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Thread: "Film Buff" Chapter 5 with Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightley and Liv Tyler

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    fanfiction "Film Buff" Chapter 5 with Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightley and Liv Tyler

    "Film Buff - Chapter Five"
    With Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightley and Liv Tyler
    Written by MacedMan
    (MF, BJ)

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    It had been a week since I was at the lab. I was sitting at a table for two at a really fancy restaurant, and I wasn't entirely sure why. The other day my sister called me up and told me I was starting to depress her. It seemed she really wanted me to get a girlfriend, little did she know I was having a lot of sex with some very attractive women back at the lab.

    My sister was also a film journalist so she had told me she was able to get me a job if I wanted. I told her that I already had a job lined up for in a couple of weeks, so that should keep her quiet about that for a while. I looked up from the table and saw a pretty young woman entering the restaurant. I assumed that was my date.

    I started to check her out as she walked over to me. She was pretty good I guess, she had a nice face, but not as nice as Mila Kunis. She had pretty decent tits as well, although they couldn't match Eva Amurri's big beautiful boobs. When I got up to pull her chair out for her I was able to get a good look at her ass too, it was okay, nothing compared to Cameron Diaz's sexy rump though.

    "Cynthia I presume?" I said to her as I took my seat.

    "Yes and you must be-"

    "Jessica's brother yeah," I said shaking her hand.

    "And you're a film journalist," She said. "Who do you work for?"

    "Well actually, I'm between jobs at the moment."

    The whole night went about as boringly as I suspected it would. The fact is, no matter how great a normal girl is, she just can't stand up to how exciting the entertainment the girls in the machine can give me. It's not entirely her fault though; I was pretty clearly focused on other things.

    I arrived home after finishing off the boring and unsuccessful date. The next day would be my next day in the machine, at the end of the last session Hal said we were going to make bigger changes and stay inside for even longer. I spent the night watching movies trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to be in for the next day.

    I woke up the next day with my right hand on the remote and my left hand on my dick. I pulled my hand out of my pants and checked my watch. 10:00AM. Late. I was supposed to be at the lab at 10, what was Hal going to think now when I show up late. I quickly showered and got ready, practically flying out of the door. I kept checking my phone for Hal's call, but I got nothing, strange.

    I pressed the buzzer. Nothing. I pressed it again. Still nothing. I pressed it and banged loudly on the door. It swung open. I quickly climbed up the stairs until I was face to face with Hal at the top. I looked at his face; it seemed like he didn't care at all that I was late. Maybe he wasn't really a stickler for being punctual.

    "You're late." Here it comes.

    "I'm sorry." He still didn't seem that phased.

    "Don't be sorry, you're the one who's going to be spending less time in the machine today, I'll still get to all my tests." He said, turning around and walking away.

    "That's fair." I said.

    "Know this; if it happens again, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to replace you." He said.

    I nodded. He just looked at me, and then over to the machine. I got the hint. I handed over the DVD's I had been saving for today and climbed into the machine. I suddenly felt a familiar electric shock and I was in. I wondered briefly if Hal wasn't going to take it out on me in some passive aggressive way, like making me fuck Kathy Bates or something. These suspicions were quickly quelled however, when I realized I was standing on a dark street corner, talking to none other than Jennifer Lawrence.

    "We can have sex if we keep the lights off." She said.

    "That sounds good to me." How could I resist?

    I looked down at her cleavage for a moment before she grabbed my hand and started towards the guest house she lived in at the back of her parent's house. She grabbed her keys and quickly unlocked the door, and she pulled me inside and kissed me on the mouth. She closed the door with her foot and immediately started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

    I can't see very well inside the room but it appears to be a big empty dance space. We keep making out, trying to awkwardly climb up the stairs at the same time. Now her hand is inside my jeans rubbing my huge erection. Finally we get up the stairs to the dark room above, we hit something and fall and land on a couch.

    I'm on top of her now; her hand is still buried inside my jeans massaging my cock. She pulls her hand out and I start to grind against her covered pussy. Our tongues are swirling together, she was the best kisser so far, she must have been really good at it. We roll over and she pulls her mouth away from mine, and starts to grind my covered dick.

    After a few minutes of intense dry humping she climbs off and gets off the couch entirely. I sit up on it normally, not knowing really what to expect. I couldn't see very well, so I wasn't sure where she was in the room. Suddenly she appears in front of me on her knees. I lay back on the couch as she unzips my jeans and pulls my cock out.

    She strokes it up and down slowly, she has definitely done this before, she was the closest thing to an expert at jacking I had ever had. She knew just when to go slow, and just went to speed it up. She was a hand job genius. The tips of her fingers lightly massaging the head of my dick, all the way to her full grip stroking my shaft. If only I could see her properly, but she insisted that this happen in the dark, I start to feel around the wall behind me for a light switch.

    Then I can feel her tongue lightly touching the tip of my dick. Now she was stroking my shaft while lightly licking the head of my dick. She was treating my dick like an ice-cream cone. I found the light switch, but I knew if I turned it on now, I would only risk having her stop her amazing blow job. I guess fucking everyone in her office paid off in a big way, it's obviously given her a lot of experience and a lot of skill.

    I place my hands gently on top of her head, and start to lightly push down on it. She takes the hint and starts to engulf my cock. Now the entire head of my dick is inside her mouth, she continues to stroke my shaft, while she goes lower and lower on my dick. She then pulls up a bit, and goes back down again. I felt like she was pretty distracted by my cock invading her mouth, if there was ever going to be a chance to turn the lights on, this was it.

    I reach behind me, and flip the switch. That's when I saw it; Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence was sucking my cock. Just as suspected her eyes were closed, due to focusing so hard on sucking my dick. She opens her eyes and looks up at me, it was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen, he eyes were so gorgeous, it was like a dream to have them looking up at me while he mouth was wrapped around my dick.

    She pulled my dick out of my mouth. Here it comes. She took her hands off of my dick and she said "So you want to see the show do you?"

    Instantly she pulls her top off, revealing her tits in a bra. She looks up at me and takes her bra off, revealing her nice natural tits. I take a moment to admire her beautiful breasts before she starts jacking my dick again. This time though, she's doing it rigorously fast. She leans in closer to my dick, seemingly to get more leverage jacking it.

    Then she brings her tits closer to my cock, and starts to lightly touch her breasts with it. She's slowly sliding my dick between her tits. I grab the sides of her boobs and squeeze them together so that they wrap tighter around my dick, then I start to buck my hips so that I'm titfucking her. She is able to catch my dick in her mouth and pull her tits away.

    She goes up and down on my dick even faster than before, and I place my hands more forcefully on top of her head. Less than gently pushing it down on my dick, she continues to consume more and more of my dick. She gets about half way down when she tries to pull her head back up, but my hands are there to stop her, forcing her to go even further down.

    She is able to deep throat my entire dick, while continuing to suck it. I couldn't take it anymore; I knew I wasn't far off cumming inside of her pretty little mouth. The decision is taken away from me when she forces her head off my dick. She gets up and straddles me, after ripping her skirt and panties off.

    She slides her pussy on top of my dick, slowly but surely. I take control and push ourselves off of the couch and down on to the ground. I am now on top of her and I start to plough into her pussy harder than ever before. I was viciously slamming into her pussy so hard that her ass was starting to bruise from the friction.

    There's a loud electric noise, and I get a fuzzy, pixelated, blurred vision. Suddenly my cock isn't inside Jennifer Lawrence, it's inside the considerably older Sandra Bullock. She looks shocked, but not as shocked as I was. I placed my hands on her tits, which were also bigger than Jennifer's, and started to slam into her pussy just the same.

    The weird thing was, was that I didn't even bring this movie today, nor did I even own it, so there's no chance I accidentally brought it. This must be Hal's punishment, he was stupid if he thought that this was punishment, surely he underestimated my lust for cougars. I lean down and shove my face in her tits, slobbering and licking them all over. I move back up and start to fuck her on hard, heavy motions.

    Her nails dig into my butt cheeks as she screams in orgasm. I lean back in and kiss her on the lips, while I pick up the pace with my cock, now going for hard, fast movements. Our tongues dance together as I swiftly cum inside her pussy, easily one of the longest and most satisfying orgasms I ever had in my entire life. I start to climb out of her, but I don't have to, I blink and I'm suddenly on an old-timey couch.

    "Hal, what was the deal with that?" I called out.

    "I don't know, the machine is malfunctioning, I suggest you come out." A voice answered back.

    "No way," I said. "I barely just got in here."

    That means that if Hal didn't put the movie in himself, that the machine was able to find that film, and play it for me. This changed everything, this meant that potentially I could come to this machine without any DVD's and it would still work, it must be connected to the internet or something. I lost my train of thought as Keira Knightly walked into the room wearing a beautiful white dress.

    We sit there for a while having a long and boring conversation about Psychology, the strangest thing, was that I knew exactly what to say at any given time. It was as if the machine was able to feed me information that would help me get laid. After a long time, the conversation turns to sex, and how we should stop doing it. It appears I had entered this film, midway through the affair; well I just simply didn't have time for this.

    I kissed her on the lips, and she reciprocated. I couldn't control my hands from travelling all over her body. I undo her dress, revealing her back and ass. She stops kissing me and stretches herself out of my lap, making it obvious she wants me to spank her. So I do so, I start to spank her ass lightly.

    She urges me to pick up the pace, as I spank her harder. She starts to moan, I spank her harder and harder. My dick is now hard as a rock and pressing up against her stomach. She moans in pleasure as I spank her ass, now starting to go red. I jump up and get on top of her while she's still flat on her stomach.

    I pull my dick out and shove it in her pussy. I jam it in her before she has any opportunity to understand what's going on. I pull it out and slam it into her pussy even harder, she starts to moan even louder now. I start to spank her butt cheek while I continue to fuck her pussy.

    She screams in orgasm as I pound her from behind one more time. I pull out and stand up, pulling her up from the couch and down to her knees. She starts to lick my cock like a lollipop. I grab the back of her head and shove my cock in her mouth, forcing it to go all the way to the back of her throat. She gags but I don't give her an inch.

    Instead I pull my dick out slightly, and begin to buck my hips back and forth, while continuing to hold her head in place. Tears start to for in her eyes as I angrily fuck her gorgeous face. After a few more minutes I pull out and start to jack my dick, within seconds I cum all over her face. She quickly wipes her hands over the face and starts to lick up my semen, clearly having enjoyed herself.

    I zip up my pants and the next thing I know I'm in a hallway. I turn to my left slightly and Liv Tyler starts to kiss me. I passionately kiss her back, I'm not the type of guy to be rude towards a woman who had decided to kiss me out of the blue. She continues to kiss me as she starts to undo my jeans and pull them down.

    I had just cum not long ago all over Keira Knightley's face, but already there was a tent in my boxers. As we make out she starts to jack my dick off with one hand, and grab the back of my head with the other. I immediately start to unbutton her shirt, very excited to see her big tits. We separate for a moment as I focus all my attention on ripping her top off.

    I grab her full firm bra covered breasts in my hands and lean in to motorboat them. As I'm doing this she starts to pull my shirt off, I pull away for a moment and she rips my shirt off over my head. I undo her trousers and pull them down to her ankles, and then I couch down and pull her panties off.

    I kiss the places around her vagina, being sure to lick everything except her pussy. Her pussy is so we that the juices are practically gushing from her vagina. Now I kiss her vagina, being sure to take it slow, licking her lips. I start to lightly tickle the clitoris with my tongue, which sends her into a rage. She grabs the back of my head and forces my mouth onto her vagina; I start to fuck her pussy with my tongue, rubbing the clitoris with my finger as I go.

    She cums loudly and finally lets go of the back of my head. I stand up and instantly shove my cock inside her pussy. I slam her hard up against the hallway wall, as I do this I rip her bra off revealing her large white tits. I continue to fuck her like this as I shove my face into her tits again, this time being sure to lick on her nipples until they're erect.

    Her legs wrap around my waist, as I am now supporting her weight entirely. I pull my face out of her tits and start to kiss her on the mouth. I speed up my movements and fuck her harder and faster against the wall until she's practically making a hole in the wall.

    I pull her off the wall and walk into the bedroom, continuing to fuck her as I do so. Once in the bedroom I fall back onto the bed where she takes control. She's gliding up and down on my dick as fast as she can, I take this opportunity to grab her bouncing tits in my hands. She cums again, but this time accompanied by a scream and a biting of her lip.

    She climbs off my dick and off of the bed, down onto her knees in front of my fully erect dick. She licks her beautiful lips right before she does the same to my fully erect cock. She slowly but surely slides the entire thing inside her mouth and starts to suck hard. Instantly I cum inside her mouth and she just keeps sucking it, making sure that every piece of cum goes inside her mouth.

    She pulls my dicks out of her mouth gives me a gorgeous smile and goes in for one last lick before standing up to lay down next to me. I politely tell her I'm going to have a shower, and walk into the next room where a nice shower is awaiting me.

    "I can't wait to see where I go next."

    To Be Continued.

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    This is where actual story elements began to creep up. But stuff like Jennifer Lawrence giving various jobs is an added bonus too.

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    Dont get me wrong... I love your series.. But somehow this part lacked the earlier built up.. But I felt it did not do justice based on your earlier writings..

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