're assholes pretty tight for a whore Lindsay,' I said starting to pick up the pace as Lindsay continued to simply moan.

    'I've never! Been fucked! In the ass!' Lindsay managed to get out between moans.

    'What do you mean?' I said as I pumped away at her brown eye. 'A slut like you? Never getting fuck in the ass, I find that hard to believe.'

    'It's true, why do you! Think I didn't! Want you to!' Lindsay let out with great difficulty.

    'Shh!' I hissed. 'I'm cumming!'

    Lindsay simply moaned as I gripped tighter on her soft freckly ass cheeks. 'I'm gonna cum in your ass Lindsay; I'm cumming in your virgin asshole!'

    'Yes! I need your cum!' Lindsay shouted as I came deep inside her recently fucked for the first time asshole.

    Lindsay left in a rush that night; I think she felt moderately ashamed of what she had done. She avoided me around the rehab centre; I wasn't even able to get a single word out of her for the next week. Elisha had to fly to New York that week, so I felt incredibly lonely in my bedroom. That was until the next group therapy meeting, where I actually showed up on time.

    'Who would like to talk first today?' The counsellor asked the group.
    I stood up. 'I would.'

    I looked around the room, everybody was shocked. 'That's great Jeff, start whenever you please.'

    I looked at Lindsay and smiled. 'My name is Jeff Winslow.' She smiled back. 'And I'm an alcoholic.'

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    Fucking. Awesome!

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    With the TPG seal of approval, you're on your way here.

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    Great story Macedman! Though your dream sequence (that turned out to be real) just blew a part of a story I'm working on (almost played out exactly the same as some lines I'd written down - back to the drawing board then!) Looking forward to reading more from you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hearsz View Post
    Great story Macedman! Though your dream sequence (that turned out to be real) just blew a part of a story I'm working on (almost played out exactly the same as some lines I'd written down - back to the drawing board then!) Looking forward to reading more from you...
    Sorry about that man, it's a pretty common thing I think, to happen in stories. I'm sure I probably subconsciously stole it from something else I read or watched, so I'm not invading your brain or anything. lol. I certainly wouldn't mind if you decided to just go on with your plans, in any case, good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacedMan View Post
    Sorry about that man, it's a pretty common thing I think, to happen in stories. I'm sure I probably subconsciously stole it from something else I read or watched, so I'm not invading your brain or anything. lol. I certainly wouldn't mind if you decided to just go on with your plans, in any case, good luck.
    Haha, it's all good. No doubt I've read or seen it from somewhere else as well! I'm sure I'll be able to find a way around it.
    I also appreciate a good Elisha story, even though Lindsay is the main seductress in your story. A rehab clinic is the perfect setting for her!

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    What a setting.. Though Elisha's part was pretty small.. unlike your other stories where both girls get equal weightage... But I guess the rehab background meant Lindsay was going to be the star! Look forward to more stories from you!

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