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Thread: "Second Chance" starring Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "Second Chance" with Demi Lovato

    Second Chance
    starring Demi Lovato

    Written by Deadshot
    (codes: MF, Oral, Reluctance)

    DISCLAIMER: All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred.

    You know, despite what some people may say, I think life is pretty good. Of course, I may be biased because I'm living my dream. Or a damn good enough version of it. Living in sunny California, playing music for a living, and to top it all off I have the single best girlfriend in history, Selena Gomez. At the age of twenty-two, I have it all.

    Honestly, if a person could think of a more perfect lady, I'd have to argue the issue. Though the way we met and got together may not exactly be romantic or anything close. You see, at one point I was with Selena's former best friend, Demi Lovato. I was her guitar player and even helped co-write some of her songs. Not my preferred genre, but what pays the bills pays the bills.

    Demi was a wild child when I knew her. Very wild. I remember one time on tour, I walked in on her fucking the rest of the band. She invited me to join in, and I refused. Not to be a paragon of virtue or anything, but something seemed off about running a train on a woman who was drunk out of her mind with a platter of cocaine in the middle of the room. Refusing her advances of course did nothing but spur her on.

    Needless to say, at seventeen years old Demi Lovato was a total seductress. She knew what she had and how to work it. The more I resisted, the more she turned the heat up. Eventually the other members of the band were mere afterthoughts to her, I was the focus.

    It took a couple months, but eventually she cornered me during a tourdate, pushing me into a janitor's closet and locking it behind me. She proceeded to give me a blowjob like it was going out of style. After that and the pursuit that preceded it, Demi and I were an item. It was an exciting year.

    Exciting...not wonderful. We had our good times, but soon enough, her bad habits began to take their toll. She could be an unbelievable cunt when she was wacked out on coke or black out drunk. I dealt with it though. The breaking point was the cheating. I had suspected something was going on, but when I came to her apartment and found some second rate sitcom star balls deep in my girlfriend, that was it. He was lucky all I did was cuss both of them out. I felt like beating the shit out of him, but that would have gotten me nothing but a blacklist in entertainment.

    After that event, I left her and the tour. Apparently, that's when she spun really out of control. What tipped her over the edge was her own version of what I saw, apparently. Some of my former bandmates on the tour told me she walked in to the tourbus, expecting to see her new beau. She did...with two of her own fans, naked and going wild in her bed.

    Soon after that, she punched her back-up dancer after an especially rough night of partying and it was off to rehab with her. Despite everything she had done to me though, I needed to know she was okay. This was how I met Selena. We had both bumped into each other at the rehab center to visit Demi. We struck up a conversation as we awaited her.

    I was in all honesty shocked Selena was a friend of Demi's, they were as different as night and day. I was even more shocked at how much Demi had hurt her "life-long friend". It made her transgressions against me mild in comparison. In all honesty, Selena seemed more my type, though at the time I tried to deny this. I got the feeling she felt the same way. That day though, we weren't at a single's mixer, we were their for someone that, despite all she had done to the both of us, we both cared about.

    From that meeting, aside from meeting Selena, I also reconnected with Demi. It was a slow process after that meeting, but we began calling each other daily. We eventually decided to meet up on one of her outdays. I rented out a hotel room during a weekend she had managed to get to herself from the facility. I paid a visit to her the day before, handing her the room key. That one weekend led to the dissolution of our relationship completely.

    I entered the hotel room only to get a replay of the event that broke us up in the first place. This time, neither of them got a word from me. I checked out of the hotel room, returned my key and told them the other one got left in the room. Since that moment, I have not spoke to or of Demi Lovato. After that, I met up with Selena, who had similarly recently been reburned. Things between us rolled from there.

    Two years later, Selena and I are still together and Demi was just a part of our past. Until that morning phone call. I awoke to the loud ringing of my phone. I tired ignoring it, hoping the caller would get the message.

    "Peter, just answer the phone," Selena groggily muttered. The sleeping beauty next to me had been just as rudely awoken. I reach over to the phone and picked it up.

    "Hello?" I said, trying to gather my bearings

    "Who is it?" Selena asked.

    "It's Riley from the studio. Riley, do you have any idea how early it is?"

    "Look, I know, but you have to hear this deal," Riley excitedly blurted out. "Someone just came into the studio today to do a few tracks, and they've requested you."

    "Fine, I'll come in at ten like I usually do."

    "They want you now."

    "They can wait."

    "They want to pay you ten grand."

    "What the fuck?" I asked, sitting straight up in bed.

    "What's wrong?" asked Selena.

    "Some whack job is offering me ten thousand just to come in and play on their track."

    "That's insane." she replied.

    "I know."

    "There's a catch," Riley said, his tone lowered almost to a whisper.

    "What is it?"

    "It's who wants you. If you take this job, you might want to keep it from Selena."

    "Who is it?" I asked. This was perplexing. I've never kept who I worked with from Selena. There's never been reason to.

    "Demi Lovato," Riley said.

    "No. Absolutely not." I replied, trying to contain my anger. "And you know that I won't."

    "It's ten grand, Pete. Come on, think of what you can do with that kind of money. You could actually treat Selena to a vacation for once."

    Peter had a point, as much I hated to admit in. Though she and I were great together, I did sometimes feel like a shit heel because of the fact that the more expensive thing we do is on her bill. I didn't mind so much, but still, I wanted to be able to treat my girl to a good time with a little expense pasted on to it.

    "Besides, her recording in my studio would be huge for me. Come on, do it for me, do it for Selena."

    I looked over to Selena. She laid back down, her eyes closed. Looking at her in that moment, drifting back to sleep for a few more minutes, I knew what I had to do. I swallowed my pride.

    "I'll do it," I said, regretting it almost as soon as I said it.


    I had been in the studio for a good half hour, absentmindedly strumming on my guitar. Demi was over two hours late. "Typical Demi," I muttered to myself.

    After ten more minutes of this I signaled to Riley I was going to take a break, only to see he had fallen asleep in the booth. I shook my head and laughed.

    I exited the studio and headed to the break room. Once inside, I opened the fridge and took myself out a water. I had decided that after finishing this, Demi would get thirty more minutes then I was gone. I didn't have to put up with her bullshit anymore, those days were long gone.

    "Long time no see," a familiar female voice said. I stood up and turned around to see Demi standing in front of me. "Hi Peter."

    "Look who finally decided to show up," I gruffly said. "You ready to record?"

    "Well, I went in to the booth and saw Riley sleeping. I thought maybe I could let him get some rest and you and I could talk." Demi closed the door behind her and approached me.

    "I have nothing to say to you. You should already know this by now."

    "Well, I have a lot to say to you Peter."

    "Like I care. I'm here for the money, that's all. Now, am I going to play, because I didn't come here to listen to you sount more bullshit to me." I charged forward and tried to walk past her, but Demi was blocking my path.

    "Going to go back home to Selena?" Demi asked, a smile on her face.

    "What of it? It's not like you have any room to complain about who I've spent the last two years with."

    "Peter, Peter, Peter...." Demi said, slowly pushing back into a kitchen counter. "I don't give a shit about that at all. I just wanted you here and now."

    "Why me? And why ten thousand dollars? No studio player is worth that."

    "I knew the money would get your here. Besides, who said your guitar was all I wanted?" Demi forced a kiss on me while her hand was on my crotch, massaging my bulge through my jeans.

    I pushed her off me, not believing what was going on. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

    "I'm taking what's mine." Demi replied matter-of-factly. "Come on Pete. I'm clean now. No coke, no drinking...completely level-headed. I want another chance."

    "No. No second chance. I'm with Selena now."

    "Fuck Selena!" screamed Demi. "Fucking goody-goody! She gets to have it all." Demi approached me again, this time with her hand behind her back. IN a blur her hand came out with a pair of handcuffs, cuffing me to the refrigerator. "Remember our favorite toy, baby?"

    "Demi, let me go now and I will act like this never happened."

    "Why would I do a thing like that?" Demi leisurley walked around the room. She grabbed a chair from the table and brought it to the door, propping it against the doorknob. "I don't want any unexpected visitors."

    Demi then approached me again, this time getting to all fours and crawling towards me, kneeling when she was at my feet. Her head was now level with my crotch. "You know you miss me. You miss the stuff we'd do. I bet Selena has never even let you have her ass, has she?"

    "That's none of your business."

    "That's a big 'no'"," Demi said triumphantly. "Admit it. You miss me. You miss my mouth. You miss my pussy. You miss my tight little asshole. You miss all the dirty things we used to do."

    I refused to even dignify what she was saying with an answer.

    "Going strong and silent on my, huh? Let's see what I can do about that." Demi's hands went to my pants. I tried to push her away, but with one hand cuffed it was a losing battle. Eventually my pants were pulled down to my kees, my cock in the air.

    Demi licked her lips before grasping my cock. She held it lightly in her hand softly stroking it. I involuntarily let out a groan, The woman knew how to work a cock like few others.

    "See? I knew you'd like it."

    "Fuck you," I said.

    "Maybe another day." Demi then began to suck me off, her amazing tongue working it's magic on me. Despite how I may have felt about her, I could not deny she probably gave the best blowjobs I have ever had in my life, Selena included. Everything was just perfect, the motion of her hand, the way she alternated between slow and sensual and fast and slutty...I remember I used to call her the blowjob goddess, and she certainly was keeping that title.

    "Oh fuck..." I groaned. I figured if I was trapped and my ex was hell bent on giving me a blowjob, I might as well enjoy it. "Suck it Demi...suck it you dirty girl..."

    I looked down and saw a look of triumph on her face. No words were needed, she got what she wanted, now she was going to focus on giving me what I wanted.

    She removed her mouth from my cock and began to slowly kiss and lick my length, her hands delicately playing with my balls. She brought her mouth back to the head of my cock, her hot breath making my cock head twitch.

    Demi wrapped her lips around the head and worked it over heavy duty. Her tongue twirled around it, stopping just to lick the underside furiously. Fuck, I loved it when she did this and she hasn't missed a beat. If anything, she's gotten better.

    "Damn," I yelled. I was getting close. "You're going to get exactly what you want Demi."

    "Am I?" she asked, aocky tone in her voice. She darted her tongue out, licking my crown again. "You have something for me?"

    "Fuck yes."

    "Then give it to me. All over my pretty little face. Paint me with your jizz like you used to baby..."

    "Oh God...."I growled. Demi's face was waiting near my cock, mouth open, her eyes begging me. I jacked my cock a few times and unloaded, covering her face in my hot cream. When it slowed to a trickle, Demi took me back into her mouth, sucking me clean.

    "Thanks, babe," she said triumphantly. She began to scoop up the cum in her fingers, sucking it off, then went to the sink to clean the rest off.

    "What was this about?" I asked, guilt beginning to wash over me.

    "To prove to you I can have you anytime I want." Demi replied. "You still want me. Deep down, you know it's true." She reached into her pocket and tossed me the handcuff key. "You better holster your gun cowboy, you have some recording to do."

    I uncuffed myself and redid my pants. Demi gave me a wink and walked out the door. I had only two thoughts in my mind; what was Demi's game and what about Selena?

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    any chance of a continuation

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    Maybe with both Selena and Demi

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